The coward that is the self appointed minister for everything and master of none arrogantly strides in front of his troops and declares there will not be an election in Fiji for the next ten years unless changes were made to the constitution and electoral laws.

Fine to be big and brave in front of the troops Piggy without a logical explanation of the implementations regarding the changes.

If he is able to flaunt his threat in front of his troops why then couldn’t he get into a plane and go to the PIF and put forward exactly what he said and explain the processes that he and his illegal interim regime have in place to the other leaders attending the forum.

The yellow stripe down his back is getting wider and wider and he still has to explain the deportation of Rex Gardner.

Piggy’s in his element when he issues challenges and improbable excuses for all the wrongs since December 5, 2006 but he cannot sit and dialogue face to face like a real man with other leaders of the Pacific.

Bainimarama is a coward through and through, no doubt about it.

The Australian Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd has summed it up correctly and we applaud him:

“What has occurred here in Port Moresby is for all countries in the region to send a loud and clear message to the interim government in Fiji that they must return to the ballot box and they must send the soldiers back to the barracks,” Mr Rudd said.

“That is a message that is important for Fiji, it’s a message that’s important right across the South Pacific region. This is a region where Australia has fundamental interests, and part of those fundamental interests is to ensure that our neighbourhood is a democratic neighbourhood.”

Mr Rudd said Fiji’s interim government had shown complete contempt for its commitment to hold elections by March this year, despite promising to do so in early 2007.

Mr Rudd said he was deeply sceptical about the bona fides of Mr Bainimarama and the Government he represented, but said he nevertheless had ample time to do the right thing and prepare an election for this year.



29 Responses to “MAY DAY. MAY DAY.”

  1. Talei Says:

    Five to ten years Frank? IN YOU DREAMS! You’ve got until May 1 to have elections by Dec 1 or your black ass will be smoked to kingdom come. Run Frank run, lot’s of tavioka patches to run thru. LMAO!

  2. Hector Says:

    If you plan to have it in five to ten years then the motive has changed to a personal agenda.
    You neither have the power nor the mandated irespective of the courts decision because those who made the decesion are people you have put in place.
    The mandated and the power is with the people that is what democracy is all about.

  3. Sakeo Says:

    The forum can not tell frank
    wat he can and wat he can not do
    cos he is so blocked and sad
    form all that happened that noon

    but australia and nz can not do a thing
    cos they are lamu and full so s*&^%$ts
    we will solve amicably and peacefully
    our own way..the ways of Fiji

    malua… rorogo tu na dakai ni vanua…malua..malua..

  4. Navosavakadua Says:

    What’s the real story behind the sacking of the two Ratu Isoas – Sec for Foreign affairs and High Commissioner in Port Moresby?

    This should not be taken at face value. They must have been saying more to PNG PM Somare than Frank wanted. They could see that we’ll be cut off from all help from our neighbours at the time when we
    need it most if Fiji continues to treat the Pacific Islands Forum with contempt.

    Let’s hope one of them spills the beans.

  5. taukei Says:

    Frank is just doing his usual thing. He puts on a hard line on the outside but deep inside he is pissed off…He is not a well man. His side kik who he sent to PNG is incompetent and its made them look even worse. Fiji can shun everyone around them but the bottom line is everyone is on to them… The only place Fiji push their weight around and thats in Fiji to their own indigenous people as those are the only ones that really are affected by the idoit…..Frank I hope will end up in prison where GS will be able to carry out what he should have finished. Frank…. you have came too far to turn back now we all know its 100% full throttle lol…NZ and Aust does not really care about your little fits as they are well lets say more balanced and in a better mental state than you….. You are a sick deluded and desperate man and lets just say you will go down in history one way or another ….. as a disgrace to the Fijian people. I dnt really know if you will walk … pushed or if you will just be taken out…more than likely by those so many that you trust……look right look left have your eyes any chance those close to you will do Fiji a favour…when that happens the Yaqona will flow…Till then sleep well……vakaitaukei

  6. OjO Says:

    Some information to ponder.

    Associate Professor Hugh Laracy, of the University of Auckland, agreed an election was unlikely to be called before May but was critical of the forum’s approach.

    He said demanding an election date was both naive and precipitant, and showed little understanding of issues Bainimarama was facing.

    “The commodore has inherited a very difficult situation which will take a lot of time, many years in fact, to sort out before they can get to the point of elections,” Dr Laracy said.

    “In the meantime, Australia and New Zealand should really lay off Fiji, stop their bullying, and allow the government to sort the situation out.”

  7. Talei Says:

    Bainimarama inherited nothing, what he acquired was by the barrel of the gun. How did this guy get his doctorate?

    It’s time for foreign intervention already, talking doesn’t work with dictator’s, speak his language and bring bigger guns and get a sniper down to Fiji already NZ & Aussie and put the Fijian people’s misery in the ground already. FB has no idea what diplomatic relations are, he is ill bred, so he is not leadership material, he is a dictator and that’s the simple truth.

    See how dumb and stupid he is, he has the gall to say that “first things first” like who the hell gave him the mandate to “clean up” Fiji? You idiot, democracy and a legal government is first because then Fiji will get the help she badly needs from other governments, what a wanna be hero this loser Bainimarama is.

  8. Nostradamus Says:

    You mean raped at gunpoint, as if there was no better way to resolve the problems. Who asked him to “inherit” Fiji?
    The Government?
    You mean the Junta which has forcibly raped the Government?
    The Junta is not capable and has no mandate for sorting anything out. Besides that, they have been there for over two years and accomplished nothing but strife.
    Yes, Australia and New Zealand should really lay off of Fiji by sending all Fiji citizens home and freezing their bank accounts in their homelands. US, Canada, and UN should probably do the same.

  9. taukei Says:


  10. taukei Says:

    To be honest who gives a toss about what some stoppid prof says. I mean really…status means jack look at Mr Anthony Gates or look at some other people involved up to their ears in the deception,lies and FB’s manipulative bull.

    So OJO, big deal no one is really listening to you you should go and blog on the IG site like all the other confused losers. Frank should fess up like a man…hes a disgrace not only to himself, his family, the military, fiji but the majority of those outside. People have not spoken up becoz of the fear of torture, abuse and so forth just ask those brave men and women that have been through this procedure…far out anyone would think it was Robert mad dog Mugabe…..Hell…wake the hell up all you idiots. Frank you got no balls…..

  11. taukei Says:

    You know those lil rumours you hear and the coconut wireless that only from the village to the outer world hmmmm I know before long that those rumours those feelings those instances of not all being quite right will surface amongst the grassroot people. Nothing like the coconut wireless…..maybe thats the only way to resolve things….. After all the absolute stupid comments/press releases/innuendo etc OMG what a shame on you….No School. FB LMAO. The more you talk the more you are looking like a complete BOCI. LAMU SONA…..before LAMU SONA now.

  12. Nostradamus Says:

    How about Robie?
    Wasn’t he that journalism prof at USP who had all his journalism students concocting fake stories of terrorism, murder, and rape during the 2000 coup?
    Sounds like the propaganda artist has surfaced again.

  13. taukei Says:

    Ohhh yes Dr John Robie…… another person who well could be credited for their work but I am afraid I would just call it bullshit. An academic that thinks he knows it all……. not saying I do at all but PLEASE……he is so true… he quotes on FB and his objective
    ” to restore Fiji’s place in the sun” lol na sona. Yo Robie you forgot to mention that the Sun dont shine where te dictator is headed.

    I guess its important to have these people in important places….well it may seem at the time…The likes of the idiot Gates and inept justice system…haha what a crock of shit…….honestly..dnt even get started about people like the idiot and murderer Kean. u should be doing hard time enjoying being convoyed…brah…lmao…maybe ur past and lamu sona actions will catch up with you………

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    They’re into recycle management!

  15. taukei Says:

    Anyway all you gang…..Godbless. I am off to sleep…..moce mada.
    I know I will rest eazzzzzzzzy. unlike some who should be sleeping with half an eye open…look right look left lol…..becoz I promise it will be coming your way…..maybe not tonight …..maybe not tomorrow but it is on the way…so stay up all you bigots and all you transparent infiltrators…your day of reckoning will come and the Fijians worldwide will partaeeeeee till the break of dawn…..

    chow….for now. IFM

  16. Save the Sheep Says:

    Bainimarama has inherited nothing that is not of his own whimsical delusions.

    OJO give us a break. The problems are there, that is for sure, but not for the RFMF to solve.

    Australia and NZ are entitled to push hard on this issue. Fiji’s leadership are clearly attempting to destabilise the region. I for one wish that they weren’t so politically correct and just send in the troops..

  17. Tim Says:

    Ojo: It doesn’t matter how many times and how many sites you want to quote your oracle Hugh Larceny – it doesn’t increase his credibility. Try sending it to Fox News, or perhaps Loyal Fijian – same shit, different stink, but it might make him happy – he could break his wind on international TV.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Yeah when that Robie guy had those USP students writing about the 1987 coup – all those stories were made up. When these idiots in this forum write about things, they are all true. When the military back then wanted Robie out of the country that was OK, when this regime kicks out a newspaper guy, you guys cry foul.

    …and that “stupid” professor from Auckland University – what does he know? – you guys know better than that idiots professor right?

    BTW – if the forum is so keen on this election right away – how come the Commonwealth and the UN hasn’t got the message yet.

    ….and who is writing these SV pieces now, I think you guys can do better.

  19. taukei Says:

    Academics lmao thats all they are and thats all they will be……..It doesnt even affect them, now or then so they really couldnt care. There is academics that have been writing about this ever since the dictator overthrew the govt illegally and I think that the average fijian doesnt need an academic to highlight this and that as Fijians in Fiji or abroad that have lived under the hammer and the dictator know exactly whats going on. So yes to the stoopid prof and all those academics thats all you will be….. big ups to you well done but no one really takes notice apart from those that cannot think for themselves.

    I had a absolute wonderful sleep..dd you Frank??? take it easy with your dodgy heart and all…..just relax pop a few pills haha…….handle the pressure……no out bursts. I love comedy and all and what I do now is I listen and watch all FB’S announcements and addresses to the nation lmao….so amusing…..and a must see for those who get a bit bored…..I thought Leweni was bad but FB OMG……classic.
    moce for now and keep up the pressure all….

  20. kuku Says:

    Now that the new Aussie Prime Minister as well as the New Zealand PM has the same disrespect for Bainipuaka why don’t they just come in and take this bastard out?
    Maybe the American can help them out by diverting one of their BIG MOTHER ship toward Suva habour and send 3 or 4 jet fighters to fly low over Delainabua,the self appointed PM house,and over the Fiji police HQ?
    I bet, that after a show of strength, Bai will definately wet his pant and no doubt, will come out with his hand high and surrender! Na boci la na boci!

  21. taukei Says:

    FB is a coward…he has lost the plot….I remember when it all took place and I had some young boys staying with me from back home. They firmly believed oiii FB means well but has gone about it the wrong way!!!!! does this ring a bell? Na sona……. no he never meant well at all…. for him I am afraid its very personal it is about setting scores….he is and I dnt give a shit if people diss me but he is so worse than GS who had the funding of some well known business men but was used becoz of his command of English and also due to being put forward becoz deep inside he does value and cherish what has happened to the indigenous. Okay…I have no shame to say I am related distantly to GS……. I know FB cannot back down now becoz he has gone so far and he will not back. He must and I mean he must meet the same fate as GS…. no doubt. People can and will say as much as they want about GS but remember he had the balls to do what many wanted to but all these damn lamu Sonas did not front up….. So hey scape goat call it what ever..he had the ball many didnt so hey FB I know you are scared to end up with the reformed boys….dnt worry they will greet you lmao… they are reformed……. hard out……

  22. Soul of Fiji Says:

    FB thinks he is the man with all the talk and tough act!!!

    So what happen after the flood, he starts begging NZ and Australia for money? what an idiot just like Budhau.

  23. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula Taukei –

    I agree with you – I really believe that two very intelligent men have been imprisoned for decisions made in haste.

    These two men are George Speight and Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure.

    I have stated that here before and I’m not ashamed to state it again.

    Two really intelligetn men, very well educated and can glide between the western and traditional worlds with great ease, and articulate themselves.

    These are the types of people we need to lead Fiji, many of my colleagues who are in their early forties or about to reach that age have had their careers put in jeopardy by the 5.12.06 coup.

    Like GS & RQV they are intelligent, articulate, well educated and more than capable to lead in their individual fields.

    Sadly Fiji may lose these wonderful people as most are now seriously contemplating migrating.

    Please don’t ever be ashamed to say that you agree with GS. Nothing that has happened is your fault.

  24. Iraqis Says:

    Na sona ga na sona,,Bainimarama kei ira na nona gone mai na keba,,ra yavu sotia dau bully,,laurai vamalua era dola matamata toka la i vanua era Ops tu kina

  25. Iraki Says:




  26. taukei Says:

    Vinaka Adi,

    You know things happen that we cannot control I know first hand that GS no matter what followed what he beleived the media can always portray him as a “failed businessman” fine but hey like I said he had the guts and balls and it wasnt for himself as what the hell did he achieve…You know as the jokes went around..When I came to study in NZ….and I am being legit I dnt give a crap bout what people say…how may people I fought wit and made listen some home truths about GS and all… me and to all associated he is a person who has sacrificed his damn life knowingly for something he has balls to step up for unlike some that hide behind others.

    You know…maybe we need someone thats going to stand up to this dictator….we all know that if you hve numbers and all then you have a good chance…. The world is watching okay. I can say first hand that there are many instances of splits taking place in the military. Not everyone in the military is in support and its only going to be by continual pressure on the regime that we will see the division….Dnt worry about Aiyarse he is small fry…looked like a juvenile out of high school at the forum out of his league. We knew FB would not change as he has gone to far now……he cannot quit…he has too much face to lose.

    Please can someone make an example of this idiot……when crap hits tha fan he must face far more serious punishment that GS and CO…… look at everhy instance of abuse of power, look at the absolute disregard for humble Fijian look at the absolute mess he has caused and continues to cause. People wake up…Fiji cannot and will not survive with the divisions FB has made with EU,UN the PIF and many others. OMG…..people one and all…..something has to give and it will not be FB…..for the sake of Fiji and the citizens that are so damn fukn proud……
    FB what a disgrace….you are to Fiji, to everyone……you aint a leader and you make a mockery of the military……how many times was ur ass asked for to resign before???? NOT WANTED THEN NOT WANTED NOW………..

  27. Budhau Says:

    Taukei – you idiot.
    Speight was a loser businessman – don’t blame the media for it.
    ..and you think what Speight did was for the “indigenous cause” – when are you idiots going to figure this one out – none of the coups were about any “cause” – if was all about power and money. George Speight, did not sacrifice shit – wasn’t this guy trying to cash in on the Mahagony deal, and he would have have been out of the job if the FLP government remained in power.

    Come on guys – give me one example of GS being smart or successful.

    And that thing about GS was OK pulling that coup – but it ain’t OK this time – when are you idiots going to learn, pulling a coup ain’t good – no matter what. You buggers deserve this coup, maybe FB kicking your arse is going to knock some sense into your head.

  28. batikadi Says:

    Budhau you talk like you know something about what GS did? Do you? Do you Really know anything at all? While coups may taint our lands for now its the grassroots who suffer. In the 2000 coup the people had a reason to rise up and be counted – a Revolution / a stand – hell it could anything you want it to be. The point i am making here is that the people spoke at the 2000 coup but some people did not like where it was heading so the military machinery was being put in use. Again the people spoke in the elections twice over but THE SAME powers that are played their cards as was expected from their actions. So whether its GS, RQV, LQ, FB or MPC its the people that you have to see follow. Last but not the least – its the Military that pulls the coup not the people. So be at ease it will unfold in its own way !!!! waraka waraka waraka

  29. epeli Says:

    Budhau, you idiot and your former wife-sista-calls you a “BASTARD”-sitting there in a rundown apartment, in Aussie, screwing the Government social welfare department and pretending to be someone who has done well, after abandoning his family, at the sound of a military coup?
    Listen up,idiot, I had a great time with your former wife-Sista- the other night but i refused to do your Mother cause she was a wee bit too old for my Fijian taste. I don’t understand why a human being could do what you done to your former wife and your mother.
    To tell you the truth, they’re doing absolutely fine,they’ve now own their house and customers seems to be lining up at the door.Your mother Mira, doesnt talk about you too much but says that she forgives you since you’re always a blockhead and don’t know much and you’ve always afraid that some nasty BIG Fijian boy, might jab his BIG DONG in your poffie AZZ?
    Anyway, Sista she hopes that you are happy in Aussie and able to find a Man to make you feel like a woman?

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