Piggy’s on heat, OINK OINK

Piggy Bhainimarama cannot take the heat, he is intent on deporting another innocent journalist whose job is to provide news in the print media to keep readers in Fiji and abroad informed daily of the latest happenings around our Islands and overseas, be it happy or sad about Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Budhists or Jews, children, adults, dogs, cats, floods, droughts and the price of fish.
Looks like it’s a little sojourn to Korea then home, for contempt of court Rex Gardner.
So the Fiji Times publishes a letter to the editor written by a correspondent concerned for the welfare of the citizens of Fiji and the illegal stance the interim regime has taken by hijacking a democratically elected government and preventing the country from moving forward. so what, it’s what the public can read and deduce for themselves.
Our meagre industries have collapsed, our rights have been violated, highly qualified citizens have been deprived of their jobs, yet the ignorant coup apologists feathering their nests with Piggy Bhainimarama pointing his trotters expect us to stay quiet.
Is there any wonder blogsites have sprung up overnight so people can disseminate their opinions on the illegal ignorant regime.
It was not  Rex Gardner nor was it Netani Rika or Russell Hunter  “who was conducting himself in a manner prejudicial to the peace, defence, public safety, public order, security and stability of the sovereign state of the Fiji Islands”.
It is Piggy Bhainimarama himself and the shadowy cronies he goes to great lengths to impress.
We are not impressed Piggy, Nor will the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders be either, you’ve misfired again.
Here’s a size 48 boot right at your thick head.

22 Responses to “Piggy’s on heat, OINK OINK”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    If you think about it tho’ its almost as if Frank is pushing the other leaders to suspend Fiji.

  2. Talei Says:

    From FijiVillage:

    Five To Ten Years
    Publish date/time: 27/01/2009 [07:42]

    Print this page
    Email this page As the Pacific Islands Leaders Forum gets underway later this morning in PNG to discuss about Fiji, interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama had announced that it is very important to implement the People’s Charter before the election and it does not matter even if it takes 5 to 10 years.

    While speaking at the military parade at QEB yesterday, Bainimarama reminded the soldiers not to be influenced by the war of words from outside and always think of the vision they set together from 2006.

    Bainimarama reminded the soldiers that the High Court had legitimized the decision of the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo and their mission is to change the constitution implement the electoral reform before the elections are held.

    Bainimarama said the military will not move from its position and the soldiers should stay focused and work together for the betterment of this country and not to be influenced by the people here and abroad.

    Meanwhile, Commodore Frank Bainimarama also revealed that his senior military officers and interim ministers are now having discussions regarding the changes that should be made to the constitution.

    He said once the army is satisfied that the electoral reform is good then the Electoral Commission will carry out its task to prepare for elections.

    Bainimarama said the commission would take about 15 months to prepare for elections from the date the electoral system is approved.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    And ignore the Constitution?
    Who is this piece of shyt to change the Constitution or for that matter to pretend to be the leader of Fiji.
    Doesn’t Fiji have any real leaders?

  4. Willy Says:

    It is difficult if not impossible to understand what rationale drives these decisions. Being in the travel industry I have just received 12 cancellations for Fiji bound trips all clients indicating that they fear irrational behaviour of authorities in Fiji. Suspension from Forum and Commonwealth will add a few nails to the coffin of Fiji’s economy. We all wonder when the people of Fiji will start to resist their oppressors and turn the country around. There is not much time left.
    God bless Fiji

  5. Talei Says:

    Nostradamus – it’s funny, only sites like Fijilive or Fijivillage and those that support FB call him a leader or Interim PM, yet, when you read foreign articles concerning the dictator he is acknowledged by his military role and not as PM, that ought to be a hint to FB that the world and civil minded people do NOT recognize him as Fiji’s PM, because he is NOT – the Prime Ministership is a position that is won in an election, not usurped by a gun.

    I am just so disappointed that the integrity of our military forces have been compromised by the “show” of support to FB. Aren’t there any real soldiers in RFMF anymore who has the balls to take FB out? Something needs to give, because FB is not giving up power anytime soon – from March 09 elections, to indefinite now.

  6. DELTA FORCE Says:

    Please permit me to share a devotional tract sent by a close relative.

    Misleading Leaders

    “Your prophets have seen for you false and foolish visions; and they have not exposed your iniquity so as to restore you from captivity, but they have seen for you false and misleading oracles.” – Lamentations 2:14 NASB

    Why were God’s people experiencing judgment? Why had He removed His blessing? Why were they running into so many problems? One reason was poor leadership.

    Their leaders had deceived the people with “false and foolish visions.” Actually, the word “visions” does not appear in the original Hebrew text. They simply had seen what was “false” and “foolish.” They had made false promises and pursued foolish goals. As a result, His people had been deceived.

    Today, our world is filled with misleading leaders. They may gain power, but they aren’t pleasing to God. They may be popular, but they aren’t concerned with eternal truths. They’re skilled at manipulation, and entice people to pursue the wrong paths. They ignore God’s standards and the teachings of His Word.

    Some of these leaders may be well-intentioned, even intelligent. But that is not enough. More than ever, we need leaders who seek God, base their life on His Word, and value His blessing.

    Today, be alert to deception, and don’t be led astray by misleading leaders. Pray for the leaders of your country, your city, your church, and your business. Pray that they would submit their lives to God and seek His wisdom. And as God gives you the opportunity, be a Godly leader yourself.


    Father, I pray for my nation. Give us Godly leaders. May they submit their lives to You. Help me to have Your wisdom in my life. Use me to impact others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Extended Reading: Lamentations 2

  7. Talei Says:

    From the NZ Herald

    Fiji elections up to 10 years away, says coup leader
    2:05PM Tuesday Jan 27, 2009
    by Claire Trevett in Port Moresby

    Frank Bainimarama. Photo / Mark Mitchell
    Fiji coups
    Key-Rudd talks to focus on Fiji and economic turmoil
    John Armstrong: Time for Pacific forum to stop fudging on Fiji
    Pacific Islands Forum
    Pacific leaders to decide Fiji fate
    PNG decision to delay forum throws Pacific leaders’ plans into chaos
    Related NZHerald links:
    Pacific leaders to decide Fiji fate
    PNG decision to delay forum throws Pacific leaders’ plans into chaos
    John Armstrong: Time for Pacific forum to stop fudging on Fiji
    Prime Minister John Key expressed disappointment today at suggestions from Fiji that a democratic election could be five or even 10 years away.

    Mr Key was speaking to reporters in Papua New Guinea this morning ahead of a special summit of Pacific Islands Forum countries on Fiji’s return to democracy.

    But the website Fiji Village is reporting today that military commander and self-appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama indicated that that day could be a long way off.

    Fijivillage.com says that at a military parade at the Queen Elizabeth II barracks yesterday he said it was important to implement the People’s Charter before any election and it did not matter if it took five or 10 years.

    He said the military was in talks with his ministers about changes to the constitution and that it would take the Electoral Commission about 15 months to prepare for an election once an electoral system was approved.


    Mr Bainimarama wants a return to a system of one vote per person, overturning the racially-based system implemented under reforms that followed the military coups in the 1980s.

    He has gone back on his pledge to the Forum summit in Tonga in 2007 that elections would be held by March 2009.

    Mr Key indicated the Forum might set its own timetable on Fiji for elections to be held.

    Mr Key also expressed frustration that Pacific Island Forum leaders were constantly focusing on Fiji, saying countries wanted to spend more time focusing on their own problems in hard economic times.

    Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd arrived in Port Moresby this morning. Mr Key is planning to hold bilateral talks with him before the Pacific summit due to get underway at 5pm New Zealand Time.

    Meanwhile, the publisher of the Fiji Times, Rex Gardner has been ordered to leave Fiji less than nine months after his predecessor, Evan Hannah, was ordered to leave by the military-led Government.

  8. Christian Brown Says:

    The failure of a generation, that is the problem of Fiji.
    Those over 50 years old failed to run the country.

    For the young people, it’s really frustrating.

  9. kuku Says:

    A leader he is not, a kick on the nose won’t hurt him more than one that is aimed at his nuts! Voreqe is a bastard through and through.His idea of what democracy is all about is the way he manages the military-you listen to what i say and do it the way i want you to do it? This bastard is worse then Hitler NAZI Germany! What he need is a bullet between his eyes?

  10. Sakeo Says:

    i see the bad moon rising
    from afar the horizon
    aiming towards Fiji
    alas..save our nation

    wat else can we do
    wat else can we say
    wen the moon brings doom
    nothing much we can save

    let us unite and not divide
    a plan that’s clear and mild
    no extreme measures to sublime
    the pressures of space and time

    keep counting…your days are numbered..


  11. Koya na Man Says:

    This latest turn of events would really cost Fiji, heaps..

    The removal of Rex Gardiner, is another nail in the coffin as far as aid and finacial injection into the dying economy is conerned.

    Bhai needs friends at this hour of economic catastrophe,to help him stay afloat.

    Ratu Mara faced up to the same thing in 1987, But Ratu was no simple man, he had it all, as the forum itself was his brain child.The (then)Australian PM.. had to agree with Ratu no matter what, as he managed to strategically manouver his way through, with barely any consequence that was really felt.

    Bhai on the other hand does not have any strategy, his childish behaviour has caught up with him, and now he realises unless u are a gifted politician u don’t play around with the big boys.

  12. joli Says:

    Yep I agree, his days are being numbered, ohhhh so numbered!

  13. valelai Says:

    Kuku bro, sis, someone is gona loose it soon, and pachawng!! him between his eyeballs..bullseye!

    Fiji will dance on the streets when bainida and his arse kaium are exterminated.

  14. Budhau Says:

    Testing – I thought they banned me.

  15. Budhau Says:

    That “Here’s a size 48 boot right at your thick head.”
    That is not really true, is it? In fact it is FB who has his big boot up you arse.

    As for the dude getting deported, I think how it works is that if you have a work permit to work in Fiji, if you get convicted of a crime, such as contempt of court, the immigration folks can kick your ass out of the country.
    If the Fiji Times wanted to take on the regime then they should have been extra careful not violate any such laws because those buggers at immigration were gonna get them.

    The Fiji Times folks pleaded guilty to that contempt charge, they knew they screwed up.

  16. Keep The Faith Says:

    If you want to read what communique actually says we have it up on intelligentsiya…or go to forum wsite:

    Plus the Obama administration has weighed in on the PIF decision too:

    Both are our leader updates for this am. Of course Vore will react against it.

  17. Talei Says:

    From Fiji Village
    Interim Govt Issued Ultimatum
    Publish date/time: 28/01/2009 [07:54]

    Print this page
    Email this page The Fiji Interim Government has been issued an ultimatum to nominate an election date by the 1st of May 2009, or face suspension from the Forum.

    Our reporter Petrina Zinck who is at Special Pacific Islands Forum Meeting in Port Moresby filed this report.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    Toke Talagi stressed that the decision and ultimatum is based on the fundamental principles of the Biketawa Declaration, a regional agreement on constituting a framework for coordinating response to a regional crisis.

    However, Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed KHiayum said Biketawa Declaration doesn’t apply to Fiji.

    Oi lei, what the hell do you know Khaiyum? Go back to school dummy.

  18. Na Dina Says:

    What’s up and REALLY cooking ? Vore’s current Commander contract earned via threats and deceit ends 06 mar 2009. This is what all the fuss is about …remember 2003-4 when his first contract was up with all the sabre rattling by Frank. He needs his Tavale as a getaway plan for his family in case all else fails otherwise he is sure of another 5 or 10 years with prezzie tu jo there. Yedo!

  19. Global Voices Online » Fiji: Bloggers discuss newspaper publisher’s deportation Says:

    […] Soli Vakasama asserts the deportation proves the current government can’t take criticism. So the Fiji Times publishes a letter to the editor written by a correspondent concerned for the welfare of the citizens of Fiji and the illegal stance the interim regime has taken by hijacking a democratically elected government and preventing the country from moving forward. so what, it’s what the public can read and deduce for themselves. […]

  20. kuku Says:

    Voreqe cannot and will not call a genuine parliamentary election.Voreqe knows that as long as he has the FMF to rely upon for his safety very few people will attempt to physically removed him from power?
    He will play the FMF cards as long as he can and he knows that the navy do not have the same kind of power as the FMF.
    So he will manipulate the FMF leaders with good pay cheques and benefits and this is why, he didn’t hesitate to grasp the Minister of finance the second Chodo was fired.
    He has to make sure that 2nd FIR commander Mara, is been given whatever he wants and so are all the FMF Colonels? He is acting irrationally like a barking Indian Guard Dog.
    We all know, how an Indian Guard Dog acts? He’d bark at you if he knows that you’re a mile away-he’d yell at you at the top of his silly heart, but the minute he sense that you are coming toward him, he’d begin to whine and whimp and the minutes he knows, that you are getting too close to him, he’d give out a loud yelping and run to his owners door and start bawling, please let me in.let me in?
    This big Fijian, is going to kill me? Well that is what Frank is like and thats what’s going to happen to this bastard?
    He is making plans to leave Fiji in the event of a military takeover-so he has made sure to keep friendly with India and China, he has money stocked away in the Indian Banks and have purchased property in India. He has taken his brother in law off prison to run the Navy-his way of escape from Fiji in the event of a military threats? How far can the stupid bastard run on this piece of Noah’s arch?
    Voreqe you can’t get away, you can be blown out of the water with a push of the button! Run Voreqe Run?
    The good people of the democratic world are asking you to be reasonable and give us back our right to choose, who we want to govern of lives,liberty and pursuit of our happiness-!!!!!

  21. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Budhau, budhau….law made by crooks and murderers is for their own kind only and does not work in a civilised world.

    Street laws are only understood, respected, followed and lived by people living on streets, law of the jungle can only be understood, respected, followed and lived by jungali people like yourself.

    Try and get civilised and stop living in jungali environment…you are giving a BAD name to one of the earliest civilised race by your undying loyalty to your Master type.

  22. epeli Says:


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