Kung Hai Fat Choy

KUNG HAI FAT CHOY TO ALL OF YOU, it is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar and tonight I am ridding this site of bad feng shui so we continue our cyber activism against the illegal regime in Fiji and our continual demand for return to democracy.
I am making a clean sweep and putting a stop to all the innuendos made by everyone,.including the old administrators of this ANTI COUP site of who really changed the password..
I am categorically stating here and now that I changed the password for this site to stop the continuance of certain individuals who were allowed the password to post but took it upon themselves to turn this site into a circus.
I am also stating categorically here that it was I. It wasn’t Adi Kaila as F.I.R.M keeps insisting. It wasn’t Budhau, Senijiale, Javala or anyone else.
I blame F.I.R.M and Ablaze for continually deleting comments without conferring with the other administrators. I also blame myself and other administrators for not putting a stop to it. I thought Adi Kaila who was also an administrator would confer directly with the two oppressors or even delete their comments herself and I think other administrators may have thought the same.
When she did not do this and instead tried to reason with the oppressors I became very agitated because her enemies were not prepared to be reasonable so changed the password as it had got out of hand.
I have waited one month and read all the comments, it’s easy to shift the blame for ones own benefit and be guiltfree. I have gone back to posts from 2007 and read through them and found that this young lady posted new topics quite frequently on this site that created many many comments from bloggers. I was able to recognise her posts because they were always original and she did not put her name at the end.
I the secret password thief became intrigued and though I had always enjoyed her comments and chuckled at her insults I had not realised that Adi Kaila is just the type of person we all want on our side when we’re in a fix. She has always been fair, has apologised for insulting some bloggers and revealed truths about the ailing President and Ratu Finau in an attempt to put a stop to others insulting them. When she hasn’t commented for a while then comes back on site other bloggers have welcomed her back.
That is intriguing on a blogsite.
I am telling you this because I was going to give the password back to the owner. Honestly, hand on heart, I was going to give the password back but after my research on this site back to 2007 and reading the posts on solivakasama.org my mind was made up.
First of all I do not condone soliciting for funds over the net as there is no way to track the receiver of the funds and second I am now firmly on Adi Kailas side because she did her best to keep pettiness at bay and will spite F.I.R.M and Ablaze forever who are the cause of the whole dilemna and have to make themselves accountable. Third noone else has come to her side except for Senijiale who I think is another honest administrator.who was disgusted.
Vinaka Vakalevu for taking the time to read this, it is time to move on and no I am not revealing myself but it will give solivakasama.org to think about, not all of us are duplicitious.
Blog on ragone.

23 Responses to “Kung Hai Fat Choy”

  1. FijiGirl Says:

    You’re a terrible moderator. Your postings show little imagination. You should put more thought into your writing, because it looks pretty thoughtless. To do what you did, you must be very vindictive. A good therapist would be able to help you. Confession, also, is good for the soul. If what you have written is true, you owe a lot of people a serious apology. I’m talking bulubulu.
    God bless Fiji

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    Thats right FijiGirl.

    And the most appropriate way would be to reveal who she is. Genuine confession and revelation.. only then will you deserve our forgiveness.

    We were all striving to reach the 1,000,000 hits together and you rudely disrupted us all.

    C’mon WTF are you?

  3. Sakeo Says:

    F.I.R.M and Ablaze..you two ‘dingbats’

  4. Sakeo Says:

    FijiGirl, why dont u drop it…cool off…chill..take a break…and come home..to the kitchen and cook dinner for our extended family..i will be home shortly after i finish my grog…(from your one and only)

  5. DELTA FORCE Says:

    Man, it is NOT cool to jack another guy’s stuff!

    So, are we gonna forgive and forget and as they say, in the words of the wise ones, ” Move Fiji Forward.”

  6. FijiGirl Says:

    Sakeo – in your dreams.
    My true One And Only has been off grog for months.
    God bless Fiji

  7. kuku Says:

    Hey FijiGirl not off the grog again? I thought i saw him in Lami last night at Sakeo,s house with a big Tanoa yagona?
    Io dou mocemada.

  8. senijiale Says:

    Feng Shui or chop suey, u’re 1m hits and counting, way to go SV bloggers!

    Gee, lots to catch up on and briefly checking out SV.org’s new blog a min ago, goodness me, can’t believe them ass-uming still Adi Kaila and I are one and the same person, haha! So amusing Pu Lina…

    Well dear intrigued moderator, appreciate the compliment but as they say, ‘close but yet so far’. I’ll need to look up earlier threads for Adi Kaila’s posts… Btw no love lost there with twin brats f.i.r.m/ablaze but can’t spite them foreever since I simply don’t care about them. Anyway, hijacking issue is now water under the bridge so won’t say anymore except to ask that you post an email address in case we come across some great articles to send yr way.

  9. aubatinuku-N Says:

    chuckle chuckle!! 😀

    Adi Kaila’s always been larger than life and I always knew ABLAZE was trouble from the start!

    So who is it that is making the “CLEAN SWEEP” again?

    Hear hear @ Fijigirl!!

  10. Budhau Says:

    What a load of crap “I am ridding this site of bad feng shui so….”

    No – you don’t go take over someone else’s home and do your feng shui crap because you think it ain’t right.

    This site was started by some other folks and sure they made their share of mistakes, but that does not mean you get in through the back door and take over the place.

    For those of you who did not like what was going on, first you should have worked with Kutu, and if that did not work – leave, go to another site or start your own.

    This was a lowlifer thing to do.

    So I guess FB and them Indians, if they did not approve what Qarase was doing so they took over the government “ridding” it “of bad feng shui so….”

    While I did not agree with many in here, I thought kutu was doing a good, Ablaze also had her opinion and she tried to justify those opinions – whether you agreed with it or not, and I agree that F.I.R.M. was an idiot, so what – that does not justify taking over the site.

    I think the right thing to do is hand over over this site to it’s rightful owners – and go start your own.

    So what if Tui Savu will be in-charge – I don’t liek the guy either, but that does not change what happened here was wrong.

  11. OjO Says:

    Whoever you are, remain as you are do not give this site up.

    “The public interest is not served by lies and deceit, and lust for power is often predicated on lies and deceit. Fair and balanced journalism exposes lies and deceit and enhances democracy; which is an absolute prerequisite for democracy”

  12. FijiGirl Says:

    Dou bula Ms Naita! Long time no hear. Don’t be such a stranger, pliz.
    God bless Fiji

  13. Sakeo Says:

    FijiGirl, i am just making sure you know where to go when you want some peace…that’s my home….which is also your home sweet home…moce jo…

  14. Sakeo Says:

    Kuku, Tell FijiGirl to drop it and just relaxtakaga and come home after work…cook me dinner and get the children to sleep after they watch the news…..and heat me dinner at 3am before i come home at 3:30am after my grog….

  15. FijiGirl Says:

    Sakeo – only in your dreams. The only ‘lady’ waiting for you tonight is Aunty Lima.
    God bless Fiji

  16. Budhau Says:

    Good one FijiGirl – what do these idiots get out of this kind of sexiest insults.

  17. anon Says:

    hahahahahaha…….Hey FijiGirl na wadruca qori !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sakeo Says:

    FijiGirl…vosota na noqu malumalumu……sa na qai rawa ni daru veiyaloni rawa kina…moce jo..Anon, Budhau, pls…this between me and fijigirl alone..we will resolve….and there is no sexiest insult involved here..take a look..it was a good fijian charm of veiwali vinaka….

  19. Soul of Fiji Says:

    I have been blogging with Adi Kaila and have come to understand and know that she is intelligent, articulate and very analytic and logical with her postings.

    I always look forward to her postings and recently I have not blogged as I find some postings rather crude, especially the mountain they made out of a molehill and the attack on her.

    Good on you Adi Kaila and keep on blogging, GOD bless all of you bloggers….

  20. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Budhau ~ Who are you to tell people whether or not they should blog here…..no one owns the interne…….its maliwa lala and if that be the case then you go right ahead and ban everyone so you can just blog on your own.

    Take a magnifying glass to the lint in your bellybutton is what your attitude is called.

  21. Lata Yaqona Says:

    I thought this site was for the fight against our country’s return to democracy and not to discuss homosexuality.

    I am very disappointed, checked out the other SV blog and they are focusing on the main issues so may go there. In actual fact they are doing extremely well. The hackers will be out in full force to shut them down again.

    I am not sure whether they would let me in though.

  22. epeli Says:

    FijiGirl, isa lewa, kuku has told me that your one and only maybe giving you the shaft. He is drinking yaqona at Sakeo’s house in Lami almost every night. If you don’t believe kuku than i would suggest for you to call Sakeo at home and hear it right from the horse mouth?

  23. Budhau Says:

    Hey Yaqona – this site sucks, the other boys are a running their site fine.

    Don’t worry, I will switch the lights off on my way out – in about a week or so.

    a-N – you can blog where ever you want. My point was that Kutu gave the password to some “trusted” people – and one of them stabbed him/her in the back by taking over this site.

    So if you have any sense of justice and fair play – you will try and tell your kinfolk in here who have pulled this coup, to do the right thing and give this site back to Kutu.

    And if think this is fine – than you deserve Bainimarama.

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