A SUMMIT of Pacific island nations due to be held in Papua New Guinea next week will go ahead as planned, after Niue, the forum’s chair overruled a decision to postpone, officials said today.

Host nation Papua New Guinea announced late yesterday that the summit, called to decide whether Fiji should be suspended from the 16-nation group, had been postponed until February.

PNG Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said he had delayed the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) to allow self-appointed Fijian leader Frank Bainimarama to attend.

Commodore Bainimarama said he would not come to the January 27 meeting because he needed to deal with the recent flooding crisis in his country.

But Mr Somare’s office was forced to back down today after chairing nation Niue overruled the postponement decision.

The leaders of the PIF are to meet to decide what action should be taken against Fiji after Commodore Bainimarama reneged on an earlier promise to hold elections by March this year to restore democracy.

”(The forum) is going ahead on the 27th,” a spokeswoman for Mr Somare said.

“The interim Prime Minister (of Fiji) had asked for deferment but the chair has decided that it will go ahead.”

The spokeswoman could not comment on the reason for pressing ahead with the meeting, and said it was unclear whether Commodore Bainimarama would attend. “I can only say that we’ve been informed that the meeting’s going ahead,” she said.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, could not immediately confirm the news or whether he would attend.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key confirmed he and a number of Pacific Island leaders would travel on a New Zealand air force flight to Port Moresby on Monday for the summit.

Congratulations Isoa Gavidi for resigning, it was not a good  move being entangled with the illegal regime. Whether you’re broke or not, at the end of the day it is integrity that counts.

Congratulations Tui Kubuca for doing your best with what little you have, and urging that the rule of law to be reinstated.


  1. FijiGirl Says:

    Surely the nitwit has enough rope now. Can he please hang himself?
    The God would surely bless Fiji

  2. OjO Says:

    Open Opinion.

    There is nothing more desperate than those of whom who hide behind the veil of anonymity to perpetuate their despicable thoughts, which from its incipience it is plain to ascertain their intensions were not of the public interest.

    But serving of their deceit and lies coupled with lust to politicise their ends which is often predicated on prevarications and deceptions thus is the modus operandi of those that are lost between reality and phantasm, this is a clear case of where the ends does not justify the means.

    Their views are influenced by those who conceal from the public their dastardly deeds; these are people that are more inclined to be indecorous among others things lack substantive realism.

    The purpose of their being is to cultivate in the minds of those that are interested in their distorted beliefs it’s alright to engage in anal copulation and use prosthetic devices for their respective sexual gratification all the while preaching among other things Freedom and Democracy.

    They are nothing more than a sick lot of misguided fools spinning around on an off centre fulcrum with no purpose in life but to gravitate towards their psychotic world where the scum of the earth resides.

  3. hopefiji Says:

    OJO aka Jone from IGFiji . You guys are soo predictable …it’s so pathetic. You are such a hypocrite….why don’t you blog under your own name..hah??.

    BTW…. do you understand the shit you have just posted above next time read doll the excerpts properly to get the context before you cut and paste LOl!!!

  4. OjO Says:


    All you read isnt excerpts but an opinion, If you guys deny my rights to an opinon than it dosnt say much for your guys does it.

    It goes to prove all I wrote is the truth.

  5. OjO Says:


    Yes I do undersatnd all that is written because I wrote It, am not just a pretty face.

  6. hopefiji Says:

    @OJO.. Sweetie…..ha ha you miss the point…the same things you are accusing those who blog anno ..you are gulity off…so again if you have the guts and can stand by your opinion …why dont you blog under your legal name ..

    and BTW..if you wrote that confusing attempt at psychoanalysis..all I can say…you are more @#@@ than I thought.

  7. Malekata Says:

    With Ambassador Tikoca and Rt. Isoa Gavidi out, I wonder who amongst the senior civili servants will be next. The way FB and his IG are either dismissing or demoting civil servants, very soon there will be him and his iMinisters left to run the Nation and the Civil Service. The once proud Civil Service is no more. And so too is the once proud Military. They are quickly getting their butts kicked out of any current and future peace mission. A dictator cum egomaniac is running Fiji to the ground, folks. Seeing is believing.

  8. FijiGirl Says:

    Congrats on reaching 1,000,000 hits, bloggers.

    Join the Worldwide Movement

    God bless Fiji

  9. FijiGirl Says:

    @ hopeFiji – sounds like OjO can’t compose without his thesaurus. If only he had a dictionary as well, so he could find out what all the synonyms mean
    God bless Fiji

  10. Nostradamus Says:

    I want to weigh in and agree with OJO’s views about the Army hiding behind those uniforms and all. The part about copulation puzzles me. Are Voreqe and Gaytes doing each other or is a one way Hershey highway?

  11. Tuma Says:

    Who is OjO trying to kid. All you have to do is compare the way he/she writes his/her comments to the way the article he/she has posted as copyright is written and wahlah tamani cut and paste.lolz what a dufus.

  12. soro Says:

    OK boys and girls back to THE TOPIC – Ojo has been sent by Setani to divert us all ……. I am glad this meeting is going ahead…. Micheal Somare was a fool to play along to the pig’s fiddle as he was in danger of turning the forum into a mickey mouse finger-nibbling laughing stock.

    Now we all know that the pig is a coward – he is not able too stand in front of all these leaders and look them straight in the eye to give them straight answers. And thats why he is not going.

    So now the Forum must act on behalf of the Fiji people who are too charitable for their own good…… always being hopeful … meanwhile the hungry and the desperate in our society are taking advantage of the situation … murdering and robbing and raping other citizens and vulagi because they know the police are useless and the rule of law has been completley compromised in Fiji.

    Fiji Girl I agree with you, may God bless us BUT quickly !!!

  13. OjO Says:

    Hopefiji and other detractors:

    The question is do you misguided fools understand what is written.
    For what is written merely sums up the sick idiosyncrasies that resides within every individual that harbors malevolence, the time is upon us to repudiate all ills and supercilious comments and to expedite the immediate return of our beloved country to normalcy.

    This process can only be achieved through acquiescence and not through vitriolic comments, bear in mind Fiji as a nation is way bigger than us, so therefore it would be imprudent for those that operate on the periphery of society and dwell in the scums of the earth to be casting stones indiscriminately at members of society.

    The sun is up and heading towards the hens and chickens for a spot of fishing have a blessed Sunday.

  14. kuku Says:


  15. Bula Says:

    Ni sa bula vinaka kece sara e na yasana ruarua

    Me noda vata na loloma kei na vakacegu ni Tamada na Kalou bula e na Siga Tabu vinaka oqo.

  16. soro Says:

    Obviously the boci Ojo is in New Zealand – theres a place there called the hen and chicken islands …. io qai macala …!!

  17. church mouse Says:

    Oh you guys! Can any of you even run a chook raffle?

  18. far and wide Says:

    hey ojo,

    you’re starting to sound more and more like aiyarse.

    you wrote:

    supercilious comments


    1. having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy; “some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines”; “haughty aristocrats”; “his lordly manners were offensive”; “walked with a prideful swagger”; “very sniffy about breaches of etiquette”; “his mother eyed my clothes with a supercilious air”; “a more swaggering mood than usual”- W.L.Shirer [syn: disdainful]

    2. expressive of contempt; “curled his lip in a supercilious smile”; “spoke in a sneering jeering manner”; “makes many a sharp comparison but never a mean or snide one”


    now see this…


    who is it who has a curled lip??

    hint: vb

  19. kuku Says:

    Hey Australia, if you’re going to be nice to this Voreqe AZZOLE and allow him transit through your country please do the right thing and fly him accross in an Helicopter but for god sake pushed the bastard off the plane between the Great Barrier Reef and PNG tied to an open barrell full of fish blood? Hey the shark might even refused to chow down on the bastard cause he’d most likely will shit his pant?

  20. LUVfiji Says:

    “In rural Australia it’s common to run lotteries at the local pubs, and the prize might easily be a roasting chicken. Country pub raffles are so common that most Australians could carry out such a task with their eyes closed, so to suggest that someone couldn’t run a chook raffle is akin to saying they’re useless.”

  21. Malekata Says:

    @ Ojo: Why don’t you talk the Blog talk and stop the condescending lingo that you lawyers try to talk. That is unless this blog site has gone to the dogs…….

  22. OjO Says:

    While we all attempt to resolve all ills that has beset our island nation we have collectively lost sight of our responsibility to our fellowmen women and children’s, thus is the nature of our warped ideologies we have become inebriated in our pursuit to perpetuate our personal agendas.

    Such agendas are the driving force of certain individuals with heightened physiological activity whether it is advertently or inadvertently notwithstanding the agitation of people’s emotions to misconstrue facts.

    It is a known fact what occurred in Dec 06 was a series of inauspicious events that will forever be ingrained in our memories, however there were also unscrupulous politicians and members of parliament that rendered not only the country but the people inert.

    There’s not a day that goes by where some male members of our immediate or distant families has raped our daughters mothers and grandmothers and yet all the while we are consumed or infatuated with this poxy regime.

    Recently parts of the country succumbed to the worst flooding in recent memory but we somehow find within ourselves to castigate people albeit sluggish in their attempt to help but nevertheless effective.

    We must therefore repudiate all ills that we conceal and find an amicable solution that will appease all the freedom fighters, for we cannot forever allow our maliciousness and malevolence to take hold of our being.

  23. Bin Ladin Says:

    Leqa ma tiko rau!. Sa ta via lako keya (Bai..) baleta ni tawa kila ko keya na lasu cava me baci laki kaya!.

  24. Damudamu Says:

    @ Ojo – You full of shit!

  25. Budhau Says:

    WTF – I thought it was about the summit….but no this is entertaining.

    You go guys – who gives a crap about those flood victims, the summit or democracy.

    “……or we cannot forever allow our maliciousness and malevolence to take hold of our being.”….you go Ojo.

  26. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yo Budhs — the IG goons are summoning you to change sides…hyuk hyuk hyuk…that’s so funny.

  27. Democracy Says:

    Any1 watched jioji kotobalavu on close up last night? his cunning and talked himself out of some pretty tough questions from the host. i thought he presented himself at a pro-regime guy and that answere he gave in the end ” I dont care if people think so”

  28. Keep The Faith Says:

    JK is definitely pro-IIG. His close friend, ally and protege is Parmesh Chand.

  29. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith – those IG folks think I am going to change side – sure, my soul is for sale.

    BTW – I heard they are discussing me on that SV.org site also and the Exiles site.

    Guys, I told you before, I am not the issue.

  30. Koya na Man Says:

    You can run but u can’t hide.Sa gone sinful ga o boy qo,sega ni o na drotaka rawa na nomu valavala ca,tu vaka tagane mo na sotava na kenai sau.

  31. ojo the omo Says:

    OMG ojo I mean omo what a load of bull you write. Do you even understand anything you have forwarded what a joke. You would be great to be the idiot Opps I mean FB’s spokeman as everytime that guy talks its a disgrace to us one and all…..He obviously is a very unwell person. So having you as spokesman would be hilarious….

  32. Mary Jorse Gandmar Says:

    Budhau Exposed.

    This is what I have dug up on Budhau.

    The name Budhau is a Hindi slang word for old man, comes from the Hindi word Buddha, as in old man.

    Budhau, is a retired, old South Indian man who lives in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, a suburb of Vancouver. He served with the Fiji Police in the late 50’s and early 60’s when he migrated to the UK and finally ended up in Canada.

    Here is some information that I used to put two and two together. There are something I cannot disclose how I found out.

    1. He is retired, thus all this time he has for posting in forums. You can see from many on his posts that he has a first hand knowledge of things as far back as the colonial days. That explains his age and him being there in the late 50s and 60s. This also explain the time he has posting things in here and in other forums.
    2. Budhau used this same name to post on Fijilive’s un-moderated news forum in 1999/2000. What he did back then was that he hacked the Fijilive site and got the password of some other forum members and blocked them out while he started posting under their name. Budhau intentionally posted offensive material under those other names and had Fijilive administration ban all those forum members whose names Budhau had hijacked. This is when many of these banned forum members left Fijilive and started their own Fiji Exiles Board. Ask Kalougata, a regular on Fiji Exiles Board, and he should be able to explain how the Exile Board was started.
    3. Does this sound familiar, hacking a website and taking of passwords? This is exactly what Budhau did on the SV blog and sent you all on a wild goose chase. With many regular SV blog members leaving just like it happened on Fijilive back then, Budhau is here to take over as he did on Fijilive.
    4. If you go to the Fijilive news forum website, you will find this Budhau person there (of course posting under a different name) and he has been there since 1999 when he chased away all those Fiji Exile Board members. It is not difficult to identify him, he is the one who starts most of the threads in there, bullies anyone new that shows up in there and disagrees with him. If you read his posts, you will find that just like our Budhau in here, this person also is very pro-IG and anti-Fijian and always there.

    You don’t have to take my word for this, you can independently verify many of the facts that I have stated above.

    A) As for living on the west coast of Canada, if you look at the times when he posts his messages in this forum, it is generally between the late morning hours through late in the evening, North American Pacific Standard time. You would never see him post much past midnight to about 10 in the morning Canadian west coast time. Compare that with other people who post from New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. This will at least confirm the time zone that he is posting from and that definitely is not Sydney as many of you believe. Some of his spelling is also American and he has a good knowledge of the US and Canada. That places him on the west coast of Canada rather than in Sydney.

    B) Many of you also mistook Budhau for being Chaudhary Jnr or some other lawyer in the military because of his knowledge of the law. While Budhau was in the Fiji Police, he was trained as a police prosecutor and he served as prosecutor in smaller towns. That explains his somewhat superficial knowledge of things legal and his ability to sound “legal”.

    C) Compare the hacking of the Fijilive and the theft of passwords with what happened here on SV blog. This is no coincidence. I won’t put it past him about the hacking that happened at SV.org recently.

    Some of you may want to check out the present Fijilive News Forum, Budhau is still there posting under a different name. If should not be difficult to figure out who he is.
    He is the only person posting messages in there starting regular new threads. He has been there since the 1999 when he chased out all those other people who moved to the new Fiji Exiles Board. If you read some of his posts, you will see that he is very pro-IG regime, anti-Qarase and SDL, and Pro-Indian, usually insulting Fijians.

    You may use the above information for what it is worth.

    Thank You,

    Mary J G.

  33. Adi Kaila Says:

    It’s as obvious as the non existence of brain matter between his ears that piggy bhainimarama was going to be a NO SHOW at the PIF because he would have to answer some really serious questions about his liumuri promise to hold elections in March this year – 2009.

    He has failed himself and his illegal ignorant regime again by indicating to us all exactly how treasonous and useless the hijacking of a democratically elected government was on 5.12.06.

    Except for the coup apologists we all knew that his excuse for ‘clean up campaign. good govenance and transparency’ is the biggest farce ever.

    How would he explain to the PIF his broken promise to hold elections this year?

    How would he explain what he has squandered millions and millions of dollars on while the majority of the population live below the poverty line and more are joining the queue?

    Apart from using tax payers hard earned dollars to fund his luxurious lifestyle, buying homes and luxury items for his bukucara family, flying aroung the world in style, living in the most expensive hotels, I am asking a question here why his destination is usually the countries in the gulf region?

    The dollars spent on his luxurious lifestyle, buying homes and luxury items for his bukucara family, flying aroung the world in style, living in the most expensive hotels are miniscule when compared to the amounts unaccounted for that has been used to prop up the illegal ignorant regime and the unbelievable blowout of the military budget.

    Have the millions and millions of dollars been spent on arms?

    Is this why piggy bhainimarama frequents the gulf regions and plays the potentate there. The countries that play host to him there are the very ones that trade in illegal armaments.

    Is he planning on finishing off the Fijian Race and making Fiji – FIJISTAN.

    School children in India have books that teach them about Fiji and Fiji is known there as Little India.

    You read that correctly.

    So all of you military personnel should take heed and wipe out your ignorant treasonous leader or you’ll all be marked with tikas on your foreheads and ram ramming to the dhoti cladded ones – dou sa qai maleka sara.

  34. Malekata Says:

    @ AK: Many thanks as you may have hit it on the head. VB will never attend any meetings of PIF because he is utterly afraid to front up and not understand the questions he will be asked by his peers and will not know what to say unless he has ready made answers by the likes of his iAG and Ojo. He talks a good talk when he is familiar territory but not in front of people of the stature of pacific island leaders. And he knows that when the chickens come home to roost, he and his cronies will face their day in court. Why else is he afraid to give up power? For power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just watch his development since 2000. You are watching an autocratic dictator who does not listen, will not listen and who mantra is I am right and everyone else is wrong. And the likes of Ojo sings his praises as we have seen clowns do through the ages.

  35. Malekata Says:

    @ AK: Many thanks as you may have hit it on the head. VB will never attend any meetings of PIF because he is utterly afraid to front up and not understand the questions he will be asked by his peers and will not know what to say unless he has ready made answers by the likes of his iAG and Ojo. He talks a good talk when he is familiar territory but not in front of people of the stature of pacific island leaders. And he knows that when the chickens come home to roost, he and his cronies will face their day in court. Why else is he afraid to give up power and return the country to democracy? For power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just watch his development since 2000. You are watching an autocratic dictator who does not listen, will not listen and whose mantra is: “” I am right and everyone else is wrong.” And the likes of Ojo sings his praises as we have seen clowns do through the ages.

  36. Nostradamus Says:

    Bhainiceke is trying to appear tough by kicking out Australians, Fiji’s major trading and aid partner.
    Time for Australia to ignore the Piggy and appoint an interim governor to help Fiji out.

  37. senijiale Says:

    Hi Budhau – enuf with LYAO @ Mary Jorse and get back in here.

    Sa yawa o MJ Gandmar aka agent vinod. So where are we again…?

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