Latest news is that the Australian Government is considering easing the ban on Voreqe Bainimarama travellling through Australia to encourage him to attend the Pacific Islands Forum summit in PNG.

Ausralia may approve piggys transit, to speed his journey to the summit in Port Moresby because the alternative route involves lengthy Island hopping.

So bloody what – let the pig island hop to any destination. Don’t even contemplate this Australia as it’s playing right into the bullys hand.

Yes we are well aware that he has designated illegal ag khaiyum and tagalala Gavidi to attend in his place.

The question is, if these men can circumvent Australia en route to PNG why can’t the common pig?

He has used the recent floods as an excuse not to attend the summit because he has lost face, simple as that.

piggsys excuse that he is needed in Fiji is the farce of the century – noone needs him in Fiji, flood or no flood, he should go to PNG and face the other Island leaders that he has lied to constantly.

Gutless Swine!



  1. kuku Says:

    Yes Swine is to good for this bastard he’s an azzOle and someone need to kick his azz?

  2. Tim Says:

    If I were the Ozzies, or indeed the Kiwis, I’d offer a bloody plane to take him there to front up. Perhaps then he might be able to explain himself and be able to explain to the Fiji people why his macho RFMF, financed by the taxpayers of Fiji, are unable to offer the most basic assistance in times of need.
    But then it will never happen. Why would Frank allow the bloody neo-colonial powers to give him any assistance?
    If either did, he’d probably see it as a conspiracy – which come to think of it would be a golden opportunity

  3. F.I.R.M Says:

    I have to say this because a few of you are not aware that this blog is now in control of Bainimarama and his goons,the Soivakasama team has moved to in there you will see the blog page .

    The military are just taking time in here to collect infomation and nail you with what you say in here.

  4. Ratu Sai Says:

    After the hacking of there appears to be a list of names that were uplifted by the hackers which is now post of the IG blog site.

  5. Navosavakadua Says:

    Let’s recall what happened at previous Forum meetings.

    In Tonga in 2007, Frank turned to water and promised elections by March 2007. This happened because the serious business of Forum
    meetings is always discussed at a Leaders Retreat, where only the
    political leaders are present (with secretarial support from the Forum
    Secretariat). There are no advisers and, without advisers there to tell
    him what to say, Frank couldn’t think of reasons not to nominate a
    timetable for elections.

    Then comes Niue. Without advisers Frank couldn’t trust himself to take part in the meeting. But Frank’s non-attendance was taken as an insult. Even his friends at the meeting could do nothing to defend his arrogance. No doubt each of the languages of the Forum leaders has a word for viavialevu. So Fiji (or really just Frank) got threatened with suspension.

    Now we come to Port Moresby. The threat of suspension is hanging over his head and Frank knows that if he doesn’t attend, his allies on the Forum will not be able to help him. But he also knows that without an adviser in the Leaders Retreat he will not be able to debate the issues with intelligent, credible leaders. He would find himself promising another date for an election.

    We can Frank credit for one thing only. He smart enough to know that he’s too stupid to go to the Leaders only meeting without an adviser to tell him what to say.

  6. Beranaliva Says:

    Sir Michael Somare, an honorary member of the Mara clan has offered to charter a plane to get our dear leader to Port Moresby. Could it be that the clan have plans to replace him when he leaves the country? It’s obvious Frank has outlived his usefulness to the clan. His contemptuous treatment of cane farmers means he’s losing the Indian constituency, his last toehold in electoral support.

    Frank it’s time to change your foodtaster and be careful if your
    bodyguard is changed for any reason without warning.

  7. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Tim – maybe they can offer a helicopter, and then do us all a favour by crashing it?

    Attorney General MyArse will at least, hopefully, get the dressing down that he deserves from our Forum leaders.

    God bless Fiji

  8. EnufDictatorship Says:

    This is verrrrrryyyy late…they are now deferring the meeting!

  9. Anon Says:

    They defered the meeting for Bainimarama which shows who is in control of Fiji. They cannot dictate to Fiji what they want. Take note you dickheads. Ni veicai ga na viavialewa tiko ena site magaijinamuni qo.

  10. Tuks Says:

    Anon [9.13pm],
    Maroroi iko. Tauri iko vakamalua. Na dina ena mosi ga me vaka o sa mai vakadeitaka qori..Raici iko mada ga kei na vanua o toka kina qori. Keimami na dei tiko eke me yacova ni cerebu na veika dina ka vunitaki tu mai…

  11. Tim Says:

    Anon – actually they don’t WANT anything from Fiji’s regime which seems to be something the junta fails to understand. The world will not end for the rest of the Pacific if Frank chooses to make it a South Pacific Zimbabwe.
    Samoa, and indeed every other island nation will get along just fine. In fact for some they may even find they’re better off in terms of re-diverted aid.
    They do want Fiji citizens to have the right to self determination, as opposed to junta-determination (which is a very imperialist, neo-colonial concept that seems to have escaped junta apologists). But that can be rectified just as soon as Yippe-I-Aye Kaiyuum can dream up some new lingo do describe what he is doing. Dibbs on you Yippie. You should be grateful fo the travel bans – they’re likely to aid in your longevity.

    But what a sign of utter desperation!!! The junta afraid of opposing views to such an extent that they employ a bunch of script kiddies to try and circumvent it. Never mind – everyone knows that’s what they’re doing, and deny as they might, they’ll have to try and reinvent the laws of physics to prove they aren’t

  12. Tim Says:

    First let me refer you to RFN:
    How charitable!
    I’m not sure RFN has yet heard the expression “pushing shit uphill”.
    It certainly applies to Frank

  13. EnufDictatorship Says:

    No Anon…it shows that real Pacific leaders want Vore to show up and display his big-mouth-lackey-nutcase-no-vocabulary skills in-person!!!!!!!

    Too easy to read from a script written by Aiarse then to think-out-of-the-box ON THE SPOT!!!!!!!

    So, when Q n A session comes after, that is when Vore will falter big time with his childish sentences like “we have to keep the evacuees warm and it is not the end of the show!”..wituwiu…drag show tamana or what???

  14. Iraqis Says:

    Anon caiti Frank mada

  15. Budhau Says:

    Regardless of what side you are on – this forum thingie is very simple.
    Since FB ain’t gonna commit to a date, all ANZ are trying to do is to give Bainimarama “a fair trial before they hang him”…..and FB ain’t willing to let ANZ have that satisfaction.

    Tim – that thing about pushing shit uphill – Where do you thing these guys are in here, in relation to where FB is.

  16. Budhau Says:

    Does anyone have a link to the IG blogsite or is it still there.

  17. kuku Says:

    Budhau, Ask your Mama Kaiyum maybe dicking your wife too?

  18. Javala Says:


    You insignificant cici wakakau – you need but does not need you, that’s why you are here all the time.

    Noone is deleting your pathetic comments like you used to delete everyone that you disagreed with. Kemudrau vata kei na wekamu maga qase ulu maji dau viavia kaivalagi qori o rosi boi cici.

    Na cava mada na nomudou baigani gaga. Dou fuck off tauooko, luvfiji the obese fag hag that keeps punjas bank a/’c in the red with all carbohydrates she injests and the amount of flour needed to roll her in to find the wet spot, yalewa vakasisila, sa rauta me sega na otimu. fijigirl go mada and mind your own site where you have nothing to say instead of trying to boss everyone around.

    just because the ig hacked your no idea site does not mean they can hack this site. vakaloloma nomudou self praise, maqa.

    Sa noqu na site qo, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

    waraka na kai nigeria na wekamu F.I.R.M. dou qai cu vaka poofta qase.

  19. Budhau Says:

    Come on Kuku you trying to make feel bad or something.

    That thing about “dicking” another person’s wife – is that something that is part of your culture, screwing around with other peoples’ wives. I thought you guys only did it to the military wives when the husbands were serving abroad.

    Of course the Ratus have a open season on that one – with all those illegitimate children running around…. those illegitimate onse do they qualify to run for chief also.

    …this just came up recently – Mr Q could also be a bastard and that they may have to revoke the big Kahuna title that they just gave him.

    Hey how about that – you wanna talk dirty and play hard ball – go ahead, make my day – and I am going to turn around and kick you right in the nuts – real hard.

  20. FijiGirl Says:

    Looks like Javala is wearing his insecurities on his sleeve ….

    God bless Fiji

  21. Bin Ladin Says:

    FijiGirl, Javala, Anon, FIRM and all the regular contributors to this site. If you start calling each others names and spilling the beans on your differences then you are all missing the point. The IG must be laughing when they read your piece of crap!. You’re not a threat (never have been ) to to the IG or anyone for that matter!.

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