We send our best wishes to Barack Obama for his tenure as 44th President of the United States of America on 20 January 2009 (US Time).

Barack Obama inspires so much hope for the world that we forget our own problems and the turmoil Voreqe Bainimarama  & his illegal regime has  created here  in Fiji.

It is a pity he takes over the Presidency at such a time of economic instability and his parties own ‘clean up campaign’ after George Bushs cavalier attitude and disastrous 8 years in the White House.

Such a wondrous time to be alive and  witness Barack Obamas historic inauguration – albeit on television – historic nevertheless. There will no doubt be many tears of happiness flowing in Fiji and all over the world as he swears in his oath to become the 44th President of the USA.





  1. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    I have just watched the late news on TV1.

    Firstly injustice gates speeds into a car with the following stupid, but typical for him, comment; ” I have nothing to add to what I have added before”.

    Is this loonie the full quid?

    It has been noted that the TV crew were told NOT to put the camera on the so-called president bernie. I wonder if he was really there or whether it was mrs bernie who did the ceremony?

    Secondly, the poor fool who is now the illegal puppet health minister was stopped in mid interview by a second lieutenant and told to move away.

    I bet this prawn is feeling great about his importance in the scheme of things in a military dictatorship.

  2. Javala Says:

    ex Fiji tourist too funny bro

  3. Tagata Whenua Says:

    Yes congratulation to the president of USA ,you are the people choice and death and destruction to Vores and IG bastards who force their way in with the barrel of the gun.

  4. Sakeo Says:

    Obama of the USA
    Osama of Fiji

    Barrack of the USA
    Bainimarack of Fiji

    Democracy now in the USA
    Democracy ?? in Fiji

    Moce Jo

  5. OjO Says:

    Quote for the Day:

    Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.


  6. Nostradamus Says:

    Voreqe is more of a fascist. I don’t see how you can compare him to Obama. Obama has an education, not just cadets and military training.

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    I believe Sakeo isn’t comparing Voreqe to Obama , because there is no comparison ! You’ve misunderstood what he is implying !

  8. Budhau Says:

    Hey guys, let us all, us Fijians, celebrate this great, totally groovy, concept called Obama even though we do not fully understand what it means.

    BTW – since they now have elected a black dude as the head of state – when do you think Fiji will be ready to accept a non-Fijian as the President.
    You think we are ready to let a democratically elected non-Fijian Prime Minister to serve out his/her term without pulling another coup?

  9. tagata Whehua Says:

    Hi folks just to side track my posting this morning,Ive been tempted to peep into this puppet IG-FIJI web site every morning just to laugh at some of the comments on it.I thought it was design for the IG supporters comments but most of the comments were against them.What a
    I have been montoring the Tongan goverment relationship with Vores IG begining with the Pacific leaders meeting held there a few years back when this bastard Bainivuaka was given a VIP welcome in Tonga.Again the Tongan PM was very vocal in supporting this swine Vore in backing him up in the next Pacific leadres forum in PNG.A saying which I quote”birds of the same feather flock together”.One have to take a closer look at the Tongan leadership style and there you go its dictatorship style of governing the people.We must remember that we( Fiji & Tonga) are in the same boat struggling to get democracy to the people.I suspect that some underground arrangement were being done through this son of a bitch Vore and his Tongan counter parts for a political refugees status if the coup fails.Looking at the way things are going at the moment we will end up like Pakistan where their ex President was given a political exile status somewhere to save him from going to Jail.We must also remember that most of those prominent Indian coup instigator in Fiji were muslims.If this bsatard Bainimarama than become President than this is the path he will take to save his backside getting wet in Naboro.Thanks

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    I am still willing to be your Prum MInsta and Presdant !

  11. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Bubu has done it again!

    Go to

    and check out the latest cartoon.

    I have made it my screen saver.

  12. F.I.R.M Says:

    This was sent to because Na vosa said it is still waiting moderation aproval,so he thought that Adi kaila will never approve it…so he sent it to me to try it…..

    @ Lata Yagona aka Adi Kaila,
    ‘My lot’, are you referring to your boss and the senior management at the Fijian Hotel?

    So it was not your own idea then huh?
    What about F.I.R.M’s accusation that you and Adi Kaila are one and the same person?

    Why did you usurp this blog site from its founder ‘kutusebeneivore’ and others who worked so hard behind the scenes to create enough awareness that it had reached the 900,000 hit mark and was heading towards the 1m, before you changed the password without permission and use it for your own purpose?

    Kutu in his post made it very clear that you never contributed anything for over 18 months, or if any, ‘insignificant’, yet you have the nerve to ride the wave of success on the back of the sweat and tears of others and continue as if your actions were right.

    Who are you trying to fool by lying you did not usurp this blog site from its rightful owner ‘kutusebeneivore?’

    Why can’t you admit the truth Lata Yagona aka Adi Kaila?
    O iko vata kei Bainimarama, Nailatikau, Ganilau vata kei iratou na Mara, dou tautauvata ena nomudou tamata lasulasu, loma kocokoco vata kei na dau via rogo!

  13. Sakeo Says:

    Bainimarack is a nutty fool
    with a pool full of fools
    lining up straight behind him..
    tooting horns of doom..

    one by one they share..
    a bit of silver here and there..
    only to themselves..and their spares
    taking over municipalities and the mayors..

    Bainimarack will heed no warning ..
    of doomsday gun and his deathbed trolley..
    coming straight behind him so so slowly
    in 100 nights.your fools will start moaning..

    this is a message of hope and life..
    to you Bainimarack before you they bite..
    the Batikadi are focused to take a swipe..
    to strip you off all your might..

    Bainimarack..Go down to earth and apologize
    to the chiefs, pastors, talatala’s and the likes
    because they will pardon you with clear conscience
    or otherwise its d-day for your life

    Stay tuned…

  14. Lata Yaqona Says:


    Ask Adi Kaila to check the email address. She has the password and can get into the site to check out everyone’s email address.

    She will be able to tell you that I am the real Lata Yaqona.

  15. Sereana Says:

    Interesting article in today’s FT by Graham Leung titled “Alice in Blunderland”

    The recent disaster caused by floods has exposed the regime’s near total inability to govern in time of crisis.

    They are finding that the easy part was taking over the government by force.

    It’s a different ball game running the machinery.

    The latter takes brains and experience.

    If the floods have shown anything, it is that they are in short supply.

    Complaints and criticisms

    It has been impossible to ignore the complaints and views of the people in recent days that the administration’s response to the humanitarian disaster that is facing parts of Fiji has been too little, too late.

    Unbelievably some of the regime’s lackeys have taken to blaming the flood victims for the predicament they are in.

    For not moving in time and not stocking up on food rations in anticipation of evacuation.

    One could be forgiven for thinking that we are living in “Alice in Blunderland”.

    What world do these people live in? The people most affected by the disaster have enough difficulty putting bread on the table in normal times.

    They are hardly likely to be able to stock up extra supplies in a cupboard to take with them after the floodwaters have subsided.

    Faced with a barrage of criticism, government stooges have now taken to suggesting that its critics are politicising the crisis and should exercise self-restraint.

    When the regime is able to show the people of Fiji it is deserving of praise, some might come its way.

    But until that day happens, the people are entitled to be disgruntled and dismayed. This is the regime, to use a cliché, that wants to take Fiji forward to a more perfect democracy with its People’s Charter.

    Accountability and criticism are a hallmark of democracy as is the freedom to criticise.

    It’s a strange brand of democracy which is uncomfortable with criticism.

    Instead of rebuking its critics, the regime should spare no effort in deploying every available civil servant in the massive effort needed in rehabilitation work.

    Response Time

    The delay and response time to the victims of disaster, put simply, have been abysmal and incompetent.

    While hungry mouths have waited for food and blankets, the response of those in charge has been that they are doing assessments.

    Why could the distribution of rations and need surveys not have been done together?

    A Fiji Times report (FT 15/1) quoted Major Neumi Leweni as saying there were 30 soldiers deployed in the Western Division on relief work.

    If this is correct, one wonders where the rest of the military are and why they have not been dispatched to reinforce numbers on the ground.

    There has been little sense of urgency and that the West, Nadi in particular, is a disaster.

    They need help now, not tomorrow.

    DISMAC, the arm of government set up to deal with disaster relief, seems almost clueless in its response.

    Surely with all the natural disasters and institutional experience gained over the years (Bebe, Lote, Meli, Eric, Nigel etc), DISMAC should have been in a state of readiness from the start of the cyclone season in November.

    By contrast, the Red Cross moved swiftly into action even before the floodwaters had receded.

    But for their timely intervention, the effects of the disaster would have been far worse and the humanitarian impact of the crisis much greater.

    There is a lesson too to be learnt from this.

    Institutions do far better when they stick to what they are supposed to be doing.

    When they exceed their mandate, they are likely to botch things up through sheer lack of experience and ability.

    The regime’s response to the people’s suffering has been callous and indifferent.

    In short, very poor.

    Such inefficiency would not be tolerated in the private sector.

    Through all the tears and tales of woe and destruction, the President has been conspicuously silent and invisible.

    I remember past disasters and the congenial frame of the late Tui Cakau, Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, touring affected areas soon after cyclones when he was head of State.

    It’s a pity his good example has not been followed.

    The people of Fiji deserve better.

    Soul searching

    I read that a senior government official said they would ask for help internationally from Fiji’s friends.

    Given the way we have been shouting at our neighbours recently, I’d be surprised that we have any friends left.

    People who throw their weight around don’t win friends that easily.

    Governments are not that different.

    The days of the Orion at Nausori and the Hercules at Nadi (within days of a disaster bringing much needed relief to stricken areas) are gone.

    Why should our neighbours care when we publicly scold them and send their envoys home?

    The chickens have definitely come home to roost. To their credit, the governments of New Zealand and Australia, regularly on the receiving end of abuse, have shown remarkable grace and generosity towards Fiji in terms of the aid they have promised since the floods.

    The attitude of our neighbours should be a salutary lesson that it pays not to burn bridges because one day you might have to cross them.

    It is time that the regime and its advisers took time out for a bit of reflection and soul searching.

    The current crisis presents a good opportunity for the so-called interim Prime Minister to front up to the Forum leaders’ meeting in Port Moresby next week and to announce that he will take Fiji to elections in December 2009.

    Eleven months is ample time to undertake the necessary preparations for elections under the current Constitution.

    This would be a courageous step that would signal Fiji’s return to the international community.

    Even the USA is learning that the world today is about building alliances and partnerships, not destroying them.

    The last two years have shown that we are adept at the latter.

    It’s nice to beat the drums and puff your chest out, but where will it get you?

    Some good old fashioned courtesy and humility will go a long way.

    Isolationism is not an option.

    Constructive engagement is.

    Fiji has been an independent country now for 38 years.

    There is no returning to the womb.

    Fiji’s recent foreign policy shifts since the latest coup place us in the same league as Syria, North Korea and Iran.

    The rhetoric of self-reliance and blaming your neighbours for all the country’s ills may sound good, but it is hollow and comes at a huge price for a poor, aid-dependent country.

    Maybe it’s time to swallow our pride a bit and eat humble pie.

    Maybe it’s time to ditch the streak of stubbornness and arrogance which has been the modus operandi of the administration since its seizure of power.

    When will we learn

    The damage to infrastructure, agriculture and small business will easily run into the millions.

    It would be foolish and unrealistic to think that as a country, we are capable on our own of fixing the mess left by the floods.

    Put simply, we will need outside help.

    The international community is more likely to be receptive to requests for assistance if they are assured that credible steps and specific timetables towards returning Fiji to a parliamentary democracy are in place.

    Foreign governments are not comfortable handing out their hard earned taxpayers’ dollars to regimes that are accountable to no one except themselves.

    The effects of the financial meltdown on Wall Street are being felt across the four corners of the globe.

    The days of unconditional development assistance are over, if they ever existed.

    The mops, buckets and brooms are out in Nadi.

    In six months maybe, there will be a semblance of normality. Our wannabe leaders and civil servants will return to their slumber and it will be business as usual. Attention to blocked drains, a sustainable and effective disaster management plan, assessments on the adverse impacts of logging on coastal towns etc will all be but forgotten.

    When will Fiji ever learn?

    We seem to be a country that continues to repeat the errors of the past.

    If there was ever an opportunity for the regime to prove that it is capable of running this country, it was last week in the wake of the disaster.

    If it can’t get the job done, it should make way for those who can.

    Armies the world over have little training in how to run a country.

    Their raison d’etre is to defend a country against its external enemies and threats.

    The regime should not take advantage of the patience of a docile and politically inert populace.

    People can only take so much.

  16. hopefiji Says:

    Kerekere can someone post the IG-Fiji web address plse…..been out of the bloggie loop for a while ….so missed it – 🙂

  17. qitawa Says:

    @Sereana. Graham Leong should just look after his blunder arse which is still being plummered around all this years. Sa rauta ga me include taki na kani gay ena noda constitution ni sa levu na lawyer qauri.

  18. hopefiji Says:

    brave of Everett to publically say what most people are too scared to say!!. What’s happening to the so called Fiji Law Society??/..Not a squeak out of the FLS President following the appointment of the fraud Injustice Tony Gates!!!.

  19. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    When a natural disaster happens in Australia, the appropriate government appoints a qualified person to take charge of the relief operation.

    In Darwin after a cyclone, it was a former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Clem Jones, who was appointed by the Commonwealth Government to head the taskforce and he had the air force, navy and army awaiting his orders to implement the assistance needed.

    The civilian population of Darwin was evacuated by aircraft whilst the clean up began. Military forces and civilian tradesmen were airlifted to Darwin to assist.

    In Innisfail a couple of years ago, the former head of the defence forces was called in to co-ordinate the relief effort.

    The same has occurred following most natural disasters in Australia.

    All of the people chosen to lead the relief efforts have been people of integrity and management skills who had retired from their normal positions. This left them with the ability to apply themselves 100% to the task of rebuilding the community.

    BUT, what do we find in Fiji after a natural disaster?


    Almost 2 weeks after the floods, bananasinpyjamas and his green goons are floundering because they have got rid of people with experience and replaced them with fools.

    bananasinpyjams is using the floods as an excuse to ‘chicken-out’ of the meeting in PNG as he is gutless and heartless towards the victims of the flood.

    Surely, a ‘leader’ would be first to front up at a meeting like this to ask for assistance for his people.

    Unfortunately, the whole world can see that this coward is only concerned about himself.

    What a shame for such a wonderful country.

  20. qitawa Says:

    How can Bainimarama’s green men work when after the renault trucks the government of Qarase did not replace those vehicles. They stopped equiping the army to deal with natural disasters when they hit. They started arming the police which was stupid. Those trucks were 4 wheel drive vehicles that evacuated us come flood or whatever. It was Qarase’s fault turning the military against him when every natural disaster that has happened before has seen the military come out in full force with the right equipment. No wonder they threw Qarase out. The military has the trained personnel but not the equipment because Qarase decided to cripple them. So all Qarase supporters there is the answer to your complaints. Go around the country and see all the schools and community hall and churches build by the green engineers still standing tall compared to what the PWD built. It was because they have the trained personnel and the aid of trucks and tractor and equipment to the rural development unit which Ratu Mara set of for that very reason. Qarase thought otherwise and crippled them. In the end you have an army trined to help you but denied the equipment thus denying the service to the citizens of Fiji.

  21. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    To the green goon above; 2 words.


  22. vuki Says:

    Another two words for the green goon above

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Finally Americans elected a man based not on the colour of his skin , but the content of his character , but in Fiji , no one gets elected !
    qitawa , it hasn’t taken the I.G. long to start blaming someone else for the Militaries lack of response to the Fiji disaster , as I predicted the other day .
    Now the blame goes to an exiled Prime Minister who purportedly didn’t equip a Military under the Command of an insane Commander !
    Yet Frank and Co. have showered themselves with money from the Treasury and doubled the Military expenditure yet still , apparently according to your own mouth , hasn’t supplied the Military with the necessary equipment . It’s been 2 years and 1 month since Frank took charge , and they still have the cheek to blame the Elected Government for things that go wrong , but the public of Fiji are not that stupid or uneducated to believe Frank and Co.

  24. FijiGirl Says:

    Hey guys, we’re nearly at the Million mark!

    Congratulations, President Obama. May your leadership be a beacon of hope to the world. May the pigs over-running our country run scared back to their hidey holes and may free and fair elections return to Fiji ASAP.

    God bless Fiji

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    Is Frank using the flood disaster as an excuse not to attend the forum and as a means of getting sympathy perhaps from those who would throw Fiji out of the forum .
    and how can he say he cares about the civilians of Fiji when he is throwing them to the wolves !
    It was reported yesterday , that Frank himself , told people , women and children , to leave the school and return to unsafe , unhealthy conditions of their homes .
    One should ask themselves , has this idiot no heart and why doesn’t someone put an end to this terror in Fiji ?
    Fiji is starting to sound more like the middle east everyday .

  26. Budhau Says:

    The disaster relief crap – it ain’t because this regime has some dumbass, inexperienced folks as compared to the brilliant folks that Qarase had.

    The previous Fiji governments screwed up their responses to disasters – disasters that were not as bad as this one.

    Some of the difference in the way this regime responded was because Australia and NZ decided to play politics while the population suffered.

    When Ami hit – Australia got a plane down here to do a survey, NZ had a helicopter dropping supplies. And even then, the sorry ass Qarase government wasn’t able to do much. The population still bitched about it.

    So that Leung dude and others – get your facts right – it ain’t that this regime is any less competent to deal with the disaster than the previous government.

    New Zealand’s policy has been – let the population suffer enough and the masses would rise up against the regime – it ain’t happening.

    This regime may be ruthless, unelected and all that – but these guys ain’t idiots.

  27. anon Says:

    Another 2 words for the green goon above


  28. F.I.R.M Says:

    This was sent to because Na vosa said it is still waiting moderation aproval,so he thought that Adi kaila will never approve it…so he sent it to me to try it…..

    @ Lata Yagona aka Adi Kaila,
    ‘My lot’, are you referring to your boss and the senior management at the Fijian Hotel?

    So it was not your own idea then huh?
    What about F.I.R.M’s accusation that you and Adi Kaila are one and the same person?

    Why did you usurp this blog site from its founder ‘kutusebeneivore’ and others who worked so hard behind the scenes to create enough awareness that it had reached the 900,000 hit mark and was heading towards the 1m, before you changed the password without permission and use it for your own purpose?

    Kutu in his post made it very clear that you never contributed anything for over 18 months, or if any, ‘insignificant’, yet you have the nerve to ride the wave of success on the back of the sweat and tears of others and continue as if your actions were right.

    Who are you trying to fool by lying you did not usurp this blog site from its rightful owner ‘kutusebeneivore?’

    Why can’t you admit the truth Lata Yagona aka Adi Kaila?
    O iko vata kei Bainimarama, Nailatikau, Ganilau vata kei iratou na Mara, dou tautauvata ena nomudou tamata lasulasu, loma kocokoco vata kei na dau via rogo!

  29. Anon Says:

    This site should now be called judging by all the profane language used.

  30. Nostradamus Says:

    Looks like flaccid FIRM is still trying to derail this blog but is not working and appears pathetic. Suggest the moderator delete stuff that has nothing to do with the subject of the thread or put it in a separate thread where all the blockheads can blow each other.

  31. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Nostradamus – You had a similar comment about me when I tried to point out that the question “Who is our new moderator?” had not been answered.
    While I sympathise that you may find it frustrating when other bloggers go off topic, I do think you could show more tolerance. This is, after all, a blogging community, and not your own little exclusive playpen.
    Whoever is moderating us now has lowered the bar compared to previous moderators.
    The rate of new postings is about once every few days, whereas Kuts, Cassandra et al would have at least 1 new blog entry a day, on average.
    You may not think that it warrants comment. But given that we (the other bloggers) now have far less input into what gets posted, you might think twice before demanding we be silenced.
    Isn’t this what blogging is all about?
    God bless Fiji

  32. Budhau Says:

    Nostra – agree that F.I.R.M. is an idiot – I don’t think he is a threat to this site.

    But look at whats going on in here – for three days, they have posted only this Obama crap in here – I am sure there is stuff happening in Fiji that these folks might want to discuss.

    At least with the other crowd – and maybe there were more of them – they would still come up with some good pieces. With this alleged hijacking of the site, I think there is a lack of team work – that way Kutu was doing a fine job – but then she sold out to Tui Savu.

  33. Budhau Says:

    and BTW – I tried to post a piece which was somewhat longer than my my regular posts – and the stuff did not go thru – something has changed.

  34. Colin Bishop Says:

    I know I am only a part timer but I agree with Budda. The site appears to be getting off the aims. I humbly submit you get your act together. I seem to spend more time on RFN and Fiji Today because they are still activly trying to put pressure for a return of Fiji back to the people. I dont agree with some of their blogs but they are trying.

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    Meanwhile the other site is blocked out. Mmm.. wonder if its been hijacked again!

    Lets blog on dear folks!

  36. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes! I totally agree, FijiGirl. That’s the freedom of cyberspace!

    Sa la’i ‘ana mada..

  37. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    LUVfiji try again

    It’s up and running ; identical to this one. See ya there.

  38. LUVfiji Says:

    @KB – No; Im still getting the same message: “Forbidden”..


  39. LUVfiji Says:

    Well.. Fiji is being represented at the Forum Leaders’ Special Meeting in PNG afterall! The two big wannabes are going in place of the Pig.

    C’mon Australia. Knock-back those visa applications. PNG dont let them in!

  40. Keep The Faith Says:

    Just goes to show how thick Frank is to even think that sending an envoy will appease other leaders. This just adds insult to the injury.

    If I-yarse thinks he can give other leaders the BS legal runaround with “the charter is the way forward” and “our courts have declared us legit” crap he better be REAL prepped for a mother of an ass-whoopin’.

    No matter. Let I-yarse & Isoa Gavidi return with black n blue arses. If they dare to think they can come back and give us the “all’s dandy” lines, there will be a special communique or special press conf coming out to ensure that all and sundry know exactly what went down in there. That in itself will be an indicator that they do not trust what Fiji will relay back. The stooopid stunt that Ross Ligairi dared to pull on the Samoan PM is still fresh in the region’s mind.

    Kick Fiji Out. We have to learn this the hard way. Don’t defer the meeting or have it here cus we’re broke and people are STILL STARVING – which is our immediate priority.

  41. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oh and no surprises here from the FLP who conveniently defends Frank’s decision to stay away:

    Obviously Ma’chaud is puppetteering from Chennai but what has become very clear is that Frank & Ma’chaud’s testicles are still very much tied together. I wonder what Ma’chaud’s constituents in the cane belt are thinking. Perhaps the trade-off is pay-out to the farmers:

    Once again the dead-horse of the sugar industry continues to be flogged at the expense of people still crying out in hunger:

    Read Victor Lal’s take in yesterday’s Sun:

  42. Mark Manning Says:


  43. Mark Manning Says:

    just testing

  44. F.I.R.M Says:

    Me too

  45. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    That’s strange @LUVfiji

    My mouse over the web address I placed up there takes me to the webpage.

    Then all you need to do is then click on the Blog

    on left side of the web page.

    I just posted there 40 minutes ago.

    But because it is re arranged with avatars from here — your 1st posting will of course receive the usual ‘awaiting moderation’ notice. You should sail once Mod. clears you 🙂 see ya.

  46. Mark Manning Says:

    my posting above , was removed yesterday , and replaced this morning with yesterday’s date !
    but some have not gone through at all .

  47. Budhau Says:

    Mark, I think you are just confused with so many messages that you post in here, you were probably looking at the wrong thread yesterday.

    You old bastard – stop posting stuff in here after your third beer.

  48. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Katalina: There continues to be a Fiji only wall up on the SV2 blog.

    What is seen from RSS feeds is this message:
    “Fuck me Tevita Waqavonovono – Hullo All This is Imraaz Iqbal. How are you all today. I just wanted to say hullo and thank you to all of you who have been kind to me and not treated me l…”

    All other bloggers please be on the look-out as well and UP your security. The junta appears to AGAIN be clamping down on all contrary views and the media ruling is just the first step.

    The Fiji IG blog hints at this as well.

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