We shouldn’t be surprised by the quick release from prison and promotion of Voreqe Bainimaramas tavale (brother-in-law-&-illegal activities) Varanisese Senavanua,  while the Nations attention was diverted towards the devastation the floods have created.

Before Fiji could take a breath of relief that the floods are over, we’re king hit by this news. No wonder the military and interim regime was so slow in responding to the catastrophe that has devastated our beautiful Island Nation, they were too busy organising the release of a convicted murderer.

While this news plus the clean up of the ruined properties and homes keeps us busy the interim regime has been busy writing nasty letters to the Chairman of Pacific Islands Forum Toke Talagi, the Premier of Niue:

“Since your appointment to the chairmanship,” he wrote, “you have neither communicated directly with me in any substantive manner on the Fiji situation, nor visited Fiji to determine for yourself the ground realities.

“This has resulted in your inability to speak rationally and independently on the punitive, discriminatory and inhumane travel sanctions imposed on the citizens of Fiji by two forum members — namely Australia and New Zealand.”

He said that the forum “is built on the spirit of genuine Pacific dialogue and engagement, not on ostracisation and isolation.

“Bullying and neo-colonialism do not feature in the Pacific way.”

Wow such big words from the ignorant self appointed, illegal prime minister – he’s actually talking about himself.

We must thank his spin meisters for writing this for Voreqe Bainimarama and telling him to sign it, then sending it without the fool knowing he is revealing his true evil, ignorant self to the whole world.

Well done Parmesh Chand and Aiyaz Khaiyum.

Voreqe is doing his damnedest to avoid going to the Leaders summit in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on 27 January and all these diversionary tactics, murderous tavales release from prison, the letters to Talagi and the pretense that he is needed in Fiji to direct relief efforts (what? the relief funds into your own grubby hands!) are the first of a few more to have an excuse not to attend. What a coward.



  1. Mark Manning Says:

    This is something Rabuka , George , Frank , Chaudhry , Yaiarze and the Miltiary can pull off together :-
    so let them all pull together , and come at once !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    14 to 17 minute segment is the most interesting :-

  3. Mark Manning Says:

  4. dugong Says:

    It is very sad to see the sad state of the country

  5. Ratu Sai Says:

    Quote for the Day:

    To accuse others for one’s own misfortunes is a sign of want of education. To accuse oneself shows that one’s education has begun. To accuse neither oneself nor others shows that one’s education is complete.


  6. Bin Ladin Says:

    This is madness!, absolute madaness!. A murderer to be reinstated to his job as naval commander?. His in jail and receive all of his remuneration as if he was working is just to hard for anyone to stomach. Voreqe and all in the IG, you should be ashamed of yourself!. For you to stoop so low and reinstated Francis Kean just because his your brother in law says a lot about you as a person!. You have no concious what so ever, a thief, and a complete idiot!. What a timing to pull off your low life decision to reinstate your tavale. When most of our fellow citizens are just coming to terms with the lost of loved ones and all they have in the flood, you just given a murderer a well paid job. Ordinary citizens of this land are just sick of you and your crazy decisions. Do everyone a favour and call an election!.Caiti tamamu! biu mada na dakai meda veivacu vinaka mada!. Voreqe drau veivutu i tavalemu…sonalevu!!!.

  7. tagata Whehua Says:

    To all our bolggers here, dont be carried away by this decision for Kean to be reappointed to his Commanders role.Theres a saying folks which I quote”what goes around comes around”They might have an upper hand here but Vores family has suffered al lot when his daughter been kicked out of NZ and not only that the husband a NZ military officer is going around with another youger looking Maori girl in NZ.As I said Vore might be winning in the eyes of man but whats going on now will hurt his inner feelings as his daughters are so close to him rather than the murderer Kean Kean.Someone is on our side folks and it will be like the days when the Isralites were being freed by God in Egypt.God has his own timing and I reckon the writting is on the wall now for Vore to give it up or all their first born will die.Take it easy folks just relax and lets the most powerful do the talk.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    It seems the Daughter is paying for the sins of the Father , yet she lives in the house bought with tax payers money in Fiji !
    Is this the same Daughter ?

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    God uftanoon , I um yuse PrumMinsta , I wunts too tels yuse ayl dat we wilz bez dropping da supplize too uze soons .
    My fellow Americans , hang on , wrong speeches here , um zorry bout dat , my fellow Fidgee peeples , as yuze PrumMinsta , I havez gots da sooports of da Navies and da Soldas , wee wilze beze ritiebi yuz sides wit dis fite for da peeples rites and da flooded vixtims of da lunlies fidgees peeples .
    I havz enlisted the help of my goodz freends in da Navies and deir Commander Mrs Francis ( hey , same name as me ) , Keenze . He is a very real heroes likze me and yuze should all payze attention to dis man , my goods friendz Mrs Francis Keenzes .
    Wee lub him and watz he stands fores and if we all holdz hands togethers , we can eliminates da poverties and da corruptions of all da governments ( except dis one ) .
    Thankz to yuze , my peeples of fidgees Islands .

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    @tagata Whehua. Good thoughts. Without a doubt, the wrath of God will rain on him and his family.

    @MM – Daughter #1 got the house; it was daughter #2 that got the boot from NZ and Caroline McDonald bore the brunt! It was at daughter #4 ‘s wedding where that crime was committed by uncle Francis, who has now been given back his Navy job after serving time.

    They’re lovely girls but the sad fact is they are his daughters.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m glad I’m not related to Frank !

  12. Colin Bishop Says:

    Taken from Fijitoday under the heading ‘Who am I?


    I was in the Fiji Navy when my sister married the Boss.

    She likes her baby brother.

    Supprisingly I was rapidly promoted until I became Commander of the Navy.

    This made us both happy.

    My Boss promoted himself to Dictator and gave himself some new medals.

    This made the Boss and my sister happy.

    I went to my Boss’ daughters wedding.

    A relative of the Groom made me unhappy so I punched him in the face.

    This made me happy so I kicked him in the chest and after walking away I returned to kick him in the head.

    I was so happy I continued until I killed him.

    I was charged with murder but for some unknown reason it was downgraded to manslaughter.

    I was given a token sentance of 18 months.

    My sister was not happy.

    I was let out to serve my sentance at home.

    This made my sister happier.

    I was fully paid for the whole time I was in jail and at home.

    This made me happy.

    I have been given my job back as Naval Commander.

    This makes me happy.

    None of this has anything to do with the Boss .

    I think I also have an Uncle called Nepotism

    He is very happy.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s nice to know that at least one person is happy in fiji !

  14. Keep The Faith Says:

    Mrs Frank has also recently put cash down on another property at Kanave St. Unfortunately for the nouveau riche, class and common decency will always evade them. Thus the day after the cash-money changed hands the part-time furniture removalists I mean, soldiers, popped around early the next am to give them a helping hand out.

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    No wonder they couldn’t help with the flood disaster !

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    From the IG-Fiji site (Mark you would be interested in knowing that you are posting for personal gain. This is standard Indo think):

    Sunday, January 11, 2009
    Recent observations have shown there are a select group of individuals on RFN and SV who post their opinions about every article posted. At present, the following individuals are noted:

    Mark Manning
    Peace Pipe
    The above persons frequently comment on every blog posted soon after a new article is published. This means that these individuals are either members of the SV who simply comment to pump up the commentaries or they are individuals who spend every waking moment on the SV site and refreshing their pages every second.

    Mark Manning
    A very unscrupulous individual who sides with Fijians in order for his personal gain and is considered by this government to be a spy in our midst. While the government is well aware of who Mr. Manning is, we are also aware of his medical records and his past conditions. Manning is a despot who chooses to hide himself in racist blogs and discredit the hard work being done by the current govt. simply because of losses he has suffered after the previously corrupt regime was removed from power. We are also aware that Mr. Manning was bribing ministers who then returned favors which benefited Mr. Manning tenfold. Mr. Manning is an individual who prefers to use corrupt practices to get what he wants.

    Budhau is an enigma to the us. We are not sure whether he chooses to show his patriotism by supporting the hard work of the govt. of the day or whether he is merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Observing the comments of Budhau over time has revealed that this is also an individual who chooses to side with the side which makes more noise and as of late, it seems he is digressing more and more towards the anti-govt. side. Budhau is actually one of the few Indians allowed to post on the SV site and he is kept merely to add “flavor” to the blogs posted and is ridiculed for his comments. While the govt. is appreciative of Budhau’s show of support, albeit a minute one, the concern is that Budhau may eventually stop defending the govt. and join the ranks of traitors who currently hide under the guise of terrorist websites such as RFN and SV.

    Peace Pipe
    The above individual is an extremely racist person who spends a large amount of time criticising other bloggers or throwing gobs of venom at the current govt. Pipe is a known liar and will often make comments which he hopes will incite the bloggers to an all out civil war with the military. Peace Pipes comments are generally bordering on actual acts of terrorism and he has shown support for the use of firearms such as grenades and guns to bring down the govt. of the day. This individual is part of the larger SV group and there is information to show that Pipe also frequents the RFN site where he is a regular contributor of articles which have no substance.

    Sidenote: RFN’s claims about having insider knowledge of the govt’s. workings are mere lies which have been proven time and time again. It should be noted that when the PM chooses to discuss matters with other persons, only those individuals will be present in the room with him. Therefore, this blog is puzzled as to how RFN is able to publish what it publishes without any hard evidence – a case for defamation perhaps in the future?

    Hate breeds racism – this is the philosophy of N. Every comment made by him is laced with hatred for the Indians in Fiji and he has publicly admitted his hate by constantly throwing racist shards at comments made by Budhau. N is a strong supporter of violence and urges the remaining SV bloggers to show their support for his ideas. The govt. of the day does not condone any acts of violence against its members and will defend itself should the situation ever warrant it. It is also hoped that N will one day face the leaders of this nation and explain his racist reasons and why he chooses to use violence to solve his problems. N is also reknown for his low intelligence and usually contributes to any discussion by using profanity to destroy his credibility and undermine his own intelligence.

    Based on the above information, one can see that these individuals need to be watched and their actions documented for future reference and actions.

  17. Nostradamus Says:

    By the way, here is the link:


    It is good for laughs only. If it is not Eye-Arse (Matanicici) writing it, then it is someone else with similar blinders and dumb down brain.

  18. Philipstone Says:

    Frank is doing it to his tavale coz his Tavale is screwing him also!!!! and gviving him lolliepop!!! hi1 hi!

  19. tagata Whehua Says:

    Those IG-FIJI web administors fools do not realise that living in a democracy country our rights are protected under the law as freedom of speech as well.Just to remind those idiot for me as an individual am allowed to raise my protest to any higher authority and its amazing how my concern were taken into action.So any military relatives connection or any coup supporters name taken up are taken seriously and even some of those people been kicked out from these countries are part of individual complain brought through to those authorities by individuals.I doubt that those people kicked out didnt even realise that a few of us who do not support the IG are part of them been kicked out from these Countries.Any rugby players and members of the security forces back in Fiji involved in any murder case identities are already with our overseas high authorities and are brought up to their attention by us individuals. I reckon that these protests have a major consequences on the player involve to enter the country(NZ,AUST etc,etc) and that is part of our protest about this IG.But still some of those families connected to those IG bastards are still entering the these countries through giving false declaration.I cannot exactly figure out for these greedy bastards relative to come and enjoy the freedom here and let our families back home deprieve from these freedom.

  20. vuki Says:

    The IG can write as many letter as they want, one thing is certain no one in the Forum will ever believe what they say.
    If your own family doesn,t believe what you say, how can you expect others-international communities – to believe you?
    Voreqe probably doesn’t care because of the complication that that happen to him if an election was conducted without a way out?
    He knows that he has screwed-up big time, any new civilian Government back in power, will definately make sure to remove power from the military and possibly put him on trial for treason?
    He’ll probably hang on to the IG as long as possible unless there is a direct challenge to his rule from within the military or from a more powerful military power?
    Like all bullies he’ll only last as long as his budies -military-stand by him and the minute they stop propping him up, he’ll probably shoved his finger up his azz and blow his brain out?
    Its unfortunate the bastard was given a Fijian name when he was born now its going to be hard for the next Fijian administration, to convince our south pacific family that Voreqe was infact a bastard, acted like a bastard and a bastard he will be throughout his lifetime?

  21. Adi Kaila Says:

    Nepotism of the highest order has just taken place in front of the whole world.

    It’s as obvious as the devastation left by the floods and we’re all left wondering about the debris that has caused this, Varanisese Senavanua – convicted for MURDER then sentenced for the shortest time ever for the most heinous crime of taking another persons life on full pay no less.

    So much for the Yellow Ribbon campaign – seems like it was initiated ONLY because Vara was in gaol. Are we now going to witness the demise of this really good initiative to rehabilitate prisoners?

    Different strokes for different folks. You Bet it happens under the interim regime where everything illegal is suddenly legal if it applies to THEM.

    Qitawa commander making it happen for qitawa tavale.

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    Who are you to Judge me ?
    You are unable to accept everything I’ve already told you about my identity and therefore , must make up your own delinquent mind !
    Amazing , and this is probably why Fiji is in such a mess in the 1st. place , but your thinking is so child like that you are unable to accept and digest the truth , even when it has been explained and shared with you so often .
    Oh well , to your own peril I suppose .
    I’m not going to continue to tell the ignorant , my identity , but those who know me personally and have met me are often surprised , not because I am any particular type of person or from any particular part of Fiji , but because of what I am not !
    Sadly , this site was started to allow intelligent like minded people , a way to voice their opinions , either for or against the I.G.
    And it was doing well until recently .
    Nostradamus , you are so ignorant that you don’t even realise that you have just exposed yourself rather than me , you poor , one eyed , demented fool .
    Your destiny is sealed and you know it !

  23. Peace Pipe Says:

    Nostradamus, it just shows how skewed the mind of these goons are to make such conclusions on individuals they know very little about. But I am definitely anti ig as it came into being via a coup and use of force and for a very wrong reason. I definitely would like the interest of the indigenous people protected as well.

  24. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    MM; wooo boy.

    Slow down and read the post by Nostrodamus and you will find that he was not having a go at you BUT was reporting what the green goons are saying about you.

  25. Nostradamus Says:

    Apparently you did not read my posting. I was merely copying something from IG Fiji. Aren’t you happy to know that you made the list of those they are afraid of?
    I enjoy your postings and other than that I don’t judge you.

  26. Flood Survivor Says:

    This site has been infiltrated to the core! Names are published on numerous chat sites.

  27. Adi Kaila Says:


    I am very sorry you took on the full brunt of persons who had deleted comments and made completely false accusations.

    Vinaka Vakalevu for your support, I apologise for the delay in posting this as I’m still not sure if I’ll be deleted again.

  28. Javala Says:

    Will the illegal regime release George Speight from prison, who did not kill anyone, has made amends and showed remorse.

    Where is the justice.

    Anyone who stomps another to death does not deserve a life.

    I don’t think the Whippy family have forgiven the murderer Varanisese, who in their right mind would.

  29. Peace Pipe Says:

    Nostradamus, youre right there and I am glad I have made it in their fear list. It shows my efforts are recognised and paying dividends. Tap tap on my shoulder.

  30. Mark Manning Says:

    okay Nostradamus , on re-reading your post , it’s still confusing , especially the 1st. sentence , but I’ll accept that the larger paragraph is taken from another site and if that’s the case , then yes , it’s great to know that someone as insignificant as me can be a threat to the small mined people behind Frank and Co. and my post was directed at them in particular .
    I was surprised Professor to think that you were attacking me , yet it seems that you weren’t after all .

  31. Mark Manning Says:

    If the above is how the I.G.’s Intelligence Unit is doing their job , then perhaps we can be grateful that it’s like the blind leading the blind !

  32. F.I.R.M Says:

    Nostardamus when did you come back to life.

  33. Budhau Says:

    F.I.R.M. Get your arse out of here ASAP – go focus on some fundraising – this is a good time to get people to donate.

  34. F.I.R.M Says:

    Budhau it is noted have you donated.?

  35. Budhau Says:

    No, I don’t donate – you want my bank account number in Sydney – I am into fundraising. May be I can sell some T-Shirts also.

  36. F.I.R.M Says:

    http://www.solivakasama.org is conducting a fund raising for the Food in Fiji so far the Solivakasama worldwide movement has passed the Fijitimes contrubtion…Budhau put your mouth where your arse is over 35% of members a Indo- Fiji peopel. and one of them is our Deputy President What say Budhau !!! hahaha to you

  37. F.I.R.M Says:

    No I want the number in NQ

  38. Budhau Says:

    Worldwide Movement – my arse!!.

    What has race gotta to with anything – first figure that one out.
    So how much this Deputy President donate to your fund – to finance your .org site.

    See the idiot that that you are – you deputy president being an Indian – not relevant.

  39. F.I.R.M Says:

    No what is your account no in NQ?
    Am I an idiot do I hit a nail Bud?

  40. F.I.R.M Says:

    Its smart strategy at work Budhau.

  41. Budhau Says:

    So you are not an idiot – you owned this domain name and some one else ran away with the password.

    Is that being an idiot or a dumbarse – smart strategy – I think, the guy who hijacked this site – now that was smart.

    As far as ripping of people, asking for donations to run your websites, or selling high priced mechanize to capitalize on misery of our people – now that sure is smart strategy – right?

    You are real idiots – if you just go check out the times when I post in here – it will take you two minutes to figure out what time zone do I live in..my account in NQ.

    You deputy president is an Indian – and what are you – the house boy.

  42. F.I.R.M Says:

    I definately hit a nail on the head the great Budhau is pissed off.
    Bud we never rip anyone of people who love Fiji wants dont just want to talk they want to be part of something,for the last 2 years nothing has been done… only talk and more talk we need to organize thats why a Worldwide movement is born to completely rid Fiji of the Coup culture , Bud talking wont help I am looking forward to receiving your application to be a member.

  43. Budhau Says:

    Why should I be pissed off dude – you think I give a crap about your website, blogsite,, your causwe your country or anything else for that matter.

    I just like to jerk your leash.

    If nothing has been done for the last 2 years – is it my fault – why don’t you get your arse over there and do something – rather then bitching about it in here.

    So why exactly are you here now – when talking won’t help – you see, why I am here, I am here to kick your arse – to hell with the cause.

    I just don’t like thieves like you – who take advantage of the misery of others and collect money.

  44. Lata Yaqona Says:

    Firm you and your website had better prove yourselves.

    My lot have done our good deed for the flood victims – have fed the villagers around the Fijian hotel.

    We will wait for your donation to be given and a receipt posted on your website/blogsite!

    What say Budhau, Adi Kaila and Senijiale?

  45. F.I.R.M Says:

    I will give my deputy preident your regards and the feds communicate with us everyday about people who support Bainimarama, the movement is very strong we are looking out for people who support the IG from here and over there.
    I certainly stir up the great Budda

  46. F.I.R.M Says:

    Lata yaqona and adi kaila are one dont be fooled by Budhau Adi.

  47. F.I.R.M Says:

    Lata yaqona everything will be done as the board directed it is not mine,I will approve your aplication now if you apply with your full name.

  48. Budhau Says:

    F.I.R.M. – you idiot – what makes a movement great is not you going around telling how great your “movement” is – it is when others recognizes that a group,, or a organization is doing a great job.

    Cut out that self praise crap.

    BTW – yeah it was me who hijacked this site – you want the password.

    Apply now to the dot.org site – hey dude if your site is so great, what you doing here.

  49. F.I.R.M Says:

    I am learning from the great Bud,thanks for the tip Budhau.Look out for the Fijitimes on this week thursday.

  50. Budhau Says:

    Why look out for the Fijitimes – are we going to see your picture handing over that cheque.

    Listen you idiot – if you really want to help, it does not matter whether the the local media is there.

    You seem to be more interested in the media coverage – the worldwide movement is there – wow.

  51. F.I.R.M Says:

    Wrong Bud no check or Picture something else,Btw I always look up to you Bud,I have learn a lot from you over the years Bud

  52. F.I.R.M Says:

    Bud what do you think of FK getting his old job back again?Why are you supporting Bainimarama?

  53. Budhau Says:

    So whats with this kissing up – you want my advice – its time for you to move on – stop fishing on this site for members.

    …you wanna know something else – Tui Savu is not God.

  54. tagata Whehua Says:

    Im a bit new to this wonderful web site where we can share our thoughts and ideas on how to contrbute to help bring back democracy to our beloved Fiji.!Whats going on in here folks?,who are these people F.I.R.M.,Budhau and Kaila.They seems to out do each other here and its so sad to tear each other apart as we should be patting each other on the back.Just to be reminded that the IG-FIJI web administrators are also raeding our post here and we will be a laughing stock if we keep on doing this.The best way to couter any personal attack is to ignore the post and try to focus on the cause of our web site to get Fiji back to a democratic leadership.I have to admit the the coup culture is well and thrieve in Fiji where the race card are being the subject of some bloggers here.If the flood,hurricanes and COUP are for certain race only than we can all play the race card but all these disaaters have no multiple choice or what ever and we are all suferring wether you Indian ,Fijian Chinese or you come from the moon living in Fiji we all suffering.So lets remain focus on bringing the Country back to democracy and kick the IG bastards out .

  55. Javala Says:

    F.I.R.M is a loser, the type that hits women and kicks dogs. He is either a paedophile or has an extremely small penis.

    Don’t be sending any donations to a any website, would you send donations to the scammers/spammers that fill your in box.

  56. Navosavakadua Says:

    It all makes sense now!

    Yellow Ribbon Day last year was celebrated like it was Fiji Day, the
    Prophets Birthday, Christmas and Diwali all rolled into one grand event. Suva was awash with yellow shirts and propaganda.

    Some people thought it was over the top. Some victims of crime were annoyed that forgiveness was flowing so freely, especially when they felt they hadn’t even been asked.

    But at last we know what it was all about. It was all just to prepare
    the way for Frank to bring his brother-in-law back into government.

  57. Na Vosa Says:

    @ Lata Yagona aka Adi Kaila,

    ‘My lot’, are you referring to your boss and the senior management at the Fijian Hotel?

    So it was not your own idea then huh?

    What about F.I.R.M’s accusation that you and Adi Kaila are one and the same person?

    Why did you usurp this blog site from its founder ‘kutusebeneivore’ and others who worked so hard behind the scenes to create enough awareness that it had reached the 900,000 hit mark and was heading towards the 1m, before you changed the password without permission and use it for your own purpose?

    Kutu in his post made it very clear that you never contributed anything for over 18 months, or if any, ‘insignificant’, yet you have the nerve to ride the wave of success on the back of the sweat and tears of others and continue as if your actions was right.

    Who are you trying to fool by lying you did not usurp this blog site from its rightful owner ‘kutusebeneivore?’

    Why can’t you admit the truth Lata Yagona aka Adi Kaila?

    O iko vata kei Bainimarama, Nailatikau, Ganilau vata kei iratou na Mara, dou tautauvata ena nomudou tamata lasulasu, loma kocokoco vata kei na dau via rogo!

  58. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve met F.I.R.M. personally and he’s nothing of the kind !

  59. F.I.R.M Says:

    This was sent to sv.org because Na vosa said it is still waiting moderation aproval,so he thought that Adi kaila will never approve it…so he sent it to me to try it…..

    @ Lata Yagona aka Adi Kaila,
    ‘My lot’, are you referring to your boss and the senior management at the Fijian Hotel?

    So it was not your own idea then huh?
    What about F.I.R.M’s accusation that you and Adi Kaila are one and the same person?

    Why did you usurp this blog site from its founder ‘kutusebeneivore’ and others who worked so hard behind the scenes to create enough awareness that it had reached the 900,000 hit mark and was heading towards the 1m, before you changed the password without permission and use it for your own purpose?

    Kutu in his post made it very clear that you never contributed anything for over 18 months, or if any, ‘insignificant’, yet you have the nerve to ride the wave of success on the back of the sweat and tears of others and continue as if your actions were right.

    Who are you trying to fool by lying you did not usurp this blog site from its rightful owner ‘kutusebeneivore?’

    Why can’t you admit the truth Lata Yagona aka Adi Kaila?
    O iko vata kei Bainimarama, Nailatikau, Ganilau vata kei iratou na Mara, dou tautauvata ena nomudou tamata lasulasu, loma kocokoco vata kei na dau via rogo!

  60. F.I.R.M Says:

    The real SV is on http://www.solivakasama.org

  61. Tim Says:

    Now now fellas! This is really going to upset the IG blogsite profiling. If you’re not careful we won’t be able to tell who is the real neo-colonialist and who is the pretender, or who is the real racist despot and who is the pretender. Actually there’s no danger of that – as the French say: “J’accuse”. We all know who are the real pretenders. THey’re the ones that couldn’t make it on their own credentials or effort.
    But as for the post proper – I wouldn’t worry too much. Everyone outside Fiji is laughing at Frank and his wannabes, it’s just that they haven’t figured it out yet. The rest of the world knows Frank is a coward, Shaista isn’t a Human Rights Commissioner’s asshole, and Bubba uses the same old trite, hackneyed verse and rehearsed lines in every argument he makes – quite apart from knowing how personally dishonest they all are.
    They’re all just simply prolonging the agony with an outcome that is inevitable.

  62. hopefiji Says:

    @ Tim so true!!. Who gives a shit about the identity of people on this site….I’ve been out of this blog for a while and noticed sadly that the substance and quality of debate has dropped. The same ole same old crap from people like Bubba, using his confusing and deliberate racist views to divert.

    Anway….what is this solivakasam movement…I just checked it out..no offense, but why would people what to give money to a group of “ano people” who dont seem do nothing except some pathetic type of cyber campaigning that’s out dated, not inspiring, and poorly orgainsed. They would be better of asking people to support groups and organisations who are publicly working to campaign for the restoration of parliamentary democracy etc….this to me makes better sense. For a start..supporting the recently established Democracy Movement would be useful

  63. vuki Says:

    I think that the time to turn up the switch another notch maybe the only action Voreqe and his illegal military dictatorship will understand?
    So, i think that the time to set up small units of well trained revolutionary comando throughout Fiji, should immediately be established to fight and wrestle power from Voreqe and his illegal goons?
    We need to fight this illegal military dictatorship by force, since that is the only thing they understand if fight and death is what they want and or looking for,then lets do it for freedom.lets do it for democracy.lets do it for our people?
    Ok people, i’m very ready to pickup my gun and knockout the opposition.
    I want my freedom and the right to live in a democratic state and to be constitutionally protected against the like of Voreqe and his illegal military goons.
    So those of you who is willing to scarifice your time and a piece of your life for our peoples freedom,please keep an eye on the above name”VUKI” (Revolution) for i will paste up my email here and other websites for those that want to join a Armed revolutionary movement aimed to forcefully opposed, this bastard Voreqe and his military dictatorship from power?

  64. Javala Says:

    F.I.R.M you and your maga qase banana face relative can only blame your dokadoka selves for Adi locking you all out of this site.

    Kuts and the rest of the moderators did not support her when the two of you attacked her and deleted her comments.

    We who log onto this site read all the comments before they were deleted and know what was going on – FYI she did not accuse that luveni concubine kaisi of anything.

    Levula nomudrau viavia rogo – drau sa mai rogo vinaka sara tamata lasulasu, drau vei vutu vaka kaukaua. Mata vaka cici ni maqe qase o iko.

    Kila na cava sona levu, REFRESHING vei keda na original posts eke, ravisi nomudou site ni copy paste tu la mai na Fiji Times dou cakava tiko.

    Se ia tu la na comment va’sivia nomudou MULTIPLE PERSONALITY. kAISI

  65. soro Says:

    woilei gve it up kua sara na veivala in a forum that has such openess – or used to have – our fight (against Bainimarama’s regime) is much bigger than petty ego’s or personalities ….. get with the programme au kerekere ……

  66. senijiale Says:

    There you are! Bula vinaka Adi Kaila, no don’t be sorry, that was no big deal, just water off a duck’s back… I’m just sorry that Kutu lost his blog but I’m sure your intrigued moderator will someday soon hand it back to him.

    Hey, welcome aboard Lata Yaqona! Great job you guys did! I guess we all did our bit to help out whereever we would. I proudly built from scratch my very first hydroponic garden for a favorite aunt who lives in Nadi and who had lost her flower and vegetable garden. Let’s just hope that devious juvenile – F.I.R.M doesn’t latch on to idea and starts cultivating hydroponic marijuana for his fund-raising drive, lol!

  67. Budhau Says:

    Yes, senijiale – the moderator will had back the site to kutu someday soon, just like Bainimarama will hand back power to the people some day soon.

    No – you guys hand back the site to kutu NOW – and if you think you are doing such a great job, I am sure you will get you million hits in about three month.

    You just don’t get in there and grab something – ain’t that what the goons did, what makes you any different.

  68. senijiale Says:

    Totally agree with you there Bud but what do you mean ‘YOU GUYS’? U so funny, lol!

  69. Budhau Says:

    You see senijiale, this whole world is about us and them, here the “You guys” are the goons who pulled the coup in here and I was calling on “them guys” to hand this site back to Kutu.

    And if Kutu is smart, and he/she sure looked like a sharp person by the way he/she ended up making this one of the more successful blogsites, I am sure that the necessary changes that people had been complaining about would be made and if it ain’t done then those who are pissed off can leave and start another site.

    Kutu trusted these people whom he gave the password and to stab him in the back in this manner is such a breach of faith. I thought only Chodo did that kinda stuff (and sometimes those bad Dalits).

    Here, it does not matter which side of the debate you are on, it is just not right to do what “they” did to Kutu.

    If F.I.R.M. or even Kutu comes in here and start bitching about what was done, many in here will just tell them to phuck off. However I think those others in here who had little to do with the administrators should step in and ask “these people” who are in control on this site now to do the right thing.

    at the end of the day – I don’t give a shit if this site or that .org site just die – I just feel that Kutu, after he put his trust in his “own people” stabbed him in the back.

    So you see when I talk about “us and them”, you (senijiale), Kutu and I – we could all be “us”. Those Indians and Fijians back in Fiji, they should also start thinking about themselves as “us” – because they are all in this shit together.

  70. senijiale Says:

    Hi Bud, yeah I’m sure everyone agrees with you that Kutu should get his blog back but u can’t assume the goons hve taken over unless u think this is their idea of some weird reverse psychology to continue discussions on SV just so that they can access bloggers IP addy’s? and then what? Frame them on the wall?

    I like it here and will continue to blog whenever time permits. As I told F.I.R.M earlier, tis what ‘solivakasama’ was meant for (sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions) certainly not ‘soli i lavo’ (site to solicit funds), after which he just kept deleting almost everything else i posted. And irony of it is that his name meant everything that the goons (predominantly indigenous Fijians) were up to e v e r y single step of the way since Dec06. Anyway.

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