We can all understand the reluctance of other countries, especially Australia and New Zealand to respond with much needed funds & logistics  to assist Fiji in the flooding that has devastated much of our Islands.

These countries have every right to be reluctant as they know that the insignificant Voreqe Bainimarama who has the attention span of a kutu will pocket every last cent donated –  a la Mugabe.

Australia and New Zealand, regardless of the embarrassing treatment of their citizens who have worked in Fiji and the uneccessary criticism of the two countries by the interim regime are concerned for the welfare of the People of Fiji and are assisting in the hope that it is distributed and allocated to the right areas.


$1 million of Australian aid for flooded Fiji


Rowan Callick and Michael McKenna | January 16, 2009

Article from:  The Australian

AUSTRALIA is expected to boost by about $1 million its aid to flood-hit Fiji, where a NSW man died of a heart attack this week amid the chaos of the evacuation of tourists from the Pacific nation.

Officials between the two countries were last night discussing how to direct the boosted aid, likely to be disbursed through non-government channels.

The new aid follows calls yesterday by Australia Fiji Business Council president Brian Anderson that Canberra and Suva set aside political differences to deliver “meaningful assistance to the people of Fiji”, after the catastrophic flooding.

The Fiji Government, facing the country’s worst floods in 50 years that have killed 11 and destroyed much infrastructure and many businesses, had declined to ask Australia and New Zealand publicly for further help.

Nor has it offered any criticism of the modest contribution of a total of $250,000 from Canberra and Wellington, which are bitterly estranged from the Suva Government led by military chief Frank Bainimarama. Most of the funds were provided to the Red Cross.

The tiny nation of Tonga yesterday announced it was giving $100,000.

Mr Anderson, the trade development manager of regional logistics company Mainfreight Owens, said: “In previous disasters in Fiji, the Australian government has offered the Fiji government considerable in-kind support to supplement Fiji’s limited capacity.

“The council recognises that, at first glance, both governments might consider such assistance to be out of the question in the light of the current dysfunctional political relationship, but the relationship between the peoples of our two countries is much longer and deeper than the life of the two governments.

“It will be a long road back, both for the national economy and for individual people at all levels of society.”

Parmesh Chand, the head of Fiji’s Prime Minister’s Department, said yesterday the Government had started to give regular briefings on the disaster “for the international community, for them to assess what help we need”.

He said that Fiji’s neighbours had “come to the party”.

“I am sure that over time, more help will be coming,” Mr Chand said.

He said the funds provided through the Fiji Red Cross were “very much appreciated”.

Meanwhile, the NSW man, so far unnamed, has been confirmed as the first Australian casualty of the floods. He is a Fiji-born man, 51, who died of a heart attack on Tuesday at Nadi airport when an ambulance was unable to reach him as roads that were not submerged were jammed with traffic.

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman said the man’s family had been contacted, but he could not give any further details.

Mr Chand said Mr Bainimarama had indicated he was likely to join Kevin Rudd and other leaders at the Pacific Islands Forum in Port Moresby on January 27.

But the Fijian leader, who displaced the former government in a coup two years ago, will have to travel to the summit by island-hopping, since the most straightforward route, via Brisbane, is denied him because he is banned entry to Australia.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith reiterated on Wednesday that Fiji faced suspension at the forum because of Mr Bainimarama’s “failure to meet the faithful and unconditional undertaking” he made to forum leaders that he would hold a national election before April 1 this year. Mr Bainimarama’s attendance would make suspension less likely.



21 Responses to “THE IG IS SO SHAMEFUL”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank should have built a new 7 ******** prison while he had the chance , now he’ll have to share with George !

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Govt of Australia pls save the people FIRST and divert this “milly” towards urgent disaster rehab via NGOs who can then be in a position to charter choppers/boats to the deeply isolated areas.

    This is the core business of Red Cross and others and they can certainly do with a bit of monetary clout by calling the shots better than DISMAC.

    Let Frank et al earn our taxes by figuring out how to rebuild the infrastructure and the economy. For starters he should remove all taxes on imported individual/group relief assistance.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    We’re getting a UK Hi Commish.


  4. Mark Manning Says:

    I really would like to see how the I.G. and the den of thieves account for all the relief funds flowing into Fiji !
    Will Chaudhry return quickly so he can syphon some away into his accounts in Sydney ?

  5. kaiveicoco Says:

    very level headed comments by Brian Anderson of the FIJI Australia Business council.The relationship between the epople of Fiji and Australia are far more entrenched,deeper and longer than the length of these two governments doing tit for tat full stop.

  6. tagata Whehua Says:

    The military are overspending their budget thaks to Tonga,China and Korea for your kindness in donating to the IG.Majority of that money will be diverted to the Military where those high military officers will abuse the money without any audit.The more you give the more you win

  7. Talei Says:

    Here you go SV. If this is not nepotism I don’t know what is! And Kean only received 18 months for manslaughter? What a joke! The Simpson’s on the other hand suffer a lifetime for not getting their family member back. Go figure…

    Fiji army gives ex-Navy chief job back
    Fiji’s military has given former Navy chief Commander Francis Kean his old job back.

    Commander Kean returned to his old job after serving a prison term for manslaughter.

    In a statement today, military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni – who is also Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Information Department – said there had been some criticism directed at the Republic of Fiji Military Forces “in its decision to contract Commander Francis Kean back into the Naval Division as Commander Navy”.

    “The decision by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces was based on merit and the ability of Commander Kean to lead the Naval Division.

    “During his period as Commander Navy, the unit had excelled in its performance and standard to a very high level.

    “The Naval Division in time trained and groomed very capable officers, who later assumed key appointments in the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and other institutions. Commander Kean is one such officer, who has wide training and education to lead the Naval Division.”

    Major Leweni said Commander Kean’s appointment was based mainly on merit “being the right person for the right job”, adding that “there was no nepotism involved in this appointment”.

    He said that recently, the Government and the Fiji Prison Services ventured in the Yellow Ribbon Project, allowing offenders who have been remorseful for their acts, an opportunity to be reabsorbed into society.

    “There have been numerous occasions where reintroduction has been introduced, Commander Kean and Peniasi Kunatuba, has been few of the many,” Major Leweni said.

    “The re-employment of persons having served custodial sentence back into the Force has happened in the past, this practice is not new.

    “However, selection and re-employment have been done on a case-by-case basis.

    “The re-employment of Commander Kean must not be politicised. It must be seen in the context that the abundance of talent which Commander Kean possesses can be well utilised to benefit the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and our nation.

    “We must allow him to serve the institution, we need him to do what he knows best; to help the people of this country, in terms of search and rescue, policing of the EEZ and other task assigned.”

    Commander Kean was sentenced to 18 months in jail for the death of John Simpson at a wedding reception at the Royal Suva Yacht Club in December 2006.

    He served a few months in jail before being granted a Compulsory Supervision Order (CSO), allowing him to serve the rest of his term outside prison walls.

    While Commander Kean was serving his term in prison and outside, Commander John Fox was acting as Navy chief.

    Commander Kean is interim Prime Minister and army commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama’s brother-in-law.


  8. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    This is Zimbabwe and Burma all over again.

  9. OjO Says:

    Quote for the Day:

    A good deed is never lost: he who sows courtesy reaps friendship; and he who plants kindness gathers love.


  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Apparently , the Australian Government has donated $3,000,000 and has vowed to donate more as required . But the funds will go through the Non Government Organisations , not the I.G. . For obvious reasons !

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Talk about hypocrisy !
    I thought Frank’s original gripe with the Qarase Government was that the 2000 coup perpetrators were given positions in Government and that Qarase shouldn’t have because of their criminal records !
    And here we have Frank giving a person with a criminal record , a command in the Navy .

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    Another house for Frank !

  13. anon Says:

    MM you made me laugh. !!!!!!!!!

  14. Tim Says:

    Let’s hope anyone donating to the relief fund does so through NGO’s. Those involved in this junta already have a record.
    One thing I find amusing (except for the fact that it’s very sad) is that the RFMF and all their machismo bullshit are actually totally inadequate when it comes to what really matters. Shades of Cyclone Katrina.
    I’m taking bets now: When its all done and dusted, who will thise regime be trying to portray as victims?. It sure as hell won’t be Fijians. It’ll be Voreqe, Bubba love, Shaista, and any other fat assed opportunist that comes along.
    Radio Torana: Like others – let’s keep politics out of all this. Well they would say that wouldn’t they? It’s what people do when they realise thay backed the wrong horse.
    Perhaps Radio Torana might suggest that aid go to NGO’s. Do I hear some policy? No, I think I still hear bullshit! but MATE – YA LOOKED GORGEOUS ON TV.

    The disaster IS bigger than politics. Which is exactly WHY when you donate, you do so to a legitimate cause. IF you can’t see now that the likes of Frank and his cohorts like putting their fingers in the cookie jar – you never will.

  15. Tim Says:

    And before any Radio Torana sympathiser jumps on me, when you try telling me this is above politics, tell that to those in Darfur or Zimbabwe.
    Fact is, Frank and his merry men chose to fuck over the will of Fijians. Now they want credibility. They want to be portrayed as the victims.
    Should have thought about that before Frank!

    Donate to the Red Cross or any other NGO you trust. DO NOT GO NEAR anything that attempts to represent legitimacy in Fiji. There is no legitimacy – a few self-appointed elites trying to cobble up a government on the threat of violence. Fuck em.
    Were I in a position to face the cawardly bastards! – especially that pathetic Shaista and her protoge Bubba.

  16. FijiGirl Says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the email sent by Kumar in Oz asking for donations to the “Prime Minister’s” flood relief appeal” (they don’t have the balls to call it the interim PM’s appeal). A Bubu in UK was full force about not making donations to the IG. Prue Rouse got her 2c in.
    You’re spot on, Tim. Don’t give to the regime. Give to the Red Cross or other NGO’s who know what they’re doing and will account for your money.
    God bless Fiji

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    This report shows just how much Frank lives in denial , he’s potentially a very dangerous man , while he has the guns backing him up , but like George , he will buckle like a deck of cards once he loses the support of the Military and that might explain why he hasn’t recalled the returning peacekeepers .
    He knows too well , that he doesn’t have their support !

    Franks new uniform , should be brown , just in case he has an accident !

  18. vuki Says:

    mm-kaki and green are good accident colors as well and you’re right and he keep changing the goal posts to suit his purposes. For example He removed Chodo from the IG due to demands from the military committee and he also change the numbers of Indians in the IG in favour of Fijians.
    Chodo will never be invited back into the IG as long as the Military committee is there.

  19. Adi Kaila Says:

    With all the shit dished out to Australia and NZ by the insignificant illegal regime it’s amazing that these countries have come to the aid of this Nation.

    Our neighbouring countries have the welfare of the people upmost in providing much needed and most welcome aid, yet have the iir offered any thanks – NO.

    The iir think it’s their God given right to have the $ms donated.

    I don’t think they’ll be smirking for too long when the cash donations handled by the donor countries own local offices are not handed over to the iir.

    Back to the draunimoli ti for the iir and government issue pens and their personal copies of the ignoble charter to fill the empty their pockets.

  20. vuki Says:

    Hey MM could you please make sure that this murderer name is included in the list send to each foreign nations as well as the UN/EU. Lets make it impossible for him to go anywhere else in the world now or ever?

  21. Hector Says:

    I may be wrong but can somebody update me on this.
    Ive just heard containers of stuff sent for the flood victims from overseas
    is being charged a $800 fee to be unloaded in Fiji.
    How realistic can this people be when we donate stuff and organise containers to sent send stuff for people who are suffering back home this cost money.
    Our fuel for running around picking and dropping stuff, the cost of the containers and not counting the endless hours or organising to make this happen for the people back home and this is what you get.
    This is a slap in the face for all the hard work we go through here and is day light robbery for the organisation that will recieve the containers to distridute to the foold victims who are badly in need of the stuff we are sending accross.
    Frank and his cronies should be ashamed of them self.
    Is this how you treat the people you say that you champion by not going to the summit in Papua.

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