As Fiji continues to suffer the indignity of an illegal government and the deploring state of the Nation silently it is heartbreaking to see how resilient the citizens of these Islands are.

With the devastation of the floods, loss of lives, homes, livelihood and infrastructure in the affected areas a complete mess our stoic citizens are doing their best to reconcile themselves with the hardship they are facing and the bad news that more storms are to be expected.

The interim regime will not be able to deliver the quick resolution needed to speed up the recovery of the areas affected. They may rant and rave that they will but we all know – yes we do – that the interim regime is not only incompetent but is full of people who do not know what they are supposed to do.

To put it simply, they will not admit that they are as ignorant as their self elected leader, who’s Minister for everything and Master of none.

They will not admit they are incapable of moving the Nation forward as they claim they are doing.

So where to now interim regime, back to basics?

Why not make peace and allow elections to be moved forward asap or better still dissolve their interim regime and form a new administration to quickstart the road to democracy that we all want.

The following story says it all:

A Fijian footballer is being denied the chance to train with the Western Bulldogs AFL club in Melbourne because of his father’s involvement with the Fijian military.

The Immigration Department says a visa application by 19-year-old Inoke Ratu was rejected because of sanctions against Fiji’s interim government.

Ratu was to be one of the first Fijian players to join the AFL under the International Scholarship List, which was introduced last year.

He says he is heartbroken that he may not get that chance.
“I’m a bit disappointed at the moment – everything that has been my target, my aim this year has been turned down just because of my visa application,” he said.

Simon Dalrymple from the Western Bulldogs says the club will appeal against the decision.
“He was shattered and we basically just told him that we’re not going to give up hope and that we’re working really hard to get him to Australia,” he said.

In effect the interim regime are only destroying the chances of their own to succeed.


5 Responses to “GIVE IT UP VOREQE”

  1. Tim Says:

    Were it not for an illegal junta, this fella might travel, gain permanent residency and vote in Australian elections (I’m assuming Australia is like NZ where permanent residents can vote). Let’s hope he sees the effect not only on his career potential, but on every Fijian.

  2. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    For the information of the illegal, incompetent, insecure and ill little twerp of a pretending ag, Australia is well prepared to help the flood victims of Fiji and to help with rebuilding.

    There are naval vessels and personnel nearby which are ready to respond immediately a request is made.

    These ships carry helicopters and food and other supplies which COULD have been delivered helps to isolated villages many days ago if only bananasinpyjamas had enough sense to realise that he is floundering like a fish out of water.

    This is another test of leadership under pressure and he has failed very, very badly.

    All bananas had to do was to ask; relief for the people would have been available almost immediately.

    But NO; the dictator has to puff out its pigeon chest and pretend that he is having a MAD HATTER tea party to sort it all out.

    Australia is not prepared to give money to a military dictatorship which would use same for purchasing more weapons instead of providing food and shelter for the people.

    The similarities between the green goons in Burma last year and the gangrenous green goons in Fiji today are enormous. Both illegal juntas want to hide their atrocities from the free world.

  3. Save the Sheep Says:

    Hey Simon,

    Who cares about this guy.. There are plenty more and better talented players in Fiji. Dont be used by these clowns to promote their agenda….

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s all well and good to be part of the Military or associated with the Regime while things are going smoothly !
    But it’s no good bleeping when things blow up in your face because you can’t get a visa to New Zealand or Australia consequently .
    If this young man wanted a Visa to enter Australia , then perhaps he should have rejected his relatives stand regarding their supporting the coup .
    It’s tragic that up to 11 people have lost their lives so far , and although this can’t be blamed on the Regime , their unwillingness and or lack of support during this disaster , highlights loud and clear , all the more , the need for a Democratically Elected Government to be returned to power in Fiji . As the saying goes , man is not an Island , and Frank and Co. must be getting the message loud and clear now , just what that means .
    Frank and Co.’s lack of abilities are being highlighted now for all to see !
    They are incapable of running a B.B.Q. let alone a Country , and as I stated yesterday , it won’t be long before they start coming up with excuses and blaming someone else . I see that Hairyarze is already doing that today .

  5. vuki Says:

    Over eight hundred thousand people lives and freedoms have been illegally denied their rights by the illegal militaryregime of which this boys father is helping to stay in power. Sure my heart goes out to him and others before him-NOT! Keep him out Australia and New Zealand please people keep sending the list of names of people who are still helping this illegal junta in power to these foreign Governments? Lets continue to keep them away from these democratic nations.

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