Will the Naqali People still accept the NCBBF and the interim regimes charter now that their brand new bridge has been swept away in the floods.

We have no way of knowing if the workmanship was up to standard, it seems it wasn’t and will have to be rebuilt again. That was a waste of resources and was probably fast tracked to gain the trust of the Naqali People.

The sugar industry is finished, but I’m sure SUKA daddy Voreqe Bainimarama will sort it all out after all he is also the minister responsible for Finance and National Planning among other portfolios Public Service, Peoples’ Charter for Change, Information, Provincial Development, Indigenous and Multi-Ethnic Affairs..


Let’s hope the interim regime has enough funds in the coffers to finance the clean up from the disaster because it’s going to cost a pretty penny – or two.

But will it put a stop to the mileage they seem to be competing for, their frequent flyer points, I doubt it. Nor will it stop the ridiculous bonuses they are paying themselves, there’s no recession as far as the ig is concerned.

It’s time to do a real days work and get some good to honest dirt on those shiny boots. Yes real mans work for a change instead of sitting around getting larger and lazier.

42 Responses to “MOKUSIGA TIME IS OVER IG”

  1. Save the Sheep Says:

    Never a truer word spoken.

    The Proof of the Pudding is in the eating. The I.G. has made many cheap points along the way but as in sport, it is the results on the filed that count. You can bluff, connive, bend the rules as much as you like but at the end of the day the people will remember the scoreboard.

    It is just a great pity that more people do not see just how pathetic this bunch really are…..

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Apparently Frank is scared to call in the Soldiers who have recently returned from peacekeeping , because he doesn’t know , if once armed , they might turn on him . Plus , the silly bugger can’t afford to recall reservists because there’s no money left in the kitty !
    I’m looking forward to seeing the news when Frank and Co’ are all lined up outside the Court like George was 8 years ago !
    Fiji was on the Sydney news again tonight as our foreign minister announced $150,000 donation to the Fiji Red Cross , but it’s not going to Frank and Co.

  3. EnufDictatorship Says:

    And, the cheek of this Sue Cauty to degrade NZ’s offer of $100, 000 (in FT today).

    What a stupid, irresponsible, comment to make. I guess she’ll be the one that will give $100,000 of her own money to the sufferers of this disaster…blerry fool!
    Measly relief

    SO New Zealand has donated Fiji a measly $100,000 for flood relief?

    We should send back $100,001 with the message “thank you but your need is greater than ours”.

    Pacific Harbour

  4. OjO Says:

    I do believe its better left to Barry McGuire to sum up the very sad situation we’re in.

    Yeah, my blood’s so mad feels like coagulatin’

    I’m sitting here just contemplatin’

    I can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation.

    Handful of senators don’t pass legislation

    And marches alone can’t bring integration

    When human respect is disintegratin’

    This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’

    And you tell me

    Over and over and over again, my friend

    Ah, you don’t believe

    We’re on the eve of destruction?

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    It’s OK for Sue bluddy Cauty sitting in her safe, sterile villa up in Pac Harbour, isn’t it.

    If the needed $100K is returned, she should follow it on the next plane out.

  6. coup-buster Says:


  7. tagata Whehua Says:

    Most of Vores style of leadership are base on rewads.People in Fiji nowdays are easily con into this type of management because of the lack of money or social in security.This type of rewarding management style will one day come back to haunt Vore especially when theres no money or rewards left to lure those sick minded people in Fiji.We have to look at those military top brass holding high Civil Servants post in the Country to show us the rewarding managemant system favoured by this dictator.These management style will increase corruption as most of the ppeople who are not suppose to be up there are just carrying out there duties for sake of getting a reward rather than doing it from their heartf.As the newly bridge been swept away the bad stigma of the IG will will be sweep in as quickly as their bridge.Now the people of Naqali will realise that the that newly bridge alone is not an answer to a good goverment they are loolking for its more than that and only time will tell.Its a lesom to be learnt from but for the people of Naqali anall the coup supporters its a leson lerned in a hard way.

  8. kaiveicoco Says:

    Have you seen that the interim PM has never come out into the open and speak to the public through a press conference to at least give an assurance to those who are suffering or at least make a tour to those places.In years gone by the Prime Ministers normally get out of their shell and make a tour of the affected places to get a personal insepection.

  9. Lata Yaqona Says:

    Adi Kaila

    Hi Lata Yaqona!

    Can Lata Yaqona stop her cheap PR spin from Fijian Resort!
    January 13, 2009
    By Semi

    We will not be surprised if that cheap PR spin by that communications lady from the Fijian Resort was recommended by its owners’ rep and coup apologist, Radike Qereqeretabua. Or perhaps, Lata Yagona, just don’t seem to understand that she and her Fijian Resort people are not the only ones feeding the starving flooded-out villagers.

    In case Lata’s forgotten, it is the Fijian Resort’s social obligation to attend to those around them as many of them are their own employees and landowners business partners. Try another story angle Lata! Preying on flood victims’ helplessness only bring disrepute to your otherwise nice resort!

    Posted by rawfijinews
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  10. F.I.R.M Says:

    You are not talking to SV when you blog in here they have moved to look for the blog page,this site has been hijacked by Budhau and Adi K and the green goons.

  11. Colin Bishop Says:

    This I don’t understand as I thought the IG would have been instantly asking for aid.

    “The UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has noted the interim Government has not requested international assistance at this time.”

    As MM would say WTF!!!

  12. Nostradamus Says:

    Their pride is more important than the welfare or lives of the People. Besides, the People need to be punished for now supporting the regime.

  13. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Does anyone remember all the talk of transparency and governance when Frank marched his troops in to seize power in December 2006? We all know that this was just propaganda that fooled no-one, but we
    have to be grateful for confirmation by paid goons of the administration that transparency is the last thing the regime practises.

    This gem appeared in the new igfiji blog site:

    “RFN’s claims about having insider knowledge of the govt’s. workings
    are mere lies which have been proven time and time again. It should
    be noted that when the PM chooses to discuss matters with other
    persons, only those individuals will be present in the room with him.
    Therefore, this blog is puzzled as to how RFN is able to publish what
    it publishes without any hard evidence – a case for defamation
    perhaps in the future?”

    Thank you igfiji for revealing the inner workings of the evil regime
    even more effectively than RFN. So the dictator has key meetings
    with henchmen without anybody else in the room. This was standard
    practice for Hitler. Such meetings were “unter vier Augen” (“under
    four eyes”) a good idea when you discussing things like genocide.
    Frank hasn’t moved to genocide yet, but corruption and the
    suppression of democracy are the standard items on his agenda.

    Thank you igfiji for confirming that we are ruled by a dictator with all
    the governmental practices of a dictator. I suppose Cabinet is only a
    decoration. (For the folks at igfiji, that was a rhetorical throwaway.
    You could suffer serious brain injury attempting to reply!)

  14. at least Says:

    The very people worst affected in the floods were true supporters of the IG and the BNT. maleka sara memudou sici,.. Labasa town under water (Macuata chief was strong supporter of IG) Ba town under water (BA bridge is gone and many house flooded) Nadi town gone (Nawaka chief was a BNT member) now funny Navua is not that damaged coz Tui Namosi was not a supporter of BNT and IG as well as Ro-Teimumu. REwa is saying ok coz Flooding is a norm to them, see no Casualty.. RA- your Chief is a supporter to IG and BNT…

    My heart goes to the very innocent victims who had passed away coz their chiefs should be the one facing the music. All Vore’s investment has gone down the drain including Naqali bridge…Lewa vinaka Vore..We sud have elections now to avoid future Clean-Up from Above…Sa qai clean-up dina qo koya e waraka tiko o Vore and the IG…Face it and Die or conduct election and survive…

  15. Wailei o Viti Says:

    There is something really irking Sue Blari Cauty. All donations are around that amount. Will she ask to have all of them sent back as measly? Letters to the FT editor today really gave it to her good! All she should do is ask the military to sell their useless weapons ordered in 2006 to help pay for all damage. The weapons were to protect Fiji from an invasion…. yeah we all know what happened to that bull invasion!! If govt cant allocate funds wisely, overseas govts will of course prefer to send assistance through reliable NGOs such as Red Cross and Rotary.

  16. Tim Says:

    Colin: It’s really no surprise – it just shows how totally disinterested they actually are in anything that hasn’t got to do with self-agrandisement and self-preservation. It’s in the nature of all facists.

  17. hdq Says:

    Sue Kota ( Kora ) of Pacific Harbour should appreciate that with such assistance by the NZ Government the Fiji Red Cross officials have been able to visit the devastated sites and villages and AT THE SAME TIME supply them with tents, clothing, food, etc. that they needed.

    Our Illegal PM and Government officials, on the other hand, have not even been to these areas AFTER 4 DAYS OF THE FIRST ROUND OF FLOODING as confirmed by the village interviews shown on the TV news this evening. Those interviewed in Nadi, Ba and Macuata are crying for specific assistance from government !! – and in case the IG doesn’t know these villagers are asking for those same items that are listed contained in the Red Cross assistance packs.

    So Sue Kora I can confidently say that the NZ Govt through the Fiji Red Cross is helping those on the flooded areas on the ground where it counts while our IPM and his officials are still on their arses awaiting reports and information to determine and decide who is to receive assistance or not.

    And as already commented above those interviewed are from the areas whose Chiefs showed support for the IG by attending the recent Bose ni Turaga.

    So to those chiefs in Narewa, Nawaka, Ba and Macuata – You should now have an inkling of how much you and your people are worth to this illegal government !!

  18. Bin Ladin Says:

    Supporters or non supporters of I.G., This is time where we stand together and help one another in this difficult time. All of you who think that the affected areas are true supporters of IG need to take the blinkers from their faces!. You are worse off than the IG you heartless prick!.

  19. Iraqis Says:

    Bin Ladin,,caiti bumu tu mada,qai caiti voreqe

  20. OjO Says:

    Quote for the Day:

    The great blessing of mankind are within us and within our reach; but we shut our eyes, and like people in the dark, we fall foul upon the very thing we search for, without finding it.

    Seneca(7 B.C. – 65 A.A.)

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m waiting with bated breath to hear what sort of spin Frank and Co. put on this disaster relief to try and put themselves back in favour with the population !
    Will it be Frank awarding himself another medal of honour for actions above and beyond the call of duty ?
    Or will it be another distraction from their disgusting effort so far ?
    Perhaps they will plot some scheme that will easily distract the poorly educated villagers .

  22. Budhau Says:

    Yes!…the Gods are punishing those supporters of the Interim Regime – that Sorokoba dude and and the boys from Ba – they getting what they deserve. Just look at Nadi and Labasa.

    Good – now FB would realize what the Gods can do. Remember how those buggers in New Orleans got it during Katrina and the recent floods in the US north west – that is punishment for the US folks supporting gay rights.

    ..and then there is those Bangladeshis – who get it every few years.

    Yeap…why not, lets get some political mileage out of this disaster. Next week we should start jumping on the misuse of relief money.

    As for the victims of this floods – who gives a shit.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    I hate to be cruel at this time of hardship , but when you consider the tsunami affected those fighting on both sides of the Indian ocean and now the floods seem to have affected those people who have supported this coup from the beginning , is this sweet justice ?
    The lord works in mysterious ways indeed !

  24. Keep The Faith Says:,25197,24914427-2702,00.html

  25. Keep The Faith Says:

    and the dogs go back to their vomit

    Note to the EU: Direct any assistance straight to Red Cross or other NGOs.

  26. Budhau Says:

    When are you idiots going to realize that it was never a good idea to send your relief funds through the Prime Ministers Relief Fund – regardless of who was in-charge – the Alliance, SVT, SDL or the current regime.

    You would always be better off sending the money through the Red Cross or other NGO’s.

    …and you only complain about that one building at Sorokoba.

    They have always stolen YOUR money – whether it was hurricane relief money, or Scholarship money, or money at the FDB or NBF earmarked for the indigenous folks, or government contracts set aside for the Fijians as part of affirmative action or money at the Minister of Ag, set aside for the Fijians or whatever.

    You guys don’t get it, do you?

    ..and they say Chodo is a thief.

  27. Keep The Faith Says:

    As you seem to be the only genius around here Budhau, the point we’re making is that no one wants to give money to Frank apart from those local friends/corporations of his who have bitten his 200% rebate carrot and will be making a killing at tax return time.

    Which of course means LESS moula for capital expenditure in 2010.

    A relief/scholarship/assistance fund is the prerogative of any ELECTED Government who has the full support of the VOTING electorate.

  28. Keep The Faith Says:

    The IIG blog, instead of getting their dry asses out there in the mud, wastes time trying to play the blogs off each other

  29. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith – I wasn’t questioning the prerogative of an elected government on how it allocates funds.

    My concern had more to do with your tribal mentality of not being critical of your “leaders” – not to question these allocation by successive Fijian governments when it was obvious that these funds were not distributed equitably.

    And when some Fijians go against this tribal mentality – like the dude from Sorokoba – who did recognize that Ba, the largest province in the country, was not getting its fair share – you buggers start questioning his loyalty to your race.

    So the point here is that next time when you get a chance – vote in a government that will take care of you and your people

  30. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sometimes Budhau it might pay you to read your stuff before you post. Just some friendly advice.

    When you type the words “your tribal mentality” of course its going to get some e-backs up against the wall and get folks all racial and shit. That DOES NOT help the move towards democracy — if it really is your intention.

    And getting provincial does not help either with the Ba vs other provinces crap. Right now Ba has nothing (from all the flood impacts), so it will be reaching out to other provinces for help for even the basics like tavioka as imported rice/potatoes are just out of the question.

    WHEN WE DO VOTE SOON, I am sure all the blogs will be doing their utmost to educate the electorate on why voting on MERIT over race/popularity/charm/myths/whatever is the way forward for Fiji.

  31. coup-buster Says:

    Budhau your attempt to monopolize this stage and or deception in trying to plant the seed of mistrust between the chiefs and the people, aint going to work.
    Hey, what smart farmer would let a FOX guard his Chiken coup? No Budhau, we aint that wet and our ancestors have sailed,traded and carry-on their lives here in the vast pacific Ocean for over 4000years BC.
    Man, we don’t have to study you or your kind, to know what you’re all about?
    We can smell your treachery, many miles away, but we’re steadfast on our resolves, that this current impasse will dispel, as our culture dictates.
    However,we’ve tried to and have given you many opportunity to join the human family without success?
    I guess, when you,re originally a bi-product of untouchable dispora,whose ancestors were born,raised,lived,loved in a hut built from human shit, it must be tough to trust anybody or anyone especially, a chief or Raja?
    Let me tell you, you are no better than your untouchable brother Chodo, as you’re made from the same pod-huts build of human shit. To tell you the truth, its pretty tough living with you, in our house, cause the smell of human waste is pretty hard to dispel?

  32. Budhau Says:

    No i refuse to do a spell check in here – it ain’t worth it.
    Tribal mentality – ain’t racist – that mentality is present all over the world where there is tribalism.

    I totally agree with you that tribalism does not help us move towards democracy – that is the problem in Fiji – well, at least one of the major problem.

    The Ba guy – that wasn’t getting provincial – all Fijians and other should vote what is in their interest. The Interest of the Ba folks was to vote for Bavadra, Chaudary and FLP – an non-racial policy – that the previous governments were not helping the region while diverting that funds to other parts of the country – it was Mara was playing the provincial game. Have you ever looked at the total percentage of the scholarship money that went to the Lauan.

    Ba has been providing the other provinces with your Tavioka etc all these years – with its sugar industry, Gold, Tourism, and the bulk of the lease money for NLTB…. so some of you bugger better show how grateful you are to Ba – and get out there and help.

    As for Fiji becoming a meritocracy – I don’t think that would be happening anytime soon. They will still vote for the Ratus, and when it comes to scholarships, government contracts, loan etc – it will all depend on who has the connections.

    ..and as that tribalism – expect to see more of that also – and this time it will show up more within the intra-Fijian conflict when folks start supporting their own kin.

  33. Keep The Faith Says:

    OK. Whatever.

    This is exactly why the NFP will have more luck in winning over indigenous Fijian votes. They are willing to compromise. The FLP is all about the siege all-or-nothing mentality. But that’s another debate.

    Methings you’ve been watching too many Shaka Zulu movies with all the tribalism stuff. Intra-fijian conflict might have happened against the RFMF but at the end of the day we’re all related. And blood is thicker than water.

  34. Budhau Says:

    Coup-Bastard – I initially thought that your post did not require a response.

    But just to rub it in – that untouchable, lowlifer, chodo – had got all your high caste, bigtime Ratus by the balls.

    Keep the faith – yeap, the NFP will probably pick up on some Indian votes, the last election they were down to about 15% and I think they will get back up to about 30%, As for the Indigenous Fijian vote – no way.
    Unlike the FLP which tried to be a multi-racial party the NFP does nto even try – they are perfectly happy being an Indian party.

    As for the Intra Fijian conflict – it was Mara crowd who wanted the power back in 1987, it was lout mouth Litia and her folks who wanted power in 2000 and if was the Mara boys who wanted power in 2006 – this has always been a Fijian thingie.

    and that descending into tribalism – just wait and see – as the great man Rabuka said in his book that we have to get the Indian down to a manageable level – and with the Indian numbers declining, I think that manageable level will be here soon – and then, with the bogey man not there as a threat – guess who will fighting whom.

  35. Keep The Faith Says:

    The NFP’s performance in the 3-years of the IIG rule have proven themselves to be consistent and constant. If the candidate they field for my constituency is good, I am voting for them. But that’s just me.

    You can call Rabuka a great man but I certainly won’t. He is the godfather of the coups and I hope someone re-opens his case so that he does his time. Apologizing just ain’t gonna cut it.

    I wouldn’t even want to put a penny towards his book because he is just a dressed-up, stoopid, macho military man pretending he has a clue…and god forbid even pretending that he’s relevant with all his crappy features.

    So his fcuked up logic about keeping indian numbers down is exactly why he got voted out. Fiji developed faster than any other Pacific Island BECAUSE it had indians and it needs every ethnic group (because we’ve all got our strengths and weaknesses) to continue to develop it.

    The numbers of indians will always be a minority not through any policies but simply because there is an ambition to migrate and do better abroad. Some may come back but many do not. Fijians are also migrating en masse, but they always return in their twilight years.

  36. Budhau Says:

    You see – the NFP guys, Attar Singh and Pramod Rae – they have their own personal thingie about Chaudary – all being the trade union types…though I think Rae is sharp guy. So I are fighting their own personal battle.

    If Chaudary had not joined the IG, I am sure Ganilau with his close ties with the NFP higher ups would have approached the NFP.

    So these NFP bugger with all this democracy crap is for show – they are just fighting Chaudary.

    That “great man” remark – being sarcastic.

    You might not think much of Rambo – but the GCC made him a national hero, head of GCC and all that.

    While the Indians did contribute to the economic development of Fiji – I think it is incorrect to say “Fiji developed faster than other pacific islands because of the Indians”..and than there is the down sides to the Indians…well, at least some groups, who have exploited both other Indians and Fijians.

    Your migrations theory on Indians – prior to the 1987 there was the pull factor that was pulling Indos to migrate – the grass was greener… sort of. Now it is the push factor that is pushing the Indians out of Fiji – since 1987 and they are leaving in larger numbers. You combine that with the lower birth rate and the Indian numbers are going down fast. And the majority of those left behind are at the lower end of the spectrum – the best and brightest (generally speaking) are leaving. I won’t be surprised if the Indians only make up 20% of the population in 10-15 years.

    Those who return – very few, and now there is the fear that when a predominantly Fijian government takes over – there will be a backlash because of the role of some overseas Indians – former Fiji residents – played in this regime.

    I think the Indians should have sat on the sidelines in this coup. Let the one Fijian group fight it out with the other. Chaudary, by joining the IG – may have done more harm to race relations in the long run.

  37. Keep The Faith Says:

    Maayyyte. The NFP going after FLP testicles, and the huffing & puffing over who has the best sound bite. That’s all part and parcel of politics. People know that.

    Even if Ganilau approached the NFP they would have never folded. The NFP is politically savvy enough to always think long-term and realise that they will never be in power if they remain isolated. Jai Ram Reddy tried but his constituents didn’t share his “multicultural” vision because Rabuka was still in the mix.

    But whoever gets the votes has to be breaking a sweat EVERYDAY to make sure he’s repping the best interest of his constituents. People aren’t stupid anymore, we know how to keep them earning our taxes using the Opposition.

  38. Budhau Says:

    The NFP being politically savvy – that is funny. The NFP was dead – had it not been for this coup.

    These guys, Singh, Rae and that dude from the Farmer group and few local government types – they have all found themselves a niche to make some noise against Chaudary.

    That Reddy’s “multiculturalism” – he first made political mileage out of Chaudary making a pact with rabuka – and as soon as Cahudary broke up that relationship,, Reddy got in there. – that is your “multiculturalism”. That is the only way Reddy could stand up to Chaudary – by joining up with Rabuka.
    And when Reddy got all those Indian seats in the next election what did he do – played politics in undermining Labour.

    You know why his constituents did not share his vision – because Reddy sold out his constituents forming alliance with others to keep down FLP.

  39. Sakeo Says:

    Fiji One News (sv..could u pls post this)

    Bai cleans up FRU

    Interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has accused Fijian Rugby of being corrupt and SDLlike in its operations. He has instigated a clean up of the Fiji Rugby Union and all the teams playing in provincial Fijian competitions.

    Bainimarama has cited a failure to perform as the main reason behind the clean up. He said “Fiji Rugby has been put on notice for a while and now is time to act. It is imperative that we remove the undesirable elements of Fijian rugby and we have directed the Anti-Corruption unit to investigate”.

    As of 5pm this afternoon, all Fiji Rugby Union board members and any affiliated players have been sent termination notices and have been asked to vacate the premises. To make up for the shortfall of staff and players, military and incredibly unqualified people have been asked to step in and fill the vital positions.

    The board has been reappointed with Major Neumi Leweni as chairman of the board despite being made Defence Attache to China. Major Leweni said “I am being aaaahhhh seconded to aaaahhhh the position. I can maintain aaaahhhh my chairman position aaaahhhh despite being aaaahhhh in China. Other new board appointees include Commodore Esala Teleni and Ratu Epeli Ganilau. Ganilau was thrilled the news of being appointed as a board member saying “It’s great that they are paying me in $50 bills. Makes life a lot easier for me”.

    But the Fijian rugby team to go to the World Cup in Dubai remains a mystery. Fiji Nub News has learned the Interim Prime Minister will captain the team on their quest for World Cup glory. Bainimarama said in a press conference “To make sure the Fiji rugby captaincy remains corruption and nepotism free, I will be captain of the team”.

    Insider sources have revealed that the Regimental Funds account has been used to buy a cloning device to clone the Commander so he can play all the 7 positions and 3 substitutions. In response to these allegations, Bainimarama angrily noted “Qarase has been spreading rumours and untruths about me. If thats the case, there will be no election or democracy. I will single handedly play for Fiji and no one will stop me. Including those unhelpful neighbours the All Blacks.

  40. Jean d'Ark Says:


    You or I will probably never vote FLP while it is run mob-style the way Chodo is running it.

    But they’ll still be the major Indian party by a significant margin after the next elections (whenever they’ll be). That’s just the way of things in Fiji. (Witness how the SVT survived seven years of worse botch-ups than Mahen’s two years of howlers in the IG)

    The problem for the FLP though is that there certainly will be a significant number of voters who will vote with their feet. And there will be a similar number who just lose faith with politics altogether and don’t even bother to come out and vote.

    So the FLP WILL haemorrhage significant support at the next elections to the new Indian parties and the NFP because of Mahen (Farmers $2mil; tax avoidance; IG failures, etc. etc.).

    So they cannot win any fair election under those circumstances as they need all the votes they can get just to get within a couple of seats of the SDL, or whoever the Fijian party happens to be at the time.

    The thing tha intrigues me is where will the IG hitch its political wagon. No point trying to resurrect the NAPF – they’re dead in the water already. So perhaps another new party for them? Just listening to Aiyaz’s logic-defying, reality-warping propaganda, I’d say we can look forward to the launch of the inaugural Fiji Communist Party some time this year!

  41. Tim Says:

    Well let’s hope that anyone who does vote FLP isn’t under the misapprehension that they represent workers or aspire to freely and fairly represent the ideals of a trade union movement. Like many in the junta, they lost their way a long time ago. Like the Mugabe government, its disciples discovered the benefits of the Gold Card and airpoints were far more attractive than any ideology they profess to represent.

  42. Bin Ladin Says:

    Iraqis!, ulu lala!…….vutuki bumu me kida na mataka!. Boci wa tusa!…luveni sala!

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