As the Nation braces itself against the floods and the consequences of this latest disaster, Sayed khaiyum is still beating his head against Freedom of the Press and the Fiji Times newspaper.

There is nothing that is printed in the Fiji Times that has disclosed information that may be classified as sensitive or secret to the public. Sayed khaiyum should be used to the idea by now that the public has an intense dislike of the interim regime and the illegal rules that they’ve imposed on the Nation. He himself states that it is an interim government and though he also says it was appointed by the President, and the appointment of which has been held valid in law, everyone else knows it is a case of ‘dream on Aiyaz’.

Any government of the day, whether it is legally elected or not has to keep an open mind and expect that it will be criticised. When it is an illegal government – any hope of positive feedback is harder to attain.

He would be better off heeding the praising of the spirit of the citizens of Fiji as David Hopcroft of the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa has, for the innovative ways his staff and staff of surrounding businesses have made to arrive at work on time with their happy smiles despite the obstacles in their way.

That’s one thing the illegal regime cannot do, dampen our spirits.

The Nation will rise above disaster, rebuild our homes, replant our dalo, carry on with our lives while the illegal regime farts around about being taken to task. Tut Tut.



  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Meanwhile Ma’Chaud and Chandra thought they could use the diaspora pow-wow in Chennai to rally up additional support for the diaspora challenges (according to them) here in Fiji.

    Unfortunately India’s economic woes will be compounded domestically by this announcement in Chennai


  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    More bad weather in store folks according to a PM update from FJ Live.

    Keep safe folks back home and stay tuned to weather updates.


  3. Budhau Says:

    Keep The Faith – what is your stupid-ass message doing here in this thread.

    What Chaudary was telling them Diaspora folks was that out of the 25 million Indians settled abroad, the are only about 500,000 in the Pacific – however, just because thier numbers is so small – that does not mean that they would not be heard in diaspora related matters.

    Second – that Indian economy crap – while there have been similar problems in other parts of the world – India overall is doing fine when compared with other countries – and that Satyam scandal – lot of investors will lose money – but that is nowhere close to the kind of crisis that they have in the US.

    And even if it was – why would you rejoice on some economic crisis in India.
    BTW – have you checked on the price of rice in China?

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yo Budhs I can put my comments where I damn well please and only SV moderators have the prerogative of allowing/disallowing them.

    Clearly I have touched a soft spot but please don’t give me that rubbish about what Chaudhry was lamenting there in Chennai. Chaudhry was there to rile up more political backing by India to become more involved in what’s happening in Fiji BECAUSE of the diaspora…just like the funds from Haryana.


    The point of my comment re: $$$ was that India has problems of its own right now and no amount of whining by your uncle Ma’chaud is gonna move them. And by the way there is a distinct void in the FLP voice esp to their power-base when they aren’t jumping up and down about sugar-cane farmers issues in relation to the impacts of the floods.

    I don’t think my comment rejoiced in India’s problems. I am merely stating the fact that the Satyam scandal does not do them any favours while they (and many other countries including Fiji) are still grappling with the effects of the global economic crisis.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    Budhau sweetpea I can post my messages where I damn well please. If you don’t like it, make a complaint to the SV moderators.

    What Chaudhry was whining about in Chennai is as clear as night and day. He was trying to rile up political support from India to become more involved with the Fiji diaspora. So. Please. Don’t. Give. Me. That. CRAP.


    Or is there some anxst little dove that military favours/selective scholarships will not be as forthcoming?

    Anywho you obviously have bad speed reading skillz mah niggah. What I was saying about the Satyam scandal is that India (like the US, Fiji, Aust etc) does not need any domestic economic drama’s because we’re all damn well trying to untangle the impacts of the global $$ crisis. To think that the US has it bad more is tunnel-visioned because most of the world trades in USD and the US federal reserve system keeps us all humming.

    Finally, I am scanning my comment to see where I included the hallelujah chorus line against the Indian economic crisis but your eyesight must be better somehow than mine.

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    Budhau. Sweetpea. I, like you, am just a mere commentator. If you don’t like where I placed the comment then please lodge a complaint with the SV moderators.

    But don’t insult my intelligence. (Your) Uncle Ma’ Chaud was doing what he does best. When the chips are down for him in Fiji he’ll cry on the shoulders of countries that will give him the time of day at that given time. In 2000 it was Aust and NZ. This time it’s India while Ah Koy does the bleating to China using his genetic makeup. Ah Koy BTW was on the receiving end of a stinging verbal bitch-slap in Dubai about his antics.


    Second. Your speed reading skillz mah niggah needs work. What I inferred re: the Satyam scandal was that India doesn’t need that ish right now. Just like Fiji doesn’t need to be told that its economic power-base, the FNPF is being mis-managed. In the face of the global economic crisis we all need to be tightening our belts and having sound fiscal policies that can weather the impacts.

    Third. If the US is getting an economic beating we shouldn’t be rejoicing either. What affects the US affects us all. Last time I checked most of the natural world still traded in USD.

    Finally. I am scanning the para to see if I really did insert the hallelujah chorus against India’s domestic $$$ issues. And. I. Just. Don’t. See. It.

  7. F.I.R.M Says:

    SV no longer runs this blog,because it has been hijacked by Budhau and the green Goons and Adi Kaila I would like to ask them to remove the header of this blog as it belongs To SV board.
    FYI Solivakasama Worldwide Movement has a new blog go to http://www.solivakasama.org and go to the blog page and you will meet all the members of the movement over there if you are registered

  8. Tim Says:

    Bugger-me-days KtF: I once had a dog named “mah niggah”! It was all very politically correct you understand. It was actually a viscous bitch of an animal rescued from gangland, that became accustomed to walks in Wellington’s Town Belt. It was named by a Fa-afine (if that’s how you spell it) neighbour of Fijian origin. Unfortunately it went totally mad. It had the colouring and the temperament of shaista shameen, and if it could have, it’d probably have shot a few bullets – except it was too pathetic. It went truly mad.

  9. vuki Says:

    Somehow, i wish the dispora would keep this Chodo maca faka, over there in chennai for ever?
    But on the other hands, he’s there only for one purpose and that is to represent Voreqe(he is half Indians- you know?)and checking on the houses, being builds for Voreqe,Epelis and Maras, after they’ve retired or ousted by the people of Fiji?
    I am not surprise why the IG is pushing to have the Charter accepted first as law before the next election? I’m sure he has a deal with Chodo that would guarantee the FLP to win the next election?

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