If ever there was a time the interim regime could do at least ONE thing right it is now.

With all the testosterone fuelled promises of a clean up campaign against perceived wide spread corruption in public services. including the judiciary, a system of governance that is characterized by stability, transparency and accountability as well as the prevalence of law, order, and peace, the Nation of Fiji is still waiting for the remarkable transformation and reality of Voreqe Bainimaramas vision.

The interim regime should direct its ‘clean up campaign’ to make a full, extensive clean up after this disaster its PRIORITY. ALL infrastructures should be repaired and completed as quickly and successfully as possible to allow everyone and everything to move on and upward.

Filipe Bole would be well advised to ensure ALL students are able to study when school resumes on January 20, 2009 and to be able to get there safely. Instead of harping on about class sizes, make education another PRIORITY and hold off school fees, especially in the regions most affected by this crisis. The $9 million funding by the EU is more than sufficient to facilitate the education of every child in Fiji. These children are our future, please pay the teachers to give them a sound education first and foremost and scrap school fees altogether. ask an economist and accountant to explain how.

50 Responses to “CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Areh Wah! Where will they get the $$ from for cleaning up? 😉

    Maybe they should cut the RFMF allocations.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I think Frank and Co. should be given a sasa broom each and start this clean up in earnest !

  3. mil2 Says:

    A senior officer has informed the PM that the RFMF has insufficient funds to recall and pay the soldiers on extended unpaid leave.
    Also most of these have been in the Sinai etc and there are concerns about gathering them together as their proffesional loyalty has not been assured.

  4. Colin Bishop Says:

    New Zealand is going to make a $100,000 donation to the Fiji Red Cross and has promised more if requred. Nothing is to go through the IG

  5. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Colin, the situation in Fiji is the same as in Zimbabwe; no aide goes through the corrupt , murderous juntas and their bloated military.

  6. F.I.R.M Says:

    When you go to you will be able to see a page called “Blog” amazing how the movement has come up very proffesional,vinaka

  7. Tagata Whenua Says:

    Vore and the IG clean up campaign are only man made by using the power of the guns but the clean up campaign from above uses the weakest thing on earth the. water and air.Its just flood and hurricanes so simple huh.All the money saved by tne IG if any will be not be enough to get the country on its feet again.Now the puppet show by the IG have to end with a clear knockout punch from above that will bring the whole country to its knees wether you black or white,indians or Fijians,rich or poor we will all suffer.God bless Fiji

  8. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    From FRN

    “””Fiji’s coupmaker Frank Bainimarama is learning first hand how difficult it is to receive any form of financial assistance from the international community, more so when you are a usurper.

    Frank is Fiji’s biggest liability.

    It is because of Frank that the helpless flood victims can not be guaranteed any swift humanitarian or financial assistance from democratically well-off countries. It is because of Frank that poor sugar cane farmers will not get their $350million euros grant.It is because of Frank that people have lost their jobs.

    And Fiji’s flooded state today is a physical representation of what Frank has done to that island nation since 05.12.06. Frank has washed away every good thing that a promising Fiji had going for it. Frank has brought with him nothing but disaster.

    He has launched his disaster relief appeal in a rather lukewarm manner. He continues to hide his helpless face from the paparazzi and issued a press statement instead, telling people to donate whatever spare change they may have to his flood relief account.

    He is an arrogant man who will not humble himself, even if that is all it takes to save his peoples lives from the aftermath of such a destructive flood. But the arrogant dictator continue to showcase his heartless, merciless leadership style by letting his people suffer while the so-full-of-himself Frank addresses the distressed people via a piece of paper with a message that was not even written by him turning his concern into a faked one.

    New Zealand has given $100,000 to Red Cross and other countries will do the same. Their refusal to donate directly to Frank’s disaster relief account is again another slap on Frank’s face. As far as they are concerned, Frank’s regime is illegitimate no matter what. It’ll be interesting to see how the next few days unfold with Frank’s toothless tiger status becoming too embarrassing to watch.

  9. Sarotek Says:

    This site is unfair. I have been moderated and three of my sensible constructive comments were not published. I tend to think that they were treated this way because they were not anti IG. They were not pro IG either, just fair comments. So I assume from this that this site is for people who want to trash the IG regardless of what they are doing full stop. Wonder how my first comment got through, someones error I guess! If you want to be a site of the peoples voice then allow the comments to be published regardless of who’s side you predetermine they are speaking from – or put a note on the site stating that only people with CLOSED MINDS and a BLIND HATRED of the IG can be published on this site.

  10. Sarotek Says:

    Has anyone read the updated IG Blog Site? How on earth did Andrew Hughes get a boat worth over a million dollars? I think this is something the Australian Police need to look into immediately. He is still an Officer in their force and if there is any hint of corruption then they need to investigate. Personally I think he needs to come onto this site and answer the question. Wish I had his job!!!!!

  11. Sarotek Says:

    Ok just checked out his yaght that was worth over a million dollars and it was moored at the suva yaght club when the coup happened. The actual valuation of it is only about $200,000. Which he could easily have afforded on his aussi salary. So nothing to answer for Andrew Hughes but I am disappointed that the IG Blog Site is obviousily either not researching their information that they are publishing or deliberately lying to upset people in fiji who are poor and struggling for a living. IG Blog Site you say you are monitering this site – GET IT RIGHT OR YOU LOOK REALLY FOOLISH. Plus now I will look at your site with doubt in my mind always. PLUS while I am at it – The comments by Bainimarama about the law he would not let pass are strongly prejudice. Pro Indian and anti Fijian. I thought you were against prejudice or is it that you are only against prejudice aimed at the Indians???? You are going to have one long hell of a conversation with your ancestors (FIJIAN) when you die. Wouldn’t we all love to hear that conversation!!!!!

  12. Budhau Says:

    Sarotek – good one – how this site WAS unfair and how they had moderated and some of your very sensible constructive comments were not published.

    Well, now we have “new and improved” version and I see that the responsible folks who have taken over this site are allowing for open discussion in here.

    You have really made the case for the new “owners” of this site.

    BTW – the formers owners, they only allowed me in as the token Indian, otherwise it was only people with CLOSED MINDS and a BLIND HATRED of the IG were allowed on this site.

    Come on guy who do you think you are fooling.

  13. Colin Bishop Says:

    Currently a Hindi Radio Station in NZ is running a fundraising show for flood victims in Fiji.
    I am concerned that there is some accountability for this money. It appears that there is a vague intention is to “Hand it over” to someone in Fiji to use.

    We all know what is likely to happen if there is no control in how it is allocated.

    I praise the station and its supporters and have no problems if this is targeted to the Hindi community in Fiji. I consider this to be cultural support rather than racist.

  14. Budhau Says:

    Colin – the Fiji Indian community abroad have always raised money to help victims of natural disasters in Fiji. The folks who donate money are generally aware of the organizations that raise money.

    In the past there were some concerns that the government in Fiji was not fair to the Indians when distributing relief money, food etc. The choice then was whether to give that money to the Prime Minister’s relief fund or the Red Cross – and later to the FLP party group to see that there was a more equitable distribution among all victims.

    I am sure that they would be doing the same – and that money being raised is for all victims and not for Indians only.

  15. Keep The Faith Says:


    So in being fair they let the FLP disburse the money who we all know is really going to hand out cash to indigenous fijians (apart from those in Sorokoba). Sure.

  16. Colin Bishop Says:

    The comments on the station suggested while they were good at fundraising, little thought had been put into the distribution end. The fund appears to be open to hijacking as it is not being collected for any specific group. This is unlike the normal Hindi donations that are normally to a specific known group and very targeted.
    I personally don’t care where the aid comes from as long as it all arrives on the ground and not into someones pocket or “expenses”.
    Right now aid is more important to those in need than politics or race.

  17. Sarotek Says:

    Budhau sorry but I do not think you are the token Indian as I think you are Fijian. Either way does it really matter? The Army thinks you are an enigma! So I figure your cover is really safe. The NEW MANAGEMENT blindsided my comments as they were deleted yesterday!

  18. Keep The Faith Says:

    Colin you are absolutely right. Money should be coming in and straight to those affected by the floods.

    But the whole point is that the national coffers i.e. the Guvment should be strongly leading the humanitarian assistance. Unfortunately its the media who are out there documenting the widespread damage and the IIG chooses to waste time and energy by launching their own appeal

    Show me the money IIG! The year’s just started, we have a national disaster (and its not over yet), and people are dead! The IIG should have money from all Govt allocations (based on their shoddy budget) to pull from and YET they don’t.

    This is their responsibility and these are the REAL challenges of being in power. It ain’t all about jumping on KAL flights first class with the cheap ass suits suckers!!

  19. Sarotek Says:

    Keep the Faith you are going to be wasting your breath waiting as the IIG has no money available for this problem. The sooner they come out and ask for immediate help from Australia and New Zealand etc the sooner lives can be put back on track. AND SINCE they will be here giving help and much needed money they can damn well run those elections at the same time. SO…are there any offers from other countries willing to take Frankie and pals in and give them Refuge after the elections as they will need POLITICAL ASYLUM (preferably in a country where they have access to their stolen funds).

  20. coup-buster Says:

    Hey SV i thought that you had budhau blocked from this blog site already? Howcome the AZZOLE is still blogging here? Do you want to block him out for good?

  21. Keep The Faith Says:

    I’m not wasting my breath @ all — I am very aware that they’ve got no dough. I just want everyone to know that too because at the beginning of the year for any entity to not have the moula to operate should essentially mean they need to pack up and go home. But thats not gonna happen either. They will suck up every last drop.

    Meanwhile these pearls of wisdom from Col Tikoitoga makes me think he’s ready for St Giles too. I mean to say that “villagers should rehab themselves” — Mofo with WHAT? All the crops and animals have gone!
    Survey teams out in the field
    12 Jan 2009 01:09:19

    Survey teams have been sent out to assess the damage caused by the floods in the Central/Eastern Division.

    Commissioner Central, Colonel Mosese Tuitoga says their report will be assessed first before any assistance is given out.

    With around ten evacuation centers set up, Tuitoga says, they want villagers to rehabilitate themselves rather than relying on give-aways all the time.

  22. F.I.R.M Says:

    SV no longer runs this blog,because it has been hijacked by Budhau and the green Goons and Adi Kaila I would like to ask them to remove the header of this blog as it belongs To SV board.
    FYI Solivakasama Worldwide Movement has a new blog go to and go to the blog page and you will meet all the members of the movement over there if you are registered

  23. OjO Says:

    The battle for the hearts and minds of wandering souls is definitely

  24. Sarotek Says:

    OK…everyone declare themselves! Army Guys (AKA the green goons) to the left and anti IIG guys to the right. Anyone standing in the middle will be shot when the guns start firing. Wouldn’t life be easy if we all told the truth. Well except for Bainimarama, we don’t have all day to hear him confess his lies. That’s what God gets paid to do!

  25. OjO Says:


    What are you some sort of dropkick finding their way through the fog of confusion.

    Pull your head out of your rear and starting smelling the fresh evening breeze it will do you a world of good.

  26. Nostradamus Says:

    You are out in left field somewhere. No one else seems to care about what you care about, except that you are a nuisance because you keep trying to change the subject.
    Some of us just like to blog and share ideas. I see no evidence that this blog has been hijacked, except that you seem to keep on trying and failing.

  27. F.I.R.M Says:

    Nostardamus can you you tell your guys to take of the header on this blog because I was the one who upload it here.thanks

  28. Sarotek Says:

    FIRM you have lost what you are fighting for. Your choices are to leave the green goones with your banner and get back to freeing fiji from the IIG or fight them over the banner. They hope you keep fighting over the banner. They are even willing to eventually let you win. In fact, you win now just come to QEB and say your name and they will give it back to you on a clean new disc.

  29. Sarotek Says:

    FIRM I hope you know that I was kidding. DO NOT GO TO QEB. Just trying to give you a little nudge back to the reason this blogsite and the .org site exist. Come on fight for the real cause. Banners are not the reason.

  30. Sarotek Says:

    Sorry guys I have probably confused you all including the goones as to which side I am on. So since this is the last time I come online blogging I will confess. I do not take sides. I am paid to do a job – end of story. This was not my job but I wanted to know if there was any passion on either side. My conclusions are that the only site that is focused and has a strong passion and belief in what it is doing is the IGFIJI blogsite. That’s a pity as I am paid to get rid of them. Moce Bloggers. IIG c u soon.

  31. Tim Says:

    Colin: One should worry about where that money might end up too.
    A safer bet is via the ANZ account anounced this evening on both ONE and TV3 News – which will be dispersed directly to the Red Cross. If you are really concerned, you might also contact Stratos/Triangle and see whether they have the guts to publicise exactly what the programme for aid is.

    And Budhau – you are not a token Indian. As I have previously stated there is another vociferous anti-coup token Indian near at hand. One that knows first hand the bullshit and jellybeans that an iiAG and his fag-had Pistol Shooter-cum-champion of human rights seem so intent on distributing. The funny thing is that the iiAG is Frank’s Wonder Boy. Sad for Frank that he may well be his downfall – but I’ll sure as hell be laughing.
    I’m not sure why it is taking you so long to see that while you, me, the pistol shooter and her protoge-cum-pretender may have had left of centre political leanings, the likes of her and him decided a very long time ago that American Express Gold ain’t too bad, and being the stoners they are, its a damn sight easier to rest on what they think is some past cred to take advantage of the benefits, and fuck everyone else.
    I long for the day I might meet her (and him) actually. She can bring her pistol if she likes too. In fact I’d love her to!

  32. Tim Says:

    Oh yea – there’s another laugh for those coping with floods – junta-logic – or rather illogic. The officially sanctioned junta blogsite claims that SV has posts suggesting the iIG is responsible for the floods. I’ve yet to discover them. What I have discovered however are a lot of comments on the junta’s inaction in response to the floods.
    I’m happy to stand corrected if one of their apologists can point me in the right direction.
    Sad shit is that there appear to have been a few that have fallen for the junta-logic.
    It reminds me of Philosophy 101 and how when something only waddles like a duck, some are assured it is one – even though its actually some old biddy with arthritis

  33. tagata Whehua Says:

    Who is this mad cow diesease Mosese Tuitoga.?where he is from?you can only help your self if theres a social benefit provided by the goverment which I mean money.If theres no water ,electricities,sanitation system, how can you help your self when all these neccesity of life is not there.I have to ask him if he can survive living in an desolated island with no water food and equipment to survive? Before sending him there strip him naked to his balls as this is where his thinking is coming from with a brain damaged person like him.Unless he can eat his shit than may be able to survive.Some of these flood victims have nothing left on them so they need help.Its just madness and more madness from these bunch of ig hooligans and suppoters

  34. Bin Ladin Says:

    Coup-basterd! – why do you want bloggers to be kicked out from this blog site?…..what you cant handle a bit of a heat!. Vacava me cu madaga o SV o vidvidi yani muri o iko!..drauveivutu…sonalevu!.

  35. Iraqis Says:

    Bin Ladin sonalevu o Tai,drau vicai i nomu yaca

  36. Budhau Says:

    Hey Ladin – you know why Coup-Bastard wants people banned from this site – he wants to be just like his heroes at QEB – remember how they were earlier trying to hunt down bloggers and trying to shut down blogsites.

    When these bastards, like the Coup-buster pull their own coup – and they will, you just watch out. They won’t be any different from the current regime.

    …and as for the clean up campaign – yes, the Gods are at it again. Remember Katrina.

  37. Keep The Faith Says:

    You MUST be blogging from Sydney Budhau to be so obviously out of touch with what the folks @ home think about coups.

  38. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith – it not what the folks at home think of the coup, the more important question is what are these folks willing to do about it. Besides the few who have lost their privileges and are now making the rounds at the local TV and newspaper offices – the rest of the folks have decided to move on with their lives – this was just ‘one of those coups”.

    Now, why don’t you go figure out why this has happened – since you are obviously in touch with the folks at home.

    BTW – I completely agree with most right thinking folks at home – this coup, like all other coups prior to it were wrong – blogging from Sydney Australia,, or Richmond, British Columbia has nothing to do with.

  39. Keep The Faith Says:

    Do you therefore not agree that if the people VOTE only then can they see see in policies which will eradicate every element/entity/individual that have “coup fingerprints” – past, present and future?

    I strongly disagree that people are content to move on. The inadequate response by the IIG during the floods is just the tip of the ice-berg that have people just itching to TICK.

  40. Budhau Says:

    No – some people don’t give a crap what the policies are – as long as 1) they have the tribal mentality that you should never be critical of your “leader” and 2) that as long as there is the perceived threat from the bogey man, you should always support the Ratu.
    Thus when the Ratu association endorse a political party – you vote for a candidate of that political party, even if that candidate was dog.

    You can disagree all you want – but it has been two years now, and what do we have in the way of opposition to this regime – we have the 6 regulars making their rounds to the local media offices in Suva, then we have the Grand Democracy movement with Attar Singh and of course out boy Tui Savu with his International Movement.

    The inadequate response – that is what NZ wants, and that is why we did not get the support that Fiji usually gets during such disasters – what NZ wants is the people being dissatisfied will rise against this regime – well guess, it ain’t happening.

    So who got hurt by this NZ/Aust Policy – those poor flood victims.

    As for “when people vote” – they voted in 1987 and again in 2000 – and guess what?
    ..and if they vote again in 2015 for the wrong guy, we will have another coup, unless Bainimarama is around to guarantee that the “wrong guy” serves out his term.

  41. Keep The Faith Says:

    Correction. Many people just don’t know how they can institute change with the policies OR they just don’t know better policy alternatives. The bureaucrats themselves have alot to answer for.

    In case you haven’t noticed there have been many, many calls for the removal of the President. A High Chief in his own right and actually appointed by the GCC before it was sacked. This was unheard of 5 years ago.

    The people are ready. But we’ll never know until we vote. Even if they do vote along those lines then it has to be respected — the people will have spoken.

  42. Budhau Says:

    The call for the removal of the President is because he has “joined the enemy” – that Indian lover.

    As for you voting – what will happen is that in the next election Qarase will play the race card, because that is the only why to get the Fijians united against the bogey man, the Indian, and will put the same bugger back into power – and the people would have spoken.

    We have have the same of worse infant mortality among rural Fijians, ,the rural school would still suck, there would be lack of roads and bridges electricity, health facility etc in the rural areas – and the money earmarked for the poor Fijians would be plundered by these same guys -whether is if FHL, or NLTB money or FDB/NBF funds etc.

    and the sad thing is that these same rural Fijians would be the ones who would have voted these buggers back into power. for the removal of a High Chief – we have been calling some bad name to some of the big Kahunas now – and as the intra-Fijian conflict intensifies, we will see more of this – now we have the Kubuna boys and girls on one side and the Mara folks on the other.

  43. Keep The Faith Says:

    Well in case you haven’t notice the Constitution actually places a lot of emphasis on the Council of Chiefs and it’s role in this country. The Constitution was accepted by the people, and here we are.

    Qarase will play the race card just like Ma’Chaud will — so what? The people have every right to decide as free-thinking individuals whether they want to go down this road again or not.

    For the record, the Kubunas and the Mara’s are in fact 1 family so NO I don’t think there’s gonna be some blood-letting there.

  44. Budhau Says:

    Yes, the emphasis on the GCC – came about after the Rabuka coup..wasn’t there before that.

    I think it is about time to revisit that – the role of the GCC – why should the GCC be the one appointing the president and the VP,, why should the GCC be allowed to hold the balance of power in the Senate.

    Chodo race card – how – anyone looking at the politics of Fiji – would conclude that the NFP would gain Indian votes in the next election – and my guess is 30% – what exactly do you want – the Indians to be split 50/50 to say that they don’t vote along racial lines – the Fijians, 90% or more would go one way – be it the SDL or the early Alliance party – they have always vote on racial lines – tribalism – remember..there goes your freethinking thingie.

    No they are not… not one family, BTW you go read up on how a former Tui Nayau was allegedly having an affair with the wife of the Vunivalu of Bau, and how the Vunivalu had his boys ambush and kill the Tui Nayau on Ono-i-Lau.

    So you think Nailatikau has a chance at that Vunivalu title.

  45. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sure we can revisit that after the people vote in who they want to manage constitutional amendments.

    The GCC has a special place because it is recognised and respected that indigenous fijians are the first people of this country. So whatever you want to say next about land all ties in with that.

    I don’t have to read up on my fijian history. I know, live and breathe it.

    Nailatikau can try but he is a Tongan at the end of the day.

  46. Budhau Says:

    If you know, breathe and live the Fijian history, than you would not have made that remark that “For the record, the Kubunas and the Mara’s are in fact 1 family so NO I don’t think there’s gonna be some blood-letting there.”

    My point was that these same people have gone at each other before, and there is no reason why they will not do that again.

    If Nailatikau is a Tongan and aligned to Mara folks, why would the rest of the Kubuna folks not go at the Mara crowd.

    The point that I was trying to make is that Fiji would descend into tribalism, just like in the Solomons and PNG – and these same guys whom you call family will be fighting each other – this is all about power and money.

    The thing about Fiji is the Indians have acted as a buffer between the these rival tribes/provinces. This is because the Fijian leaders have painted the Indians as the bogey man – so the Fijians priority one is to unite against the Indian threat.

    BTW – the Indian are not the cause of many of the Socio-economic problems faced by the iTaukei.

    So…if you know your history – I am sure that you can see how we are heading down into that tribalism – as the Indians move out.

  47. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yeah. OK. I’ll believe that when I see it.

    Gotta run. Places to go and people to meet.

  48. Budhau Says:

    Thanks – have a good one.

  49. tagata Whehua Says:

    This dasaster bring in another clean up campaign which was mooted by those swine the IG and Vore.IG clean up campaign were dished out to inocent people enjoying liviong in a democratic goverment before being swept away by these hooligans the IG.
    Now theres someone somewhere has continue the clean up campaign which not even the power of the gun or any neuclear bomb can stop it.The very money that these bastards are trying to save will be swept away like the newly Naqali bridge.What ever development done by these thieves will be taken away again so all those supporters and the IG and its crazy pm will also be part of these cleaned up campaign .

  50. vuki Says:

    I am very surprise that the Military Government of Fiji couldn’t properly handle the kind of disaster they were trained to managed?
    Did they lack human resources, funds or helps, from international nations?
    I can’t understand why the IG or Military could only spares 40 soldiers to help out in the West Division and 30 in Rewa and Tailevu?
    Are these the only people Voreqe has in Delainabua? What happen to the 3 to 10 thousand soldiers we’re suppossed to have?
    Bai couldn’t keep them for lack of funds or did they all decided that enough is enough and have moved out to the real world?
    I wonder if Voreqe -with his strange ideas-may be keeping the military on full alerts, inside the military camp,in case God was trying to pull a fast one on him and his IG?
    I mean it doesn’t make sense, that he didn’t use the military for something they were trained for-day in and day out-throughout their military career to handle?
    Personally, i think that the lack of funds in the IG coffers just maybe the main kicker in the lack of military responses during this act of God?

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