One wonders why the insignificant Voreqe Bainimarama is hellbent on flying via Australia en route to PNG for the Pacific Forum Leaders’ meeting on 27 January 2009.

Does his vacant head think that if granted the opportunity to touch down on Australian soil it gives him an advantage over the Australian government, that in fact he’s outsmarted them or effectively beaten them. Knowing the way he operates and thinks himself as the be all & end all for Fiji, the suka daddy is displaying his thick skinned obtuseness again for the whole world to ridicule.

I get the feeling that the people he relies on to do his dirty work such as illegal PS Parmesh Chand and the just as illegal AG Aiyaz khaiyum are having a wonderful time setting their illegal prime minister Voreqe Bainimarama up to be ridiculed.

These people Parmesh Chand, Aiyaz khaiyum and the Shameem sisters will have all their bases covered when the shit hits the fan and Voreqe and co will be left covered in it.

But you sleep with the pigs, You get up with the smell. It’s a pretty rotten state of affairs in the pigs sty and it’s getting worse.


43 Responses to “PIGS WILL FLY?”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    Why not let him arrive in Australia, let himsweat in the transit lounge for a few hours, then kick him back to Fiji as personna non grata? Might as well play his game.

  2. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Nostradamus, even better, let’s hope the customs people find irregularities with bananasinpyjamas’ passport.

    Then he could be taken aside for a body search as they think he may be carrying drugs.

    This could and should happen as a precedent has been set when the shady Somare from PNG was asked to remove his belt and shoes when going through the X-ray machine at Brisbane airport a few years ago.

    If only one could get a photo of bananas with his belt and shoes in his hand , holding up his pants, struggling to get through the X-ray.

    The photo would sell like gold in Fiji.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    At the same time, PM Qarase could be invited to attend the Forum Meeting as legal PM and given the VIP treatment.

  4. vatu Says:

    Something I think is brewing on the horizon. Met this former army commander eroute to Afgan., he jokingly hinted about new charter. I tried to digest his comment afterwards I realized this charter thing is a good bait but for Frank and Co. we know they did it to escape conviction. Blog tiko ga ragone.

  5. Jean d'Ark Says:

    This is obviously Frank’s “exit strategy” from PNG – he doesn’t want to go and face the logic and reasonableness of the Forum requests.

    So this is his two-birds-with-one-stone way out that lets him blame Oz (visa denial) for his own cowardice!!

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    As chaos rains in Fiji , we all get wet !

  7. IslandBoy Says:

    It would be silly to blame the Australian Government’s refusal to grant a visa (transit or otherwise) as a reason not to attend the Forum in Moresby.

    Bainimarama & party could very well connect from Nadi through Honiara to Moresby without overnights using Air Pacific and Air Niugini services.

    And if it came to that, go the long way round. Korean Air to Seoul (Incheon) then Hong Kong and back to Moresby on Air Niugini. After all Air Niugini services Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore several times a week. Better book Plan B & C now guys!

  8. Nostradamus Says:

    Voreqe prefers Korean air for exporting journalists, so why not?
    Or send him to Saudi Arabia where he can be investigated for upsetting the royal family and undermining the chiefly system. They might even solve his alcohol problem, bed wetting, and dashing through the tavioka.

  9. Keep The Faith Says:

    Rudd, Keys or even Somare can always “lend a hand” and charter an Air Niugini flight for Frank that will take him directly from Nadi to Port Moresby. There is no logical or economical reason to justify Frank’s stepping on Australian soil.

    No excuses Frank. Get in there and face the music. You’ve pulled these stunts so many times now, its becoming tired.

    Or perhaps Frank thinks he can delay the inevitable? Fiji and her people will be punished for all your fcuk-up Frank & Co!!

    And not even India (http://www.fijilive.com/news_new/index.php/news/show_news/12447)
    can save you. Which reminds me…why is the Acting VC (6 mths probation is coming up matey) of a regionally owned university being permitted to dabble in politics so blatantly?

  10. lau lass Says:

    mahen choro & rajesh chandra are part of a bigger plan from India to try & wipe out the fijian race & make fiji under indian rule. that is their plan. I agree with Keep the Faith, why should the USP VC attend the meeting in India ??? & with mahen choro !!! something smells fishy????

  11. coup-buster Says:

    Hello,maybe the Australian Government should allow his plane to land in Australia and then get the Real Fiji Police Commissioner -Hughe- to arrest him and put away his azz, in an Australian jail? Lets see if a rescue team with the frail Nailatika as its leader, would attempt to sneak their way into Australia and try to rescue their idiot?

  12. FijiGirl Says:

    Getting off topic – If this blogsite is no longer being moderated by Kuts, who put up this posting?

    Why the sudden addition of ‘Notify me of followup comments via email?

    Would the blogger who posted this entry please identify yourself.

    God bless Fiji


    Vinaka Fijigirl,
    Its Adi Kaila read this email ..
    What has happend to Solivakasama Blog – My Story

    Dear Bloggers,

    I tried posting this on the solivakasama blog but was blocked awaiting moderators approval. I doubt it will ever be published. I believe that my side of the story should be told.
    I have kept my silence till now but believe I should write something to clear the air.
    I use to have a blog called kutusebeneivore@wordpress.com and regularly blog on other anti Fiji Coup sites. After the closure of RFC when it was hijacked by the goons I suggested we maintain that spirit and continue on another blog. I then set up this blog site and pass on the password to regular bloggers’ goneyalewaniviti, Jean d’Ark, Adi Kaila, Big Bill and Natewa Prince. The idea was to work as a tag team as one can not contribute content all the time.
    Over the months, it appears as if I was the only one blogging so I recruited in Jese Waqalekaleka as a contributor after a few correspondences and emailed him the password. He later on recruited in another gentleman who later blogs as FIRM.
    As SV grew there were numerous calls and suggestion by bloggers that we set up a global organisation and people were even suggesting we set up a political party, a trust fund etc. to help freedom fighters.
    At this point the only active people that were posting (the ones with the password) was Jese, FIRM and I. So due to these suggestion, the number of hits on the website and OUR DESIRE TO MOVE THE CAMPAIGN FROM MERELY BLOGGING TO OTHER WAYS OF RESISTING VORE AND HIS GOONS, we decided to set up a website and in crease the electronic warfare effort to another level. Blogging alone will not do anything against thick headed military goons.
    All of these at this point are done on trust and a common commitment to free our homeland from the tyranny that has now got an iron fist on it.
    The website was launched, branding done with merchandise and even without appealing people start donating in money.
    Last week, what started as a little spat between Adi Kaila who placed personal information about a lady on the internet in one of the thread of discussion got a bit out of hand. FIRM took offence as I believe he is related to the lady whose personal life was being discussed and things got really ugly. I must admit that I was disappointed with FIRM for deleting some of the comments as I am a strong promoter of freedom of expression. But then you have got to understand that he was trying t defend a relative and things can get emotionally charged.
    Also a public spat among freedom bloggers and taking a bite at each other publicly on this blog would be playing right into those that oppose us such as the Military and the illegal government. I mean, our fight is against Bainimarama and those that support him. To keeps things professional, I emailed FIRM and was trying to pacify him behind the scene before turning my attention to Adi Kaila.
    However while I was too busy trying to cool down FIRM and before I could turn my attention at Adi Kaila, she must have checked back to all her old emails, recovered the password and changed it blocking out all of us. That is my gut feel because the others who know the password had hardly contribute for the last 12 months.
    So if it is Adi Kaila she is now solely in control of this blog. In her selfish greed to get back at FIRM she has also kicked me out and others who have slaved hard to keep this blog alive and kicking day and night. If she is against solivakasama.org I would like to state for the record that she had registered on it but unfortunately it got rejected as a person must register with his/her real name.
    I was really looking forward to the 1 million hit and I feel robbed right now. While I have never ever personally claim this blog as my own given initially it was my idea and I set it up, it feels like somebody has kidnapped one of my children.
    I emailed adi kaila last Sunday trying to reason with her that this fight is bigger then we but she has decided to ignore it.
    Right now I feel so dirty about the whole thing. I still would like to kick Voreqe Bainimarama in the butt but I feel so vindicated and used by what has happened here. Since Sunday, I do not even want to comeback to this blog but someone alerted me today about this posting and I think it was proper that I commented.
    Discussing with Jese Waqalekaleka on Sunday, we decided to try and keep it hush not to cause panic among freedom bloggers but it appears that personal agenda had being placed ahead of our fight so i now need to come out publicly.
    I have always told the team to keep your personal feelings out. You are in control of some very confidential information and please if people attack you comments, live by the principle we are fighting for and that is the chance for others to be heard. This fight and struggle is bigger then all of us as individual and we must remain focus on the big picture.
    I must state here that we are remaining focussed. FIRM has learnt a big lesson about what it takes to be a community organiser and we must move on after this road hump our our struggle for the freedom of our beloved Fiji.
    Solivaksama.org is programmed for some big fights this year and that is why we are asking for people to sign up. e-petitions are about to go out and one of the first big fights we are planning is against expatriates who have taken up jobs with the terrorist that run our country at present. The ball is now in your court whether you want to join the struggle or regret later because this journey will move on without you.
    For those of you who have donated money and now have doubts, email me at solivakasama.gmail.com and I will contact the team to return them because we are not a bunch of losers that I trying to scam something off you.
    These gentlemen who are leading the fight have actually used their own money, time and effort to set up the website and we are moving this fight towards another level using our own time, money and effort and whether you want to come on board or not we are marching on to freedom.
    Again I say email me as I solely control and know the password to solivakasama@gmail.com if you want to know more.

    NB: In due time, we the organisers of solivakasama.org will come out in due time but for the security of our family we have decided to keep our ID confidential for now on.

  14. Wailei Says:

    Dear all,

    For the last two years it has been great knowing everyone in this blog site.. The venting of our frustrations and the jokes by NP. I have been recently been told and sworn at by “Jose” to leave this site and the consensuses as he claims that everyone thinks so too.

    Well I bid you all adieu. Vinaka vakalevu solivakasama and too all the dear bloggers!

    Ni qai moce toka


  15. Lusianna Says:

    Well http://www.solivakasama.org have done it! Vinaka Vakalevu!

    Kutu what has happened was meant to happen and now your dream will be fulfilled. You will get your 1million hits and I will be there to congratulate you!

    AK will never get credit for it.

    This is the new blog site folks and only those that can be trusted have the password. http://solivakasama.org/wordpress/

    One of the happiest days of my life – I can now leave this site a very very happy lady!

    To the green goons – catch us if you can!

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    Can the moderator simply delete off topic comments like those starting with “Fiji Girl”. It is boring and disrupts the thread. Perhaps you can have a separate link for posters who wish to comment on things that have nothing to do with the thread but wish to feud with each other or with the administration of the blog. Feel free to delete this comment, as it has nothing to do with the original thread.

  17. FijiGirl Says:

    Nostradamus – Given the previous blog posting to alert the bloggers, doesn’t that make you wonder who posted this entry? Why is there suddenly an option to notify bloggers of followup comments? Why that all of a sudden when it’s never been included before? All we ‘know’ is that something has changed, but we don’t know what that is.
    There is no harm in asking the questions that challenge assumptions. Isn’t that what blogging is all about?
    God bless Fiji

  18. hdq Says:

    Sources close to the Pig have confirmed that Piggy is taking out time each day to meditate to garner enough courage to face the Pacific Leaders and tell them as he likes it when they meet in PNG later this month.

    Also with him at these sessions are his one-eyed bucekovu Police Commissioner and his brother in law Kean

    As a show of force to be reckoned with the other two, like Piggy, will Commander one vessel each to form their great Armada that is meant to create fear on whoever of those leaders that may plan to differ with the pig.

    And the plan is that after the Forum leaders have been subdued the Armada will sale south to challenge the Australian Navy and then NZ.

    Dakuwaqa – sa ra gole yani qori – tilomi ira taucoko me keimami cegu.

    Aule na seka !!!!!!

  19. Nostradamus Says:

    Fine, but ask it in the right place, the previous thread.
    It has nothing to do with this thread.
    Of course it is up to the moderator to police this and he/she must be asleep on the job.

  20. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Nostradamus – Good point. Done.
    God bless Fiji

  21. vatu Says:

    Would be better if ‘MAN’ only mend this kind of business. Sa rui leva na gusucaiji.

  22. Colin Bishop Says:

    Had a phone from Nadi about the Company.
    It was remarked that there appears to be no support from the army during the flood.
    This was the opportunity for them to gain support and they have blown it.
    There seems to be a lack of IQ in the IG

  23. noqurosi9 Says:


    just thought I would bring your attention to the latest blog started up: http://igfiji.blogspot.com.

    it looks like the IG is also now blogging.

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    Colin ,
    didn’t you know , a lack of IQ is actually a pre requisite for joining the IG !

  25. Peace Pipe Says:

    WTF is this p@#$k Frank wanting to go to the country he abuses and calls names. Just goes to show he craves to be in Oz even if it is just for transit purpose. As long as he stands on Oz ground. His antics are just too obvious and childish..

    MM and CB, thats a good one, IG=zeroIQ. Army has taken a different role now where they do not have to dirty their hands. They have done nothing in the last hurricane and will not do anything in this flood.

  26. Sarotek Says:

    Hi I am new to this but here goes anyway. Why are you all fighting? It does not serve any purpose but to get you nowhere real fast. Regardless of who is deemed to be in the right or wrong. Also why does everyone want to return to democracy? Before the coup Fiji was a democratic country and the Police were as corrupt as anything. My personal experiences are really bad. I personally know that a Navua Police Officer\’s son got rolling drunk stole a car and killed a man by crashing it and he was only charged with a minor offense. The owner of the car tried to lay charges for thieft of the car and was told go away. The dead boys parents were never to see their sons murderer go to court for killing their son. They were poor Indians and did not have the resources to go after the man themselves. When stopped by the Police for speeding etc they would ask for \”lunch money\” and if you paid there was no fine given. I could go on and on. Also, the Government Officials were as bad if not worse with their corruption. In total Fiji had an extremely high rate of corruption. Government contracts were obtained by \”paying off the right guy\” and yes I have seen that occur so many times. Let\’s be fair at this point and state for the record that not all Police and Government Officials were corrupt but the majority were. What are you trying to achieve again – is it this democracy? If so then maybe you need to think about what you want before you ask for anything. As for the IG yes I agree that alot of them are corrupt and violent and something needs to change fast but some of them are good people. The AG I am not sure about I did not like his habit of opening his mouth before putting his brain into action at the start not sure yet but tending to think he is too immature to hold that post. Parmesh Chand I know well personally and he is genuinely a man who is honest and has integrity. He never took nor asked for a bribe before the coup and I would have known if he had he worked hard for the betterment of Fiji. That has not nor will not change as it is a part of who he really is in his heart. He has my utmost respect. I do not know Bainimarama but I do know that he has never been given an honest chance at sorting out Fiji and that is possibily a mistake. So what do you want a corrupt democracy or a nation where the citizens are healthy, wealthy and happy? Yes Fiji is going backwards but this is because everyone works against everyone and Australia and New Zealand are ensuring that no genuine help comes Fiji\’s way unless Fiji becomes a democracy again. But China has a strong economy even today and is not a democracy. I do not believe that being a democracy is the only answer. The IG is there now so how about everyone give them the help and co-operation to achieve a better Fiji and get off the fence and think about what we had before the coup. It was not good and is not good today so everyone stop fighting and work for FIJI not democracy.

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    SV make sure you have a disclaimer for comments made on your site .



    Home page on http://www.solivakasama.org has a story about Pramesh Chand on home page go the links
    “Major FNPF overspending at Natadola, says APRIL’s former financial controller”

  29. coup-buster Says:

    Apparently, the whole of Fiji is underwater, from the flood of the century-is this a warning, to the Idiot Bainimarama and his goons, from the Fijian Kalou-VU?
    What are you going to do with the Sugar cane when the flood has uprooted them all?
    What money are you going to use to feed the citizen of Fiji during and after the flood?
    Where would the money comes from to fix the damages after the flood?
    Obviously the rath of the Fijian Kalou-VU has been demonstrated?
    Repent you sinners and return democracy to the people ASAP or the next ACT OF GOD, may not look pretty?

  30. church mouse Says:

    Stop snarly letters at present. Concentrate of thinking of the people affected by the floods. Where is the national address to the nation? It is surely needed to encourage people to stay calm, care for their families and neighbours, to do what ordinary people in Fiji always do, just cope with the disasters that come and go. We need some fine words aka Abama at present.

  31. Nostradamus Says:

    Disaster relief is one area where the aid donors have alway had a significant input, especially Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. With the insulting behaviour from Voreqe towards these countries as late, they should simply not respond. Let Voreqe and his useless army handle it. It looks like the last nail in the coffin of the sugar industry and Mahen too, with the storm taking aim specifically at the sugar cane growing areas, Mahens betrayed political support. Let us now see how much money Mahen can pocket from overseas into his Australian bank account by claiming to be the champion of Indian victims. Isn’t there enough evidence to freeze his accounts and repossess his luxury homes?

  32. Adi Kaila Says:

    I have just recovered from a laughing fit after, surprise surprise a quick check on this site and reading all the kerfuffle about ME hijacking this site. What a hoot man!

    Sorry Churchmouse, but I must let you all know that I did have ample opportunity to go in and delete all the accusations made against me but I am not mean spirited & it’s not my place to promote dissension as I was invited and given a password to post on this site, which I did.

    I have also been locked out but that’s not surprising. Maybe there is someone on the team who is an ally and changed the password to keep certain elements from single handedly destroying this site. Whoever it is is allowing the new site to be promoted. Very commendable.

    Why the multiple personality has singled me out is incredible as I don’t have the time to administrate this site. I actually have a life and a business to run, there’s hardly time for much else as I am responsible for my staff and our clients.

    Looks like the law of gravity was tried to be forced onto me – ‘when you are down, everything falls on you’ Sori Modri you’re not about to get me rattled by blaming ME for your lack of community spirit

    Try pointing that finger of accusation closer to home, tunnel vision is interferring with your thought process – it’s just too easy to blame me isn’t it.

    I really have more important things to do and to concentrate my energies on, today for example we are busy collecting canned food and medical supplies to be transported to flood areas.

  33. Adi Kaila Says:

    whoops – I’ve really been disallowed onto this site

    Adi Kaila Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    Adi Kaikaila
    Who you are trying to kid only your email has been accepted by wordpress
    just because the other site is taking off and all the members know that you have been working with the green goons you decided to say what you said above.
    lako mada lai gunu yaqona.

  35. Budhau Says:

    I figured out who hijacked this site – it is that former Peace Corp, white guy and his Fijian wife.

    Shangorilla, F.I.R.M. and rest of the Tui Savu – good luck with Dot Org site – maybe when SDL gets back into power – they will have something for you guys.

    I like that Kalou-Vu posting – that hell has broken loose in Fiji, all because of this coup – you guys don’t think that Gods have better things to do.

  36. newsfiji Says:

    I’ll miss Wailei..we had some good laughing sessions…eu, whoever hijacked this site – F U!

    Too many new people in here too..

    Will miss Budhau too…am just going to stick with Raw Fiji News…


    You guys dont know Budhau… pls be careful he is using an isp numb from the military in Fiji.Budhau why dont you go and help the people who are sufferring from this flood.

  38. Budhau Says:

    Shangrila – what makes you think that I haven’t yet helped those victims of those floods….BTW, can I post my Sydney bank account number in here where you guys can send money for the flood victims’ relief fund.

    So the military is also watching me – why, don’t you guys know that I am on their side.

    Hey guys, with a .org name and being a “non-profit” why don’t you guys get some funds from the NGO types of even the government of Australia – rather than asking this poor bloggers to send you $5.00.


    Bud no body is asking for $5.00 people donate on their own free will beside our operation is funded by google ads we carry on our sites you racists pig .
    Kemuni na vei wekani o Budhau e vakayagataka tiko e dua na isp mai na keba ni mataivalu e viti keitou sa vakamuri koya tiko mai e na dua na gauna balavu this blog site has been taken over by the goons

    That is also one of the reason we have started on http://www.solivakasama.org/wordpress

    by the way when you go to the http://www.solivakasama.org have a look on some gogle ads we have.
    you to Bud tell the boys to look at some of the beatiful ads.

  40. Budhau Says:

    Shangrila – what is racist about questioning your fund raising.
    So now, besides asking for donations, you also have Googles ads. And how is that merchandising venture coming along – that seems be a money maker also.

    Well, I wish you all the best with your commercial venture – why didn’t you come out in the first place and say so, that this was all about money – and if you shared some of that money with these other disgruntled folks on this site – who knows there might not be a coup in here.

    Just like Qarase, you must learn to spread the wealth, you guys got too greedy.

    Anyway, why do you guys need money…and I am sure you already made a donation to the relief efforts in Fiji.

  41. Keep The Faith Says:

    I find it very hard to believe that this site has been hijacked while anti-IIG postings are still being made.

    The only hijackers are those making comments and diverting the discussions towards petty issues.

    Search your hearts peeps. If you really love your country think long and hard about why it is you continue to grace this blog with your e-presence.

  42. Budhau Says: Says:

    I hate to say that the coup was inspired by the Indina people of Fiji and Frank followed blindly,I am not a military guy as some of you have said,I am someone who supported the coup but changed when my Uncle Mahaendra was sacked.From now on I will register to join the Movement I sat enough talk.
    namaste he

  43. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sorry to digress folks and a special Tulou to Budh’s who is hell-bent on seeing discussion threads that relate to the topic…but this one I just could not resist.

    The f-ugly Tokaulauvere now raises his ugly mug to have an opinion. Felix and Daniel must be poking his testicles to make a public comment.


    Hullow?!?!? If there’s anyone who’s adept at fork-tonguing its you Tomasi plus Felix, Dan, Ma’ Chaud, Frank, Shyster(s), Tony, Francis Kean (btw don’t think we don’t know that your name Kean has been put up to manage the welfare fund of the RFMF — it aint gonna happen, and thats from within)….all being led by the biggest fork-tonguer Frank who is doing very well in coaching his protege I-yARSE.

    This opinion is not even worth the paper its printed on! Come on Fiji Times you could have used that page to launch your full-page disaster appeal!

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