Jean d’Ark IS SPOT ON

Vinaka Vakalevu Jean d’Ark for this lucid comment………..

Jean d’Ark Says:

January 5, 2009 at 7:08 am
Happy New Year, Fijigirl (and everyone else)!

In answer to your question – Form an NGO and join up with the Democracy Council (or just join straight up)!

We need to consider a range of options in addition to blogging – and that is a FIRST step!

2009 is the Regime’s last roll of the dice to try and garner some kind of legitimacy with the people of Fiji and the internationsl community.

They still have it in their naive minds that they (have the qualities and abilities) to forge some kind of Singapore out of Fiji. They blame Mahen for previous budgetary stuff-ups that have sunk the economy deeper since 2006.

So once this Samy/Narayan/Khaiyum/Chand 2009 budget sinks without a trace of economic benefit by year’s end, they will KNOW for sure that their Utopian charter pipe-dream is a non starter without proper democracy and legitimacy. They may claim that they have to wait another two or three years for the effects to show in the economic cycle, but really the writing will already be on the wall by then. Then you will see them increasingly isolated as more and more NCBBF/Charter supporters drift away from Frank & Co as it becomes increasingly difficult for them to justify all of Frank’s lying, cheating and charades that resulted in NO evident benefit or achievement!


24 Responses to “Jean d’Ark IS SPOT ON”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    The very thing is trying to avoid , he has created , jail !

  2. Shangrila-Fiji Says:

    And folks dont forget to register on the Solivakasama worldwide movemnet in our website
    The movement is very strong and branches are springing up all over the world,thanks SV TEAM.

  3. Ratu Sai Says:

    Whilst we must not condone the usurpation of any legitimate Government, we must also be knowledgeable of the fact there are times when such actions may be warranted.

    For once a man has stood amongst his peers with the proclamation that for a long time the grass roots people or the common people of this great country Fiji are slaves, the monopoly of their masters.

    Whilst we impute this wretched regime for all the ills the nation of Fiji has suffered for past and present coups, let’s be cognisant of the fact there are those of whom who lurks in the dark awaiting their next prey.

    These cliques of men are actually responsible for instilling racism which is a pestilence at the heart of the nation; they are also responsible for the nation’s predations.

    They are scourges of society; they systematically dismantle and divide society, for these coteries of men known only unto them are bloodhounds awaiting their next victims.

    The state of all ills in the country must lay with Rabuka George Speight Qarase GCC and all beneficiaries of these governments.
    he common people of our Country must never be salves unto their masters

    The laws of our country are skewed to perpetuate the ideals of those whom claim supremacy and an output of a system which clothes the rogues in robes and the honest grass roots people in rags.

    We must therefore imprecate these bastards for all ills the nation has suffered.

  4. Tim Says:

    Interesting comment Ratu Sai – which is why I made a comment a while back about the concept of legitimacy.
    This junta fools itself constantly – it has no legitimacy, and never will. As Tim Shadbolt once said, it’s based on a firm foundation of solid bullshit. Because it has no legitimacy, everything it does is manipulative and dishonest. If they were sure of themselves, they’d not be so afraid of testing the will of population.
    Every institution has either been corrupted or destroyed, which is I suppose all a junta can do when they’re incompetent, self-obsessed, opportunist and personally dishonest.
    I hope people also check out Bubu’s latest as well:

  5. EnufDictatorship Says:

    There is NO LEGITIMACY…I repeat, NO LEGITIMACY in USING GUNS to usurp power, WHATEVER the ills may be by any elected gov. or altruistic motives the usurper may have….THE USE OF GUNS have no place or time in this day and age.

    If one needs to change the gov. there are systems already in place to be followed. Because short-cuts esp. ones brought about by the use of GUNS only brings destitution, chaos and downright destruction of societal values and power to succeed in our OWN TERMS

    So, Rt. Sai I do not agree with you that “Whilst we must not condone the usurpation of any legitimate Government, we must also be knowledgeable of the fact there are times when such actions may be warranted.”

    These actions ARE NOT WARRANTED ANYMORE! Be a man and follow the systems already in place. Of course, we are knowledgeable of times when actions should be taken against a legitimate government BUT the process to do that is stated in our Laws and the Constitution of our country.

    This is what we are saying to coup-makers PAST and PRESENT… so the only way to deter FUTURE ONES is to teach these current ones and maybe the former ones a lesson! JAIL TIME people!

  6. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    So another green goon bobs up on this site trying to deflect the debate away from the mess that the green goons have made of Fiji.

    In just 2 years , they have wrecked the economy, wrecked the sugar industry, wrecked the social fabric and most importantly, wrecked the democratic freedoms of Fijian citizens.

    sai, we don’t need your pathetic, twisted apologies for you masters; please wake up to the fact that you have been lead up a garden path and like lemmings, you are being lead over a cliff to your doom.

  7. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    The illegals have made great pronouncements recently about how tourist numbers have grown lately.

    This bullsh*t has been accompanied in the press with photos of Australians “enjoying’ a holiday in Fiji.

    As has been stated on RawFijiNews, most of the Aust & NZ visitors to resorts were drawn to Fiji by the cheap prices. They would have booked 6 – 8 months ago. If they had cancelled the booking, they would have lost most of their money.

    So they took a risk coming over Christmas; we never give up our money for nothing.

    The other group of tourists to Fiji are the ones who turn up because it is included in their cruise.

    These people book a cruise on the’ Pacific Sun’ or ‘Pacific Princess’ from Brisbane , Sydney or Auckland to fit in with their annual holidays. Where the ship goes in the South Pacific is immaterial.

    It must be noted that P & O are offering discounts that equate to less than $100 a day for a person to be fed all day, entertained all day and buy drinks at reasonable prices.

    This pricing structure is much better than a Fijian resort where you still have to pay for meals ; and sometimes airfares.

    The sad news for Fiji is that Australian tourism will reduce fees even further to encourage Australians to holiday at home to maintain our own tourism industry.

    One can expect massive price reductions on the local market.

    Getting back to the P & O ships that occasionally visit Suva and some of the Fijian islands; most of the people on board do not select a cruise for where it goes, the main criteria is WHEN it goes i.e. fits in with my annual holiday.

    When the ships visit Suva, less than half of the passengers and crew would disembark. Most would have been warned by seasoned travelers that Suva is not worth the trouble.

    Now the islands are a different story; most people go ashore to see the Fijian people and to buy souvenirs and to have a swim.

    The reality is, most of these ship passengers couldn’t care less where they go as long as they are being fed and entertained in air-conditioned comfort onboard.

    A swim on some island is great but it doesn’t really matter which country.

    The one point that is important to tourists is that the ship M U S T stop in Vila for this is where you can pick up unbelievable duty free grog.

    Vila is the best place around for duty free grog.

    By word of mouth, Vila has become ‘the place’ to visit in the Pacific.

    It is interesting to note that the illegal junta counts all the passengers and crew on a ship arriving in Fiji as visitors; even if half of them don’t leave the ship.

    The moronic military then repeat this process when the ship visits an island.

    So, things are only going to get worse for Fiji.

    P & O are sticking to their 7 day cruise from Brisbane to Brisbane which can’t include Fiji because of the extra days involved. They are also looking at other ports away from Fiji to satisfy the market for the longer cruise such as New Year.

    Unfortunately. no thanks to bananasinpyjamas and its moronic military, Fiji is set to miss out big time..

  8. freedomfighter Says:

    Violence is always the last recourse to out dictators – whether guns or guts

  9. Budhau Says:

    BTW – why does SV have a need, all of a sudden, to raise money? ..and that registration thing – what is all that about.

    You want to do something constructive – ban this ex-tourist guy from this forum.

  10. Ratu Sai Says:

    ex Fiji tourist Says:

    While we are free to opine there is almost always when people misconstrue an opinion that is meant to be thought provoking their assertion are incessantly skewed, the objective of my opinion was to draw from people their honest opinions.

    There is nowhere in my opinion I condone a treasonous act, I was merely reiterating and not stating categorically from an article that I read where he (Bainimarama) would for once in the history of Fiji pledge an undertaking to ensure that the grass peoples would get their fair share of the nation’s wealth.

    Now are we to deny our brothers their rightful dues, I think not.

    For you see while people are standing on their roof tops screaming for
    Democracy they conveniently brush aside the thought of their fellow men.

    It is always me myself and I, they do not give a rats arse about the common people.

    Bear this in mind without the common people there is no Democracy.

    An opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance (Plato)

  11. Jean d'Ark Says:

    EFT – the shrill protests by Khaiyum & Wong that tourist numbers from NZ have increased, forgot to mention the key factor of “when”. Well they increased over the year, mostly during the later half.

    But there is no data available yet on what happened to numbers after Frank’s display of puerile pique against Caroline McDonald in December.

    Just looking at how the Christmas shopping season in NZ was a total bust this year due to financial crisis, I’d say Fiji tourist numbers from were already down again by the time Frank spat his baby dummy! But his childish expulsion of McDonald would only have made things worse.

    And worse still, that stupid and unnecessary act has now put Fiji within an ace of being graded at risk level 3 in NZ’s travel advisory. Once we hit that mark, travel insurance company’s will no longer cover travel insurance so you can expect a massive drop in numbers after that.

    On a related point, I think Bole’s appointment to the three-man “jamu” team to improve Fiji’s relations is a waste of time. His one-way, school-teacher monotone is ill-suited to diplomacy. And in any case, whatever he achieves can just be over-ridden by Frank any time, like what was done to Khaiyum and Gavidi when they thought they had come to a “dea”l on Caroline McDonald.

  12. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Ratu Sai – the problem with your approach, and which most other people have already recognized, is that EVERYTHING Frank has told us since 2006 has been a lie!

    In fact is it clear that he and his regime only ever tell us things, not because it is the truth and has some innate benefit for everyone, but simply for propaganda purposes to manipulate the public into somnolence, or sychophancy

    So why would any sane person put any stock in that? Particularly since the only evidence available to date is that he is simply re-distributing wealth to himself, and to diminishing concentric circles of lackies about him!

  13. Nostradamus Says:

    Ratu Sai says:

    “I read where he (Bainimarama) would for once in the history of Fiji pledge an undertaking to ensure that the grass peoples would get their fair share of the nation’s wealth.”

    Why, then, are he and Teletubby destroying the mariuana (grass) plantations, and why did Adi Asenaca complain that they grow like “weed”?

    As Bainipuaka destroys all the other major industries why can’t he see where the people can make a profit?

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    2009 will come and go like 2008 did. But it is the achievement of certain objectives that makes any year a milestone or another bummer. 2008 was definitely a bummer like the preceeding year was too. As we begin with the usual optimism we hope not to start counting the misdeeds of the those who forced themselves on us and still unwilling to let go. Whilst there is a degree of some sanity in some of those in power their top dog is still a mad dog after whom the lapdogs have to continuously clean up the poo the lead dog leaves behind.

    What better way the year to start with some gusto in regaining our freedom and pride as a free country then to join together in a move to voice our plea for democracy collectively as a nation united to be freed from the tyranny and dictatorship of the military leadership.

  15. freedomfighter Says:

    What about the thug and his goons stealing jobs from the civil servants following the coup – up your aiyarse:

    FICAC to charge informers on State

    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    ANY civil servant who leaks information to a “target” person will be charged under the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption’s newest offence – Misconduct in Public Office.

    This comes after interim Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, yesterday announced that Cabinet last week approved an amendment to the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Promulgation 2008.

    “The common law offence of Misconduct in Public Office is wider in some respects than the statutory offence of Abuse of Office, in that it is not necessary to prove any prejudice or detriment to the rights of another person,” he said in a release.

    “For example, the leaking of confidential information by a public officer to a “target” person would generally constitute the offence of Misconduct in Public Office, but not the offence of Abuse of Office.”

  16. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    It is noted that only one member of a 3 member team to engage with NZ has been named [ bole ].

    hairyarse says he is waiting for NZ to reply beforre he’ll announce the other 2 members.

    The mind boggles as to the identities of the 2 who can’t be named.

    Perhaps the tig is afraid that the Kiwis will laugh out loud when they find out that they are none other than the public aaahhhha speak aaaahhh ing champion, major loonie and the failed diplomat, ‘read-between-the-lines’ dimwiti.

  17. Save the Sheep Says:

    Nice Debate folks all in good spirit.

    Ratu Sai, you have raised a good point but as Jean Da’ark points out, Franl is a blue blooded pathelogical liar. (Although he/she was much more diplomatic).

    If you read the words of every so called savious coup maker throughout history, not to mention the majority of politicians who are in opposition, they 100% ride on the ticket of being “For the People” “we shall set it right” and so on and so on… Frank and his cronies have used the same old same old cliches from the beginning of this freak show.

    What is entirely unbelievable is how people still fall for it.

    What really gives these guys away though is that the solutions they put forward have little to do with helping the people but more to do with acquiring and maintaining power for self interest.

    With all the debate about democracy and electorial systems and so on, not one of them has suggested what we need that might just work and that is, abolish political parties and let each electorate vote for the person they feel best represents their interest and their district.

    Then let this Electoral Congress vote in a cabinet and leader than answers to then and through them to the people.

    While there is power there will be corruption.. So what’s new?


    And folks dont forget to register on the Solivakasama worldwide movemnet in our website
    The movement is very strong and branches are springing up all over the world,thanks SV

  19. Peace Pipe Says:

    @STS you have really put it very aptly. I totally agree. Like you said I too am bewildered at the amount of people who fall for this joke. It never fails too that old adage of power corrupts. These guys have absolute power and are therefore absolutely corrupted.

  20. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Well bloggers, Jean d’Ark certainly is spot on. And as each week passes, the situation for Fiji worsens and the true colours of our military-backed regime become more apparent.

    Now, for examnple, all the indications of a tin-pot dictatorship are on public display in our national capital as the police announce no further action on the case of the drunken soldier brandishing his pistol in a Suva nightclub.

    We think this incident is the tip of a huge iceberg, one in which could lurk the real agenda of our corrupt military-backed regime.

    What might that agenda be? On the face of the evidence to date it might well extend as far as organized crime.

    After all, who except a pimp, enforcer or someone engaged in similar criminal activity needs to arm them self with a pistol when going to a nightclub?

    According to regime mouthpiece, Major Leweni, the officer was actually “on
    duty”! According to police the matter now stays within the military.

    Now let’s get serious! This smacks of a hasty cover-up because there are simply too many unanswered questions:

    Why was the soldier drunk on duty? Why was he on duty in a nightclub? And why, for goodness sake, did he need to be armed?

    On the evidence it cannot be ruled out that he was looking after or engaged in a spot of organized criminal activity.

    Bloggers, that’s what we think and we leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

  21. coup-buster Says:

    While this azzOle was drunk in a nightclub, with a gun where the hell were the bloggers, man this was a chance of a lifetime, to steal his gun and blow his AZZ all the way to kingdom come? If this ever happen again please call me-the COUP-BUSTER i’ll be happy to blow up his AZZ and then some!!

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    It just isn’t football Frank !
    The goal posts have been moved yet again .

  23. Lusianna Says:

    Dear Bloggers,

    I tried posting this on the solivakasama blog but was blocked awaiting moderators approval. I doubt it will ever be published. I believe that my side of the story should be told.
    I have kept my silence till now but believe I should write something to clear the air.
    I use to have a blog called and regularly blog on other anti Fiji Coup sites. After the closure of RFC when it was hijacked by the goons I suggested we maintain that spirit and continue on another blog. I then set up this blog site and pass on the password to regular bloggers’ goneyalewaniviti, Jean d’Ark, Adi Kaila, Big Bill and Natewa Prince. The idea was to work as a tag team as one can not contribute content all the time.

    Over the months, it appears as if I was the only one blogging so I recruited in Jese Waqalekaleka as a contributor after a few correspondences and emailed him the password. He later on recruited in another gentleman who later blogs as FIRM.

    As SV grew there were numerous calls and suggestion by bloggers that we set up a global organisation and people were even suggesting we set up a political party, a trust fund etc. to help freedom fighters.

    At this point the only active people that were posting (the ones with the password) was Jese, FIRM and I. So due to these suggestion, the number of hits on the website and OUR DESIRE TO MOVE THE CAMPAIGN FROM MERELY BLOGGING TO OTHER WAYS OF RESISTING VORE AND HIS GOONS, we decided to set up a website and in crease the electronic warfare effort to another level. Blogging alone will not do anything against thick headed military goons.

    All of these at this point are done on trust and a common commitment to free our homeland from the tyranny that has now got an iron fist on it.

    The website was launched, branding done with merchandise and even without appealing people start donating in money.

    Last week, what started as a little spat between Adi Kaila who placed personal information about a lady on the internet in one of the thread of discussion got a bit out of hand. FIRM took offence as I believe he is related to the lady whose personal life was being discussed and things got really ugly. I must admit that I was disappointed with FIRM for deleting some of the comments as I am a strong promoter of freedom of expression. But then you have got to understand that he was trying t defend a relative and things can get emotionally charged.

    Also a public spat among freedom bloggers and taking a bite at each other publicly on this blog would be playing right into those that oppose us such as the Military and the illegal government. I mean, our fight is against Bainimarama and those that support him. To keeps things professional, I emailed FIRM and was trying to pacify him behind the scene before turning my attention to Adi Kaila.

    However while I was too busy trying to cool down FIRM and before I could turn my attention at Adi Kaila, she must have checked back to all her old emails, recovered the password and changed it blocking out all of us. That is my gut feel because the others who know the password had hardly contribute for the last 12 months.

    So if it is Adi Kaila she is now solely in control of this blog. In her selfish greed to get back at FIRM she has also kicked me out and others who have slaved hard to keep this blog alive and kicking day and night. If she is against I would like to state for the record that she had registered on it but unfortunately it got rejected as a person must register with his/her real name.

    I was really looking forward to the 1 million hit and I feel robbed right now. While I have never ever personally claim this blog as my own given initially it was my idea and I set it up, it feels like somebody has kidnapped one of my children.

    I emailed adi kaila last Sunday trying to reason with her that this fight is bigger then we but she has decided to ignore it.

    Right now I feel so dirty about the whole thing. I still would like to kick Voreqe Bainimarama in the butt but I feel so vindicated and used by what has happened here. Since Sunday, I do not even want to comeback to this blog but someone alerted me today about this posting and I think it was proper that I commented.

    Discussing with Jese Waqalekaleka on Sunday, we decided to try and keep it hush not to cause panic among freedom bloggers but it appears that personal agenda had being placed ahead of our fight so i now need to come out publicly.

    I have always told the team to keep your personal feelings out. You are in control of some very confidential information and please if people attack you comments, live by the principle we are fighting for and that is the chance for others to be heard. This fight and struggle is bigger then all of us as individual and we must remain focus on the big picture.

    I must state here that we are remaining focussed. FIRM has learnt a big lesson about what it takes to be a community organiser and we must move on after this road hump our our struggle for the freedom of our beloved Fiji. is programmed for some big fights this year and that is why we are asking for people to sign up. e-petitions are about to go out and one of the first big fights we are planning is against expatriates who have taken up jobs with the terrorist that run our country at present. The ball is now in your court whether you want to join the struggle or regret later because this journey will move on without you.

    For those of you who have donated money and now have doubts, email me at and I will contact the team to return them because we are not a bunch of losers that I trying to scam something off you.

    These gentlemen who are leading the fight have actually used their own money, time and effort to set up the website and we are moving this fight towards another level using our own time, money and effort and whether you want to come on board or not we are marching on to freedom.

    Again I say email me as I solely control and know the password to if you want to know more.

    NB: In due time, we the organisers of will come out in due time but for the security of our family we have decided to keep our ID confidential for now on.

  24. FijiGirl Says:

    Lusianna – Reposting the same message on every page is boring and looks like attention-seeking behaviour. Please resist and try to stick to the topic.
    I see the Fiji Rugby Union is back to being $1m in debt after a golden age of solvency and world cup victories. Yet another side-effect of Crankie Frankie leading the country down the path of destruction.
    God bless Fiji

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