The treasonous illegal governments leader Voreqe Bainimarama in his New Years address to the Nation stated that elections have to be democratic, and from the 70% of the population who were consulted about the NCBBF 90% actually supported it.

Unbeknown to the TIG or they do know this but are so apt at spinning their web of lies is the Nation does not support the NCBBF, a minority may support it and these could be the TIG and their families only. Most people can’t be bothered reading the literature they distributed about the NCBBF because they just don’t want anything to do with the TIG as they know anything to do with the TIG is just that ILLEGAL.

Ms Tabakaucoro has quoted today in the Fiji Times that INDIGENOUS Fijians can rest assured that there won’t be any alteration to the Fijian register (Vola ni Kawa Bula) and the administration of native land in the People’s Charter. Why should there be, the TIG should not meddle in matters that they have no business, unless of course they’ve actually gone in and made themselves Turagas by falsifying their status and the origins their ancestors.
Give the unprincipled TIG the opportunity and who knows what more this lot are capable of.

Wikiwai Yabaki in his position as executive director of the Citizens Constitutional Forum is stating that the NY address regarding elections in December 2009 was a positive sign. It certainly is:

Possible election a positive sign: CCF
Monday, January 05, 2009

Update: 3:18PM The recent announcement of a possible election by December has been seen as a positive sign for the nation by the Citizens Constitutional Forum.

The non-government organisation has welcomed the recent announcement by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

CCF executive director Reverend Akuila Yabaki said that 11 months was sufficient time for the elections office to prepare for elections, even with a new electoral system in place.

“Under the Commonwealths Millbrook Action Programme on the Harare Declaration, a country where a democratically elected government has been removed must have elections within two years of the event to show a genuine commitment to return to democracy,” Reverend Yabaki said.

“In Fiji, clearly the two-year target has not been met. However, an election by the end of 2009 shows a more genuine commitment to return to democracy, than a vague promise of elections in 2010.”

Mr Yabaki said the New Year has brought hope for the people with something positive to look forward to.

………Can we quote you on this in January 2010 Wikiwai Yabaki? It all sounds too good to be true.

The citizens of Fiji have kept a dignified silence on all matters regarding the TIG, it’s time they, the TIG sorted themselves and their principles, as they have noone else to blame for the state of the Nation and lack of trust and disrepect toward them but their sorry lame duck selves.

If they think the silence is a sign of acquiescence the TIG is DEAD wrong again, like they were wrong from the beginning 5.12.06 when they deprived the Nation of Fiji of its democratically elected government and their rights as citizens of this country.


7 Responses to “HOOPLA TO SAVE FACE?”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    As Jimmy Carter , the President of the United States of America once said to the Russians , don’t mistake our kindness for weakness !

  2. freedomfighter Says:

    This Yabaki chap is a snake oiling in and out of Banimiarama’s underwear when it suits him – F-off you drunkard

  3. Shangrila-Fiji Says:

    And folks dont forget to register on the Solivakasama worldwide movemnet in our website http://www.solivakasama.org
    The movement is very strong and branches are springing up all over the world,thanks SV TEAM.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Shangrila – cut out the crap – every thread in here you are begging for that $5 contribution – the worldwide movement with branches springing up all over the world – who is the official grog supplier for these branches.

    BTW – if you are writing on behalf of the SV team – what happened to Kutu, and NP – or are you NP with a different mask this time.


    Budhau The leader of the labour party chaudary is going to share the prison cell with George. The SV team is very much intact like in every other organisation you have to go thru that gorge in the middle of the river,no like the stock market it made some corrections and readjustments then it will move on stronger.

  6. coup-buster Says:

    Sa qai mimica na nona Tarausese o Chodo? Please, put these two men together in Naboro. I’m sure Chodo may have suspected this-spending time with George in Naboro and is probably pissin his pant just thinking about it? I remember, the last time they talked George slapped the shit out of him and Chodo was crying like a baby. I don’t think he wants to be left alone with king George especially in a jail cell?

  7. Lusianna Says:

    Dear Bloggers,

    I tried posting this on the solivakasama blog but was blocked awaiting moderators approval. I doubt it will ever be published. I believe that my side of the story should be told.
    I have kept my silence till now but believe I should write something to clear the air.
    I use to have a blog called kutusebeneivore@wordpress.com and regularly blog on other anti Fiji Coup sites. After the closure of RFC when it was hijacked by the goons I suggested we maintain that spirit and continue on another blog. I then set up this blog site and pass on the password to regular bloggers’ goneyalewaniviti, Jean d’Ark, Adi Kaila, Big Bill and Natewa Prince. The idea was to work as a tag team as one can not contribute content all the time.

    Over the months, it appears as if I was the only one blogging so I recruited in Jese Waqalekaleka as a contributor after a few correspondences and emailed him the password. He later on recruited in another gentleman who later blogs as FIRM.

    As SV grew there were numerous calls and suggestion by bloggers that we set up a global organisation and people were even suggesting we set up a political party, a trust fund etc. to help freedom fighters.

    At this point the only active people that were posting (the ones with the password) was Jese, FIRM and I. So due to these suggestion, the number of hits on the website and OUR DESIRE TO MOVE THE CAMPAIGN FROM MERELY BLOGGING TO OTHER WAYS OF RESISTING VORE AND HIS GOONS, we decided to set up a website and in crease the electronic warfare effort to another level. Blogging alone will not do anything against thick headed military goons.

    All of these at this point are done on trust and a common commitment to free our homeland from the tyranny that has now got an iron fist on it.

    The website was launched, branding done with merchandise and even without appealing people start donating in money.

    Last week, what started as a little spat between Adi Kaila who placed personal information about a lady on the internet in one of the thread of discussion got a bit out of hand. FIRM took offence as I believe he is related to the lady whose personal life was being discussed and things got really ugly. I must admit that I was disappointed with FIRM for deleting some of the comments as I am a strong promoter of freedom of expression. But then you have got to understand that he was trying t defend a relative and things can get emotionally charged.

    Also a public spat among freedom bloggers and taking a bite at each other publicly on this blog would be playing right into those that oppose us such as the Military and the illegal government. I mean, our fight is against Bainimarama and those that support him. To keeps things professional, I emailed FIRM and was trying to pacify him behind the scene before turning my attention to Adi Kaila.

    However while I was too busy trying to cool down FIRM and before I could turn my attention at Adi Kaila, she must have checked back to all her old emails, recovered the password and changed it blocking out all of us. That is my gut feel because the others who know the password had hardly contribute for the last 12 months.

    So if it is Adi Kaila she is now solely in control of this blog. In her selfish greed to get back at FIRM she has also kicked me out and others who have slaved hard to keep this blog alive and kicking day and night. If she is against solivakasama.org I would like to state for the record that she had registered on it but unfortunately it got rejected as a person must register with his/her real name.

    I was really looking forward to the 1 million hit and I feel robbed right now. While I have never ever personally claim this blog as my own given initially it was my idea and I set it up, it feels like somebody has kidnapped one of my children.

    I emailed adi kaila last Sunday trying to reason with her that this fight is bigger then we but she has decided to ignore it.

    Right now I feel so dirty about the whole thing. I still would like to kick Voreqe Bainimarama in the butt but I feel so vindicated and used by what has happened here. Since Sunday, I do not even want to comeback to this blog but someone alerted me today about this posting and I think it was proper that I commented.

    Discussing with Jese Waqalekaleka on Sunday, we decided to try and keep it hush not to cause panic among freedom bloggers but it appears that personal agenda had being placed ahead of our fight so i now need to come out publicly.

    I have always told the team to keep your personal feelings out. You are in control of some very confidential information and please if people attack you comments, live by the principle we are fighting for and that is the chance for others to be heard. This fight and struggle is bigger then all of us as individual and we must remain focus on the big picture.

    I must state here that we are remaining focussed. FIRM has learnt a big lesson about what it takes to be a community organiser and we must move on after this road hump our our struggle for the freedom of our beloved Fiji.

    Solivaksama.org is programmed for some big fights this year and that is why we are asking for people to sign up. e-petitions are about to go out and one of the first big fights we are planning is against expatriates who have taken up jobs with the terrorist that run our country at present. The ball is now in your court whether you want to join the struggle or regret later because this journey will move on without you.

    For those of you who have donated money and now have doubts, email me at solivakasama.gmail.com and I will contact the team to return them because we are not a bunch of losers that I trying to scam something off you.

    These gentlemen who are leading the fight have actually used their own money, time and effort to set up the website and we are moving this fight towards another level using our own time, money and effort and whether you want to come on board or not we are marching on to freedom.

    Again I say email me as I solely control and know the password to solivakasama.gmail.com if you want to know more.

    NB: In due time, we the organisers of solivakasama.org will come out in due time but for the security of our family we have decided to keep our ID confidential for now on.

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