Interim PM reassures on poll – lasulasu bokala says SV!

Yadra bloggers. Here we have contradictory statements coming out of his mouth, which is not unusual. Vore talks about the removal of all forms of racial categorisations in government forms and records, then on the same breadth thanks the BNT, which is exclusively made up of Fijians and says they will continue to play a pivotal role in Fiji’s politics! This is a classic example why the perpetrators of the coups must be exposed and held accountable because what does this statement mean?

Vore, both Eveli’s & Mara’s children are so power hungry they cannot see beyond their noses. Yet it is the people behind them, who are using them to attain their own objectives, which is disastrous for Fijians! Vore’s statement implies the VKB will be abolished and once it is removed, native lands will become a commodity and sold to the highest bidder guaranteeing the demise of the Fijian race .

SV wholeheartedly endorses FTA’s President Tevita Koroi statement when he said “what’s wrong with being Fijian?”Fijians are now being punished by these wannabe chiefs who no longer have the moral authority or traditional right to lead Fijians and in desperately wanting to stake their groundless claim have willingly sold their birth right to any who are willing to ligitimise their groundless claim.

SV says to Vore, both Eveli’s and the Mara children, you have sold your birth rights and are doomed to fail forever, but we retain ours, are proud of our Fijianess and we shall endure: YES WE CAN!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

FIJI will have an election but it must be held under a system that is democratic, says interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. In his New Year address, Commodore Bainimarama says this means the value of individual votes must be the same.

“You must have the right to choose whoever you want regardless of ethnic categorisation and politicians must implement polices good for all,” he said. Commodore Bainimarama said his regime had started the implementation of the People’s Charter as directed by President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

“One example is the removal of racial categorisation in government forms and records,” he said. Commodore Bainimarama thanked those who participated in the three-month charter consultation process.

“Close to 70 per cent of the population participated in the consultations and 90 per cent supported the charter,” he said. Commodore Bainimarama was overwhelmed by the support given by chiefs at the Bose ni Turaga to Ratu Josefa, the interim Government, and the charter.

“The Bose ni Turaga showed the wisdom and acumen it is known for and will continue to play a pivotal role.” He said while the regime had differences with rich neighbours Australia and New Zealand, he hoped the long -standing friendship with Fiji would allow the countries to overcome the impasse.

“To overcome the misunderstanding we, as a nation, need to be treated with respect and dignity and our sovereignty and independence must remain paramount.”

Commodore Bainimarama said he would attend the Forum leaders meeting this month in Papua New Guinea and looked forward to constructive engagement and dialogue.

He said Fiji had potential, will and ability to take it to another level. “Don’t listen to the merchants of gloom and doom and misinformation. “They will come and go but we as a people must forge ahead with a sense of realism, positivity and pride.” Commodore Bainimarama wished all a prosperous new year.


21 Responses to “Interim PM reassures on poll – lasulasu bokala says SV!”

  1. Lusianna Says:

    Bainipuaka this is what I think of what you have to say – you self centred egotistical prick!

    Elections – the criminal puaka way that is you interpretation of democratic elections!

    Implementation of the Charter Farter by those that was after nothing else but taxpayers hard earned cash and directed by an illegal President who has had his days and should be home looked after by his ambitious power hungry wife.

    Removal of racial categorisation in Govt forms and records – waste of damn money which the nation haven’t got. Give it to the schools to buy text books etc. That kinda stuff can wait and be done when the people elect who they want to govern them.

    Bull shit, 90% supported that Charter Farter you are trying to sell. Crap! Crap! Crap!

    Bose Ni Turaga – nothing chiefs – they came to wine and dine and just like you, foolish lunatics!

    Smart words “rich neighbours Aust and NZ” shows us what a boidada green eyed monster you are and the dream of yours to be like Rabuka who with our support allowed him to get away with it. Other words, want to be recognised as Fiji’s legal PM. No where near that level of intelligence!

    Read this with that Muslim arseOhole and the Indian Parmesh Chand very carefully and get it into your dense head that we learnt our lesson then and in no way we will support those that have to coup to govern our country. Never Never Never again and we do not care who governs as long as they are elected by the people for the people.

    Baci dua tale na lasu – make out their care and know what they are doing when they don’t.

    You know the sad thing about all this is Bainupuaka has to get a damn Muslim and an Indian arseOhole advising him because the 2 taukei chiefs, 2 Evelis and their wives have no brains!

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, did bananasinpyjamas read this pronouncement out aloud OR was it a press release?

    If the former, who was the audience and where? If there was an audience, it must have been painful to sit and listen as bananas mumbled all the big words.

    If it was the latter, then one can see why; refer to above.

    Either way, it is plain to see that bananas didn’t have any part in writing that pack of lies

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is time for the FTA to seek help from overseas teachers’ unions to redress the great wrong that has been done to the FTA president.

    The FTA has no other recourse but to strike; refuse to open the schools.

    Teachers’ Unions in Aust and NZ would assist with financial backing for the striking Fijian Teachers.

    BUT, the FTA MUST take the first step and ask for help.

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Na boci ga, na boci!

  5. Lusianna Says:

    Claiming to be Fiji’s Prime Minister when he isn’t – illegal Prime Minister you bloody fool se lasu lasu PM of Bainipuaka land.

  6. Budhau Says:

    That above remark, “Vore, both Eveli’s & Mara’s children are so power hungry they cannot see beyond their noses. Yet it is the people behind them, who are using them to attain their own objectives, which is disastrous for Fijians!”

    Who exactly are these people “behind them” – is it these people or should it be this guy, the “evil one”.

    If I was a Fijian, I would be insulted that this one man, a non-Fijian was behind all these above mentioned chiefs and those other wannabe chiefs, all those 125 of them.

    That remark, “…native lands will become a commodity and sold to the highest bidder guaranteeing the demise of the Fijian race.”

    I guess you don’t think much about the Fijian people, do you. What do you think they will do, sell the land and blow all the money. What if one of those mataqalis sells their land and buys a high rise in Sydney – don’t you think they should be allowed to do that if they so choose.

    You see, if an Indian owns two blocks of land, he sells one parcel, builds a two storey house on his other parcel of land and with the left over money, he sends his son to New Zealand to become a lawyer – so what exactly is wrong with land being a commodity.

  7. Lusianna Says:


    You blog to confuse us and will not buy into it. It is people like you that are trying to pull the wool over our faces. Indians are another race of people that have entered our shores therefore should be classed as “vulagis.” Stick to the business side of things like it use to be and keep out of the land issues. Let the Indians sell their business and buy their two storey house overseas but don’t ever equate them to the taukeis on any land issues.

    The land is owned by the mataqali and if there is going to be any changes we want it to come from the GCC and other experts that will have above anything else the welfare of the taukei.

    We don’t want it to come from a Muslim or an Indian. We here at SV are not like “Vore, both Eveli’s & Mara’s children who are so power hungry they cannot see beyond their noses.

    The quicker the other taukeis start realizing what Vore, the 2 Evelis and the Mara children are up to the better. Stop treating them with kind of respect they don’t deserve it.

    If I had my way I would ship all of them to Tongan with no money and I bet you what the Tongan Royal family wouldn’t even have a bar of them. They are useless with no money!

    We don’t care who governs us as long as it is done through the legal process.

    Bainimarama’s govt is illegal so everything they do is ILLEGAL!

    Talk to me again when all these losers are elected by the people for the people then you and I can discuss their polices on an even legal playing field.


  8. Budhau Says:

    Lusianna – you fricken idiot – Go figure out who a muslim is and who an Indian is.

    As for you silly ass “legal process” – wasn’t it your GCC that endorsed the previous coups….and all of sudden this one has become ILLEGAL.

    Your remark “don’t equate the Indians with the Taukeis” – Listen you idiots – the Taukeis ain’t no gods gift to humanity – all these races and ethic groups are proud of who they are – so stop this dreaming that somehow your people are some how superior.

    There are good Fijians and there are bad Fijians – just like there are good and bad Indians.

    I am sick of this crap about Fijians being naive when they supported the previous coups and now they have learned their lessons. Of that Fijians, if given the opportunity, would sell off their land. Or that Fijians have uncomplicated hearts, therefore they can be exploited. That they are not cunning people – like the Indians.

    So get this through you thick head – that Fijians as a race are no different than any other people…..they are not better, and neither are they worse.

    So of you idiots have got this in your head that you are some kinda Gods gift to humanity.

  9. Lusianna Says:

    Tut! Tut! gotcha!

    Won’t even read you comments because I know your style.

    Told you come back to me when my country has an elected govt in place.

    We can then discuss policies on an even playing field.

    Bye Bye off to a party with the Mara girls! I am sure if you were here you would be invited.

  10. Budhau Says:

    This ain’t about democracy – this is about the wrong guy pulling this coup – you would be more than happy if your cousin pulls a coup.

    So cut out the crap about democracy.

  11. F.I.R.M Says:

    Happy new year to everyone

  12. Snapper Cracker Says:

    @ Budhau

    I was avoiding you because I wanted to sus you out first.

    No need to now! That’s it, that’s the thing, you guys want to be accepted as the rightful legal govt of Fiji!

    Budhau you are smart enough to know that in a democracy one’s party has to be elected to govern.

    Why is Frank afraid to hold elections?

    Why not have elections, Frank’s party wins and then implement the charter.

    I think you guys are confused you are implementing the charter first and then if we are lucky hold elections?

  13. coup-buster Says:

    No one should trust what this azzOle is saying about an election.He’s only saying it so he can keep people like the AzzOle buhda believing in his bullshit? Hey,he will be out before the year end-mark my word.Buhda will be swiming back to culcatta and all Fijian will live happily ever after

  14. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    you again miss the plot. This is because you are FLP and like Chodo Snr have sour grapes.

    Fijians have learnt from their mistakes and will abide by a lawful elected government and will never again acted blindly like in 1987.

    Move forward boci as we have!

  15. FijiGirl Says:

    Hmmm, let me guess.
    If Vore is making noises about return to elections it must be …. can it be … yes! The Pacific Islands Forum leaders are meeting again!!
    Vore quickly takes his cue to start covering his (Aiy)arse before the Forum leaders let him have what’s coming to him in terms even he cannot completely deny.
    He seems to think that if he starts giving the impression he might call for new elections, the Forum leaders will go easy on him because, well, because that’s what they’ve always done up to now. Why expect anything to change?
    Please, bloggers, write to the Suva embassies of the Pacific Forum countries and tell them in no uncertain terms that they MUST increase pressure on this illegitimate regime to return to Free and Fair elections NOW.
    Budhau has said in the past, and he is correct in this, that writing in won’t change much.
    But it will give those in the Forum the tools they can use (once their political will directs them) to give Vore the ultimatum – Elections Or Else! And what will decide that political will?
    Our voices, and the voices of their own electorates.
    Don’t lose hope. Don’t despair. Write in. Use the power that we all have, the power of our voices, raised as one, to defeat this pretender and return to democracy.
    God bless Fiji

  16. Budhau Says:

    Why not have an election? – yeah right! So what happened when we had elections in 1987. What happened when we had elections in 2000.
    ..and what will happen if we have an election in 2009 and the “evil one” wins that election? You don’t want an election – what you want is a Fijian dominated government – and I am all for it if the people vote in such a government – and with 60% Fijian population it is very likely that we will have such a government – but if the people still decide to vote someone like the “evil one” as the PM – then you should be willing to accept that election result.

    Oh I get get it – the Fijians were naive back then in 1987 and 2000 but now we have have learned our lessons – we have seen the light – right?

    Until you are ready to accept democracy – and that means accepting the election of someone that you do not agree with and allowing that person to serve out his/her term as PM – this cycle of coup ain’t gonna stop. And BTW, even if one of you right wing ethno-nationalists pulls the next coup – that government ain’t gonna be any better than this one for the Fijian people.

    I think people who come in here and say that the Fijians were naive in the past when they accepted the coups or that the Fijians, if given the opportunity will sell their land and blow that the money, etc – these people a insulting the Fijian race. So the GCC was naive in 1987?

    …and by that same token – there are others in here who think that the iTaukei is the Gods gift to humanity….that is a load of crap too.

    Just like all other races and ethic groups – it is good to be proud of your race or religion – makes you feel good – just understand that you are not better or worse than the next guy. Those other folks of other races and elasticities are as proud as you are of their race, ethnicity or religion.

    Hey JW – have you guys really moved on? or is it just that the wrong guy pulled this coup.

  17. lau lass Says:

    Budhau try going back to India & be proud of your race & religion there!!!

  18. Peace Pipe Says:

    We’ve had enough of the crap coming out of Cranky Franky’s mouth that we don’t believe anything he says.

    So who is he to determine what is democratic by autocratically shoving down our throats the charter farter setting up the rules for elections and not letting the people have any say in it. Why does he keep claiming the 90% support which is all but a farce. If that was true then he should have the confidence to use this as his manifesto and go into election right away. Frank please go and jump somewhere very deep and don’t feed us all these bulldung. We have has enough.

  19. Peace Pipe Says:

    By the way has he given any deadline on the poll date or is he just using his usual diversionary tactic and saying things obliquely just to gain favour and soften the attitude towards him.

  20. Tash Says:

    Peace Pipe

    Like Budhau na boci ga na boci!

    Posted it on a different thread so posting again.

  21. Lusianna Says:

    Dear Bloggers,

    I tried posting this on the solivakasama blog but was blocked awaiting moderators approval. I doubt it will ever be published. I believe that my side of the story should be told.
    I have kept my silence till now but believe I should write something to clear the air.
    I use to have a blog called and regularly blog on other anti Fiji Coup sites. After the closure of RFC when it was hijacked by the goons I suggested we maintain that spirit and continue on another blog. I then set up this blog site and pass on the password to regular bloggers’ goneyalewaniviti, Jean d’Ark, Adi Kaila, Big Bill and Natewa Prince. The idea was to work as a tag team as one can not contribute content all the time.

    Over the months, it appears as if I was the only one blogging so I recruited in Jese Waqalekaleka as a contributor after a few correspondences and emailed him the password. He later on recruited in another gentleman who later blogs as FIRM.

    As SV grew there were numerous calls and suggestion by bloggers that we set up a global organisation and people were even suggesting we set up a political party, a trust fund etc. to help freedom fighters.

    At this point the only active people that were posting (the ones with the password) was Jese, FIRM and I. So due to these suggestion, the number of hits on the website and OUR DESIRE TO MOVE THE CAMPAIGN FROM MERELY BLOGGING TO OTHER WAYS OF RESISTING VORE AND HIS GOONS, we decided to set up a website and in crease the electronic warfare effort to another level. Blogging alone will not do anything against thick headed military goons.

    All of these at this point are done on trust and a common commitment to free our homeland from the tyranny that has now got an iron fist on it.

    The website was launched, branding done with merchandise and even without appealing people start donating in money.

    Last week, what started as a little spat between Adi Kaila who placed personal information about a lady on the internet in one of the thread of discussion got a bit out of hand. FIRM took offence as I believe he is related to the lady whose personal life was being discussed and things got really ugly. I must admit that I was disappointed with FIRM for deleting some of the comments as I am a strong promoter of freedom of expression. But then you have got to understand that he was trying t defend a relative and things can get emotionally charged.

    Also a public spat among freedom bloggers and taking a bite at each other publicly on this blog would be playing right into those that oppose us such as the Military and the illegal government. I mean, our fight is against Bainimarama and those that support him. To keeps things professional, I emailed FIRM and was trying to pacify him behind the scene before turning my attention to Adi Kaila.

    However while I was too busy trying to cool down FIRM and before I could turn my attention at Adi Kaila, she must have checked back to all her old emails, recovered the password and changed it blocking out all of us. That is my gut feel because the others who know the password had hardly contribute for the last 12 months.

    So if it is Adi Kaila she is now solely in control of this blog. In her selfish greed to get back at FIRM she has also kicked me out and others who have slaved hard to keep this blog alive and kicking day and night. If she is against I would like to state for the record that she had registered on it but unfortunately it got rejected as a person must register with his/her real name.

    I was really looking forward to the 1 million hit and I feel robbed right now. While I have never ever personally claim this blog as my own given initially it was my idea and I set it up, it feels like somebody has kidnapped one of my children.

    I emailed adi kaila last Sunday trying to reason with her that this fight is bigger then we but she has decided to ignore it.

    Right now I feel so dirty about the whole thing. I still would like to kick Voreqe Bainimarama in the butt but I feel so vindicated and used by what has happened here. Since Sunday, I do not even want to comeback to this blog but someone alerted me today about this posting and I think it was proper that I commented.

    Discussing with Jese Waqalekaleka on Sunday, we decided to try and keep it hush not to cause panic among freedom bloggers but it appears that personal agenda had being placed ahead of our fight so i now need to come out publicly.

    I have always told the team to keep your personal feelings out. You are in control of some very confidential information and please if people attack you comments, live by the principle we are fighting for and that is the chance for others to be heard. This fight and struggle is bigger then all of us as individual and we must remain focus on the big picture.

    I must state here that we are remaining focussed. FIRM has learnt a big lesson about what it takes to be a community organiser and we must move on after this road hump our our struggle for the freedom of our beloved Fiji. is programmed for some big fights this year and that is why we are asking for people to sign up. e-petitions are about to go out and one of the first big fights we are planning is against expatriates who have taken up jobs with the terrorist that run our country at present. The ball is now in your court whether you want to join the struggle or regret later because this journey will move on without you.

    For those of you who have donated money and now have doubts, email me at and I will contact the team to return them because we are not a bunch of losers that I trying to scam something off you.

    These gentlemen who are leading the fight have actually used their own money, time and effort to set up the website and we are moving this fight towards another level using our own time, money and effort and whether you want to come on board or not we are marching on to freedom.

    Again I say email me as I solely control and know the password to if you want to know more.

    NB: In due time, we the organisers of will come out in due time but for the security of our family we have decided to keep our ID confidential for now on.

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