Singh heads democracy movement – good on ya Attar says SV!

Bloggers, well the Democratic Movement has finally been launched in Fiji with Attar Singh as its inaugural President. These are orimous times and those elected to the various positions come with good pedigree and reputation both in the private and public sectors. Working alongside these groups will be good for us and very bad for the illegal junta. SV will work closely with the Democractic Movement in our own way because each orgionsation have their own niche market and it is these various qualities that makes us formidabile. Have a nice weekend ragone and don’t forget to register on


Fiji Council of Trade Unions general Secretary Attar Singh will head the Movement for Democracy in Fiji.

On December 5 last year, a group of concerned citizens and organisations formally banded together to establish the movement to campaign for the immediate restoration of parliamentary democracy. The movement comprises non-governmental organisations, trade unions and political parties.

Fijian Teachers Association President Tevita Koroi said there would be two working arms of the movement – the National Council and the Working Committee.

Koroi said the eight organisations unanimously agreed that Singh be the chairperson of the movement and its apex decision making body the national Council. He said the deputy chair for the Movement is former FIT principal and High Commissioner to the UK – Emitai Boladuadua.

At the Working Committee level, former senior military officer, State CEO and Ambassador to China Jeremaia Waqanisau as the chair and his deputy chairperson Adi Ema Tagicakibau of the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre is responsible for the planning of the campaigns and activities.

Koroi said the National Council had also appointed the PCRC to be the secretariat for the movement. Meanwhile, Singh said that their views are already known to the diplomats and foreign countries.

“We need to have more and more dialogue to return the country to elections and democracy,” he said. Boladuadua added that the current government was no longer serving the interest of the people but its own agenda.

Founded by the Fiji National Council of Women, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions, Fijian Teachers’ Association, United People’s Party, the National Federation Party and the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party, the group has also established a ‘Fund for the Restoration of Democracy’ (FRDC).



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  1. LUVfiji Says:

    We heard earlier this evening on FijiTV News that FTA’s Tevita Koroi has been suspended for remarks made against the iIG. Koroi needs to be kicked out also from this new Movement. How irresponsible of him to play right into the hands of the regime. I hope this man isnt banking on support from members of FTA for industrial action at the the dawn of the new school year. He deserves no sympathy whatsoever.

    Ni ra qito na qio, era bau muri tu na vo – cebo!

  2. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Vinaka Naita!

    I must say I don’t quite see your point. Tevita Koroi has taken on the regime at every turn and he has been steadfast in his position.

    Please tell me how that will hinder the work of the movement?

    How is that playing into their hands?

    Unless I am wrong, the news item did not state the exact statement he issued resulting in his suspension. There was no response to Fiji One’s queries from the Ministry of Education, what a surprise!

    Also he did say in his defence, that whenever he did make a public statement it was on behalf of the FTA and (as their duly elected President) he does have their mandate to do so.

    He also stated that he would abide by the disciplinary procedures stipulated by law and has engaged lawyers to do so, which is something the Ministry of Education failed to do.

    IMHO his response was calm and well reasoned.

    Sorry but in the public arena, I think he has been one of the few stand up Fijian guys, as most of the others seem to be supporting political agendas.

  3. freedomfighter Says:

    LUVFiji – If you love your Fiji, for Gods sake, speak pout against the regime – where in the constitution it says that a group of thugs can takeover the country and than tell others that the law says this and that – its time for those overseas to form branches around the globe – to support the Fiji movement

  4. IslandBoy Says:

    Forgot to add that in my book, Kuini Lutua of the FNA, like Tevita Koroi is another hero.

    The nurses would be making a huge mistake if they let her go.

  5. Snapper Cracker Says:

    @ freedomfighter

    I think that is what Solivakasama org is doing – starting up branches in every country in the world.

    I think those in Fiji should get Ratu Joni, Graham Leung, Jon Apted, Ro Teimumu, Tui Cakau, even retired judges etc to join the movement and speak out more. We want more action from them as well. These people have contact overseas and they should write more.

    How about the Fiji gang getting them to write something for SV org? No more time for sitting back and waiting or is the SV site not good enough for them.

  6. F.I.R.M Says:

    Snapper Craker
    Thank youuuu, you hit the nail right on the head.

  7. freedomfighter Says:

    I doubt those Indian coolies who formed movements for democracy in fiji have the appetite to re-activate them – but who cares about these chaps anymore…its best to start afresh in New Zealand and Australia first, go on, bloggers

  8. Nostradamus Says:

    It is to expected that anyone standing up to the Regime will be detained, threatened, and possibly beaten or killed. But at the same time it shows the fear and desperation of these pathetic military cowards hiding behind uniforms and guns.

    Good to see some well known and intelligent names working for this group. Every attempt to stifle them will backfire. This is the way forward to bring down the illegal regime and restore Fiji sovereignty to the People.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    I personally met Ms Koroi on Fiji day in 2007 in Sydney , seems to me she’s the only woman with the balls to stand up to Frank and that doesn’t say much for the men !
    The ones who want Victory the most and belong in it the longest , shall achieve it .
    So now it’s up to the Citizens of Fiji to stand up for free speech , the right of assembly and their personal freedom .

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    An assault on any citizen of Fiji , by Frank or any of his supporters , could be considered an act of war against the Citizens of Fiji and as such , you would be within your rights to retaliate in kind !
    One bullet is all it would take for the rats to jump ship .

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    The ones who want Victory the most and believe in it the longest , shall achieve it .

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    have you misspelt a word above also ?

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve made a blunder , i haven’t met Mr Koroi , it was another person !

  14. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Long live democracy!!!

    I hope that apart from striving towards restoring democracy, this Movement would also work in tandem to find concrete solutions to eradicating the coup mentality and its structures from our nation’s people and institutions.


    We have to start making HARD decisions NOW…and one main one or maybe the FIRST AND FOREMOST ONE IS….the Fiji military/security and its purpose in our country and its future. PERIOD!

  15. Snapper Cracker Says:

    Have just finished watching Pearl Harbour and I think MM did to.

    “The ones who want Victory the most and believe in it the longest , shall achieve it’

    @ EnufDictatorship this was the best comment of the day! It is a start – we must all first know what we are fighting for before we achieve anything. Erasing the coup culture altogether is not getting rid of the military but educating the people not to break the law and the GCC as the last resort. Today the law and GCC have been trampled on by the illegal junta.

    Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    January 2, 2009 at 6:30 pm
    @ Budhau,

    FLP winning the next General Elections seems quite far fetched and will need the new Constituency Boundaries Commission to come to its aid to even come close to winning.

    However, even if the FLP wins, Fijians will accept it; albeit grudgingly, so long as we have a Royal Commission of Enquiry into Fiji’s coups beginning with Rabuka’s May and October 1987 coups, Speight’s 2000 coup and Bainimarama’s 2006 coup.

    So you see Budhau, it does not matter who wins, so long as we permanently eradicate the coup culture in Fiji and hold all those responsible for the coups accountable and brought to justice when people feel the great wrongs corrected.

    Fijians have learnt from their mistakes in blindly following Ratu Mara and Rabuka in 1987, so when Bainimarama executed his 2006 coup with Eveli Ganilau, Eveli Nailatikau and the Mara children, all expecting Fijians to blindly follow them as their birth right, were greatly disappointed to find out for themselves, Fijians showing great political astuteness when they followed their own minds rather than their emotions like in 1987.

    More disappointing were the Indians who always presumed were more superior to Fijians, who rightfully rejected the 1987 & 2000 coups, but showed great immaturity in blindly accepting and supporting the 2006 coup and blindly following Chodo Snr.

    However something tells me Budhau, that if FLP wins, there will be no Commission of Enquiry because you guys are in deep shit already as you will abuse ‘parliamentary democracy’ by using ‘parliamentary privilege’ to circumvent truth and justice.

    FLP will enter the Elections only to protect themselves from investigations, which is really not in the true spirit of ‘democracy’ and that is why the people of Fiji will see through them and not vote for them.

    You will however concede Budhau, that Chodo Snr created history as not only being the 1st Indian to be elected PM in Fiji, but he also created history by being the 1st convicted criminal to become PM in Fiji.

    Now that is democracy at work and only in Fiji!

    Blog on ragone!

  16. freedomfighter Says:

    Well, I am sure, come election, Chodo will have to explain more on the unexplained $2million he got from India, which his stepson Budhau is feasting upon at the expense of the poor Indians in whose name Chodo went hand in bowl to Mother India. FLP will never be returned to power – and Chodo will not accept one man one vote

  17. coup-buster Says:

    Lets just make sure that the FLP and Chodo does not get elected into parliament in the next General election? I say bring-on the ONE MAN ONE VOTE system?

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    snapper cracker
    your correct , i was quoting the movie pearl harbour after watching it last night , i posted the comment because i thought it was appropriate for Fiji at the moment.
    I see the Regime is starting to panic already :-
    as Frank begins to beg and scrape for support , he must be wondering if he is going to end up with a cell next to George Speight !

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    No disrespect to the lady in the middle of this photo , but for a moment , I thought it was Frank in drag !

  20. IslandBoy Says:

    @Mark Manning – I am absolutely appalled you would malign a perfectly innocent woman and compare her to a man in drag. That was an extremely vapid remark, what the fuck is wrong with you?

    FYI – some Pacific women do not fit the western ideals of beauty, in terms of being slender to the point of anorexia, these are not Vogue or W cover models, they do not aspire to the catwalks of Milan, they are real women and are accepted in whatever shape or form they come in. You better back off and leave our women alone!

    You owe this innocent lady an apology, arsehole!

    BTW – look at the Fiji Times picture of the launch of the movement. Tevita Koroi is the strapping 6ft + chocolate tall dark and handsome gentleman next to Attar Singh. A fine example of the warrior classes of the Highlands, and he has female relatives that are as tall and as distinguished looking, any of whom could kick your lily white butt.

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    thanks Island boy
    I wasn’t in any way insulting the lady and meant no offence to her , if you read what i said , you will notice that . I’m well aware of the Fijian women’s inner beauty and wasn’t implying at all that this lady was anything other than an attractive woman ! There’s nothing for me to apologise for , perhaps you owe me an apology for implying that i would insult your women in the 1st. place .
    I have in fact , also written many e-mails of support since December 5th 2006 to the various Fiji women’s organisations directly and encouraged them to stand up to male oppression from within their society . But it’s wonderful to see you jump to their defence , that proves we are in fact , both on the same side !
    I was implying that Frank was an ugly man , you’ve just come at my comment from a different angle to me ! I forgive you though !

  22. Snapper Cracker Says:

    I did think the same IslandBoy and you had every right to bring it up.

    Please Mark think very carefully how you reply to this one.

    Just a reminder the cause of our fight is above all of us.

  23. Snapper Cracker Says:

    Thanks Guys! We just don’t want another misunderstandng!

    IslandBoy I hope you are happy with Mark’s explanation!

  24. Snapper Cracker Says:

    The New Democracy is another blessing for us who want our freedom back.

    I thought this letter in today’s Fiji Times was good because if we hang in there, we will breed a new lot of leaders, leaders that have the nation and its people at heart.

    Voice of the People
    Saturday, January 03, 2009

    + Enlarge this image
    Letters to the Editor

    New Year’s resolution

    IT is 2009 and the headlines have not changed — political turmoil, traffic crimes and gang rapes.

    In everything we do in life, learning is one of the most important tools of growth.

    Our learning grounds have varied — from our homes, churches and peers, to our society and, most particularly, the media.

    Like in all learning, there is always a basic phase.

    This phase is led by the families, parents in particular. It is time that we focus on this. Children follow our every action.

    It is important that we uphold values of respect and righteousness.

    We cannot stop our children from accessing other materials they may use as a learning tool, but we can teach them to make valuable decisions.

    Give them the freedom to choose, but accompany that with responsibilities.

    This can come in the form of reward or punishment, depending on the results of their actions.

    Screaming is old school.

    It only creates fear which brings disorientation.

    Other life skills can be taught to children.

    However, all this can only work if we, the adults, take the lead role in providing a safe environment for learning.

    Let us all make this a new year’s resolution.


  25. IslandBoy Says:


  26. LUVfiji Says:

    Sorry folks, I stand-by my views on Tevita Koroi.

    Goodness.. thats a bit of an over-reaction from Islandboy on Manning. What a stink! And, SV I am surprised you’ve allowed it! Or are we continuing the same path we took with the Adi Kaila saga?

  27. Snapper Cracker Says:

    @ LUVfiji

    Done – Pass – Next!

  28. newsfiji Says:


    I for one am for this movement 250 trillion%…let’s goo…chi..chi…

  29. Lusianna Says:

    @ newsfiji

    I am like you I support the movement 500 trillion% because I need to – its the only choice I have at the moment!

    Anything to get my freedom back.

    Give me another choice and I will support that to.

  30. Jon Jon Says:

    I thought the lady in the Fiji times Mark Manning was refering too did look abit like Frank no insult to the women but it cud have been mistaken that it was Frank if Frank did out a wig on n he bloody as well look like a big fat drag queen lol.. Wailei maria mai vala ike!!!! Island boy cool the breeze n smile!!! its new year!!!

  31. Mark Manning Says:

    I agree island boy , let’s put it behind us , I’ll apologise if I’ve offended anyone and let’s got on with what we’re all here for , the demise of this regime , their incarceration behind bars and returning Democracy to the Great Fiji Islands and it’s Citizens .

  32. FijiGirl Says:

    With all due respect to Attar Singh, isn’t he a former lapdog of the malodorous Chodokant?
    Has he truly turned against Chodo?
    God bless Fiji

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    Jon Jon
    I was suggesting that Frank looked like a woman with lipstick on !
    Not that the woman looked like Frank !

  34. LUVfiji Says:

    Good question raised here by FijiGirl. Still cannot trust these ones. Indeed, God Bless Fiji!

    Not sure about the other office bearers. Boladuadua? Hmmmm.. I would much rather Adi Ema Tagicakibau of the PCRC at the helm of this Movement. She has shown us how a good advocate for Democracy she is. A great woman of substance. Watch her as she steadily rises to the rank of leaders of this country. She is of good lineage and great background. She’d have my vote any day.

  35. Snapper Cracker Says:

    @ FijiGirl & LUVfiji

    Attar Singh wasn’t he wanted by the Regime round about the time the Regime was after Alice Tabete? If so what for?

    I already apologise if I have offended anyone!

    It doesn’t really matter now as long as they do what they are there for. Pro Democracy Movement – I am all for it.

  36. Kaivitibotoboto Says:

    This movemnet needs our support. There is no time to play the race card anymore. Whether Attar Singh leads it or an Ema T, it matters not. What matters is that the nation gets back on its feet again!

  37. george of sydney Says:

    LUVfiji, I feel sad for you are criticising one of the very few people who had been standing up strongly and not afraid to voice his opinion against the illegal interim govt.
    He had been taken to the camp on many ocassion but never backed down.
    This are people who do not hide under a FAKED NAME like you and never scared to fight for what they believe is right.
    I dont know if you are a girl, boy or pufta but from the way you are exposing yourself I assume you must be a girl and I would be willing to take you for a date. Qai vata kei au ko na laki kabasu qai kadresu. Your SONALEVU

  38. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @George of Serene: Va’evei, katia na botomu e dua na kadi? Attar Singh was a follower of MC until recently (or maybe he still is). Did not SV put out something a while back that we should not fall for those who have been involved in the shitty politics for ever? How the f&*k are we going to learn when we end up with the same characters who led us to where we are right now in the 1st place? Change we can believe in does not mean the same people who have screwed up this country: IG, SDL, NFP, Unions et al. Let us think outside of the box. This new grouping is the old screwed up lot in another guise! I thought there were a lot more smarter people blogging on this site. Has it been taken over by the dogs?

  39. Budhau Says:

    Regarding this Attar Singh dude – it seems that since this guy hates Chaudary, many of you are of the opinion that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Here is some history on Attar Singh

    Attar Singh goes back a long time in the Trade Union movement. After the Bavadra coup, there was a rift in the trade union movement – James Raman and Jale Toki wanted to work with the military regime and Chaudary, Michael Columbus, Felix Anthony, Attar Singh and the rest stood up to the regime.

    Chaudary and the more militant unions kept up the fight for the restoration of democracy – but the rift remained in the trade union movement. In 1988 Chaudary ousted James Raman as secretary of FTUC and Michael Columbus took over from Jale Toki as President .
    1998 – Chaudary was now the secretary of the FTUC, FPSA and the National Farmers Union and one of the leaders in the FLP – That is how he was able to launch a counter-offensive against the repressive military regime. (…and who do you have this time – Attar Singh).

    1992 – Attar Singh, James Raman and Diwan Shankar, all NFP boys, pulled a coup on Chaudary and removed him as the secretary FTUC. – and Attar Singh has been playing that same screw-Chaudary game ever since.

    Note that while Chaudary was the secretary of the FTUC – they were fighting some draconian “Labour Reforms” put into place by the Military regime. When the Attar Singh group took over – they never did anything about these “reforms”.

    If you look at the history – FLP was launched in 1985, Rabuka pulled his coup in 1987, Attar Singh worked with the Labour movement back then together with Chaudary in 1988, and in 1992 Attar Singh helped pull the coup against Chaudary at the FTUC.

    Therefore, Attar Singh ain’t no lap dog of Chaudary – if that is all you need to throw your support behind Attar Singh – go for it. You will never be able to put a anti-regime movement like the one they put together in 1987.

    Did you guys notice how the trade Unions,, the farmers unions the FLP and the NGO’s put up a fight against the military regime in 1987 – we have seen nothing like that this time around – you know why, because no one wants to stand up for Qarase and the SDL – and with this Democracy Movement comprised of Qarase and the SDL with Attar Singh as the front man – no one will support them either.

    Now – go figure, first why you do not have a movement like we had in 1987 and secondly, how do you plan to get something like that going – if Attar Singh is your saviour – God Bless Fiji.

  40. Budhau Says:

    Oh and JW – you want a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the coups – NOW.
    Where were you all this time. Or you, like the rest of the Fijians, have just seen the light – that coups are bad.

    BTW – I think we should agree to disagree on this one – you claim that if Chaudary wins the next elections, the Fijians will allow him to run the country as the next PM, I don’t think so. The only reason that may happen is because the military may not let them pull a civilian coup like they did in 2000 – and that is not democracy.

  41. LUVfiji Says:

    Here we go again! Down the path earlier taken in the Adi Kaila saga. Reading with misunderstanding. But aint that the beauty of blogosphere!

    Vinaka vakalevu Malekata Ravisa. Sa ra kacabote mai e so!! If u cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen, chicken!

  42. senijiale Says:

    Bud – did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Thank you for that interesting account on Attar Singh but I don’t understand what you’re all fussing about.

    Whether or not Attar Singh was a past lapdog of MC is irrelevant (in my h.opinion). I may not be as old, connected or know as much as you do Bud about Fiji’s politics but from what I have heard, read and seen about him in the media in the last couple of years is sufficient for me to believe in his goodness and genuineness in trying to forge a better path out of this madness, if only for the sake of our country’s future generation.

    I’d even say that Mahendra Chaudhry also had that, initially that is, but then I think he became disillusioned, got tired of fighting the system, revengeful, etc, so he sought the easy way out… well, the rest is now history.

    Anyway, back to Attar Singh, I don’t know him personally but I like what I hear/see about this man. I’ve had the privilege though of being introduced to his wife Priscilla briefly, and she’s fantastic. As they say, behind every great man is even a greater woman.

    If I could give the democracy movement of ’87 a medal, I would! But you can’t live in the past Bud, there are so many variables that it’s simply unfair and unintelligent to make comparisons and dire predictions about today’s Movement for Democracy.

    @ George of Sydney – that was unwarranted and shame on you for resorting to your little penis to threaten any female who disagrees with you. You better not come back to Fiji as we’ll be lobbying hard to introduce castration for perverts like you. Nothing wrong with having male eunuchs around the place, se vacava?

    @ JeseW, Adi Kaila, Lusianna and sisters – ni lesu mai kerekere, just don’t sign up on (yet), I still don’t like the sound of F.I.R.M.

  43. Wailei Says:

    @ Senijale… Bravo and Kudos to you….. for your above comment…

  44. Lusianna Says:

    So I am worth something – have been asked by solivakasama org to be their SPY CAM come in here each day to try and put right some misinformed info.

    @ Senijiale

    SPY CAM I am for all the good reasons so please don’t bloke me out too. After all we have the same ENEMY!

    Concentrate on your SV blogsite and don’t put others off from registering on SV. org

    All members of the SV movement would have received a promising, well explanatory written LETTER from the President, Mr Tui Savu.

    Shit 2 posts already – come on guys give me a break I have heaps of work to do for the movement. Can you make this my last comment for the day!

  45. senijiale Says:

    @Lusianna – so long as you’re a human being, you’re absolutely worth fighting for. Your point is well taken, bloggers can decide for themselves whether or not to sign up on

    Vinaka valevu Wailei for kind comment and welcome back.


    Go to website and register to join the solivakasama worldwide movement and also you can write letters and it can be published on the website if you feel Fijitimes wont print

  47. Lusianna Says:

    @ senijiale

    Can you ask your BOSS, Adi Kaila to change my name to SPY CAM PLEASE!

    I can just change it but my avatar won’t change – don’t want another Adi Kaila saga of triple identity or was it it 5, so many I can’t recall now.

    Oh by the way “avatar” in the dictionary (in Hindu mythology) the descent of a deity or releassed soul to earth in bodily form.

    Oilei varerevaki, scarry stuff – at least SV org movement, you don’t have to hide behind an alias name or have an “avatar”!

    Must go too much research to be done – see yah tomorrow if any correction to be made.

  48. senijiale Says:

    @ Lusianna – now that I’ve re-read yr posts, it seems you’re making way too many assumptions there.

    Firstly, SV blog belongs to Kutu. Why on earth would you think it belonged to me? Whoever Kutu allows into his team is there at his pleasure, he can chop and change as he pleases, it’s his blog after all.

    Secondly, I don’t know Adi Kaila personally except as another blogger right here on SV. She’s certainly not my boss, and neither me hers… so happy guessing.

    Btw, do we really have the same “enemy”?

    Well, good luck with and happy researching.

  49. Budhau Says:

    Attar Singh and the Democracy Movement.
    This movement is a SDL/NFP front with Beddoes in there just for the ride and that is why this movement will not receive the grassroots support. Haven’t you folks noticed that the Fijian people have simply refused to stand up for Qarase and the SDL – why would they get behind this SDL front? If you want to get a democracy movement going, it should be independent of the SDL and without any political agenda. It should be about democracy and not an attempt to get one party back into power.

    Why Attar Singh? I think the SDL folks believe that Singh, being a unionist, would be able to get some overseas solidarity action going with some sister unions. After the 87 coup Chaudary & Company had got Australia’s ACTU and NZ Council of Trade Unions and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions all mobilized to get Rabuka to back down and finally negotiate.
    The International unions were pissed of at Rabuka’s attempts to break up the farmers harvest boycott and the Regime trying to introduce the “labour reforms’ and the actions against the planned national strike.

    This regime has done any such thing to offend these trade unionists – thus there would be no international solidarity – so why bother with Attar Singh.

    I agree that the situation is completely different and we do not have the mass support that we had in 1987 – that is why I question the need for having Attar Singh lead this movement. Singh does not have widespread support in the local trade union movement, the NFP has little support among the Indians – it may have been better to get a Fijians non-SDL, non-political leader to head this movement.

    When are you guys going to realize that Qarase is history – it is not me who has to move on, it is you guys who need to move on. It it ain’t the unions, then who – you think Attar Singh can get some lobbying efforts going abroad – yeah, maybe we can get Victor Lal to be the chairman of that committee. Can Attar Singh get you guys abroad to organize some University Committee in Solidarity with Fiji – all over NZ and Australia.

    Attar Singh can do nothing at home or abroad – he has his niche with a few Fijian unions and that is as far as he goes.

  50. Lusianna Says:

    @ senijiale ( Guard in here ) Get my drift?

    Morning Moderator – Ooooooops my aplogies thought Kutu had sold out to Adi Kaila and you were working as moderator for Adi Kaila.

    It seems funny how you and Adi Kaila have used Kutu in your defence and Kutu has not yet responded????????

    Hey this is a blog site assumptions are made everyday. No assumptions made on SV org movement – facts only and no alias names.

    @ Budhau – too easy for you on this blog site, come over to the real stuff, solivakasama org with a well written letter and it will be challenged.

    SV org is a Pro Democracy Movement and independent of any political party and without any political agenda now or in the future.

  51. senijiale Says:

    Oilei. No Lusianna, I don’t get your drift, and never have, so please just spell out very simply just what it is you’re trying to say because you’re absolutely hopeless at ‘fishing’…

    So if I were the moderator, then why would I block/delete my own posts?

    Yes, we can all see Kutu has not responded. Maybe he agrees with me, or Adi Kaila. Or maybe you’re Kutu.

    I’ve already visited your and I’m impressed but I’m exercising my freedom of choice to remain here incognito. Are we done here?

  52. senijiale Says:

    Oilei. No Lusianna, I don’t get your drift, and never have, so please just spell out very simply just what it is that you’re trying to say because you’re absolutely hopeless at ‘fishing’…

    So if I were the moderator, then why would I block/delete my own posts?

    Yes, we can all see Kutu has not responded. Maybe he agrees with me, or Adi Kaila. Or maybe you’re Kutu.

    I’ve already visited your and I’m impressed but I’m exercising my freedom of choice to remain here incognito. Are we done here?

  53. senijiale Says:

    Good lord Bud, you’re beginning to sound like a case of sour grapes now.

    If you have someone in mind then by all means, ask him/her to join the Movement for Democracy and offer up their expertise for the good cause.

    If this fight is really about democratic principles/fundamentals then why can’t an existing political party have the freedom to hve another go @ next elections, whoever that might be. And let the people decide.

    You’ve said it yourself Bud that Fijians have not come out in numbers to defend Qarase and SDL … Why? because they know better? That is to say, that either: 1) to do so, they would risk the wrath of the goons torture chambers; OR 2) they never believed in Qarase/SDL in the 1st place (which I find a bit far-fetched since the election results spoke loud and clear, unless it was really rigged…?)

    Anyway, if you think the voters didn’t really believe in Qarase/SDL, then why underestimate and patronize them by robbing SDL (or any other political party for that matter) from standing in the next elections.

    Or are you afraid that SDL just might make a grand comeback, like how it was for Labour in 1999. Btw I voted for Labour in 1999 because –

    1) I believed in its progressive manifesto and;
    2) They deserved to finish their term robbed of them in 1987!

  54. Lusianna Says:

    @ senijiale

    Hey moderator working over time and burning the midnight oil? You get my drift alright because I’m playing your game. Remember that saying; it takes one to know one.

    Yes is very impressive and heading forward. We have not stagnanted and dealing with Fiji’s political crisis from a different angle.

  55. senijiale Says:

    Lusianna – sounds like you’ve been screwed over by someone and why am I not surprised with an idiot like you as moderator. Keep fishing.

  56. Lusianna Says:

    @ senijiale

    More assumptions! It takes one to know one!

    Thank You I have had my fun and will only come in here to put things right for

    Hey senijiale/Adi Kaila/For Fiji etc etc please change my name to SPY CAM.

    Lusianna like senijiale is too sweet a name for someone like me when I am commenting on this site.

  57. Budhau Says:

    Lusianna – it is idiots like you who give this site a bad name.

    Senijiale – here is couple of things that you might want to consider.
    Look at the people who are struggling in other parts of the world and through out history and you will see that people have stood up to regimes much more ruthless than what we have in Fiji. If you are saying that the Fijians are afraid to stand up to these goons, then you are insulting the Fijians by suggesting that they are cowards.
    I, on the other hand, do not think that Fijians are cowards – I think they have figured out that Qarase/SDL is not something they are willing to stand up for or take risks for – that does not mean they will not stand up to a ruthless dictatorship – they will, when they believe in the cause.
    Your second point – whether they believed in the SDL and Qarase – I think they did, initially – but since than the scale has tilted against Qarase. So it is time to move one – find better Fijian leaders.

    As for the election – we did have that vote buying scheme and some allegations of rigging etc. All Qarase need was to work only a few marginal seats to win the election – but that does not matter, the Fijians still overwhelmingly supported the SDL in the last election.

    All I was pointing out was that Attar Singh is the wrong choice for Democracy Movement – he does not have much support in the trade union movement or among the Indians that he would like to represent through his NFP. We should have got someone who either have more political capital or has less baggage.

    The other thing is that the democracy movement should have been a “people’s movement” – not a bunch of politicians who are trying to get back the privileges that they have lost.

    As for the Fijian leadership – It seems that there has been a vacuum after Mara – Rabuka tried and the Bainimarama put Qarase in place – Now hopefully we will see that some good Fijian would rise out of the ashes to take Fiji forward – and it sure ain’t Attar Singh.

  58. senijiale Says:

    I’m at loss as to what you’re trying to put right with your here.

    So I’ve decided not to join your SV Dot Org and remain here, incognito. So what’s your problem? Don’t you have thousands of members to keep you busy there?

    For the last time – I am not the moderator, nor am I Adi Kaila nor For Fiji.
    Someone is screwing with you and I think you know who. I don’t like your games.

  59. Lusianna Says:

    @ Budhau

    Write a letter to so the experts there can challenge you.

    All sorts are suffering Budhau even idiots!

    SV org is a Pro Democracy Movement and independent of any political party and without any political agenda now or in the future.

    Then again Budhau you may not have anything to write to us about but say congratulations

  60. Lusianna Says:

    @ senijiale

    Threats! Threats! Tut! Tut! not good!

    I am satisfied now so it is time to say goodbye for good!

    I don’t take to threats – remember!

  61. Budhau Says:

    Lusianna – the has been hijacked by the SDL crowd and our boy Tui Savu is you local expert there.

    Well, with Tui Savu, Attar Singh and Victor Lal – who needs anyone else – good luck with your solidarity movement.

  62. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Yes indeed good luck to us tryng topple your regime.

  63. senijiale Says:

    @ Bud – I see your point but I guess unless those Fijian leaders are willing to step out and lead the democracy movement then we’re stuck with picking from the lot willing to put their hand up… and I suppose that’s why u’re saying it’ll fail since you think Attar Singh does not much clout like….do you think anyone else in that movement would fit the bill better than Attar?

    @ Lusianna – in case you come back for a brief visit which I hope u’ll do, what threats are you talking about?

  64. LUVfiji Says:

    Adi Ema Tagicakibau would have been an ideal choice over Attar. Though not quite directly involved with the trade unions, she has shown what a strong advocate for democracy she is!

    My 2c piece @senijiale.

  65. FijiGirl Says:

    From Raw Fiji News
    Chaudhry snubbed by the back-to-democracy group
    January 8, 2009
    Mahendra Chaudhry’s latest attempt to slither his way into that newly formed democracy movement has been met with a solid spikey wall. Sources say the guy is tapping into his contacts list to find the right person to help him in.

    We are told that at first, Chaudhry played his usual arrogant game by telling his people to go tell those democracy movement guys to send him an invitation letter to join. Chaudhry’s messenger boy was told to go back and tell his master to go jump. And that is that for now with Chaudhry expected to launch his own mild democracy campaign under his FLP banner.

    Sources who have access to the democracy movement say that the group is not willing to work with Chaudhry whom they say has compromised his pro-democracy stand when he chose to work as an interim minister for Frank’s military regime.
    God bless Fiji

  66. Budhau Says:

    FijiGirl – why do you listen to the crap that is put out by the RawFiji folks.

    This democracy movement has been started by the SDL, NFP and Beddoes. Don’t you think that if FLP threw its weight behind this movement, it will probably help the movement both locally and abroad.

    Don’t you think that it should have been the other way – that these democracy folks should have invited the FLP to join before the launching of the movement – since other major political party were involved.

    This is petty politics – Why would Qarase and Attar Singh ever want to work with Chaudary. BTW, Chaudary on the other hand will work with anyone – go check out his history.

  67. Concerned Taukei Says:

    I agree with Lusiana that for the time being our only hope of a hasty return to democracy in Fij is through the Movement for Democracy headed by Attar Singh. He know the hurdles he has to go through given the current political situation with Voreqe’s military regime. It is better to do something than to sit and watch the political and economic situations in Fiji deteriorate by the day. You bloggers from overseas, I represent the grassroot people at home and for your info some of us are having one meal a day as our hours of work in the hotels have been reduced due to low guest bookings from NZ and Aust thanks to Voreqe’s arrogance! Come beginning of the school year our children will have to wear old school uniforms and decide which days they have to miss school due to lack of bus fares. This is the reality of the situation guys. And now the floods and freak winds will take away aour roofs and clothes that we have left and there will be no assistance from our neighbours NZ and Aust. Maybe we ask PNG and Solomon Is. for help! ! !
    We are looking at the Movement of Democracy as our saviour because by having an election those grassroot people in the cane belts of Fiji will get the 350 million from European Union and for us in the coral coast the return of tourists who have decided to overfly Fiji for safe destinations like Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Is.
    I just want to paint the picture of the reality in Fiji now. Over tot you bloggers to read and chew on. thanks again Lusiana for your updates.

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