Impasse with Australia and NZ can be solved: says Vore and SV says, ‘yes we can’ with Vore in jail……

Happy New Year Bloggers. Well our previous post said that we are back with a bang and that is how it is going to be. We at SV are really excited because of the ‘smart strategies’we are going to incorporate in 2009.

For instance,  asking the Australian and NZ Governments, why it isn’t a crime in their respective countries when its citizens can prop up illegal regimes like Vore’s because in essence their opportunist citizens are responsible for spreading and promoting ‘terrorism’worldwide by taking up lucrative employments in Fiji. Their reprehensible conduct in the long run, will threaten their very own ‘national security.’

On another note, whilst we understand there has been some misunderstanding in the past few days, we at SV wish to make it clear that the ’cause’ is much bigger than us all, so let’s take a deep breath and refocus on the ‘enemy’. Remember we are getting close to the 1m hit mark, which no one dreamed of, but it is about to become a reality because of your support and we ask that you continue to support SV this year.

Well it seems this bastard Vore is now forced to acknowledge just how ‘insignificant’ he is and imagine just how stupid and foolish he sounds when trying to convince Pacific Forum Leaders to respect Fiji’s sovereignty, when you consider this is the same bastard who executed a coup against PM Qarase in December 2006 and is the cause of all of Fiji’s woes!

SV asks the Forum Leaders to show this bastard Vore up in PNG and maintain your sanctions because it is working and furthermore be prepared to implement new laws to criminalise conduct of your citizens being employed by illegal governments!

Friday, January 02, 2008

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Fiji’s Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama believes past relationship between Australia and New Zealand can solve the current impasse.
Bainimarama made the statement in his New Years Message.
“While we have had some differences with our neighbors Australia and New Zealand who are a lot richer and powerful than us we believe our long standing friendship that will allow us to overcome the current impasse.”

Bainimarama adds the impasse is fueled by certain individuals both within and outside Fiji.

He says to overcome the misunderstanding Fiji as a nation needs to be treated with respect – dignity – and our independence and sovereignty must remain paramount.

The Interim Prime Minister also confirmed his attendance at the Pacific Islands Forum this month.

“I will be attending the Forum Leaders meeting this month and I look forward to constructive engagement and dialogue that will be in the Interest of our country.”

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation LTD




34 Responses to “Impasse with Australia and NZ can be solved: says Vore and SV says, ‘yes we can’ with Vore in jail……”

  1. Tash Says:

    Great Post SV – Congratulation!

    It is Okay they can govern because they have the guns but we will not accept it because they had to coup to be there!

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    How can countries and leaders be expected to respect Fiji’s independence and sovereignty, when Vore and his illegal junta don’t!

    Na boci ga na boci!

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    I hope the many e-mails I’ve been sending to various organisations and Prime Ministers and Presidents , have made a difference .
    It’s good to hear that Fijians are finally lobbying these same organisations .
    Knowing the nature of Fijians as i do , I knew it would take a while before they began to realise they were being played for fools , by fools and so I began the lobbying in anticipation of Fijians coming on board much later .
    It’s my belief now , that your lobbying will make all the difference and will give my many many e-mails , validation !
    I’ve always said , it is only Fijians who can resolve the matter of coups , outsiders can’t do it for you .
    I believe that the traditional way of doing things in fiji is over , the respect for chiefs is no longer enough !
    For me to respect someone , they have to earn my respect .
    I’m not saying that none of the Chiefs should be respected , but the Fijian way of doing things , has to change if your going to avoid more coups .
    You all know , that all involved in the coup , including the people behind the scenes , Judges , Lawyers , Soldiers , Police , Ministers of Government , Chiefs and all the other hangers on , must be brought before the Courts , not a kangaor court though .
    As for the matter of Australia’s and New Zealand’s citizens who have supported this coup and the Involvement of the Indian government and the Chinese Government also , I have already addressed these issues with the 2 Governments via e-mail since 6 or more months ago .
    So good to hear you guys are finalling finding your testicles and rallying the troops and good to hear that honourable retired soldiers are fighting for Democracy !
    Remember , evil succeeds where good men do nothing !

  4. Tash Says:

    Jese it looks those countries will just have to take a tougher stance. The quicker they show the illegal junta who’s boss the better.

    Does anyone know Frank’s travel itinerary to Port Moresby? He may have to resort to the kangaroo hop. That will teach him not to be cheeky to the Aussies

    I had to ask what that last sentence meant so will use it! Good one!

    Na boci ga na boci!

  5. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    To Bainimarama and coup supporters

    The impasse you made mention can be resolved by none other than you. RETURN the country to democratic rule.


  6. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hear hear MM

    Need not stop there — our expectations of international communities lending an ear to our pleas is, I believe a given.

    Beyond that is critical (I.e.) lobbying our very own government machineries that we now want election. They need to read emails and open letters of submissions from the thousands on a daily basis.

    And citizens on the ground need to get involved. Stand up. Wake up. Buy a stamp and an envelope.

    Chiefs in Viti Levu need to gather their people and DO SOMETHING. Enough sitting around talking, waiting, doing nothing.

  7. Tash Says:

    Hi Katalina I like your style – so you are the Katalina I have heard and read so much about.

    I have just been told to get off the computer – must do!

  8. Talei Says:

    No shit Sherlock (FB) – NZ, Aust., USA and the world don’t have a problem with Fiji – the problem is YOU and your CROOKED GOV’T.

    2009 is the year for Fiji to be free from this menace already – time to take matters beyond talking now.

  9. Kuka Says:

    Sovereignty and Choice
    1 Peter 5:8-9 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walked about, seeking whom he may devour: 9 Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.
    Many, in a desperate hour, have prayed, “Lord we know that you are in control . . .” Indeed, we born again believers understand and are often comforted with the knowledge that our Lord is sovereign and in absolute control. Anything that God desires to do he is able indeed to do. But sometimes, actually often, we the children of God use the sovereignty of God as a tool of avoidance. We use it to avoid doing what we know we really ought to do in a given situation. It is almost as if we think, somewhere in the back of our minds, “Well, I know what God really wants me to do, but I’m not going to do. If God really wants it done He can just do it through someone else.” After all God is sovereign.

    There has been a long standing struggle between Calvanism and Arminianism. In brief, Calvanism holds that God is sovereign and that no one can ever do anything that is outside of the will of God. Arminianism holds that man has a free will to the point that God cannot do anything against the will of people. The truth is that God is Sovereign and as an omnipotent (All-Powerful) God can do absolutely anything He desires to do and we human beings are utterly helpless to stop Him. However, God has revealed that He, by His will, has given mankind a freewill and the responsibility of making choices and acting on those choices, and by His will God will not rob people of their choices. What this means is that God has willed that mankind should make choices in life and stand responsible for their choices.

    Hence, when we choose something, whether right or wrong we are acting in keeping with God’s sovereign will because God has decided that you should make choices in life. The problem many Christians are making, when faced with difficult choices, is that they pray for God’s will to be done and then they sit off to the side and watch their culture avalanche toward hell and away form God. Our Heavenly Father is able to intervene in life and force righteousness and holiness to prevail. The Bible prophetically reveals that one day, in the future, God will do just that. Heaven is all about those who have chosen God through Christ living in the eternal goodness and blessedness of God for all eternity.

    But in this sinful creation, God, as a part of His plan, is still offering choice to mankind, including the choice of rebellion, self-will, and self destruction. The planned remedy for this landslide of human corruption and misplaced choices is the testimony and ministry of God’s people. The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ must stand up and steadfastly resist the sinful lure and corruption of our culture. God reveals,

    1 Corinthians 1:21 21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.
    Christians cannot and must not sit back in their homes and say, “Well, God’s will, will be done.” If you do you need to realize that indeed God’s will, will be done and evil will prevail, because God’s will is that people should choose, and the Church of Jesus Christ should influence their choices through their testimony and ministry. We must resist steadfastly in our homes, in our schools, in our communities, in our local, state, and elections, and in our world as a whole. Your involvement will reveal your choice and place in God’s sovereign plan.

    Are you resisting Steadfastly!

    Edmund Burke said and I quote “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing’’ unquote.

    God Bless Fiji.

  10. Dauvavana Says:

    kuka what the hell are you on about? if you want to bible bash can you please quote on a verse and link its relevance to the damn crisis we’re in right now with our country otherwise create a religous blog to put this cut and paste job in

    oh and happy new year all!!!

  11. Snapper Cracker Says:


    Crack up laughing! I didn’t want to be the one to tell Kuka!

    My exact sentiments!

  12. Snapper Cracker Says:

    Still laughing – can’t think but will not copy and post either! Will just have to come back later to post some intelligent comments to do with the crisis we are in.

  13. Kuka Says:

    Vinaka Vakalevu Dauvavana, point taken but,No matter how hard the winds blew or how much the adversity intensified, my soul remained anchored to that simple truth: God is in control.

  14. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Kuka,

    just a thought.

    If God is in control, then was Vore’s coup and illegal junta preordained or predestined?

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    I asked a very wise man what he thought of the illegal regime and its various pronouncemnets and acts of maladministration, immediately after the second expulsion of the NZ High Comm.

    Without missing a beat he replied, ” Ra va koli vakadua, ra qai vakalukalu voli.”

  16. IslandBoy Says:

    @JW – Bula Vinaka Tau – have you ever thought that we just might be getting the government we deserve.

    There is no question, no ifs ands or buts my friend, GOD IS IN CONTROL, YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER.

    We have to wait for his time, believe me, it will come, whether predestined or preordained – it will be according to his plan.

    Call me stupid but whenever I get overly worked up about the regime and get depressed about our nation, I let go and LET GOD!

  17. Dauvavana Says:

    @IB, now that is the kind of spiritual sharing that I like, short and too the point, not long winded and leaving us wondering as was with the previous post.

    sorry people but I like my scripture in those Daily Bread liitle book portions

  18. tualeita Says:

    Whilst I agree that Kuka is right that God’s will is that we are free to freely exercise our own choices, I would add that we are not free to choose the consequences of our own choices.

  19. Snapper Cracker Says:

    I do apologise to Kuka – I saw the funny side of seeing it posted a few times and wanted to say something but wasn’t game enough.

    At times you are put into a situation beyond your control but when something arises and you feel it will help, you pray for the success of that something. In this case Solivakasama Org.

    Personally I pray and hope for the Movement to succeed, it may not get rid of the Illegal Junta but I’m hoping the youth of today will learn something out of this coup and that if we all obey the law no one will ever coup because it is an act of treason. Also that the taukei culture and tradition should be preserved – it should never be taken away from them.

    Think about it and please tell me, what do you think pro coups, catholics are praying for and the anti coups, methodists would be asking the Lord.

    I just want to end this nightmare and at the moment my best bet is the international countries and Solivakasama Org.

    Lets all pray for SV Org and the meeting in Port Moresby on the 27/1 for those at the meeting TO PUT ABOVE anything else the welfare of Fiji and its people. They all be honest with themselves and have the nation of Fiji and its people at heart.

    Look at the positive side Kuka – we now got to discuss it.

  20. Shangrila-Fiji Says:

    SWM is a great concept and it looks like it is the only hope for us here in Fiji,I work for the Fijian in Yanuca and it appears there is no end to this nightmare.We have never had a above 50% rate for over 2 years now,I will pray for the Solivakasama worldwide movement to be a success and I hope you do to.
    Thank you SV.

  21. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Ni Bula Vinaka Na Turaga Naita! Sa dede da qai vitalanoa tale ena biau livaliva. Vakanuinui vinaka ni ratou bulabula vinaka na veitinani, kalougata na qaravi itavi ni yabaki qo.

  22. IslandBoy Says:

    @Shangrila-Fiji. So the stats announced by Wong and Seeto together with Sayed Khaiyum are bogus! I thought as much, as soon as they said there was an increment, I suspected they were counting VFR traffic.

    I remember the good old days when you couldn’t get a seat or a room for love or money during the Oz and NZ school holidays. O how we have fallen.

    Many of my friends and family members who chose to go to resorts over the Chrsitmas/New Year period were able to get great deals. Blue Lagoon is advertising great deals, so there must be huge gaps in their forward bookings.

    I just about fell out of my chair laughging when I heard little Aiyarse trying to explain why the Oz and Kiwi traffic would comne to Fiji instead of other medium-haul destinations. Totally ignored domestic and Trans-Tasman destinations, what a little fuckwit. And never mind, Honolulu, Vanuatu, Cooks, Samoa and the Francophones.

    About time Frank put someoine else in charge of Tourism. ASK is a total waste of time and space.

  23. Snapper Cracker Says:


    Yes my family have just returned from the Sheraton Nadi – they were told by the employees that occupancy for that time of the year was only 30% down.

    They were very surprised because to them occupancy was about that 30%.

    Dinning room the second night they were there had them and another couple. They went dancing afterwards – band playing and only about 10 people there.

    Patrick Wong should tell us the truth – no more lies please!

  24. Colin Bishop Says:

    Independant Crime in Fiji Assessment from Professional Travel Guide. com

    As part of deciding our companies future in Fiji we have commisioned a report from an independant consultant on two differnt senarios.

    1. The IG remains as a Dictatorship, the effect on the economy and the International Reaction.
    2. There are Elections in 2009-2010, the effects on the economy and the International Response.

    These projections are to be of a five year timeframe.

    The report date is 1 March 2009.

    After the Family has discussed the report I have been given permission to release it.
    Will foward it to Soli after removing any reference to our company.

    The commisioned company has agreed to confirm the report but keep our name confidential. It is a recognised International Company.

    If this can be used in any way go for it.

  25. IslandBoy Says:

    @Colin Bishop – I readily admit that in the past I have disagreed with your basic point of view, but now wish to congratulate you on the reports you have commissioned.

    May I commend to your attention the UNDP report on poverty inicators for the Paciic regional office (ex-PNG) as well as the work of the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre and the recent budget analysis of Prof. Wadan Narsey.

    If the reports contain a labour market/employment opportunity section and the possible economic impact of the regime remaining in place on those below the poverty line (requires clear definition) I am sure many in Fiji and abroad will welcome your findings as a basis for constructive debate and informed exchanges.

  26. Tim Says:

    @IB: I hope it isn’t just a recent discovery that Yippe-I-Aye, and indeed many of the others in this junta are “total Fuckwits”. Anyone that’s followed their careers and ther egos knows that they have a predisposition to lie in order to further their agenda (which is first and foremost self-interest).
    But then if it is a recent discovery (which I doubt), you’d be in good company. We’ve got the likes of Gordon Campbell here in NZ whom I admire now suggesting we should engage with fuckwits – on the basis that apparently past policy towards seizing power at the point of a gun hasn’t worked ( I fear though that Mr. Campbell doesn’t actually understand the psyche of people such as Frank (or Mugabe for that matter), that like dressing up in fancy uniforms and desperately trying to convince the world how bloody wonderful they are.

  27. Tim Says:

    Or to put it another way (for Gordon Campbell’s benefit): we should all start pissing in the wind, because NOT pissing in the wind hasn’t worked.

  28. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Bula vinaka my Tau IslandBoy,

    Follow on question:

    if we get the government we deserve, then it follows we did not deserve the deposed Qarase Government, hence their removal is part of God’s plan for Fiji; therefore not a crime?

  29. Lusianna Says:

    Just lets stick to the rule of law and allow the good Lord to punish those that deserve to be punished.

    The point here is the Qarase govt was an elected govt and the Big Fat Ugly Pig came with his guns and couped him out.

    The good legal here is Qarase and the bad is the illegal Big Fat Ugly Pig.

    Even sometimes I think pig is too good a word to describe him.

  30. FDN Says:

    We have read the dictator’s new Year message thoroughly and would like to commend Parmesh Chand on yet another well crafted and eloquent speech.

    Just imagine bloggers if, for once, we could all take at face value what our self-appointed leader has to say. Wouldn’t that be cause for rejoicing?

    but sadly, the fine words don’t conmtain the all important ingreduient – the truth.

    For example, the allusion to the long-standing friendship with Australia and new Zealand doesn’t gel with reality.

    In reviewing 2008 and talking about the coming year the dictator convenitetly overlooks the fact that only a few days ealier he had the NZ acting HC thrown out of the country on grounds that have yet to be clarified.

    And his undertaking to take part in the Forum meeintg in a “constructive engagement and dialogue in the interests of Fiji” reminds us of that earlier solemn pledge the dictator made in March 2007 to the same group in Tonga.

    But the words which give the whole game away are these: “As Prime Minister I am pleased to report”….

    Will someone tell Frank Bainimarama that he is NOT our PM. At best he is our self-appointed interim prime minister.

    And, like the reality in Fiji today versus the fiction in the dictator’s messgae, there’s a huge difference between the two.


    How many times have we had the Dictator say one thing and do the opposite? I still stick by my 2 predictions – namely

    1. The Australian High Commish will find himeself following in the footsteps of the two NZ High Commisioners who got their marching orders. There was NO legal or moral reason for them to be kicked out. It follows that the Dictator will just make something up in the Australian case.

    2. Secondly, while he says he will go to the Forum meeting in PNG with an open mind, we all know that the Dictator has closed his mind on the issue of free and fair elections, so I’m still betting he will come up with another cocknbull story to dodge the forum.

    Can anyone give one good reason to believe the rubbish he’s spouted in his New Year message? I’d like to see what it is.

  32. Navosavakadua Says:


    See what Shangri la and Snapper Cracker said said about hotel occupancy rates now and imagine what would happen if the Dictator kicked out the Australian High Commissioner. Talk to anyone in the tourism industry and they’ll tell you the number of New Zealand tourists dropped really dramatically in 2007 after Frank kicked out Michael Green. Australian tourist numbers fell in 2007 but not nearly as much as New Zealanders.

    Half our tourist come from Australia and New Zealand and the biggest share by far is from Australia. If Frank kicks out the Australian HC it will cause a drop in tourists like we’ve never seen before. More jobs will go, the only taxi drivers making a dollar will be the ones on Frank’s payroll.

    Frank’s crazy, we all know that, but he’s also cunning. I just can’t believe he’d be crazy enough to deliever a death blow to tourism when he’s already shown he’ll throw way the sugar industry rather than hold elections.

  33. Budhau Says:

    This tourism argument that many of you make, we have seen it before, in the previous coups. These numbers return to its equilibrium path over time. This time things ain’t gonna be no different – it might just take a little bit longer.
    Sure, the time that it takes for tourism to recover could have been the time that our industry could have grown, instead of just recover – but does anyone seriously believe that this regime gives a crap.

    As for tourists numbers going down – have you seen the hotel occupancy numbers from 1987 and 2000 and compared them to 2007 numbers.

    The second argument that folks make is that those who have invested in tourism and those potential investors in the tourism sector may get scared away. These guys have also seen that in the long run returns on investments in the tourism industry is very lucrative. The interim government also knows that.

  34. Lusianna Says:

    @ Budhau

    When things go wrong in a country – who do you blame but the Govt of the Day. In this case it is Bainimarama’s illegal junta so they take the blame and please stop bringing up the past Govts.


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