Solivakasama and Adi Kaila


Mrs Rosalind Pratt has asked Solivakasama to delete her email because the trouble it has caused. She would like to say again that she is not the Rosi that Adi Kaila thinks her to be.
Adi Kaila has claimed she is a registered member of the Solivakasama Movement. For every member’s privacy to be protected we have suggested that all members register with their real identity. Adi Kaila happened to register but as Adi Kaila and not in her real name. We have emailed her and asked her to register in her real name if she wants to become a member and she has not yet done so.
The team have decided to delete unnecessary comments. The ones that will not do our cause any good and give the Regime and its supporters the satisfaction that this site is for squabbling kids.

Please do not come to any conclusion that in anyway Ablaze is the Moderator and that it was Ablaze that wrote you are not a registered member of the Solivakasama Movement.
Ablaze is another blogger who does not have any access to the site but to blog.
We the Solivakasama team would like to repeat what Ablaze has said and that what has happened tonight is exactly how the Junta wants us to behave. Can we stay together and fight this to the end


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  1. Ablaze Says:

    This is an example of what we shouldn’t do and please at all times use the mona and not the sona, unlike the illegal Regime and their supporters who use their sonas instead of their monas.

    So please freedom bloggers for all our sakes, anyone you may slightly think is doing their bit to help us in our fight against these bunch of losers may I ask you to please use your initiative before making comments about them. If it is necessary to post information about these people on this site, do it in a manner that ensures that the message read by those reading is as accurate as possible and comment only on what is required to assist us in our fight.

    Please leave the insinuations, juicy gossips and half truths for the wannabe politicians and those that support them. Go for your lives attack the messenger and message because that is what we are here for to put them down for taking our democracy away from us.

    Once again if you feel the comments are about someone who is doing their bit for our cause don’t “kuria” cut it off straight away.

    What does it matter who we are as long as we get the message through. Don’t make it easy for the Piggies and their piglets to find out who we really are.


    May God bless us all in our fight for democracy, justice for all in the coming year.

    Vilisi’s banner – “DEMOCRACY JUSTICE FOR ALL” once again Vinaka Vilisi.

    You all have a happy new year and see you then.

  2. wini Says:

    Yes. It was not necessary for Adi Kaila and Cakau to volunteer information about someone else’s pedigree…there are privacy considerations involved here too. Rosalind is entitled to her privacy and to present a point of view. E sega ni mai kainaki oya meda laki kauta sara mai na marama tinana kei na so tale na tukutuku macawa me da vakaraitaka kina na noda vuku.

    “Simikoikoi” (you find out what that old Fijian words means and you get the gist of what I am complaining about in defence of Rosalind).

    One’s pedigree is irrelevant. Lets stick to the issues and not get personal or cast aspersions on another poster.

  3. Cakau Says:

    @ Wini

    Don’t include me with Adi Kaila who in haste rushed to the aid of “For Fiji” who was fishing for information. Adi Kaila took the bait and spilt the beans “For Fiji” who got exactly what he/she wanted.

    I did not know Mrs Pratt was going to write to the SV team, otherwise I wouldn’t have made those comments passed on to by her friend who tried to post using the name Seni Rosi. Unfortuanately after submitting her comments it was deleted by the SV team.

    Mrs Pratt is my kai vata, we share the same paramount chief, the Tui Cakau.

    Anyway I hope I have cleared the air and like you said let us stick to the issues.

    The International countries have made it harder for our tourist industry. We may have to suffer more and longer to get what we want.

    A clip from the Fiji Times

    Travellers warned about safety in Fiji
    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    Stomping the yard … the army band follows a police detail during the changing of the guard at Government House yesterday
    TRAVEL advisories issued by foreign governments are warning their citizens about being on high alert while in Fiji.

    The recently updated Australian Foreign Affairs Department travel advisory has labelled Suva as Level 3, which states Australians should practice a “high degree of caution” while in Suva.

    The New Zealand Government is advising its citizens travelling to Fiji to be careful as there was some risk to their security.

    The travel advisory states: “On 23 December 2008, the Fiji Interim Government expelled New Zealand’s Acting High Commissioner from the country. The New Zealand High Commission in Suva will be closed over the holiday period but will be monitoring the security situation for New Zealanders closely.”

    According to the advisory the New Zealand Government had plans to continue with normal out-of-hours emergency arrangements.

    Further advice states the expulsion could lead to increased tension and New Zealanders in Fiji are advised to exercise particular caution and maintain a low profile.

    The Canadian Government has followed in line with its Foreign Affairs Department advising citizens to “exercise high degree of caution” if they were planning to travel to Fiji.

  4. newsfiji Says:

    Firstly, a belated Merry Xmas to fellow freedom & Democracy for Fiji bloggers!

    Secondly, congratulations to Mrs Rosalyn Pratt nee Rosa for being brave in coming clean about not supporting this coup. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have such close family ties to the Mara family and yet have a totally opposite view point! I take my hat off to you – you deserve a medal!

    Thirdly and lastly, fellow bloggers – lets get our facts right first before attacking or printing any half truths here. It can hurt people’s reputations.

  5. Say True! Says:

    This is the very reason many of us are holding back registering with Solivakasama, for our personal details to be splattered all over the blogsite. Privacy must be respected, else we are no better off then those we have robbed us of our beloved country.

  6. F.I.R.M Says:

    Say True! Say
    Out of the 35,000 registered and counting in the last month since we published, you are probably the only one on this blog not part of the movement,and out of the seven board members of Solivakasama only one person has access to all members info so there for only Adi Kaila who is not a registered member got caught in the fishing expedition by For Fiji.
    If you are a member you should be up to date on the works of Solivakasama,because you will be in the mailing list.

    So I dont know where you get you info from of people holding back
    Thank you very much!! the fight will go on even without you.

  7. Cakau Says:


    Vinaka for the reassurance!

    Say True Say

    You shouldn’t have used those reasons (personal details to be splattered all over the blogsite.) as an excuse for Adi Kaila’s stupidity.

    Mrs Pratt knew very well what she was doing when she asked SV to publish her email. She knew it would be read by the mass.

    This fine lady had nothing to hide or be embarrassed about and her email was published on her wishes.

    Please don’t be put off from registering with Solivakasama because of one person’s wrong doing. The person posting as Adi Kaila shouldn’t have hastily jumped to conclusion and posted those comments about someone she didn’t know.

    If you are a true believer in the fight for a return to Democracy in Fiji please register as you have been assured by F.I.R.M that your personal details and privacy will be protected.

    I am sure Mrs Pratt wanted her email published as a lesson to all of us and so it should be.

    One thing for sure this horrible incident has made me aware of people like Adi Kaila and Say True!

    It is a dangerous world out there so don’t be sucked in too easily.

    Budhau was a piece of cake after all! He clearly gave us his point of view!

  8. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Lets keep the fight for democracy and justice going….Wishing and praying for you all our Gods almighty blessing for the 2009 year.

  9. Say True! Says:

    F.I.R.M, Cakau,

    I reaffirm my support for the movement for democracy for Fiji. I have been open about it, and have literally faced the repercusions because of it. I blog anonymously for an important reason. Keep up the good work as I’ve always mentioned, and yes I do support the movement through a third party, but do not wish to be acknowledged. If I have upset anyone, my apologies. Please turn your missiles away from me now, as I was reminded once of my insignificance and concentrate on those that stole democracy.

  10. Cakau Says:

    Wini I honestly did not know that the Tui Cakau at the time was against Rabuka. I always wondered why he didn’t stop Rabuka from staging the coup as he was Rabuka’s high chief.

    So as you say it was through Mara’s influence that the Tui Cakau gave way to Rabuka, a commoner. This must not be allowed to happen again. You are correct Mara was a political opportunist, but I think everybody knows that.

    It is very sad when we hear that someone who doesn’t deserve such a position is handed it on a silver platter not because they are the suitable candidate but because of who they are.

    Perhaps SV movement may lobby to stop Elenoa Mara from entering Canberra – Shit I hope so.

    Like you I must go, otherwise I might read something again that will drive me nuts.

    Oh yeah apologises accepted. Good to talking to you.

  11. wini Says:


    Kua n i leqa na wekaqu. Kakua ni ko yalo-malumalumu. I am with you (wara o Jisu!)

    Aplogises if you feel some of my posts were harsh…my brother (aye, I could even be your sister!)…I will alwayz stand by your right to present your views. The beauty of being on this site is that it is all about self learning….we present and idea or a thought…and it is challenged or accpeted etc. Thats is democracy.

    God Bless

  12. wini Says:

    Adi Kaila

    Warai gonei! Kedaru bani e voli tiko mai Makoi!

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    now now boys and girls , aren’t we getting away from what this site is set up for ?

  14. solivakasama Says:

    Lets get back to the issue the meca here is Bainimarama and the ig and not Ablaze,wini or even Adi Kaila
    Please do not come to any conclusion that in anyway Ablaze is the Moderator and that it was Ablaze that wrote you are not a registered member of the Solivakasama Movement.

    Ablaze is another blogger who does not have any access to the site but to blog.

    We the Solivakasama team would like to repeat what Ablaze has said and that what has happened tonight is exactly how the Junta wants us to behave. Can we stay together and fight this to the end

  15. Tomu Says:

    “CAN WE JUST GET ALONG????????????????”

  16. Jose Says:

    SV na cava sa delete taki kina na posts nei Adi Kaila? She has the right to defend herself. Let the self righteous mera self righteous tiko ga. Just don’t become a dictator with people’s posts where people are willing to volunteer information. Such is the nature of blogging. Na levu ni vosa viavia vuku kei na veibeci caka tu na blogg site qo what Adi Kaila said in her post was not injurious. It was just a simple act of volunteering information that another blogger was seeking and information that Adi Kaila volunteererd. There was no malice in it.

  17. Cakau Says:

    Good idea Solivakasama! What happened yesterday was nasty and we ate right into the illegal government’s hands. They wanted us get to away from the purpose of this blog site and behave like squabbling kids.

    When I come onto this site I try and put the cause before myself, yesterday I did stray and for this I apologise.

    Ablaze, it seems you copped it all in the end!

    I hope we as adults are big and ugly enough to put our differences aside and focus on getting rid of these bunch of losers.

    The girls have done it again, great letter in today’s F/T. Why is this Aussie interfering into our political affairs?

    It is something which is right up Dopey Franky and his supporter’s alley. Isa vakaloloma, no guns just one big fat good for nothing creepy crawly.

    National elections
    WHAT was Dr Anthony Bergin thinking when he stated that Fiji should not be forced to have elections despite the promises made by Bainimarama to other elected Pacific leaders in the Pacific Forum?

    Who is he to make this suggestion?

    Maybe because Dr Bergin fails to understand that Bainimarama’s lack of commitment and arrogance stems out from a lack of understanding of the ideals of democracy.

    Thus, this led him to use his military’s guns to depose the elected government using a lame excuse such as “clean-up campaign”.

    Bainimarama is behaving like a military tyrant.

    He has made many broken promises to the people who want political stability so they can have their jobs and their lives back. They have continuously been denied this.

    Bainimarama seems more concerned with useless overseas trips with his wife and power tripping.

    Dr Bergin, the people of Fiji are saying enough is enough to megalomaniacs who use guns to attain power.

    If one has altruistic motives to help the people of Fiji and think the elected government of the day is not doing its job, what it has to do is go through the systems already in place in the Constitution to voice concerns.

    The rule of the gun is no longer needed, wanted or appreciated because only losers and cowards use guns to threaten unarmed citizens and deny them their rights, their liberties and their opportunities.



  18. Tim Says:

    I’d like to hear Dr Antony Bergin’s ideas on the concept of legitimacy.
    They might be a bit like Frank’s and his not-so merry men (and women). Theory is one thing, practice another. If they all weren’t so comfortably off they’d be the first to be squeeling like pigs. Actually they still squeal when they see a threat based on their double standards and born-to-rule elitist arrogance. But Bergin should understand that while his comfort may have been earned legitimately, the junta’s has been earned courtesy of the barrel of a gun.
    There seems to be a commonality though with members of this junta: they are all extremely conceited with an over inflated idea of themselves.
    I’m not suggesting that they should be knocked down a peg, rather that if they were genuine they’d be trying to knock all those struggling UP a peg or two.

  19. Jon Jon Says:

    I am glad you tighting the nose around this site SV and see who is for real and who is not!!! abot time..

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s the oldest tactic in the book , and the Military use it all the time , divide and conquer !
    Remember the saying , united we stand , divided we fall and it’s so true and we need to focus on dividing the Military so this regime and it’s supporters can fall and run like rats an a sinking ship .

  21. Ablaze Says:

    Thank you SV for rectifying those innuendos.

    It was very unfortunate. I hope we can put it behind us and keep fighting the fight against these loser wankers.

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    The skipper of the S.S. Minnow , Commodore Frank Bananas are now trapped on Gilligan’s Island .

  23. da mai lasutaki Says:

    @ Bula vinaka SV – Interesting to note that you’ve once again deleted my posts. Well, I just hve 2 small questions if don’t mind answering them.

    1. How do you know for sure Adi Kaila had not registered with her ‘real name’ given that you only accept ‘real identities’ and not pseudonyms, and on that note, how do you verify its authenticity once a blogger registers?

    2. You state above that it was ‘ablaze’ that said that AK was not a registered member. So if ablaze did not hve access to the SV website then HOW did she know? If she did hve access, again, how did she know for sure AK had not registered under her real name? Or does one hve to also reveal their pseudonyms on this as a prerequisite for joining the SV movement?

  24. F.I.R.M Says:

    Wini …on behalf of the courages people of Yacata.
    you said in your comments above that the peolpe of Ycata were taken by Wainiqolo you are completly wrong and you need to appologise to the courages people of yacata
    read on Wini, now you will be called Lusi

    The close connection with Vuna in Taveuni is recognised in that both share the same ancestral god, plant, fish and bird. In fact, Yacata was part of the district of Vuna until after the war against the Tongans in 1860s, in the reign of the fourth Tui Yacata, when it came under Cakaudrove, the chiefly district of the paramount chief “Tui Cakau”. This was in recognition of its loyalty in not joining Tongan warlord Wainiqolo and his army of Tongans and Fijians to fight Tui Cakau at Wairiki in Taveuni. Wainiqolo’s defeat triggered off the sale of islands close to Yacata by Tui Cakau and the relocation of its inhabitants as punishment. In the Fiji map, islands close to Yacata; (Mago, Naitauba & Kanacea) were former estates sold to European settlers. Vanuabalavu was initially sold but the sale was reversed after an inquiry following the return from Tonga of Wainiqolo’s master Enele Ma’afu. In these times, Tui Cakau was the paramount chief whose dominion extended to the islands in lower northern Lau including Vanuabalavu. These historical events explain why Yacata, though in northern Lau, remain in the province of Cakaudrove, with close link to the Tui Cakau household, acquiring the title “Qase” or elders who perform the role of guardian to the chiefly family.
    for more you can go to and you Wini go to the history page and will have your eyes open..sadri yani

  25. Tash Says:

    Would like to thank Ro Teimumu for her firm stance. We need more people like her.

    I was taken back for a few seconds when I read this headline in the Fiji Times before Christmas “Ro Teimumu Welcomes Move.” As I read further I realized that this grand courageous lady had not changed her stance against the People’s Charter because she describes it as an illegal document.

    Unlike the Tui Cakau, Adi Teimumu will welcome the move by the interim indigenous Minister to use his traditional ties and visit chiefs who failed to turn up at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks for the two day Bose ni Turaga.

    Thank you greatly Adi Teimumu and to your people of Rewa.

  26. Tash Says:

    Fiji’s illegal Government has been in power for over 2 years and we have not been given a date for Parliamentary Elections.

    The word interim means the intervening, provisional and temporary time. It however, does not have a time limit.

    Since the Illegal Regime has a free hand at how Fiji should be governed and what they think is good for the island nation I would like to suggest to them they add to the new Constitution a time limit for all Interim Governments.

    This will at least give the people of Fiji an idea of how long they would have to wait before there is a change of Government.

    I and many more, are beginning to tire of this shameless, self serving, ungrateful and heedless Interim Government. Fiji needs a sensible innovative Government.

  27. LUVfiji Says:

    Pooooey! “Volunteering” mis-information, it appears.

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    It appears the price of a young life in Fiji today is indeed very cheap !

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    Would I be correct in saying that this guy is Indian , owns a business in Fiji and is concerned now , about the negative impact this coup is having on his own business ?
    Does anyone know this guys background and what motivates him to try and have the New Zealand Government start engaging in constructive talks with an illegal regime . Is he on of the guys involved in advising Frank and Co. in the past 8 years ?
    Does he have connections with the Lawyers who advised the regime before and during the coup . What exactly , is his reason for wanting to have something done before the Forum next month , is he trying to hoodwink the New Zealand Government into possibly accepting the silly Charter ?
    Can anyone get the dirt on this guy or is he genuinely concerned for Fiji’s future ?

  30. Cakau Says:

    Mark may I suggest you contact SV and get them to post it as a forum for discussion.

    This would be a good change for what is there now.

  31. Colin Bishop Says:

    Mark: As a group they have been around since 2000. Some of their comments in 2000 make good reading in relation to the present situation.

  32. Colin Bishop Says:

    They were pushing for stronger santions in 2000. His phone number is published so I may give him a ring.

  33. Jose Says:

    jon jon, you shouldn’t have any problem being regulated by the fiji army since you like being regulated.
    Only like minded people required in this site, it seems. Just yes people.

  34. F.I.R.M Says:

    They tried and calling for dialogue for the last 2 years it does not work you got to understand their mentality and background of who you are dealing with, when you register for the solivakasama worldwide movement on their website you will be in their mailing list,they have a systematic way of doing things …it is amazing getting emails from the major democratic countries of the world and are communicating with the Solivakasama team,so why dont you urge your friends and their friends to come and join the movement to stop this madness.
    Then one day you can be proudly say to your grandchildren that your movement put a stop to the coup culture in our beloved country.

  35. Tim Says:

    It seems many of my posts on this site have a habit of disappearing up their own ass just before posting, but then we’re dealing with Frank so no surprises there.
    But Colin is correct (Mark re Naidu).
    However that said, I’m not sure that dialogue (the politically correct option) is all that fruitful. It presupposes dealing with rational people prepared to compimise. Whereas we have a man of limited intelligence with a heap of shit to hide, embouldened by a few people driven by ideology that are fast beginning to realise their escape hatch options are diminishing.
    How long do you guys want to wait? I forget that exact saying about Rome burning – if indeed it was actually Rome but Apia for the diplomatic community and a few NGO’s must be looking mighty attractive as they develop their strategic plans (going forward). So does Port Moresby for that matter. After all the “hub” concept is only based on history. Who’d want an African hub based in Harare? (going forward)
    What do you reckon this junta’s strategic plan is? I reckon its suck it and see – something the likes of the Yippee-i-Aye and is bulldog protector Shaista is especially used to

  36. Adi Kaila Says:

    FIRM – enough of the name calling thank you very much – stupid is what I’m certainly not.

    Too bad that my comments in answer to those that deigned to misread what I actually wrote have been deleted yet the others have been left. I do enjoy a good debate and it was going to get even better.

    Very Selective indeed – Doesn’t make any sense at all.

    I get the message though and I’m outa here – so long – it was nice chatting online and trying to fight the ig coupsters with words that really do matter.

    Just a note – My name is actually correct – it is a shortened version of a name that has special meaning & yes I did register online with my REAL NAME. I was actually named by my Great Grandmothers cousin Adi Maopa.

  37. Tim Says:

    @ AK – you wouldn’t be the first to have been misinterpreted. That’s the nature of the written, rather than the spoken word and the nature of blogs.
    Better you continue to post and ignore or contest those that misinterpret.

  38. Jon Jon Says:

    Jose, dui vuniga ena nona vunibaka!!!! hope this riddle will give a you a sense of humor!!!!

  39. dugong Says:

    au via ci saraga wini

  40. da mai lasutaki Says:
  41. da mai lasutaki Says:

    Thank you and I am sorry

  42. Jose Says:

    Good one Wini and Tim.
    Adi Kaila, you’ve been around along time to quit now on account of only a few negatives. As Tim says, it’s the nature of blogs. Come on, girl. Lesu tale mai, mai sakurataka mada na vuni baka nei jon jon via play hide and seek tiko.

  43. Tash Says:

    Am I blogging on the right site? If I am not I hate to spoil your fun.

    This has bothered when I first read about it in that the illegal Regime took their charter into Fiji schools.

    Filipe Bola is too old to be making decisions about something so important as the welfare of the school children of Fiji. In the F/T the day before Christmas the headline read; “No classroom hours used: Bole.”

    We are becoming familiar with the illegal Regime he serves as dictatorial, intimidating and thoughtless in the way they are trying to govern a country which consist of two major races, taukeis and Indians.

    We the mothers were disappointed because we didn’t want our children exposed to anything political while in the hands of the school teachers. We also felt hopeless because there was nothing we could have done about it.

    Exposing the People’s Charter to Fiji’s school children without consulting the Parents was very irresponsible and inconsiderate. It was a rash decision done in haste for none other than their own benefits, whether done during school hours or not.

    Parents are responsible for their children’s well-being and hand that responsibility over to the teachers while their children are at school.

    Bole should’ve instructed his Illegal Regime that co-operation between parents and teachers was crucial before exposing the children to the political People’s Charter.

    School children have enough worries as it is without involving themselves in political matters.

    It ceases to amazes me that Fiji parents can allow this to happen without a fight.

    Fiji must by now be a dictatorship with Frank Bainimarama has dictator.

  44. dugong Says:

    drinking kava with leweni@ the moment listening to his bulshit

  45. Jose Says:

    1. Merge God and nature ( ecology)
    2. Eradicate male – female distinction. (pantheistic)
    3. World peace and nuclear disarmament
    4. One World Government
    5. One World Religion

    1. The united Nations
    2. The Council of Foreign Relations
    3. The Trilateral Commission
    4. The Bilderberg Group
    5. The Gorbachev Foundation
    6. The Club of Rome

    ” The World Constitution and Parliament Asscociation (WCPA) has pulled together a draft of a constitution for World Government……………” Officially it is known as “A Constitution for the Federation of Earth”.
    (Kah, Enroute to Global Occupation)

    To bring about an acceptance for something like this, you have to influence the “Education” of the world, so that the mindset and the thinking of people is changed.

    “The world will not change and find peace if there is not a new education”
    — U Tant, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, a teacher.

    The former Director of The World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Brock Chisolm stated:-

    “To achieve World Government, it is neccessary to remove from the minds of men their Individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas………”
    –The Christian World Report (March 1991. Vol 3, No. 3). p8
    –Christian World Report (July 1989, Vol 1. No. 5). p1

    Robert Muller is the author of the World Core Curriculum, which is designed to:-
    ” steer our children toward Global Citizenship, earth-centered beliefs, socialist values and the collective mindset which is becoming a requirement for the 21st century workforce
    — New Man Magazine, (600 Rhinehart Rd, Lake Mary, F132746),
    July-August 1995, p.85-86

    ” A world core curriculum might seem utopian today, by the year 2000 it will be a down- to- earth daily reality in all the schools of the world”.
    –Robert Muller, A World Core Curriculum ( n:p.n.d.).p13

  46. FijiGirl Says:

    Sometimes we bloggers do stoop to make degrading comments about ‘common citizenry’, that is, people not directly connecting to the illegal regime or its most ardent supporters.
    Although this kind of behaviour and comment is acceptable around the grog bowl it does not translate that well into cyberspace. I’ve always enjoyed that SV feels like a virtual grogbowl.
    And I know I am guilty of making inappropriate remarks which were probably, in hindsight, grossly unfair. My apologies to those people.
    (I am NOT referring to my remarks about the malodorous Chodokant – I mean every uncomplimentary syllable I’ve ever written about that snake).
    So thank you SV and the moderators for taking a responsible stand and helping us bloggers to edit the places where we really do get out of hand.
    God bless Fiji

  47. Nostradamus Says:

    I vote for Adi Kaila and I don’t care who she/he is or where she/he comes from. The point of the blog is to listen to and respond to opinions, not to find out identities and persecute people. Lets leave the latter activity to the Junta. They cannot do anything constructive so let them enjoy their witch hunt. Now that they have eliminated most of the SDL, they have taken to criticizing the very organizations they have taken control of, like the FNPF and trying to take credit for projects initiated by the SDL or SVT.

  48. Peace Pipe Says:

    Aren’t we being too quick to judge and pass sentences. That would be the last thing we need as it now seems to derail our growing effort towards the common objective of regaining our democracy and freedom. Lets remain focused and determined in our cause. Maybe the cabin was hot and stuffy and people get frustrated and needed fresh air. That’s fine. Have a break and come back on board refreshed and reinvigorated. One thing we must learn is to be tolerant of each other’s slip ups as we all do make a slip now and then – no one is perfect. If we let this happen then the enemy has succeeded. They are amongst us as we speak and doing their best to disrupt our efforts.

  49. Keep The Faith Says:


    Let’s ove on folks – 2009 is on our doorsteps 😉

    Onwards & Upwards.

  50. Jon Jon Says:

    I don’t know why pick on Adi Kaila? she has been a major supporter of this site all the way. I am sure everyone in here would not like the regime to know who they are behind the walls of the cyber world. In a democracy it’s a freedom of choice to choose wot the people want. I know Military cronies like Jose’s n his military cyber spies, crawl around this site day and nite wasting taxes payers money to catch any of us that disagree with there jezzebel mind controlling spirit which has bound them all to Bainimarama’s curse of the day!!!!

  51. soro Says:

    Guys and gals – come on …….. Adi K is a significant voice on this blog. All she did was offer an opinion. Soli – I’m afraid you’ve bitten the wrong end of the stick ….

    Please come back Adi K …. I for one will miss your wonderful humour.

    Anyway as KTF says – onwards and upwards …. do not stoop to what the Junta wants us to become ….

    God help us all in 2009 – if we help ourselves !!!!

    Bring back Democracy and down with the Junta !

  52. Ablaze Says:

    Keep The Faith & Peace Pipe

    You are Both sooooooooo right – 2009 will be a better and stronger year as we have had to 2 years of experience at fighting these wankers. We should no better, I know I have learnt and know better now never ever to lose sight of why I’m here in the first place.

    Peace Pipe – my new year’s resolution is to remain forcused and more determined to fighting Bai Dai Dai and his silly foolish followers.

    Tash you would be interested in today’s Fiji Time’s editorial – it seems there is no doubt we do have a dictator and he is doing a mighty good job isolating Fiji from the others countries that have been our allies for years.

    Please we do not want to give Fiji’s Regime the great satisfaction of seeing us diminish in cyber – space.

    “UNITED WE STAND AND UNITED WE ACHIEVE and not United to stand and divided we fall.”

  53. loru Says:


  54. Jose Says:

    Soro, totally agree with you on Adi Kaila

    Jon Jon, go back and hide behind your bakatree. That’s your best place to be to relax. There’s a good boy.

  55. Keep The Faith Says:

    Ahhh folks there’s a new discussion topic happening and we might want to divert the remaining ’08 energies there 😉

  56. Jose Says:

    By the way Jon Jon,
    google up some of those organisations I’ve listed above that’s leading the world for the World Govt. Try the Council of Foreign Relations for example. Then go to Illuminatti. Open your mind wide for a change.

  57. Jose Says:

    Sometimes true believers get screwed by some self righteous people on the same side.
    Well Jon Jon, are you there yet?

  58. F.I.R.M Says:

    Just to let you guys know that those of who are attacking Ablaze and Cakau they are two of Solivakasama world widemovement financial supporters …

  59. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka F.I.R.M

    If it will stop the attack – I am happy!

    I really don’t care anymore – as long as we get rid of these bastards ie the IG suckers! I am sick of it and please God allow something to happen before 09 ends. We want our freedom back!

    Vinaka and happy new year and good health to all good honest caring people

  60. Jose Says:

    Hi again Jon Jon
    Here’s good reading for you. Again, open up your mind wiiiiiiide.

    There’s more reading if you google up those organisations I told you about.

    Conspiracy galores sa tiko veira na want to control the world. Including the one you hiding in your baka tree from, bainimarama

  61. kate Says:

    How does one become a financial supporter?

  62. da mai lasutaki Says:
  63. Cakau Says:

    Garbage In Garbage Out!

    It is a dog eat dog world out there!

    Fight on fellow bloggers we need to come out winners in the end!

  64. F.I.R.M Says:

    da mai lasutaki just to let you know that this movement is going on with or without you.go back and support bainimarama and dont come here to this blog fuck off
    we have poeple registering and donating funds into this movement from all over the world and we are going to bring this IG and you with it down .
    Folks watch out for Da mai lasutaki using email he/she is probabbly a military spy.

  65. solivakasama Says:


  66. da mai lasutaki Says:
  67. da mai lasutaki Says:

    F.I.R.M – do u not hve an ounce of gentleman-ess left in your being after swearing at me and at least let that last and final post of mine stay… which I’m re-posting below …

    For the last time : I am not a military spy.

    F.I.R.M – you’re nothing but a chauvinist pig who likes to play God and favourites ($$ talk, bullsh!t wa….) and u can’t accept a different view from your sicko ones. Well, so long… hope you get what you’re REALLY fighting for but yr movt’s cursed alright and doomed to fail since its sitting on a false and misleading premise. Au re voir.

  68. F.I.R.M Says:

    Go back to camp and spend new year with Bainimarama

  69. da mai lasutaki Says:

    Can’t stand him as much as you. Moce mada.

  70. da mai lasutaki Says:

    And for the record, I’ve been blogging right from the get-go (the original RFC days), unlike you, a convenient Jonny-come-lately for SV..

  71. F.I.R.M Says:

    have you register for the solivakasama worldwide movement if you haven’t you are still with Bainimarama.Johny come late I maybe but I leagally own solivakasama domain

  72. F.I.R.M Says:

    Da mai lasutaki,
    its amazing the more you attack me the more registration and donation coming in today,I might be a jonny come late but blogging is not my style i am too busy replying to emails to the members of Solivakasama worldwide movement and updating our database.
    we have thousands of people I am dealing with on and you just want to fight me…happy new year

  73. Budhau Says:

    Hey Guys, I leave for a short vacation and the inmates take over in here.

    Listen guys – that privacy thing is important for SV – I remember the first week I was here and NP revealed the name I used in my email address to sign up – and then he denied he had anything to do with SV.

    SV’s credibility is important. And that F.I.R.M dude don’t help any either (unless FIRM is NP under another name). Hey, F.I.R.M, learn to choose your battle – and you don’t have to tell us how great SV is doing – let the folks in here be the judge – and they day they start saying that SV is going a great job – now, that counts. You dealing with thousands of people – I am impressed.

    Da mai lasutaki – it ain’t Johnny come lately – it is the same dude, just a different mask.

    BTW – I love Ablaze and Kutu. I refuse to register with SV – I will send in my donation via Paypal – when this recession is over.

    ..and F.I.R.M – it OK if some folks disagree with you….you have to reply emails and deal with thousands of people….my arse.

  74. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Without wishing in any way to add fuel to the fire, we at FDN feel we must register with SV and the wider Fiji Freedom Blogging Community the fact that we have been deeply dismayed by this whole saga.

    As SV points out, we must stick together and fight the dictator and his despicable regime to the very end. We couldn’t agree more.

    On the question of registering our real names on the SV website, we also have a consensus viewpoint.

    As any blogger who visits the FDN site would be aware, we encourage anyone emailing us or posting a comment on our Forum not to use their real name or even their real email address, because there’s always the risk of the green goons getting access by one means or another.

    For mainly the same reasons, we don’t wish to put our real names out there. For one thing, we have too many close family members that would be within the reach of the regime if the SV website ever got hacked or fell into the wrong hands. For another, we know of cases where the regime has brutally victimized Fiji residents but their cases have never been publicized because the victims felt it would only make matters worse.

    But this is in no way a sign that we are backing off. Rather, we are planning ways of raising funds to donate to the SV global campaign, which we think is a highly worthy endeavor and one that should have the unstinting support of all supporters of democracy.

    On a completely different matter, as some of you may have notice, we are having huge problems with our website at present. While we hope it’s a purely technical IT issue, we cannot rule out the possibility that the foreign computer bandits are not again in receipt of some funds from the FMF’s unaccounted for millions.

    The team at FDN wishes SV and all freedom bloggers a productive and rewarding 2009 and, dare we hope, the driving of the final nail into the coffin of the dictatorship and all that it stands for.

  75. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Without wishing in any way to add fuel to the fire, we at FDN feel we must register with SV and the wider Fiji Freedom Blogging Community the fact that we have been deeply dismayed by this whole saga.

    As SV points out, we must stick together and fight the dictator and his despicable regime to the very end. We couldn’t agree more.

    On the question of registering our real names on the SV website, we also have a consensus viewpoint.

    As any blogger who visits the FDN site would be aware, we encourage anyone emailing us or posting a comment on our Forum not to use their real name or even their real email address, because there’s always the risk of the green goons getting access by one means or another.

    For mainly the same reasons, we don’t wish to put our real names out there. For one thing, we have too many close family members that would be within the reach of the regime if the SV website ever got hacked or fell into the wrong hands. For another, we know of cases where the regime has brutally victimized Fiji residents but their cases have never been publicized because the victims felt it would only make matters worse.

    But this is in no way a sign that we are backing off. Rather, we are planning ways 3f raising funds to donate to the SV global campaign, which we think is a highly worthy endeavor and one that should have the unstinting support of all supporters of democracy.

    On a completely different matter, as some of you may have notice, we are having huge problems with our website at present. While we hope it’s a purely technical IT issue, we cannot rule out the possibility that the foreign computer bandits are not again in receipt of some funds from the FMF’s unaccounted for millions.

    The team at FDN wishes SV and all freedom bloggers a productive and rewarding 2009 and, dare we hope, the driving of the final nail into the coffin of the dictatorship and all that it stands for.

  76. Cakau Says:

    Bula Budhau – useful for a change! you have just reminded all of us that this is a blog site, anthing goes, truths, half truths lots of bull shits lots of good and bad educational information.

    We have all sorts coming in here, loyal true believers, the self righteous, the clowns, the arseholes etc etc bluffing and plotting how the bloody hell we are going to get rid of these bastards.

    Have you stopped to think that F.I.R.M is having some fun and making out he is something he is not!

    Who gives a fuck anywhere?

  77. Jon Jon Says:

    Jose, i don’t waste time reading the illumunati even though i am very aware of it. I am not worried how the world is moving into the future. I am sure it’s bibilical not wori abot the future. For whoever watches the wind will not plant and whoever looks at the cloud will will not reap. Yes darkness will cover the earth but his glory will appear over his people. So illumanati and all conspiracy theory can all lead the way to hell where they all belong!!!!!

  78. Keep The Faith Says:

    Moderator may I respectfully suggest you kill this discussion thread as it will continue to invite comments and therefore keep the issue alive. The point of contention as I understand is over and best handled by a direct email from you to the parties involved.

    As it stands it now has 78 comments and ideally you want bloggers to be concentrating on the latest fcukups of the IIG in addition to registering on your web-site.

    I make this suggestion with the deepest respect to you and all fellow blogging comrades out there.

  79. Jose Says:

    Hey, Jon, Jon,
    I hope you are not having a heart attack.
    I’m surprised you even bothered to reply!!!! Ignorance is bliss I’m sure. Carry on what ever it is you are fighting for if by your posts you call it fighting at all. I’ve payed my taxes, I’m off for a well earned vacation. These ig are going to stay there even if it takes them 10, 20 or 30 years to get what they want. I’m sure I read that in the UNITED NATIONS AND THEIR OCCULT AGENDA
    By the way, that website I gave you, that’s so you can see the similarity of the problems that are facing another country. One would think, Bainimarama was actually assimilating the perpetrators of that country. I am sure we are being Freemasonry controlled and the ig in the know are working directly with the United Nations. The United Nation is not what the world think it is. But what the heck. Happy blogging. I’m gone to enjoy myself. Don’t you have a life? And get out of that baka tree. That’s where tevoros play.

  80. aubatinuku-N Says:

    There might have been times where we disagreed but I do have a respect for Adi K and I know that they love to write! 😉

    @ Adi Kaila ~ Thank you for all that you have shared with us in the past and I for one look forward to more from you!

    Vinaka kemudrau!!

  81. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – Bula Vinaka Na Wekaqu. What the hell did I miss??? Just can’t leave the kids alone for a single minute.

    Daru laga mada nodratou sere na Tadra Vakasiga vi Marama Tau.

    @ Adi Kaila – ni kua ni qai Marama Tau, o cei li na qai serauni kitou tiko mai na Tebara ke sa vaka nadaku na vula ena bogi edai, whatta ya gotta say a-N?

  82. Jon Jon Says:

    Jose, i don’t know wots your problem with me from the first place. I did not pick on you.. but u sound like a large empty drum that makes loud noise without a cause!!! It wud be a good idea you go on a holiday n sort your brains out for awhile.. n hopefully fill it with somethin positive to bring back to this blog..I am aware of the IG being link to freemason’s n it does not wori me one bit.I am as happy as larry n am having a good time laughing n enjoying life as usually.. Nothin is shakin me out of my peace cause your words like the winds that comes an goes daily.. Maybe you need to examine your own heart first before you start picking on people you don’t know!!!! By the way i did not go into that website that you gave me cause it does not promote anything positive!!! Oh n i don’t need the baka tree to go hide, i hide under the shadow of the Most High n thats why i am safe hehe!!!

  83. newsfiji Says:

    Keep the Faith : I could not agree with you more.

    FDN : I also share your sentiments about it being quite risky to give real names to the Solivakasama Org. The risk is still very real.

  84. F.I.R.M Says:

    News Fiji
    Out of the 37453 and counting.. members of the solivakasama worldwide movement doing their bit in applying pressure on this regime ask yourself this …if iam not for solivakasama i am still supporting Bainimarama, so if you join the movement or not the fight will go on with or without you.As for risk every member info is secure and not even known to the rest of the seven board members, only one person has that info and I can gureentee you I am not like Bainimarama.

  85. Tash Says:


    You sound VERY STRONG AND VERY FIRM and I think the time has come to front this dictator without any fear. The people of Fiji have been too afraid to do anything for too long.

    It is either you trust the organisation or keep your fears to yourself and please do not spread those fears by making comments as such on this site.

    Please newsfiji I meant that sincerely – that is the spirit of the context in which it is written.

    This really worries me because I still have family and friends in Fiji thinking that because they have a job this illegal Government is not making an impact in their lives. I say not yet anyway.

  86. F.I.R.M Says:

    Ok Tash regards to your Mother

  87. Tash Says:


    It is a guessing game with you but I am not even going to try and work out who you are? Leave that to Bainimarama’s foolish little followers.

    I will just stick to liking the fire in your belly because we need people with that calibre and you sure have it.

  88. Peace Pipe Says:

    After weighing all the options and the possibility of doing something concrete instead of mere exchanges in the cyber space joining the SV was the best way to achieve our common objective. Its not that we are planning to stage a voilent revolt or what. We are just speaking our minds and telling the truth and demanding our freedom. It is too much to ask for. After all the rest of the free world has this right still available to them which has been denied to us by the self serving dictator. Anyway do they room for 37,500 freedom advocators in the camp or wherever.

  89. F.I.R.M Says:

    Good on you Peace Pipe, looking formard to receiving your registration.

  90. Cakau Says:

    Sa rauta ga me yacamu o F.I.R.M – sega na rere, leave it or take it man!

    Hope the tin toy soldiers at the camp are watching.

    Happy new year to all SV bloggers.

  91. F.I.R.M Says:

    so you really hope that they are watching

  92. F.I.R.M Says:

    I will say sayonara to this blog site

  93. Say True! Says:

    F.I.R.M. sona levu, tamata dokadoka – who the fcuk do you think you are, take your money and shove it up your rear, this site has become shitty because of your arrogance. Your money aint worth shit. There’s more to life and one things is for sure – and you don’t and never will posses it. You can never buy integrity. Boci.

  94. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Happy New Year bloggers,

    well it seems, as soon as we look away, shit happens.

    Vei kemudou kece na veivosaki tiko e liu, dua ga na noqu kerekere ena lakolako oqo, this is a new year as as SV says, we are going to use ‘smart strategies’ to topple this illegal junta.

    So. lets remember that!

    No point using ‘smart strategies’ against the illegal junta, when we are destroying ourselves with ‘stupid and destructive ones?’

    Se kuca everyone and as my Tau IslandBoy is fond of saying:


  95. Cakau Says:


    Sega na leqa – up to us not to bring it up. Restraint and Ignore best medicine!

    Let us unite and make the intent of blogging on SV to voice our opinions, vent our frustrations against the perpetrators of this damn coup and through this means, others opinions can be better formulated.

  96. F.I.R.M Says:

    Say True! Says:
    My tracker tells me your identity thats ok I forgive you,
    At least I put down my money for Fiji ..vosaca taki au oti ga o lako tiko i lotu

  97. Budhau Says:

    I am just posting in here to keep this thread alive – I think the folks on the other side are of the opinion that “give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.”

    Blog on Ragone!

  98. Say True! Says:

    my sincere apologies – i must be going nuts barking up the wrong tree in a moment of rage. Solivakasama – please delete my vicious comments directed at F.I.R.M. above, it was grossly unbecoming of me. F.I.R.M. – keep up the good fight taciqu.

  99. Cakau Says:

    Say True

    Thank you! Thank you! What a great start to 2009. That is what this site is all about. We have a fight and lets do it together as a team.

    Lets us be positive at all times! Use the negatives and turn them into positives. As I mentioned before let us unite and make the intent of blogging on SV to voice our opinions, vent our frustrations against the perpetrators of this damn coup and through this means, others opinions can be better formulated.

    WE have to show the arsOholes that we don’t care if a team member decides to over step the line and wants to leave – its their choice, respect those wishes and let it be. We my friends can’t afford to be piss weak and I thought AK’s comments was just that. I waited to see whether SV was going to delete it or not and for a while then I thought they were to fucken scared to do it. I was wrong SV was very clever in leaving it long enough for people to read those comments and like she says judge for themselves.

    If she wants to go and post those comments in the other blogs – let her go! Take that chance and if Rosalyn is the true fighter she claims to be let her handle it – allow her to fight her battle. If she had any sense she would ignore it – it is not our sight so who gives a fuck!

    People! People! we need to fight hard and strong, use our heads and our hearts and when we come in here put the cause before anything else! Say True you don’t know how happy I was to see your apologies. Have the guts and apologise if you need it – did we get any apologies from AK -NO! That my friends is being a true believer – that is power – that is what those arseOholes haven’t an ounce of – Fucken Cowards!

    You know the thing I picked up about the tawdry saga was the attitude of the majority – it was read and ignore and nothing was said or if something was said it was Poor AK – long time blogger we shall miss her blah blah. “Really good to bloggers like Budhau & Bin Laden to come in here and read exactly what they have been trying to tell us!” Did any of you read Budhau’s comments when he said he likes Kutu and Ablaze? Probably did but ignored it. Why do you think he said that – he was mocking us. (Budhau if you are reading this we know that they are the people including Tui Savu, Katalina etc who you want to behave like AK) Well let me tell you know “You can piss off because it ain’t going to happen.

    Our problem and the reason of what is exactly happening in our country today. Sit and wait attitude – OH its OK I have a job and it is not impacting on me. Oh don’t give me all that crap about living there – at least say something to encourage those fighting from overseas. I have lost friends and relatives because of what I believe in but deep down in my heart I know in the end we will all benefit.

    WE need to keep them guessing at all times true believers trust their own instincts and don’t go identifying other bloggers if they slightly think that the person is on our side.

    Who really gives a fuck if Ablaze is Wainibu or me not unless you want to identify that person which was her objective and not a bloody help to what we are fighting for.

    I have been asked to change my name and to that I say get lost!

    OK had my say and please no more Isa, vakaloloma! We have no time for that attitude – if it happens again don’t say anything unless it is a positive for the cause put the cause before those involved and come in hard on them none of this long time blogger, a friend of mine etc etc. Do that outside the blog!

    You know the thing that pisses me off the most is those Mara girls are still parading around as if there is nothing going on and being accepted that way in Fiji.

    All I have tried to do is turn a negative into a positive!

  100. Cakau Says:

    SV and if Say True doesn’t mind I think we shouldn’t delete those comments.

    Use it as an example of what I have just said above.

    It is something we want from everyone including those dick heads in their bullshit Regime.



  101. senijiale Says:

    @ cakau/ablaz/wainipoo – well, well.. it appears that you’re shaping up nicely to be the Pig’s alter ego. With all that senseless rants and raves, who in their right mind would want to follow the lead of an idiot like you?

    @ F.I.R.M (btw what does F.I.R.M stand for??) – u’re an idiot to think you can ably marshal and manipulate views on SV blog to suit your agenda. If you think you can hold people at ransom because you happen to know their identities on, then you are pitiful, sa vakaloloma dina nomu bula. Be very careful on that path you’re treading on.. you both reside in jurisdictions where the RULE OF LAW is paramount and is respected.

  102. Cakau Says:

    Piss off senijiale! “Cause before ego if you want to come in here!” Don’t waste our time! Live in denial and enjoy your social life with the elites of Fiji – eg coctails parties at the RFMF office’s mess and the NZ and OZ embassies.

    You love the coups because you get to enjoy all this luxury and don’t have to take responsibility for those that are suffering!

    Please everyone else ignore, especially you F.I.R.M, my comments are enough to fix her up! Must be a female with that lovely name, OTHERWISE A WANKER!

  103. senijiale Says:

    Bula you 3-headed idiot – my, my, it’s only the 2nd day of the new year and u’re already telling me to piss off. Isa, not so fast Bu, this happens to be Kutu’s blog, not yours..

    Of course I’m a female with a lovely name. Why on earth did you and F.I.R.M delete Adi K’s comment posted on NY’s eve but leave your long-winded senseless rant in here? It’s a NY and u’re still carrying yr selective garbage in here.

    You wanna fix me up? Think long and hard about that one, Bu..

    As Say True aptly said earlier, both you and F.I.R.M may have funded somewhat, but one thing’s for sure, you can’t buy INTEGRITY, VALUES and PRINCIPLES.

    What are you both REALLY fighting for? Really..

  104. IslandBoy Says:

    @Kutu – Kerekere Naita, please send me a pm when you are next free. I also have a personal message I would be grateful if forwarded to JW.

    Vinaka Vakalevu!

  105. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Something I find really strange… and that is the fact that when Vilisi Nadaku had his run in with the gun wielding troop in Fiji there weren’t this many posters on that thread.

    This one has over 100 posts and counting ..

    One about gossip is the winner 🙂

  106. Tash Says:

    Couldn’t resist it!

    Katalina you are not only smart and witty but very funny indeed.

    I did read about Vilisi Nadaku – what a hero!

    I am still laughing!

  107. Budhau Says:

    I think we should fire F.I.R.M, let him get his own commercial site where he can make money.
    I vote for Kutu.

    100 posts and counting. BTW… how is joining SV going to help?

    I like Cakau’s comment, “You love the coups because you get to enjoy all this luxury and don’t have to take responsibility for those that are suffering!”

    Oh yeah! – I think most of these folks would enjoy a coup as long as their boy is in power – what we should be doing is working towards replacing this coup guy with one of our own.

  108. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    you are greatly mistaken, most of us don’t like coups and were naive in the 1987 coups, hence their passionate rejection of this one. Once bitten, twice shy!!!

    Remember, it is the Indians who have acted stupidly!

    Get the drift?

  109. Budhau Says:

    JW – how have the Indians acted stupidly?

    So you idiots were naive in 1987 – is that what it was. I think a better explanation is that it was your boy that pulled the 1987 coup – therefore, a coup was fine. Were you buggers naive in 2000 when they pulled a coup against Chaudary.

    I am sure, you will have the same fricken excuse the next time, when you cousin pulls the next coup.

    You were naive about the coups, you are naive about the land – that you all will sell you land and party – thus the restriction on the sale of land.

    JW – stop insulting your race – you should know better.

    BTW – whats with this site being sold to Tui Savu.

    Come on Kutu – I respected you and you had a good thing going here – until you decided to sell out.

  110. Lusianna Says:


    Yes we were stupid, naive call it whatever you want because we accepted the Rabuka coup.

    It is really bugging you because we have become wiser and have the guts to admit that we were wrong.

    You and the Indian race are really concerned that your taukei chiefs and the evil boy will not get you through this time like the way in which we supported Rabuka because we were stupid and naive. Rabuka got what he wanted but you know that you have a tough fight on your hands. It won’t have it Budhau. Bai’s Illegal Junta will always be that until he gets elected.

    You will have a better chance if you stood for elections!

    That is why you carry on like a big fat greasy pork chop repeating yourself saying; if you guys accepted the 1987 coup you should be accepting this coup. Get lost we have been burnt before and the only govt we will accept now is an elected one through the legal process!

  111. Lusianna Says:

    I don’t who owns this blog but I like it and will support it because it is the only way I can have a go at people like Budhau.

    Vinaka SV

    Budhau come back when the govt of your choice is elected by the people for the people of Fiji that is.

    I will then enjoy discussing their policies on an even legal playing field.

    You don’t like Tui Savu because you can’t confuse him, he can see right through you like me.

  112. Budhau Says:

    Elected by the people – my arse.
    Your GCC endorsed the previous coups – so what happened back then about “elected by the people”. Wasn’t Dr Bavadra elected by the people, wasn’t the FLP elected by the people – or is those Indians ain’t “people.”

    You come back to me – when you can support a democratically elected government – that you will let a Chaudary or a Bavadra serve out his term in office – then we can talk this democracy bullshit.

    BTW – I don’t have to confuse Tui Savu – he is already confused. I thought it was a shame that some good folks like Kutu who had this thing going have sold out to folks like Tui Savu.

  113. Jon Jon Says:

    Budhau it’s amazing how arrogant u have become on this blog just like Frank. People like you and Frank are living in the past and therefore will keep bringing issues of the past wherever you go to justify your cause. Let me tell you Budhau, we don’t live in the past n Chiefs this days have already ask the people for forgiveness of the sins of the past n therefore there is nothing in the past that will give them anything to the future. Chaudhary n his labor party refused to accept the apppologies of 2005 when the Goverment of the day, the church n the chief ask for forgiveness. Frank did the same things.. So where did it take them too? Yes to bitterness land where is there is no hope or life and thats back to the past, where the devil dwells..U can keep barking and yelling from your corner abot 87 n 2000 n its now long gone.. Why don’t you get over it n do something positive for your country n look to the future as it is bright for those who believe in something positive!!!!

  114. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    you are indeed a dickhead when it comes to responding to issues?

    You are now trying to tell us that when you Indians wholeheartedly followed and supported Vore, the 2 Evelis, the Mara children and then Mahen Snr in the 2006 coup, it was not stupid but okay? Man than you are real thick.

    I admitted that Fijians were naive in their unquestionable loyalty to Ratu Mara that they accepted the Rabuka coup because he claimed it was for their protection and later on when they found out it was orchestrated by Ratu Mara himself, they started to question their blind loyalty.

    Yet you don’t accept this fact. You see Budhah, the major difference between us is that Fijians generally speaking when they err will admit and confess they were wrong and change, but Indians, will keep denying the truth to the end, hence you inability to accept my explanation.

    Many Fijians wholeheartedly embraced the 1987 coups because their high chiefs supported it.

    The 2000 coup, not all Fijians wholeheartedly supported it like the 1987 coup and when the 2006 coup happened, they listened to their conscience rather than emotion and the 2 Evelis, Vore & Mara children gamble failed miserably.

    The Indians on the other hand were anti-coup in 1987 and 2000 because they saw the coup as against them as a race, so that is why they wholeheartedly embraced the 2006 coup because they saw it was against the Fijian race, hence Roko Tui Bau’s statements that many from the Fijian heartland view the coup as an Indian coup or Muslim coup.

    BTW Budhau, what I am saying above is not an excuse but a simple fact like A. B. C.. dah!

    So we are both not insulting our own races because Fijians can admit their faults, repent and change, whereas Indians cannot and will continue to argue and defend their position, even when all is hopeless. You have however misunderstood the Fijian mentality.

    Oddly, you have not disputed my take on Chodo’s Snr being the 1st Indian PM and 1st convicted criminal to be PM as well.

    Nor have you challenged my take on the FLP being up shit creek because they too were part of the coup before it was carried out. Chodo Snr knew all along and something tells me that too also knew.

    Please address the issues correctly next time before putting words down because you quickly lose the plot.

    As for your personal dislike of Tui Savu, it seems quite obvious your are jealous of him. Like I have told you may times before, at least we know who has the balls to write against the illegal junta and put their name down because you can’t!

    So stop whining like a baby, get real and say after me: ‘YES I CAN!!!

    Otherwise…chup raho teri @^%$!!

  115. Snapper Cracker Says:

    @ JW

    Tonight Budhau was beaten by a female and now you!

    That is it the taukei’s have admitted they were wrong to have accepted the 1987 coup.

    They realize that Fiji won’t accept anything else but an elected govt and they will not get their way like Rabuka did.

  116. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oh Boy!! I sure did miss out on a whole heap here……I would have loved to have read Adi Kaila’s post that was deleted just so I could have a better handle on this. Not that I can’t handle a bit of pressure either! 😉

    All I can say is it was’nt the first and it would’nt be the last to happen on this site or any other site for that matter.

    The nature of the beast is what we are dealing with here, and we are all adults here who have ventured into this both familiar and most other times unknown territory of the world wide web.

    It’s a cesspool and in the end we are all individual writers who after we post our thoughts and opinions know that we stand alone and there is no other adrenaline rush that can beat that feeling of not knowing what the next Northshore wave will bring!

    Adi Kaila ni suka tale mai na marama tauvu!! Ni taura vakaturaga na vi ka qima…..nomuni tiko na Kalougata kei na Vakacegu mai vua na Tamada sa Tabogo e na yabaki vou oqo!!

    On the same token I also respect the decision made by SV whether or not I agree is not important…..the fact that our cause must move forth and never waver is something we cannot stress often enough!

  117. Lusianna Says:

    @ aubatininuka-N

    I read it – it was sour grapes alright and needs to be forgotten! It nothing for the cause – girly cat fight happens all the time.

    SV – Smart Strategies 2009 cause is above of all us – so please can we just move on.

    However, if you think it will help the cause of why we are here you may like to email SV and ask them to email you her comments.

    @ JW

    Nice one! That fixed Budhau up! Lets wait and see what other crap he will come up with to try and confuse us.

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