A Merry Christmas to you all from the SV Team


In this tough times, please try and spend Christmas with your family rather than on the streets drunk.  SV thanks you all for using this blog to  maintain Fiji’s freedom of speech and expression and May God bless us all with good tidings and change in 2009.

Blog on Ragone from the SV Team


56 Responses to “A Merry Christmas to you all from the SV Team”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, may I take this opportunity to thank you all for helping restore democracy and justice in Fiji.

    For those bloggers who have toiled over a keyboard for long hours, thank you.

    Merry Christmas all and may God bless you.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    May next Christmas and next Year bring glad tidings to all friends of Fiji. For the moment, have Happy Holidays and save your sobriety and energy for the continuing fight for freedom, human rights, and elected government in Fiji.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ll drink to that , amen !

  4. Adi Kaila Says:

    Vinaka Vakalevu Kuts and Solivakasama for giving us all the opportunity to express our views against the duplicity of the ig coupsters.

    I wish you all and everyone who has taken the time to log onto this insightful site to fight for democracy for our beloved Nation Fiji, For sharing your perceptions and hopes for a better life for all who reside in Fiji, A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPIER AND PROSPEROUS FIJI.


  5. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu sara, Kuts and all at SV for all of your hard work this year to help our people keep our eyes on the path to democracy, and away from the despair of this regime.
    May God bless and keep you pro-freedom bloggers in 2009. May 2009 be the year that we go to the ballot box. May our collective dream live again.
    God bless Fiji

  6. Colin Bishop Says:

    Merry Christmas all.
    This is the time of year to spend time with our families and realise what is important in life.
    My heart goes out to all in Fiji in these hard times.
    God Bless

  7. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Vinaka sara vakalevu SV and admin team for this portal……Many blessings to each one of you and your families.

    A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very blessed and happy New Year to all!!

    Love much
    Be safe
    Eat Drink be Merry
    Drive safe
    Be smart
    Take lots of pictures and live dangerously! 🙂

  8. LUVfiji Says:

    Sa vinaka vakalevu na veiqaravi SV. Me noda vata tiko na Marau ni Siganisucu ni noda Turaga; ka me sobuti keda vata kece na Veivakakalougataki sa mai vua na noda Kalou!

    Me da cabeta na Yabavi Vou ena i vakanuinui vinaka!

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Au duavata kei na vosa e koto e cake.

    Keep up the good work SV and Team.

    Draki oqo, gunu yagona ga!

    Me noda vata na Marau ni Siga ni Sucu vata kei na kalougata ni Yabaki Vou.

  10. Dauvavana Says:

    Merry Xmas all, am off to enjoy the lovo and hope you do enjoy and drink to a better 2009

    at F.I.R.M. Jim Ah Koy hates that word and is out to get you hahahaha

    Kalougata kece ka me nomuni na vakacegu ni noda Turaga

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    May God’s blessing be with us all during Christmas and New Year. Lets not forget our comrade Tui and may the Lord blessing be with him and his family. To all fellow bloggers and freedom fighter thanks for the perserverance and especially SV for providing and his tireless effort in moderating the forum. May the Lord bring us good tidings in the new Year.

  12. Kuka Says:

    Share the Gift of JOY,PEACE and Love at this Christmas time. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. GOD BLESS FIJI.

  13. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Wow! Another Christmas…and how many more to come before we can really say our country’s government is free of terrorists, thieves, free-riders, meglomaniacs, coupmakers and plain IDIOTS!!!!???

    Enjoy your Christmas lovo or xmas restaurant lunch and
    Ring in the 2009 with new hopes of a blessed future for our children and their children.


    Merry Christmas and a blessed future Free Fiji bloggers and Fiji!!!!

    God bless and travel gently with God peoples!

  14. Ablaze Says:

    Hoped you all enjoyed a merry christmas and spared a thought for those struggling families that just managed to scrap up some food for the table.

    I wasn’t going to blog until after the new year but then thought, no our fight only ceases when it is done.

    I read the Fiji Times Editorial and felt sad that Fiji had lost the expertise of one of its true sons, Jai Ram Reddy because of the coups. Jai Ram Reddy was one of the 3 judges who presided over the Rwanda genocide. Today he is held in high esteem by the global community.

    I believe his way of thinking if accepted by the people would have solved the problem that we are having with the 2 major races. I quote from the Fiji Times;

    “In 1997, Reddy tried to plot a new direction for Fiji which would involve people of all races and religions.

    His vision for a way forward was to put the past aside and move together as one people.

    This meant embracing Sitiveni Rabuka, the man who disenfranchised the Indian community in 1987 by putting in place laws which set the indigenous community apart and made others mere second-class citizens.

    When Rabuka sought to make amends for his actions, Reddy took the bold step and agreed to put the future of the nation first.

    The people, however, were unwilling to place their trust in the two men and their vision for unity was to cost Reddy his political career.

    It is sad that while the international community recognises this son of Fiji as a leader of substance, he has been rejected by his own people.

    It speaks volumes of the politics by which Fiji has been led for close to 40 years.

    We salute Jai Ram Reddy and the contribution he continues to make.”

    Then I read on another article how the United Nations will help the Regime to work out dates and terms for the next elections. UN will join the Commonwealth to mediate the Presidents Political Dialogue Forum.

    Sounds clear cut to me and PM’s office permanent secretary Parmesh Chand says there has been on going communications on elections between the Regime and UN.

    As usual these illegal losers are quick on the mark to blurt out the same old crap that they want the people to hear.

    Why don’t they bring back people like Jai Ram Reddy to tell them that we can live peacefully together if everyone knewn their place in society. Indigenous people, the taukeis were the first on these shores which makes others as vulagis.

    Have a great, joyous and blessed 2009.

  15. tarai2 Says:


    Well said. No one could have it said it better. Many good professional sons and daughters of Fiji been lost to overseas because of the politics in and coups etc in Fiji. JRR would certainly feature somewhere near the top of that list.

    Hope u all had a enjoyable xmas.

  16. Cakau Says:

    @ For Fiji why is it so important that you find out who sent the names of those of you that marched in Adelaide?

    Why are you trying to do some detective work? Is it going to make any difference to what is happening in our country.

    Correct me if you may but I think Ratu Joni and Mr Graham Leung were studying law in Adelaide at the time. Surely as future lawyers these two would have been against the 1987 Rabuka coup. Did their join the protest?

    Perhaps if you give us some of the names of the people that marched we may be able to help but I still can’t see how it is going to help!

  17. Cakau Says:

    Ooooooooops forget! Vinaka Ablaze once again well said!

    Thanks to all the Freedom Bloggers and SV. Hope you all had a merry christmas.

    May the new year bring us all heaps of happiness and good health.

  18. Cakau Says:

    For Fiji pray tells us who protested in Adelaide with you?

    I know for sure that my parents supported the Rabuka coup then because they thought it was to prevent the Indians from taking over their country.

    Today they realize that coups are illegal and all the country’s problems should only be solved through parliament following the correct legal process.

    Isn’t this is what our fight is all about, thus the need asap for democratic parliamentary elections.

  19. Colin Bishop Says:

    New Zealanders Told Not To Travel To Fiji
    Publish date/time: 26/12/2008 [12:08]

    Tourism Fiji is confident that the revised travel advisory issued by the New Zealand Government to its citizens will not stop New Zealanders from coming to Fiji.

    However, Tourism Fiji Chairman Patrick Wong has revealed that they have been informed about some Travel Agents based in NZ who are deliberately telling customers not to come to Fiji due to their own personal agenda.

    Bloggers : Finally something you can do as an individual. Email any NZ or Aus travel agents whose emails to each outlet you can find on the internet. Inform them of the abuses of human rights and the potential dangers to tourists and suggest they redirect them elsewhere.
    Groups of travel agents have been bought to Fiji and fed a line of how safe it is and honest the IG is. Harvey World of Travel is one group having been fed this bull.
    Keep the email addresses as you will be morally obliged to report that all is well in Fiji and thank them after this has a satisfactory ending.
    Although local employees may suffer, the intention is not to do long term damage.
    Think long and hard first as this is not without social effects in Fiji.

  20. vuki Says:

    Good news folks, the UN General Secretary has verified that the UN is going to help Fiji IG speed up its general election. We’ll sound to me like Bainimarama is in deep s-h-i-t and he’s probably shaking his azz like a dog? May the new year brings in the UN world court and lay changes against this idiot for treason? Wouldn’t it be really something if Jai Ram Reddy is picked to be one of the judges of the international court to try this BAVULU AND HIS ILLEGAL IG? Yes, have a merry christmas and Marau ni yabaki vou!!!!

  21. For Fiji Says:

    Cakau ..a name comes to mind of a young girl name Rosi was taking names ..during our protest here in Adelade I wonder where she is at the moment she looks like Rotuman or Togan.

  22. at least Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL..

    Moce kece toka mada…


  23. Cakau Says:

    For Fiji…. Hope someone finds Rosi for you. What were you protesting for? I hope it was because coups were illegal rather than Fiji was for the taukeis only like my parents.

    I believed a lot of Kai Vitis migrated to the other states, very few to Adelaide. One just has to go to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to realize these days. Ask around and find out whether the Kai Vitis that live in Adelaide are mainly Indians or Taukeis, that may help you find Rosi.

    Did the other states have people like you protesting as well?

    I am surprise that you would mention that Rosi, a female that looked Tongan or Rotuman. I was expecting a male Indian for they would have been the only ones against the 1987 coup.

    Good Luck, another great thing about this blog is the way we can help each other.

    Must be off to visit relatives in the bush, lai kana lovo food mada!

  24. kaiviti Says:

    merry christmas to all and may we see the end of this regime in the new year.

  25. Rosi Says:

    Hey please don’t throw my name around as if i am somekind of spy for Rabuka. I was in Adelade,Sydney and elsewhere in Australia sightseing and only join in the protest cause my boyfriend-Jone- was with the group and actually he was Rabuka International Agent #60287. Sorry if i made any mistaken impression, but i was only there because Jone was there as Rabuka Security Agent.

  26. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Great letter in The Sun today.

    Sums up bananasinpyjamas to a tee.

    “”””There is the story of Big John – 6′ 8” and 300 lbs.
    Every time he gets on the bus he says: “Big John never pays.”

    The driver is only 5′ 3″. He gets fed up and goes and learns karate, judo and takes up weight lifting and in six months he is very fit and has bulked up.

    Then one day he confronts Big John: “Now you pay or else.”

    Big John says timidly “Big John has a bus pass.”

    Moral of the story: “Be sure there is a problem in the first place before doing a clean up.”

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    Perhaps a very sensible approach for Fiji at the moment as we approach the forum , would to be to offer an olive branch and a partial amnesty to some involved in this coup .
    Here , it seems , is a possible opportunity to attempt to resolve the coup culture in Fiji .
    Except for murder , torture and crimes against humanity , a reconciliation tribunal could be set up by Fijians and the International community , whereby those responsible for atrocities and plotting against the state etc. can be given the chance to ” TELL THE TRUTH ” to the people in an open setting . this was done in south Africa , sadly though , Nelson Mandella’s ex wife , was unable to bring herself to tell the truth about her part in the torture and murder of a young man . I would encourage Fijians to write to Nelson Mandella and Bishop Desmond Tutu of south Africa to find out how Fiji can use the same concept to bring Fiji out of this oppressive circle of violence and lies !

  28. Glawyer Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the SV bloggers. May the New Year bring democracy, justice and peace to the people of Fiji and may these illegal usurpers find their place in jail. See you all in the New Year.

  29. Peace Pipe Says:

    Well the coups go on in 3rd world and underdeveloped countries. Was watching Al Jazeera and saw the report of the coup in Guinea by none other than the military. The pattern is common as usual. Coup was to clean up corruption and the time frame for return to democracy is no less than 2 years. It is becoming an epidemic in developing poor countries. Something the UN should consider seriously if any solution is to be derived for this problem. Military has proven to be the main problem in coup infected countries like Fiji. Because they have the guns and therefore the ultimate power it gives rogue military some kind of superiority complex and makes their leaders feel impervious to the rule of law.

  30. Cakau Says:

    For Fiji

    Everyone that knows Rosalyn would have known as soon as you mentioned Adelaide and Rosi it was Rosalyn.

    You must be Indian and kept pushing! I was trying to warn you, this is one lady you do not mess with as you will never find anything that you can use to rubbish her. She is very honest and loyal.

    But sega lako tiko ga mai na comments sa gai maleka!

    She was also a very good friend of Tom Ricketts and knows people like Manasa Baravilala and Isoa Gavidi because they at some stage in their schooling years attended LPS. They don’t exist to her as people she wants to know these days because of their involvment in the this fucken coup. She doesn’t suck up to people and will not, even after our country gets back to some kind of stability.

    So my advice to all, is learn from the comments you read on this blog, we have enough trouble makers as it is. without having to put off people like Rosalyn Pratt who is doing her bit through her letters.

    Thank you Rosalyn, keep up the good work.

  31. dugong Says:

    adikailaka have you registered for movement

  32. Soul of Fiji Says:

    GOOD ON YOU SV, May our fight for justice and democracy continue with Good over Evil.

  33. benji Says:

    Hey,howcome when the coup started there were 5 or 6 Indian Ministers on the IG List and now there is only one left- The idiot Aiy-aaz Khaiyum- and the rest are all Fijians?
    Howcome, there is no Kailoma or kai valagi in the picture either?
    Seems to me there is no change in our political system and the old Fijian Nationalism is still strong and alive?

  34. vuki Says:

    Sorry benji, but you’re quite right about the numbers at the begining of the IG administration. But as usual Chodo and others began to try and push their agenda through and began the usual indo whine stabs and complains etc,etc,.Wouldn’t you change the people you work with if all you get from them is whining,stabbing and complaining too?

  35. Cakau Says:

    Gori that’s telling you!

    Vinaka Seni Rosi rogo vinaka dina your comments! Proud to be Mrs Pratt’s Kai Vata.

    I have just realized that SV did end up posting your comments.

  36. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It appears that a few green goons have recently infiltrated this blog and have managed to set a few bloggers arguing with each other,

    Adi Kaila, I have always enjoyed reading your posts; stick with us mate until we have bananasinpyjamas and his jaundiced junta in jail.

  37. Ablaze Says:

    My goodness a lot has happened while I was away but with a quick read I see my name has been mentioned a few times. Just back from a sing a long.

    I agree ex Fiji Tourist! Have said before I have always enjoyed Adi Kaila’s style of making her comments.

    If what I said in my previous comment on another thread was out of line I did not mean it in that sense.

    Am too tired to get into any argument, so off to bed.

  38. Tomu Says:

    Oh please no censorship on this blogsite. Don’t act like the IG enemy by trying to censor the media freedom as well as human freedom in our country. Give me freedom or give me death?

  39. Adi Kaila Says:

    too bad Tomu that my comments in answer to those that deigned to misread what I actually wrote have been deleted yet the others have been left. I do enjoy a good debate.

    Doesn’t make any sense at all.

    I get the message though and I’m outa here – so long – it was nice chatting online and trying to fight the ig coupsters with words that really do matter.

    Just a note – My name is actually correct – it is a shortened version of a name that has special meaning.

  40. Nostradamus Says:

    I vote for Adi Kaila too.

  41. loru Says:

    OK, now that Adi Kaila is back in operation lets continue our good fight against this dictator Bainimarama.Lets make sure that he doesn’t freely enjoy any of the rights that he stole from us-the citizen of Fiji – at gun points?

  42. Bin Ladin Says:

    What fight?. Name calling and two cents worth of crap!….is that what you call fight?. No wonder the IG is growing from strength to strength!.

  43. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @Bin Laden: You remind me of one of the TF soldiers who cannot heck it in civilian life and now trying to make it as an RF soldier (de sailor beka?). And the wide ranging and impressive use of vocabulary (not!), and the continuous use of the word ‘crap’ illustrates very clearly the depth of which the once proud RFMF has sunk. It is because of VB the Komada and pied piper followers like you who have made us fool of Fiji in the region and the world. You obviously benefit from being a blind follower but it appears obvious that you cannot think for yourself but parroting illegal orders. Admit taka mada mai, tagane (Not?). Everytime you use tthe word ‘crap’ it boomerangs back. Going from strength to strength? What planet are you in? Obviouisly the same as Mugabe and his IG in Zimbabwe.

  44. Bin Ladin Says:

    Malekata Ravisa, I’m not a TF soldier but a blogger just like you…hope so!. My point is if you think that running your fingers across your keyboard by condaming Vore and his merryman is making a difference please think again!. Regardless of your findings and your good command of english language (You think you are!) you are not making any impact on anything!. Someone has to stand up to the IG, Mandella in SA did it, he spent 25 yrs in prison for his effort, but he came out a hero and his name will be remembered in SA and the world for a very long time. That’s what i mean ashhole!!…….all your effort is like a dragon puffing smoke than real fire!!. Fiji need people with fire!…..not smoke you idiot!!.

  45. Jose Says:

    Bin Laden
    Don’t forget your 70 virgins are waiting for you on the other side after you become Fiji’s Nelson Mandela and show Bainimarama your fire power. I’m sure Allah will give you one from every country. Multicultural and diversity waraki iko tiko mai tai. Keep it smoking, man

  46. Jose Says:

    Nelson Mandela did not make it he earned it as a 33 degree freemason. In reality, if he was not, he’d never make it. Just like George Bush and Obama who are fronts only and one very close to home yours truly Bainimarama.

  47. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @ Bin Laden: There you go again with the use of the A-word. You appear to swim in crap and loving it…LOL! Asd Jose has stated above, stand up like a tagane nei VB dina, put on your suicide vest full of ball bearings, turn up for the next Komada’s Parade and blow all your senior Officers to crappy pieces. You will be known more than Mandela then…e rawa beka? Me think you are as much a coward/goons with guns who are giving Fiji a bad name.
    @ Jose: George Bush and Obama were democratically elected by the people for the people. Please don’t dishonour them by placing VB in the same vein.

  48. Jose Says:

    @ MR, sometimes, things are not what they seem to be. You have to look behind the scene to know what’s really going on.

  49. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @ Jose: Conspiracy theory galore but with all due respect, what I was trying to point out was that NM, GWB and BO were all democratically elected and VB was not. Don’t forget what this forum was set up to be: fight for democracy and not to advance the cause of freemasonry

  50. Jose Says:

    I wouldn’t call it Fight but just blogging. That’s what everyone here is doing. Just blogging. My definition of Fight is something else. I find that the term fight for democracy then just blogging is a downright embarrassment as I look to countries out there FIGHTING for their democracy some sacrificing their lives.
    Look outside of the circle for answers and a glimpse outside for understanding as there seem to be a lot going on outside our circle that is similar to where the insiders are heading. It means, keep an open mind. It’s not hard to figure that VB and Co. are not alone in their endeavours. What they are doing are well planned and organised. And we all know VB who seems to be the boss-man doesn’t have the education some even say he doesn’t have the intelligence and then he surrounds himself with hangers on and suppossed educated professionals who unashamedly screw up at every turn. Then there’s the Logo on the letter-head of Shaista Shameem’s response to Victor Lal. The Logo is none other then the ancient Freemasonry symbol of the moon and the sun. I can go on, but what the heck, I’m going to bed then I’m on holidays.

  51. Bin Ladin Says:

    Malekata Raibaci!!…..I thought you were criticing me a moment or two ago in using of the word crap!. What an idiot!!. Its only okay for you to use it?. I certainly don’t want to swin into crap….crap!. Go wank yourself…..idiot!!

  52. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @BL: That is all you can say?…….and using the ‘c’ word 3 times in your zen-like response and spelling another ‘c’ word wrongly? You just prove tl the whole world (for I know they are reading this forum), what is wrong with the IG that you believe in so much. Go figure! I hope that you will do better in 2009, tagane. And it will do you well to remember one thing that our fellow blogger Jose has already said: watch what you say when you don’t know who you are talking to……now go figure x 2!

    Sa dri yani as Tarai2 would have said.

  53. F.I.R.M Says:

    Thats what I talking about Bin.. blogging wont bring anything thats why solivakasama has set set up branches in every city and towns and villlages across the globe and our number has grown overwhelmingly in the last couple weeks as our google ads starts to kick in and I know for sure that out of this solivakasama branches a leader will appear, before that to happen we need to get everyone you know to register on http://www.solivakasama.org..
    have a happy new year to you all.

  54. Jackal Says:

    Bula and Happy new year to you all

  55. Marie - Senitoa Says:

    Hi All,

    I’ve just spent 3 amazing weeks on a small island in the Mali District – VoroVoro

    I was given a birthday card that I cannot fully translate and am hoping for some help:

    Me nomu na kalougata ni singa ni suca.

    Many thanks!!!

  56. solivakasama Says:

    It means May You Be Blessed on your Birthday

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