The charter charade

Bloggers, SV wants to acknowledge blogger ”Talei’ for bringing this article to our attention. We hope you find it inspiring.  SV thanks Dr. Narsey for continuing to stand up for the truth and his principles, especially when you consider the fact he was approached by Vore to take up a position in his illegal junta, which he rightly declined. This is the challenge before us bloggers, whether we can accept positions within the illegal junta, but condemn them at the same time? Can you play with fire and not get burnt? What do you think bloggers?

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By Professor Wadan Narsey
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Did 92% of more than 400 thousand adults consulted really approve the charter? Please, Fiji people, do not bother checking or counting the forms. First ask: was the charter approval process a fair and independent opinion poll?

Any good researcher, university student, ADB consultant, lawyer, or seasoned politician, should know the basics: the interviewer’s own views should not be made known to the person being polled; and the polling must be done in secret, with the public not afraid of victimisation.

If these polling basics are compromised in any way, the results will be biased. It does not matter how accurate your computer analysis is afterwards. Computer experts call it the GIGO principle: “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.

And because of the way the charter approval exercise was carried out, no one knows what the real opinions were of the people who signed these forms. Or whether they understood what was in the charter; or how different it is from the 1997 Constitution.

The alleged 92% approval result is just so much garbage.

Samy’s charter poll

Months ago, John Samy correctly stated on national TV that a national referendum would be the ideal way to go, but would be too expensive.

Now, John Samy solemnly informs the nation that his NCBBF teams have consulted more than 425,000 people aged 18 and over, all over Fiji. Note, this is about the same number that voted in the 2006 General Elections.

And he proudly informed the nation, with a gentle smile, that 372 thousand of our adults (92% of those consulted) had approved the charter.

What lovely statistics. But what garbage.

Signing under duress

Robin Nair (an experienced lawyer) and his “expert” “Independent Monitoring Group” (including an experienced Vanuatu politician) have suddenly developed “collective ignorance” about their ability to assess the charter opinion poll result. They want to waste more tax-payers’ money to hire more “polling specialists” to check it out. What a cop-out.

You don’t need to be a polling specialist to know that the charter approval process was totally flawed.

The interim Government, the military and the police leadership have already made numerous public statements in support of the charter.

Military and police personnel, and civil servants then visited hundreds of thousands of largely uneducated people and told them how good the charter was going to be for them and for Fiji. How long did this take?

Then the public were asked to write on a form, their names, their addresses, and whether they approved the charter or not.

Even a totally deaf 83 year old woman in Sigatoka, mother of a prominent citizen I know, was spoken to for just five minutes, and asked to sign the form.

How on earth can this process be regarded as an “independent opinion poll”?

John Samy and Bainimarama would have known, right from the beginning, that such a charter approval process was fundamentally flawed, and would never be accepted by any ethical person, or the international community.

But they went ahead anyway. What a cruel and callous misuse of millions of dollars of scarce taxpayers’ funds.

What a sick charade, from beginning to end.

Charter versus 1997 Constitution

The interim Government, the NCBBF, John Samy, and the coup supporters have all alleged that the 1997 Constitution was seriously flawed.

They keep repeating that only the Charter can take Fiji forward. No charter, no elections, threatens Frank Bainimarama.

Of course, there is a proposed electoral reform.

But did any one of the hundreds of charter education teams explain to the public what else is in the charter that is not covered directly or indirectly by the 1997 Constitution or our normal development plans?

Indeed, have the interim Government, the NCBBF (including the co-chair Archbishop Mataca), John Samy and the President’s office ever explained that? Can they?

What President’s endorsement?

In presenting the Peoples Charter to the President, the co-chair of the NCBBF, Archbishop Petero Mataca, stated “The draft Peoples Charter reached the whole of Fiji and it has the view of the people in which they want the country to move forward … to a better Fiji, a new Fiji.”

What a disgraceful insinuation that the majority of the Fiji people support the charter.

And how equally disgraceful that the President should “endorse” this charter and ask the interim Government to implement its 11 “pillars”.

Where does our 1997 Constitution give the powers to a President appointed by the military after a coup to “endorse” any document (which also includes changes to our electoral system) produced by a non-constitutional body like the NCBBF?

And let us note for the record, who are all these actors who make this charter charade possible and their possible motivations.

The charade actors

One can understand the hundreds of civil servants on the charter awareness teams who were just following orders, in order to protect their jobs and incomes.

No doubt the charter architect, John Samy, may have been quite proud that he was at the helm of a social and political revolution, with consultancy fees thrown in for good measure.

One can understand the badla (revenge) motivation of the FLP stalwarts who joined the interim Government. The FLP has been twice denied their democratic right to govern Fiji, and now the SDL is getting a taste of its own medicine. How satisfying to follow the dictum, “the enemy (Fiji Military Forces) of my enemy (SDL) is my friend”.

One can understand the satisfaction of the head of the Catholic Church, who having watched for decades, the Methodist Church at the helm of Fiji’s leadership, has now done his bit in the sun, to “take the country forward”. And his clerics will also be happy that “their” charter proposal for electoral reform will be implemented, whatever the impact the coup has on the rest of the country.

And of course, the elite leaders of the Hindu organisations (like Arya Samaj and the Sanatan Dharam) are happy that Bainimarama and the charter keep repeating the mantra of racial equality. Isn’t it great that a few elite Indo-Fijians are being appointed to high places and some businessmen are doing very well out of the coup. And hopefully the poorest Indo-Fijians will forget their poverty, lack of jobs and low wages, because they will have the great satisfaction of being called “Fijians” like the I taukei?

One can understand the motivations of those in the CCF who disliked the politics of the SDL so much as to support a treasonous coup as a solution, and fall in behind the charter and NCBBF. Parroting the mantra of accountability, transparency and good governance seems to bring in the millions, even from EU.

But where do all these charter supporters think the military will take this country, now that the charter has been endorsed by the military’s President, the new supreme law in the land?

Where to now?

Two years on, there has been no evidence of electoral fraud in 2006, or widespread corruption. While the Chief Justice was removed for two years on full pay, $275,000 worth of taxpayers’ money (and goodness knows how much in lawyers’ fees) have now been callously used to make him go away.

The charter now remains the only excuse for the 2006 coup by Bainimarama and the military.

Hundreds of thousands of these glossy charter documents are scattered all over the country, too smooth to be even used for toilet paper while the Ministry of Education supposedly does not have the budget to buy free text-books and learning materials for thousands of poor children.

The charter and the charter approval exercise has been a total waste of time, energy and scarce taxpayers’ funds.

It will also be a total waste of time and resources if charter opponents go around getting signatures of people for presenting to the President. Why bother?

The public and the political parties could simply accept the electoral reform being proposed and hold elections under it.

Don’t even bother having a special referendum, by secret ballot, on this charter. For not only does the charter have nothing new in it, neither does it have anything evil, whatever its evil origins.

If the extremists wish to oppose the use of the word “Fijian” for all Fiji nationals, I am sure the FMF will oblige. Hardly anyone really cares about this issue, as the Tebbutt Poll indicates. What our poor people want is jobs, good incomes, and political stability.

It is time for all of us, including Fiji Times columnists, to stop wasting our scarce time and energy on this charter charade.


40 Responses to “The charter charade”

  1. Ablaze Says:

    Thank Talei and Warden Narsey! People like Warden Narsey should be selected to represent the Indian people. People that have the nation at heart!

    This mob of idiots are desperate. They are looking here, looking there, looking everywhere, up and down round and round for anything and everything to hang on to power.

    They have gone past insulting our intelligence, they are now insulting their own intelligence without realizing it. Poor Buggers!

    (If there is such a thing – I think you all know what I mean.)

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    As always, Narsey is a joy to read and a pity he is not taken more seriously by the idiots in the I.G. But then if they did, they wouldn’t be idiots would they…?

    The only point I wish to debate. This Charter may not contain anything new, nor be it evil, BUT, it is the more poorly written piece of work of this nature I have ever seen. Grammatically awful at best it contains broad generalisations that can be interpreted a thousand ways. Much to the liking of the wannabbeee master of spin, A S Khayum no doubt whose specialty appears to be beating the law.

    The Charter is a dangerous document that deserves to be burnt publicaly in great piles all over Fiji. It is sad that not a single copy has not been thrown burning back at RFMF Institutions and police stations all over the Country because that is the best this document deserves.

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    I read this article in the FT and was really inspired by the author and his script. Thats the way it really is as told by Warden Narsey. thank you Warden for telling the truth of the matter and for upholding your principle. He is putting out in public the very things we know about the farter charter and hope more people get to see the real picture of the conniving scheme that is being spun into the web of deceit in the facade of the charter. I am glad we have on our side a man of honor and integrity such as this. Much unlike professed godly persons like Fr Barr, AB Mataca, Rev Yabaki and other reps of so called religious bodies Ahmadiyya, Arya and Sanatam. This slimy Sami is a sly guy. You remember when he said the forms will not be used to legitimise the charter but as a response to say that you have read and understood the farter. What a damn liar and cunning bastard he is as they are now using the signed forms as the basis of support. But then again it was a farce and its legality is questionable. I wonder if the pressie endorsed it in his almighty right in his unilateral overall dominion over Fiji and was the endorsement based on the 92% turned 64% support. The charter must be challenged. International communities must be made aware of the grand trickery behind this facade and charade.

  4. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    A great article but I take umbrage with the following;_
    “This Charter may not contain anything new, nor be it evil”

    The concept of the moronic military having power over an elected government is a great evil; it is morally and ethically bankrupt.

    This facet of the military charter should be shouted from the rooftops.

    The question that Narsey should be espousing to Fijians is, “Do you want to be controlled by the moronic military forever?”

  5. senijiale Says:

    Put that to vote ExFT and u’ll hear a resounding NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!

  6. kaiveicoco Says:

    I wonder what would Sir James Ah Koy a prominent charter supporter say to all these?
    He would be wondering now what on earth is now happening to his promised $240 million from China after watching the effects of the global economy meltdown right in front of his very eyes.
    Au le. me du le bula.

  7. Colin Bishop Says:

    According to NZ Govt, Fiji High Commissioner has just been given her marching orders

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This is from Kiwi TV

    “New Zealand’s Acting High Commissioner in Fiji has been told in the last half an hour that she must leave Fiji immediately.

    Acting High Commissioner Caroline McDonald was called into a meeting in Prime Minister Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama’s office where she was told to leave the country.

    She contacted the New Zealand government following the meeting and arrangements are being made for her return.

    The New Zealand government has since announced that they have responded in kind and expelled Fiji’s High Commissioner in New Zealand.

    He will be on the next flight out to Fiji at 10am tomorrow.

  9. Save the Sheep Says:

    Oh great!!! Well I hope the Kiwis now finally revoke the Residency status of A.S.K. Sami and co and throw out Baini’s family once and for all.

    Not much to ask, it is Christmas!!

  10. kaiviti Says:

    the nz government should send all the fiji regime relatives and supporters in nz back to fiji… revoke their citizen/pr status… send them back to the banana republic. john samy can go back and finish milking the tax payers money and let him face the wrath of the nation. naceva’s sister is in wellington… send her back to her papa bear at the government house.

  11. F.I.R.M Says:

    Folks it appears a crack is forming Nacewa wants to spill the bean and he is requesting safety for his family and himself….watch this blog

  12. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    It is a pity that the attempts over the last few days by some brave souls in Foreign Affairs to talk some sense into their Minister has come to naught. But al least they tried. Now let the ramifications rain down on the IG who have essentially given the two finger salute as well to Australia, PNG, the UN and the EU.

    For our hardworking cane farmers, a pity but the EU funds will not come anytime soon i.e. until after the next elections. As for ‘hero’ to some MC? Hmm……You have all just been conned out of your livelihoods. New leaders who not only really think about you but can reach out to Fijians of the likes of Prof. Narsey who I must conclude by thanking for his beautifully written piece in the FT today.

  13. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ok bloggers this is what I see form all these…

    the travel bans by NZ and OZ are working

    the ceasation of funds and aids and job ops by the EU, UN, etc is working.

    Therefore, ALL the overseas/international measures to teach this illegal junta lessons are working.


    Sad to say..nothing! nada! naught!

    We can see they’re buckling from international pressure BUT with the lack of internal pressure they just moosy on as if they own the Fiji..and they do!

    As, Prof Narsey said…Two years on, there has been no evidence of electoral fraud in 2006, or widespread corruption….The charter now remains the only excuse for the 2006 coup by Bainimarama and the military.

    And this FA-CHA includes ALL the deadly weapons of fear they wish to instill on our fellow countrymen.

    When are WE going to put a stop to all this? We cry for elections asap?

    But what are we doing for it to happen and we can get rid of all these illegals?

  14. Ratu Sai Says:

    Our nation has been subjected to all imaginable atrocities at the hands of people suffering mental retardation and delusions of grandeur for their self-aggrandisement.

    It would be fair to say since the inception of the granddaddy coup and subsequent coups Fiji has not recovered to where it ought to be, this particular coup will forever be etched in the minds of people for it is the most catastrophic of them all.

    Unfortunately Fiji sat on the precipice of the abyss for many years; with the latest expulsion of the NZ acting High Commissioner these sons of bitches have just sunk Fiji along with the nation into the abyss.

    Along with the High Commissioner goes whatever little Democracy the nation had.

    These sick mother fuckers are deranged.

  15. Wini Says:

    The NZ HC and her staff should not be spying on us. If so, then I agree that their actions borders on espionage and that they should be thrown out of the country.

  16. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @Wini: Kemuni bai via va vu nene ga? Chi chi! Just as the IG has been spying on you and all of us since December 2006, I see nothing wrong with NZ or PNG spying on VB and his merry men and women in attempt to understand how their brain cells work. Se cala beka?

    Sa dri yani.

  17. Wini Says:

    @ malekata ravisa

    o sobo…kua ni samulaki au tale vaka oya! Kila ga, e da vei “guise” taki tiko e na gauna qoka…….na dredre oqori……LOL…and a very merry Xmas to you and your family….me da sota tale tiko e na yabaki mai oqo e na ruku ni vuni niu kala! Eh…na cava, o want to lucky?

  18. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    To the green goon calling itself wini [fred]

    Where is your evidence of any esiponage by NZ?

    If you are relying on the words of hairyarse, then you are backing the wrong horse.

    Silly, stupid hairyarse couldn’t lie straight in bed.

  19. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @ Wini. Au sa laki tu ga ni daru sa vei volavolai tiko….LOL! Vei kemuni, SV and fellow bloggers, a Merry Xmas and Happy blogging New Year vei kemuni taucoko from my family and I. I have enjoyed the interaction with you all and we need to keep the pressure on the IG, pigs and piglets.

  20. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Somehow I don’t think that bananas and hairyarse are going to get invites to the Lodge just yet,

    The interim Fiji government has also refused to give Australia’s defence adviser to the South Pacific a visa.

    The move means the adviser will not be able to work in the region with the governments of Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru, as well as Fiji.

    Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith has described the interim Fiji government’s actions as irresponsible and destructive.””

  21. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    From NZ TV

    “””New Zealand’s relationship with Fiji is in crisis after tit-for-tat expulsions of top diplomats from Suva and Wellington.

    Fiji’s self-appointed prime minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama ordered the expulsion of New Zealand’s acting high commissioner Caroline McDonald at 5pm Tuesday.

    Within two hours Fiji’s acting high commissioner in Wellington, Ponsami Chetty, had been declared persona non grata.

    In both cases, they have a week to leave.

    The row over Bainimarama’s insistence that a student visa be granted to the son of senior official boiled over after confusing signals from Fiji that it was not going to expel McDonald and that it wanted to improve relations with New Zealand.

    Bainimarama was told last Tuesday the government was not going to grant the visa, which would breach travel sanctions imposed on Fiji after the military coup two years ago.

    “This government has no intention of making concessions while having a gun pointed at its head,” Foreign Minister Murray told reporters on Tuesday night.


    “We have attempted to work constructively to resolve issues of contention between New Zealand and Fiji.

    “That has been made difficult by the fact that Commodore Bainimarama has employed ultimatums and threats to advance his case.”

    McCully says the government has decided to ignore “some of the provocation” from Fiji and has tried to work through the issues around the demand that a visa be granted to George Nacewa, the son of Rupeni Nacewa who is a secretary in the office of Fiji’s president.

    “But from day one we have had nothing but threats and ultimatums,” he says.

    McCully says no specific reasons have been given for the action against McDonald and there is no basis for expelling her.

    “The precise allegations against her are not clear but any allegation she has not conducted herself appropriately is of course quite false,” he says.

    “It’s a simple matter of a deliberate and direct threat being made that this would be the consequence of New Zealand not acceding to an ultimatum.

    “New Zealand could not accede to that ultimatum but we gave Commodore Bainimarama room to think better of that course of action. He decided not to take that room.”

    Fiji’s action against McDonald follows an outburst on Monday by the interim government’s attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who alleged New Zealand and Australian authorities were tapping phone lines and using locally-hired Fijians as spies.

    McCully says he has no knowledge of any such activity, and reference to locally-hired Fijians is “one of the less pleasant aspects” of the statements that have been made.

  22. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    From the ABC.

    “””New Zealand has rejected the reasons given by Fiji’s interim government for expelling its acting High Commissioner.

    Fiji’s interim government has told local media outlets in Suva that acting New Zealand High Commissioner Caroline McDonald’s expulsion is because her actions over the past year have been contrary to the norms of diplomatic behaviour.

    New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully has dismissed those statements.

    “There’s been a retaliatory action taken because we haven’t acceeded to an ultimatum,” he said.

    That ultimatum was issued by Fiji’s selp-appointed interim prime minister Commodore Bainimarama, demanding New Zealand end its travel sanctions on members of the interim government, the military and their families.

    The Australian Government has also reported Fiji’s interim government has refused to issue a diplomatic visa for Australia’s defence advisor to the South Pacific, who is based at the High Commission in Suva.

  23. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @EFT: Kemuni bai (1) grog levu mai; (2) gunu homebrew mai underneath a mango tree se (3) ni bai sega ni lucky mai tauni ni mai via vaqara de-stress vei Wini? LOL!

    By the way, any country that fails to carry out intelligence gathering (espionage reminds me of James Bond movies), as part of its diplomatic missions oversees is one that will always be lacking in understanding of the intricacies of diplomacy, trade and security. What was the Fiji HC in Wellington doing not to alert Voreqe of the repercussions of such stupidity of PNG-ing his NZ counterpart in Suva? And then again, maybe he did through Foreign Affairs but that Voreqe was already in one of his childish moods. I hope he and his piglets and goons in white, blue and green will get it between their thick skulls just how damaging that decision is for Fiji. And then again, these folks just do not give a damn.

    Sa mosi sara la na uluqu. Taki mada!

  24. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Check out the latest on NZ TV @

  25. freedomfighter Says:

    Its time NZ also acted against its own citizens – to see if her S-G Pryde (Pride-wee) can be charged with treason if he goes home for Xmas. It should also be under surveillance all those former Indo-Fijian coolies who have PR – the likes of that arse-hole Ranjit Singh, who used to work for Amnesty at one point and now supports Frank and the thieves

  26. Wini Says:

    @ EFT hey what makes you think I am a ‘green goon’? Chill. Go take two panadol and have a lie down. It will make you feel better and probably stop your bombardments on the NZ envoy issue. Its not the end of the world (yet).

    Why would Australia and NZ want to have defence attaches in Suva when they dont have defence relations with Fiji? Beats me why they would want to. If it is to manage their defence relations with Tonga, then why not go to Nukualofa etc? Explain the logic behind that.

  27. waisou Says:

    I was one who went to a bank here in Nadi to find a policeman who attended the same school as I holding on to a file clippedwith questionnaires! I was approached by the policeman and asked if I could tick either yes or no on this form. I was in a rush to join the queue. I looked at the form and the only easiest way out was to place a tick on the yes box as the no answer would require you to give reasons. After mentioning that I had not read the Charter, he insisted that I just tick. However, I ticked no and my reason was what I had stated above. I gave a fictitious name and address and that put a smile on the tired looking plain-clothes policeman.

    I wonder about the rest of those that was approached by the Charter team! It is quite scary to tick no in front of these people but since I new the guy and that he was my junior in school and had been friends since our school days, I had the guts to tick no to the charter!

  28. kaiviti Says:

    @ wini- the defence attache always works out of the embassy… and the embassy is located in suva, fiji. there’s no reason for him/her to be living in nukualofa. me dua mada vei iko na ‘banana’… mo domidomi tu kina… may be you’ll find the logic of it.
    sa dri yani.

  29. vuki Says:

    The question is: Who is the brain behind this coup? Bainimarama is the actor but who is the brain that tell Bainimarama what to do and not do? The brain in my opinion, consisted of: CJ Gate, AG Aieass,and that Bitch in the FHC. These people are the real brain that are trying to destroy the structure of Fijian society. Shoot these bastards and everything will get back to normal? I’m sure of it!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Wini Says:

    @ kaiviti thats exactly the point. If there is no defence relations between Fiji and Australia then there is no justification for a Defence Advisor to be based in Fiji. Cant you see the logic in that? O mataboko se cava?

    FYI Australia has an Embassy in Tonga and Samoa etc. So why cant the Defence Attache be based there? I am not defending the decision to expel, I am just trying to see both sides of the argument.

    Me dua mada na vudi me sodo vei iko.

  31. Talei Says:

    Oh wow great, another “Talei.” Oh well, the more the merrier and great article.

  32. kaiviti Says:

    @ wini thanks for the clarication… your true colours are starting to show. me dua ga vei iko na vudi dreu… oilei me maleka vei iko.

  33. Wini Says:


    seti seti true colours cava tale oqori? Cant you handle a slightly different point of view? Na cava ga na betena na ‘democracy’ o tagica tiko oqori? I am not sure whether you know what democracy means ..about tolerating different points of view etc. I am against VB and the coup etc. Just coz I take a different slant you feel it OK to start on the slippery slope of name calling.

    Laki vuli tale mada. Voleka sara meu tukuna mo laki vunia e dua na baigani barawala…

  34. Wini Says:

    @ vuki

    Has it ever occurred to you that the brains behind the coup are not Indians, but those wannabe second rate chiefs like Bainimarama, Nailatikau, Ganilau, Ului Mara etc who are not installed ..qai sega tale na nodra tamata….blaming the Indians for all our problems tells me you are in denial…and that you are intellectually lazy. Wake up and smell the roses!

  35. Lote Says:

    Wini, if your observation above were accurate please explain why the IG continoeusly turn to India for labours to come and work in our Sugar Mills? Why did the IG turn to India to provide a economist to study our Fijian Land lease system for which he recommended whole of native land and longer lease terms etc? Why is it that no Fijian Judge were appointed to seat in the Supereme Court as the 3rd judges, to participate in the Qarase case against Bainimarama? Why is it that the most important position in the IG regime are all vulagis and the people you name above are all blockheads and are not worth mentioning?

  36. wini Says:


    The question raised by Vuki was ‘who are brains behind the coup’? He went on to pin it on the Indians. Are you suggesting too that the Indians are the ‘brains behind the coup’?

    We are talking about political power here…not the workings of the sugar mills, economic studies and appointmnets to the Judiciary etc that you point out. The IG turns to India in the same way Qarase did (it was Qarase who appointed a Fiji High Commissioner to India) and all those activities you mentioned are all part of the Fiji-India bilateral relationship that was negotiated on a govt to govt basis. Nothing sinister in that. I cant see how all that can be read as evidence that the Indians or India are the ‘brains behind the coup’. Using your logic we could dig up various activities in our bilateral relationship with (say) China, the USA and Korea etc and use that as evidence that they were the ‘brains behind the coup’. That evidence is flimsy. As they say here “bahut rerevaki”

    All coups in Fiji were ‘home made’ or ‘home grown’. They were conceived here in Fiji. Rabuka, Speight and Bainimarama were not goaded by some outside power to mount a coup. To think outside countries were the ‘brains behind the coups in Fiji is to subscribe to a conspiracy theory of some sort.

    Fijian politics had much to do with all the coups…class considerations, ethnicity, tensions in civil-military relations etc all had a role to play. To suggest that all these were manipulated by outside countries is far fetched. In the jockeying for power and influence we see all those wannabe chiefs playing a role eg Roko Ului’s coup against Anare Jale with respect to the chair of the Lau Provincial Council, Ganilau’s challenge for the Tui Cakau title and of course, Nailatikau’s eyeing of the Vunivalu appointment etc.

    Sa dri yani

    I take a different view…the coups in Fiji are all about Fijian politics…the ‘veiqa

  37. Tim Says:

    The only people that believe and support this regime are the opportunists and junta members themselves s well as a few bitter and twisted lonely old expats like the “call me Ratu” Owen and one or two other closet queens – some trying their best to run the judiciary. Moving Fiji forward my ass! Watch now as the strategic hub of importance moves eastward and north because politicians and business of all shades on the spectrum begin to realise that Fiji under this regime is just too bloody much trouble. Mugabe’s in the same waka. 2 or 3 years ago it became known that the thing that pathetic little munter (Mugabe) feared most was being held to account in the Hague. Musharif now serves no useful purpose on the world stage. What in God’s name eve made Frank think he was so significant, apart from a few like the Shameens and the Yippe-I-Aye’s (most of who have credentials that are suss to begin with) winding him up like a Clockwork Orange doll?
    I’ve been absent for a while on account of family issues but I did see the usual puffery of junta self-importance: the Dreaver turnaround, the diplomatic maccinations et al. God spare us Nazi, Shaista, Bubba, Gates et al. I sincerely hope you don’t think you’re more than fleas jockeying for a position to be first to bit the penis of those that actually call a few tunes.
    You all fucked up big time. You’re all trying to participate so desperately on a world stage. Very few actually give a shit! Even fewer give a shit when some pathetic, dysfunctional has-been-never-was leads the cause.
    Frank! (Frank who?).
    It kind of reminds me of those road signs on K Road – “shift right”.
    Easy as for most NGO’s, GO’s, UNO’s , EUO’s to shovel their dollars eastwasrd. After all, the infrastructure is almost in place, and what there is, is a damn site better maintained than anything you are offering. It’s also a more stable environment. Plus they don’t automatically bestow ratu-hood based on the treats and trinkets falling from the sky on bitter old queens called Owen. Buying love, buying loyalty never works. Mugabe and Musharif can both attest to that

  38. LUVfiji Says:

    Some one sounds like a frustrated old fart! The UN and the Commonwealth are good enough for us. Up yours!

  39. Tim Says:

    Indeed. The 92% eveb sounds like some srt of Zimbabwean election result. Noone is fooled

  40. wini Says:


    Au tokona na nomu vakasama e cake.

    Someone still hung up on the road signs along “K Road” (Karanagahape Road, Auckland) and on Musharaff and Mugabe.

    I cant help but note the dominance of the letter “M” in the names Musharaff, Mugabe and Bainimarama …..e rairai e dua na sala ni veiwekani e tiko vei iratou na lala oqo.

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