Now they’re messing with the Holy Bible

THE Crime Prevention Week evangelism crusade produced a leaflet outlining the Ten Commandments which should be upheld by the people of Fiji.These Ten Commandments have removed the second which forbade the worship of idols and images.

The third reminds all to worship on the Lord’s day while the original tenth is divided in two to make up the numbers.

It is sad that we are compromising God’s divine moral laws to embrace our Constitution and the so-called People’s Charter which allows what God condemns.

It was Jesus who condemned the church of His day for doing away with God’s law and following man-made commandments.


These people are so daring that they even have the cheek to alter the ten commandments, the only law ever known in history as personally written by the almighty God in his own hand writing when it was handed down to Moses at Mount Sinai. For the next four thousand years no one have ever dared alter it until now in Fiji. Was the altered commandments written by Rev Rerevaki Vulaono, fullchows younger brother, we ask? Oh boy, their days of reckoning is very near.

and by the way did we hear right on the weekend Eveli Ganilua calling Zinck a prick or was it a pig on Fiji One News? Oh boy, such unchiefly conduct from someone who carys himself as the Vunivalu of Bau. Funny how he was spitting the dummy on someone yet demanding respect for chiefs?  Hey presto, if you want to be treated as a gentleman, then live the gutter stuff to us peasants to push and try and maintain some dignity in public!!! Remember, when you point a finger you have three pointing back at you!!!

Bloggers, keep up the fight and faith and remember to register on because next year, we go cyberspace and fight the illegal junta on a different plane, which we believe will be much more effective and damning for those targeted


20 Responses to “Now they’re messing with the Holy Bible”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Na boci ga, na boci!

  2. Talei Says:

    SV, please publish this article by Wadan Narsey from today Fiji Times website. Very interesting.

    The charter charade

    By Professor Wadan Narsey
    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Did 92% of more than 400 thousand adults consulted really approve the charter? Please, Fiji people, do not bother checking or counting the forms. First ask: was the charter approval process a fair and independent opinion poll?

    Any good researcher, university student, ADB consultant, lawyer, or seasoned politician, should know the basics: the interviewer’s own views should not be made known to the person being polled; and the polling must be done in secret, with the public not afraid of victimisation.

    If these polling basics are compromised in any way, the results will be biased. It does not matter how accurate your computer analysis is afterwards. Computer experts call it the GIGO principle: “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.

    And because of the way the charter approval exercise was carried out, no one knows what the real opinions were of the people who signed these forms. Or whether they understood what was in the charter; or how different it is from the 1997 Constitution.

    The alleged 92% approval result is just so much garbage.

    Samy’s charter poll

    Months ago, John Samy correctly stated on national TV that a national referendum would be the ideal way to go, but would be too expensive.

    Now, John Samy solemnly informs the nation that his NCBBF teams have consulted more than 425,000 people aged 18 and over, all over Fiji. Note, this is about the same number that voted in the 2006 General Elections.

    And he proudly informed the nation, with a gentle smile, that 372 thousand of our adults (92% of those consulted) had approved the charter.

    What lovely statistics. But what garbage.

    Signing under duress

    Robin Nair (an experienced lawyer) and his “expert” “Independent Monitoring Group” (including an experienced Vanuatu politician) have suddenly developed “collective ignorance” about their ability to assess the charter opinion poll result. They want to waste more tax-payers’ money to hire more “polling specialists” to check it out. What a cop-out.

    You don’t need to be a polling specialist to know that the charter approval process was totally flawed.

    The interim Government, the military and the police leadership have already made numerous public statements in support of the charter.

    Military and police personnel, and civil servants then visited hundreds of thousands of largely uneducated people and told them how good the charter was going to be for them and for Fiji. How long did this take?

    Then the public were asked to write on a form, their names, their addresses, and whether they approved the charter or not.

    Even a totally deaf 83 year old woman in Sigatoka, mother of a prominent citizen I know, was spoken to for just five minutes, and asked to sign the form.

    How on earth can this process be regarded as an “independent opinion poll”?

    John Samy and Bainimarama would have known, right from the beginning, that such a charter approval process was fundamentally flawed, and would never be accepted by any ethical person, or the international community.

    But they went ahead anyway. What a cruel and callous misuse of millions of dollars of scarce taxpayers’ funds.

    What a sick charade, from beginning to end.

    Charter versus 1997 Constitution

    The interim Government, the NCBBF, John Samy, and the coup supporters have all alleged that the 1997 Constitution was seriously flawed.

    They keep repeating that only the Charter can take Fiji forward. No charter, no elections, threatens Frank Bainimarama.

    Of course, there is a proposed electoral reform.

    But did any one of the hundreds of charter education teams explain to the public what else is in the charter that is not covered directly or indirectly by the 1997 Constitution or our normal development plans?

    Indeed, have the interim Government, the NCBBF (including the co-chair Archbishop Mataca), John Samy and the President’s office ever explained that? Can they?

    What President’s endorsement?

    In presenting the Peoples Charter to the President, the co-chair of the NCBBF, Archbishop Petero Mataca, stated “The draft Peoples Charter reached the whole of Fiji and it has the view of the people in which they want the country to move forward … to a better Fiji, a new Fiji.”

    What a disgraceful insinuation that the majority of the Fiji people support the charter.

    And how equally disgraceful that the President should “endorse” this charter and ask the interim Government to implement its 11 “pillars”.

    Where does our 1997 Constitution give the powers to a President appointed by the military after a coup to “endorse” any document (which also includes changes to our electoral system) produced by a non-constitutional body like the NCBBF?

    And let us note for the record, who are all these actors who make this charter charade possible and their possible motivations.

    The charade actors

    One can understand the hundreds of civil servants on the charter awareness teams who were just following orders, in order to protect their jobs and incomes.

    No doubt the charter architect, John Samy, may have been quite proud that he was at the helm of a social and political revolution, with consultancy fees thrown in for good measure.

    One can understand the badla (revenge) motivation of the FLP stalwarts who joined the interim Government. The FLP has been twice denied their democratic right to govern Fiji, and now the SDL is getting a taste of its own medicine. How satisfying to follow the dictum, “the enemy (Fiji Military Forces) of my enemy (SDL) is my friend”.

    One can understand the satisfaction of the head of the Catholic Church, who having watched for decades, the Methodist Church at the helm of Fiji’s leadership, has now done his bit in the sun, to “take the country forward”. And his clerics will also be happy that “their” charter proposal for electoral reform will be implemented, whatever the impact the coup has on the rest of the country.

    And of course, the elite leaders of the Hindu organisations (like Arya Samaj and the Sanatan Dharam) are happy that Bainimarama and the charter keep repeating the mantra of racial equality. Isn’t it great that a few elite Indo-Fijians are being appointed to high places and some businessmen are doing very well out of the coup. And hopefully the poorest Indo-Fijians will forget their poverty, lack of jobs and low wages, because they will have the great satisfaction of being called “Fijians” like the I taukei?

    One can understand the motivations of those in the CCF who disliked the politics of the SDL so much as to support a treasonous coup as a solution, and fall in behind the charter and NCBBF. Parroting the mantra of accountability, transparency and good governance seems to bring in the millions, even from EU.

    But where do all these charter supporters think the military will take this country, now that the charter has been endorsed by the military’s President, the new supreme law in the land?

    Where to now?

    Two years on, there has been no evidence of electoral fraud in 2006, or widespread corruption. While the Chief Justice was removed for two years on full pay, $275,000 worth of taxpayers’ money (and goodness knows how much in lawyers’ fees) have now been callously used to make him go away.

    The charter now remains the only excuse for the 2006 coup by Bainimarama and the military.

    Hundreds of thousands of these glossy charter documents are scattered all over the country, too smooth to be even used for toilet paper while the Ministry of Education supposedly does not have the budget to buy free text-books and learning materials for thousands of poor children.

    The charter and the charter approval exercise has been a total waste of time, energy and scarce taxpayers’ funds.

    It will also be a total waste of time and resources if charter opponents go around getting signatures of people for presenting to the President. Why bother?

    The public and the political parties could simply accept the electoral reform being proposed and hold elections under it.

    Don’t even bother having a special referendum, by secret ballot, on this charter. For not only does the charter have nothing new in it, neither does it have anything evil, whatever its evil origins.

    If the extremists wish to oppose the use of the word “Fijian” for all Fiji nationals, I am sure the FMF will oblige. Hardly anyone really cares about this issue, as the Tebbutt Poll indicates. What our poor people want is jobs, good incomes, and political stability.

    It is time for all of us, including Fiji Times columnists, to stop wasting our scarce time and energy on this charter charade.

    * The views expressed in this article may not necessarily reflect those of this newspaper.

  3. Jose Says:

    All bloggers, when are you all going to wake up to the fact that we are being Freemasonry controlled. The changing of the Law of God is nothing new has been around a while by the Catholics. Human Rights is to eradicate protestant christians from the face of the earth as the whole attack is a personal attack against Jesus Christ. This affects us Fijians because we are HIS. In time, they will legislate Sunday Law that forbids worship any other day but Sunday (Sunday is the first day of the week). They want us to forget the true Bible Seventh Day Sabath of the 4th Commandment ( Friday sundown to sundown Saturday). God commanded “Remember the Sabath to keep it holy……………..
    Any one worshiping on the Saturday will be persecuted.
    All you Fijians in the ig meddling with God’s Law and His people, don’t you fear God?

  4. Save the Sheep Says:

    And to top it all off ASK is bleating on about the lack of dignity and respect shown to Fiji by Australia and New Zealand.

    Well perhaps when Fiji and its self appointed leaders demonstrate some self respect and dignity, then the neighbours just might accord us with the same.

    From Bainimarama – Naitatikau – Ganilau and down through the whole bang lot of the IG there is a succession of embarrassing self centred individuals who wield truth and justice like a high pressure hose without anyone on the end of it.

    God’s law will prevail of course. History tells us so..

  5. Ablaze Says:

    Folks forget the evagelism crusade, that is a ploy by the pigs to win over the support of Isa, our uneducated brothers and sisters who are vunerable during these hard times. All they are after is food on their table and money to pay the school fees. They have high hopes of giving their children the education they never hard so the children would later get themselves a job and take the family into a better way of life.

    With these pigs it ain’t going to happen so we must, if not for ourselves but for our brothers and sisters keep up the fight.

    I think we have the upper hand because we have the paramount chiefs on our side, Tui Cakau, Roko Tui Dreketi and Ratu Joni etc etc

    The Pig is desperate to install the GCC because it was a body that gave our nation the last and a continuation no matter what govt is in power or what situation the nation was in or the world for that matter. The President that rubber stamps everything for them is not legitimate. They thought they could get away with Iloilo but now realize that their President is not recognised outside Fiji. Remember, Rabuka had the GCC to back him.

    It is important for them to have the Paramount chief’s support and like Cakau said these chiefs are not interested in the kaisi’s deal, only maybe the sub-chiefs as Kenneth Zinck called them!

    I agree with Cakau, the bavulus can all go and suck coconuts.

    By the way only the Indians want to get rid of our chiefly system. Now I know why?

  6. Secret Terrorist Says:

    Bula y’all

    I have said it before and I will repeat it again. What has happened in Fiji is the work of the Freemasons. You can watch their secret agenda on youtube. Search for Walter Veith and watch the series on HIDDEN AGENDA to see what I’m talking about. You will see the whole picture and instantly you will read their game plan. But the sad thing…..the sad thing…. is that all these things will all come down to the issue of WORSHIP. So our day of worship will be at stake here. I encourage all of you to watch these series first and later on we discuss this topic again.

    For all Christians especially the Taukei….o ira nai soqosoqo ni gunudra qo(ko ra dau sota tiko ena MASONIC HALL) e Suva, era tiko mai dakuni veika e caka tiko qo ena noda vanua. Na ka ga me caka vei ira me vakasasataki, ka me ra buturaki, me ra tinia kina na cakacaka ni vakatevoro era cakava tiko. Ke ra nanuma tiko ni sega ni kilai na nodra i vunivuni, ia e dai me ra kila ni ra kilai tiko. Ena qai tukuna ga mai o gauna na gauna me ra na mokumokulaki kina. Sa dua na ka vinaka na kena mai kama na nodra vale mai Levuka…ya e dua na ka vinaka era cakava na wekaqu mai Levuka me sogoti kina na nodra cakacaka ni vakatevoro.

    Au na qai tomana vakamalua tale yani…

  7. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    Ironic that our CoP Esala Teleni can get his brother to come lead a crusade that is limited only to Christians when the Police is made up of all religions. Why is he breaking his own Charter Pillars? And for someone who is corrupt but is now leading our crime fighters to say what he has said is pathetic, to put it mildly. Isa, vakaloloma dina. The sins of the fathers will visit the children. That he can bet on.

  8. Ratu Sai Says:

    The first commandment for these tossers are:

    1) Thou shall not drink kava
    2) Thou shall toce
    3) Thou shall vutulaki
    4) Thou shall bili da

    You get the gist.

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Does anybody have a copy of fullchow’s commandments that they could publish here.

    It would be interesting to see how far they have strayed [ or is it galloped ] away from the original.

  10. FijiGirl Says:

    Revelation 22:18-19 “I, John, solemnly warn everyone who hears the prophetic words of this book, if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to his punishment the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes anything away from the prophetic words of this book, God will take away from him his share of the fruit of the tree of life and of the Holy City, which are described in this book.”
    Says it all, mate!
    Let the Vore & Chodo’s curses rain down upon them, and spare our people.
    Free and fair elections, please Lord!
    God bless Fiji

  11. kaiviti Says:

    even peni moore is writing to the editor about the crusade:

    Teleni’s brother

    IF we consider that 78 per cent of the voter population has seen and commented on the People’s Charter and of those, over 92 per cent support the content, then I think it is time our leaders take note of what the will of the people in Fiji is.

    For example, the Christian crusade by the Police Commissioner is, however, contrary to the wishes of the majority.

    In the charter’s shared values, vision and principles, it says: “We respect, appreciate and celebrate the diversity and the aspirations of our people. We recognise the freedom of our various communities to follow their beliefs as enshrined in our Constitution”.

    By enforcing a Christian crusade, the commissioner is not allowing for the diversity of beliefs in the community.

    Under pillar 3 of the charter, the section of integrity and honesty reminds us that any person who holds a leadership role should behave honestly and with integrity when performing their responsibilities.

    The fact that the commissioner’s brother is leader of the crusade does not include integrity but an influence.

    I recommend that all people in Fiji read and study the charter, and use it to uphold the intention of building a better Fiji.


  12. Ratu Sai Says:

    Our nation has been subjected to all imaginable atrocities at the hands of people suffering mental retardation and delusions of grandeur for their self-aggrandisement.

    It would be fair to say since the inception of the granddaddy coup and subsequent coups Fiji has not recovered to where it ought to be, this particular coup will forever be etched in the minds of people for it is the most catastrophic of them all.

    Unfortunately Fiji sat on the precipice of the abyss for many years; with the latest expulsion of the NZ acting High Commissioner these sons of bitches have just sunk Fiji along with the nation into the abyss.

    Along with the High Commissioner goes whatever little Democracy the nation had.

    These sick mother fuckers are deranged.

  13. Jose Says:

    To Esala Teleni and Voreqe Bainimarama. If you think you’ve been hearing voices and you think it’s the voice of the Holy Spirit be very very sure because God is the Law Maker not Law Breaker.
    Freemasons think they are serving God until they reach 30 degrees. Only then the realisation is that they are serving Satan himself. Be very very sure. What you get out of this ( money, houses etc) is nothing when you will come face to face with your Creator.

  14. Wini Says:

    @ Hose

    Rabuka was visited by GOD in his tavioka patch in QEB prior to 14 May 1987 and told him (Rabuka) to carry out the coup on Bavadra. According to Rabuka’s testimony GOD was wearing a green bula shirt and grey sulu and was wearing a highly polished pair of brown sandals at the time.

    GOD appeared to Siti like the burning bush scenario with regard to Moses in the Old Testament.

    Uuu…we……if he is to be believed, Rabuka is the only person God talks to in Fiji.

  15. Jose Says:

    @ Wini
    Cheeky devil. They should know that they are on the wrong side. You see, we have read the last chapter. The devil looses.

  16. kaiviti Says:

    God not only talks to rabuka… esala teleni too! but his god is Vore… they’d talked at the camp before he applied for the position of Commisioner… all the applications went back to PSC, but the final word came from Delainabua… Dah!

  17. Damudamu Says:

    Quick correction: Eveli ($50:00) Ganilau can never be Vunivalu of Bau – he is from the wrong family! He tried a grab at a ‘I Tutu Vakaturaga” (Tui Cakau) but found himself on the losing end…..and will always stay a loser!

  18. loru Says:

    Don’t understand the above. Eveli Ganilau does not have a claim to the Vunivalu of Bau.We know that he may have some legitimate succession to the Tui Cakau if the present Tui Cakau dies? Anyone knows why his Father Ratu Penaia Ganilau acceded to the Tui Cakau title during his lifetime? Also if you does anyone knows what that name-GANILAU-entails? ie,what does it means?

  19. Tolili Says:

    I think that in pre-colonial Fiji the name Ganilau,Bainimarama,Nailatikau,was a title or honours given to members of a trusted person by the Chief? Ga is the same as Mata.
    Ganilau means that the person appointed by the Tuicakau as ambassador to Lau .
    Bainimarama on the other hand was a title given to PUFTA whose job is to keep an eye for women who were brought back home as prisoners of war.
    Bainimarama means: the warden of women prisoner of war. Traditionally, Bainimarama boci would be choped off so that he wouldn’t and couldn’t use it even if he had wanted to? Oilei, the man is and will regarded by his chief as the only PUFTA in the clan. As for the Nailatikau i shall deal with that later.
    Happy New Year and keep an eye out for the tribal PUFTA-BAINIMARAMA

  20. kaiviti4lyf Says:

    One wonders what that crusade has achieved? All we get is a curse from God and floods of ginormous proportions hit the nation…..FIJI MUST REPENT OF IT”S SINS!

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