SV reviews this past week……

This past week has been full of contradictions. We had the BNT, with the majoirty of the Paramount Chiefs boycotting the QEB Meeting, rendering it virtually useless with small ‘insignificant chiefs’ like the 2 Eveli’s justifying and defending the BNT. How hypocritical of Eveli Ganilau telling Paramount Chiefs to listen to their sub-chiefs! Also Eveli Nailatikau attacking Kenneth Zinck for calling those in attendance at the BNT as ‘sub-chiefs and insignificant?’ The fact is both the Eveli’s are insignificant chiefs and they have no people. How about ketepoka Commish now going on a spiritual crusade to fight evil? His revelation of being chosen by God last week exposed him as an imposter, & fraudster, yet he cannot see his stupidity. SV supposes that criminals can expect to Bible bashed and continue to receive the ‘physical side of the gospel’ ending like Baleiloa & Malasebe. The illegal juntas continue to go around in circles as they run out of options. With Christmas just around the corner, the illegal junta should reflect back upon itself and realise there is still time to repent and seek forgiveness. The Fijian people may forgive, but not necessarily forget. They are still accountable for their actions, but can be hopeful their ‘sins’ will be washed away.


Bloggers, keep up the fight and faith and remember to register on because next year, we go cyberspace and fight the illegal junta on a different plane, which we believe will be much more effective and damning for those targeted. 


41 Responses to “SV reviews this past week……”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Seasons greetings to all in Fiji , including silly Francis and Co.
    I have a policy , I forgive my wife before she does anything wrong , then when she does something wrong next time , she already knows she has been forgiven !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I happened to see a documentary about an experiment from the early 1970’s don at a University in the U.S.A. this was done with stable well educated men . In the space of 7 days , they had become evil sadistic people , similar to those guards at Guantanamo Bay , 35 years later !

    I’ve decided to title my next book , the coup coup effect !
    It’s all about a bunch of Island boys with real Naval vessels as their toys , they have nothing to do , but go around and around the island until such time as they become delusional , thinking they have surrounded an island of savages , they take over the island , slicing it up amongst themselves !

    but seriously , what this experiment shows is , that anyone of us , even people of good morals and education , over time , can be transformed into disfunctional sadists .
    Given Frank’s exposure to the Military lifestyle over many years and the fact , ( which he himself stated ) that he’s had no holidays since 1978 ! It’s no wonder he has gone loopy and taken his fellow soldiers with him to la la land !

  3. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji is changing pretty fast by these evil power hungry people.

    They say in their farter charter, “phase out institutional names that denote racial affiliations and our people have suffered the type of “leadership” that has been elitist, parochaial, divisive, extremist and self-centred.”

    From what I gather everything that Queen Victoria School stood for in its beginnigs does not comply with the above.

    When Queen Victoria School was founded by the Chiefs, their objective was to provide necessary education for the grooming of their sons to ensure that Fiji’s Chiefly System would continue to occupy a prominent place in their country. Here we have a mad commoner suspending the GCC and telling them they are only good enough to drink home brew under the mango trees. Cheeky bastard!

    After the Deed of Cession in 1874 the Chiefs were concerned about their people and believed that education was imperative if they were to survive in their country and keep up with the fast, changing and increasingly competitive world.

    The chiefs of yesteryear were intelligent and caring and wanted their people to benefit from what their country could offer working in with the colonial administrators.

    Even the colonial administrators realized and understood that Fijian society had a sophisticated social structure which was based on Chiefly authority and that it should be reinforced.

    Why have we a nutty commoner, with another race of people and a handful of arrognant selfish Chiefs trying to sell us off? We have ex students of Queen Victoria School supporting this illegal Regime – bloody bavulus, have they no pride for their nation?

    One could see the Chiefs request to the colonial Government to develop the school for their sons was motivated by their strong desire to ensure the continuance of the Chiefly system, their people and their dignity in a rapidly changing colonial environment. Nothing should change except that is back to us now since Independence. Surely this can be retained sensibly and with the right people incoperate the other races into our society so we will peaceful together.

    For this to happen every citizen of Fiji should know their place in society.

    If the current and past QVS students believed in the beginning values of the school they would be fighting for the pride of our nation.

  4. Ex Isle Says:

    A review of the past week shows Mugabe declaring ‘Zimbabwe is mine’ and issuing a note for $44 billion (worth about $FJ20)! To my mind this shows what these despots and tyrants can do to their poor countries if they are not stopped. Fiji’s current situation is very akin to Mugabe’s early years as he tightened his grip on his people. I suppose the only cheer we have is that the poor Zimbabweans are worse off than us!!!

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    This Naiulukau is not worthy of being called a chief. His behaviour is unbecoming of one. He referred to Ken Zinck as a p#$%k. What sort of chief does this sort of degrading thing. They are all he same in the ig. Greedy and immoral. No wonder he has no subject.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    A justification for the murder of the CRW soldiers in 2000 , was that it was a time of war ! That was a response to one of my comments on the Fiji Times Online once .
    If you follow that logic , then isn’t it virtually a time of war now , especially given that each of Fiji’s Institutions have been raped by Frank and Co. in the past 2 years along with it’s economy etc. ?
    Especially if you take into consideration the illegal detaining , torture , abduction and murder of several of Fiji’s citizens , men and women .
    If Fijians are now living in a lawless society , then the same principle as was applied in 2000 on the CRW soldiers , could be applied to Frank and Co. now !

  7. Colin Bishop Says:

    NZ goverment sources say that Fiji has backed down on expelling the High Commisioner.

  8. Colin Bishop Says:

    New Zealand is rumored to have agreed to limit the sanctions to those involved in the coup but they would be increased to include actions concerning assets and relatives in NZ and Australia. Next thing we know the Commisioner is staying?????

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Bloggers, this Nacewa fellow works ‘hand in glove’ with this bastard Vore. As SV correctly points out, he has been the person putting words into Iloilo’s mouth for months on end, so he is deep up to his ears in shit and unfortunately his son also has to suffer.

    Maybe SV should consider preparing a Petition Letter to send to the NZ Govt. so it does not back off with people like Nacewa’s son because this is the only way these bastards can be taught a lesson, otherwise they continue pillage Fiji’s resources and hide behind the facade of the illegal junta, when all the time they are actually perpatrating the crime.

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    One National News

    Bloggers, talk about misguided loyalty or misguided priorities! Where is the Fiji Police Force Comssion to talk ketepoka Teleni to task for perverting the course of justice?

    No wonder there is a rise in crime!

    Ia, na boci ga na boci!

    Police crusade concludes
    21 Dec 2008 02:52:58

    The weeklong Police Crusade is coming to an end this hour at Sukuna Park.

    Normally officers in uniform are protectors of law but in the past hour a group has been singing the praise of the Lord in full duty attire.

    The action song talks about “marching forward to crush the enemy beneath our feet.”

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Thank you Colin for those pearls above especially this bit; “increased to include actions concerning assets and relatives in NZ and Australia.”

    Maybe bananasinpyjamas doesn’t want his daughter at home with him?

    Maybe chodopu$$ panicked at the thought of his immoral millions being frozen?

    Maybe bananas’ palms went sweaty at the thought of foreign governments clawing through his bank accounts?

    Another win to the good guys !!!

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I must add that congratulations are in order for Mr Keys and his foreign minister.

    They have certainly shown that they are tough bikkies. Well done fellows!

    As for hairyarse saying today that relationships are built on trust; it’s true. But the illegal jaundiced junta has proved time and time again that it can’t keep its word. You can’t put trust in liars.

  13. tualeita Says:


    The QVS students of old were taught by well meaning teachers who instilled true patriotism. The native Fijian teachers who taught the students Fijian customs and traditions were neither Chiefs nor were they of chiefly families. Yet these teachers like the late Hon. Semesa Sikivou, Jemesa Robarobalevu and Netani Druavesi, were respected by the Chiefs whose sons were being tutored at the school during that time. One such chief was Ratu Sir Etuate Cakobau whose son is Epeli Nailatikau.

    One of the things that was taught and understood at that time was that, if a boy was from a chiefly family, his chiefly status was not recognized at the school. Yet the teachers knew that many of those boys were sons of chiefs.

    However, these teachers always told the students that if they were Chiefs or were from chiefly families, they were to hang their chiefly titles at the gate before entering the school. At the completion of their time at QVS the students were then told by their teachers as they were leaving for the last time to go back to the school gate, put on that garland which they had hung at the gate put them on and let them (the garlands) be the “saluwaki ni nomu vanua” that they (the students) would be serving.

  14. Ablaze Says:

    @ tualeita thank very much, that is a lovely story. I waited for someone to tell me something like that. The story should always be told in all our schools.

    It sounds like from its beginnings things gradually changed but always keeping those values in mind. That is how it should be.

    It saddens and angers me to see the behavior of some of our Chiefs, Nailatikau and Gaunilau especially.

  15. For Fiji Says:

    katapila caroba caraoba

  16. Cakau Says:

    Ablaze it is good to come in here and read something about our past. How times have changed.

    We should always look at both worlds and instil the best into our children. Sometimes I think Fiji is moving too fast and trying to westernise too much.

    tualeita rogo vinaka na nomu talenoa! Give us so more! I was never privileged to attend such a school.

    I agree with Ablaze that such a story should told to all school children.

  17. Ablaze Says:

    Hey fellow bloggers any of you attended QVS? If so you may like to share with us what it was like, was patriotism instilled into you or has it been forgotten?

    Have you any stories about paramount chiefs visiting the school? I remember Ratu Edward Cakobau and he was a humble chief.

  18. Nostradamus Says:

    Nailatikau went to QVS but his wife didn’t, and she wears the pants in the family. Ganilau did not go to QVS.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Ganilau was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School, in New Zealand, from 1965. He later graduated from the University of the South Pacific and from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, England, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force Staff College.”
    His education looks to be heavy on the New Zealand side, and especially given the role of New Zealand in helping get USP going.
    I believe the first graduates came out of USP in 1972, that would have meant he went there from about 1968-72, same time as the Indo-Marxist John Samy.

    As for Nailatikau:

    “Nailatikau’s career spanned 20 years in the military and 17 years in the diplomatic service. Following his education at Bau District School, Draiba Fijian School, Levuka Public School and Queen Victoria School, Nailatikau trained as a soldier in New Zealand. In 1966, he served on secondment in the 1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment and was posted to Sarawak, Malaysia, during Indonesia’s “Konfrontasi” against Malaysia. He proved to be a popular and highly respected officer. When he returned to the Fiji Infantry Regiment, he rose steadily through the ranks. By 1987, he held the rank of Brigadier-General, and was the Commander of the Royal Fiji Military Forces. While visiting Australia, he was deposed from this position, however, when the third-ranked officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka staged the first of two coups and seized power.”

    What is more significant than their education is the fact that they are both married to Mara sisters. I believe that they were both educated in New Zealand as well.

    It is interesting that people who depended so much on their education in New Zealand (Fiji was not good enough?) all joined a coup against the People of Fiji and a coup which rubbishes New Zealand and Australia daily.

    Perhaps when they were in New Zealand and Australia the people there did not worship the ground they walked on, and there for “disrespected” them. They seem to have the minds of insecure gangsters, alright.

  19. Ablaze Says:

    He is the head of Ulukaus, this arrogant selfish chief. I still find it hard to believe that his is the son of the late Ratu Edward Cakobau.

    Mr Nailatikau to get respect you need to give respect! It is that simple.

    Chiefs concerned with ‘lack of respect’

    The lack of common courtesy, respect, public decorum and demeanor of young Fijians, particularly in village settings, was a concern discussed among chiefs during the recent Bose ni Turaga at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

    Interim Indigenous Affairs Minister Ratu Epeli Nailatikau said the issue was brought up after a presentation from the Institute of Fijian Language and Culture.

    The presentation focused on the preservation of Fijian cultural practices and the responsibility for the custody and transmission of those practices, particularly to younger people.

    Chiefs were also urged to take on the responsibility of encouraging their vanua to observe proper protocol and accepted standards of conduct and behaviour.

    The two-day BNT last week provided the interim Government an opportunity to present its plans to chiefs, clan heads and invited guests.

    The plans include the adoption of the People’s Charter and moves to return the country to democratic governance.

    However, what was obvious at the meeting was the absence of several paramount and senior chiefs like the Tui Cakau and head of Tovata confederacy Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa, the Ka Levu Ratu Sakiusa Makutu and the Tui Namosi Ratu Suliano Matanitobua.

    The next BNT is planned for next month.

  20. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka Nostradamus I think being exposed to the western way of life didn’t agree with them. I think they are confused, don’t really know what they want to be, a westerner or a taukei chief.

    I don’t mind using the word taukei but Fijian to me, says to the world that Fijians were the first people to arrive in Fiji and the other race of people arrived later. Taukei is a Fijian word and is not known outside Fiji.

    This coup is all about the Indians wanting to make Fiji a country where we should do away with the authority of our Chiefly system. We should therefore be reinforcing it.

    Why can’t the soldiers realize this. Our chiefly system is our trademark.

    Can we abolish that useless charter farter when we get back our democracy? I suppose anything can happen in Fiji these days.

  21. tarai2 Says:

    @ Ablaze

    How can we enjoy a full democracy and at the same time be subject to an undemocratic feudal chiefly system?

    The eglatarianism that democracy promotes is at odds with the values of a class-based chiefly system.

    Do you want the Nailatikau’s, Mara’s and Ganilau’s etc to continue to enjoy a privileged position in society?

    Do we really need to produce more people born with a silver spoon in their mouths, or should we promote a level playing field where evryone is recognised on the basis of merit and hard work?

    The problem with us taukei, in my view, is that we have too much government and regulations governing our lives eg the laws of the ccountry as well as the Fijian Regulations. Other races only have to live by one set of laws, whereas we have two!

    Our shortcomings and failures as the i taukei stems from the confusion that results from having to live by two sets of laws whose underlying values are diametrically opposed

    Sa dri yani

    It seems to

  22. tualeita Says:


    I remember a time when at another school a Chief’s son was playing rugby with other students and one student, perhaps by accident, touched the “ravouvou’s” head or hair. The teachers and the principal were wondering why that particular “ravouvou” and his brother were not coming to school so they called their father or their Ratu.

    The Chief came to see his sons and asked them why they were not attending school. Their response was that they were “chiefs” and no one was allowed to touch their hair.

    Their Ratu then asked them, ‘You call yourselves “chiefs”, so where is your ‘bilo ni vanua”?’

    ‘Evei na nomudrau bilo ni vanua drau vagunuvi kina?’

    One of the brothers later attended school at QVS.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Quote of the day people from hairy bum in the Fiji Times Online this morning :-
    “You cannot be punished for the crime of a relative – that is unjust,” he said.
    Is this an admission of their criminality ?

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    The man is a blundering idiot !
    He has just implicated all those in the I.G.

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    The I.G. and Frank keep quoting the President for having said many things , but has anybody actually heard the President say these things ?

  26. Colin Bishop Says:

    Aust tapping our phones: A-G

    “These local staff should be ashamed of themselves for betraying and spying on their fellow country men and women.”

    Sayed-Khaiyum reasoned that there were information the NZ government would only be aware of if it had been alerted by locals.

    For instance, he said that a Fiji soccer player was denied a travel visa by NZ last month because he was engaged to be married to an army officer.

    “Wellington would not have known about that,” he said.

    No comments could be obtained form the High Commission at this stage.


    The supplementary immigration form for NZ asks if your partner is in the military. The definition of partner also includes fiancé.
    Either the soccer player filled out the form correctly and declared the relationship or he lied and was caught out.
    If it was the second reason then the form warns he could be banned from entering NZ for life.
    Is the IG suggesting that the applicant lied? Otherwise the NZ Commission had the relevant information without use of their ‘spies’

  27. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Hairyarse is flailing around like a drunk with Parkinsons.

  28. Ablaze Says:


    You have misinterpreted what I am trying to say into your way of thinking.

    Having a chiefly system is a symbol of traditions and everything that represents Fiji as a nation. It is not only the taukei’s link to the past but the small island state of Fiji. The Chiefs are the heart of national tradition and everything possible should be done to incorporate it into a modern Fiji.

    We can still have an even playing field in a modern Fiji, if everyone knew their place in society. If you read some of the above comments you will realize that there are ways of working around sons and daughters of chiefs so that they learn how to respect their people to gain respect back. No one is stopping any child in our country from working hard and achieving high grades at school. They can hold any position, even become the Prime Minister of Fiji. You may question the Presidency position – that I am afraid is not up to you or me to decide on who is eligible and should be left to the GCC and those in Parliament.

    Unfortunately, we will have chiefs like the Maras, Nailatikaus and Gaunilaus taking advantage of their chiefly status and covering themselves in glory. Therefore I believe that it should be up to the people to find ways of letting them know that their attitude is not acceptable. First of all we should be trying to work out why these chiefs behave in such a manner. As Nostradamus said; “Perhaps when they were in New Zealand and Australia the people there did not worship the ground they walked on, and there for “disrespected” them. They seem to have the minds of insecure gangsters, alright.” They sometimes in their school years were sent overseas to further their education. Perhaps being exposed to the western way of life didn’t help them, they came back confused, unsure which way to go. Parents have a responsibility in bringing up their children to become good honest citizens in our society.

    Ratu Joni is an example of a chief that was not given any favours but on basis of merit and hardwork. He earned himself a scholarship to study law in Adelaide, South Australia and has become a very well respected chief in Fiji.

    The lowest thing Cranky Franky did was suspend the GCC. He trampled all over the one institution that gave the people of Fiji its last support and continuation, no matter what govt was in power or what situation the country or the world for that matter was in.

    The GCC is a body that acts as a constitutional protection against seizure of absolute power by self-serving politicians, (in this case wannabe power hungry politicians) whether they be chiefs, Rajas, whatever is a non-issue. We the people have nothing now!

    Our chiefly system is like water, we will never miss it until it dries up!

  29. Cakau Says:

    Sa dina Ablaze! Today the Pig is trying to win over the GCC for the reasons you have just said but too bad so sad the paramount chiefs, Tui Cakau, yipee my chief, Roko Tui Dreketi and Ratu Joni are not interested in a kaisi deal only maybe the sub-chiefs. Good for you Kenneth!

    Go suck coconuts you bavulus!

  30. tualeita Says:

    Rt. J Iloilovatu is the broken mast that he referred to during that BNT meeting. True chiefs do not sacrifice the freedom of their people just to satisfy the whims of gun-toting fanatics.

    It is comforting to know that some masts are never broken.

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    I had a good chuckle over this item on RFN::: Isa! Me da sa loloma mada ga vua na Gone Turaga na i Taukei Vunisei, Na Turaga na Tui Vuda. Na cudru tiko vei iko RFN:

    Iloilo should only endorse his death charter
    December 21, 2008
    Iloilo will be remembered as the most useless and corrupt President in Fiji’s history. He is on his twilight years, struggling to figure out whether he is a grown man or a big baby, peeing in his pants and forgetting what day and century it is. This is the friggen toothless dog Frank is using as his rubberstamp with his latest seal of approval given to Frank and John Samy’s charter.

    But what is this dog doing meddling with Fiji’s future generation’s rule of law using an illegal paper to amend it? He is a dying old man so why try to dictate terms to the younger Fijian nationals who are more intelligent and very capable of weaving their own net? The guy is is not in a right mind to determine what’s best for Fiji’s peoples. He’s not even in control of his disgusting self so why try and tell others how to live their life when he himself is incapable of wiping his own friggen ass.

    Iloilo should only endorse his death charter cause that’s where he is going in the new dawn of 2009.

  32. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @Ablaze and Cakau: Tarai2 has a valid point in my humble view. The exuberance of youth is fine but it should be tampered by some sense of reality. I said this already and re-state it: part of the problem is that the chiefly system is broken and needs to be fixed. And this unelected govt. understand this and is reacting to it. Our so-called paramount chiefs react to it without really thinking about it. Me tekivu mada i Jerusalemi. In plain and simple Bauan language: me tou bulia mada e dua na nodatou Vunivalu. That message is for na Turaga Roko Tui Bau.

    Otherwise we can blog as much as we want and with the exuberance of youth, Ablaze, but we will achieve naught! For words has to be tamprered with wisdom and I see that missing in our paramount chiefs. That is why tarai2’s comments cannot be wished off if we really want change that in my view, SV set up this forum and site to do.

  33. Ablaze Says:

    Maleka Ravisa

    I am grateful and welcome the fact that you say the chiefly system is broken and needs to be fixed. It is a start, Fiji needs its chiefly system for all the reasons already mentioned.

    However, all we are asking is to have it fixed by the right people, ie the GCC and those elected into Parliament by the people for the people. Those that have the knowledge and understanding of our culture and traditions.

    We will not accept a bunch of power hungry people couping, then giving themselves the power to dictate to us our destiny and the path that should be taken for a better Fiji Never!

    Come back to me after Elections and I will say to you – Great Idea Maleka Ravisa, right thing to do I welcome it very much. It is that simple.

  34. senijiale Says:

    @ Tarai2 – wow, I am totally a m a z e d with your post @ 8.51am (which btw, I totally agree with!) re the inherent/fundamental conflicts that exists btwn the 2 tier system of governance, which hve both been given due recognition within our Constitution.

    That said, I do not propose for a second that the founders/architects of our idealistic Constitution had gravely erred when they drew up this historical document… and I could not do justice explaining on this blog why but check out the Close Up show of Professor Brij Lal some weeks back, where he articulated so well their deliberations and broad intentions behind having these institutions co-exist alongside each other within our Constitution.

    In short, what I thought this wonderful, wonderful man (Prof. Brij Lal and hey, was that his wife on Close up last week? she was fantastic!) meant was that it was meant to be a living document, a work-in-progress for the people to work it out (as many of you hve rightly said) and bring about the changes they ultimately desire as a people, within a democratic framework… but it was certainly certainly NOT meant to be achieved overnight as a cover-up and a sorry excuse for a stinkingly (wud that be a new english word newsfiji?), disgusting coup d’ etat! It breaks my heart to see this country going around in circles chasing its tail all bcoz of some dummy asses and losers.

  35. senijiale Says:

    btw when i say ‘amazed’ i meant ‘surprised’.

  36. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @tarai2: Au su qai kei na vosa mai vei keitou e Tailevu e ra qo: touche!

  37. church mouse Says:

    At last Akuila has said it.
    “I think something is wrong somewhere.”
    About the NZ and Fiji muck-up with their ambassadors.
    Hello, Akuila, come and smell the flowers. Of course there is something very wrong indeed!
    When you stand in the middle and do the splits it’s gonna hurt.

  38. Dauvavana Says:

    hey chucrh mouse, do I suspect that you are also a fellow man of the cloth here who is not letting on on all he knows about Akuila???

    hehehe just trying to be CID
    anyway, for a very long time he finally said something sensibly when responding to Fullchow Teleni’s claim that he was visited by the holy spirit and told teh Police Commissioners job was his for the taking and applying was just meeting formilities.

  39. tualeita Says:

    Goes to show the noted (notorious) reverend has lost the true Spirit but full of the other (firewater/Johnny Walker) spirit.

  40. church mouse Says:

    Adi Kalavo thank you.
    I like Akuila as he’s done some good things in his life but in these trying times he has some dodgy bedfellows and fleas sometimes bite.
    Mo marau ni siga ni sucu anyway to you all.

  41. Tolili Says:

    The pressy should have resigned?Bainipuaka would have taken over his position and become the President.Lets just hang in there and see what 2009 will bring?
    I’m sure that we’re all frustrated with the old pressy but he coulda be the best pressy of all time.
    Who knows, the man knows how to sail a Fijian canoe and its a tough job, when one is trying to sail upwind?
    You gotta know, just the right time, to change the CAMA, in order to caught the right wind.
    Look people this man was the byproduct of Fijian leadership, that brought us from the old world to our new paradise(if you wanna believe tradition); and while everyone have relocated and move on, our original tribe(Vuda) is still faithfully waiting for you all, at the same landmark, which our ancestors had summon them to occupy.The old pressy just may suprise everyone in the new year 2009-the UN is coming as he had requested and so is the EU. We haven’t started the 2009 yet but it could be an interesting years in Fijian political development?

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