Charter Response Forms Speaks For Itself-Interim PM – bullshit says SV!

Bloggers, well the Methodist Church calls Vore, Mataca, Yabaki and their puppets at the NCBBF all liars and take a guess how the block-head Vore responds? He does not care because the facts speak for themselves and also the brain dead Pressie will not meet with the Methodist Church today because he is ‘too busy!’ SV asks ‘too busy sleeping?’ Nacewa is as silent as a rock because his son is banned from entering NZ. This is the culprit responsible for putting words in the mouth of the brain dead Pressie and now Vore prevents the Methodist Church from seeing Iloilo. No one in their right mind believes the figure churned out by John Samy and Co and that it why Vore will not allow any verification, but deflect criticisms with simplistic answers ‘the facts speak for themselves.’ What a bunch of losers!

Bloggers, don’t forget to register on because our smart strategies beginning next year will be lobbying Governments about their citizens involved in treason in Fiji and people like John Samy lobbying his former employer like the ADB to ensure, they do not touch him again for the rest of his natural life!

Publish date/time: 19/12/2008 [12:58]

Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama said he does not care about the comments made by the Methodist Church General Secretary, Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu that the NCBBF figures on the support for the People’s Charter is a total lie.

Commodore Bainimarama said the support of 92.5 percent of the people who filled in the Charter response forms speaks for itself.

He also said that President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo will also be too busy to see the Methodist Church executives who are planning to meet with him.  Bainimarama said the Charter work is now complete and the next step is the political forum.

Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu said the figures given by the NCBBF team that 92.5 percent of the people support the draft charter is a total lie as the church’s findings showed that most of the indigenous Fijians are against the charter.

Waqairatu added they will compile a report this week before they arrange for a visit to the President to show the figures they have on those who do not support the Peoples Charter.

He added that from the forms they have collected so far, it shows that 80 percent of the Methodists in the country are behind the Church’s stance against the Charter.



33 Responses to “Charter Response Forms Speaks For Itself-Interim PM – bullshit says SV!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    It will be interesting to see the response from the Pacific forum leaders in January next year !
    I doubt Frank will get any support there as he continues to destroy Fiji and the region .
    The good thing for the other Islands is that they will and probably already are , from Frank’s folly !

  2. kini Says:

    Will someone please shot this bastard Voreqe!

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    No need to , the Military will arrest him now the peace keeping has ceased !

  4. lutu Says:

    Vinaka Mark, lets hope it will be soon?

  5. pitfan Says:

    I am so proud of the stance of the Methodist Church…

  6. kaiviti Says:

    the regime doesn’t people to voice their concerns through the media, but through them… now they don’t want the methodist church leaders to go and visit with the dead pressie… aren’t they just shooting themselves in the footy. what do they want the general public to do with their grievances? time is running out for this regime…

  7. at least Says:

    SV, Please inform the NZ govt to expel Vore’s daughter now living in NZ. She is married to one Savenaca Seruvatu. so She maybe using the Litiana “Seruvatu” as her surname..It would be best to chase her out of NZ as well as Vore’s brother who also lives there. If the rest of Fiji suffers for nowhere to apply for visas, let his family suffer first..Please SV, let the NZ Govt know of oue request to chase his family members away from NZ. If Mr, Key can throw away Nacewa’s son to Fiji, Why can’t he do it to the Keyman’s daughter and family..???..I leave it to NZ PM to decide ….keep on blogging mates…!!!!

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    They wont arrest him MM. The RFMF rank and file have all been brain washed and bought off to the max.

    Bunch of gutless unprincipled idiots….

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    Let the games begin.

    Most of the officers who do not support the ig regime & have been kept on overseas duty where they cannot interfere with vore bhais tyranny will now have to take forced R&R back home.

    These are the very ones who may resolve this impasse and dissolve the ig for good. They are career soldiers not white uniform wannabees and would probably love to put a couple of bullets into $50 epeli and the other eps big heads for bringing not only disrepute to the RFMF but also for their part in making vore bhai head of the army and his rape of the Nation.

    My suggestion to vore bhai and the ig coupsters – keep refurbishing Korovou and Naboro.

    It’s going to be a long stretch and I hope he shares a cell with those old queens in the judiciary – sa boi dada dina!

  10. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Yes, you’re so right Adi Kaila….the navy, where Vore really belongs don’t do UN peace-keeping’s the military and the police…acha!!! jeez…tubelite o au.

    Man, we have been dragged along to start thinking RFMF, RFMF when it’s the SEMEN guys who are taking the RFMF along for the ride and unfortunately the RFMF personnel don’t see that.

    So, if it’s DOWN with RFMF and also DOWN with the FIji NAVY!!!!

    Yes, yes, RFMF personnel..see how you guys/gals have been trampled upon left-right-and-centre by this undereducated fool…you guys better do something PEACEFULLY…well whateva, just downsize the fool!

    As, for those FA-CHA (farter-charter) figures…speaks for himself o Vore and his PRE-PRESCHOOL MATHEMATICS SKILLS…oilei valoloma tale. Sa dua la na ka na via2 kila! sounds more like goo-goo ga-ga ..babble..babble…spit! me.

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi EnufDictatorship – Yep the white uniform wannabees who have never contributed anything to the well being of the Nation, since the two epelis put the dumb pig in charge they’ve infiltrated the RFMF, kila ga that lot are always unsteady on their feet on land – unsteady in the head as well.

    It’s The charter for the bewildered by the bewildered.

    The ig coupsters just cannot comprehend the fact that the majority do not support their charter. Like their rape of the Nation the lies fall easily from their lying mouths and will continue in this vein as they have no valid reason for justifying the 5.12.06 coup.

    In fact the ig coupsters are doing exactly what they wrongly blamed the SDL government for, and much much more, treason, murder and grand scale theft of the Nations Reserves.

    Sadly for us reasoning with these fools is a complete waste of time as they’ve revealed their true selves not only on National television but overseas as well to be totally inept at everything and grossly ineffective.

    When you watch these ig coupsters you realise why some animals eat their young.

    BTW have you noticed how their bottom lips have drooped considerably – yes all of them, vore bhai, khaiyum (duh!), both insignificant epelis, leweni, tele ni, chodo etc – too much lasulasu dripping from their cancerous mouths.

    It’s true watch them on TV while their telling lies that noone believes – if their lips droop any longer they can all hike it up between their legs and lo – self made dhoti – handy to have in prison huh?

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    Boy, if I had that level of support I would immediate go to the poll with confidence of winning the elections outright. But the few remaining braincells in the pigs head tells him its not true and it would be better to just lie on and hang on to power with all his lies about all and sundry. He said it was 93% but didn’t slimy weasel samy said it was in fact 64%. Who the pig think he is fooling, maybe himself. He said that the diaper pressie is too busy to see the Methodist delegation. So can’t the pressie speak for himself or is the pig really in control of the pressie and decide what or not the pressie says or does. Two years under the pig is excruciating torture. To think of another 2 years would be like being sentenced to a concentration camp. We really ought to do something – but what. We already have a horde of chiefs drivelling at the pig hands and getting spun out of their wits by the criminal mastermind.

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    IMHO other religions not Christian, other denominations not Methodist as well as other races not Fijian, will more readily believe Tuikilakila’s figures over the figures provided by Samy and Kau of the NCBBF.

    Not a peep from Dakuvula. has Rev Yabaki re-employed him at CCF with the EU millions? Extremey bad call EU, you sure missed the mark by a country mile on that one.

    Can someone at 104 Victoria Parade spill the beans on how that funding was approved?

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is interest to note that the useless green goons will feast on turkey, ham, vegetables etc on Christmas day [ paid for by the villagers ] whilst the people near the gold mine site will have to contend with what they can grow.

    Surely these poor people must realise that the $6 million that was given for them has been gobbled up by the moronic military; all thanks to the master criminals, bananasinpyjamas and chodopu$$

  15. Ablaze Says:

    The Christmas Party was great! Decided to read the latest postings and off course couldn’t help myself but to post a comment!

    It is obvious the Pig is a liar, he fabricates, spins, deceives and prevaricates.

    He is too dumb to have any nuance in what he says so flatly lies these days.

    During democratic times this pig would have been roasted long time ago with all the lies that he has put forward.

    I pray to God that our youth do not follow in their footsteps, thus the reason I harp on about our youth of today!

    This is good and when I read it I thought it was appropriate for what we are facing in your coup culture society.

    I realize it is generalizing but if we play our part in educating our youth that it is a sin to coup it is a start.

    “Oilei than suddenly I realize we are up against the introduction of their farter charter into our schools.” The goes on!

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    Why we’re probably fucked

    “Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don’t fall out of the sky. They don’t pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It’s what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain’t going to do any good; you’re just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it’s not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here… like, the public. Yeah, the public sucks.”

    -George Carlin

  16. Ablaze Says:

    Ooooooooooooops meant to say; “No matter what the fight goes on!”

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    I am inclined to think that it’s a matter of survival to a degree and once the money dries up , the RFMF will back the winner .
    It’s not a question of loyalty at all !

  18. tailevu no leqa Says:

    The annuqal Other Ranks Xmas lunch at QEB where Officers and SNCOs serve the Cpls downwards was heart breaking most of them wanted to hear some good news about their pay from Bhainivore but nothing came only that the charter was approved by the Pressie no one even reacted or gave a clap,wheres the 92+% they are talking aboput even in the camp where the soldiers were forced to sign the charter form or find a job dont even like it VERY POOR.

  19. Keep The Faith Says:

    Interesting Tailevu! Isa and the poor sods were probably anticipating good “pay news” in time for Christmas…waraka namaka.

    Frank will probably be advised to hold off on the dosh until the morale is REALLY low with his crew and when he gets worried about the temperament of his boys & possible backlash, he will roll it out slooooooowly. The only problem is he doesn’t really know the individual threshold’s of all of his men.

    It just takes 1 spark to ignite a flame Frank.

  20. Ablaze Says:

    This is a comment from the Fiji Times Forum. Worth reading folks. As adults and parents it is a must read.

    Lusianna of Fiji says…
    So the old President has endorsed the NCBF, People’s Charter for change, peace and progress. No wonder the nation is more screwed than ever. He goes on to say that all recommendations in the so-called charter has the wisdom and foresight to move the nation forward.

    With an old illegal President, a coup leader, a another person of a different race and coup perpetrators behind this illegal document I have nothing to be grateful about. I wouldn’t have minded if I had some say in at least getting my own kind who understands and reveres our Fijian culture to draft the charter, definitely not a person of a different race and culture. This sucks and we must fight to put a stop to this so-called wisdom that the old President talks about.

    This is what happens when coups are staged with the help of the nation’s military. Each and everyone of them suck. We are made to feel hopeless as we do not have the power of choice to oppose dictators.

    There is a break down in our society to allow this system.

    Where do you think these coup perpetrators come from? They just don’t fall out of the sky. They don’t come from another planet. They come from Fiji’s multi-racial parents, families, homes, schools, churches, businesses, universities and in this case some from our neighbouring countries. What makes it worse for us that oppose this illegal regime is that they weren’t elected by the people for the people.

    Since the Rabuka coup we seem to have adopted this kind of society where it is OK to coup, give themselves the power to change the constitution, design charters, dictating to us our destiny and the future of our nation.

    It is like the old President has endorsed and said this is what we have done folks, this is the best we can offer. It is what my men have produced, you have no choice but to live with it because this is how it is going to be.

    This is Garbage because if you have selfish, ignorant citizens coming in through the door of treason trying to govern the country, you are creating a platform and breeding future selfish, ignorant leaders.

    Coups have allowed citizens of my beloved country to become self-serving, selfish and ignorant.

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    so it seems now , that the President has shown his true colours and exposed his original intentions .
    Hitler would be proud of his master stroke , to allow without the Authority , an illegal Charter by an illegal , treasonous regime to be forced upon his own country and it’s citizens . It appears that the President , in taking this course of action , has confirmed that he is not senile , but just a traitor as is Frank and Chaudhry and their supporters .
    In 1973 to 1975 , we had a Governor General who thought he was the protector of the Constitution in Australia when he sacked the Prime Minister . The man was even appointed to his position , by that same Prime Minister ! He , against the Prime Minster’s advise , sought advice from a High Court Judge , who happened to be his cousin , on matters regarding a Constitutional crisis that existed only in his own mind .
    It turned out the man was an alcoholic with delusions of grandeur . He died a lonely man .
    In Fiji however , in comparison , none of the players in this Shakespearian play , have done it by legal means .
    Each act has been illegal and it’s an insult to honest Fijians how the Office of the President of Fiji has been abused in this way .
    Mr. Qarase must be feeling like Julius Caesar right now !
    To think that this took place in the people’s Parliament !

  22. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I have been wondering why bananasinpyjamas was so intent on changing the GCC to his own mould.

    This sentence in the Sun’s editorial says it all.

    “”” However it is recognised in the constitution and has specific functions perhaps the most important of which are the appointment and (if necessary) removal of the president and vice president.”””””

    All of the coupster’s plans hinge on the manipulation of brain-dead president bernie. They must not allow him to be ousted as a new President would not go along with their nonsense.

    My suggestion is that all of the members of the GCC gather at a house in Suva for a Christmas drink and pass a motion to remove the puppet and replace him with someone capable of thinking about the welfare of Fijians.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    This moment in time in Fiji’s history , is probably the single most important moment ever which the Fijians will ever confront !
    Fiji’s future now hinges on what response or lack of response comes from it’s citizens to the President’s acceptance of this illegal charter from an illegal regime .

  24. tailevu no leqa Says:

    Lusianna of Fiji says…
    So the old President has endorsed the NCBF, People’s Charter for change, peace and progress. No wonder the nation is more screwed than ever. He goes on to say that all recommendations in the so-called charter has the wisdom and foresight to move the nation forward.

    I hope he lives long to see the fruits of his treachery.

  25. Peace Pipe Says:

    @Ablaze, Lusianna has spoken our minds quite precisely. Great minds think alike. So is our country in the unsafe hands of a senile who cannot speak or think for himself and is being propped up and used by the greedy and voracious coupsters and cahoots. Is diaper pressie the ultimate overlord of Fiji whose words are the law of the land that can’t be refuted. Please give me a break.

    MM its all about the money and like you said if the money dires up then the soldiers will turn their allegiance elsewhere. All coups have their motives deep rooted in money. But the problem is the army is now in control of the govt coffers and can do what they like with it. This is where we could look at what can be done about it.

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    The GCC proper , has no authority under this illegal regime . As Frank has appointed his own Chiefs and GCC consequently , they will sack the President and replace him with a puppet already prepped to do the regimes dirty work .
    This is a turning point in Fiji’s history . The Pacific forum , the E.U. , the United Nations , the Australian and New Zealand Governments have all been snubbed by Frank and Co.
    Their intent is obvious , total annihalation of Fijian society and her Institutions as it is and they are , today , piece by piece , step by step .
    Hitler did the same thing in the 1930’s .

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    Get rid of the Military would be a good start , but for now , all Fijians can rely on it seems , is the International Community . So , get off your bums and register with the world wide movement on the Soli Vakasama site so they can lobby overseas Governments and bring this regime to its knees peacefully .
    I don’t know what it’s going to take to wake the Soldiers up , sometimes i think they need a rocket up their skirts !

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    Register now and show your support to help bring Fiji back to Democracy .

  29. Peace Pipe Says:

    I cannot accept that the diaper pressie has endorsed the charter. So what does this mean? Is it now a legal document to be implemented henceforth? Everything was done in a shady way. First of all the members were all representative of the people of Fiji and very unindependent having all ig and supporters involved. And then the process of obtaining acceptance is very suspect and questionable. Having not signed the form I will not accept the charter as being all emcompassing and accepted by the majority. This cannot be passed as law by one single entity of a puppet pressie. This has to be strongly challenged in court on the street or any other ways. Court challenge seem to be the best option for now. It must be launched immediately. The main evidence to support this is the statement by weasel slimy samy that the forms were not to validate the charter but as having seen read and understood the contents. But here we have them using the same form to give it validation. There too was no criteria set for the exercise. It has a 64% support as claimed by Sami and 92% by couip coup frank. A referndum has to have a 66% support in order to be gain validation. We have a case.

  30. Peace Pipe Says:

    Correction above, 4th line it should have read “First of all the members were not all representatives of the people of Fiji….”

  31. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Even the so called ‘umpires’ of the flawed military charter process can see the illegality of it all but this was brushed aside by the puppet’s minders.

    “”””THE President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, endorsed the National Council for Building a Better Fiji report, despite a request from the independent monitoring group (IMG) for a poll assessment.

    The group, made up of Robin Nair, Seal Molisa and Amy Chambers, in its report submitted to Ratu Josefa, said the method used by NCBBF to poll had been challenged by some political parties as flawed and that polling was subject to intimidation practices.

    “The IMG noted that there was no professional assessment done by this group for their views,” they said.

    In other words, they observed the deceptive, coercive tactics of obtaining signatures under duress.

    It is no wonder that PI Forum members have not endorsed the illegal junta or its military charter .

  32. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    BTW, ‘Intelligentsiya’ is back on the air.

    Great to see them back.

  33. Adi Kaila Says:

    I’m with you there PP – I don’t for one second believe that the President endorsed the illegal charter or is even aware that such a thing exists.

    I believe that while the President is being cossetted in the white house that bastard rups is not telling him exactly how it is and busy forging the Presidents signature on everything.

    vore bhais so called government or gumunt as the kaidias say is illegal so is the charter and anything else that they do.

    The vore bhai gumunt charter would have been signed by rups which makes it less than worthless anyway – good only for the tavioka and dalo pealings.

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