UN Peace Keeping Mission under threat


Regime spokesman Major Leweni is being totally dishonest when he attempts to justify the allocation of an additional $15 million to the RFMF in the 2009 Budget by claiming it’s needed to train troops for UN peacekeeping duties.

This is because Fiji is very much on the nose at the United Nations, which has announced it has no plans to tap Fiji’s military for any new peacekeeping missions until our country returns to democracy.

As a spokesman for the UN was recorded as saying earlier this year: “There has been no increase in Fijian troops or police numbers since December 2006, nor has Fiji contributed to any new missions since then.”

The UN’S decision to bar Fiji from peacekeeping missions following the 5 December 2006 coup was first enunciated by the former Un Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, shortly after our dictator assumed power.

While Annan’s successor, Ban Ki-moon, has not spoken publicly about Fiji’s black listing, it’s highly unlikely that he would ever choose to reverse it.

This is because he is well aware that major players such as the European Community, the United States and Australia would vigorously oppose such a move; and they carry a great deal more weight with the UN Secretary General than a tinpot little dictator like Bainimarama.

 So, talk by Leweni and others of future UN peacekeeping missions will be nothing more than misleading speculation for as long as Fiji remains under the control of the dictator and his goons.

And if the dictator thinks he’s sending anyone a message by spending Christmas with Fiji’s troops on UN missions, he most certainly is. However, it’s a negative message as far as the democratic-minded UN is concerned.

For the record, Fiji’s current contribution to UN missions remains relatively small and has not been allowed to increase when regular rotations of personnel occur.

Altogether/ Fiji’s UN peacekeeping and monitoring deployments total only 223 soldiers with UNAMI and 37 police officers and eight military observers with UNMIL, UNMIS and UNMIT.

If Leweni was honest and had any brains he would have been better advised to explain that the extra allocation is in reality a desperate measure to make up for the shortfall in revenue flowing to the RFMF from the United Nations.

 And if Bainimarama doesn’t hand power back to the people in the very near future, the United Nations money will be in real danger of drying up altogether.

And that would mean an end to any prospects of overseas missions for members of the RFMF, yet another example of the dictator and his regime moving Fiji backwards.


Solivakasama is adding  names of the coup supporters in their list send names  you know to   Info@solivakasama.org   ,  the pressure is working.

Bloggers, don’t forget to register on www.solivakasama.org because our smart strategies beginning next year will be lobbying Governments about their citizens involved in treason in Fiji and people like John Samy lobbying his former employer like the ADB to ensure, they do not touch him again for the rest of his natural life!


12 Responses to “UN Peace Keeping Mission under threat”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank seems to be doing a very good job of taking the country forward !
    Forward to what exactly , only Frank knows as the idea exists in his mind only !
    Now , if you look at the main island of Fiji , you will notice that it’s virtually a circle , so if Frank has started at Suva , goes around the island , he ends up back where he started !
    So now we know where Frank is going forward to or is it more like , back to the future ? Unfortunately it’s taken him 2 years to do this so far and he still hasn’t realised what he’s been doing , makes you wonder what the next 2 years will bring !

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Another one bites the dust!!!

  3. Ablaze Says:

    We can never be too hard on these selfish ignorant people. We must keep criticising their methods of doing things and what they say.

    Someone, has to do it and it has to be us. We shall point fingers and let everyone know that it is unfair and we don’t deserve what they dish out.

    We must be expected to carry the fight against these power hungry lunatics on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are not fortunate enough to think for themselves because they have not had the education that we have had.

    We must keep the fight up until everyone is prepared to stand up collectively for what they believe is morally right. These lunatics deserve all the rubbish thrown at them until they can realize for themselves that they have no right whatsoever to be doing the things they are doing.

    We are all responsible for our own actions so therefore must stay focus and look forward to the day when these wannabe politicians will have to answer for their actions.

    We must when the time comes also think how we are going to deal with these people as we will have to come together again in for the building of our country.

    Our hearts may tell us that we don’t want to have anything to do with them but in reality we have no choice. It will be for the sake of our nation that we will have to come together. (I wish a firing squad could be there waiting.)

    If there is any chance of restoring what we have lost we need to work together in a legal way.

    For the time being we are doing fine so lets blog on and show them up ragone.

  4. Ablaze Says:

    They are having their BNT we can have ours right here in SV through cyber space and the above is my speech.

    Anyone else would like to have their say?????? You are welcome.

  5. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Totally agree Ablaze…kip on kipping on with the pressure.

    They might wanna point the finger back at us to say this and that about our wrong doing BUT our wrong doing and its consequences are all personal and ours alone, it does not ever affect a whole nation of people whom although we belong together we don’t know EVERYONE.

    But theirs on the other hand, has brought a people, their rights and their liberties down to destruction. Well most of us anyways.

    The Israelis slung guns around casually in public in the Holy Land to protect and defend their people.

    Ours use theirs to DESTROY OUR OWN PEOPLE! GO FIGURE!

    Down with tyrants! Down with dictators! Abolish the military and redefine chiefs!

  6. at least Says:

    Hey you true Enuf..Des was a member of NCBBF..how many NCBBF members have died ?? Well lets see who is next. I hope its FB or JI…Cross our fingers …

    Yeah he requested Fiji sud be given more UN Missions, and for NZ and Aust to drop sanctions…Hey when this guy does not get what he wants, he gets mad..Au kila e high blood pressure tiko o boci..

    E na qai leqa sara ni wili blogs tiko..We give him more pressures than these countries do…Rauti iko ..mo na mate me bula o Viti..

  7. Keep The Faith Says:

    ROFL LMAO! Yup yup yup its over Frank. No more UN to validate your boys as the best of the best.

    Now to extend that pressure to the security companies in Iraq that are still hiring these goons as well as Teleni’s goons…

    When Frank has more idle hands hanging around and unable to find gainful employment instead of shunting his “problem” off to the UN, he will need to be ever watchful of who really has his back.

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    Saw a photo in the Fiji Sun of those at the BNT in the QEB. These guys seem unseparable – Pig, Fullchow, BartSimpson and Arse-his. These fellows are the sum total of Fiji’s destruction to date. If nothing happens or is done to them then we will remained doomed. These are the likes of Mugabe, Saddam, Musharaf, ThanShwe etc who have no heart for the people who are suffering because of their actions. I do not believe a peaceful resolution will come out of this debacle as a lot is at stake if they give in.

    The pig keeps saying that it would take time to get elections started. Oh yes we know he needs more time to fill his, his family and friend’s and army’s pockets and bank accounts with the ill gotten gains from the govt they stole. Secondly he has to work out a way to escape his treasonous crime.

  9. at least Says:

    yeah guys keep on blogging..He is not getting thru anywhere. The guys at the barracks too are not sympathising with him and his IGs.. They are not going to get more missions overseas..Fiji is getting 0 out of 3100 of more Soldiers required by UN..Good on you Frank..
    Camp will be on fire from tomorrow as they will have a Big Beer party tomorrow from taxpayers money. Now the Senior officers will be serving beers to the lower ranks to gain their support. What I heard is most of this army officers are beginning to hate him and his close frends and coup perpetrators. Well time will tell..Right now we keep on blogging and see where he goes..
    NZ and Aust is not bow down so as the Sv Bloggers..cheers mate!!!..

  10. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    I am told that the downward slide of the reputation of Fijian soldiers in peacekeeping started following the 1987 coups ena gauna e solia kina o Rabuka vei ira e lewe levu na SNCOs me ra ya rua se tolu na denitoa. By doing so, he got rid of the backbone of any military force, the SNCO cadre. So he effectively and personally started the dismemberment of the RFMF that gave rise to Voreqe’s rise to power in the military and with the belated decision of the UN to now stop any further deployment of Fijian peacekeepers. What we have as soldiers are shells of what were once soldiers that we could all be proud of. And the UN is aware of this through their Head of UNDP based in Suva. The UN does not need shells. It needs real soldiers. But alas, this is not what Fiji can offer.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank is either pursing his lips and blowing chaudhry a kiss or he’s whistling dixie !

  12. Adi Kaila Says:

    MM – he’s trying to blow a bubble with his Bratz bubble gum – the old fool can’t even do a simple thing like that.

    For a nano second there I thought you’d written he was blowing chaudary.

    Keep it up MM – you’re quite the comedian – I do enjoy your comments.

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