Student Claims he was forced to sign Charter response form


One National News last evening aired a story where a 17 year old boy says a Police man forced him, and six of his friends, all under 18 to sign the draft Peoples Charter response form.The boy claims they had no idea what they were signing.

One National News obtained parental consent for this interview, but due to the age of the boy and possible victimization, he can’t be identified.

He claims that a Policeman in civilian clothes approched him and a group of his friends to sign some papers.

The incident – according to this High School Student – the incident took place at a playground frequented by the youths.

We asked him to describe the form which he and others willingly signed.

He says it was later that he found out it was a response form for the draft people’s charter.

He says other boys from the area he stays in also signed signed similiar forms.

Attempts to get a comment from the NCBBF Secretariat’s Public Relations Officer, Filimone Kau proved futile when this bulletin was prepared.

The truth about their untruths is begining to unfold. From the 95% support claimed buy John Sammy, Bainimarama have now told the chiefs at the BNT, that out of the 533,782 consulted, 342,592 accepted. That means 64% and therefore failing to meet an overwhelming response such as two third majority as would be required of a parliament to amend the Constitution.

 By the way, SV asks then what about the remaining 36%, which amounts to 191,190? This is a lot of people for a country the size of Fiji.

SV also asks, how many were forced to sign, imagine if independent confirmations were allowed, or independent observers allowed to follow the surveyors around the country?

SV does not, for one moment, believe the NCBBF or illegal government’s figures because it now appears to be a watershed and more claims of forceful signing will come out of the woodworks in the days to come.

SV also invites bloggers to state it on this blog site if they know of any other stories of people being forced to sign the charter form.

Bloggers, don’t forget to register on because our smart strategies beginning next year will be lobbying Governments about their citizens involved in treason in Fiji and people like John Samy lobbying his former employer like the ADB to ensure, they do not touch him again for the rest of his natural life!


6 Responses to “Student Claims he was forced to sign Charter response form”

  1. amazon Says:

    Nice pix SV. I wonder if they hve published “A coup kit for dummies”. If not, we hve plenty experts in Fiji happy to contribute their ideas FOC 🙂

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    Rabuka has professional training in that area, as well as a successful prototype. Perhaps it can be taught in schools. Equal rights to coup training and implementaton, a new form of democracy. A national competition could be launched to see who can design the best coup and prizes awarded – including a “get out of jail free” card. The prize for the best youthful “coupster” could be a tour of the PM’s mansion.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    and the oval “killing field” at QEB.

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    And there could be a school essay and public speaking competition on “Which is the Best Coup?” leading to the Ratu Iliesa Vakaruru Award. The children need role models, successful coupsters, not just parents who work hard on the farm all day wasting talent.

  5. wini Says:

    @ Nostradamus…….lol…excellent idea abot the Ratu Iliesa Vakaruru Award. Rabuka must play a prominent role in the proposed award organisation. Perhaps as Patron and chairperson of the Social Intercourse Sub Committee (including the other type of activity with the same name that he is good at).

  6. Wailei Says:

    Talking about desperado… to get numbers

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