Chief highlights poor, arrogant leadership

TUI Ba Ratu Sairusi Nagagavoka told chiefs at the Bose ni Turaga that he has witnessed a big difference in the leadership style of chiefs in the last 88 years.

Ratu Sairusi said the chiefly leadership in Fiji now was like a train heading towards a broken bridge with the driver trying to bring it to a halt. Speaking in Fijian, he said the driver knew if the train went over the bridge it would be fatal for him and his passengers.

Ratu Sairusi told chiefs that the circumstances facing Fiji was different to incidents of the past. Ratu Sairusi said taukei government’s in the past had failed to show good leadership and over time had become arrogant. He said this sort of leadership should not be accepted. He told chiefs that they played a crucial role in developing Fiji and they could determine the prosperity of this land.

Ratu Sairusi said well educated people should be elected into the government.

End of story

You said it right, Chief.

And so was your ready acceptance of your brand new house, a ‘gift of goodwill’ by a foreign govt @ the people’s expense.  If that was not a form of corruption, then what is?

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  1. newsfiji Says:

    Ratu Sairusi, with all due respect, if that’s what you think of the chiefs behaviour and ethics for the past 88 years – than you are also talking about yourself.

    The honourable thing to do is to step aside and let a different chief take the drivers seat – they might actually see the bridge and try to avoid an accident.

    You seemed to have headed straight for the accident.

    I rest my case – o tukuni iko ga mai! Vakamadua o kemuni na turaga kei Viti ni lai tokona tu na yavu basulawa, dau vakamate tamata qori. Sa dua na ka nomuni guilecava na vanua saraga ni lai dabe tiko kina qori vakadinadina e a moku mate kina o Verebasaga!

    His blood cries out and yet you all sit there and point fingers at this person and that person!

    Shame on you all – SV please i urge you to put up a list of all the chiefs that have sat in that Bose yesterday and today. If you are able to get background info on them too that would be great eg. Full name, where they come from, who they rule (eg. village, tikina, yasana), educational background if any, work experience if any, assets etc. This type of info will show us whether they are worth listening to or NOT.

    Eu – vakatubudra ga.

  2. newsfiji Says:

    Okay, i haven’t really finished yet!

    And to add to that, all those Chiefs sit there in total denial that the President is practically out of his mind.

    No wonder the media was not allowed in today – Fiji One would probably have filmed the President sleeping through the whole sessions. (aside from the coughing and farting!) Shame!

  3. Jon Jon Says:

    Sairusi a Baini and Choro butt sucker, wots new!!! na ulukau ga na ulukau no wonder he is as bad as baini. One blind mouse leads another, where too? yes to st giles!!!

  4. Jon Jon Says:

    I thought this chief came to meeting to express there grievance, instead they all came to surrender to frank n his regime. They have failed there ppl n failed to respect there chiefly elders of there confederancy.. Wot a shame now they wana b like bai as a rebelious group.. this is the kind of chiefs where u give them a bottle of wine then they just kiss your hands n do wot u want.. Now they kissin bainimarama’s butt cheeks with there stupidty!!!

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    This man’s hands are bound. NEXT please. . .

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Oilei! pliz, kere2…da mai lasutaki.

    Sairusi and his words of “wisdom” just take it to Paddy’s.

    Educated people to be elected is one thing, it’s the true altruistic motives/attitudes of a person to lead is the real deal.

    You can be educated but if your motive is to make money and just a name for yourself without serving the best interests of the people, then YOU’RE NO DIFFERENT FROM MUGABE, POL POT, HITLER, ETC..the tyrants of this world.

    And that is where Sairusi, Iloilo, Voreqe CHodo and their kind belong.

  7. freedomfighter Says:

    Remember – these chiefs – second class ones – feel wanted and respected – and therefore are sellling out – why were those snipers showing them guns tc – what the hell it had to do with the meeting – or was the army indirextely telling them that if you rise up, these weapons will be used to blow your ….brains out

  8. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Trues up FreedomFighter…what’s the relevance of weapons display to this meeting?

    Laurai ga vei ira na lala “chiefs” qo na la-la land syndrome.

  9. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Woopsy-do!!! ignorant of these friends and teachers to cry foul over this young man’s drama…while he goes and enjoys his education in NZ at whose expense, I might ask? other children cannot go to school in Fiji, can’t buy food, etc etc.

    A lesson to Jioji and his exemplary reputation…what are you telling your father about all his doings, which now you have to pay the price for?

    Every dog has its day!!!! this time it’s yours…Go democracy!!!!

    Friends, Teachers Concerned Over Students Denied Visa
    Publish date/time: 17/12/2008 [16:54]

    Friends and Teachers of a young man caught in the middle of a diplomatic row with Fiji say he was an exemplary student and role model.

    George Nacewa who has been studying at Wellington’s Massey University Campus could not go to New Zealand after the New Zealand immigration officials denied an application to renew his student visa.

    Massey Wellington Students Association president Alex Sorensen said that she would be concerned if Nacewa who is also an Association Executive was unable to finish his health science degree.

    Stuff.Co reports Sorensen as saying that Nacewa had been a role model for fellow Pacific students in his three years at the University and was a standout.

    Sorensen said extramural services and text books have been made available so that Nacewa could complete his exams in Fiji.

    Other people denied visas by the government sanctions include the daughter of Permanent Secretary for Health, Lepani Waqatakirewa and a member of Fiji’s under 20 soccer team whose father was in the army.

  10. Keep The Faith Says:

    It’s great tho’ that Rt Sakiusa’s point of view matters (NOT)!

  11. newsfiji Says:

    People, that’s why we need to check out the background of ALL the supposed CHIEFS that attended!

    I bet $1 trillion dollars – blerry DOG’s Balls ga in the bank!

    That’s the main reason they’ve gone to QEB to suck up to Frank – like everyone else involved and associated with this regime.

    No Frank = No Money and No Qare! Bahhaahahahaha…tini ga na tevu tavoi!

  12. Wailei Says:

    Isnt Rt Saki the same guy who got a new house built compliments of Chodo??? OMG… As for the boy who attends Massey Uni.. Chiko saraga yani ki viti kerekere; Sorry but ‘The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons.’ Ameni

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Over many years in the judicial system, I have heard the pleadings of lawyers and their clients to not jail them because they had children to support:- “if you jail my client, who will look after her children?”.

    The court always took into account the circumstances of the crime; e.g. the lady was out robbing elderly people whilst the children were left at home alone or in the get-a way car.

    Inevitably, the law prevailed and the guilty party went to jail.

    The children became wards of the state and usually became good citizens after living with a non-criminal family.

    The pleadings of these lawyers after their client had been found guilty is similar to the tears being spun by bananasinpyjamas and his green goons at the moment.

    “”” Please think of the innocent children- don’t punish them for the sins of their parents!”””

    If the parents are guilty, then the law must prevail. The system will take care of the children without their parents.

    The children should blame their parents for the criminal activities in which they were involved.

    BTW, since when is a 20 year old classed as a child. It is justice that a young man is not allowed to reap the rewards of the generosity of a democratic country like NZ, but he should have had the gumption to take his father to task for engaging in criminal activities.

    It is sad to note that a number of young men do not now have the opportunity to study or enjoy life because it was taken from them by the the criminal father’s goons.

    We all have to pay for the sins of our fathers and mothers.

    We also reap the benefits of caring, law abiding parents who love and nurture their children.

  14. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Definitely! definitely! You can’t have it ALL your way IG members, supporters and las familias…sorry, Fulori.

    You all sound like the little piggy who cried” Wee wee wee” all the home.

  15. Lawcast Says:

    All these should be banned:Chiefs that attended the meeting were:

    Ba Province: Tui Nawaka – Ratu Manasa Naevo; Tui Nadi – Ratu Kaliova Dawai; Ratu Viwa – Joseva Nailovolovo; Tui Vitogo – Ratu Wiliame Sovasova; Tui Magodro – Ratu Simione Navutevute; Marama Tui Ba – Adi Laite Koroirua; Taukei Sawaieke – Ratu Tevita Momoedonu.

    Bua Province: Marama Tui Bua – Adi Ana Ramanakiwai; Tui Wainunu – Ratu Orisi Baleitavea; Turaga Buli Lekutu – Kinijoji Vakawaletabua; Tui Kubulau – Ravulolo Vasukibau; Tui Navakasiga – Ratu Maika Rarogosau; Tui Nadi – Josefa Ravolaca; Turaga Buli Dama – Kinijoji Vakawaletabua; Buli Raviravi – Ratu Meli Ramatai.

    Cakaudrove Province: Tui Bouma – Iliesa Vakaruru; Tui Vanualevu – Isikeli Turaga; Tui Laucala – Laginikoro Dakuiyau; Tui Saqani – Sairusi Daugunu; Tui Navatu – Epeli Wainu; Tui Natovatu – Apolosi Soqo; Tui Naweni replacement – Alipate Tovuka; Tui Yanawai replacement – Josefa Ratuvuwai; Turaga Tuwai – Ratu Talemo Ratakele.

    Kadavu Province: Tui Nakasa Lomanikoro – Ratu Inoke Qalowasa; Tui Dravuwalu – Tevita Volavola Yateyate; Tui Naceva – Ratu Jona Bainivalu; Tui Tavuki – Ratu Joni Duikete; Tui Drue – Pauliani Lagilagi ; Tui Drawe – Onikisa Baravilala.

    Lau Province: Tui Kabara – Timoci Cakau; Tui Oneata – Seci Cati; Turaga Roko Sau replacement – Sekonaia Bulu; Tui Cicia – Epeli Draunidalo; Tui Moala replacement – Josaia Ravula; Sau kei Mualevu – Ratu Josefa Basulu; Turaga Ramasi – Setareki Malup o Latu; Tui Ono – Waisea Davuiqalita; Tui Matuku – Lorima Niumataiwalu; Tui Vulaga – Mikaele Jiko.

    Lomaiviti Province: Tui Levuka – Ratu Etonia Seru Rokotuinaceva; Tui Wailevu – Ratu Saiasi Beranaitutu; Turaga Ratu – Jone Dabila; Turaga Takalaigau – Ratu Marika Lewanavanua; Tui Nairai – Tanila Veikoso; Qalivakabau – Nemani Buliruarua; Matanimudu – Rupeni Dele; Tui Vanuaso – Ratu Jope Bulamaibau; Ratu Viliame Draunidalo; Savenaca Waqa; Nasinu – Kusitino Roko.

    Macuata Province: Tui Macuata – Ratu Aseri Katonivere; Tui Namuka – Uate Saviri; Sauvou – Ratu Emori Waqanivalu; Vunivalu replacement – Ratu Sireli Raseisei; Tui Wailevu – Ratu Raduwai Rokodewala Niumataiwalu; Taukei Namara – Ratu Peni Vukicanavanua; Tui labasa – Adi Salanieta Tuimaloma; Vunivalu – Ratu Sailia Rasesere.

    Nadroga/Navosa Province: Tui Nabau – Ratu Lemeki Kurisoqo; Tui Nabuavatu – Ratu Nemani Degei; Davutukia – Ratu Vilivo Tagirogi; Tabanivonoira – Ratu Samuela Naulago; Tui Vusu – Ratu Siriako Matabogi; Noikoro – Oliva Natadra; Tui Nasikawa – Ratu Kaminieli Burogolevu; Tui Nasaunivalu – Ratu Joseva Vatureba; Noikoro – Ratu Joseva Samsama; Conua – Ratu Luke Vidovi; Taukei Nakaria – Ratu Emosi Taka;

    Naitasiri Province: Vunivalu Waimaro – Ratu Masi Roraveli; Vunivalu Viria – Ratu Joji Sevuinakama; Vunivalu Rara – Ratu Emosi Baleinaivalu; Vunivalu Vuniduba – Ratu Levani Roko; Vunivalu Naulucavu – Ratu Serevi; Turaga ni yavusa – Ratu Laisiasa Kurutani; Tuivuna – Ro Macanawai Raicebe; Vunivalu – Josese Natadra.

    Ra Province: Tui Yavulevu – Ratu Epeli Noua; Tui Navitilevu – Ratu Meli Bolobolo; Tui Navatu – Sainivalati Toroki; Vunivalu – Moape Navuku; Turaga na asau – Ratu Mara Kapaiwai; Ratu ni Natokea – Ratu Meli Loganimoce; Leweivatudamu – Josateki Uga; Tui Navitilevu – Paula Baleisasa; Ratu ni natokea, Navolau – Apisalome Dakaibitu; Tui Nasau – Ratu Isoa Navasikalou; Tui Nakorotabu – Jone Natudu; Tui Korosovalevu – Epeli Ligavai; Vunivalu Tokaimalo – Eremasi Reti; Vunivalu Nalawa – Ratu Epeli Niudamu; Nagilogilo – Ratu Sikeli Sevutia.

    Rewa Province: Tui Suva – Epeli Kanakana; Vunivalu replacement – Ro Aca Ma

  16. wini Says:

    @ Lawcast Banned from where?

  17. Ablaze Says:

    “Too many Chiefs Not enough Indians”

    There is hope folks, Ratu Joni, Tui Cakau, None of the Cakabaus and Di Temumumu names are not on the list.

    They are the only chiefs I know!

  18. tualeita Says:


    You omitted the other Tui Ba, Sairusi Nagagavoka who was one the speakers in the meeting and who also was photographed by Fiji Times in his SUV at QEB coming into register.

  19. Budhau Says:

    Those Eastern Chiefs having been screwing around with the Ba folks for a long time. BTW did was Ba represented amongst those who had signed the Deed of Cession in 1874 – and why not.

    This chief, rather than forming a race based alliance has formed a regional alliance – he supported both Dr Bavadra and Chaudary – well be they built that community building in Sorokoba.
    BTW – how many other Ratus and other folks have had their place built from government money – including hurricane relief fund. In this case, Chaudary had a foreign doner who donated money for this specific purposes – no body stole money from some taxpayers.

    It is about time the Ba chief stood up – all the resources are from Ba – sugar, tourism, gold and all that lease money.

    It is about time some of the western chiefs stood up against the eastern tyranny.

    ..and then again it is the “beta” who is behind the chief isn’t he – the evil one.

  20. Dauvavana Says:

    sairusi screw his beta and his son butthole

  21. NadroKid Says:

    Budhau please stop trying to pit us from the west against the eastern tribes. We have had enough of that from Frank and his military think tank. The only tyranny that I can see right now is from Frank and the IG. We have stood up against him (like we did against Rabuka in 1987) and will continue to do so. Frank has won a little battle with his BNT. But just like Rabuka he will loose this war.

  22. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @ Wini. Vinaka vakalevu.
    @ Ablaze, sega tu ni dua na neitou Vunivalu e Kubuna because of the likes of the Cakobaus (tabu yani), vata kei na Turaga na Rokotuibau cannot get their act together. That to me is a a travesty of justice and illustrates their lack of respect vei keimami na tawa vanua. And nochief, paramount or from my village deserves any respect if s/he does not show me one. Attendance or otherwise @ the BNT is the least of our worries. Me ratou vakaraitaka na veiliutaki by getting the act together first. Yali tiko vei keitou e Tailevu for more than a decade now. How can we support our paramount chief when we do not even have one? As for the Turaga Tui Cakau (ni vosoti au saka), talk to his ex-wife Rota as ask her whether he displays the virtues of a paramount chief.

  23. at least Says:

    To all these chiefs that attended the 2day meeting. their reigns sud be identified like when and how they became chiefs..It seems the RFMF is picking any tom Dick and Hary along the street to make up the numbers.
    The only Chief that spoke boldly against Vore was Ratu Peni from Serua. the rest of these cunning chiefs were just sitting there taking a glimpse at their new hero Vore. To me Rt Peni was looking for support..mai vei era galu kece toka ga o ira na turaga qo…

    I donot know what will they say to their people back there at the village..To me some will not be entertained at grog parties and all..Me ra sa losea ga na medra kei na kedra..Sa sega na nodra tamata after making such unwise decisions..To me Lomaiviti, Tailevu chiefs should be the last to attend because their sons were killed by these bocis…so why attend, they sud have boycot the meeting untill all investigations is done…Laurai ga eke na levu ni liumuri, vaqara tawani taga, kana free at the expense of their people(taxpayers)..

  24. Peace Pipe Says:

    I can understand and accept the hungry and poor chiefs who attended the BNT to fill their hungry belly and grovel to the pig for favours and limelight but I really cannot comprehend it when some in the meeting utter stupid statements. Some ridiculously absurd quotes apart from dinosaur Sairusi, from the meeting include jo nacola’s “He told us to go and drink homebrew…… but we are here to support him” in reference to cranky franky. Another is from iliesa vakaruru who said “This coup was right compared to other coups”. If these comes from chiefs who are supposedly leaders and wiser persons its no wonder we are in this state of mess. To condone a coup is criminal.

  25. newsfiji Says:

    Thank you Lawcast for your list – just what i needed!

    Now, it’s time for action.

    Nomudou lai veitokoni tu na bose kaciva tu na daubutako levu qori o Voreqe kei Iloilo ena sauti kemudou tale!

  26. Cama Says:

    Somebody can forward the names of these chiefs to the AUSSIE and Kiwi embassy for registration into their black list and together with their family tree.

    I believe this will be effective if the names of all the members of the clan of these chiefs be submitted to them.

  27. tarai2 Says:

    @ Cama

    What sin have these chiefs committed to be ‘blacklisted’? They have shown a preparedness to listen to those currently in power and make up their minds accordingly. If we are not prepared to compromise then we will be doomed. In my view they are demonstrating leadership by being pragmatic by accepting that there is an illegal government calling the shots at this time and the only way out is to listen to the other side and engage in fruitful dialogue aimed a finding a way back to democracy.

    Even the Aussie Foreign Minister recently said that the key to Fiji’s future lies in its political leadership and that every attempt should be made to engage in dialogue so as to find a solution. I agree with him. These chiefs, irrespective of their ‘second tier’ status, have influence within their respective Vanua’s. They have seen that their paramount chiefs have adopted a stubbornly political line by the boycott (most of these paramount chiefs owe their allegiance to the SDL and the cause of their ‘leva’ is understandable).

    But now is not the time to bring ones own personal interest and agenda into the situation. By doing so they are simply demonstrating that they do not wish to engage in dialogue and that want a return to a situation that gives them privileged access to the economy as memebrs of an elite Fijian wealth-class that have become increasingly protective of their wealth and have little compassion about the suffering of their own subjects. When was the last time Ratu Epinisa mad a sizeable contribution to charity? He is the father of two children from two blood sisters….from a respectable family in my own province of Tailevu…and has been warned by the men of the surrounding villages to keep away or he will have to go find his Ratu title in the veidogo nearby.

    The same could be said of the Tui Cakau. Lets be honest here. He was brought up in Suva and has morals that could be likened to a back street alleycat. Malekata Ravisa is right…if you have any doubts about his sense of fidelity go ask Rota, his previous wife. He also instigated the attack on the military base in Labasa in support of George Speight in May 2000, and was jailed for this. Nai vakarau vakaturaga vakacava oqo?

    Sa evei na veivakaturagataki kei na veidokadokai era dau vakaraitaka o ira na noda turaga bale ena gauna e liu?

    So in a sense, our ‘high chiefs’ (to use a favouraite media epithet) have failed us. Again as my kaivata Malekata Ravisa has pointed out (vinaka vakalevu na wekaqu) for more than 10 years now the people of Tailevu have, in a traditional sense, been denied leadership because of the petty politics of the Tui Kaba clan who are still arguing over who should be the Vunivalu! They are fighting over the spoils of officewhile we, the people, suffer through lack of leadership etc.

    So, I suppose what I am saying is that in the great wash-up, we now have to make judgements about the relevance and utility of our traditional leadership model. Should it continue to be hereditary? Why cant we decide for ourselves who should be the leader of our mataqali, yavusa, vanua etc? Why cannot the people of tailevu (or of Bau) decide or vote for who should be the next Vunivalu? Why must we be shackled by a very narrow choice of alternative Vunivalu’s who in our own estimation, are really not up to deserving our respect and loyalty as subjects/lewa ni vanua? They already enjoy the benefits of the indigenous economy and why should they continue to enjoy privileged access to the cash/national economy as well ?

    It is time for us to start examining our own situation as i taukei. It is time for us to find solutions to our own traditional leadership challenges before we can even hope to resolve the problems of national leadership.

    Sa rauta mada. Please accept this as constructive criticism of our own situation. God Bless

  28. Dauvavana Says:

    I see that missing from Tailevu are representatives of the Goneturaga na Vunivalu, Koya Na Ratu mai Verata, and the Goneturaga na Tui Nakelo.

    These are the three pillar vanuas of Tailevu. Without them there is no Tailevu so who is the military trying to fool!

  29. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @Daushoot: The sum of it all ya o keitou e Tailevu. Ke ratou sega ni via mai bose na Tui Kaba, au nuitaka ni ratou sa na lewa e na dua na gauna lekaleka wale ga qo se o cei vei ratou e sa na taura nai tutu vaka Vunivalu. Ke sega, sa na qai soli ga vei ratou na nodratou i vosavosa na wekaqu mai Rewa: Na qai ‘qo, na qai ga. Dou tekivu mada mai Jerusalemi me se dua rawa mada na nodatou Vunivalu.

  30. Ablaze Says:

    @ Malekata Ravisa & tarai2 I said the idiom “too many chiefs and not enough Indians because everything in Fiji is pretty well screwed. This goes for our chiefly system! The Vunivalu problem is just one of them and at the moment it is a back burner problem because to solve it there are certain things that need to be sorted out.

    The first thing we must do is not allow a commoner to disrespect a high chief. We have many chiefs in Fiji but only a few high chiefs. The chiefs I mentioned are high chiefs, known to the all the people of Fiji that includes the other races. It is very important that all high chiefs are respected by every citizen of Fiji. On the other hand high chiefs will have to give respect to gain respect.

    To me all respect for a high chief was lost when Rabuka was able to get away with the 1987 coup. Here we have a situation where a high chief did the wrong thing by supporting one of his people, a commoner to carry out an act of treason. The rest is history! The 3 high chiefs at the time, Cakobau, Mara and Gaunilau, if they had played their cards on moral and legal grounds should’ve made sure Rabuka was jailed for staging the 1987 coup. Instead they supported Rabuka and this commoner became one of Fiji’s Prime Ministers. It gave commoners a passport to use Fiji’s military to stage coups.

    This is exactly what Frank the Crank has done, using the children of Mara and Gaunilau to stage the 2006. The Cakobau children is out of this one and I think it is because they supported that other commoner, Speight, whom Franky detests and took because Koila Mara was one of the hostages in his coup.

    The only way to bring respect back to these high chiefs is for them to do the right thing by us and that is realizing that the law is there for all of our protection and the people we stand for!

    Lunatic Frank trampled all over the chiefly system when he uttered they were only good enough to drink homebrew under the mango tree!

    Until these chiefs can learn to obey the law because the law is what holds society together and under the eyes of the we are all equal will I then respect the other chiefs and address them how they should be addressed. My way of protesting – I will know when the time comes for me to start addressing them as Ratu etc!

    Today my fight is for the youth of Fiji for they will become our future leaders and here are my comments in another posting. I feel trying to convince a mad man will not get me anywhere, I would rather put all my energies into those that will become future leaders of the country I love so much. However, it will not stop me from rubbishing and shaming them until my hearts content, it is my prerogative and for this I give thanks to SV and cyber space.

    @ Wini I say these things for today’s youth – we must start pointing out the facts now for them to learn what is right and what is wrong, what is privilege and what is their right, what is respectful and what is disrespectful, what is legal and what is illegal etc. We must not encourage our youth to think, talk or act like these bunch of buffons.

    With all in mind our youth should grow up and become people of principles and take pride in themselves for doing the right thing for our country and its people. Only way I feel we are going to solve the coup culture.

    At the moment I am pissed off because a coup leader and a bunch of unknown chiefs to me have taken it upon themselves to plan my destiny and my country’s future. The most annoying thing is there isn’t a bloody thing I can do about it because I do not have any legal rights.

    My fight is for the youth of today!

  31. kaicolo Says:

    Naitasiri Province: Vunivalu Waimaro – Ratu Masi Roraveli; Vunivalu Viria – Ratu Joji Sevuinakama; Vunivalu Rara – Ratu Emosi Baleinaivalu; Vunivalu Vuniduba – Ratu Levani Roko; Vunivalu Naulucavu – Ratu Serevi; Turaga ni yavusa – Ratu Laisiasa Kurutani; Tuivuna – Ro Macanawai Raicebe; Vunivalu – Josese Natadra.

    In Naitasiri the 3 Turaga Taukeis who also have seats in the GCC are the Qaranivalu,Tui Waimaro and the Taukei ni Waluvu they were all missing,now we see the Waimaro ‘liumuri’ syndrome agin Ro Seru Tuisese speaking on Tv but also attended ,’VERY POOR’.

  32. tailevu no leqa Says:

    What about Roko Tui Namata and Kiuva they were both there.

  33. george of sydney Says:

    Au sega mada niu kila se ko kai vei ia e vaka vei au ko tamata siosio ka ni ko vosa tiko ena dua na ka ko sega dua kina nomu baigani lailai. Na nodratou veilomani kei na veivakarokorokotaki na turaga na Roko Tui Bau kei iratou na gone mai Mataiwelagi e matata ka totoka tu.
    O keimami na kaiviti keimami na dau rokovi ira ka maroroi ira ka lomani ira na lewe ni vuvale vakaturaga ena veigauna veitalia ga ke se sega ni caka na veibuli vakavanua. Keimami vakabauta ni sa dodonu mera vakaliuci baleta ni tiko vei ira na dra vakaturaga.
    Era sega ni via vakaitavi ena BNT na turaga bale baleta nai vakarau veibeci e a vakayacora o Voreqe kina Bose Levu Vakatutraga. Kevaka ko kaiviti e dodonu me mosi vei iko na kena vakayacori vei ira nai tovo lolovira oya.
    Meu tukuna tale kakua ni ko siosio mo vosa ena ka me baleti iratou na noqu gone mai Mataiwelagi kei na Roko Tui Bau baleta ni o sega ni kena tamata mo vosa ena ka baleti iratou.

  34. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu Ablaze and I admire your idealism. I think the point that noqu kai Tarai2 and I are trying to make is that the chiefly system is broken and needs to be fixed. Does it really fit in today’s society? In days past, o koya ga e kaukaua e Turaga Levu. It only became hereditary with the colonial system as was the BLV. Clearly some of these hereditary ‘high chiefs’ (I like that Tarai2!), are not worth their salt and should Ratu Epenisa become the next Vunivalu, it says a lot about what the Tui Kaba clan including the Roko Tui Bau think of us the people of Tailevu that they lead; let alone na vanua vakaturaga o Kubuna. Na vei vakaturagataki ena kena vakatagedegede sara e cake is one of mutual respect. Ratu Epenisa in my humble view (and some will I know, disagree), is not one deserving of that respect.

    If the ‘high chiefs’ really command respect, how come those who should owe them allegiance in the RFMF, Police and Civil Service have not left or resigned in protest yet? When SLR, MC and LQ were PMs, how come the ‘high chiefs’ like Adi Samanunu, Ro Teimumu and Rt. Naiqama, Adi Koila, Rt. Epeli Nailatikau & Ganilau and Rt. Suliano were happy serving under their leadership? Therein lies the crisis of the chiefly system that has to be fixed. When one cannot separate and differentiate traditional leadership from political leadership (for the two are different), we have a major problem. The reason why Rt. Joni is a well respected traditional High Chief is because he is not involved in politics like the other ‘high chiefs’. And I think Voreqe understands this ena nodrau gaunisala ga ni veiwekani o rau; despite the differences in December 2006.

    Voreqe and his merry Ministers have exposed the inherent contradictions of the positions adopted by these ‘high chiefs’. For me one thing is clear, any chief who looks after the interest on his/her own people; be it in the tokatoka, mataqali, yavusa, koro, tikina or yasana is a high chief in my eyes without the inverted commas. And if in this interest for their people they saw it fit to attend the meeting @ Delainabua, than s/he has my respect. I cannot say that for the ‘high chiefs’ who are not prepared to compromise for in my view, it illustrates selfishness on their part.

    As for Voreqe and his merry Ministers reading these interesting exchanges, I say again that the art of compromise is a virtue which appears lacking in your dictionary and vocabulary. If you and the ‘high chiefs’ of the SDL and the SDL do not compromise for the sake of the people of Fiji, than all of you will burn in hell with the wrath and fury of the people that you profess to serve and lead.

    Sa dri yani. Sa voleka tale eke na vunau……LOL.

  35. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @ Joji mai Serene. Vinaka vakalevu. Sa vakatale na soli ota nei Voreqe o cakava mai.

    Dou sa na veibuli ena siga cava? Sa keimami wawa tu ‘qo na kai Tailevu kei na vanua o Kubuna. Ke ratou veilomani dina sara ka ratou nanuma na vanua or ratou na turaga kei na marama veiganeni mai Mataiwelagi (Adi Samanunu, Adi Cakobau, Rt. Kadavulevu, Adi Kaunilotuma, Rt. Epenisa, kei rau na gone), e cava tale se ratou waraka tiko? Sa keimami oca mai na tagi na lewenivanua is sa sega ni rogoci.

  36. Ablaze Says:

    @ Malekata Ravisa – I do understand where you are coming from but I speak for everyone in Fiji.

    Fiji has a culture which should be respected by everyone that is privileged to live here. Part of its culture is our chiefly system and that is the reason why I have pointed out the high chiefs that is familar to every citizen of Fiji.

    It is not up to you or I to try and change it, what we need to do is to educate the youth of today on how to first appreciate our culture and that means having the chiefly system in place.

    If all the chiefs were like the Roko Tui Bau, we would never have this problem. Ratu Joni is a human being first and a high chief second for he understands to get respect you need to give respect.

    I am of the chiefly clan of one of the smaller islands here and my grandmother’s people treat me as such because of my chiefly connection. I on the other hand hate it but let it be because it is the culture to show respect to all the chiefs. To do my bit I contribute to the village school, village church and everything else they expect me to contribute finacially to.

    I know my place before my high chief, that is what I believe is how the system should work. I am and shouldn’t be expected to bow down to every person in Fiji that has Adi, Ratu in front of their name. All chiefs cannot be high chiefs!

  37. Cakau Says:

    Malekata Ravisa – I think you are blogging on the wrong blog site.

    We are here to put up a fight against the Pig and his Piglets not to solve the Tailevu, Kubuna problem.

    The Roko Tui Bau is good enough for us – he is honest and his integrity is very much in tact.

    They say if we have a Roko Tui Bau and if a Vunivalu cannot be chosen it is OK to have just a Roko Tui Bau. Good enough for me.

    I am going to be like Ablaze and stick to fighting off these idiots, trying at the same time to educate the youth of today!

    Good night – like Ablaze I have a high chief which I admire and highly respect!

  38. Cakau Says:

    In case you are wondering my high chief is the Roko Tui Bau! Thank God!

  39. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @ Ablaze: Vinaka vakalevu. It appears to me that your people show you respect because you do likewise. That is the mutuial respect I refer to. Sega ni veivakaturagataki vaka cikinovu baleta ni da dui kilai ira vinaka na noda dui turaga ena yavutu na gole mai kina. Do do keep it up.

    @Cakau: Why would you think I am blogging on the wrong site? I raise the issue of Tailevu & Kubuna because that is also wjhere I am and to highlight the challenges that all chiefly families now have. Sa tou qai leqa sara kina vakalevi o kedatou ni IG ‘qo tou veiliutaki tale tiko ga kina na gone ni Tailevu. We cannot ignore the facts. And as much as I respect na Turaga Roko Tui Bau, the fact remains that for more than 10 years now, we still do not have a Vunivalu. To oush the issue forward demands great statesmenship. That will be his biggest test in his traditional role for Jerusalem is where it should begin.

  40. newsfiji Says:

    Cama i could not agree with you more! We have sent the names across to all the Embassies. Serves them right if they want to travel abroad and find out they’ve been blacklisted!

    How dare they go and sit there and listen to Frank & Iloilo mutter rubish while Verebasaga’s blood cries out from under their very feet!

    They will pay for this injustice, not only to Verebasaga but to the rest of the taukei of Viti.

    As for the Tailevu & Kubuna arguments – i rest my case. Not in my place to comment. I must say though – am a big fan of the Roko Tui Bau Rt Joni Madraiwiwi!

  41. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Go Kadavu!!!
    Defiant chiefs
    Kadavu chiefs who have defied the province’s decision to boycott the bose ni turaga should be prepared to face the music when they return home.

    Kadavu provincial council chairman Ratu Varani Rayawa said the chiefs were very disrespectful of the vanua when they defied a decision by the 14 chiefs of Kadavu at their bose vanua in Tavuki a few weeks ago. He made special reference to Tui Nakasa of Lomanikoro, Nakasaleka Ratu Inoke Qalomaiwasa.

    Speaking in Fijian, he said he would inform Ratu Inoke that he had become well-known for trying to divide the vanua. Ratu Inoke at the meeting on Tuesday sought forgiveness from the members of the BNT for statements made by other chiefs from his province which stated that Nakasaleka would not be part of the meeting.

    Ratu Varani said the chiefs attending the meeting had no mandate from the chiefs or vanua of Kadavu.

    He asked how these chiefs would impart what they heard at the meeting to the people as everyone knew of the province’s stand on the interim government and its plans.

    Kadavu chiefs at the meeting were Ratu Inoke, Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo and Tui Dravuwalu Ratu Tevita Yatevatu.

    Ratu Varani said the action of these chiefs could be a cause of division in the province.

  42. Dauvavana Says:

    I think MR is missing the whole point of boycotting things here

    Here is a government that overthrew a Taukei Government voted in by the people of Fiji only six months after a general election.

    It is as clear as daylight that this military government is being advised by racist indian elites hell bent on destroying the pillars of our identity as Taukei ni Vanua ko Viti and our quest to enter the commercial world via FHL

    The president is not all together upstairs and needs a medical board to determine his health as clearly stated under the constitution to ensure that he is retired off because since 2006 he has been used by the military and their indian advisers to rubberstamp everything they say

    While this government was hell bent on destroying the set up of the Matanitu i Taukei such as the FAB. NLTB, as evident while Chaudary was in office and the act to make us all be called Fijian

    These so called chiefs have forgotten all this, have forgotten the call to go drink homebrew under a mango tree which indicates veibeci and veikalawaci

    and have been wined and dined by the military and have now gone in like kids following the pied piper to endorse this illegal government and prime minister

    when will chiefs learnt?

    no wonder there is a total disregard for the law by the people today. Because the very people who are suppose to stand up for law and order, our chiefs are now openly supporting the usupers

    why should our chiefs support a government that has brought us lack of respect internationally. High food prices, no medicine in hospital, cut jobs in the civil service, murder certain citizens, worsening roads, cut educational budget and medical budget while propping up the army and increasing their pay, allow crime to run wild while ensuring aiyarse and magend chodo have full time bodyguard

    and the list goes on

    we need to remain focus, dig in and bring these arseholes to their knees and what do the chiefs do, run up to QEB to lick solders arse

    mai kani cavai, I am so glad our chiefs of Tailevu have not gone in except for a few of those with shallow motives!

  43. at least Says:

    talking about these chiefs from Kadavu. I have not heard of these people to be chiefs at their own right. The Tui Nakasa is not the guy in themeeting and it is the first time to hear of Tui Nakasa Lomanikoro..Me qai o cei tale Tui Nakasa Taudaku ni koro..the only Tui Nakasa is known as the Tui Nabala which did not attend.
    Another opportunist is the $2 ?Jo Nawalowalo a cunning thief not a chief..Next is Jona Nabainivalu..He is coming in as the TuiNaceva. the real Tui Naceva has just passed away and there is still no tui Naceva as we speak.
    The Tui Dravuwalu, Dravuwalu is just a village..His name is Tevita Yatevatu. He is not known in Kadavu and have not contributed on anything in Kadavu..Wannabe chief always carrying his briefcase filled with maladroka or condoms who knows…
    Good Ratu Varani has made it straight and I tell you these chiefs that attended, in Kadavu they will be forgotten..Well lets see what will happen next..Eratou na bau kana vosataki qori..Lets see whether they will be able to attend any meeting of Chiefs in Kadavu..Let alone are they members???? I dont think so….!!

  44. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Let’s not get our knickers in twists

    The truth of this matter is revealed in access of a 275K dollars spent. These ridiculous chiefs are simply standing line with hands extended for their share in the loot .. no different from Isoa Gavidi, newly appointed board members, diplomatic postings and the whole bang lot of them selling their souls for the 30 pieces of silver.

    Does anyone of us seriously believe that these so called chiefs would get their backside up to Nabua if they were told to pay their own way ?

    No way Jose!

    They went in, registered, enjoyed the entertainment, ate for free, pampered, pocketed their portions of the lollies and left. Now they are back to their villages where they receive orders from their High Chiefs who refused to attend Lol!

  45. LUVfiji Says:

    Totoka na veitalanoa >> Malekata Ravisa, Cakau & Ablaze.

    E sega ni da kurabui vei iratou mai Kadavu. O iratou li na manu dui tagi ‘qori!

  46. Cakau Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu Dauvavana, my exact sentiments! It is sad but true! Literally there are too many people using the title Ratu, Adi etc before their names. One needs to look in the Telephone Directory to see that nearly every second Fijian surname has some kind of a title.

    It was rather embarassing to see how the Tui Cakau title was fought over! The two chiefs are related and because Eveli’s greed for power enabled the whole of Fiji to discuss it openly.

    Do we want the Vunivalu chosen the same way? I believe the same thing will happen. Then the people of Kubuna and Tailevu will be more divided than ever.

    When Ratu Joni was chosen as the Roko Tui Bau there was no controversy and it was accepted by not only the Fijian people but by every citizen of Fiji. Being accepted by every citizen of Fiji is very important to me as it is a sure way of preserving our culture.

    It is the least of the citizens of Fiji’s worries and I agree with Cakau that while we have an honest, integrity in tact, high chief with the title of Roko Tui Bau it is not necessary to have a Vunivalu if it is going to be chosen under a lot of controversy. The Vunivalu title is not just for the Kubuna/Tailevu people it is for the whole of Fiji.

    Koila Mara is vieing for that title to be given to her son. She claims that no one will be chosen until he is ready! I am not for it as I would like someone with the calibre of the Roko Tui Bau to be Fiji’s next Vunivalu. Say if we did have the son of Naiulukau/Mara combo, it will be a Vunivalu of mainly Tongan blood running through his veins. Correct me if you may.

    Bula Katalina, yeah once again very sad that money was used by Cranky Franky and Indian advisors to lure these chiefs, unknown to many of us to plan our destiny and the future of our country without any say from any of us.

  47. Kavala Bay Says:

    We the people of Nabala (Nakasaleka) and the yavusa Bati nei Tui Nakasa (under our warlord, the Takalainakasaleka) owe our allegiance to the the one and only Tui Nakasa, Ratu Irinale Soqeta. Who the fuck is this Qalomaiwasa? For everyone’s information, this Qalomaiwasa has no authority over us, maybe to his own village of Lomanikoro. Qo e dua na tamata ka sega na nona tamata.
    Vinaka vakalevu Ratu Varani. Other chiefs of kadavu should share the same sentiment. Kemamu na kai Natoba kemamu na tokoni kemu i na vigauna kora!

  48. NadroKid Says:

    Vina valevu Ratu Tau mai Kavala Bay!

    Duatani ga o kemudou mai Nakasa ni sa rua tu nomudou tui. Keimami kece e dua ga. Io o kemudou e rua. ke ka meu sa apply talega yani meu laki kena ikatolu.

  49. Lawcast Says:

    Sorry folks,

    SOli Vakasama in the new year must lobby overseas governments to ban the Turagas of the Bose ni Turaga who went to Bainimarama to accept justification and excuses for his existence.

    Their relatives and children must be banned as well. It might not be their fault, but “the sins of the fathers are visited on the sons!”

    I did not realise their were Tui this and Tui that in Cakaudrove. There is only one Paramount chief..Tui Cakau. All others are his Masi ni Vanua…They are not called Tui…

  50. Ablaze Says:

    I agree Lawcast!

  51. Super Coder Says:

    Interestingly the ROKO TUI KUIVA & TUI NAKELO FROM KIUVA is nowhere

    be seen or mentioned in the recent BTN meeting.

  52. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @Daushoot (se sniper… Vinaka vakalevu. I don’t disagree with your sentiments. O au vakataki au, au masuta ena veisiga me ra nanumi keda na lewenivanua o ira na noda turaga me vinaka kina na nodai tosotoso. And I still maintain that what this IG has done; wittingly or not, is expose the inherent failures and weaknesses of the chiefly system. Ke ra naumi keda dina na lewenivanua o ira na noda turaga, than it is for them to re-examine what they are, who they really stand for and why they are chiefs. Na veivakaturagataki is a two-way thing. You show me respect and you will earn my respect as ablaze knows. It is neither a right nor a privilege as a lot of them think. They have to earn it. And this is why Ratu Joni is so well respected for he has earned it. The two Ratu Epelis (N & G), have not earned it. Therein lies the difference.

    As Chairman of the BLV ena kena qaravi na noda bula kei na vei vakatorocaketaki nai taukei, how can you vie for the Tui Cakau title and do it so openly. For that, Ratu Epeli cannot and does not deserve respect. Era kila vina’a na wekada mai Nai So’ula.

    Sa dri yani.

  53. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @ Cakau: Vinaka vakalevu nai lalakai. But I must (respectfully) disagree with you on the Vunivalu issue. There has to be one. O iratou na leweni vuvale vakaturaga na Tui Kaba, need to get their act together, show and prove chiefly statesmenship and appoint one. For without one, there is no true High Chief of Kubuna but a collection of them. Is it going to be nasty? Is it going to cause rivalry and intrigue and backstabbing that we associate with Bauan politics? You bet! But whoever stands up at the end of it all, deserves the title and our respect. Sai koya tale ga keimami na kaciva, na neimami Turaga Bale e Tailevu/Kubuna.

    Sa dri yani.

  54. Wini Says:


    “There is only one Paramount chief..Tui Cakau. All others are his Masi ni Vanua…They are not called Tui…”

    So what about the Tui Vuna then? Is he not a Tui in his own right? Can you explain please

  55. supercoder Says:

    Did anybody see ROKO TUI KIUVA in the BNT meeting recently?

  56. senijiale Says:

    Wrong ablaze, you speak for yourself, certainly NOT for the youth in Fiji who are able to articulate much more intelligently, their concerns, in forums they consider more appropriate and effective for their cause.

  57. senijiale Says:

    I share your views Tarai2.

  58. Ablaze Says:

    @ senijiale where have you been in the last 2 years?

    We have reached our wits end articulating intelligently to a group of lunatics who gained power by the barrel of the gun.

    “Let me remind you that a coup is an act of treason and while these bavulus remain in power we shall articulate in which ever we want to try and get through to the youth of today.”

    I am privileged to be able to do it on this site!

    How about you do it your way and leave me alone to do it my way!

  59. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @ Ablaze: Chill tu mada. Kati iko na kadi?

    Na ka e taleitaki kina na site qo nei SV ni da rawa ni veitalanoa, agree, disagree, coup supporter or not and of all races. Now that is the democracy that the IG does not understand and is trampling on. The more of them who visit sites such as these may learn one or two things.

    Se lai grog mada i Turaki.

  60. Lawcast Says:


    Do you know of the Sau mai Vuna?

  61. Wini Says:


    Please dont get me wrong. I am genuinely interested in learning more about traditional leadership arrangements etc. The arrangemnets in Cakaudrove is interesting. To a layman like myself we hear of people like the Tui Vuna and the Tui Savusavu even a Tui Taveuni. So these guys are not entitled to the title ‘Tui’ ?

  62. newsfiji Says:

    Bula all, let’s stop the arguments about these Tui’s and wannabe Tui’s etc.

    Let’s just ensure now that none of them get to travel overseas – including their immediate family etc.

    Mark them one by one!

  63. Keep The Faith Says:

    We can now start with the President after now wholeheartedly endorsing the Charter!

    Bans on him and has family must now kick in Aust & NZ!! He can no longer be allowed to get away with the fact that he was already Pres when Frank took over a’la Rupeni Nacewa.

    His medical trips to Aust & NZ are ovaah…let him go to India (& hopefully karking it on the way)!!

  64. Ablaze Says:

    Totally agree newsfiji – with the regular bloggers we seem to read and accept each other ideas and thoughts but every now and again we get a newcomer that tries to differ or worse still put us down!

    We shall not be moved.

    Wishing the SV team, Mark, newsfiji, Katalina, Adi Kailia, (my favourite blogger because of the way in which she writes) Keep The Faith, Wailei, Luvfiji, Peace Pipe, Dauvavana, EnufDictatorship, ex Fiji Tourist and all of you that BLOG TIRELESSLY informing and giving us ideas on ways to end this horrible nightmare a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  65. senijiale Says:

    Seti seti @ ablaze with a gangster mentality. Isa, no life beka in land down yonder, u sound more like a rejected and ignored housewife with your so-called snippets of ‘wisdom’… ulukau vakai tamamu.

  66. newsfiji Says:

    Senijiale: Sa vakaloloma saraga nomu bula. Your words above reflect the type of person that you are. Vakaloloma.

    Merry Christmas to you too Ablaze and to all the regular bloggers.

  67. Lawcast Says:

    @ wini…as newsfiji says the issue is in their being banned and we should focus there!

    Maybe after all this is over and democracy returns to us, we can sit down around a bowl of soup and discuss about Cakaudrove. In the meantime…

    Democratic Christmas to all of you!!!!!!!

  68. LUVfiji Says:

    @Ablaze. And a Blessed Christmas to you & newsfiji!

    Yes indeed.. @Lawcast. Not sure what a democratic Christmas wud be like, but who cares, Democracy is the buzzword.

    ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly! We shall all focus on the real Reason for the Season.

    Bless you guys !!

  69. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Vinaka Ablaze.

    And to you and all other Fiji Freedom bloggers….

    A Merry Christmas and blessed 2009! to you all

    Onwards and upwards people…onwards and upwards.

    Le’t keep binding together and IGNORE the shit-heads who try and divert attention just like their moron forcetaki-koya-PM and brainwashed/dead-Pres.

  70. Wini Says:

    @ lawcast

    Vinaka my tau. All the very best.

    Me bilo sinai ga vei ira na turaga tau mai Ca’au!

  71. Talei Says:

    A very Merry Christmas and FREE New Year to all the freedom fighters on this blog site.

    To the hater’s – get a life already.


  72. Adi Tagimouciau Says:

    Wini – Are you really that ignorant??? Just a debrief for you on the title of Tui Vuna & where the Tui Cakau comes in….” Taveuni in the hey days were only split in two. The only two Chiefs that owned half of the Island with its people were the Sau of Vuna & Tui Vuna and the Chief of Wainikeli Clan. The Tui Cakau only appeared after the Colonial era and they used to have their land across the sea opposite Taveuni near Nawi, Dakuniba etc.

    When the authentic or genuine ‘Kai Vuna dina’ goes with the Tui Cakau & his people of Cakaudrove to Bau – they are known not to ‘roqo liga’ as all the Cakaudrove people does with the exception of Vuna’ites & the Natewan’ans. This is because their long history stipulates these two ‘Tikina Makawa i.e Tikina Makawa o Vuna & Tikina Makawa o Natewa’ are powerful in their own rights.

    If you are still reeling from shock – check out the land owners of Taveuni @ NLTB OR NLC and then see for yourself who has the biggest land boundaries on Taveuni.


    Wini Says:

    December 19, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    “There is only one Paramount chief..Tui Cakau. All others are his Masi ni Vanua…They are not called Tui…”

    So what about the Tui Vuna then? Is he not a Tui in his own right? Can you explain please

  73. NaDina Says:

    To tell you all the truth in the YASANA vakaTuraga o BA..

    Tui Ba- Ratu Sairusi Nagagavoka is not really suppose to be the Tui Ba, their descendent are not chiefly. they a claiming it.
    Tui Vuda- Ratu Iloilo is not suppose to be the Tui Vuda. his the younger descendent, it was just given to him because he was in the senate and he was making his way to be the president,which is head of the state.and the vanua of Vuda believed that a head of state can’t go to his village and be under the Tui Vuda. it doesn’t paint a good picture. so his got the Tui Vuda, just because of the presidency.
    Tui Sabeto- Ratu Tevita Mataitoga is not suppose to be the Na MomoLevu Na Tui Sabeto. The title was given to his fore father TAWAKE by the Yavusa vakaVunivalu na Yavusa NASARA. because they took a chiefly lady name LAUVATU to be Tawake’s wife and they had a son RATU. and the next installation of Na Momolevu na Tui Sabeto was done by the Yavusa VakaVunivalu na Yavusa NASARA but they gave vakaVASU. which was suppose to be returned to VUNIVALU CLAN the Yavusa NASARA but NO till now. The YAVUSA NASARA stands on its own. They a The VUNIVALU CLAN of BETORAURAU SABETO. they got the title Na Momolevu na Vunivalu na Roko Tui NASARA. SABETO is CORRUPTED.

    Taukei Naua- Ponipate lou is not the real Taukei Naua. they are the tokatoka Nadrau which is from NADRAU they Grandfather was the Buli NADI in the 1900s and he did alot of changes. like claim the title which belongs to the Tokatoka Vunaivi in the Mataqali Vunaivi the descendance of Naloku the UA Tribes Chief. SAUNAKA is CORRUPTED

    Tui Nadi- Rt Kaliova Dawai of shall i say the Mataqali NAKURUVARUA in the Yavusa NAVATULEVU are not suppose to be the Tui NADI its the MATAQALI NADURUNIU in the Yavusa NAVATULEVU.

  74. Commoner Says:


  75. betoraurau Says:

    NADINA…..varogo sara mequ veceko na i tutu kece before the installation they will give sum time for who ever one to challenge the tittle so no one ever cum forward datz y they install Ratu Tevita Susu Mataitoga mete Na Momolevu Na Tui Sabeto,na kwa tavu yale miti kwaya vali e tam yaga du mutu dania ro leai nono na so-called Na Momolevu Na Vunivalu Na Roko Tui Nasara e valoloma kora na momo e ra tam no ina i bili ni koro qara dau no muni i loma ni koro mera lai dani mera tara na cakacaka ni vanua tam lai duru vali i na taqi or nadi bustand me wawa vasidia kerekere mutu kua ni varivirivaci mutou baletia nai tutu na Momolevu Na Tui Sabeto sa qulu koto na kawa na Nabukatavatava,ma e lia na lemutu leqwa mutu tara na varau va koi Betoraurau mutu rusu ya i Erenavula mutu lai vatakea na kwa miti sa numia koto

    Isa Tai Matai lomanira lem kawa ni yavusa kua na vadewa cala se mako i vadewa donu koto itz 2 late sa vica me na kawa va Nabukatavatava e sa qulu me nai tutu e black n white muni tu ina kea werenivolavola

    vina du riki

    p.s. dau lai kwai mei city o lumuni DREAMZ A FREE….LOL

  76. Konroki! Says:

    NADINA! ra babalo levu o tomia vali mei vei tavu na mataqali information babalo.Na i tuvaki ni lia na yaloga ni were ena vatakea ga na kwa du mako e no vali na Turaga ni Yavusa ina lia na were palia yasewa qa vadani i lavo vali i na taxi sa vatakea ga ni tamlea nai tutu. O iko o si qei sucu boto a niavi.A nono vali mei vei me lia na roko tui nasara…ra mada na seseraurau..yato vasewa boy kua na kalawa sebesebe qaraunia eso ena yavu me dra la..Tavu o roko tui nasara e tam tara vali ro na cakacaka ni Vanua,mataqali,yavusa,lotu qate vuli….Sa nia e yaca o roko tui nakulaini…

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