Necessary clearance was not done: Naupoto – dai sara mai says SV!

Yadra bloggers. Naupoto does not look well does he? Well it is going to be the hallmark of the all the usurpers of the people’s right and freedom. They are cursed. What necessary clearance is Naupoto referring to? These people just cannot stop lying and reveal their utter moral bankruptcy. Well the BNT has started in Fiji and we shall await their decision. As we near Christmas, the lies coming out of the mouths of this illegal government continues to compound their damnation! BTW bloggers, vinaka vaka levu for all those that have registered thus far and for others who have not, do not forget to register on

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fiji’s Immigration Director Viliame Naupoto says New Zealand’s ONE News Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver was detained because she did not have the necessary clearance to enter the country.

Speaking to Radio Fiji News this morning Naupoto says Dreaver was to have clearance from the Information Department before entering to do her reporting.

However, he says he was told that there was no clearance given by the Information Department. Naupoto says she has been sent back to NZ on an 8:15 flight this morning.

Dreaver was detained at the Nadi Airport last night as she flew in to cover the latest on a possible deterioration in diplomatic relations between New Zealand and Fiji.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation LTD


18 Responses to “Necessary clearance was not done: Naupoto – dai sara mai says SV!”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Latest fro Rawfijinews

    Frank rethinks deportation idea
    December 15, 2008
    Sources from 4th floor are saying that Frank may pull back on his bullying tactic to deport NZ’s High Commissioner, Caroline McDonald. They say he is backing off after NZ told Frank’s military regime that they have no hesitation in reciprocating in kind by deporting Fiji’s Acting Ambassador from Wellington back to Fiji. Our sources say John Samy is feeling uncomfortable with Frank’s latest attack against NZ for he knows that he is gonna get it when he goes back to NZ, hence his announcement that he will be starting his education trust project in Fiji in 2009.

    They added that Frank may have underestimated NZ’s retaliation with the thinking that Fiji can go without NZ and that he was prepped by his Foreign Affairs PS, Isoa Gavidi, to continue flexing his girly muscles. The continuing downward spiral of Fiji’s international relations with the international community is a slap on Isoa Gavidi’s face who decided to join in with Frank to fend off some creditors who were moving in on him. He has always tried to claim that he was a true diplomat. But the intensified diplomatic row between NZ and Frank’s regime shows that Gavidi is a useless man whose used by date had long expired. He is Frank’s foreign relations key man but so far, he has only established good relations with his wallet, receiving taxpayers money for the many international blunders he is cooking with Frank.

    But we say, let Frank and Co. get busy fighting with NZ to keep them busy. Their real enemies are there in Fiji getting ready to deport Frank and his troops to Naboro Prison.

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I wonder why NZ continues to tolerate bananasinpyjamas’ kids and grandkids living in NZ.

    Maybe if NZ threatens to send them back, bananas might have a rethink.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see bananas’s daughter and her children taken into custody at midnight, held in a dark room, and bundled onto a plane for Korea the next morning. Of course, all this without any diplomatic visits.

    bananasinpyjamas can’t complain that this was inhumane as his thugs have used this method on a number of occasions.

  3. newsfiji Says:

    Ex FT: you’re right on the spot there…I’m rolling around in laughter because Frank thought that by Helen Clark going out that he would get it easy with the next elected PM of NZ. He was so DEAD WRONG! This new NZ elected PM seems he’s going to be more of a pain in the butt to Frank than Helen Clark & Winston Peters put together! The same situation could be said for the Australian National elections – Frank & Mahen thought they’d have it good with Kevin Rudd – but it was the total opposite!

    I say NZ should kick Frank’s children, grandchiildren etc back to their bloody village in Kiuva!

  4. Cama Says:

    Something is wronng upstairs.

    I hope he lives longer to see the end result of his action here and abroad.

    If all foreign countries are like NZ & AUST. Put a lot pressure on this evil empire.

  5. KaiFiji Says:

    Hey I heard his daughter ad family were expelled long time ago..yeah I just cud not stop laughing because Vore somehow campaigned against Helen and not to win election..he did not know it would backfired and this is what he is getting

    What Frank did not know was, last time he was dealing with a its a man and not only a man but a REAL MAN…lol…I just cud not stop laughing when I read the news of him deciding to expel the NZ high commissioner..Well if Ponsami Chetty is also expelled from Nz..then Frank will be having more head aches in answering queries from public who has family ties in NZ and NZers in Fiji…and so on..

    Sa laurai ga vei Vore ni se BOCI ga..Io NA BOCI GA NA BOCI…

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The mental instability of the military dictator has once again been shown.

    A while back he expelled the NZ High Com because he had a better seat at the Rugby. Now he wants to expel someone else because he can’t get his own way.

    The dreadful dictator is a dysfunctional dinosaur.

  7. Colin Bishop Says:

    John Keys is also very concerned at the fact that Diplomatic Officials were refused permission to see Barbara Dreaver. They have the right to visit citizens of their country under international law. He has also had discussions with Aus so any response will be planned and not a kneejerk reaction.
    Inside the news organizations it is generally accepted that the NZ Foreign Affairs Dept leaked the information to the media while the IG was hoping that the diplomatic row would be kept behind closed doors

  8. ispy Says:

    Fiji Times reports today that the Charter has about 64 percent support.

    This is down from the 95 percent support claimed by Filimoni Kau last week.

    At this rate, by next week it’ll be 46 percent.

    And in a few weeks, the NCBBF will be forced to admit reluctantly to somewhere betwen 4 and 6 percent support for the Charter.

    O what a tangled web we weave…

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    64% is not enough to change the constitution even if it was supervised, legal, and done through parliament. Lets hope the puppet pres does not try to make a promulgation which would further entrench this stupidity.
    Waiting for a reaction from the propaganda campaign with the chiefs. Will they be taken in by Voreqe’s bullshyt?

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Good to see Frank arranging his and his supporters quarters for the coming 25 years of their life .

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank and the Military unintelligence went into this believing that the world was still living in the dark ages . Didn’t they realise that 30 years ago the Americans and Russians as well probably , could read a newspaper from space held be a person reading it on Earth >
    Did the Military unintelligence not understand that we have the internet now and can communicate almost anywhere in the world , with almost anyone , in a nano second ?
    The Military unintelligence didn’t even realise that Mr. Qarase could be flown over the Military road blocks on December the 5th. 2006 , how silly is that , how silly are they ?
    Didn’t they realise that their actions against a Democratically Elected Government in the 21st. Century would get a far different response to 30 years ago ?
    And aren’t they Frank , the Military and their supporters aware of the ultimate response from their own Courts etc.

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    I had already asked Kevin Rudd to consider tightening sanctions on the regime and extended members of their family and to consider including a sanction on all serving Military staff and their families as it seems to me that the families of these disloyal serving members , are as much to blame . They seem to be happy to support their relatives in the Military while they continue to collect money for supporting a treasonous few ! I’m glad Frank has made this threat , as it really has highlighted the need for more , not less , sanctions against the regime and it’s supporters .
    The funny thing is , didn’t Frank recently say he was going to get Barack Obama and the new , New Zealand Prime Ministers support , plus he said the same about Kevin Rudd !
    What a tosser !

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    MM, 13 months ago, chodopu$$ was saying that he would be welcomed by his labor party friends in Australia.

    As of yet, he hasn’t been invited for a cup of tea at the Lodge.

  14. freedomfighter Says:

    We need to find out who else has PR in NZ – I mean regime supporters and than lobby NZ to cancel them – does Shyster have one? Bloggers do let us know

  15. newsfiji Says: Leweni comes out to say that at no stage was their any talk of expulsion for Caroline McDonald!

    Rere tiko vei kemudou!

    So where’s the big mouth talk now of “we don’t need Australia & NZ”.

    Nacewa’s son can finish his studies at USP at Laucala Campus – this also goes for PS Health’s daughter’s case! As for the soccer player – sorry, no go to NZ – it’s the Ba Soccer fields for you brother!

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    So the pig’s suddenly got cold feet in carrying out his threat. Already he’s made a humungus blunder by detaining Ms Dreaver and not allowing diplomatic access to her. NZ PM is very disturbed and upset with this sort of treatment and has made a strong statement against this unwarranted act. There is no doubt that the pig was contemplating on sending NZ A/HC home but changed his mind fearing the repercussions. Even though there were denials from his spokesmen we still know he did threaten expelling the A/HC as reported. We now wait and see if he does carry out his threats or deny it.

    I can’t understand what all the fuss and commotion is about regarding the bans and children being victims which is the favorite scapegoat for the ig. The ig like using the innocent children as being victims of the bans, But the solution is simple – the ball is in the ig’s court really. If they wanted it resolved then get the elections over and done with as soon as possible and return the country to normal and all the bans will be lifted. So the ig should not drag their feet and blame others for their woes.

    What about that disturbing story in the TV about young boys under 18 being told to sign the forms by the policemen and civil servants who took the response forms around for filling. The extent of deception these culprits go to is very profound. Reminds of the incident where the civil servant told someone to sign on someone else’s form on her behalf. Most devious sort these people are.

  17. kini Says:

    XFIJI Tourist,
    You have a good point, lets write to the New Zealand Government to remove all Voreqe’s Daughter and Grandkids from New Zealand ASAP.Do the Same with anyone associated with the IG.

  18. Concerned Taukei Says:

    I see ulukau Rupeni Nacewa the cabbage-head President’s Secretary in today’s Fiji Times has mellowed in his interview regarding his son’s ban from entering NZ. Maleka sara levu tiko na nona viavia levu kei na lasulasu. Rau sota na bici kei na kena i ula!!!

    As for Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa’s daughter, I feel sorry for both the doctor and his daughter and this has resulted in his (Dr Lepani’s) resignation because his daughter’s education is more important to him than supporting an illegal IG. He can easily find another job for he is an authority in the field of public health in the Pacific region and Australia where he undertook the Masters Degree in Public Health. Good for you Dr Lepani for recognising your priorities.

    As the turaga Tui Cakau aptly puts it, “E sega ni ura me sa tei damu Voreqe”. Waraka sa voleka ni ko qesa! ! !

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