64pc support charter: NCBBF, but still ain’t enough to change the Constitution says SV!

Bloggers, well slippery Samy on the eve of his departure to NZ now admits the NCBBF has 62% support from the people regarding the farter Charter. What SV finds amusing is the fact when allegations first arose people were being intimidated to sign the Acknowledgment Slips, even before they read the farter Charter, slippery Samy came out on the defensive and publicly stated these Slips were not going to be used for the purposes to show their support, but administrative. This man really has no conscience at all and is beyond redemption! These slips was always going to be used by slippery Samy and the NCBBF to deceitfuly inflate their support! How pathetic! We will be contacting the ADB about his deceiful practices. Why did Mataca or Yabaki not speak out against this corruptive and fraudulent practice?  The simple answer is they conspired together with Vore to lie to brain dead President Iloilo!  Be that as it may, SV says this questionable 62% still ain’t enough to change the Constitution because under an elected Government, it would  need 75% support of the members of each House. (Section 191) and Section 190 clearly states the Constitution may be altered only in the manner prescribed in Chapter 15 and may not be altered in any other way! So slippery Samy, even with this latest revelation of your dirty, unconscionable, unethical and fraudulent practices, you still have fallen short by at least 13%!  Now slippery Samy wants to return to Fiji and open a Trust for children? WTF! Give me a break says SV!

Bloggers, don’t forget to register on www.solivakasama.org because our smart strategies beginning next year will be lobbying Governments about their citizens involved in treason in Fiji and people like John Samy lobbying his former employer like the ADB to ensure, they do not touch him again for the rest of his natural life!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update: 12:30PM

More than 300,000 people have shown support to the draft People’s Charter through the response forms distributed by public outreach teams around the country.

The National Council for Building a Better Fiji, in a statement, said out of the 533,782 aged 18 years and above, a total of 342,592 (64.2 per cent) supported the draft Charter.

The NCBBF had also criticised media reports, saying despite the clarity of information given to the media, it has again provided distorted reports highlighting that the Council claims 92 per cent of Fijis population supported the draft Charter.

In its latest statement, NCBBF said: “As of December 10, 2008, of the 533,782 people in Fiji aged 18 years and above, the People’s Charter process had outreached and consulted a total of 424,660 persons, this representing approximately 80 percent of the adult population.”

A total of 372,311 persons were consulted to provide their feedback by completing the response forms; and of this total, 342,592 (92 per cent) affirmed their support for the Charter.

While majority showed their support 3 per cent expressed their support subject to certain changes while 4.4 per cent respondents did not support the Charter process.

The President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo yesterday received the final draft copy of the Charter. He said there are hopes the Charter will unify the country and take it forward.


28 Responses to “64pc support charter: NCBBF, but still ain’t enough to change the Constitution says SV!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    And I am the King of England !

  2. church mouse Says:

    Isa, poor old Ratu Iloilo. He is a well-meaning old gentleman but in these days, a leader – as President – has to have a fine grasp on things and be very astute. It is very sad to see an elderly man reading speeches written by others. He needs to retire and live with respect in his senior years.

  3. Wailei o Viti Says:

    Iloilo asks chiefs to provide leadership. He should tell himself that!! What in the F was he doing all this time, supporting Frank’s stupidity?!! Refer to news item today.


  4. freedomfighter Says:

    The question is who is advising the President – who will read the report to him, and tell him to reject or accept it – will it be that traitor Rupeni Nacewa, who had told the Pressie to dismiss Qarase as PM and endorse Frank’s cpup?

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, from reading your article above, I gather that you accept the 64% figure as quoted by slimy sami.

    I think that it is the biggest lot of hogwash around.

    Please keep mentioning the coercion and threats that were used to get people to sign a ‘blank cheque’.

    I wonder how many of these so called support forms were signed by military morons sitting around the barracks. As there is no check on the validity of these forms, their value is worthless.

    the deceptive means to obtain so called signatures was highlighted tonight on TV1 news when a 17 year was coerced into signing a form by a policeman. His mates did the same.

    So much for slimy sami’s claim of people being of voting age.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I’ve just been watching NZ TV news.

    The latest is that the green goons have prevented their TV crew from using their outside broadcast van to send stories back to NZ.

    The reporter who was deported says the reason is a story she did on the abject hunger of the children in a village near the gold mine.

    bishop sinful should hang his head in shame when he supports a bloated military saving their ‘leader’ from prison rather than helping the poor.

    After watching her story on the plight of these children, one could only think of the words of Jesus. It is unfortunate that bishop sinful has forgotten these words.

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    The shoddy work of a con artist (weasel sami) is conspicuous in its falsehood and lack of credibilty. Anyway the figures are disputable since a lot of signatures were obtained deviously like what reported in the TV about some boys under 18 being told to sign the forms regardless of criteria plus other underhand actions.

    SV, regarding the smart strategies planned could we build up a plan of action, objectives, timeline, milestones and documentation of chronology of actions feedbacks of success or failure etc.

  8. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Can we have a scanned copy of this response form they that issued with the farter charter, provided here, so we can see how they may have determined the figure they came up with, since most of us didn’t see this form?

    I thought it was reported that people just have to sign when they get a copy, it does not mean they support, right?

    Or did it have a YES and NO box?

    See how they have manipulated the public and now using these signatures as ammunition to say they have the support.

    And who is independently verifying all these claims?

  9. Wini Says:

    @peace pipe …your ‘smart strageties’……I choked on my bele and tavioka ! Still waiting for someone to open the “coqa”…..me kena ‘i coi. Na drau ni vau ga, mo drau laki vakasaqara! Oya nai cara daumaka taudua!

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    Oops, Wini that portion was not for you as I had errantly put in out in an open forum which is crawling with infiltrating cyber worm like viruses. Anyway even though you are from the other side – have peace.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m not really the King of England !

  12. Budhau Says:

    No, no…you are – Manning.

  13. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @MM and friends, isa I love reading all your comments including Budhau’s. For what is the reason to have this forum but to listen and share our thoughts, huh? And yet I am concerned that all of a sudden, I hear comments, insults, unreasonableness, etc, etc on this forum that reminds me of the IG and what they are doing to the masses of Fiji. And I ask myself the questions: (1) why exactly are we on line; (2) what do we wish to archieve; (3) are we as undemocratic as the IG?; (4). why do we rave and rant against those that are against us?; and finally; (5) when we look in the mirror and see FB, do we see ourselves? Sa dri yani.

  14. Vobis Says:

    Malekata Ravisa

    I don’t know so much about you; however you do come across as a befuddled twerp.

    Now when I look in the mirror I see a man with two horns and four canines protruding ready to pounce and devour my pound of flesh.

    I also see something a lot more to my likening, a massive tuki ni wavu.

  15. church mouse Says:

    It wouldn’t take much effort to compare the two packets of papers – List A from the charter people, and List B from the Methodist Church. Use Excel and put the names into alphabetical order (with their locations as some people might have the same name) and compare names. I would expect that many of the same people said Yes and No just to please the person who handed out the forms.

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    No, John Samy is King. After all the chiefs have spoken, John Samy will decide and tell Voreqe who will tell the president to make a promulgation in his diaper.

  17. Nostradamus Says:

    And the People will be expected to lap it up.

  18. Budhau Says:

    You got it right Nostradamus, Sami is the King, Chaudary is God….and what about Aiyaaz?
    You sure have found the right people who are behind this mass.

  19. ispy Says:

    Sami is King and Chaudhry may be God… on whatever planet they come from, but here on Earth, both are mere criminals who will one day be arrested for treason.

    They, and a host of other senior military and illegal government officials, will one day be sentenced to prison where they will spend the rest of their natural lives.

    That is their fate and that fate is sealed with blood of Nimilote Verebasaga and Sakiusa Rabaka.

    Because through 10,000 years of human history one thing has never changed…

    …not one single tyrant has managed to rule FOREVER!

    Remember that.

  20. Budhau Says:

    oops, that “Just for Men” hair colour – I gotta use it once a week now.

    No, no no, Duana – you could never be in my shoes – they too big for you.

    ..as for winning cases – you see, win or lose – the lawyer still gets paid, unlike the in the US there is no contingency fee payment arrangement in Fiji – the only time you have to win to make money is to win a election – ask your good buddy Qarase.

  21. Budhau Says:

    Ipsy – don’t hold your breath – I am still waiting for that first guy who pulled the coup – is he in jail yet.

  22. Ablaze Says:

    Here we have a lunatic who bastardized the GCC changed it to the BNT and is now trying to promote it.

    It is against my Fijian culture and I take offence to the fact that another person of a different race and culture was paid to draft some kind of charter and then to say that it is the best way forward for me and my people.

    Fuck Off Pig!

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    What I’m not saying here is , if you believe what the IG is saying , then you will believe that I am the King of England ! Well , I’m not of course !

  24. newsfiji Says:

    SV can you put up a list of all the chiefs that attended that meeting at QEB – every single one of them.

    Then, we can send their names to all the embassies – ban their children, wives, brothers etc from going overseas!

  25. Naova Ke Says:

    Civil Servants in Levuka were secretly told to just sign and agree or they lose their jobs

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    The new Military uniform has been well received by the I.G. shown here by those close to his excellency Francis Bainmanamarrara , in fact , it goes with Frank’s pretty medals and the mardi gras soon to be held at the Military camp with the most honourable Minsta of Fiji Ms Francis Bainmarnamarara as it’s patron .
    Ms Francis said today , that this new uneform would show the true potential of the fine Soldiers of the RFMF and that he particularly liked the floral aspect of this new uneform .
    The Military Officers today , all held hands and paraded around the CAMP ! grounds and blew kisses instead of saluting her excellency Ms Francis Bainmaranamarara . It was well received as Francis was seen to purse her lips in response to this display of affection .

  27. kini Says:

    Didn’t realise that Sairusi Nagagavoka was over 88 years old? Is he older than the Pressy.I wonder if the meeting at Delai Nabua was meant was meant to scare and intimidate the Chiefs?

  28. FijiGirl Says:

    The NCBBF’s hands must be tired from all of that work they are doing signing 300,000+ fake names.

    Not to mention of course the other activity that gets their hands so tired, and the reason they are rapidly going blind ….

    God bless Fiji

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