Bainimarama Rubbishes Call For Apology – as JW is fond of saying and SV fully adopts ‘na boci ga na boci’


Bloggers, well you first heard from blasphemist ketepoka Teleni and now we have it from his boss, the self-righteous Vore. This air or self-righteousness is so overwhelming that he cannot see beyond his nose. He does not see how ridiculous he looks when having to move around with a team on bodyguards 24/7. If he was so popular, why the bodyguards? The same with Chodo and all current serving illegal Ministers. Rabube’s inviting an extra 130 ‘independent chiefs’ is so pathetic because it is quite obvious they will include the like of both Eveli’s who have no people and have no clout or are the ‘chiefs’ from where they hail. SV reminds Vore that the good Book talks about being prideful is one of the deadly sins and will be bring you down. Stop being an arsehole Vore and humble yourself!


Publish date/time: 15/12/2008 [13:00]

Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has made it clear that he will not be lured into public statements being made by the Qaranivalu, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, for him to publically apologize for what he has done since December 2006.

Ratu Inoke Takiveikata had set the condition for Bainimarama to apologize in public, for the world to witness if he wants the chiefs of Naitasiri to attend the “Bose Ni Turaga” starting at Queen Elizabeth Barracks (QEB) tomorrow.

Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu also raised concern and said that he will not attend the “Bose Ni Turaga” as it is held at the military barracks and is an act to intimidate the chiefs.

However, Commodore Bainimarama said these comments are meaningless and will achieve nothing. Meanwhile, Bainimarama stressed that the interim government is not bothered about the chiefs who have refused to attend the “Bose Ni Turaga”.

He said the meeting is focused on moving the country forward and this gives the opportunity to the “vanua” chiefs to find out about the interim government’s roadmap to democracy.

Bainimarama also said the chiefs who have decided not to attend the “Bose Ni Turaga” should think twice about their decision as the interim government is deciding on the way forward for Fiji.

135 chiefs from the 215 “vanua” have so far confirmed their participation for the two-day “Bose Ni Turaga” meeting.

Media liaison officer Kini Rarubi said the response so far has been encouraging. While questions have been raised on why 285 invitations have been sent out as there are only 215 “vanua” chiefs, Rarubi said some of the chiefs are coming as independent chiefs.

The registration for those chiefs who will be attending the meeting will take place from this hour at the QEB and they will be billeted at the army camp.  The meeting proper will start at 9am tomorrow.


36 Responses to “Bainimarama Rubbishes Call For Apology – as JW is fond of saying and SV fully adopts ‘na boci ga na boci’”

  1. Peace Pipe Says:

    As regards the budget for the so-called meeting someone in his letter to the editor in the Fiji Sun worked it out to about $2,000 a chief. What party and feasting they are going to have. Very fishy the way these ig thugs operate. Like inviting 70 or so independent chiefs. Who do these chiefs represent and how did they get their titles. How conniving can these culprits get when it comes to getting support numbers. Which is what the extra insignificant dubious chiefs invited is supposed to do. Same as the 93% support figure the ncbbf is claiming which is complete sham.

  2. Colin Bishop Says:

    TV One in NZ tonight led the news with a threat by the IG to expell the acting NZ High Commish unless NZ reduces its sanctions. Aparently this has been brewing for some time but a deadline was given by IG that has now expired. NZ has decided that no change will occur.

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    Two disgusting news items in Fijilive: 1. Vunivalu of Rewa turns up at barracks and 2. Chiefs pour in for two-day meet. The bang lot of kanaloto chiefs. The agenda was for three days of blah blah blah and brainwashing and yes they forgot to put in the agenda which is most time consuming and all important – full chow three meals a day.

  4. Wini Says:

    @ peace pipe….relax mada. Any kind of discussion that is designed to take Fiji out of the current hole can only be a good thing. The Vunivalu of Rewa is an honorable man and can think for himself. By attending the meeting does not mean he supports the coup. I suspect many of them are in the same position and want to hear it directly from the horses mouth. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say after the meeting.

  5. Colin Bishop Says:

    TVNZ News

    A major diplomatic stand-off is brewing between New Zealand and Fiji as the military regime threatens to again expel New Zealand’s High Commissioner.

    An ultimatum has been issued by self-imposed Fijian leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama, asking for an exemption from travel sanctions imposed by the New Zealand government.

    Away from the tourist images deep trouble is brewing in Fiji. Relations between Fiji and New Zealand are again set to plummet.

    Looking likely is the second expulsion of a New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji in the last 18 months.

    Caroline McDonald is Acting High Commissioner but faces expulsion because of New Zealand’s travel sanctions against Fiji’s military regime.

    “I’m not able to talk about individual cases but what I can say is that it is in the nature of sanctions of this sort that we have issues to deal with from time to time. And we have one or two of those at the moment,” says Murray McCully, Foreign Affairs Minister.

    It is understood the issue is that Bainimarama has issued an ultimatum to the New Zealand government saying he will expel the High Commissioner and possibly other diplomatic staff unless New Zealand softens its stance on sanctions.

    Specifically, he wants a visa granted to George Naceva so the student can study in New Zealand. George Naceva is the son of Rupeni Naceva, the official secretary to Fiji’s president.

    Also angering the regime is that travel visas have been rejected for the daughter of the permanent secretary for health and that a member of Fiji’s under-20 soccer team was refused entry because his father is a member of the armed forces.

    “The sanctions are certainly meeting their mark. They are frustrating to members of the regime. And on the other side of the coin opponents of the regime went out of their way to encourage us to maintain them,” says McCully.

    It’s understood the government will reject Fiji’s ultimatum and that McDonald will be expelled as a result.

    It’s expected that the Fijian High Commissioner to Wellington, Ponsami Chetty will be dismissed in return.

    In June last, year Mike Green was declared persona non grata and expelled as High Commissioner to Fiji.

    Now it looks like that case may have a sequel.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    My guess is that the chiefs aren’t all as silly as Frank looks and will reject any proposal made by the Commander of Small Soldiers Inc. :-

  7. Cama Says:

    Keep up the pressure New Zealand. this evil regime should not be allowed to New Zealand even if the situation normalises or a return to demecratic rule because of their hostility.

  8. LUVfiji Says:

    Ka djina! Pump up the pressure NZ! They are feeling the heat.

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    @Peace Pipe – Amen to that, the Gone Marama Bale Roko Tui Dreketi, Turaga Qaranivalu, Turaga Tui Namosi, Turaga Na Ka Levu, Turaga Tui Cakau and Turaga Roko Tui Bau in that chronological order issued public statements they would not attend the meeting. So did the Chiefs of Kadavu through Rt Varani Rayawa the Chairman of the Provincial Council.

    @Wini – dua ga na vosa, dua na lewa, era sa kanaka ga na Gone Marama Bale ni segai ni qai o Rewa, sai koya.

  10. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Vinaka Na Bula Marama Nite. Sa dua na ka me mai vakasuka na matanitu o Niusiladi baleta na gone lailai na luvei Rupeni Nacewa.

    Ke sa segai ga na vuli mai Niusiladi, vaqara tale e dua tale na koronivuli, se o cei li e via kila.

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Joji Nacewa can go to the University of Timbuktu for all we care huh.

    As for the flexing muscles by Ra Boci, Vore not to accept the condition of apologising, well I be…the sun will have to turn blue for HIM TO DO THAT.

    The high-pedestal-of-self-righteous he is on now, only God Almighty or maybe another gun or bomb can bring him down.

    it’ s along haul democracy fighters!

    But if Russian protesters can protest against the Kremlin EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO AND DON’T HAVE A PERMIT TO, what’s keeping us from not doing it.

    Yes, they protested peacefully but the heavy handed police had to haul them to jail and detain them BUT they got news coverage for the world to see how truly oppressed they are.

    We say we are oppressed BUT it’s all TALK!

    When will we act in public? When will the paramount chiefs act in public?

    Our continued non-public-action will keep us where we are-in the oppress chamber!

    Time to act people! PEACEFULLY AND SILENTLY!!!!

  12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Is not this Kini Rarube, Eveli Ganilau’s Secteary from the New Alliance Party?

  13. Wini Says:

    @islandboy I accept what you say ie “dua ga na vosa, dua na lewa” etc. That is the theory. The practice is being demonstrated by those chiefs who have voted with their feet to rock up to QEB for the BNT.

    They have clearly gone againt the ‘lewa’ of their high chiefs. I wonder why?

    As Confucius once said “we live in interesting times”.

  14. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Since this is a behind closed doors kind of meeting, we probably have to remain optimistic and hope that these chiefs and “independent chiefs” (whatever that means) will make their voice heard.

    However, since the agenda is only a one-way street, I just hope some bold enough chief will upstage this meeting and PUSH for the military too return to where they belong and give US back our country!!!!

    Ia na qai laurai na kedra roka dina!

    Am not a full chiefdom supporter cos I think chiefs should also work their arses (either land/sea or service) off and earn their respect…no free-ride/kana loto!

    But guess we will wait and see.

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank and Co. have themselves boxed into a corner now !
    The Indian Government doesn’t give a toss about Fiji or it’s Indian counterparts there . The Chinese Government has already reduced it’s purchases of Australian raw materials by 10% this year due to the global economy , the E.U. has withheld funds for the ( not so sweet now ) sugar industry and at last , the United Nations has finally woken up to itself and stop further deployments of peace keeping troops .
    Now is the time for the Chiefs to really squeeze Frank’s balls . Perhaps he and his family should be sent on a slow boat to china with a one way ticket seeing as how he thinks it’s such a good place to live in .
    Chaudhry should also be sent on his way .

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    I believe it is the role of the vunivalu to go and do battle for his chiefs. Let us just see what kind of battle eventuates. Given the civil war of words that is now on, perhaps it is a good thing for the vunivalu’s to go and fight it out. I believe this vunivalu is an intelligent man and his son is a high level military attachee in Europe or Africa. Perhaps what is more important is that he is a QVSOB. It will be interesting to see if these military goons even know the correct protocol or are they going to try to pass off Voreqe as the top (kaisi) dog in his custom tailored “council of chiefs”. Then there are the two Eveli’s who represent no one except their Mara wives, and since there is no Tui Nayau either, who are they?

  17. at least Says:

    I remembered one time they argued in parliament..and Rt Mara told cabinet members that Butadroka (talking about SButa) Butadroka means Half-cook in Fijian..And Buta later stood up and said..dear cabinet members..Mara in the Western Dialect means bad smell or Bona..and he other word POISONOUS…lol..vinaka Buta ..You were one of those who made Mara knelt to his knees….qo sa qai bona dina tu qo o iratou na na kaisi ga na kaisi sa levuna viavia turaga tiko na tamata e turaga ga mai nona vanua ..sega ni o Viti taucoko….

  18. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    @IB, Wini & N: O ratou na wekadatou mai Burebasaga e ratou qaseqase toka vaka lada. I wonder whether they have it all worked out and have a foot in and a foot out and whatever happens at the BNT will be conveyed back to the vanua. Or is there a real break between the Roko Tui Dreketi and the Vunivalu? Intriguing indeed and interesting times ahead, no doubt. But I go back to my discussions with Tarai2 on another subject in this forum and that is, all sides be it the IG, the Chiefs, the SDL, NLP and all other political parties should not forget one thing: the art of compromise is a virtue and without it, they are all being selfish and do not really have is the people of Fiji at heart. Let them all take a critical look at the mirror as to what exactly they are and who they stand for. I bet there will be a lot of surprises.

    Sa dri yani.

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Bainimarama trampled on the chiefs and now goes out of his way OR pretends to want them and their views. He must be looking for validation. Interesting spin to follow.


    Vunivalu of Rewa turns up at barracks

    Fiji’s military-backed interim Government secured somewhat of a coup this afternoon when the Vunivalu of Rewa, Ro Epeli Mataitini, turned up at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks for the two-day chiefs meeting.

    Ro Epeli’s attendance surprised some, given the strong opposition to the Bose ni Turaga by his cousin, Rewa’s paramount chief and head of the Burebasaga confederacy – Ro Teimumu Kepa.

    Ro Teimumu, a senior member of the Government deposed by the military in 2006, has said her province – which includes the Suva peninsula – will not allow any chiefs to be part of the regime’s efforts to convene the meeting of traditional leaders.

    “It’s obvious that what they are doing is illegal and we will fight to try and stop this,” she said.

    But, the newly-installed Vunivalu was there nonetheless and one of the first to register for the meeting, which begins tomorrow.

    To the military, the presence of the Vunivalu and other chiefs from provinces opposed to the meeting was a welcome nudge to its cause.

    “We have been saying it all along, the truth will reveal itself,” said military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni.

    “Although we have been hearing these vocal chiefs opposing the meeting, it is on the day when we will know who will really be there.”

    The Vunivalu, the traditional warrior-chief of Rewa, apparently enjoys the support of half the people of the province – the other half coming under Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa.

    Ro Epeli was bestowed the Vunivalu title in the middle of this year following the death of his elder brother Ro Jone Mataitini in a ceremony that marked the notable absence of Ro Teimumu.

    Although it appeared to be a royal snub by Ro Teimumu, one can not doubt the close ties between the Roko Tui Dreketi and the Vunivalu.

    Ro Teimumu replaced Ro Jone in the Great Council of Chiefs before it was suspended by the interim Government in April last year.

    Since the first Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Rawalai was installed by the vanua of Rewa it has been the Vunivalu, and the tribes he commanded that have solemnly vowed to lead the vanua in protecting their chief.


  21. Nostradamus Says:

    I have not heard that Voreqe is interested in the views of the chiefs or anyone else. The stated objective of the meeting is to “explain” to the chiefs, as if they are uneducated children. Recall too how Rabuka, after losing the election, wanted to “explain” to everyone why he lost. Could it be that he lost because he did not listen. Same with Voreqe, he cannot listen. He wants to explain and for others to agree with him. If they don’t, his first instinct is to punish them, because he takes it personally as the son of God. Just another psycho trying to get his way like a spoiled child.

  22. solivakasama Says:

    Thank you all for your comments

  23. Keep The Faith Says:

    Jeepers Frank! If NZ doesn’t want you and your cronies in their country, then obviously you can’t take the hint that you’re like a bad smell. Take your business to China and India since you think the sun now shines outta their collective asses.

    Making an example of Barbara Dreaver or the current NZ A/HC is just gonna get you kicked out of the Forum membership quicker – do it, do it, do it!!

    The people of this country will have the last laugh – bank on it, sucker.

  24. Save the Sheep Says:

    Great. I smell Aiyarzzzz behind all this blustering.

    Good go for it Fiji and see where it gets you. Isolate us from everyone.

    Self Righteous …… these IG idiots…

    I hope Australia and the Pacific support NZ and pull out of Fiji as well. It is up to the people to rise up now and not leave it to the outside to do our dirty work…

  25. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I wonder what part of the message that was given 26 months ago in NZ to bananasinpyjamas about sanctions he didn’t understand.

    You know, “if you are stupid enough to stage a coup d’etat, then you and everyone surrounding you will face travel bans’.

    It is really simple; but then again; so is bananasinpyjamas

  26. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Just read this on FijiTimes blog.

    “””Captain Osama of Fiji says…
    Would Someone please send the “idiots guide to foreign relations”, to Frank.:::

    I wonder if bubu could mock up a book cover for this on her site.

    “Foreign Affairs for Dummies”

    Maybe someone could print out special instructions for bananas written in words of one syllable or less so that he can understand them.

  27. Colin Bishop Says:

    Fiji academic critical of military-sponsored chiefly gathering
    Posted at 02:00 on 16 December, 2008 UTC

    A Fiji academic says a sub-meeting of chiefs is simply an attempt to drum up more support for Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s agenda.

    Nearly half of Fiji’s chiefs have signed up to attend the two-day Bose ni Turaga meeting.

    On the agenda is creating a road map to elections and discussions on the so-called People’s Charter.

    Academic Dr Tupeni Baba, a former deputy prime minister who is now a consultant, says the paramount chiefs of the three confederacies or traditional political divisions have all rejected the Bose ni Turaga and won’t be attending.

    He says those who will attend are highly likely to end up supporting him.

    “Most of these chiefs are probably come there without seeing the agenda or reading what’s in the agenda or reading the paper. They are going to be briefed overnight as to what will happen the next day and there is a danger that they will go along with whatever the military is suggesting. That would be disastrous for this country.”
    Dr Tupeni Baba

    Media reports say the last Bose ni Turaga meeting was in 1991

  28. Kavala bay Says:

    We the people of Nabala (Nakasaleka) only recognise Ratu Irinale Soqeta as the truly Tui Nakasa. Now images from Delainabua showed one Qalomaiwasa claiming to be the Tui Nakasa. Who is this Qalomai by the way?
    We the Bati with our Warlord, Takalainakasaleka only show our allegiance to the Tui Nakasa who resides at Nakoronawa. Sa kua mada na via turaga tiko Qalomaiwasa, mino na nomu tamata. Ko a tu mada mai ya? It is sad that such wannabe chief has worsen the relationships between the chiefly chiefdoms of my beautiful island of Kadavu

  29. Budhau Says:

    Those bad kanaloto chiefs – how can they do that.
    Remember, I told you guys – that before it was Qarase who was spreading the wealth now it is FB – and many of these buggers will go wherever the party is.

    BTW – that big Ratu asking FB to apologize – wait about two months – I think that is when his new trial is coming up and a month after that it is back to jail. My advice to him, go over and apologize to FB and maybe he will then call off the dogs.

    Dr Baba, ““Most of these chiefs are probably come there without seeing the agenda or reading what’s in the agenda or reading the paper.”

    Well some of you should take the above comment as an insult – Chiefs just showing up for the food and not reading in the newspapers what this is all about. Are these the people who will lead Fiji out of this mess.

    Or this proves my point – that get the chiefs out of politics and put some good Fijian leadership in place – they do not necessarily have to be chiefs.

    I think this was all evil Chodo’s plan.

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    these chiefs eating crumbs off the table but the biggest kanaloto is that maicho mahendra chaudary

  31. Budhau Says:

    Duana – the people who donated the money in the “Chaudary benefit fund” did for that specific reason.

    I think people who bring down a bank taking money earmarked for the poor indigenous folks – now…..that should concern you more.

    BTW…. those cane farmers, they ain’t stupid.

    ..and this mess that we are in now – it is all Chaudary, Sami, Aiyaaz and those two sisters – all their fault.

  32. Budhau Says:

    So the CJ sold out, no the Ratus, well some of them are selling out, wait till it is court time that big chief – the SDL patron, see how he will apologize to FB and then the big one – when Qarase gets his pension.

    BTW – what is this fascination with butthole.

  33. LUVfiji Says:

    Hey! The two of you seem obsessed with each other. Can you please thrash it out in the privacy of yr personal emails, or via Facebook, or whatever else there is so you can keep this ‘fascination’ to yr sweet selves. Or how much more of it are we supposed to put up with? This has been going on for far too long that it aint fun no more.

    C’mon guys.. give us a b r e a k !!

  34. kaicolo Says:

    Could someone enlighten with the names of chiefs who are in QEB.

  35. kaicolo Says:

    Ratu Epeli Wants Meeting Held Annually
    Publish date/time: 17/12/2008 [09:05]

    Interim Fijian Affairs Minister Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has revealed to the chiefs who were in the Army Barracks that he is in the process of asking the interim government for the Bose ni Turaga to be an annual event.

    Nalatikau said it is important for the chiefs to be informed of the government’s plans and also be part of the decision making on Indigenous Fijian issues which will affect them and their people.

    He also took time to stress to the chiefs that they have faced a lot of criticism for attending the meeting as critics continue to say that it is a waste of time and taxpayer’s money and is also illegal, but they should remember that they have a duty to their people in this time to make the right decisions in helping the country move forward.

    Ratu Nailatikau then called on the chiefs not to be easily swayed by critics who have continuously tried to undermine the work of the interim government in mapping out a plan to return to democracy but for them to use the meeting to freely express their views on what they think will help the country.

    The Bose ni Turaga continues today where they will look at the work of Fijian administrations especially the Fijian Affairs Board, Native Land Commission and the HIV Aids issue.
    Who will foot the bills ,why dont you go to Tonga you Tongan wannabe kai Bau,maybe kai Baulevu.

  36. kini Says:

    I’m glad that all the Fijian High Chiefs refused to listen or accept the Invitation of a KAISI-Bainimarama- They all knew his stupid purposes of trying to get them into a control areas where he could agressively choose to intimidate them? The Chiefs were way too smart for this azzOle and his plan did not pen out as he had stupidly anticipated.

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