Appointment is God’s doing: Teleni – bullshit, you stole it from Romanu Tikotikoca!

Yadra bloggers, well ketepoka Teleni is really in lala land, through his latest revelation his appointment as Commish was God’s choosing, unless he was referring to Vore. One undisputable fact of this coup, it was based on lies and deception from the very beginning and had nothing whatsoever to do with ‘transparency and clean up’ but rather to ‘rape & pillage’. Unfortunately for ketepoka Teleni and his men in green, they have become victims of their own deception. If he truly believes he’s God’s chosen for the position of Commish, then it follows all his actions, policy and directions must reflect his godly anointing! SV wishes to point out a few discrepancies, exposing ketepoka as a fraudster. (1) Ketepoka’s directive to all Police Stations throughout Fiji not to action any complaint against the Military; (2) his deliberate stalling of the Nimilote Verebasaga & Sakiusa Rabaka’s murder trials, involving the Military; (3) no action taken to date of the murderous of Baleiloa whilst in Police custody; (4) Increase in crime in Fiji today; (5) assuring the nation prior to the coup that there will be no coup & (6) the demise of the Fiji Police Force morale and reputation since his appointment. Ketepoka should remember the same God he claims appointed him also said, ‘you shall know them by their fruits.’ The ‘fruits’ SV shows aboves proves ketepoka Teleni is an imposter, fraudster and a damn liar!

14 Dec 2008 02:00:37

Commodore Esala Teleni has said its God’s doing that he was appointed the Commissioner of Police. He was speaking at the launch of the Police Crusade in Suva this afternoon. Commodore Teleni claimed the Holy spirit had told him that he would leave the military and get the job as the Police Commissioner.

 An emotional Police Commissioner was addressing those who had turned up for the Police Crusade at the Sukuna park this afternoon.

 He’s speech was more of a testimony about his personal encounters since childhood. For the first time, Commodore Teleni suprised many when he revealed, exactly how he got to be appointed the country’s Police Commissioner.

“God had placed me to be the Police Commissioner, when I was with the Military it was also of God’s calling” Commodore Teleni goes further claiming that the sign for his higher calling came a year earlier.

“It was during my daughter’s birthday in May last year when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said I will be leaving the RFMF. When the Commissioner of Police post was advertised, I told the Prime Minister that I want to apply for the post. The Holy Spirit also told me to apply for the post” He adds the interview process for the Commissioner’s post was just a formality. It’s a testimony that will be debated in the days to come.


22 Responses to “Appointment is God’s doing: Teleni – bullshit, you stole it from Romanu Tikotikoca!”

  1. Daunimisini Says:

    Time for a change:
    Holger Nauheimer from Change Facilitation wrote an interesting article on the relationship of social and technological change. He reflects on the fact that in recent years, the speed of technological change has by far exceeded the speed of social change. In human history, great technology breakthroughs such as the printing press, did go hand in hand with social change (e.g. the appearance of protestant churches, and the discoveries of Columbus). The latest technology changes such as the Internet in general and the social web in particular have hit an unprepared world. Those who use these new technologies wisely, gain a competitive advantage in whatever their mission is. Take for example the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, which used tools such as blogging, facebook communities, twitter, Second Life etc. to connect to a broad audience. Given the parallel rise of whole systems change methods, we are awaiting a convergence of face to face change initiatives with the social web.

  2. Jon Jon Says:

    I can only call this Regime the blah blah blah alice in wonderland regime!!! Everything that comes out of there mouth is blah blah!!! Teleni brother of the so called Reverend Rerevaki Atu Vulaono of the New Methodist who is mentoring him into his spiritualty.. So Teleni’ blah blah blah.. u in lala land!!!

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Na boci ga na boci.

  4. Isalei Says:

    As I recall, Rabuka said the same thing in 1987. Look where he is now. The Lord’s name must never be used in vain for human mockery, coz it will backfire against those who misuse it. God’s eternal lesson for humans is very clear- do not break the law, coz the wages of sin (lawbreaking, disobedience) is DEATH! There is much to pay for human folly and vanity when we want to play GOD. Watch this fella pay dearly for his. It is not God speaking to him and his wife, but the devil feeding into his over-selfish ambitions aided and abetted by the bull of his devil-appointed bro!

  5. anon Says:

    Is he dreaming or is he telling a fairytale story. Holy spirit se wrong sprirt ? How can he be so sure.. ?

    Io eh… na B… ga na B…….

  6. The Celeb Buzz » Blog Archive » Most Valuable Blog(Mvb) » Blog Archive » Investigator: Simpson … Says:

    […] Appointment is God’s doing: Teleni – bullshit, you stole it from … […]

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    so maybe fullchow teleni can share with us how god gave him that $250,000 in cash that was deposited into his bank account recently?

    Or did god inspired him to pay the full $1.5 million LPO on military uniform to Lotus Garments even though less then half has been delivered by the supplier as higlighted in the 2005 auditor general’s report.

  8. sakisi Says:

    Teleni..Teleni kakua mada na lasutaka tiko na yacai Jiova.
    Keimami beka na lialia vakataki iko.You got it wrong was the evil spirit that talked to you and not the holy spirit ..claim qori bother !

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Maybe methylated spirit?

  10. kaiveicoco Says:

    What a load of crap.I call this arrogance and pride to the first degree.Where is the transparency in this whole appountment process.The same person who is the deputy military commander,was the deputy chair of FICAC, was the one of the main coup instigators is now saying that God told him to apply for that police commisioer post after just asking the prime minister who is the military commander?It would just take a simple phone call from the Prime Minister to the PSC and to the Police Services Commision for them to appoint Teleni baleta ” e rau kila vata jiko e levu na ka “Isn’t it just another form of corruption?

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    He is a pathological liar who believes people will believe what he said. Believe me I can asure you that are some who actually believe him. Oh yeah God told him to apply and God also approved his application. Teleni if you wanna lie please leave God out of your deceitful action. Its another tactic and ploy of fullchow to gain public support and empathy thru devious means since his policing performance is failing miserably.

  12. Damudamu Says:

    O Daunisai beka ga ea vosa vua!

  13. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Me vaka ga nai vosa2 ya…SA KUA MADA!!!!!

    OMG!!! The holier than thou approach should really be nipped in the bud!!!!

    Even God’s chosen people in the Holy Land are still praying and crying to their God (and ours) to deliver them!!!!! And He has not spoken to them yet to tell them when.

    Sa kua mada na brainwash lasu2 tiko..oilei Fatima!

  14. Dauvavana Says:

    era vosa ga mai vua na dena tamata da levu

  15. ispy Says:

    Teleni worships Bainimarama.

    He adores him and follows his every command.

    Bainimarama repays Teleni by giving him promotions, money and power.

    By definition Bainimarama is Teleni’s GOD for he has answered every one of his prayers.

    What characters, I pity them both…

    …the disillusioned cock-eyed interim Police Commissioner and his idiot boss with a GOD complex.

  16. Belijo Says:

    Teleni’s holiness is full of holes:
    1) The Holy Spirit’s weapon is the Word of God, Teleni’s weapons are the guns and so therefore, those who live by the guns will die by the guns while those who live by the Word of God shall live forever
    2) 2Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind. Teleni’s enforced new faith has given many policeman a lot of fear of losing their jobs or being demoted if they do not become participants in his new faith (not Christ’s faith) but his new faith- fear does not come from God it comes from the devil. There is no love seen in the new faith, only dissension and hatred or jealousy for an established institution of God. A sound mind doesn’t think like the current Teleni. A sound mind does not have the corrupt mind that Teleni has.
    3) The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleless and self control. Seems to me that Teleni you seem to be out of control at the moment and only when you adhere to the Word of God will you Live. You may be alive but you’re not living because you’re turning your head left, right and centre and back at all times. The Holy Spirit has taught us to love you Teleni but to hate the evil in you.

  17. Keep The Faith Says:

    Not only is he fat, fcuked-up looking and stoooopid the guy has the gall to proclaim endorsement from the heavens.

    Mate 5 years from now when you’ll be sewing the seeds of your selfish and illegal acts closer to home than you think, let’s see if you can still claim that you had God’s endorsement.

  18. Damudamu Says:

    Sega tiko madaga ni rawa na Required Fitness Level Test ni mataivalu! Era vakaloloma ga na small boys!

  19. John Bili Says:

    Mr Teleni,you are liar,God will not appoint a someone who was investigated by Police for illegally signing 5 LPOs amounting to $400,000 -00 just for dinner set.You recently accused the Police as liars,thieves and so on,but you should be ashamed of yourself that they knew about your case.
    Also God will not appoint someone who does fasting for 8 days and have chow inside his office(boneless mutton,dhal soup and roti) bought by Manoj Singh, from Singh Curry House,who in return was promoted to SSP.
    You must remember,God is not talking to you,its Lord Rama(Satan) because Manoj and Naidu are feeding you with delicious and spicy curry which got a ingredient supplied by Vatuwaqa crematory.(Dravusa ni tamata mate). No… Im just joking …. hey, I accompanied them several times to the site..code name…operation Keu a buka meu raragi,qai vo na dravu sa…

  20. Hawaiian Maenamae Says:


    De Tabana ni Ovisa nei Ta………… se suasua tiko na yavada, meda
    tiko mada ga vakamalua i Viti Levu. Kua mada na mai vaqara tiko na ka me TAWA kina noda taga. Na taga qori dua na siga ena vakalala mai na Kalou nida cakacaka lawaki tiko. SHAME ON YOU!!!….One day Mafatu!!!!!!

  21. Kealoha Says:

    Musu tiko nona tax…lai saumi tiko kina na benisini ni Lori ni Ovisa me ra usaka nodra yaya na New Methodist….

    Ni kakua ni vacudrui VITI tiko, de davo na drA!!

  22. KAIVITI Says:

    Sa kua mada na vakalialiai kemami tiko na lewenivanua Teleni…mo kila vinaka tiko kumuna vinaka tiko nai lavo ka vakatawana vinaka tiko nomu taga…qori mena nomu i kau2 i nomu koro,oiko vata na wekamuni taucoko…e vinaka meko vaka vodoki ira ena waqa me kua ga na qalo i wai yaco sara i namuka-i-lau!!!…

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