Shyster at her stupid best again!

Good Morning Bloggers!

Click on the link above and have a read of what Shaista has to say about Victor Lal’s comments and articles in the Sun about the FHRC’s actions or lack of during the 2006 coup. Rather then provide a rebuttal, which she probably does not have the mental capacity to provide, she writes a letter to the newspaper Board. As if they care.

What Shyster cannot comprehend is that unlike the Fiji Human Rights Wrongs Commission, CJ Patel let’s their investment business  be run by experts such as those that make publishing and managing a newspaper their bread and butter and there fore generate $$$ to Fiji Sun Shareholders.

On the other heand, while Shyster is the Chair of the Wrongs Commission, she still thinks she’s the Director as she wades in every now and then to offer her 1 cents worth. And by the way, where is the Director? Do we have one? How come he/she have never ever made a media statement?

and here was Victor Lal’s reaction:

What a gall? There is no plagiarism on my part, for the series of articles mentioned the so-called Shameem Report initially and since it was a continuation, there was no need to spell out that long title she had given to her reports justifying the coup. Anyway, why didnt she source where she got those stolen and hacked e-mails of mine and Russell Hunter in the preparation of her report on the deportation of Evan Hannah, NZ High Commissioner Michael Green and Russell Hunter.


4 Responses to “Shyster at her stupid best again!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Is this woman worth commenting on ?

  2. freedomfighter Says:


  3. Jose Says:

    Interesting Logo on the Fiji Human Rights Commission letterhead.
    The moon and the sun symbol, none other than the ancient Masonic occult symbol that can be found everywhere today.

  4. Kealoha Says:

    lol@mark… i just DONT LIKE HER!!
    its started off when she DIDNT DO ANYTHING for Sakiusa Rabaka’s case & others….
    waste of space this woman!

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