Soldiers as last resort – qai levu ga na laba says SV!

Blogeers, this is from the FT today. The state of law and order is Fiji is pathetic. The ‘clean up campaign’ has failed miserably and the break down of law and order are endemic symptoms of a lawless society. What else can you expect when the so-called leaders themselves have committed treason and seem to be getting away with it? Getting the Military on the streets will only result in more carnage and the Military will exploit the circumstances to instill more fear into the innocent citizens. The Verebasaga trial is progressing, albeit very slowly and we will push for the Rabaka one to proceed as well. The lawlessness in Fiji is a direct consequence of the treason committed by Vore, Chodo, brain dead Iloilo, Mara’s. Ganilau’ & Nailatikau’s and all in the background. Remember ragone to register on

Friday, December 12, 2008

THE military will be called to patrol the streets during Christmas and New Years if the need arises, says police spokesman Tevita Suliano.

He was commenting on another robbery at the Kundan Singh service station yesterday.

Corporal Suliano said police had beefed-up security for the festive season.

He said there would be more police visibility, while the Ready Action Unit and Strike Back teams would provide support.

“The military would be called if the need arises,” he said.

In the meantime, Mr Suliano said business owners should try to provide extra security in their premises and not keep large sums of money at one time.

“They should arrange with their bank for banking. Police will continue to provide support and patrol their premises.”

Corporal Suliano said robbery with violence cases had increased in the month of November compared to last year.


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  1. Dauvavana Says:

    The Tailevu chiefs have indicated after a Bose Vanua that they will not be attending the Bose Ni Turaga organised by the illegal government. The only insignificant one that will break this will be the Rokotui Kiuva.

    So far other that have indicated they will not attend are:
    the chiefs of Cakaudrove
    the chiefs of Kadavu
    the Turaga Bale na Kalevu
    The Turaga Bale na Qaranivalu

    I guess insignifant self proclaimed ones with no followers such as Nailatikau and Ganilau will attend

    sa kua so, so na gauna da mi sobu mada!

  2. Pusiloa Says:

    Spate of violence in Fiji associated to Frank
    December 12, 2008
    Word from Fiji is that the most recent spate of violence spreading across that island nation is a pre-planned attack by Frank and Co. as an extention to their rule by fear tactics. Eye-witnesses to the latest service station robbery in Tamavua say that the attackers were well built men who acted out their attack like real professional soldiers in a well-oiled manouvre.

    Rumour is rife that a group of military men directed by Frank are on the prowl creating havoc to businesses and homes of citizens they think are against their junta. While special attention is given to the protection of the military regime cohorts and their properties, the junta’s list of nobodies are told to organise their own security with no assistance forthcoming from Teleni’s quarters.

    Crime in Fiji is getting worse with members of the disciplinary forces taking the honors as the worst human rights violators in Fiji. Their march against violence the other day was just all for show. The same thugs are still terrorising the people of Fiji as cowards covered in balaclava, smashing their way into homes and business houses. It is yet another orchestrated attempt to justify the rolling out of the green goons onto the streets before the great council of thieves meeting next week.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s interesting to note that it’s soldiers or ex soldiers who own the security firms and now soldiers will be roaming the streets to enforce law and order because there aren’t enough police or they are incompetent !
    So what a bad signal that is sending to the Police , the soldiers will object to working over Christmas , as they don’t get overtime or public holiday rates , so they should be pissed off as well .
    Is it possible that some of the crime is being committed so that the ex soldiers and soldiers can justify owning and running security firms and in turn , now Frank can justify filling the streets with toy soldiers to do the work of Police . So where does it all end ?
    Sounds like a middle eastern country now !

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s a tactic taught by the American Military , it’s called slash and burn and terrorise .
    It was used by the Indonesian Military in East Timor a few years ago .
    Australian Soldiers don’t use this cowardly tactic against anyone , not their enemy nor their own citizens , unlike Frank and Co.
    But it does prove , with the increase in violence , that Frank and Co. must feel threatened by the opposition , and that must be a good sign in the end , so keep up the opposition and keep your camcorders and mobile phones handy . I’d love to see some proof of Military involvement downloaded onto youtube !

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    Since well before the coup organised robberies by groups that have clearly had extensive military training have been carried out and lo, they are not caught.

    Copy cat gangs are caught of course…

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Frank will create such chaos in the community soon that he will use that as an excuse to abrogate the constitution in order to then slice up the land in Fiji and redistribute it to Samy and Co.
    Are you going to wait for that to happen ?
    He’s ready for a showdown with the E.U. the G.C.C. the Councils , and now the forum . So it might be a good idea to act before that all takes place !

  7. Ablaze Says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore! This is another ploy to make it look that they are trying to curb the crime that is on the rise.

    It is their own men’s doings – then they come in and make out they are trying to find the people that committed these crimes.

    You see the criminals that are not connected with the Military will be caught but the army criminals will be talked about and then left for us to forget.

    Problem in Fiji today you can never trust anyone or know who is lieing or telling the truth!

    No elections folks, other Forum countries are not sure whether to suspend Fiji or not so be prepared for the long haul.

    Even the old hag prue rouse seems to have reached the crossroads, according to her letter in today’s Fiji Times!

  8. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Dauvanavana,

    Tui Namosi Ratu Suliano Matanitobua will not be attending the Bose ni Turaga noor any other chiefs from his Province.

    Laurai mada na mata bose macawa oqo.

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    From ABC

    “””Rudd slams Fiji over continuing military rule

    Posted 2 hours 39 minutes ago

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has lashed out at Fiji for its failure to meet a timetable to return to democracy, and for interfering with the media.

    Mr Rudd’s comments came a day after a meeting in Suva of Pacific Islands ministers working on the issue of continuing military rule in Fiji.

    The meeting conceded that elections would not be held by March next year, as promised earlier by Fiji’s interim leader Frank Bainimarama.

    Mr Rudd says there will be further unspecified action.

    “This government takes democracy in the Pacific island countries seriously. It is not optional,” he said.

    “It is what we do in our part of the world, and for there to be any exception, particularly the way in which this bunch have belted around the free media for example in Fiji, and have traduced the democratic processes, we’re not about to stand idly by while this happens.

    “You will see further action from Pacific island forum countries on this matter in the period ahead. We’ve taken a hard diplomatic line on this. Further actions as necessary will be taken.”””””

    it will be interesting to see if Rudd is willing to land his first punch in 12 months.

  10. Ablaze Says:

    Rudd blah blah blah get in there and kick the Pig up the arse!

  11. Nostradamus Says:

    When do the mass executions of traitors who have raised arms against the government and People of Fiji begin?
    In Fiji there are at least 4000, and that does not even include the Shamimi, the judiciary and the priests.
    How many were tried and convicted at the Nuremburg trials?

  12. freedomfighter Says:

    Read all here:

  13. Jon Jon Says:

    Bula bula to all, thanks SV for the infors of the latest Bai Infidel!! n a big hello to Adi Kaila,

    Thought you guys mite wana laugh @ the latest Kini Rarubi’s vague statistic of the BNT meeting next week. Here is laughable vague statement:

    Forty-seven per cent of chiefs invited by the interim Government to attend a meeting at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks next week have accepted.

    This has been confirmed by Fijian Affairs Board spokesman Kini Rarubi who became vague when asked to clarify which chiefs who will be attending.

    He said 135 responses were received as at lunch today but how many would actually attend would only be confirmed next Monday when the chiefs are expected to register for the two-day “Bose ni Turaga”.

    “We’ll never know exactly until the day of the meeting. I can tell you that the responses have been very encouraging,” said Rarubi.

    The State sent 285 invites to the 215 district chiefs and 70 other “independent” so-called States.

    When pressed for clarification on the names of the independent States and the identities of their representatives, Rarubi was vague.

    Such is the mystery that clouds the all-important meeting of traditional leaders that is only days away.

    The media will only be allowed to sit in for the traditional opening. A statement will be issued by the Department of Indigenous Affairs at a press conference at the end of the meeting.

    Rarubi said that arrangements could be made to facilitate the media’s request for interviews with chiefs but this will require the consent of the interim Indigenous Affairs Minister Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

    On the programme for the meeting, apart from the interim Government making its presentations on the road map to elections and the People’s Charter, there will also be presentations by Fijian institutions.

    These include institutions such as Fijian Language and Culture Unit, and the Technical School for rural Fijians in Nadave, said Rarubi.

    The Ministry of Health will also make a presentation on the status of HIV/AIDS amongst the indigenous population.

    As it is, the organisers would not confirm if the chiefs have been allocated time to air their views on issues.

    “It may come in ‘Other Matters’ or during discussions at the end of the presentations,” says Rarubi.

    The military has offered to billet the chiefs while some have opted to find accommodation elsewhere and commute to the meeting daily.

    The paramount chiefs of the three confederacies or traditional political divisions have all rejected the Bose ni Turaga and called on lesser chiefs to comply.

    But it is apparent that some of the district chiefs have responded to the Government’s call to “think of the people they represent” and “come to the meeting and voice their opinions on issues they may have”.

    Rarubi reasons that this is why the meeting is “closed” to allow the chiefs to “speak freely”, although he declined to clarify how many representatives of the interim Government and the military will be at the meeting to hear the chiefs out.

    According the Fijian Affairs Board, the Bose ni Turaga is the first to be convened since 1991, while Rarubi describes similar meetings held in Parliament in 2000 by coup leader George Speight’s group and in 2006 by the Viti Resource and Landowners Association as mere “pseudo” gatherings.

  14. iceman Says:

    Kini Rarubi dua la e rubirubi laka taka nomu mua i muri…lol

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Today’s editorial in The Sun asks the following question.

    “”””Bainimarama has repeatedly stated that the sticking point is electoral reform as described in the draft People’s Charter. But the excuse is wearing thin. And if, as we are so often assured, the charter has overwhelming public support why not kill two birds with one stone by letting the people vote for it while at the same time satisfying our regional neighbours and the wider world? The charter, if supported by the electorate, could then be implemented in a constitutional manner while normal relations with our region would be restored and aid begin to flow again. What are we waiting for?

    What are we waiting for? Forever; as bananasinpyjamas knows that the military charter and his jaundiced junta have very little support.

    So he will continue to huff and puff until the Pacific Island Forum wakes up to itself and sends in a RAMSI style intervention group to oversee elections.

  16. Dauvavana Says:

    at EFT as SV sadi in his/her last article if there was over 90% support for teh charter then what is holding them back from an election with that kiknd of overwhelming support. That is, form a party and use the charter at its election manifesto.

  17. orion Says:

    IMO, trying to test the idea of the charter, is a dangerous game that has to be avoided at all cost. We should not even think of tersting the charter in an election. They can rig the election, and provide trumpeted support for their charter in the process, even with international observers present. They will be in controll of the election process. These people, have done the “unthinkable” meaning they have executed a coup de tat & have overthrown the government chosen by the people. If they can do that then what is stopping them from rigging an election to get what they want. IMO, They know that they do not have the support for the charter, & that’s why they are doing what they are doing now. They will not play an honest game and will bend all the rules to get there. So people beware!!!

  18. tarai2 Says:

    @JW I cant see why any form of dialogue by a group of chiefs ala the BNT could be described as a ‘bose macawa’. As the Ozzie Foreign Affairs Minister noted, what is needed in Fiji is political will and for all parties to be locked in a room and dont come out until a deal has been thrashed out.

    Any form of discussion by any group of people should be encouraged in my view. If it turns out to be fruitless then OK lets keep on trying till we get somewhere.

    Those high chiefs (turga/marama bale’s) who have called for boycotts have their own political and personal power agendas. As members of the ousted government they have a personal axe to grind. Personally, I would have liked to see them attend together as a group and as leaders of all other lesser chiefs in their respective vanua’s, to demonstrate taukei unity and solidarity at the meeting in QEB so that the IG is under no illusion where we stand on the current situation. Instead, we have fallen into the trap set up by the IG to divide and conquer us.

    Somehow, I feel the boycotting chiefs have failed us by not standing up to these guys, by grasping the nettle of leadership and demonstrating unity and solidarity. If they did then they would be in a better position to galvanise public opinion and provide the leadership that we need at this time.

    Sa dri yani

  19. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Tarai2,

    the fact of the matter is when the Paramount Chiefs do not attend the BNT, the lesser chiefs have no mandate to speak for their Province.

    Secondly, how can the Paramount Chiefs attend, when their forum (GCC) has been dissolved by Vore? To attend the BNT would go against Fijian protocol because Vore has not done a ‘matanigasau’ or’ matanimoto’ to them to clear the channels of communication between them.

    Some of these Fiji Chiefs may have a personal axe to grind with Vore, but it is meshed with the above.

    As for even attending the BNT, you seem to forget this regime is an illegal one and Fijians have learnt from their big mistake in supporting the Rabuka in 1987 and Speight coup in 2000, hence their rejection of the Vore coup in 2006, but has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Indians.

    Never support an illegal regime because in doing so, you perpetuate the coup culture and support the demise of Fiji.

  20. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Tarai2,

    the fact of the matter is when the Paramount Chiefs do not attend the BNT, the lesser chiefs have no mandate to speak for their Province.

    Secondly, how can the Paramount Chiefs attend, when their forum (GCC) has been dissolved by Vore? To attend the BNT would go against Fijian protocol because Vore has not done a ‘matanigasau’ or’ matanimoto’ to them to clear the channels of communication between them.

    Some of these Fiji Chiefs may have a personal axe to grind with Vore, but it is meshed with the above.

    As for even attending the BNT, you seem to forget this regime is an illegal one and Fijians have learnt from their big mistake in supporting the Rabuka in 1987 and Speight coup in 2000, hence their rejection of the Vore coup in 2006, but has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Indians.

    Never support an illegal regime because in doing so, you perpetuate the coup culture and support the demise of Fiji.

  21. F.I.R.M Says:

    Vinaka rua2

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    We should always be wary and never trust these devious and deceitful people who are forcefully running the govt without any mandate. Their ploy is to get the numbers and have it on record that a chiefly meeting was held and such and such a resolution was passed. It is just like what they are doing with the ncbbf. Do the process in any which way that produces the desired results and have on record that the farter charter is supported by 95% of the voting population. Also like the membership of the ncbbf when Beddoes and Tarte joined and later resigned having seen for themselves the farce that is going on. This sort of contemptuous nature pervades the whole lot in the ig and this trickery in the BNT meeting is no different.

    On another note I read in Fijilive a statement by ncbbf that the diaper pressie is like God in Fiji having such almighty powers vested in him. Such is his power that he can authorise a coup, give pardon to the criminals, sack an elected govt, remove people from office willi nilly and now he is the Final Arbiter on the “Farter” Charter. Being a puppet he would just say what the pig wants him to say and that is to approve the charter without even reading a word of it let alone understand it’s concepts.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    This is a complaint I’ve sent today to this Indian biased program , I’ve also asked the Prime Minister to have the Federal Police look at it , as I consider they are promoting acts of terrorism in the Asia Pacific Region .
    Dear Sir / Madame ,
    I happened to see your program today , Spice of Life , Saturday the 13th. of December @ 2 P. M.
    On that report was a man professing to be a Teacher , of what , I’m unsure , and a young
    woman of approximately 20 years old .
    I was disgusted to see that between them , they could promote Fiji’s Commander for his
    coup and still keep a straight face !
    Between them , they tried to justify this latest coup , saying that the Commander was
    promoting Democracy , yet they both failed to see their own hypocrisy .
    How can a Commander of the Military , a serving Officer of the Fiji Military Forces ,
    himself an Indigenous Fijian , sworn to uphold the Constitution , overthrow an Elected
    Government and yet profess to be protecting Democracy in Fiji ?
    And how , can a Teacher be so stupid as to support that concept and claim it to be
    legitimate ?
    Further to this , how can your program and your channel , support this rubbish in Australia
    , where Democracy flourishes ?
    What action are you prepared to undertake to make sure this rubbish is no longer promoted on
    this show and your Channel and to have those remarks removed or an apology posted ?
    This man , also , was comparing apples with oranges , in stating that in Fiji , Indian
    Fijians can’t become the President or Vice President , whereas this could be achieved in
    America .
    The roles in both countries , are far from similar in any way !
    Also , I am amazed that this young lady of 20 something , was so knowledgeable about matters
    of treason etc. yet failed to even give this word a mention in her report .
    I wonder , if they were to do a comparison for comparisons sake , what would they think of
    Fijians living in India wanting to have land rights there , overthrowing the Government on
    the grounds that they were promoting Democracy and then demanding that they be able to
    become Prime Minister or President of India !
    Thank You
    Mark A Manning
    ===============================================Dear Prime Minister
    I happened to catch a short report on TVS today , Saturday the 13th. of December 2008 , at
    2 P . M .
    I would like to know if this channel should be allowed to promote what I consider , almost
    terrorist activities , within the Asia Pacific Region ?
    This show clearly supported the Commander’s coup based on his assertion that he had done
    it in the name of promoting Democracy in Fiji .
    It’s time , in my view , that these kinds of false reports , either be stopped
    altogether because of their potential to promote terrorist activity and that the broadcaster
    be brought to task for allowing this disgusting broadcast to go to air in the 1st. place . I
    , in this land of freedom and Democracy , found this particular report , repugnant to say
    the least .
    I believe that the Australian Government should have this report , show and channel
    investigated for promoting such views in Australia .
    I do believe that a Federal law must have been broken in this instant and request that you
    have the Federal police look into it .
    Thank you
    Mark A Manning

  24. tarai2 Says:

    @JW Yes, I suppose you are right..the issue of legality vis a vis illegality is moot. E sega ni rawa ni veibataki na tikina oya. But often in a democracy legitimacy can be derived from the expectations of the people, not necessarily from the ballot box. A ballot box is not altogether the final arbiter of legitimacy.

    We saw that in 1987 when Bavadra won at the ballot box (Bavadra himself only secured about 9% of the ethnic Fijian vote in his own constituency) and in the eyes of his own ethnic group (taukei) did not have the ‘legitimacy’ to take over the reins from the Tui Nayau.

    When Rambo made his move he did so on the basis that he had the ‘expectations’ of the public (read ‘taukei’) on his side. The ensuing response from the i taukei vindicated his actions. In other words, post coup 1987, Rambo obtained his legitimacy from the ‘expectations’ of the people that they would continue to be governed by Fijian chiefs (read Rt Mara et al) and that their interests would be protected.

    Using this argument it is patently clear that Voreqe and his mob cannot claim to have legitimacy to govern. I suppose you could say, that this is stating the bleeding obvious.

    But, given what we have endured in the last 24 months under the IG, I suppose the question we have to ask ourselves is ; what are the immediate wants and expectations of your average Jone Caucau in the village in Tailevu or Ram Swarup in the canefields of the Sabeto plains, at this point in time?

    I submit that it is to resolve all this political nonsense at this time. They/we all have an interest in returning to normailty. That is the public expectation at this time. The nuances of what is legal and not legal and the intransigent positions each side of the legal/illegal divide take will …in the tradition of an Icelandic saga…be a never ending saga that will wear us down by a slow and inexorable process of attrition. The cost of that process to our individual and collective humanity can only be likened to Zimbabwe. Is this the cost the people of Fiji are prepared to accept? Is this the current expectation?

    I suppose what I am saying is that we as a population have little alternative but to compromise with the demands of the IG. You could argue that we should not. PERIOD. And that we should allow ourselves to hold fast to the pre-democratic values etc that underpin the 1997 that ordains that the Fijian chiefly elite should continue to have privileged access to the economy etc. But the reality is that traditional mores and values are being undermined by development and the process of modernisation. Should we not now be looking at an alternative future, one free of the influence of pre-democratic feudal values?

    I think that we as a taukei stand at an important crossroad at this time. These are the sorts of issues that trouble many of us…last night I was drinking yaqona with many of my tavale’s etc (from Tailevu) and many of these deeply philosophical issues do trouble them. Should we do away with self serving chiefs? Should we have a more democratic system that determines who will be the turaga ni mataqali, yavusa? Why should it continue to be hereditary?

    Sa rauta mada. Na wekaqu, e sa dua na ka na momosi ni yalo e sa bikaci keda tu ena gauna qoka. I wish we had the answers. But I do believe that a spirit of compromise and an preparedness to sit down and discuss the issues is the key to our collective future.

    Kalougata tiko

  25. Ablaze Says:

    Ratu Joni and Adi Samanunu have just received an invite to the Bose Ni Turaga.

    Why now? Wonder whether they will attend?

  26. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ tarai2,

    I also support a compromise to resolve the political mess, but no amnesty, only pardons.

    That way we eradicate the coup culture.

    Give amnesty, and the coup culture festers.

    Moce mada na wekaqu as I am going to enjoy some grog.

  27. Nostradamus Says:

    It is time for PM Qarase to call in foreign experts in demolition to completely reduce all military assets to rubble. Soldiers can be told or even paid to lay down their arms and take off their uniforms. Demolition could be from the air with 2000 lb bombs, after suitable warning is given to humanity to clear the area.

    The real GCC should meet somewhere, Bau or Somosomo perhaps, on the same day as Voreqe’s minor chiefs party, terminate the disfunctional comotose president and appoint a new one, someone with a functioning brain and known integrity, Ratu Joni perhaps.

    Nuremburg type trials can be set up at what formerly was the military camp. Every person who raised arms against the People of Fiji must be taken to task and the leaders, at least, executed.

  28. tarai2 Says:

    w@ Nostradamus Just who exactly would these “foreign experts” be ? Which country would they come from? Why would they give their lives for Qarase and his cause? Are there not enough locals in Fiji believing in Qarase who would be prepared to lay down their lives for him? Why must you call upon foreigners to do the dirty work for you? Why cant you get off your ass and do some serious work for a change?

    Sa rauta mada na veibolebolei tawayaga. Mo liutaka mada na tucake!

  29. tarai2 Says:

    @ JW What is the difference between an ‘amnesty’ and a ‘pardon’?

    Please explain

  30. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    Tarai2 appears to be a voice of reason that has been missing from this forum. Ni a tu beka mai valagi? Appears like you bring a fresh perspective to these discussions. And I agree ni sa ra taroga tiko na lewenivanua se vanua cava sara mada sa da gole tiko kina ‘qo. As much as I hate to say so, some of our Turaga Bale (tabu yani), appear to have made this struggle a personal one because they were in the SDL government that was overthrown by this regime. Don’t get me wrong: Any removal by force of a democratically elected government is wrong and cannot/should not be condoned. But Paramount Chiefs have a responsibility as well to their people and trust and respect is a two-way street and sometimes I wonder whether all Paramount Chiefs understand that. Two wrongs don’t make a right. And anyone who refuses to compromise (whether Paramaount Chiefs, IG or SDL), in my humble view makes for bad leaders. For compromise is giving and taking and sharing, like it or not. And Leaders owe that to the people of Fiji.

    Sa dri yani.

  31. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula Pusiloa – long time girlfriend.

    Maybe they’re intimidating the Singh family because their cheques bounced at the Liquor dept there or the credit card was declined.

    What they fail to understand is that it’s not the Singhs fault or business that they don’t have any credit or paisa to pay for their goods.

    Like any legitimate business these days there’s no ‘book down’ – book down in the 21 century is by credit card & if it’s declined at POS then too bad, no goods can be taken out of a business then, unless paid in cash, otherwise it’s termed as theft.

    This has happened a few times with high profile members of the community, cheques bouncing – so the businesses will not accept any cheques from them anymore – NO NO NO. So they resort to credit cards – oi lei maria!

    Shopping trolleys have been left fully of groceries at supermarkets like Kundan Singhs & Super Fresh up at Tamavua because the credit card produced to pay the bill has been declined at the POS – tamani big madua!

    People up Princes Road way shop at both these stores because they stock the goods they need and can afford to buy. Not only that, the customer service is exceptional and both stores are very clean, both inside and outside and there’s a lot of room to park your car or qiqi.

    Too bad these great stores are close to QEB as the wannabees wanna be seen shopping there too with their credit cards. Point is – if you can’t afford to pay for your groceries, petrol or booze kua mada na viavia.

    We all have to pay for our lifestyles and if we don’t have the means to do so then WE DO WITHOUT! It’s that simple. I don’t give a shit whether a person shops at Kundan Singhs, Super Fresh Tamavua or at Rajendras in Suva – it does not make any difference – we all have to eat & buy toothpaste, toilet paper etc – but when these arseholes start waving their credit cards around then it’s rejected at the POS – well they pay the consequences but they want to make the business owners suffer for their own stupidy by systematically robbing and destroying their premises.

    This in turn creates another set of consequences, regular shoppers are put out because the stores have to be shut for repairs and ‘police investigations’. The prices will rise because the business owner has to pay for the damages and more security measures – sure they have insurance, but it doesn’t cover everything.

    Where’s the constraint with these ig coupsters?

    Cagona na matani ta kunea. A few extra dollars in the pay packet and they think they’re friggin’ millionaires. Bah!

  32. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula Vinaka Jon Jon – I hope you’re keeping well!

    Me tawa vinaka tuga na baigani gonei!

  33. tarai2 Says:

    @malekata ravisa Warai, kemuni. Daru tu la mai na koro. Am a schoolteacher, mother of three (very happily so)

    I talk to my students each day and beg them to reflect on the issues that confront us at this time. Perhaps I do come across rather strongly…but hey, thats the reality of belonging to an imperfect humanity…we can only ask for Divine guidance and reason in all that we do. We have a Loving God and that is all that matters.

    God Bless

  34. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula tarai2 – If all teachers were like you the world would be a better place.

    Your contribution to the next generations is a precious gift.

    Please keep up your comments as it’s very welcome.

    Vinaka Vakalevu.

  35. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    Vinaka Adi Kaila! Agree 100%. If all teachers were as thoughtful and as concerned as Tarai2 is, the education of our children would be in safe and secure hands. Parents like I should be thankful. Are there more like you?

  36. tarai2 Says:

    “And anyone who refuses to compromise (whether Paramaount Chiefs, IG or SDL), in my humble view makes for bad leaders. For compromise is giving and taking and sharing, like it or not. And Leaders owe that to the people of Fiji”

    @ Malekata Ravisa. You are so.. so right. I strongly agree with your statement above. In fact I have taken your quote and will ask my students to make it a subject of an essay they should prepare individually. This will give them cause to reflect on the issue of leadership and the quality/role of traditional leadership in resolving urgent national issues like the one we are confronted with at this time.

    Dua mada na noqu talanoa vei kemuni e na siga vinaka nikua. A student in my class described the current situation like being marooned on a desert island. One group on the island want to build raft to explore beyond the horizon in search a better future. A second group defer to their appointed leader who does all the thinking for them. Their leader out of picque and a sense of being wronged insist that they remain on the island and resist all attempts to discuss a way out of their situation. That leader offers no way out, not even a sense of hope….just a stubborn resistance to any attempts to find a solution to their predicament.

    If we were on that island which group should we join and why? That is the question we should reflect on, according to this student. As their teacher I complimented the student on his use of the metaphorical desert island and suggested that in finding an answer to that question we need look no further than the lesson of Jesus Christ. Here we had someone who came from the edges of society, was born in a manger lived in by animals and who offered hope for a new beginning and eternal life. His life and crucifixtion reminds us that the greatest moments in our lives comes not from standing on the podium of Victory. It comes when, out of a sense of dejection and despair, we feel rise up in ourselves a sense of hope and a promise of a new beginning. We must embrace that spirit and grasp the promise of a new beginning and better tommorrow.

    It is the role of leadership to provide that hope and to inculcate that spirit in their followers. Leadership is invariably about people…about providing the opportunity for people to perform at their best. By discouraging us from participation and dialogue in the Presidential Forum etc, are our traditional leaders doing us a favour? Should we be exploring the promise of new beginning? Should we not join the group who are building that raft to get us off the island?

    These are some of the deeply philosophical questions we have to find answers to as individuals and as a group. We owe it to our children and their children to do so.

    God Bless. Kalougata tiko e na veigauna sa bera.

  37. Mark Manning Says:

    The forum and the leaders meeting coming up are just smoke screens to fool everyone . Frank and Co. have only one intention and that is total dominance over all the Fijian Institutions , Government , both National and local .
    The chiefs are right to stay away from an illegal meeting called by an illegal regime . Going to such a meeting , only gives it the appearance of legitimacy it doesn’t have at the moment !

  38. Budhau Says:

    When you refuse to negotiate – you better know what your best possible alternative is when you do not negotiate. If that alternative does not look good, you better start talking – fast.
    You are either at the table – or you are on the table.
    Manning – them chiefs staying away from “things illegal” – go figure out what they did the last time we had an illegal takeover of a democratically elected government in Fiji.

    tarai2 – good for you – talk some sense into guys like Nostra and Duana.

    Since 1987 – it seem that the future of two generation has been destroyed – and we are now going descend into all out tribalism – and that will go on for a very long time.

    Some of you buggers are talking about Mugabe and Hitler and all that – well you ain’t seen nothing yet – this FB dude ain’t anywhere close to that – but the way things are going, we will get to that Mugabe land soon – and I am sure we will make prime time on CNN.

  39. Dauvavana Says:

    hey butthole cannot counter me and is very resentful that is why he is always brining up my name even in conversation that does not concern me

    butthole the master racist who generalises on Fijians (yess real Fijans) not those of the weed variety

    still not has answered my question about who of the Fijian Ratu’s have “ripped off” (his exact word) NLTB, VDC and FHL?

    if butthole cannot answer that then he should just shut up and run under mamma’s skirt to hide.

    this blogg is for the big boys

  40. Wini Says:

    @ Mark Manning so it is obvious which group on Tarai2’s metaphorical island you belong to. You would discourage those wanting to build a raft to get away from ‘Devils Island’.

    We now know which side you belong to. Go join Dauvavana and Nostra etc in being a negative influence…their use of abusive language in their posts tell us much about their level of intellect and respect for otger peoples views and position. Dauvana even wants foreigners to come fight our battles for us. What a weasel he is.

  41. Damudamu Says:

    I make a prediction:

    1. Mad Bai will become president as soon as Iloilo croaks!

    Qai tarogi au tale!

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