It just does not gel!

In today’s Fiji Sun, John Samy is quoted as saying that out of the 420,000 people of voting age 92.5% agreed with the pillars of the Peoples Charter.

Okay, if that is true, then why won’t the government have elections in 2009?

After all, what is holding them back if they have proven statistics indicating that the voters are willing to let the Charter have a go and the be all solutions for Fiji’s problems?

Voreqe and his newly formed Green Party can use the Charter as their manifesto and we all go to an election.

and please go and register at as we mobilise globally to fight for democracy and general elections in Fiji.


16 Responses to “It just does not gel!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    This John Samy , what is his background , is he Fijian , what is his expertise and who is he to say anything on the charter , which after-all , is an illegal document ( toilet paper really ) by an illegal regime .
    Self appointed Boce !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s unbelievable to think that your civil Servants get $22.20 and hour , that’s more than I earn as Nurse with 34 years experience , plus it’s 5 times what a labourer gets in Fiji !
    In Australia , labourers get more than nurses , but not five times more !
    I think the public service in Fiji need to reduce their wages and increase the poverty line to $5.50 an hour .
    Good to see that Frank remains consistent , no elections , he just seems so blinded by his advisers !

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    MM not sure what you are referring to, but I believe John Samy was getting something like $20K per month as a consultant for Voreqe.
    John Samy is a Fiji Indian who worked in the Central Planning Office in the 70s after graduating from USP. He was sent by the government to do and MPhil at Sussex in England. While working as a civil servant, he surrepticiously wrote parts of the NFP manifesto for the election in 1987. His office was referred to as the Indian Planning Commission, because he hired only “people of merit” (read Indians). When Rabuka came in, Samy was sacked. He had a sympathiser in a high place, however, and a job at the ADB was arranged for him at an ADB meeting in Auckland in August 1987. Reports from Manila are that Samy was generally hated in the organization, but kicked upstairs until he became a VP, and was in charge of the Vietnam desk. Somewhere along the time he took NZ citizenship and then retired there a few years ago. Samy was always an ethno nationalist, pushing Indian supremacy in Fiji, which was why he did not get along famously with Rabuka. Whether Samy was involved in fomenting the recent coup or just joining it as an opportunist to manipulate Voreqe and further his own ethno-nationalist agenda is something that should be investigated. The parts of the Charter which deal with the wiping of the Fijian race, institutions, and name from the face of the earth would be Samy. The parts about ensuring military supremacy would be Voreqe. Together they have a marriage of convenience. There are other parties with their own agenda as well, which Dauvavana has pointed out in another posting.

  4. Ablaze Says:

    Well folks the Pig has said it, NO ELECTIONS NEXT MARCH!

    I thought this said it all – comments made in Fiji Times Forum!

    Lusianna of Fiji says…
    Reminds me of that song; What’s new pussycat?

    Yesterday was facing suspension from the Commonwealth, today facing suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. If the Ministerial Contact Group are disappointed with the outcome of their dialogue with an illegal regime we are offended, insulted, displeased, distressed, infuriated, angered etc etc. It makes our blood boil because here we have a man who took it upon himself through a criminal act, give himself the power to make selfish decisions for the people of Fiji.

    Cut the chase, Aust, NZ, PNG, Samoa, Tonga, & Tuvalu and you Stephen Smith, the Big Daddy why be disappointed use the bully tactics Aust have been accused time and time again. You all should’ve known there would be no election – teach Frank and his gang a lesson – go ahead with the suspension and more – only way Franky will learn.

    What political will? Franky has no idea what that is – he doesn’t want to know either because it doesn’t fit into his plans.

    Fiji society can kiss goodbye to our nation returning to democracy and an elected govt to focus and concentrate on our well being which is to improve the social and economic conditions and circumstances.

    Franky has won because he has the guns and people whom we thought would stand up for us haven’t the guts to do so. Franky has made complete fools of the Forum and the people of Fiji.

  5. anon Says:

    Mosese Tikoitoga to be the next Commisioner Central.

    Va cava ya, de matanitu nei ta, magaitinadou mai na keba sona levu qori.!!!!

  6. Kingrat Says:

    boi dada la na claim nei Sammy the bastard. vinaka Anon i agree with you magaitinadratou…

  7. pitfan Says:


  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    ig charter = propaganda = not wanted by the Nation = shredder

    Vinaka Nostradamus for that clear explanation.

    I do urge you all to read what Nostradamus & Dauvanavana have explained – I have also summarised a couple of times how the 5.12.2006 coup was initiated in the 19s – put it all together and it clears up any confusion.

    I wish George Speight and Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure could tell us everything they know. These are two of our Nations really intelligent & most articulate men who can move smoothly between the western and traditional Fiji worlds with such ease. George has always claimed that the military with pigs arse voreqe were the instigators of the 19.5.2000 coup. I believe that when the time is right they will tell a very very interesting story – not that bulldari that old prick raduka churned out.

    Regrettably many who knew the ins and outs of the 1987 coup and were against it and distanced themselves from the perpetrators have since died, some of us who listened to our grandparents and parents talk about this are able to discuss it here.

    Fiji The Nation must rid itself of all those people – This Nation can no longer survive while these people who instigated the coups and their ingrate opportunists are allowed to live freely and continually rob & usurp us of our rights.

    Fiji The Nation has never ever needed or wanted the likes of sami or whatever that kumi duka is called, $50 epeli ganilau, gammellfleisher epeli nailatikau, dumbarses voreqe, tele ni, leweni cicikalamu, khaiyum, shameems masala blonde and mattresspause et al to represent them.

    This time – when we are able to reclaim our Nation and our rights we MUST have them all detained – no matter how old or infirm they MUST be held in custody with millions of dollars sureties ONLY then fast track the legal processes to convict them and lock them all away for good. I would like RRVs status as a lawyer reinstated and for him to help convict the shameless mimis – he could still do that anyway – I will be sitting right up front with a huge smirk, red lipstick and all. Oh Happy Day!

    I pray that day is dawning.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks nostradamus

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    This substitute constitution, the farter charter, is being treated like water in a leaking bowl. They are rushing it and refilling it as they prepare to run it pass the infirm Pressie who doesn’t have a clue of what is happening or what the charter is all about. I am waiting with bated breath at what the Pressie will do with it. Will he use his presidential power to promulgate the charter into law of the land. This has got to be vociferously opposed as it was not done in a legal and transparent manner. It was in fact carried out with a lot of trickery and clandestine activities. Where is the referendum they said would be conducted. Instead they just did a response form which is subject to a lot of loopholes and highly questionable. I wonder which political party suggested that the charter and the role of army be included in the pressies forum. I really despise these interlocuters (wtf they got this name from) for putting the items on the agenda. Robin Nair is a very shady person and seems to be part of the bang gang. Halapua should just step down if he supports this agenda. WTF talk about the role of the military since their role is clearly defined and that is to remain subservient to the govt and not be involved in politicsa and should never have conducted any coup at all.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I wonder if a well placed device at Frank’s , Chaudhry’s or Samy’s residences , all at the same time , would be deterrent enough .

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    Just been watching Spice of Life , a show on TVS in Sydney , the 2 p.m. production today , Saturday. Interesting to note an Indian Fijian promoting Frank’s coup because there can’t be an Indian Fijian as President or Vice President and because Indian Fijians don’t have land ownership despite being 6th. generation Fijians . He was also comparing Fiji’s Presidency with the American Presidency . But no mention of how Indians in India would behave or react if Indigenous Fijians living in India demanded that they be allowed to become Prime Minister or President of India !
    Funny how the Indian’s arguments are all one sided .
    I would think that if your not happy living in a country , get out and live somewhere else or go back to where you and your ancestors come from .
    I’m sure however , that this man’s views were not representative of all Indian Fijians .

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    He was a teacher from somewhere , and supporting a group of Indian Fijians in Liverpool , Sydney , who are promoting the coup .
    In the interview , him and the 20 year old female reporter ( with years of experience under her skirt ) were both claiming and exclaiming that Frank was the mastermind behind promoting Democracy in Fiji with his coup !
    Now , they are so thick , the pair of them , that they couldn’t see their hypocrisy !
    How can you say a Commander of the Military who has overthrown a Democratically Elected Government , is promoting Democracy ?
    Perhaps Indians views of Democracy are far different to my own !

  14. Budhau Says:

    Adi Kaila – if RRV was such a great lawyer and had done his work right – Speight would be a free man today, just like Rabuka.

    “George Speight and Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure could tell us everything they know. These are two of our Nations really intelligent & most articulate men who can move smoothly between the western and traditional Fiji worlds with such ease.”……. that was really funny – adi kaila.

    Hey Manning FB ain’t promoting democracy – and neither are these buggers in here – their view of democracy is not close to you view either.

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    not you again !

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    budha doesn’t know what the above comment meant, exactly like he doesn’t understand the politics of Fiji as his neck is too far up chodos great divisive arsehole.


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