Charter recommendations discussed – under ‘protected isolation’ says SV!

Bloggers, it is amazing to see how stubborn this NCBBF is? Despite the resistance from a large segment of Fijians, they continue with business as usual. They incorporated civil servants to carry out their dirty work and now they are sitting in ‘protected isloation’ to determine Fiji’s future. How far have we fallen from common sense SV asks? What was once accepted as ‘illegal and wrong’ without hesitation now has been blurred and is subject to qualifications. The NCBBF’s sitting in ‘protected isolation’ shows how insecure they are because if they truly believe what they are discussing is the majority’s wishes, then there is no need for isolation. You only hide, what you know is not the ‘truth.’ Remember ragone to register on

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Taken from / By: fbcl

The National Council for Building a Better Fiji is expected to review each pillar of the draft People’s Charter and recommend changes in it’s final report to the President tomorrow.

The report the NCBBF will consider also consists of a comprehensive summary of the changes to the draft charter recommended as a result of public consultations.

In a statement issued a while ago the Council says they will also discuss a report from the Secretariat John Sammy on the nationwide public consultations on the Draft People’s Charter.

It says the TASS report provides in-depth account of the way the consultation process was handled including strategies adopted through the media – house to house visits – public meetings and information distribution activities.

It adds the report will also provide the Council with the results of the consultations.

The seventh and final NCBBF meeting is currently underway at the Nasova Police Academy.

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24 Responses to “Charter recommendations discussed – under ‘protected isolation’ says SV!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    This silly charter , put together by who knows whom , is only good for use in the toilet , where the real cleaning up can take place !
    I’m amased that Australia’s foreign Minister is happy with his meeting with frank , considering that the Fiji times has just released an article stating that Frank won’t go to elections at all , until the charter and electoral reforms have bee accepted . Does Mr. Smith actually believe the dribble that comes out of Frank’s mouth ?
    How can you tell when Frank is lying ? His lips are moving !
    What I would love to know is , who is behind this silly inept Commander , who is pulling his strings ?
    What more needs to happen before Fijians demand that he step down and the country be returned to a Democratically elected Government ?
    But also be brave enough to follow those demands up with action such as civil disobedience etc.
    It’s not easy , but the alternatives are a lot harder .
    More than 50% poverty , unemployment @ 33 % or more , the economy in ruin ( it will potentially take 20 years to recover ) unless you get rid of the Army , arrest and prosecute all those involved in the coups since 1987 .

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I refuse to believe that Frank is running the show . He’s just a puppet and a fat little one at that !
    Destruction of the Fijian Institutions , the economy , the disregard for the Constitution and the G.C.C. etc. and now the rape and pillaging of the treasury and the sacking of the Councils , clearly points to an attempt to overtake the land ownership of Fijians . No doubt that it’s even possible that the Indian government is behind this . The pay-outs to Frank and Co. must be considerable for them to risk being strung up by the neck because they have turned on their own clans , villages , civilians , government , country , friends and neighbours .

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Hear! Hear! MM,

    what I find amusing that they hold their consultations at the Police Barracks and away from public scrutiny.

    Remember this is the same place where ulukau Ului Mara was elected Chairman of the Lau Provincial Council, after several prominent Launs were blocked from attending because the bastard knew he was going to be out voted by Anare Jale.

    As they say about real estate, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Their meeting in ‘protected isolation’ speaks volumes of the content of their farter Charter.

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    the problem is , and i know you all know this , once this situation become entrenched , as some one in the above article pointed out , it will become law unless you guys show some serious and real resistance .
    Now I’m certain in my mind , that the forum and it’s results next year , will determine the time frame for any response .
    I reckon an-invitation to Frank and Co to a kava party with some spiked kava , hide their weapons while they’re asleep and just walk in and arrest the mongrels .

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    And they are now claiming the Charter has 90% widespread support.

    Seriously if they try to pull this one off and Fiji doesn’t react to it then we deserve what we get….

    This might just be the trigger…

  6. Dauvavana Says:

    why cant we be like the Greeks who are openly defying in numbers and rioting triggered after a police short dead a youth.

    Just read on the news today that 1 in 5 Greeks lives below the poverty line with us in Fiji it is now 1 in 2 that is 50% why won’t the people react????

    I mean poverty does not discriminate and 10,000 cannot hold back 790,000!!!

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    @JW and the proposed bose ni Turaga where bare 50% of those invited had confirmed, will be at the QEB where they will be billeted and wined and dined for two days

    again location location location

  8. Ablaze Says:

    Ratu Joni, the Roko Tui Bau, most intelligent, honest with high moral standards and is passionate about our beloved Fiji hasn’t been invited to attend the Bose Ni Turaga next week.

    Why aren’t the other chiefs protesting by not attending because of this. It is a good opportunity for them to show of their disapproval.

    The banner should read “if Ratu Joni is good enough to be our Vice President and annointed Roko Tui Bau he should be one us to attend the Bose Ni Turaga”

    The date for this meeting had to be changed for next week after that other good for nothing chief Naiulukau got back from his check up in Sydney, Aust.

    Stephen Smith should answer to the question; why the double standards.

  9. Tim Says:

    Mark – as to the first comments and questions you’re correct – Frank isn’t capable of runningthis circus alone. Look towards a few opportunists and check out
    Most of the latter’s predictions have now come to pass and they’re often based on personal experiences.
    You’re right as to Stephen Smith also – and some peculiar decisions made by the E.U.
    Governments and those that attend the usual talk fests usually try the easy options first. Maybe that’s why Frank feels embouldened – it took Mbeke a few years until totally ostracised before anything realistic has begun to happen.
    Don’t look too further than the Shameens and Khayuum and the scared nambie pambie enterage (Gates, Scutts – in fact the whole lot of them) they assemble around them to understand who is stoking Frank’s fire.
    If I ever had to be in charge of an execution squad, that pathetic little Bubba and his fag hags would probably be first, followed not long after by the Dritis, Lewensky’s and Ganilau offspring. I’d make the Gates of this world watch.
    The way I see it, they’ve all made their beds – it’s just a matter of time.

  10. Tim Says:

    Lately my posts have been disappearing up a black hole – maybe its the language but I thought I’d been banned.
    Smith and Rudd will of course be exploring whatever is PC, but like I say – it’s all just repeating the mistakes of history. If they keep it up we’ll be seeing the Zimbabwe of the Pacific before too long. I know they’re nice people, but unfortunately the completely dysfunctional Frank and his equally dysfunctional enterage aren’t very nice people. If ever one had to put them in some sort of pecking order, they’re amongst the worst of the pathological lying assholes you might ever hope to meet. Combined with the fact that they don’t have the courage of their convictions and are all complete cowards, it’s a deadly mix.
    I realise NZ’s foreign policy has been neutered since the election, but one should have expected more of Rudd and Smith. Oh well!! they both might have to look forward to an election defeat next time round if they think political correctness is still in vogue.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Mr. Qarase is still the legitimate Prime Minister , he hasn’t resigned nor have his Ministers , he could still invoke the treaty and ask for foreign intervention under the Constitution .
    Only the people of Fiji can start the ball rolling , once you all start , the International community and others under the treaty from the Pacific , can help and don’t forget , there must be some Soldiers and Police still loyal to the Constitution , their Oath and the people of Fiji . You need Indians and Indigenous Fijians to stand up hand in hand . Frank and his cowardly entourage would shit their panties . But Fijians should lobby the International community now about what they want done , because none of you seem to be doing anything outside Fiji and your not doing anything inside Fiji either !

  12. Nostradamus Says:

    I recall when John Samy got his job with the ADB in August 1987.
    At an open meeting of Pacific Island states, somehow he wangled a closed session to tell his story of “victimhood’ and his puppy dog tears (crocodile) landed him that job. Why? Because he was a senior civil servant who had been kicked out of his job. I wonder if the ADB will now come and offer lifetime careers to all those SDL senior civil servants who have been unceremoniously and illegally removed from their positions.

    The closed session is nothing new to a snake. The idea is to figure out how best to present lies to the president and BLT. Spin the statistics. It has already started “90% of those who signed the petition agreed with the Charter”. All Fijians know that when you disagree with something you don’t turn up, and if you do, you don’t sign. So what about the other 90% of the voting age population who did not turn up or did turn up (curiosity) and did not sign. 90% support is ludicrous to anyone who knows Fiji society, but now what will be the closed door strategy for presening this to the befuddled and cuckolded president? And then how will it be presented to the BLT. Hopefully they are in tune with their own consitutencies, but again, all the chiefs who are likely to object to the bullsdoze job have not even been invited to the BLT. It is just one sham after another with this ridiculous crowd of traitors and their mercenary death squads.

    I wonder what will happen to those chiefs who allow themselves to be wined and dined by the military for two days, followed by a mass selling out of the People of Fiji. What will happen to them when they go back to the village? Again, the army will wine and dine them until they get a 90% approval rating, and conveniently ignore all the chiefs who boycott this sham. I am looking forward to a surrepticious photograph (cell phone or hidden camera) of all the drunken chiefs at the military barracks selling their grandmothers and their subjects, as some of the old chiefs did for a few bottles of rum. Why not combine this event with a auctioning of Fijian land?

  13. Nostradamus Says:

    How about a new Deed of Cession, signing all land and sea over to Voreqe? Take a lesson out of history.

  14. Dauvavana Says:

    reminds me of the story behind the conversion of a large chunk of land in Deuba, Serua into freehold land now called Pacific Harbour. Some white fellas were trying to buy it off in the 19th century and when it was learnt that it belong to the Serua People they got one Serua Chief who was brother to the Vunivalu of Serua and got him onto a schooner crusing Suva Harbour where he was wined and dined as well as provided female escort until he signed away at some piece of paper selling that chunk of land off to this white dude.

    the rest as they say is history.

  15. Nostradamus Says:

    I believe that was common practice in those days.
    The American technique was just as ruthless, and chronicled by Tolstoy in 1904 – a process called debt enslavement, which applies to Ganilau today.
    Perhaps Deuba people can get Voreqe to buy votes by getting their land back for them, but it would likely end up like that property in Vanua Levu that Rabuka promised to the taukei, then put his own name on it.
    Most of the alienated land in Taveuni went for bottles of rum for the Tui Cakau, and that may hold for the rest of Cakaudrove as well.
    Chiefs selling out their people is nothing new. One question though is whether Voreqe can get away with it. A credit to the people of Tailevu is that he is generally hated in his village. Not sure where he even thinks he is going to go after this escapade is over – China? India? Zimbabwe? Naboro? Lomailagi? Perhaps if he secures the land for the Deuba people he will be given a villa where he can build a tall fence to protect himself.

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    I guess it was Sir Arthur Gordon who put a stop to most of that bullshyt but the Tui Cakau held out longer: “I own the land and I own the people”.
    There was also some sculduggery about that area in where the rice was in Nausori. Where there is money, there is a way. Latest scam is buy the corrupt leadership of the military, supported by youthful mercenaries, and introduce “land reform” ala Mahen and his various “land utilisation (confiscation) schemes”. He had Bune doing his dirty work in 1999. Even Qarase was buying into the 50 year lease idea. If you go for that, you might as well kiss the land and the people goodbye.

  17. Budhau Says:

    Nostradamus “Chiefs selling out their people is nothing new.”

    Na nai sake – come on, chiefs can’t be doing that – never did, never will – ask Duana.

    And that myth about the 50 year leases that Qarase was pushing – hey dude, they can give out 50 year leases under ALTA but have they ever done that. That is what Qarase was going to do – put in that 50 year clause in there – with a 20 year minimum.
    Just like they always got the 30 year minimum under ALTA, so will they get the 20 year minimum under NLTA – effectively reducing the term of the lease from 30 to 20 years.

    Regardless of which side of there debate you are on – can you see how sneaky Qarase was – and those Indian, you think they are stupid and not see what Qarase was up to.

    That is the kinda crap Qarase was pulling – not negotiating in good faith.

    In 1976 when they came up with ALTA bill – the first three drafts of the bill done by Ratu Mara had one common feature in all those three drafts – the 50 year lease – just days before the bill came up for second reading, the government changed its mind and went to the 30 year lease. The reason was that Mara saw a split in NFP and knew that he could push through the bill with 30 years as opposed to 50 and one faction of the NFP will support the legislation.

    and BTW let me get this straight – that it was OK for Fijians to lease their land for 30 years, and no one has yet stolen any land from them, however, if they lease it for 50 years then we “might as well kiss the land and the people goodbye.”
    If Mara had put the 50 year leases in the 1976 bill – the we would have definitely kissed the land goodbye – right?

    Come on Nostra – regardless of your politics – this exactly the kind ofd crap that is preventing you guys from getting any kind of agreement on the land lease issue. If you don’t want to lease the land or if you hate the tenant community than just say so – don’t come up with this crap.

  18. Nostradamus Says:

    There is no point in having an agricultural lease longer than 10 years. It is bad for tenant landlord relations. For sugar, make it 7 or 8 since that is the ratoon. Residential is different. Make it 30 years on 1/10 acre.

    No crap. Just lease for the length of time to justify the investment. Renew half way through it you want to continue. Simple as that. Keep your hatred and racism out of it.

    And whatever happens, make sure there is an inflation clause. Otherwise, base it on a percent of revenue (not profit, because the scammers will figure out ways to manipulate profit) just revenue so everyone can see the product and how much is paid for it.

    Do this and restrict the role of NLTB to renting and collecting rents for landowners, and you have harmony. None of this investment crap by NLTB. They don’t know what they are doing any more than Voreqe. If landowners want to invest, they take their rental money and invest, unit trust, chicken form, movie theater, whatever. If they want professional help they can hire it. No putting some half educated chief in charge of investing other people’s money with no accountability.

  19. Nostradamus Says:

    Besides, the sugar industry is not going to last another 7 years unless they get rid of the military fast. I have a better idea. Force labor the soldiers to go out and become cane cutters and pay them according to their productivity and share of revenue after the mill gets their share and the landowners get a fair rent. See how long the military lasts if those guys have to do any real work.

  20. Peace Pipe Says:

    The sham farter charter has always been a item of objection right from the beginning as we all know there is no legitimacy, ethic or support for it. It is only an exit or escape plan for the Pig to escape his misdeeds. It is a diversionary exercise or detour to distract people of the reality of the situation and is a platform to hookwink the masses into believing his lies. It is a coverup to hide the crap that is about this coup and all the devious activities going on which has nothing to do wih the general population but power, glory and riches for themselves. Weasel Sami has collected more than he had bargained for and laughing his way back to NZ after having done his magic show in Fiji. His main audience include the PIG whom he managed to hynotized into believing the heap of shit is pudding pie. So what with the 90% support of the charter. When the exercise began Sami himself said the response was not to be used to legitimise the farter charter so what is it gonna be used for. They are trying to kid everyone but we must not allow this sham to succeed. Now they are using the govt resources and money to gain followers like they doing with the chiefs being invited for the meeting and feasting at QEB.

    Another sorry event was the meeting of PIF foreign Ministers with Cranky Franky. Now they heard right from the horses oops pigs mouth that there will be no elections in 2009. The guy wants to be PM for life. Now that they heard it right they should not wait any more and turn the screw on and squeeze the pigs ass to kingdom come. No more time to pussy foot and show what you can do to a swine who wants to be everything.

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    Butthole should remember that we own the land and if they do not want to lease it on our term then to hell with tenants. We’re used to our land not being leased and they need it more then us.

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Frank will create such chaos in the community soon that he will use that as an excuse to abrogate the constitution in order to then slice up the land in Fiji and redistribute it to Samy and Co.
    Are you going to wait for that to happen ?
    He’s ready for a showdown with the E.U. the G.C.C. the Councils , and now the forum . So it might be a good idea to act before that all takes place !

  23. Wini Says:

    From the various pronouncements by chiefs at the BNT looks like Frank has them in his pocket. They talking about compromise and a keeness to get the country moving forward. Those chiefs who stubbornly refused to attend out of their loyalty to Qarase must be regretting their decision coz the QEB pronouncements are making them irrelevant. They can sit up there on their high horses claiming Divine Right etc but by staying away they were not demonstrating leadership. We need a more level playing field and it maybe time to clip the wings of these so-called high chiefs like Ratu Epenisa etc (has that guy ever held down a real job in his life?)

  24. Budhau Says:

    Duana wrote, “Butthole should remember that we own the land and if they do not want to lease it on our term then to hell with tenants. We’re used to our land not being leased and they need it more then us.”

    Now you are talking Duana – the you will hold your breath until you turn blue – or you you take the ball and go home.

    So they tried it – they stop leasing the land, until the Ratu’s figured out that without their cut of the lease money they can’t get that good life so they were back at the bargaining table.

    You see Duana – after the NLTB and the Ratus get their cut of the lease money, the poor landowner isn’t left with much – so he doesn’t give a crap whether his land is leased or not – he can probably make more money doing some non-commercial type of gardening etc.

    Wini – those chiefs that are not there – aren’t they all SDL guys with their patron asking FB to apologize before he will think about coming.

    Nostradamus – you suggestion about a new deed of cession – BTW have you ever thought about the old one – some “failed businessman” type sold out your country once – and what did you do about it – you made it a requirement – that those who signed the deed of cession are the ones who remain the big chiefs. Those who some how missed out on the signing – and some of them were significant folks – and those who had bad timing – they lost out for ever. How about if that deed was signed 10 years earlier or later – who do you think would the big chiefs now – or what if those white folks decided to give some other folks a few big guns – they would have created some real big chiefs real fast.

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