Tarakinikini resignation letter sheds light on events of 2000

Bloggers, well here you have Tarakinikini shedding more light about this bastard Vore, who had entered into a shared agreement with Speight, but was opposed by Tarakinikini and some other senior officers. This is the same bastard, the brain dead Iloilo says after being returned to power, said if he was in the same position, he would have done the same thing! Tarakinikini’s letter is self explanatory and where the hell is Lewensky? He was in Pacific Habour! Mai ya so, mai vale e mino!

10 Dec 2008 02:45:28

The military commander Frank Bainimarama had allegedly agreed to strike a power sharing deal with the 2000 coup leader George Speight.

Former Military Spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini has made reference to this deal in his resignation letter to Bainimarama six years ago. In the letter, obtained by One National News, Tarakinikini says other senior military officers had refused to surrender the nation to rebels.

Former Military Spokesperson Lt Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini was the military’s face in 2000. He was the only Military officer who was allowed in Parliament in 2000 to meet directly with the than coup leader George Speight, most of this discussions were held behind closed doors, what transpired then, no-one really knew – until today.

This is Lt.Colonel Tarakinikini’s three page resignation letter to the RFMF, sent to the Army Commander Frank Bainimarama and it’s dated 27th of February 2002.

The outspoken officer makes reference to his personal contributions in the May 2000 crisis. He says God only knows the efforts of some senior officers and I to regain the confidence of the nation in RFMF and to press on for the safe release of the hostages during the darkest hours of the crisis.

Lt Col Tarakinikini writes Even when you agreed to a power-sharing deal with George Speight and his group, another senior officer and myself during the officers meeting the next morning refused to surrender the nation and told you to call off your agreement.

He goes on to say…Having faced much more difficult operational situations overseas we were confident we would find a way out, and we did at Muanikau.

He adds the RFMF’s sole purpose was to free the national leaders – Lt Col Tarakinikini wrote quote our job as their servants is to be accountable to them, as our political masters and the law. That is what democracy is all about. Unquote

He then writes about his relationship with the military commander saying “I leave RFMF disappointed, sadly the professional ethics and moral values have in a short space of time become hardly recognizable. We have clearly lost the high moral ground.”

He continues there is no way that the nation can go forward towards national reconciliation and enduring peace and security that all citizens aspire to until the RFMF regains that high moral ground.

Lt Col Tarakinikini then refers to a phone conversation he had with Bainimarama.

He writes “After our telephone conversation a few weeks ago you categorically stated that a full public commission of Inquiry into the RFMF and it’s failures prior to and during the May 2000 coup is irrelevant.”

“It appears to me therefore that your agenda against me is personal one and that the investigation presently conducted in RFMF by you is a discriminatory and selective means to frame and purge those professional officers including myself, who question your command ethics.” “The regimental Fund that you are refusing to allow the Auditor General to look into is only an example.”

That telephone conversation, Tarakinikini revealed in this letter ended abruptly. “When you slammed the phone on me in the middle of our conversation I felt that even simple discourtesies have helped erode some of the affections I had for that august office which all members of the RFMF looked up to.”

“It confirmed once again the message that you have been implying since taking office that there is no place for me in the RFMF as long as you’re in command.”

Military Response

A copy of Lt.Colonel Tarakinikinis resignation letter has been sent to the Military Spokesperson Major Neumi Leweni earlier this afternoon.

Major Leweni who is currently in Pacific Harbour had confirmed receiving the letter but has not been able to issue a statement when this bulletin was prepared.



41 Responses to “Tarakinikini resignation letter sheds light on events of 2000”

  1. Save the Sheep Says:

    The sooner the nation hears the truth and nothing but the truth on all of the coups but particularly since 2000, there will be no clean up and no moving Fiji forward.

    Let it ALL hang out……

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, when you analyze the letter, the key points jump out.

    * “He adds the RFMF’s sole purpose was to free the national leaders – Lt Col Tarakinikini wrote quote our job as their servants is to be accountable to them, as our political masters and the law. That is what democracy is all about. Unquote

    bananasinpyjamas seems to think the opposite and has no idea about democracy

    * “It appears to me therefore that your agenda against me is personal one and that the investigation presently conducted in RFMF by you is a discriminatory and selective means to frame and purge those professional officers including myself, who question your command ethics.”

    Even 6 years ago, people could see that bananas had no idea about leadership

    * “The regimental Fund that you are refusing to allow the Auditor General to look into is only an example.”

    I imagine that if you have stolen from the fund, then you would not want an auditor investigating it

    * “When you slammed the phone on me in the middle of our conversation I felt that even simple discourtesies have helped erode some of the affections I had for that august office which all members of the RFMF looked up to.”

    The telltale sign of an ignoramous who has no idea of leadership,

    In summary, bananasinpyjamas is a lying, thieving, cowardly, unscrupulous pig.

  3. Tarai2 Says:

    Adgee with Save the Sheep. We need to go right back to 1987 coz some of the big fish who organised and particpatefd in that disgraceful episode are still enjoying the fruits of their deeds eg Kubuabola (Fiji Ambassador to Japan), Naivalurua (aka ‘Yellowbelly’ as Commissioner of Prisons), Filipe Bole (Minister for Education), Meli Vesikula & Finau Kabataucoko (NCBBF) etc. Even Epeli Naulukau who was Commander RFMF at the time and conveniently slipped out of the country a few days before Raduka made his move on 14 May 1987 needs to be investitgated for his dissappearing act. We need to go right back to the beginning to root out the coup virus that Raduka introduced into Fiji.

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    didn’t someone say recently that chaudhry had the dirt on frank and another person for stealing funds from somewhere ? I don’t recall who , where , when or from which fund . Is it the same fund as above ?
    Soon we will see these thieves dobing each other in , running for cover and abandoning the sinking ship like the rats that they are !

  5. Bin Ladin Says:

    Hearing your comments makes me sick me in the stomach!. Please just ask yourself which audience you arer targeting to hear your grieviences. Its is restricted to no more then ten idiots who normaly gave their one cent woth on every article in this blog. Your effort is wasted if you don’t touch real people iwth your protests and two cents worth!.

  6. iceman Says:

    That is the sole reason he is brainwashing his soldiers to listen only to him because he knows that all his lies are catching fast on him..Laurai ga e ke na boci kei na sona levu.. Some one please just put a bullet on his head to end all this chaos..

  7. Save the Sheep Says:

    I for one will never forget the grumpy faced body language that VB displayed throughout the signing of the Muanikau Accord.

    He really looked liked a kid who had his lollypop taken from him.

    Not a happy little Frankie at all.

    It is good the Tarakinikini speaks out now but so should everyone else who was involved and lay it all out.

    It is pathetic that it has taken him this long to reveal what he has and I an sure he has a lot more to tell.

    As for Bubba and the complaint against him – what a complete loser.

    If you have nothing to worry about from being judged by your peers then just shut up……

  8. anon Says:

    iceman, I wish I have the resources, will be just too happy to pull the trigger.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    Rather pointless, in my view, revealing this strongly worded resignation letter – wtf cares?. Whatever truth it intends to expose, is no bloddy use to the country right now because it is NOT going to get us out of this rut!

    Forget Tarakinikini. With extensive military training and experience, he FAILED to out-do the lesser trained naval Pig the country has had to deal with today. The man fled for greener pastures leaving behind the military virtually in the hands of the lesser qualified and inexperienced officers and men. What a great soldier of the Nation! 😦 Damn the man!

    Folks, let’s focus on the immediate players of this regime. Together we will bring them DOWN. I know we can!

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    I think you have to consider that frank as Commander , had absolute authority over all other soldiers .
    It was the Government and police who failed in their duty !
    If a soldier disobeys a leg order , he can be arrested and Court Martialed , the other option , is to resign which this man did .
    The public of Fiji , need to take some responsibility for the coups since 1987 , because the fear of an Indian majority in government , was the original reason for the 1st. coup and that coup therefore was based on racial prejudice .
    So everyone must take some blame . The question is now , how do you get out of this mess ? You now have a mentally deranged power monger at the helm of an undisciplined armed force of disloyal soldiers with incompetent , dishonest leaders .

  11. B.Watson Says:

    If you think that Ta is kiiding ,imagine what would happen to him ,considering the trumped up charges on JB and his buddies.
    I would think the option taken by Ta to walk away is better than joining them if you can’t beat them.
    Na koi Naitasiri na tamata qoi,Rau kawa ni tamata makawa no,dina ga ni bau mai colo.Ya dau tukuna na noqu Tau o Veramu mai Serene.Pulari

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    They say the solution is in the problem !
    So , define the problem and you’ll find the solution .
    Maybe Frank genuinely believes that it’s his job to protect the Constitution and if that’s the case , then you need to convince him of a better way of doing that .

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ STS,

    Tarakinikini wrote this letter back in 2002, which is some 6 years ago, but has only surfaced now. He did stand up to his beliefs then and quite rightly quit the Military, when he saw it going the wrong way and he was no longer welcome.

    The question for me is how did the Military manage to keep this letter buried for this long? Where did the leak come from? QEB? If so, then it shows that despite all this back pay, there are still pockets of resistance at QEB.

    Maybe my Tau IslandBoy may have some inside knowledge.

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    i think your spot on and that some of the soldiers who have returned from Iraq recently , may have a more realistic view of the Militaries role in Fiji .
    Frank and Co. must be crapping their pants now at the prospect of an organised revolt from within the ranks , from these returned soldiers and police .
    Isn’t it interesting to know , that the things we try to avoid , we end up creating ?
    Frank is trying to avoid jail , but has actually sentenced himself with his own behaviour . And this was despite being warned by his fellow Officers , not to go ahead with the coup ! What a tosser !

  15. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    If it comes to Tarakinikini’s word against the word of VB, there is no contest. The Pig’s readiness to lie is well proven. “I will hold elections in 2009.” The “clean-up campaign”. “Good governance and accountability.” He will say anything to suit his purpose, we all know that by now.

    Tarakinkini s letter makes clear that Bainimarama’s number one priority all along has been Frank himself, no-one else, no other cause. When Speight was a force he was ready to deal with him so long as it helped Bainimarama.

    We’ve all heard the rumours that Bainimarama was supposed to be the Interim PM in 2000 and Speight was a last minute stand-in because VB didn’t show up.

    This explains why Bainimarama goes crazy when people talk about a process of reconciliation in which all the actors confess their part. He has more to lose than anybody else from such a process.

    As to why Frank didn’t turn up to claim government in 2000, it’s obvious his nerve failed him. When he made his escape through the cassava patch, his bodyguards had to throw him over the side because his legs wouldn’t move on their own.

  16. Navosavakadua Says:

    The Tarakinikini letter surfaced back in 2002 when Tarakinikini took the Koma Da and the Presidential diaper to court for failing to accept his resignation. Justice John Byrne ruled in favour of Tarakinikini. VB’s motives were pretty easy to read.

    ‘I find it incredible that nearly two and a half years after May 2000 the Army should still be fishing for evidence which I have little doubt it would like to find against the Applicant who, in his letter of resignation, was most critical of the First Respondent and
    disillusioned with the State of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to which he had given efficient and loyal service for some twenty years.”

    The Koma Da had this reversed on appeal, on technical, procedural grounds. The substance of the appeal: that Frank was trying to silence a critic by implicating him in the Speight coup was not considered. The evidence against Tarakinikini was that his name
    was on a list of Speight appointments as Commander. Was this because VB was supposed to be Interim PM?

  17. at least Says:

    MM…What part of the constitution did you say Vore was trying to protect. He has been avoiding the constitution for sometime long time before he made the coup. He threatened everyone including the government that appointed him , You see and after reading Tarakini2’s comments, this guy has been hungry for power for sometime. That is why when he holds on to it ..he did not let go like what he is doing now. That is why he sacked all those he knew that would go against him when he become PM and dictator including Tarakinikini..
    Please read the letter again from Tarakini2 you will know the kind of person this guy Vore is..If he can slam the fone to one of his senior staff members, he can do it on anyone including you and me..I mean we are both nothing to him.,What i would like to know now if he could do the same to GOD his creator….I bet not..or else he will be dialing his number to hell right now..

  18. iceman Says:

    @ at least..Vakaraitaki ga e ke na vuli vaka vo…kamusu na peni…..

  19. Corruption Fighter Says:

    The Tarakinikini letter of resignation has been around for a while but no media organisation was game to report it in detail the way Channel One did last night
    Good on them! Among other things, the letter shows just how two-faced and
    opportunistic Bainimarama really is.

    !t also chronicles how the once proud RFMF has been denigrated to the point of becoming a band of common thugs and robbers under the “leadership” of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. I hope that the visiting Forum miniosters are made fully aware of the letter and its contents, t would help them better understand the sort of lowlife ratbag they are dealing with.

    On a lighter note, the following link gives FDN’s take on Bainimarama’s proposed deal with Speight.


  20. Dauvavana Says:

    Tarakikini’s letter only confirms our worst nightmare:

    Voreqe has all the hall mark of a tyrant like Attila the Hun, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin.

    I never dreamt of the day nor ever imagine that Fiji or my beloved province of Tailevu was going to bear us our very own tyrant. A man who was prepared to frame or kill to get his way and was prepared to drag the entire nation down in order to save his own skin.

    There are two names I am begining to really resent now for it was their scheming ways that let this ugly genie out of the bottle. Eveli Ganilau who was commander then, and recommended his name as his boy because they were both deep into the shit of pilfering the Regimental Fund. Ganilau was commander and Bainimarama who was then treasurer if the Fund. Ratu Mara, who under the advice of his son in law appointed Voreqe commander because Ganilau said he would be easily manipulated in future to continue the Ganilau/Mara dynasty’s rule and control of Fiji.

    Now let’s have a look at Voreqe the scheming, conniving, power hungry tyrant:

    1) Now it is common knowledge that Voreqe was behind the 2000 coup but had cold feet so he did not complete it and become PM as planned. Enter George Speight. Let us not forget that when all hell broke loose Nailatukai, Rabuka, Savua, Speight, Eveli Ganilau and Bainimarama all jostled for the PM’s role in front of President Ratu Mara.

    2) Voreqe was prepared to cut a deal with Speight but when he announced it to the senior officers meeting as mentioned in Tarakinikini’s resignation letter, two senior officers opposed it thus Voreqe reluctantly backed off. It was Tarakinikini himself and Seruvakula (the Commander of the 3rd FIR and therefore the key person and most powerful in the Miitary given hsi command of the standing army)

    3) Tarakinikini negotiated the Muanikau accord which Voreqe reluctantly signed with Speight. You can read Voreqe’s body language there for the whole nation to see on TV.

    4) Vorerqe renege on the terms of the Muanikau accord and caught the fury of the CRW’s who were hell bent on killing him in the Nov 2000 mutiny

    5) Voreqe ordered the cold blooded murder of CRW soldiers

    6) Voereqe started planning well and strategising for a second attempted coup not only for power but to cover his back and this time knew who to purge or push and who to keep

    7) For the first time (taking advantage of the fall out of the failed attempt on Voreqe’s life) the Indian elite who think that they have a given right to rule over the junglee Taukei sense the possibility of taking control of the commander of the Military (an undreamt of lottery) and slowly begun to court him via Shaista Shameem organising a Security and Human Rights Workshop. The conclusion of that workshop was that a handbook was to be jointly produced by the Security Force and the Human Rights Commission and with the frequent meetings, it was not long before Voreqe begun eating out of Shaista’s hand via then Major Aziz

    8) Voreqe the tyrant began to slowly purge those who ever questioned his leadership style via the legal advice, urging and advice of Shaista who had now become his sounding board and legal adviser on constitutional matters

    9) Shaista begun to recruit others into the fold as the scheme begun to take shape and all sorts of pressure and demand begun to take place. This include demand for wage review of the military which became budgeted for in 2007 budget, review of certain pending bills and ongoing media arguments with Kotobalavu all now jointly planned by Chaudary, Samy, Shaista, Aiyarse, Judge Shameem et.al, the secret legal/political tag team

    10) However the Police Special Branch had also take note of these with their ears and eyes everywhere and had slowly put together a file of names of those planninga coup with Bainimarama. The usupers list included notable trade unionist, a former PM, failed politicians, members of the judiciary and senior government officials all in there for their own selfish agendas but the biggest was Voreqe to save his own skin as the Police were about to charge him with certain crimminal actions of 2000 and ongoing tresenous threats to the Government of the Day.

    11) Time was running put for Voreqe and he and his advisers knew that the police was ready to swoop and would do so if Qarase wins the next election

    12) The SDL won the election and made a 90 degree about turn setting up a truly genuine coalition with those that qualified under the election

    13) Chaudary was on the back foot as his own Labour Caucus were prepared to rebel against him given what Qarase had offered them as far as cabinet positions. If this government was left to run a full term, Chaudary was headed for the political scrap heap. On the other end, if the coup went forward the EU would withdraw thier $350 million package for the Sugar Industry, his power base, so it was damned if he did or damned if he don’t. He decided to go ahead with supporting the coup and took the gamble

    14) It was now time to act where they all supported the treason of Dec 2006 to serve their own agenda :

    Shaista and sisters, because they think it is their birth right to rule Fiji

    Voreqe, because he is a tyrant and has worked himself into a corner

    Ganilau because he thinks it is his right has to continue the Mara/Ganilau dynasty and he needed the money

    Colonel Aziz is just an arse kisser

    Chaudary is a power hungry bad looser and needs to clear the way for his son/dynastic succesor Rajend

    Aiyarse Kahyum – refer Shaista’s reason

    Nailatikau refer Ganilau’s reasons

    $2 Jo Nawalowalo an opportunist

    Aisake Katonivere another opportunist

    Korovulavula is just a bitter failed looser of a politician/businessman

    Naivalurua toe the line

    Bart Simson Driti toe the line and what’s in it for me

    Qetaki needed money to pay for two kitchens

    Mataitoga and opportunist

    Bune another opportunist

    Koila Mara bitter and twisted

    John Samy is out of this world and is another Shaista

    and the list goes on……………..

  21. iceman Says:

    Man I say Dau shooting for Chief Justice!!!!!…..

  22. newsfiji Says:

    And now what’s bloody wrong with Fiji TV? Must be the follow up to Tarakinikini’s letter that’s got the Fiji TV building suddenly on fire!

    Caka tale tiko vei cei na ka qo??

  23. Tarai2 Says:

    Bang on target Dauvavana. Na cava tale me tukuni ? E ra sa delamaca mai o ira ka sa ra tekivu veiladeyaki na tidaloko/tiloko!

  24. Tuks Says:

    “The birds finally coming home to roost”..Tarakinikini’s letter has only confirmed our very worst fears; which is that under the current Vore’s leadership, the Fiji Military will continue to be the biggest threat to our Nation’s freedom and democracy. Interesting how the letter has managed to come through now and especially of the motives behind its being highlighted now!!. Could it be another work of the military’s own dirty tricks depatment to continue to sensationalise issues and create instability for some of their sinister motives???.. We must never trust our own military in Fiji..Never again. They have just proved that they must never be trusted again. They have simply lost the plot if we are to rephrase Tarakinikini’s own words above.. They just dont have any worth to be what they should be.. Sa oti na noda Mataivalu totoka ni Viti. They are a rebellious army trying to survive under rebellious means etc.. Valoloma dina!!!.

  25. Tarai2 Says:

    Waden Narsey in his piece on TI and the two-faced antics of Guji businessmen in Fiji, raised the issue of who that person might be to bring the RFMF back into line and give them back the respect and credibility they enjoyed prior to May 1987. Reading between the lines methinks he was referring to JB and MS, both officers who resigned voluntarily rather than get their reputations soiled by coups. Waden raised an intersting question which we may well be advised to consider: who would be the best person to replace Frank? How would we best effect the change in Commander RFMF appoitments as part of the process to bring the military to heel? Can we do that?

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    at least
    I was saying that Frank stated in the past that he was protecting the constitution , anyone who believed that , is a goose !

  27. Truth Says:


    Funny how Budhau is a no show here.

    Truth is scary.

    For those who support the junta.

  28. Unknown Soldier Says:

    For your information, it was not Tarakinikini and Seruvakula who opposed Voreqe on that morning at the Officers’ Mess. It was someone else–a much more professional and experienced former military officer who vehemently opposed Voreqe immediately after his announcement and before other officers followed suit—-keep searching you might find him one day. He was also the same man who led the military negotiating team for the Muanikau accord in the last two days that facilitated early conclusion of the accord. Was initially not part of the team but was asked by the commander to join when negotiation was not going anywhere after some two weeks. He was also the same man who chaired the high-powered ‘Committee of Advisors’ to the commander and military council Council during those dark hours of the nation——–keep looking you might find him!!! Blog on ragone to find the truth because the truth will set Fiji free.

  29. Adi Kaila Says:



  30. Dauvavana Says:

    Adi K, au kila ni sa rairai oso oso beka o Tarakinikini, ia au ga se galala tu 🙂

  31. anon Says:

    Daushoot……. KAILA MADA !!!!!!!!!

  32. Adi Kaila Says:

    Sniper – cavuka saraga na wadrega ni butt floss – Twang!

    Cegu sara na yaloqu ni ‘o sa galala tu.

    Oh man we have to have a really good laugh – thank God we still have our sense of humor and of the ridiculous in these trying times.

  33. Damudamu Says:

    Other senior officers had preceeded Tarakinikini in telling Voreqe to his face (not in a letter) what they thought of him and his and Eveli’s (lack of) leadership style – keep looking! (Like the unknown soldier says)

  34. Wini Says:

    @ Damudamu & Unknown Soldier

    oilei e sa da oca mai na raici iratou tiko mai Delainabua. Why should we bother and play games about guessing who that senior officer was who stood up to Frank?

    In anycase it seems none of them were able to succeed in diverting Frank from his goal/intentions. If that officer has the guts why cant he come out of the closet and tell all? Same with Taraikinikini. So far they have chosen to remain silent. How will knowing the identity of that officer resolve the current situation we find ourselves in now?

  35. Damudamu Says:

    @ Wini

    Sa dina sara. Was only trying to make the point that Tarakinikini was not the first officer to stand up to Hitler. As for diverting Frank from his goal/intentions……..He only showed his hand after the officers with real kahunas had left the RFMF!! Vinaka.

  36. Wini Says:

    @Damudamu Vinaka kemuni. I suspect you know more than you are willing to reveal Yes, the best officers started leaving the RFMF as soon as Rambo did his thing in 1987. But Rt Nailatikau with no job and being virtually without any employable skills, had diffculty putting bread on the table and crawled up to Rabuka (his former subordinate) to seek employent. He got ten years as Fiji HiCom in UK…an unbelievable tenure! It took his wife that long to get her LLM degree (very convenient arrangement).

    What in your view is the best way to clean up or delouse the RFMF? Who should do it?

  37. Unknown Soldier Says:

    There is a saying in Tonga, “that if you cannot get it one way you use the other”. Ragone it seems that we have to use the other way now in Fiji to get out of this political mess. Whilst the BNT is in progress let’s look at the other way now to clean up Fiji. If this BNT forum cannot find that way then let us Ragone find it for them.

    Cheers! ! ! !

  38. Concerned Taukei Says:

    You are right Wini.
    Prof. Wadan Narsey aptly pointed out that the way to clean up the RFMF is to get a professional Commander not the ulukau one we have now. He had identified 2 possibily JB or MS and the other one is “the Unknown Soldier” whose CV was posted by the Fiji Times and Fiji Sun dailies a few years ago. His decoration by the then UN Forces Commander in Sinai read,” He has uplifted the image of the Fiji Contingent in Sinai and has done Fiji proud. He should be promoted to the position of Brigadier General”. If this potential RFMF Commander is still in Fiji then finding him and appointing him Commander is our responsibility as he will definitely re-professionalise the military and once this is done everyone in the military will know their place in Fiji’s politics which is to remain in the Delainabua barracks and to protect Fiji and its citizens. Get back all the wannabes from the military who now polluting the civil service to do what they were trained to do, send Voreqe and his cronies to Korovou Prison where they rightly belong.
    I bless the day that will happen and pray that it will be sooner than they (Voreqe and Co.) expect. Over to you Wini.

  39. Wini Says:

    @Unknown Soldier Please explain what you mean by doing it ‘the other way’ Sound like Rambo and his ‘No Other Way’ theory…when in fact there were less costly and more sensible ways of resolving issues democratically.

    I put the same question to you that I put to Damudamu: how can we clean up the RFMF and bring it back to its pre 1987 state when it was highly respected? Who should lead the clean up?

  40. Concerned Taukei Says:

    Right now there is a Pro Democracy movement made up of organisations who are concerned about getting Fiji back to a democratically elected government and then there are the pressures from NZ, Aust and the Forum nations. The other way is for us the bloggers and all our friends in the globe to use every avenue to put the pressure on the IG and our ulukau Commander and interim PM to return Fiji to a democratic govt. starting with the elections asp. In this way the IG will have NO OTHER WAY but to resort to allowing the general elections to take place in 2009. With the rising rate of unemployment, increase in violent crime, rise in poverty; these are signs of a government on the verge of bankruptcy but this IG has turned a blind eye to all these or are they that stupid they cannot see the problems. Secondly the IG know that the sooner the general elections take place the sooner they will be on their way to Korovou prison. I urge all of you Ragone to do your homework and let the international community know the realities in Fiji. You will notice that the business houses that speak against the IG are the ones being targetted for robbery with violence.
    Do take care this Christmas season.

  41. Damudamu Says:

    @ Wini ref How Can We Clean Up The RFMF

    To me, the situation is one where we have painted ourselves into a corner with no obvious solutions to get us out. To me the ‘quite mad’ Commander is totally responsible for the situation. Some will (and some already have) blamed Qarase for allowing the situation degenerate to where we are today because of what is termed as his ‘lack of leadership’.

    I argue that Qarase has shown more than sufficient leadership in the days leading up to, and after Dec 2006. The questions I pose to those who do not agree are “How do you argue with a man who holds the guns and who has quiet obviously taken leave of his senses”? and “How do you expect a desperate man who is under threat of being charged for Treason to give his freedom and not carry through with his exercise of ‘SELF-PRESERVATION’?

    To his credit, Qarase (I did not vote for SDL in the last elections), explored all available avenues to head off the threat to his government and to the nation – ending with his recommendation to the President that Bainimarama be replaced. History will record that Col Saubulinayau was appointed by the President but he refused. Lucky for him he did because as soon as mad Bainimarama returned from overseas, the weakling President cowered before his subordinate and reversed his decision. If anyone is to be found guilty of so very sorely lacking in leadership, it is our own very President who as Commander In Chief (CIC), should have swatted Bainimarama down at the very outset. Such pity when a man is appointed to a position and does not even understand the meaning of the considerable powers he holds as CIC – I venture to add that we should and an extra I to his acronym.

    Back to the question – my suggestion is that an expatriate Commander be appointed after the tenure of Bainimarama (Whenever that is). This will ensure that the RFMF be brought back on an even-keel, be re-professionalised, be de-politisized and more importantly be purged of the current corp of officers. This is my solution, and of course, others will differ in opinion.

    Unfortunately, I can now predict that Mad Bai will not adopt the solution raised above by me. His solution will be that he will appoint in his place, an officer that will still be subservient to him after his departure – one that is a yes-man, one that can be easily manipulated, one that will cover his back because they both have blood on their hands, etc etc.

    So there is my answer although it leaves us chasing our tails.

    Just to add to my answer, consider these:
    It is apparent to me that Mad Bai has not publicly singled out a successor (The Fijian Senior Officers should be fuming as Col Aziz is appointed Acting Commander everytime Mad Bai leaves the country). The question arises as to what will happen should Mad Bai be somehow and suddenly removed from the equation? The answer is that there will be in-fighting amongst the senior officers! Seniority will be meaningless as all the senior officers have tasted power and the perks that come with it and are quiet prepared to use force within

    I chuckle everytime the question of the how can the coup-culture can be removed from Fijian politics? As long as there are weapons on these islands that God gave us, and as long as there are officers in the RFMF who have tasted and been recipients of ill-gotten power, positions, promotions etc etc via Mad Bai’s coup – I am sorry, the threat will always be there of another coup. The current batch of RFMF officers have in some way, shape, or form tasted what I have alluded to above and what will tip them over the fence is their lack of professional education which would have otherwise defined to them, their true position within society!


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