Defence forces to advocate against violence – what hypocrites says SV!

Yadra bloggers, well you heard it right, the Military, Police & Prisons are taking to the street this morning in support of activism against gender violence in Fiji. Hang on a minute, are they for real? Remember the military carrying out acts against humanity and brutality to Virisila Buadromo, Adi Litia Qionibaravi, Laisa Digitaki and others at the QEB in Delainabua? These men in green have truly sold their soul to the devil and are beyond redemption. As for the Police Force, their continual blind support for ketepoka Teleni, who has broken the rule of law many a times and has willingly sacrificed his own Policemen to be found guilty for the murder of Tevita Malasebe, yet issued a Directive that no investigations be carried out against the Military too puts them in the same category. As for the Prisons, they too are in the same mould by association by blindly supporting spineless Naivalurua and making new rules for Kean under the ‘Yellow Ribbon Campaign’, which is a sham. SV says that you can not stop gender violence if you cannot even respect your own gender! It is also wrong to support gender violence, yet continue to commit atrocities against your own gender! In other words, SV says for gender violence to stop, we must respect humanity and these hypocrites in committing acts against humanity against their own gender and the other gender have no moral authority whatsoever to make this walk. Unfortunately, it is always the case that those who lack authority, desperately ‘talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk’. Remember ragone to register on

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Taken from / By: FBCL

Military, police and prison officers will take to the street this morning in support of activism against gender violence in Fiji.

They will be joined by other men and youth from around the Central Division to show support and solidarity in the fight to stop gender violence in the country.

Ministry of Health, Women and Social Welfare Communications Officer Fred Elbourne says the march will be seen as a means to get commitment from the discipline forces to be advocates against gender violence.

The march will start at 9am from the Suva Flea Market to Sukuna Park where they will be met by the chief guest Interim Defence Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

 Fiji Broadcasting Corporation LTD


19 Responses to “Defence forces to advocate against violence – what hypocrites says SV!”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    Who is paying for them to go on this march?

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I wonder if the women who have suffered severe beatings at the hands [ and feet ] of the green goons will watch this sham.

    If they do, let’s hope that they can publicly identify some of the thugs who dealt out the beatings.


  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    BTW, has fullchow managed to lay charges against any green goon for those bashings?

  4. Dauvavana Says:

    it was noble for the man and youths from around the country to join in the march but why did the security forces have to come in and become the fly in the ointment……….one element make the whole march boidada

  5. Kingrat Says:

    veicai ga na forces that marched today.. vore and teleni and naivalurua should be closed in a dark room.. kaila!!!

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    What planet are Frank and co. from ?

  7. Tim Says:

    They’ll take to the streets, then go home and beat their wives or anyone that doesn’t agree with them. They don’t seem to get it do they? NOBODY BELIEVES THEM anymore, and why would they?

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    This is everything Fiji doesn’t have at the moment and what Frank and his silly supporters should be focusing on !

  9. Cama Says:

    From planet Da

  10. soro Says:

    From Da Planet. 🙂

  11. Belijo Says:

    You cannot fool God and you cannot fool women! What is so obvious is that police, military and prison officers marching are only fooling themselves. They are not even in civilian clothes that represent humble and down to earth people that care about people but they are in army uniforms denoting weapons of violence, prison uniforms expressing subordination of criminals, and police uniforms representing the arm of law that restricts civilian unrest, all in all the uniforms are a reminder to Fijians that they are imprisoned in their own country, they are restricted in many ways. “A fool has no desire in understanding, and in expressing his own heart” The uniforms express the heart of the wearers. What fools!

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    Lets be positive! They are marching to Elections 2009. Ya!!

  13. Save the Sheep Says:

    Hey guys give the Goons a break. There are no better qualified men in Fiji on battering women.

    They batter their wives, they batter their relatives and then they batter indiscriminately anyone who disagrees with them.

    These guys really understand this issue. They are the issue after all.

    Let them march so we can all see who not to model ourselves on….

  14. Democracy Says:

    wow just saw the contents of filipo tarakinikinis resignation letter to frank on TV news so straight forward and every word so applicable even after 6 years bravo TV news for laying your hand on this and making it public

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Democracy, here is the transcript of the TV report.

    “””The military commander Frank Bainimarama had allegedly agreed to strike a power sharing deal with the 2000 coup leader George Speight.

    Former Military Spokesperson, Liuetenant Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini has made reference to this deal in his resignation letter to Bainimarama six years ago.

    In the letter, obtained by One National News, Tarakinikini says other senior military officers had refused to surrender the nation to rebels.

    Former Military Spokesperson Lt Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini was the military’s face in 2000.

    He was the only Military officer who was allowed in Parliament in 2000 to meet directly with the than coup leader George Speight, most of this discussions were held behind closed doors, what transpired then, no-one really knew – until today.

    This is Lt.Colonel Tarakinikini’s three page resignation letter to the RFMF, sent to the Army Commander Frank Bainimarama and it’s dated 27th of February 2002.

    The outspoken officer makes reference to his personal contributions in the May 2000 crisis.

    He says God only knows the efforts of some senior officers and I to regain the confidence of the nation in RFMF and to press on for the safe release of the hostages during the darkest hours of the crisis.

    Lt Col Tarakinikini writes Even when you agreed to a power-sharing deal with George Speight and his group, another senior officer and myself during the officers meeting the next morning refused to surrender the nation and told you to call off your agreement…

    He goes on to say…Having faced much more difficult operational situations overseas we were confident we would find a way out, and we did at Muanikau.

    He adds the RFMF’s sole purpose was to free the national leaders – Lt Col Tarakinikini wrote quote our job as their servants is to be accountable to them, as our political masters and the law. That is what democracy is all about. Unquote

    He then writes about his relationship with the military commander.

    Saying “I leave RFMF disappointed, sadly the professional ethics and moral values have in a short space of time become hardly recognizable. We have clearly lost the high moral ground.”

    He continues there is no way that the nation can go forward towards national reconciliation and enduring peace and security that all citizens aspire to until the RFMF regains that high moral ground.

    Lt Col Tarakinikini then refers to a phone conversation he had with Bainimarama.

    He writes “After our telephone conversation a few weeks ago you categorically stated that a full public commission of Inquiry into the RFMF and it’s failures prior to and during the May 2000 coup is irrelevant.”

    “It appears to me therefore that your agenda against me is personal one and that the investigation presently conducted in RFMF by you is a discriminatory and selective means to frame and purge those professional officers including myself, who question your command ethics.”

    “The regimental Fund that you are refusing to allow the Auditor General to look into is only an example.”

    That telephone conversation, Tarakinikini revealed in this letter ended abruptly.

    “When you slammed the phone on me in the middle of our conversation I felt that even simple discourtesies have helped erode some of the affections I had for that august office which all members of the RFMF looked up to.”

    “It confirmed once again the message that you have been implying since taking office that there is no place for me in the RFMF as long as you’re in command.”

  16. Tarai2 Says:

    It is no sceret that Frank has alienated many people. He does not trust his officers and speaks directly to his men on command matters thus marginalising the role of officers in the militray command chain. But he mollifies these officers by huge payouts of sham ’30 year accumulated leave’ monies, with himself, of course, being the first to put his snout into the trough. Thats the way dictatorships operate eg in Chad, Sierra Leone etc and now Fiji. Greed and self aggrandisement (the self awarded Order of Fiji etc) to himself are examples. Mind you Rabuka did the same and now wears more medals than a combat proven General in the US Army!

    How did we arrive at these men at the helm of the RFMF? Well, in 1987 Rambo was frustrated at not being conisered suitable for command of the RFMF that he took the position by force. In 1997 he and his beloved SVT party needed the votes of Tui Kiuva and thus elevated Frank to the No 2 position. But it backfired.

    Ratu Epeli Ganilua needed someone to cover up his pillaging of the Regimental Funds and Frank fitted the bill perfectly ie he was ambitious, of limited intellect (Form 4 at Marist) and has no morals or ethics etc. So Ganilua made the reco to his beloved father in law up the hill above Nasova…and the rest is history.

    So now we have Marist OB fourth former running the national economy. In his limited experience he belives in a centralised Soviet-style bureaucracy running every aspect of our daily lives. That explains why he wants to get rid of local government councils etc which will obviously now be run by loyal military officers who he will appoint as ‘Administrators”. Another institution of representative democracy (local government) will be abolished.

    Tarai2’s letter simply reaffirms a common problem with dictatorships….that arrogant dictators will run the country in accordance with their whims. Frank is no exception. God help Fiji

  17. Bin Ladin Says:

    If you dont take your grievineces to the streets with protests

  18. kaiveicoco Says:

    ra bau march tu na yavu lasa i tuba ! what a bunch of hypocrites

  19. sympathy for who Says:

    I’m told only Virisila Buadromo is a true democracy fighter, not the otha two women who are noted as punch drunk lasaituba’s.

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