In their face pigs

While watching the in-depth report this evening on Fiji One News I laughed out aloud at the news piece.

It did a report on Air Pacific’s inaugural flight direct to the Gold Coast, the crown jewel of the Australian Tourism Industry. Air Pacific cleverly filled the flight up with local reporters and Fiji One took a camera man along so with the reporter they journeyed around and show case back to our local audience the attraction of the Gold Coast such as the Warner Brothers Movie World.


Too bad Vore, Fiona, and the green goons with their new found wealth could not take their family there, nor Disney World in the United States for a holiday from our stolen money.

Keep the travel ban going Kevin Rudd!! oh and while you at it, can you please freeze Mahendra Chaudary’s stolen millions deposited in your Australian Banks?? Maybe you can apply your Proceeds from Crime legislation to freeze those millions.

In their face, sucked in!!!



9 Responses to “In their face pigs”

  1. Jon Jon Says:

    Well hello to add to the above article, as Vore was not permitted to board the flight to the Gold Coast only to give his boring speech on the tamac with this hopeless message to his green goons who cudn’t get on the plane, I thought this mite be interesting..Vore has told his soldiers to only listen him even though only his top soldiers get a huge amount of money n the rest none. The green goons is still eagerly awaits the so called back pay that has never reached them, since the many false promises from last year. . Will this brain washed green goons ever b awaken from the blind curse that Vore has blinded them with? Come on green goons stop kissing Vore’s shoes n just resign for the sake of peace n prosperity…

    Fiji’s military head Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has told his soldiers to ignore detractors and listen only to him.

    Addressing soldiers at Nadi last night Commodore Bainimarama said the Fiji army only listens to one voice and that is the commander.

    He encouraged the soldiers to remain true to its mission of bringing better governance to the country and ignore critics calling for early elections and criticizing the actions of the military since it took over Government in 2006.

    He said the critics who do not support the military’s cause will only prolong Fiji’s return to democratic rule.

    and full chow Teleni brainwashing his police force:

    Fiji’s Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni says he found the police force heavily politicised when he left the military to take up his new job last year.

    “When I came in I was expecting some resistance because even before I came in I knew the police was already politicised,” Teleni said in an interview with Fijilive.

    Reminiscing on his appointment as Police chief last year following his leading role in deposing the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua-led Government on December 2006, Commodore Teleni said his new job was a challenge.

    “The police were so much involved with the SDL-led government at that time. But I took up the challenge and set to change the mindset of the force.

    “Even now it is a battle.

    “My challenge is for the police to focus on their work.

    There are 2798 regulars and 1248 special constables in the Fiji police force.

    Adi Kaila, bula n the above news is for you to disect n tell us wot u think.. Dau totoka na rogoca na memela ni domoni ena SV page lol…Moce toka tau!!!

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I owned a block of land in the hills behind these buildings and used to run along this beach after going to the gym back in 1985 . Frank and Co. have cut off their noses to spite their faces !
    What idiots to think that the rest of the world would support their treasonous act .

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank , our leader !

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    If there weren’t hundreds of thousands of Dollars being paid out to Frank and his followers , everyone might believe that Frank was genuine .
    But when you know that thousands have lost their jobs , some their homes , their children a future , that the economy is about to collapse , that Fiji is getting further and further into debt , a debt the next generation will have to pay off , you have to ask yourself , why do the very people that can put a stop to this madness , the Loyal Police and Loyal Soldiers , why do they not just have Frank and Co. arrested . They must know 2 things :-
    1st. they shouldn’t follow illegal orders , any serving Military personnel know this basic concept !
    2nd. that the people responsible for arresting Frank and Co. will have the total support of the majority of the public .

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    where is that kora factory called butthole

    come back here you bullshit artist

    I am still awaiting your list of chiefs, yes those with the word Ratu next to their names that benefited or in your own words ripped off the:


    come on you racist pig. you come in here all the time making wild and wide sweeping allegation epitomising the typical indian racist attitude of your father chodo and the Fiji Labour Party.

    Go on make good on your claims.

    and pleeeease don’t substantiate your claims that chiefs back vore in his 2006 coup by providing names of eveli nailatikau, eveli ganilau, koila mara and ului mara bacause they are note not chiefs. why because??? they are not installed and no vanua back them. only arse kissers like basulu and nawalowalo

  6. Jon Jon Says:

    Mark u shud be recomended a top job in Frank’s regime.. your words of wisdom is wot Frank needs right now. I heard Aiyass is recruiting for PM secretary after his bitter feud with Pamesh Chand months ago..A job in the regime will give u the boost to kick francko in de butt to election b4 rejection

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks jon jon
    but i won’t accept any title other than president for life , his excellency the high priest , prime minister and mister for all things shiney and golden .

  8. Seini Says:

    @ SV…Good one Kuts! Has anyone wondered whether the travel bans are the reason Frank is always using any excuse to fly first class on his frequent overseas jaunts around the globe? He hates the travel bans so much and they wound his pride so much that he’s always travelling because he has to convince himself that he is a VIP jetsetter head of state.

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hey Kuts – Kevin Rudd is giving every pensioner $1400 and every child under sixteen receives $1000 for Christmas – maybe some of it came out of the haryana funds – I Wish!

    You can read this online

    Well what a blow to the piggys ego to miss out on a little ole freebie to the Gold Coast – maybe aunty meri or nazhat shamimi wanted some Queensland opals – ‘bloody oath mate’ as the Aussies would say – ‘we don’t want your sort here – *&#@ing ole pigshit’

    Imagine his rage – kila ga na rage ni vuaka lialia – ‘mudou! He’d be blaming everyone and everything except his sorry arse self for missing out on this trip. Maleka sara bloody insignificant ignoramus.

    The lead up to the full moon on Saturday 13.12.08 will be something to watch out for – I can see the enraged pig taking frequent sneaky trips to St Giles for his medication. Hey senilagikali – do the Nation a favour and overdose the bastard or give him some vuaniakau ni ose – criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

    We won’t tell – promise!

    Bubului sara!

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