Support reforms, State tells civil servants

Fiji’s interim Government has pleaded with civil servants for their support on proposed reforms that will see the loss of more than 1000 jobs from next year.

The de-establishing of 1300 jobs will save the Government $21 million which it hopes to pour into areas such as capital works and the private sector.

Interim Indigenous Affairs minister Ratu Epeli Nailatikau said the success of the reform initiatives will depend very much on strong leadership, and the commitment involved of all employees and key stakeholders in the reform process.

“….the proposed areas of focus for the civil service reforms in the New Year will include the continuous review of the government machinery, development of strategic human resource management policies to support the proposed review and communication and change management strategy to enhance and support changes that would be brought about by the reforms,” he told civil servants at the Civil Service Excellence awards Friday night.

He said “the fundamental roles of the civil service is to provide and create an enabling environment for the private sector to create the much needed jobs and ultimately grow the economy to improve the economic well being of our citizens.”

“The pressure to reform the civil service was due to the alarming trend in the government expenditure on itself,” Ratu Epeli added.

The ig coupsters have well and truly established the fact that they are a real ignorant, immoral and braindead lot of morons.

At the risk of depriving harmless civil servants of their jobs, the much maligned ig will not only create more resentment but also absolute hatred against their treasonous regime. This is about bread and butter, and to subject our civil servants to undue anxiety is calamitous to say the least.

The unfairness of it all that the ig will ignorantly recruit more personnel for a military that only exists to be used to intimidate the innocent people of this Nation is more than heartless.

Then again whoever said the ig coupsters and their opportunists had a heart at all? Let alone a soul!

This is a great shame indeed!

The last sentence speaks for itself – a truer sentence could not sum up the extraordinary unsurpassed extravagance of the ig as this last one did:

“The pressure to reform the civil service was due to the alarming trend in the government expenditure on itself,” Ratu Epeli added.

It’s bloody outrageous!!!!!!!!

Lose mai ragone



  1. andrew steinway Says:

    follow what commisioner of police did. Recruit farmer Savenaca Aria from nowhere, no qualification, and give him Sgt Rank in the regular force and free quarters at Nasese,

    Bau vacava ya,,,,way to run the govt…

    The clean up campaign has taken another course. Hope Fiji Times run a front page story…

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    And to add to the ignorance and the demonstration of it, Leweni is busy trying to tell us just how much the IG has achieved over the last two years.

    Talk about delusional !!

    But seriously folks unless there is more ‘real resistance’ to this regime then we will be stuck with it. It is getting more clear everyday that the Military is in for the long haul here.

  3. Cava Says:

    Fiji’s economy is contracting and is in bad shape,Bainimarama the idiot, figured he’d put himself in,as Minister of finance, so he can play with our tax dollars,and whether we like it or not,-he’s got the Gun to enforce his dumb decision?
    Our poor Brothers&Sisters, in the civil service, have not been paid on time for the last 12 months and this is getting worse.
    I have been told, that if you complains, about your pay or talk about it…Risi Ram, will send you a warning letter of possible suspension and if you continue to ask,he will send you a suspension letter with no pay.
    Oh my God, first they don’t pay you on time like a human being,then when you asked,they suspend you without pay?
    As far as Fijis foreign exchange there is not much left and not much coming in either? Bainimarama has no ideas what to do to boost our economy and how to do it?

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    Patrick Wong, the guru of tourism has dire projections for the next two years at least, and places the blame squarely on the military.
    Sugar production is down to 220,000 tonnes from the normal 320,000 tonnes, and combined with falling sugar prices will cut revenue in half.
    Fiji water may be impacted by the danger of plastic bottles, and if they go to glass, it will probably go offshore, with water exported in bulk and bottling value added gone.
    What is happening to gold? No word probably means nothing is happening.
    Tuna company burns down in Levuka.
    Economies have momentum and the Fiji economy has been sailing on past steam, but now is going into free fall.
    Wonderful, Voreqe. Stop listening to your own delusional and lying advisors. You regime is phucked economically and the rest will follow when soldiers and citizens no longer have food on the table and have to go home to till their land. The landless supporters of MC are out of luck, however.

  5. Democracy Says:

    For those who werent able to watch but on Close-Up last night the PSC permanent secretary admitted civil servants are bribing superiors to get postive merit assessment and that she would be ready to discriminate between a young and an elderly by hiring the young one – meet the real face of the PSC

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    It is a camouflage act to hide the real situation which is the economy is shrinking badly as opposed to the wonderland bugler’s claim of improvement. What hogwash and lies is droopy eyes trying to concoct and fool the people with. So they take the easiest way out and cream this devious action with all the lies laced into their claim as it being a CS reform. As an employer they are bound by the regulations they have endorsed in the employment Bill which they have recently endorsed. If it wasn’t for the bad cashflow they are facing they would have bided their time and let the process of natural attrition take its course and in due course they can have a slim and trim CS. But no they are just looking at their pockets to fill at the expense of civil servants lost employment. All they do are obvious and they have been trying to fool us for too long.

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    from RawFijiNews

    “””RFMF on a civil servant recruitment drive
    December 7, 2008
    So Frank is adamant that he will take away 1,300 civil service jobs with the hope of saving $21million. But sources are saying that plans are already in place to absorb some of these unemployed civil servants into the RFMF family where they will be brainwashed and converted into anti-democracy animals promoted by their leader Frank and his junta.They say the budget allocation for the military in 2009 is really meant to convert RFMF as a “job center” for the unemployed citizens and is Frank’s way of slowly getting more people onto his side.

    These same people will be trained as soldiers and will be re-deployed into the civil service to act as eyes, ears and hands for Frank. This ploy is another of those Frankonomics tricks used by Frank to get back at his civil servant union leaders who are against his regime. In reality, he is only shifting savings from the civil service budget to the RFMF budget to fund his mass military recruitment drive aimed at increasing their RFMF numbers with trained civil servants.

  8. Tim Says:

    “the fundamental roles of the civil service is to provide and create an enabling environment for the private sector to create the much needed jobs and ultimately grow the economy to improve the economic well being of our citizens.”
    I wonder how that fits with Shameen, Bubba and others? Sounds very neo-lib to me. Very NZ 1987. Obviously a Samism.
    And if that is the case – where does the massive drain on the economy that the RFMF creates fit in the scheme of things. Oh that’s right, they’re the elites private army.

  9. Tim Says:

    Fascism Fiji-style!

  10. Tim Says:

    A fundamental role of the civil service might be to not create obstacles for the private sector and to allow them to conduct business in a competative environment without some of the excesses the world has seen elsewhere, but its also to make sure basic services such as adequate healthcare, education, and the interests of citizens are represented – and to do so effectively. This junta fails on all counts.
    They want to divert all resources towards their own little special interests and to try and tell private enterprise what, how and what sort of business they should engage in.

  11. Budhau Says:

    Guys, the plan has always been to reduce the size of the civil service – remember, it was the Evil One and the unions who were responsible for the huge civil service that we have. Qarase wanted to reduce the size and there was nothing wrong with that.
    Now FB does the same thing and everyone is bitching about it.

    I like the RawFijicrap that they are pushing on the other site – That the plan is to absorb those laid-off civil servants into the military – so where do this RawFijiCrap guys pull this out from.

    Nostradamus – the sugar production average is not 320,000 tonnes – if more like 450, 000 tonnes. yes it has been going down for a while – 320,000 in ’05, 315,000 in 06 and about 230,000 in 2007. (some of you dumbass folks keep pushing this declining sugar production and blaming it on the IG – why don’t you get it – all cane harvested in 2007 was planted before the coup when our boy Qarase was in-charge.

    So all the above numbers is a reflection on Qarase, not on the IG or Chaudary. Whatever the IG or Chaudary could have done about the sugar industry – it would take a few more years before we see any improvement in the production and I don’t think that that would happens – because all those tenant farmers whose lease was not renewed and they left the industry – they are not going back to cane farming, and with the EU price support gone – you think they are stupid to get back into cane farming.

  12. Dauvavana Says:

    Bumbudhau is a rare specie that ranks up there with the native frog reported in the fiji times today.

    why is he rare? because he is one of the only ten people in fiji today that still believes in chodo’s lies and deceits and still kissing his arse

    the rest have moved on and will vote Qarase in if an election is held.

    This folks is Chodo, Bainimarama and Aiyarses biggest fear and why they will want to delay the elections even at the detriment of 200,000 people directly affected by the Sugar Industry

  13. Tim Says:

    Nothing wrong in reducing the size of the Military either.
    Actually maybe people wouldn’t mind a large Military if they were engaged in improving infrastructure, assisting health professionals to deliver services to the remote and so on, instead of being the thought police, bullying and intimidation, murder, influencing the judiciary and so on.
    Unfortunately once they’ve been corrupted its difficult to turn the clock back – they’re already on the road to Zimbabwe.
    This junta is a real mix but there’s a few things the extreme left and the extreme right have in common, not the least of which is their totalitarianism. Often the do-gooders like the Scutts and dare I suggest it the Shameens don’t realise what they’re about to get caught up in until its too late and then the trappings become all too attractive – they leave themselves only one option – which as MM puts it is up each others’ arses.
    “Creat(ing) an enabling environment for the private sector to create the much needed jobs” is a somewhat amusing and hollow aspiration though when you spend your time manipulating business whether its sugar, tourism, taxing water. Budhau – I’ve never professed to be a fan of Qarase but its clear that he’s a damn sight more moderate and inclusive than this junta and far less extreme, with faith in the people he serves. And that’s a sharp contrast to a junta that thinks everyone is there for their own benefit.

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    What a great idea !
    Reduce the civil Service to the point where nothing gets processed and if it does eventually get processed , it has to be resent to the various Departments again because it wasn’t done properly the 1st. 2nd. and 3rd. times because of incompetent civil servants who either don’t know how to do their jobs or don’t care anymore because they are no longer motivated because of further threats that they could also lose their jobs !
    The money saved , could be used to yet again increase the Military budget !
    Perhaps Francis and Co. could arrange to have gold plated rifle butts ?

  15. Budhau Says:

    Duana – you idiot, you cannot blame the decline in the sugar production in 2005, 06 and 07 on the interim government – sugarcane harvested in 2007 was planted before the coup.

    Tim – I totally agree with you – that we should reduce the size of the military – or better still just get rid of it even if that means that in the long run there will be no more foreign exchange that is now brought in by former military folks working abroad.

    The problem is that once we get rid of Bainimarama, and we will, and replace him with a military head who is more sympathetic with our “cause” – all these folks in here who have been bitching about the military will be jumping on the band wagon to keep the military. For them the problem is not the military, the problem is people like FB and few others.

    As for Qarase – after the 87 coup, the Fijians came up the SVT and after 2000 they came up with the SDL – why do so many of these folks now believe that they have no other alternative but Qarase – Qarase also screwed bigtime (maybe the military should also offer Qarase his pension – and he might go away also.). Looking back at out recent past, I am sure that we can come up with some quality Fijian leadership – specially after the lessons we have learned. And if our leaders screw up – the people should be willing to vote them out – or in this case replace them – that is how democracy works. If we are willing to put up with such leaders, then some may feel that they should be replaced by other means then elections. Qarase screwed up the sugar industry, he screwed up the judiciary – if he had not messed with the judiciary – we may still have a independent judiciary. He tried to mess with the 2001 and the 2006 elections – to the point where the perception among some folks was that those two elections were not free and fair – specially with the $30 million dollar vote buying scheme and the printing of the ballots and they way the results were figured.
    When people feel that elections are not fair – they are more inclined to a change in government by non-democratic means. When people feel that the judiciary is not impartial – they tend to take laws into their own hands.

    And as for Chaudary – they couped his ass in 1987 and again in 2000. Combine that with the 2001 and 2006 elections – These elections after the coups should not only have been done right – but that it should have looked as if it was done right. The perception is as important. Chaudary had been locked out for 20 years when he played by the rules. On top of that Qarase even locked out the FLP from his cabinet when the constitution demanded that they be included. I think I can understand why Chaudary chose to go along with joining the IG – I do not condone what he did, but I can understand why he did it.

    Going forward now, if we don’t get out shit together about this democracy thing – we will continue to have coups – and those doing the coup will get more extreme – I won’t be surprised if those ethno-nationalists pull the next specially with the emotions running high in the Fijian community. BTW – you think this coup is bad wait till those enthno-nationalists do their coup – and they will be worse, not only for the Indians, but they will also screwed up the country – and you are are right, everyone is always there for themselves – this crap about the indigenous cause and clean-up corruption campaign and all that is just bullshit.

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    Boodhow, I agree that the highest sugar production of all time was more like 450K, even 500K. But during the current millenium, I believe it was about 350K. One difference is that Qarase was trying to do something about it. As far as non-renewal of leases is concerned, blame those who negotiated a bad deal for Fijians all those years and had bad relations all those years because they thought they were protected by long term leases and that idiot Mahen. Now most Fijians might as well keep their land for their own food and for new cash crops that will be developed as sugar dies. They don’t see any benefit in leasing and this is not a handout program for cane farmers anymore, as it was all those years since Independence. Then blame MC for the ever present ethnic confrontation, and blame Voreqe for making false promises to cane farmers to gain support for the current treason, same tactic that loser Ganilau tried to do in 2001 and 2006. What these idiots don’t understand is that very few Indians will ever vote for a Fijian or Fijian party, full stop, so they are playing a delusional tune for a diminishing demographic minority, and, one that will never vote for them anyway.
    Voreqe sucking up to first Mahen and then John Samy in terminating Fijian institutions and insulting them by trying to steal their name and many other ways, is not going to endear landlords to tenants who have supported this coup the attempt to marginalize the Fijian race. So lets just say that what goes around comes around, and if I were in Fiji I would be thanking the Lord and Qarase that I still have my land to support my family and my descendants. It is not going to be pretty for people who supported this coup, and as you probably know, any attempt to force Fijians is like pushing on a rope, it gets you nowhere. Finally, it is good to see the PS PS making such an ass of herself, showing true colours of herself and her regime, the corrupt bunch of scoundrels that they are.

  17. Dauvavana Says:

    Bumbudhau is again kissing his father chodo’s arse and old habbits die hard

    first of all, I did not quote anything on sugar cane harvest…what a bloody idiiot he is. I think it was nostradamus that raised harvest figures.

    the other thing was, Qarase after loosing the quoted challenge on including FLP members in his cabinet finally adhered to the court ruling only after exhausting all avenues of appeal after the Supreme Cour ruling. On the other hand, chodo after holding the country to ransom for nearly five years, finally opted to be leader of the opposition after the supreme court ruling.

    After the 2006 election, Qarase again offered cabinet posts to the FLP and formed a coalition government offering key cabinet positions in Commerce and Trade, Health and Agriculture to name a few to the FLP. again chodo opted to stay out and then sided with Vore to scheme the coup in dec 06.

    Qarase is the worse fear of racist members of the Indian Community . Why? Bceause for the first time in history here was a smart and intelligent leader who was finally delivering on the Fijian aspiration.

    Fijians were gradually moving into the turf Indians has so long held a monopoly on, and that is commerce. Fijian Holdings limited was buying deep into RB Patel, controlled the key concrete and cement market, have moved into tourism and in finance.

    The Fijians were quickly gaining in-roads into commerce and the racist Indians in desperation supported a coup knowing fully well that in the process the vital sugarcane industry which is the FLP’s power base was going to be the sacrificial lamb for their quest political dominace and total dominance of Fiji.

    as is slowly unflolding now………………no election no EU $350 million for the sugar industry.

    This is a race thing and bumbudhau should stop trying to pull wool over our eyes…………FLP and chodo are fighting a racial war while deliberately avoiding trying to say it as it is.

    By the way, bumbudhau’s comment about Qarase screwing up is all wild accusation. Gives us facts and figures. Even if he screwed up, hey he has been given that permission to screw up by us the citizens that vote. If we think he screws up the he will suffer the same as Rabuka and his SVT…..VIA THE FUCKING BALLOT BOX.

    who gave Bumbudhau and the milliary and chodo the monopoly to think for us and forcefully rape our group democractic rights!!

    Oh and on Qarase screwing up the Sugarcane Industry. how can he do that when it was he as Minsiter for sugar negotiated the $350 million thec hodo and his boys are now crying for now. It was Chodo since 1987 that continiuosly urge farmers to boycott harvest almost every year to virtually bring the industry to its knees

    On Qarase screwing up the judiciary. how did he do that considering Shaista and Chandrika Prasad won that landmark case. Chodo won all the legal cases right up to the ful bench of the Supreme Court challenging Qarase to include the FLP into his cabinet.

    All these messing with the judiciary came from gates and Shameem, all FLP sympathisers. Gates presided over all the cases that ruled in favour of Chaudary, Either its scheming behind clsoe doors or blatant judge shopping.

    With regards to the elections not fair. If Qarase was involved in the $30 million agriculture scam, how come he did not go to jail but it was civil servants who are now being charged under this illegal government.

    If the election was not fair then why did EU, UN and Commonwealth observers said it was fair. Shaista Shameem and her staff at the Human Rights Commission were also observeing widely at the polling stations and the counting place at Suva Grammar and I remembered her senior legal officer Daveena released statements saying election was conducted in a fair manner.

    With regards to the over printing of voting papers. Now you are in diot here because with everything you have to print spares in case errors were made and a voter would need another paper. A class one student would have figured that out a long time ago.

    Bumbudhau the village idiot again failed to take his medication this morning.

    Now, it is again another failed pathetic attempt by Bumbhudau the hired professional blogger of the FLP to try and confuse and deceive. Only one problem, the majority of people that read this blog are educated people who can way issues independently and could look right through the lieas, wild claims and deceit being attempted.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Nosdradamus – it is easy to say that Qarase was “doing something about it”, with out backing it back with any evidence.

    Qarase had totally screwed up things – not only sugar industry but look at many other industries in 1999/2000 and compare that with what the situation was when Qarase was kicked out – sugar, gold, garment, fisheries, timber – everything was in trouble.

    On the sugar industry, rather than working for a solution, Qarase basically lied and played on the emotions of the Fijian people.

    Qarase knew full well that the land bill will fail to receive the required two thirds vote. So what does he do, he brings it to a vote and then claims that since the GCC had endorsed the bill and its defeat means that folks who did not support the bill do not respect the chiefs.

    I think it is the opposite – that since Qarase knew that a GCC supported bill was going down in flames, it was his responsibility not to put it to a vote – by doing so he screwed up the chiefs honour.

    Duana – you just an idiot – about including the FLP in his cabinet,, you are such a dumbass, I will put it for step by step.
    After the election Qarase invited Chaudary to which Chaudary replied that he accepts the invitation and was ready to hold talks.

    Chaudary never heard form Qarase – so FLP wrote to him again and not hearing to Qararse Chaudary wrote to President also. Qarase responded after his cabinet was sworn claiming that FLP had set conditions to his invitation.
    BTW even Tuvaga endorsed the FLP position that Qarase was in violation of the constitution. So Labour went to court and prevailed – that Qarase had acted in breach of the constitution. (BTW – Chaudary got more than $30K in legal expenses also).
    Qarase decided to appeal – same old delaying tactics – and then they tried that game of depriving Chaudary from nominating the senators. Once again Chaudary won in court.
    The case on the Cabinet inclusion – Qarase was again playing his game – with procedural stuff in delaying the case – Supreme Court came out in favour fo Chaudary – requiring Qarase to negotiate in good faith with FLP. Qarase refused to do that – he unilaterally proposed the appointment of 14 FLP members – sidelining Chaudary and some other senior members – and what Qarase offered was part of some departments as ministries.
    Both side then went back to court to seek clarification –

    You see now how Qarase was playing his game – and then there was the delaying by not getting the Supreme Court to hear the case.

    So I don’t feel sorry for Qarase at all, he deserves what he getting now.

    Forget the constitution – don’t you think that 44% of the population deserved some sort of representation in running the country – specially when some feel that the dude stole the election.

    Duana – what part of the above is confusing – if Qarase had played by the books – he won’t be in the shit that he is today. How would you like this administration to delay Qarase’s appeal by 15 months – as they did with Chaudary’s case going to the Supreme Court.

    For the dumbass that you are, digest this – and I will get back to you on the election racket.

  19. Tim Says:

    If the various players in this bugger’s muddle of a junta actually had the courage of their convictions, whether the Shaista’s or Bubba’s sucking on what they think is the ideology of the left, or the Voreqe’s who I’m not sure understands anything much other than how good he thinks he looks in high uniform with medals that haven’t been attained by any act of bravery, they’d all have the courage of their convictions and form political parties. Then they could test their validity and following.
    The Fiji Labour Party is a bloody disgrace to everything it supposedly stands for, but you could have a Communist Party and a Facist Party and all shades in between. Why John Sammy could even cobble together something like an ACT Party and if he gets a legitimate following he could flog off every Fijian asset to the highest bidder since he’s so stuck in the ritual and language of the not-so-free market he worships. He’s already made inroads having managed to con Frank into destroying Fijian institutions in the name of equality. Someone should have told him it didn’t work last time except I think he’s so indoctrinated by his false beliefs that its become a religion. A good party name for him might be the Mantra Party – I’m sure Frank would swallow it – he just needs to promise him a few more gold buttons, a new uniform and a budget to bribe the troops’ loyalty. He could even send Frank on a fact finding mission to Zimbabwe flying first class Korean Airlines. Sold!

  20. Tim Says:

    Pardon the duplicity in the above post – I’m only a little bit less demented than Frank. It comes with reading too much Fiji junta spin

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    Butthole is an idiot………….he conviniently ignores that Qarase included FLP in his last cabinet that got couped by chodo his Lord and Vore, the key portfolios again since he cannot comprehend English properly were Trade and Commerce, Health, and Agriculture and the 44% of the population were represented by FLP in that cabinet so they do have representation in running the country. Cut the bullshit because it is just too blatant. Please!!!

    what Qarase did as described above by Butthole is just politics, a game chodo was supposed to be good at but hey, here he finaly met his match in Qarase so what does he do, throw all his so called bullshit principle out the door and supported a military coup.

    In other words, Chodo punched below the belt and now is playing dirty by trying to change the constitution in an illegal manner without a parliament to suit his agenda because he knows he cannot win another election in the present set up. The very set up that won him an election in 1999 he is now rejecting so he is now trying to rig the electrol system to suit his agenda, the very thing he blamed qarase of.

    If Chodo’s claims were true then why didn’t he pursue his court case he started after the 2006 election? Because he know it was all hot air and he knew he would not succeed in a judiciary that has ruled in his favour from 2001 to 2006 as described above by Butthole.

    Chodo’s technique of making Indians block vote by touching on their false sense of fear and perception has came back to haunt him and he know he cannot win another election under the 1997 election because of dwindling Indian numbers due to their low birthrate in the last 20 years and the Fijians have finally learnt after two election that the key is to block vote just like Chodo’s FLP has been telling the Indians.

    So when the Fijians block voted in 2001 and 2006 it was game over fro Chodo and his next option was Military coup.

    If Qarase messed ups o bad as claimed by Butthole, then test the waters by calling for an election and see what the majority of voters say.

    butthole butthead, bone head because is an idiot will ignore these facts and just does not get it because his bread and butter is to come in here and try and sway thoughts. too bad, our minds are made up and yes after the shit that has been going on for the last two years, we are very DOGMATIC.

  22. Budhau Says:

    Duana, My point above was that how one can understand why Chaudary did what he did, without condoning his actions.

    You will agree that in the name of indigenous rights, they had couped Chaudary’s ass twice – when the man had played by the books and won those elections.

    After that Qarase tried to steal the two elections or at least there was some evidence that everything was not all kosher.
    In the 2001 election when the election ended on Saturday, why didn’t the counting begin as usually immediately after – they only started counting in the West and North on Monday – and in the Centrals and Eastern, they did not start counting till Tuesday evening, ,when the trends had become clear in the North and the West. Did Rigamoto ever come up with a satisfactory explanation. Could they have planted ballpot papers for SDL candidates in marginal seats in Central and Eastern. BTW – SVT was also bitching about this.
    Then there was the high number of invalid votes for FLP – specially in areas where SDL felt threatened – those illiterate votes were helped by folks, polling clerks, who were SDL sympathizers – by placing the tick below the line which made the vote invalid.
    Then there were those additional ballot boxes – beyond those that had been verified, unsealed boxes being brought in to wards the end of the counting.

    Then there was the 30 million vote buying campaign by Qarase – and after that SDL won 31 seats and FLP won 28.

    I can go on with these incidents – what you should note is that when we have the next election, guess who will be in-charge. How do you expect them to play the game? I am sure there will observers present to testify that the elections were free and fair. Do you think there will any sympathy for idiots like you, who would be bitching about unsealed ballot boxes arriving wrapped in brown paper.

    Will you accept the results of the next election if the other side won under similar circumstances as described above. And if you do not agree with the result of an election that has been certified as “free and fair”, what do you propose to do about it – pull a coup.

    Qarase should have made sure that besides the elections being free and fair, it should have were perceived to be free and fair – that is the only way to guarantee the survival of democracy.

    So Duana – you idiot, I will be here in 2009 or 2011 or whenever they have the next election, and guess what – lets see how you bitch about that election when foreign observers have certified it as free and fair and you and I know that the election was rigged – you think the Military and Chaudary have not learned from the past – those guys ain’t idiots – they would want to win this next election as bad as Qarase wanted to win the last two.

    BTW – Chaudary did not coup Qarase, that coup was done by those Ratus. As for Chaudary hitting below the belt – yeah, after what was done to him, including what Qarase did – Chaudary hit Qarase right in the nuts – and real hard too – the hitting below the belt rule only applies to people who play by the rules.

  23. Dauvavana Says:

    the 2006 coup was by chaudary (scheming with Shyster and gates) and Jokapeci spilled the beans months before that coup. They used Vore’s bipolar disorder to maximum conning him with false promises.

    Vore is now in survival mode knowing he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. all the rpomise from chodo abut rescuing teh economy and getting the$350 million from Eu has turned out to be false. LASULASU!!!

    The ratu’s you mentioned do not have the support of anybody as evidence by the election. Those wannabe ratu’s are eveli ganilua (wanna be tui cakau), koila mara, eveli naulukau (wanna be vunivalu of bau). In other words ratu’s that are only by name. They do not have any fijian vanua inheritance and are not installed but self proclaimed chiefs.

    so there you go making another bullshit claims that Qarase was couped by ratu’s.

    and by the way, Qarase did not coup chaudary. and the courts was all ruling in favour of chaudary and his 44% indians were repesented in the government of Qarase of 2006.

    as for all butthole’s bullshit claims, about manipulated election…………hey the pig has now got his own kiwi bird in charge of elections and the military are every where so go ahead then have an election and try and rigg it.

    you see, fiji is a small place and coconut wireless is everywhere, so if qarase had rigged the 2001 and 2006 election, it would have been out within 24 hours.

    again going back to my point, since chodo, aiyarse, shameem, vore are now in control and can rig and election then go ahead have an election in march 2009 and shut our mouths for ever.

    what’s holding them back???

    I dare them!!!

  24. Budhau Says:

    Duana, you idiot – the coup was pulled by FB with support of Nailatikau and Ganilau.
    The rest of the guys you mentioned joined after the fact – and those guys were all who Qarase had screwed in the past.

    Trying to say that Chaudary used all these above mentioned Fijian is actually insulting Fijians.

    BTW – you bugger always ask for proof, and I usually provide some evidence to support my statements – how about you – what evidence do you have to back up what you claim…so that coconut wireless argument works for you, but not for others – you see the idiot that you are.

    On the election – what I quoted was quoted in the newspapers back then.

    As for the election – rule number one you only negotiate from a position of power – so while it is FB and company will decide if and when to hold an election. Chaudary as far as power is concerned, is still in a better position than Qarase.

    They will change the rules and then hold the “free and fair” elections.

    Your idiotic remark – I dare them. These guys, like Qarase, will only do what is in their best interest.

    BTW – I have no reason to believe that the next election would be rigged to a certain extent – you only have to do a little to make sure that some of those marginal seats swing your way.

    Talking about I dare you – how about you get the masses to rise since you seem to believe that Qarase has the overwhelming support of the people – either you are wrong or your people are cowards – you take your pick.
    ..and what is your recent fascination with the butthole.

  25. Budhau Says:


    you idiot – the coup was pulled by FB with support of Nailatikau and Ganilau.
    The rest of the guys you mentioned joined after the fact – and those guys were all who Qarase had screwed in the past.

    Trying to say that Chaudary used all these above mentioned Fijian is actually insulting Fijians.

    BTW – you bugger always ask for proof, and I usually provide some evidence to support my statements – how about you – what evidence do you have to back up what you claim…so that coconut wireless argument works for you, but not for others – you see the idiot that you are.

    On the election – what I quoted was quoted in the newspapers back then.

    As for the election – rule number one you only negotiate from a position of power – so while it is FB and company will decide if and when to hold an election. Chaudary as far as power is concerned, is still in a better position than Qarase.

    They will change the rules and then hold the “free and fair” elections.

    Your idiotic remark – I dare them. These guys, like Qarase, will only do what is in their best interest.

    BTW – I have no reason to believe that the next election would be rigged to a certain extent – you only have to do a little to make sure that some of those marginal seats swing your way.

    Talking about I dare you – how about you get the masses to rise since you seem to believe that Qarase has the overwhelming support of the people – either you are wrong or your people are cowards – you take your pick.
    ..and what is your recent fascination with the butthole.

  26. Tim Says:

    Budhau – ditch the “you idiot” shit. Clearly they aren’t and you might get a better reception. You would even if you were that viper Chodo’s fruit!
    And if you are – can I express my deepest sympathy

  27. soro Says:

    So is the Curry Bush Lawyer really Maichod in disguise ? Seems to be speaking as if the microphone is in the same arse.

  28. Dauvavana Says:

    bloggers caught him out again just see how his sow called ratu I have just mentuoned again as not realy chiefs but self proclaimed ones

    and butthole is indeed an idiot

    btw my fascination with buttholes he wrote, precisely!!! must have pissed him off, he can dish it out but cannot take it…………….in case he does not know he referring to me as duana which means butthole so take it little shit

  29. Budhau Says:

    Thanks Tim – I would try and drop that “you idiot” line.

    hey Duana – the Big Ratu sold your country to the British, and since you have got your country, the Ratu’s have been in complete control for the last 38 years.

    The indigenous folks are poor because your own people screwed them up. The reason the landowners son does not have any shoes is not the tenants faults. The rural Fijian has bad health facilities, bad schools, bad watersupply no electricity, fucked up roads, high infant mortality, shorter lifespan, and the list goes on – because the Fijians in power, the Ratus, and those connected to them have taken the money that would otherwise have gone to provide for these services.

  30. soro Says:

    LOL @ Tim … my deepest sympathy tooooo . 🙂

  31. Dauvavana Says:

    Butthole should read that i do not care about past Ratus,, I care about Qarase. Why????

    when he was Prime Minister my road to Bau Landing was beinf fixed up, the Cautata Road was being built all the way to Waicoka village

    Villages around the Tailevu South area were having footpaths built around the village so the vilage folks would not have to walk in mud when it rains and it constantly rain around the Tailevu South/Rewa Delta area

    As part of village senitation each houses were getting flush toilet built for them by the Government

    and you Indians together with Ganilau and Nailatikau and that Vore (all wannabe chiefs) overthrew the first government in years that was finally looking after the Fijians…………..yes as you rightly pointed our pepople was neglected by Ratu’s in previous government since 1970 right until qarase came on the scene.

    and yes he was trying to get rid of ALTA because it benefited the Indain Farmers but paid peppercorn lease rate to the landowners

    and that is why we will vote Qarase back in in any future elections and will never forgive the Indians for usurping our elected government

  32. Dauvavana Says:

    btw the big Ratus did not sell our country to the British

    the British gave us the NLTB which preserved our landownership right and gave us insitution to protect our identity and culture like FAB and NLTB and guess who is out on a mission to dismantle them

    kaidias like Mahend Chodo, John Sammy

  33. Bin Ladin Says:

    Two years since the take over and the IG has just gain more porpularity here and abroad. What you bloggers going to do about it!……The answer is nothing!. No one is game enough to stand up to Bai….and his merry man!. Giving your 2 cents worth on every piece of crap posted on this website is not the way to go. After all you just looked upon as some spoilt little shit who need a stick on their backside or up their arse! to stop them from wingin!!. Dont waste your time clowns!……its time to wake up from your long slumber and face with reality!. I’ve been following this website with interest and thought that it will make a diffrence but its not…time to move on idiots!!. What we need is a charismatic leader who is prepared to take on the Bull by the horns. We need to organise rallys an we display banners to show our dislike with the current regime!. The whole of Fiji and the world will be watching!.South Africa did it and succeed in topling an apatheid regime. People face abuse and death for their effort but victory was inevitable for the black South Africans. Doesn’t matter how convincing and genuine your findings or your comments it wont move a single hair of the current IG and for anybody for that matter!. Levu ga na vosa va qaseqasea ni yavu lamusona….sonalelevu!!.

  34. Adi Kaila Says:

    Sniper samuraka vinaka vei cicilevu qori – sivia nona viavia vuku, bloody kawa ni dau butabutako.

    junglee keeps on about Ratus continually ripping off Fijians the last 38 years – hey fool how about providing the evidence right here of your extraordinary accusations.

    Go on, name them and exactly how they ripped off the Fijians and how they gained from it. While you’re at it provide the evidence that the real PM Qarase was corrupt or shut the #%*! up!

    Generalizing – you bet your sorry masala arse you do. But we don’t have to generalize about your wilful ignorance as you’ve provided that for all to read and laugh about out loud.

    Where you get your idiotic ravings and incorrect racist information, you could only have found in your grandfather bhikaris dried kora filled dhoti.


  35. Adi Kaila Says:

    A note of caution bloggers.

    People are being picked up and taken to Totogo almost every day on trumped up charges either by FICAC or because an imbecile with a grudge has started a chinese whisper, consequently our lawyers are run off their feet as their much needed dinners or sleep are being disturbed by frantic calls from the wrongfully arrested to bail them out, then they have to call staff or go back to their office to start the paper work.

    It’s a long day for most lawyers who are working almost around the clock to right the wrongs that are continually being perpetrated by ignorant FICAC bavulus. These FICAC bavulus are of course military staff who I think are being paid cash in hand for arresting innocent citizens as that twit tele ni was paid $250k for not processing the complaint made by the SDL against vorebhais treasonous hijacking of this Nation.

    Either that or FICAC are intimidating people to pay them not to be arrested, because some of these FICAC bavulus seem to be pretty flush with cash these days.

    Do you see the incongruity of all this? Everything the ig says or say they will do is the exact opposite.

    The clean up corruption campaign and transparency bullshit the insignificant ig preached as raison d’etre for the 5.12.06 coup was all hogwash by the hog of all hogs himself.




    The time will come soon enough when the crimes of the fathers are visited on the sons. For some it has happened already, but they are so far into the darkness they can’t comprehend it. That My Dears is probably why the Good Lord did not bless them with the vital characteristics of a decent human being.

  36. Adi Kaila Says:


    Your wonderful intelligent answer to junglee on December 8, 2008 at 12:34 pm has been posted on RFN

    Keep it up Dauvanavana – I’m so proud of you My Good Man.

    The truth and nothing but the truth – that’s what we aspire to here on Solivakasama.

    Once again you’ve outwitted the witless junglee with facts, figures and your very own words.

    That’s the problem with junglee – plugging away from the US without a single iota of knowledge of politics in Fiji that he TRIES to read from the internet and succeeds in only confusing his already confused state of mind. Beware the full moon is on Saturday 13.12.08 so of course junglee like all like minded mental cases is succumbing to the effects of that phenomenom – sucked in your piece of shit.

  37. Dauvavana Says:

    thanks Adi Kaila……….we are fighting the good fight and its good to get some feedbacks on how we tracking

    blog on ragone and as SV says don’t forget to register on the SV website

    fire tiko kua ga ni dua e tobo!!!!

  38. anon Says:

    hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!! Dauvavana, kua ga ni dua e tobo………. LOL…

  39. BUDDA Says:

    Budhau-my big brother-is really not a smart guy,he is really a mental patient and has been one for years.He is married to a good looking woman and shes lately been putting her booty to good use with our Fijian landlord. Budhau he is getting pissed with this but couldn’t do anything about it as our BIG DADA that is our Father is also slippin his BIG MANA on Budhau oversex wife nisha.Now you know why Budhau is pissed-off with you good Fijians its Nishas fault for screwing around with Jimoci our Fijian Landlord.

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