NLTB agrees to Pillar 6 of Charter – Native Lands No Trust Board says SV!

Bloggers, well it is not surprising for Qetaki to support the farter Charter because he was placed as CEO of the NLTB by the illegal junta. His political master is Vore. When you review Qetaki’s employment history, he is truly ‘insignificant’. He is well known for his drunkard episodes, but achieved nothing worth noting in the legal sector, very like wannabe AG Ayarse. The majority of the Board Members of the Board are made up of representations of the GCC, whom Vore has abolished and now he’s picked all his ‘yes’ men who are themselves ‘insignificant.’ SV finds it amusing and poetic justice, that the word ‘insignificant’ used by the illegal junta from day one of the coup, comes back to describe their very actions. This Board does not truly represent the taukei’s and should be ashamed of themselves and have become what the late Ratu Mo described as being the acronym for NATIVE LANDS NO TRUST BOARD! Remember ragone to register with and once again thank you to all who have registered.

Monday, December 08, 2008


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The Native Land Trust Board has told the National Council of Building a Better Fiji it supports the draft Peoples’ Charter’s position on land.

Speaking to Radio Fiji News, NLTB general manager, Alipate Qetaki says following wide consultations, the NLTB submitted that it agrees with the draft Charter’s provision on leasing native land because it will bring more revenue to land owners.

Qetaki says the NLTB has made the submission while noting that Pillar Six of the draft Charter supports making more land available for productive and social purposes.

Qetaki says, however, that although the NLTB goes along with the draft Charter on using land to help squatters, low income earners and other under privileged groups, the board is concerned about who will foot the bills for down payments and the continuous payment of rent.

Qetaki says the Board hopes Government will enlighten them on the matter when it receives the Board’s submission.

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15 Responses to “NLTB agrees to Pillar 6 of Charter – Native Lands No Trust Board says SV!”

  1. Bin Ladin Says:

    Moving fingers through your key boards using the latest technology no longer work folkes. You need to touch real people with your protest. Otherwise please dont bother!!.

  2. Peace Pipe Says:

    The dicktator issued his command to the returning soldiers from Iraq on their arrival at Nadi – “do not listen to anyone else except me”. The braindead brainwashing the gullible ones. If only these gullibles know that this is their last trip on peace keeping missions since their leader had jeopardised their future prospects through his dickhead action and thus we have this negative reaction from the UN as well as the other international organisations.

    Of course Qetaki would say such a thing but the fool doesn’t realise that this only stigmatises him and it is only a short term benefit for him at the end of which he will be just a piece of history (crap) on a scrap heap. This is the common trait of all the appointees of the ig.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    As the money slowly dries up , so do any prospects for the I.G.
    the wise in Fiji , are just waiting for the Regime to die a natural death and i have to say , I’m bloody impressed with your patience and your tactics .

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    This coup has all been done with smoke and mirrors .
    There must be a very clever psychologist behind it as every facet of Fijian society and their reactions have been thought out ahead of time .
    I suspect however , that Frank’s days are numbered , as I doubt the forum in January is going to accept any more of his nonsense . It will be very interesting indeed to see the reaction of the forum members when frank tries his best to put off having elections or pretends that if they were to go ahead , that they would be fair and that he will adhere to the decision of the people . As the population of Fiji reaches 50% below the poverty line , as peace keeping potentially comes to an abrupt halt , as the sugar industry winds down , as the E.U. stand by their refusal to give up the promised funds and as the soldiers slowly start to realise that Frank is not the leader he portrays himself to be and exposes to them that he is just a greedy , power hungry despot , probably on the edge of insanity , and as the money dries up within the economy , maybe then Frank and co. will lose their support and I suspect it’s already happening .
    I would love to see the International community tighten it’s resolve to bring this regime to it’s knees and have these people all arrested .

  5. F.I.R.M Says:

    Yes thats almost true Mark I say MM for President or PM for Fiji under the SV Party banner.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks F.I.R.M.
    you can tell that Frank and Co. are starting to sweat now that they have run out of options .
    There just won’t be any money left to bribe the toy soldiers next year !
    Have a good night and say hi to Tui !
    By the way , I wrote enough e-mails to the various interested parties in advance last year , to give them time to formulate a counter plan of their own .
    I think it should be called the Kava party ( b.y.o. ) ! And a roasted chicken . That’s what the Aborigines do in Cairns anyway .
    Maybe S.V. should come up with a new National Anthem and Flag ?

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    Can anyone tell me what the logos are on the charter Farter front page and who made them up ?
    They look like boomerangs !

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Guess which one is Frank !

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    I see nothing wrong with the NLTB saying they agree with leasing land but it is, after all, ultimately up to the landowners. After all, that is their role. They are an agent for landowners. They should lease the land for landlords (if landlords agree) and collect rents and give it to landlords. I am not sure what the Charter has to do with because this leasing has been going on for decades or perhaps a century.
    The point is, no one needs the Charter to lease land or not lease land. What people should focus on with respect to the Charter are the new obnoxious things, the ones which will damage Fijian society, like the interference of the military in government, the theft of the name “Fijian”, and the willfull destruction of all Fijian support networks in an attempt to slant the playing field towards Indians and their various networks – the Hindu religious societies, the FLP, the closed shop commercial world, etc.
    By the way John Samy said he document a being circulated to villages was a draft document. Where is the final which is being proposed? This needs to be approved by the People, not by a puppet brain dead presidential forum and by military decree. The whole Charter thing is a ridiculous charade which the IG hopes will be a substitute for the democratic machinery of government.

  10. Dauvavana Says:

    qetaki sa vakacava na vekavekaca iko dau kitaka tu mai QVS Club ni ko sa dau mateni sivia

  11. Corruption Fighter Says:

    The NLTB is not the biggest obstacle to leasing agricultural land. We all know it’s the ALTA. The minimum of thirty years is the problem. If rent is not adjusted for inflation over a thirty year period then landowners are screwed on a regular basis. In 2007 and 2008 inflation ran at about 10 percent but the rent received by landowners was not adjusted by 10 percent and cannot be easily adjusted without a lot of messy expensive administration. Landowners have to buy their daily necessities at the higher prices but the money they receive from rent stays the same.

    The bullshit charter says nothing about these realities. It talks about ‘market based rents’ but says nothing about what this means The illegal regime has promised landowners who renew leases higher rents for five year but said nothing about how this will be continued after the five years is up. Tenants who pay their landowners only the
    ALTA prescribed rent have had a free ride for thirty years.

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    I say that the indigenous Fijians should collectively refuse to lease their land to anyone for five years .
    At the same time , a co-operative should be set up , using Australian businessman who have Fiji’s interests at heart . Then , Indigenous Fijians and Indian Fijians should work together to improve their society by working hand in hand . Best farming practices and sustainable markets should be the goal .
    All those who work in these businesses , could be share holders , workers and part owners .

  13. george of sydney Says:

    Hey guys , lets not get personalise this issue. Let me say this. Qetaki is not only an experience lawyer but he had been the NLTB legal officer for a long time. I can confidently state here that through his years experience in the NLTB he should have a good understanding of the Native Land Trust Act and other relevant land legislation than most people such as VB, Kaihum, Ganilau and others.
    I just hope that he will use all his knowledge and experience to identify the ways landowners and tenants can fully benefit from the use of land. Training Programmes should be prepared and conducted by relevant institutions and co-ordinated by the NLTB and FAB to train and inform Fijians landowners on the current land legislations.
    They should conduct business and market research to identify any business opportunities that are available and guide interested land owners into the process to follow to operate it successfully.
    He has all the attributes but will need to have the heart and passion to be a proper guardian of our native land and resources

  14. Dauvavana Says:

    if people do a review of the issues leading up to the Chandrika Prasad’s case, you will see that Qetaki as interim A-G in the Qarase Interim Government of 2000 who erred really badly and was found sleeping on the job as later investigation was to prove, Chandrika Prasad’s house was not burnt down in 2000.

  15. Abeche Says:

    The problem with the NLTB is that it has government representatives on the Board who then push the government of the day’s agenda rather then the landowners interest. Qetaki is just a pawn put into the Board as a director appointed by the illegal government and is now the GM, because his kai vata the interim pm wanted it to be so. His ability to manage a commercial organization remains to be seen…..

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