Do we smell a rat or is it two rats lately??

The ex prisoner that brutally assaulted a Japanese tourist last week was none other than the nephew of Kavu Iloilo, the wife of our hopeless president.

The said ex-prisoner was released on a preogative of mercy last year after serving just six years of a life sentence for murdering a traxi driver in Labasa in 2001. The minimum period is normally 14 years!!!

his release, as reported by the Fiji Sun today unfolded like this:

“In 2007, prison authorities in the North were informed that Seniloli was to be transferred to Suva. Two days later a directive was received for his case file to be forwarded to Suva. A few days later Seniloli was released.

The Constitution empowers the president to grant to a convicted person a state pardon either conditionally or otherwise, or grant a respite of the execution of punishment imposed, or substitute a less severe punishment.

The President is advised on the exercise of this power by the Commission on the Prerogative of Mercy. Membership of the Commission consists of the Attorney General as the chairperson, and two members appointed by the President”

SV asks what makes him so special. Is it because he is the son of the brother of Kavu, the presdent’s wife?

Illegal AG Fiona has a lot to answer for in this latest f%^k up. Remember the Koila incident when he irred badly???

and then we hear that chief justice Danieal Fatiaki has decided to take the easy option out and resign with a $275,000 sweetner from Vore and Fiona. The CJ, while suspended and under investigation, was the only civil servant suspended on full pay.  How come?

And we thought CJ Fatiaki was one of us. In for the long haul!!!  well at least this whole shit fight is exposing people for their true characters. For example Shsyter is not really a human rights advocate but a f&*k up in the head racist.

register at for the solivakasama world wide movement fighting for the renstatement of democracy in Fiji.

“United we stand, divided we fall”  blog on ragone


41 Responses to “Do we smell a rat or is it two rats lately??”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    The solution to Fiji’s problems , short term and long term , lay offshore !

  2. Budhau Says:

    ….and we thought Fatiaki was one of us – yeah right? Fatiaki only got what was coming – that $275K, he would have got that anyway if he had remained the CJ. BTW – JW, can I now refer to him is the former CJ.

    There is a lesson this for all – that folks will sell you out. Don’t count on some of these others who you think are on your side. Those guys who are making their rounds of the Tv stations and newspaper offices bitching about the interim government – they are not on your side. They are complaining because they have lost their privileges – those pigs are squealing because they have been kicked away from the trough.

    The moment they are allowed back at the trough, they will stop making the noises – and FB ain’t no idiot, he understands how to spread the wealth around among his supporters, just like Qarase knew. It is just that Qarase does not have the money at his dsposal now and FB does. It is all the same old, same old.

    The majority of the Fijian leadership seem to have sold out the cause of the indigenous folks for their own personal gains. They will only learn their lesson if the Fijian people are willing to kick them out of office – and how can they kick them out when we have the bogeyman Indian as the enemy.

    So next time you see a leader thieving, are you going to vote him out – and when they realize that they will be held accountable, they probably will begin to do things that are in the best interest of their people.

    BTW – this letting out of the jail birds – who started all this – as the guy said the other day “what is good for the goose is good for the gender”

    This last prisoner – was he from some chiefly family in Taveuni.

    I wish you guys the best – hopefully we will come out of all this with some quality leadership and some good lessons learned.

  3. Dauvavana Says:

    Thiefing…………..can the Bumbudhau say this and I dare him.

    Maihend Chodo, my father and Lord stole two million dollars from poor indian cane farmers and I wish to advice my Indian brothers please do not vote for him and his son Rajend or his adopted sons Nikhil Singh and I Bumbudhau……………

    or does Bumbudhau only attack thiefing Fijins but not thiefing Indians

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    you can now correctly refer to Fatiaki as the former CJ.

    As for your constant tirade against the chiefly system in Fiji, you know yourself it is really crap. As in any society, there are rotten apples amongst them and the Fijian Chiefly system is no exception. Same as in the Indian caste system and the Maharajahs, even extending to the Royal Families of Europe and the Pacific.

    So why the constant senseless attack? You continue to zero on a few chiefs, when there are thousands more and generally imply and insinuate that all chiefs are the root cause for the Fijian problem. Nonsensical premise!

    It is much more complex than that and a culmination of many factors, so stop pontificating and pull your finger out of your arse as the previous SV post said.

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Furthermore Budhau,

    you will note that many of the Fijian bloggers in this site, constantly refer to Ratu Josefa Iloilo as Iloilo sona or Ratu Joe Nawalowalo as $2 Jo, Ratu Epeli Nalitikau as Epeli Ulukau, Ratu Epeli Ganilau as Eveli $50, Adi Koila Mara as Koila Mara, Roko Ului Mara as Ululala and so on.

    This is evidence that we object and criticise unworthy Fijian Chiefs and not follow them blindly, but we are not throwing ‘the baby with the bath water’ or advocating for the demise of the Fijian Chiefly System.

    It seems you are covertly trying to cunningly twist the Fijian bloggers anger on this site towards the Fiji Chiefly System and away from the really big culprits who are mainly non-Fijian, but have failed miserably.

    You provide a few facts, mix them up with a few generalities and lies and presto, it looks ‘reasonable’ until tested.

    These stupid chiefs who are in the forefront of Vore’s coup in the scheme of things are really only ‘front men and women.’ It is the people who ride the wave of supposedly ‘nationalism’, whose interests are very far reaching and in most cases ‘anti-Fijian’.

    The Fijian perpetrators are too blind to see it because it is not within their makeup. They are only looking at their own short term goal of holding onto power.

    They cannot comprehend nor see the long term goal of their ‘mentors’ like ‘the abolition of the Qoliqoli Bill’, the ‘de-reservation of all native lands in Fiji’ and the ‘destruction of the VKB’ to name only a few.

    I support the Fijian Chiefly System and believe it needs to be transformed as cited by the Roko Tui Bau and I am confident it will transform accordingly, if it wants to remain relevant.

  6. kaiveicoco Says:

    where are we heading now everyone? !!

  7. Save the Sheep Says:

    Really it doesn’t matter what system is in place, if the people in power manipulate it and bend the rules to the max, or as the IG is doing just plain ignore them, then we have no hope.

    We need Flight Lt Rawlings of Ghana to come here and show us how to end coups and corrupt politicians and leaders once and for all….

  8. Dauvavana Says:


    his name is not Budhau, its Butthole

  9. Budhau Says:

    JW – I think that is where we disagree – I believe that all man are created equal – you don’t. The chiefly system is on its way out – we can speed it up or it might take a generation or two. You know my people also had similar beliefs, that our chiefs were direct descendants of god – guess what, that belief did not survive and neither would your belief in the chiefly system.

    You seem to disapprove some chiefs whose politics you do not agree with – I was complaining about those that rip off the country’s treasury – and scamming ones – ripping of the banks the FHL, VDC and NLTB and all that.

    The reason you are pissed of at some chiefs has more to do with intra-Fijian conflict for power, you back one group against another – it has little to do with thieving – if one of the chiefs on you side started some scam – the question is whether you will stand up to him.

  10. Tim Says:

    @JW: Yes indeed! I really cannot understand how people think that in their campaign for “equality” they think it necessary to destroy any Indigenous or other institution in order to achieve it. Do they think equality somehow means “sameness”? I’d buy it if they weren’t the very people that strive to protect their own right to being different.
    There is definately no mileage in destroying Fijian Indigenous organisations, just as there is no mileage in idiots burning down temples or destroying other symbols of a culture. But I have to say that given what’s happened over the years, one is a pathetic reaction rather than a campaign.
    The amusing thing is that those that get all moralistic about it are the very ones harping on about neo-colonialism. They’re also the ones (like the Shameens) that have ensured their kith and kin are well clear of any backlash. There’s another thing – if those silly bitches (the sisters galore) were so convinced of their belief, they’d be happy to park their offspring amongst it all. But no – what do we find? The Nazi makes sure her ilk are safely miles away or at least have an escape hatch. Same with Chodo, same with Frank and a few others. I reckon they should all have to wallow in the cesspit of their making and if they’re not prepared to do so, it just shows how genuine they actualy are.

  11. Dauvavana Says:

    can butthole name us which chiefs:

    1. ripped off FHL

    2. Ripped off VDC

    3. Ripped off NLTB

    I know of one chief that has his medical expenses paid off by NLTB in the thousands every month. His name is joseva iloilovatu uluivuda.

    last i check he is part of Butthole, Chodo, Vore, Shameem and gates mobs of unsurpers

  12. Dauvavana Says:

    sorry last line should read usurpers

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    @JW – Bula Vinaka Ratu Tau, sa dede da qai veitalanoa tale ena mona livaliva.

    At the risk of appearing sycophantic, I humbly submit that we in the Badlands of the Delta support and love our GMB wholeheartedly. For us she represents the dawning and hope of a new day.

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    Ni bula vinaka talega na turaga naita taukei ni dakai titi!

  15. Budhau Says:

    Duana – Yes I can but at this point I would rather you did your own research. I would suggest that you look at the Ratus who bought Class A shares in the company with borrowed money and why the people through the provincial councial dind do the same.

    I suggest you research the NLTB recent dealings with Ballu Khan. And that VDC was set to do the same as the FHL and I am sure that when the Qoliqoli bill passed – we would have another new company.

    You wanna do some more research – go back as far as the collapse of the banks and how the Ratus and their Indian friends benefitted from that scam.

    Or how the SDL folks set up their own businesses and ripped of.

  16. soro Says:

    Haha wot a cop out for Maichod’s carawai !!! Do your own research your arse ! Make all these wild allegations then when it comes time to produce, ek dahm fcukall.

    So much for the bush curry lawyer …


  17. Budhau Says:

    Hey Soro, here is the maichod with a story that I had read just before the coup – I am sure none of you idiots ever heard of that.
    I think it really goes with smelling a rat story.

    Remember how PCX tried to get a mobil phone operating licence. Bakani was the general manager of NLTB and deputy chair of Pacific Connex. So Bakani and Ballu go after the chiefs and Fijian politicians to help them get the license.

    So PCX’s goes to the big Kahuna, the patron of the ruling SDL Party, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, who was in jail serving a life sentence and gets him to sign a letter of support for the company’s bid. That letter was sent to Qarase and copied to the Minister for Communications, Leweniqila.

    And then there was these SDL dudes, Kalokalo, SDL president and Rasova visiting the big Kahuna (Patron) at the Korovou Prison when Ballu Bhai and and two others show up.

    So the Ballu man allegedly tells Ratu Inoke and the two SDL dudes that they want SDL to support their companies bid for the mobile licence.

    At he Suva jail meeting earlier, Rasova said he asked Ballu what was in it for the SDL and Ballu supposedly told him that they would pay off the SDL debts.

    Rasova basically told Ballu that this was peanuts, that SDL’s debt was only $130,000.

    What I don’t understand is why was a political party trying to benefit from a government decision as to who gets the license – in any other part of the world this would be considered a bribe.

    Rasova later said that he advised SDL to steer clear of this deal – he felt that the SDL should live up to its ideals of serving the iTaukei, the grassroots and not to be used to push the agenda of certain individuals.

    The big Kahuna, Takiveikata’s letter, made a number of promises should Pacific Connex be given the only licence, that PCX will deliver a $400 million asset to SDL.
    It will set up a finance company to help indigenous Fijians, help develop rugby at grassroots level.He added that with PCX, the 14 provinces would benefit.

    With the Digicel deal only Ba province would benefit – Momoedonu was involved in that. Bakani was pushing the idea that PCX deal would benefit the indigenous community.

    The head of Vanua Development, Dakuidreketi claims to some media folks that VDC is the Majority owner of Pacific Connex – so the media folks go and check at the Registrar of Companies which showed that Ballu Bhai’s Tui Consulting still had 100% ownership of PCX.

    OK now you guys wanna do some research on this one – or is it perfectly fine for the political party in power to cash in license that they give – I think they should have just taken 10% on every license – and that way they would have had enough money to fight any election.


  18. Save the Sheep Says:

    And just who benefits or benefited from the Vodaphone and Digicel licenses? Or does your research not extend to those in power these days???

  19. Dauvavana Says:

    from what butthole wrote

    I can see only one of his kind ripping VDC off, Ballu Khan and Indian who owns Tui Consulting and 100% of PCX

    the ratu’s kalokalo and takiveikata are two Naitasiri chiefs eating little crumbs off Ballu the kaidia’s table.

    again evidence if Indians as usually trying make a big kill on Fijian Interest

    so which ratu ripped off fhl

    last I knew Bakani, Qarase, Weleilakeba, Taoi were in that list of buying A class shares in the 1990s. None of them had “Ratu” next two their names.

    so which Ratu ripped off NLTB???

    cut the crap and give us some facts

    and as for Turaga Nite IB keitou talega mai Kubuna love your GMB….tilou tilou tilou

  20. soro Says:

    @Dauvavana – agree with u 100 % – Yes facts …. baby facts … the bush curry lawyer’s wild stories are just that … yap yap yap yadiyadiya … all to undermine what we are talking about.

    It should just piss off back up Maichod’s arse where it’s elongated brown smelly nose belongs.

  21. Budhau Says:

    Yes Duana, I agree with you that there is a small group of Indian businessmen who have cashed – mostly by buying out the Ratus in power.

    Now,while we this this in any business community – a small group of unscrupulous businessmen, be they Indian, Australian or American – and am sure that small group of businessmen, including the Fijian businessmen are doing the same.

    But the Ratus in power, they are the trustees of the Fijian people they have a fiduciary duty to the Fijian people – they have to do what is best for the Fijian people – and when a opportunity arises where they can benefit personally or they can take up that opportunity on behalf of the Fijian people – they have no choice but to forgo any personal gains and work in the best interest of the Fijian people.

    Have the Ratus been doing that – the way I see, the first opportunity they see they cash in big time for themselves and those they are connected with. And it is funny that you buggers do not have any problem with that.

    So back in the good old Alliance day some poor Fijian was getting a $3K loan from the NBF, some Indian businessman was getting a $6 million dollar loan – and BTW, those Indians, they were not Chaudary’s folks, they also hated Chaudary – they were your Ratu’s buddies.

    So do you think them indigenous folks would have benefited from the mobile phone license mentioned above – hell no, that money would also have gone into the pockets of ratus and the elite who are connected to the Ratus – to buy Pajeros and things.

  22. soro Says:

    Anyone smell a rat in here ? Its a very condescending one too.

  23. Dauvavana Says:

    does this dickhead butthole understand English….which ratu’s name them for fuck sake…………..enough of the wild claims!!!

  24. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Bula vinaka my Tau IslandBoy,

    io sa dede saraga da qai mai veitalanoa tale. Levu toka na osooso vaka cakacaka uasivi ni sa voleka mai na Siga ni Sucu.

    Malo vaka levu Dauvanavana na vei vanalaki!


    You are correct that the Ratu’s are in a position of trust and they owe their people a fiduciary duty, but you see that is where the chiefs differ from the non-Fijians coup perpetrators.

    For a Fijian Chief, if they breach their fiduciary duties then they are accountable to the vanua and they receive the curse of the vanua, which is not only confined to them, but can extend to their families as well.

    For the non-Fijians who are the real coup perpetrators, they are accountable to no one but the mighty dollar. So they have no fiduciary duty to anyone except themselves.

    So which system is worse? The Fijian Chiefly System, who at least have some connection to their people or the individuals who know no allegiance at all?

    Lastly, its is not a case of ‘inequality’ but rather a fact of life. All through history, humans have lived under a system, it continues today. No system is perfect, so the need for continual changes.

    The current economic failure which is causing worldwide recession today was caused by greedy individuals who owed no fiduciary duty to anyone except themselves and need I tell you the end result?

    Well I can’t really because no one knows exactly when we will reach the bottom of this mess!

    As my Tau Islandboy is fond of saying NEXT!

  25. freedomfighter Says:

    Well, it now seems that Mrs Iloilo was quietly told that if her old man went along with signing all the decrees which will be justified as prerogative this murderer chap will be released on prerogative of mercy – holy cow

  26. Bin Ladin Says:

    Two years since the take over and the IG has just gain more porpularity here and abroad. What you bloggers going to do about it!……The answer is nothing!. No one is game enough to stand up to Bai….and his merry man!. Giving your 2 cents worth on every piece of crap posted on this website is not the way to go. After all you just looked upon as some spoilt little shit who need a stick on their backside or up their arse! to stop them from wingin!!. Dont waste your time clowns!……its time to wake up from your long slumber and face with reality!. I’ve been following this website with interest and thought that it will make a diffrence but its not…time to move on idiots!!. What we need is a charismatic leader who is prepared to take on the Bull by the horns. We need to organise rallys an we display banners to show our dislike with the current regime!. The whole of Fiji and the world will be watching!.South Africa did it and succeed in topling an apatheid regime. People face abuse and death for their effort but victory was inevitable for the black South Africans. Doesn’t matter how convincing and genuine your findings or your comments it wont move a single hair of the current IG and for anybody for that matter!. Levu ga na vosa va qaseqasea ni yavu lamusona….sonalelevu!!.

  27. Dauvavana Says:

    vacava mo liutaka mai o iko luveni sonalevu

  28. Adi Kaila Says:

    that nasty kavu seems to be losing the plot (too much alcohol perhaps? no wonder she always looks dazed) and is making sure the old man is kept medicated & out of reach from his children, what with emptying the liquor cabinet at Gov House no wonder she’s doing the bidding of the ig.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone, if your Ratu dies make sure you and your siblings look after him, don’t go marrying him off like the Iloilo family did. Ratu Iloilo wouldn’t be so weak if his welfare had been left to his own children. So some busybody relatives got together and decided that kavu, who is the younger sister of Ratu Iloilos first wife and the mother of his legitimate children would be best suited to marry him when the Mrs Iloilo the first died.

    So in she comes with her children who have different fathers and proceeds to alienate Ratu Iloilos own flesh and blood – the fruit of his ample loins so to speak. She’s done a really good job as now they live up at Gov House his children can’t get past the guards to visit their father and their phone calls are monitored so they can’t speak to him either .

    Yep she’s done all in her might to deprive the old mans children & grandchildren of their rightful priviledges and shoved her illigitimate children to the forefront to benefit from the good life that the comes with being children (NOT) of the President.

    How low can one go – well rooting Rupeni Naceva while the President is under the same roof is really disgusting. Bula tiko na idini nei bu.

    So much for Lady Muck.

  29. Dauvavana Says:

    edina rau fire jiko kei rups………..yuck

  30. soro Says:

    Eeeuuw vasisila KavuRu LOL

  31. tailevu Says:

    oilei dauvana… kemudrau fire jiko kei cei?

  32. groggy Says:


    Just to put something in to perspective. The Ba Holdings deal with Digicel was spearheaded by Isimeli Bose and Tevita Momoedonu so that is one wrong point you got.

    Pax went to the Old Man and used Tevita Momoedonu to kick Digicel out and in turn couped the Ba Holdings company. THere was a lot of ground work going on before Digicel was unveiled here.

    Tevita Momoedonu was perpertrator in the bring down of this awesome relationship between Ba Holdings and Digicel.

    You try and be sly will take you no where.

  33. Dauvavana Says:

    keirau fire jiko kei Tailevu

    vacava ya? au fire jiko kei na dua na yasana taucoko……..kocokoco jiko vei au 🙂

  34. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka Adi Kaila sock it to them. I just love reading your comments!

    It is because sometimes I feel that I can’t do anymore but rubbish these arseOholes!

  35. tailevu Says:

    Oilei Adi kaila… de jealous!

  36. Bin Ladin Says:

    Dauvavana……vavei me dua e vana mada na nomu muimuri. Ena rauta vinaka e dua na baku me vana….koya gona au sa vakatura tiko kina na nomu kai o Chaudary kei luvena me rau vakavana na qaranidemu!!. rauti iko ya!!

  37. Budhau Says:

    Groggy – forget about the detalis – in Fiji they all come up with money to buy politicians. So when Foster financed Dr Baba, he was expecting something in return if Baba won.
    When the Hotel Owners contributed to SDL, they expected SDL to do somehting for them in exchange and SDL didn’t, they financed Ganilau’s campaign.

    However this mobile phone was different – here it looked like the SDL bugger were asking PCX – “you give us so much money and we give you the licence” – this Quid Pro Quo we do not hear about that much in Fiji – any other place in the world, and someone would have gone to jail for this.

    As for Digicel, PCX, the SDL, , VDC, the NLTB and of course the Fijian institution – Rugby – everyone was into this but the Vanua – isn’t that the story of the poor Fijian. If any money had changed hands – would the common Fijians have benefited.

    BTW – in this deal they talked about setting up funds to loan money to the Fijians – and both companies promised to take care of rugby – BTW, you didn’t mention the connection with the then head of Rugby, who was head of VDC, who was connect with NLTB and his relationship with Digicel and Momoedonu.

    BTW – some of best run businesses – Ba Holding and Yatu Lau.

    JW – I am still waiting for the Vanua to ask the chiefs for an accounting – or better still, I would like to see some Vanua justice, not justice from the courts – lest see what Vanua justice does Qarase get.

  38. Dauvavana Says:

    Butthole still have not answered my question because he is a compulsive lier. Which Ratu’s ripped off VDC, NLTB and FHL?

    Bin Laden seems to be so infectuated with muimuri, qara ni da, or whatever. My theory, he was born out of an arsehole and his mother was probably a tranny.

    and a top of the morning to you all!

  39. LUVfiji Says:

    OK.. Kavu’s nephew served 6 years of his time. What about Francis Kean, Frank’s brother-in-law who was convicted for manslaughter? He is already a free man for the crime committed in 2006. How much time did he do?

    Of course Kavu would take advantage of her privileged status as First Lady of the Land; and why ever not? C’mon folks, lets be realistic.. we’d all do our family (or a friend) a favour such as this if we were in her pretty posh shoes. Wouldn’t we?

    It is all a part of the ‘new day’. Cest la vie!

    Alas! so we shall blog on.

  40. 46664 Says:


    Hey bud, some heavy info you have there in regards to the first lady and her illegitimate kids vs the The Tui Vudas own kids. Youi must be someone closely connected or know folks that are closely related.
    Oh well but either ways, I wholeheartedly agree with you on this matter. It is a sad sad case. And I have heard rumors and rumors of her “extra curricular” activity every now and then. I wonder if it is all true. But still I won’t be surprised if it is !!

  41. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi Mandela, I think that if the Presidents children – as in the fruit of his own loin are able to communicate with their Ratu I don’t think Fiji would be in the situation it’s in right now.

    I really do believe that they are be more than able to monitor his health and look after him and explain the motives of the ig and the consequences. The President is not a fly by night – he’s being kept medicated so rups and kuvu with the aid of the military can manipulate him. At the end of the day The Presidents children would just love to be able to see him, they are good, honest & decent people. Vinaka Vakalevu Mandela.

    Once again luvfiji has misconstrued the content of my above post. My post relates to the President and his own children and kavu not allowing any communication between a father and his offspring who are very very concerned that their Ratu is being medicated against his will and manipulated by these schemers. They are also concerned that their beloved Ratu is being maligned for situations he is not aware of & out of his control because of this.

    There is nothing in that post that indicates that kavu should not benefit from her position as the wife of the President, it’s the fact that she denies the Presidents children of the same priviledges and allows her illigitimate children to. As for posh shoes – I don’t think so – Fiji has never had a daggier, sakulevu woman living in Gov House – maybe Bale Ganilau who used to hang her towel and parachute undies from the windows – makaraki mai vei cei kaisi!

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