Young Lies

while we moan the passing of the second year of our bondage under those thieves holding the Nation to ransom and the people onto forced misery, we quote from this letter to the editor of the Fiji Times of Thursday the 4th which just about sums up the report card on these morons.

Don’t forget to register for our worldwide solivakasama movement set up to fight the injustice of our people by going to and if you are overseas please light a candle of hope for our flesh and blood who are forced to suffer the tyranny of the greed of a minority that  holds a gun over their heads and forces them to silently endure the idiocy of their ideology and greed!!

EVERYONE lies sometimes. Young children sometimes have problems differentiating between telling fantasy from reality.These children, however, do tend to have some psychological issues, which may range from lack of self-confidence or gregariousness.

But when adults continually lie and totally believe in their lie, it becomes pathological.

This is the problem with the regime and their military supporters.

First, it was the clean-up campaign.

Now, it’s about them getting paid for what they sacrificed for our country.

Yes, we agree sacrifices have been made for our country but only the sacrifices made by true, courageous soldiers in past eras.

They fought for God and country, and upheld the Constitution without question.

The current crop should never, ever think we hold them too in the same high pedestal.

Because what you did is you robbed us of our rights to hope, to be successful, to be prosperous, to be financially secure, by lying and using your guns to threaten unarmed citizens and take over our democratically elected government in the name of “national development”.

Stop the lies. Give us back our country and our elected leaders.





18 Responses to “Young Lies”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu kemudou na marama e na veiwasei momona ka toqai toka e cake. Au duavata kei kemudou ena tikina oqori. Ia, me da qai taroga ga se cava sara mada e noda/nodra cala na lewe ni vanua me da/ra mai vakatotogani kina vakaoqo. Au dau vakabauta tu ni susugi cake ni dua na i Taukei e ologi ena tolu ga na vosa: loloma, vakarorogo, vakarokoroko. E dina ni tiko tale na veitikini ni noda vesau ka dau vakayagataki me lasika cake kina na i balebale dina ni tolu na vosa oqo. Na i usutu ga ni vakasama ni o iratou na tolu na vosa oqo e ratou yavutu ni vosa VUKU! Ni yalo VUKU e nodra i tekiteki na noda Turaga dau veiliutaki e liu ka sa mai yali ka lutudromu ena loma ni wasaliwa ni yalo kocokoco, vakawalena na bula tabu yani ni lewe ni vanua kei na nuitaka ga na kaukauwa ni gusu ni dakai. E ra dau kaya na noda qase ” Ena qai yati mai na colo” vei ira na butakoca na dodonu ni lewe ni vanua yadua: na dodonu ni digitaki ni VEILIUTAKI! Sa dri yani!

  2. Budhau Says:

    I know – they always lie. remember they told us that the Rabuka Coup and the Speight coup were all about indigenous rights – yeah right.

    ..and this one is about the clean up, racial equality and all that crap.

    Yes and all they “did is you robbed us of our rights to hope, to be successful, to be prosperous, to be financially secure, by lying and using your guns to threaten unarmed citizens and take over our democratically elected government in the name of of Whatever”.

    The problem is that there is always are group of suckers who are willing to buy into these lies……and I am sure, when we have the next coup, and we will, they will have their own set of lies – and guess what, we will still have folks buying into this crap that some coups are justified.

    All coups, including this one, have been about power grab by you know who – any other reason for the coups were just lies.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    That’s all well and good , but it’s a bit like asking Hitler to stop killing the Jews !
    These thieves , murderers and despots have their heads so far up each other arses , it’s difficult to tell where their own body starts and ends !

  4. Ablaze Says:

    We need to change our mindset, educate our youth to become people of principles.

    We do not need people like the Fatiakis, Rabukas, Bainimaramas etc etc who think because of the position they are in they have the power to make changes for the betterment of our country! CRAP! AND MORE CRAP!

    Reading up on Fatiaki I came across a few interesting points. I honestly believe this is the problem we have in our very small island state. “The Big Fish In The Small Pond Syndrome” Levu na wannabe and no money so will break the law for the $$$$$$$$ and social status. ( The desire to be a high shot )

    Adi Kaila I like your style and I think we have reached the stage where we should not only be questioning the integrity and ethics of those who succumb to the compromises of politics in our country but shaming them in any possible way we choose. After all it is the only freedom we have left and for me personally it makes me feel good, I have something over them so Adi Kaila keep it up.

    We must not in any way believe that all the breaches against the law and their continued band-aid quick fix approaches is for the betterment of our country especially when it is being forced down our throats with the barrel of the gun lurking in the background.

    In all the coups, its perpetrators use only part of the Constitution to justify their agenda and ignore the rest. This is illegal and should never be accepted. Changes to the Constitution should only be made within the Constitution in a Parliamentary forum so as to move a consensus on any electoral reform.

    To those that think otherwise, allow me to remind you that I was one of those dumbos that accepted the 1987 Rabuka Coup because I was made to believe that it was all about defence of a system of traditional authority that was believed to define the “taukei.” The coup would benefit the “taukei” since we had not been dealt a fair deal since colonial rule. They need to be encouraged to preserve and improve their existence, empowered through education scholarships, commercial assistance, fair land leases etc. I don’t mean spoon feed us, definitely not. Our chiefs need to learn to give respect to the people to gain that respect back. This can still and should be done not only for the “taukeis” but for every citizen of Fiji through an elected govt by the people for the people.

    I cannot undo the past but have definitely learnt that coups are never the answer to any problem and forced changes to the law outside the Constitution are destined to fail. Thus I now believe that Democracy is the best form of Government and there is no other way to change the laws but through an elected parliament following the correct legal processes.

    The reason I have so much admiration for Ratu Joni is the way in which he has stuck to moral law and since Fiji’s first coup has never involved himself to be part of any interim govt or the judiciary even if it meant denying the people of Fiji the expertise he possess. (He has never showed any $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ signs etched on his forehead either)

    Fatiaki’s appointment on the other hand was never without controversy and today has walked away with a golden hand shake of $275K. (Only in Fiji)

    In Fiji you can preach one thing but then do the complete opposite, Fatiaki is one of these guys.

    During the 2000 coup, Fatiaki joined another happily retired CJ who involved himself in the Rabuka coup, Timoci Tuivaga and Justice Michael Scott in advising the then President, Ratu Mara to abrogate the constitution in accordance with wishes of the fucken military. Mara didn’t agree and resigned. (Mara must have come to his senses then and realized it was illegal, unlike the 1987 Rabuka coup when he backed Rabuka and became interim Prime Minister.) Same! Same! as Qarase interim PM after the Speight! (Best policy don’t get involved, resign if you have to, Ratu Joni did)

    Tuivaga, Fatiaki and Scott later recognised the interim military govt of Frank the Crank and went ahead with the band-aid quick fix approach of drafting decrees abrogating the holy grail, CONSTITUTION and abolishing the Supreme Court.

    Then later this man had the Rotuman cheek to address the Fiji Law Society at the Warwick Hotel on July 2, 2005 calling on the legal profession to uphold standards of integrity and that it is of vital importance for the legal profession to be “independent of any centres of power, whether public or private and of any cause.

    He then smartly added that the most valuable asset of any profession was its collective reputation.

    Tuivaga is other CJ that says stuff to been seen he is doing the right thing. He defended his role by saying; “It was an endorsement but a practical acknowledgement of reality and while a de facto govt is in place it is impossible for me, as CJ, not to acknowledge its actual existence as a matter of political reality.” (Nice way of saying that you accepted the rape of our democracy)

    Wait for it guys, because this is what was later reported that Tuivaga might be subject to the inquiry into allegations concerning the role of the judiciary in the events of the 2000 Speight coup, to cover his butt he said that the Constitution of Fiji makes no provision for investigating retired members of the judiciary. (Hey man what about the welfare of the people that you were suppose to be protecting from criminals.)

    There it is folks we must put a stop to those that have been placed in trusted positions from drafting decrees, abrogating or reversing the constititution, abolishing the Supreme court etc to oblige coup perpetrators and those in the judiciary to defend and protect their fucken actions in any blood coup.

    Like Ratu Joni, Mr Graham Leung, Mr Jon Apted, to name a few we have good honest lawyers and a long-time member of the Fiji Law Society Council veteran lawyer Peter Knight is one of them. When condemning Tuivaga’s actions Mr Knight said; “the eyes of the profession, the nation and world are upon the judiciary. It cannot be seen to openly condone criminal activity. It should, as a matter of record, continue to occupy and function in its judicial role in the uncompromising manner as it had done before May 19, 1987.

    It started with Rebuke and if were are going to continue with people like Fatiaki, Gates, Khaiyum etc etc in them thinking they have the power to over step the line and carry out these quick fix changes then get away with it, the coup culture is here to stay.

  5. Budhau Says:

    Good one Ablaze – long piece, but I read it all. Keep up the good work.

    BTW – if we had a free and fair election and somehow, Chaudary formed a coalition with several Fijian groups and came back into power – either as the PM or as Minister of Finance with a “puppet” Fijian PM – how many of us are still willing to accept the results of that election and let that government complete its term in office. (I know Chaudary’s election is highly unlikely – but still possible). Will many of us be out there in the streets demanding change by some undemocratic means.

    This is not about Chaudary – this is about us, the day we are ready to accept a democratically elected government, regardless of who wins – that is when this coup culture will end.

    BTW – I think the next coup is going to be pulled by some ethno-nationalists – and the situation then would be even worse than what we have now.

    Good luck.

  6. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks Budhau, What has come over you? You are starting to make sense now, not so aggressive and condescending.

    I don’t believe we should come in here and agree on everything but to learn, understand and respect what the others have to say.

    I think we will have to begin from scratch when we finally hold Parliamentary Elections. Unfortunately if to hold elections we need to put aside Chaudhary’s previous actions we must as it is of vital importance to the nation that Elections be held asap.

    I would be hoping though that the electorate would not vote him in because of his doings in the past. The same goes for anyone that decides to stand.

  7. Bin Ladin Says:

    Two years since the take over and the IG has just gain more porpularity here and abroad. What you bloggers going to do about it!……The answer is nothing!. No one is game enough to stand up to Bai….and his merry man!. Giving your 2 cents worth on every piece of crap posted on this website is not the way to go. After all you just looked upon as some hard working people who need a good leader to stop them from from robbing the Fijian people Dont waste your time its time to wake up from your long slumber and face with reality!. I would like to thank the team for putting up the website so folks go and register aninvite your friends and family to be part of something it will make a diffrence but its…time to move on frineds!!. What we need is a charismatic leader who is prepared to take on the Bull by the horns. We need to organise rallys an we display banners to show our dislike with the current regime!. The whole of Fiji and the world will be watching!.South Africa did it and succeed in topling an apatheid regime. People face abuse and death for their effort but victory was inevitable for the black South Africans. Thank you and keep fighting ,the day is coming May god bless Fiji.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    What elections ?

  9. F.I.R.M Says:

    And dont forget to go to to register for the solivakasama worldwide movement.

  10. Ablaze Says:

    Bin Ladin the pleasure is yours! Why don’t you get in there like Vilisi Nadaku and show us the way to do it.

    Give it a go first and if it works we will then follow suit!

    Otherwise don’t come in here telling us something that you yourself is lamusona to do. You big Sonalevu!

  11. Ablaze Says:

    Maleka Bin Ladin! I think I am seeing things!

    Modern technology is a great thing and if there was only a way we could touch a key and get rid of Bai and his piglets I would do it in a heart beat!

    Bin Ladin be careful what you say! He! He! He!

  12. Democracy Says:

    did I just hear on Close-Up the PSC permanent secretary admit civil servants are bribing superiors to get postive merit assessment and that she would be ready to discriminate between a young and an elderly by hiring the young one – meet the real face of the PSC

  13. Cava Says:

    If we want to get rid of the coup culture then i suggest we study the way other countries have done it. You have to take drastic means like HANGING those directly responsible for pulling the coup in order to discourage potential future coup makers. Since we have to start somewhere i suggest we start with the current Military coup makers.These would be Bainimarama,Leweni,Ketepoka,Mara,Ganilau,etc,etc,. I really don’t care who is going to win the General Election, as long as he make sure to try every single one of those that supported the military coup and ensure that my constitutional democratic rights and our nation is finally protected from this power mongers, i will stand by them right to the very end! However, there is no way in the world will i support Chaudary to enter our democratic parliamentary system ever as I think he should be standing next to Bainimarama and groups ready for the noose as well?

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is of note that the end is ‘very near’ for magabe in Zimbabwe.

    It is only a matter of days before African troops will pour into the country and lock the dictator up.

    They will be the spearhead that will allow the UN health people to follow to give medical assistance and food to the sick, starving population.

    As part of this co-ordinated effort, neighbouring countries will ban the transport of fuel through their countries thus rendering magabe’ silly soldiers and parasitic police immobile.

    Within a few days, the UN and neighbouring countries will stabilise the country so that work can then progress on rebuilding.

    It will be such a relief for the people of Africa to have disposed of a rotten apple from the barrel.

    The Pacific Islands Forum will discuss a similar proposal when they meet in PNG soon.

    The PIF leaders will base their decisions on the report to be prepared this week by the group of foreign ministers gathering in Suva tomorrow.

    What will this report contain? Surely these items:-

    * the supervisor of elections has NOT done any work in preparing for an election

    * the jaundiced junta has not allocated any money for an election in 2009

    * the moronic military maladministration has no plans to hold elections within the next 5 years

    * the judiciary in Fiji has been corrupted by the current maladministration

    * the jaundiced junta has increase the already bloated military budget at the expense of eduction and health

    * human rights in Fiji are non-existent and the director of FHRC is a coup apologist

    * the illegal AG and incompetent FHRC are scared and refusing interviews

    * the current bunch of illegal ‘ ministers ‘ are incompetent

    * the economy has collapsed and is being propped up by overseas borrowings ; not for infrastructure but for the military

    * corruption is rife within the ranks of the maladministration

    * education, health, roads, etc are crumbling as more and more money is diverted to the military

    * the sugar industry has collapsed and has no immediate future under this maladministration

    * the tourist industry is facing very hard times

    * the police farce is paralyzed under the control of the dictator’s lieutenant who has no idea about policing

    * basic services such as water, electricity and roads are failing as more money is moved to the military

    IN SUMMARY:- Fiji is going backwards—- fast.

    RECOMMENDATIONS:- PIF nations to intervene militarily if the dictator does not stand down within a week.

    For the sake of all Fijians, let’s hope that a similar outcome is achieved in Fiji as to that currently being planned for Zimbabwe.

  15. Seini Says:

    The line that says it all is “Stop the lies. Give us back our country and our elected leaders.”

    If Mr Bainimarama wants to wear his uniform with any sort of pride then those are the two commands that he as a good militaryman and a servant of the nation of Fiji should straight away respond to with a salute and a ‘yes Sir, right away Sir”, the lies and Franks lack of sufficient management skills to run a church fete are going to push Fiji further into the big black hole his so busy digging for the country!

  16. Anon Says:

    I salute the team that finally moved things at the FTA Hall on Friday. It is time now for action. No more talking. No more PDF and dialog and all that silliness.
    Fiji must downsize it’s useless overpaid military!
    Stand up people, voice your opinion, make you protest seen and heard!
    God Bless.

  17. Adi Kaila Says:

    The PS PS is blowing her own trumpet to big note herself.

    Those poor civil servants hardly have enough money for bus fares, let alone money to bribe anyone – maybe the bearch is hoping that all watching will pay her to upgrade their assessments.

    As for discriminating between the old and the young civil servants, she’s well and truly revealed what a first class arse hole she is. This cow is a bloody bully luveni kaisi. Big in the feet and big in the maji head like the rest of the ig coupsters and opportunists.

    titty is forever talking up her illegal status. Macawa.

  18. Kingrat Says:

    they are not only liars but compulsive liars. fuck them all

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