Chaudhry pleads for funds – liu muri says SV!!!

Bloggers, now we have Chodo also pleading to the illegal junta to either fulfill the demands of the EU or foot the bill of the sugar cane reform. This bastard truly is what a friend calls ‘a water-bottle principle man.’ One crucial element of water, is that it always takes the shape of its container. In other words, it has no back-bone and will turn with the tide. Ragone, remember this is the same bastard when Vore and Nailatikau were publicly saying General Elections to be held by May 2009, he was telling the Indian cane farmers not to worry as there will be no General Elections held next year. Sure enough, Vore and Nailatikau changed their tune and started making feeble excuses that Vore was ‘forced’ into making this undertaking. Now it has to do with electoral reforms first, before holding General Elections. Furthermore bloggers,  Chodo is now revealing that the illegal junta knew months ago of the EU’s stance. So it is not something new. When he was the illegal Minister responsible for sugar, he knew full well, that the sugar cane funding would be withheld if they did not stick to their undertaking and the chief one being holding General Elections by May 2009, yet he was lobbying against General Elections in May 2009 at the time!!!  Therefore the EU is not at fault, so now he tries to deflect any blame on him, but blames the illegal junta instead and tries to blackmail them to foot the bill for his major blunder!!!  SV urges all Indian cane farmers to remove the wool off their eyes and pull their fingers out of their arses and critically view Chodo and honestly answer for themselves whether Chodo has truly improved or worsened their livelihood and race relations since the 2006 coup? SV is confident that many of you will answer in the negative, so SV asks why then continue to blindly support him? By doing so, you are acting exactly like the Fijians you correctly criticise for blindly following Rabuka and Speight during their illegal coups as well! Chodo is one unscrupulous bastard who is fanning the flames of racism between Indians and Fijians, (Chodo Jnr was advocating violence and taking up of arms against Fijians in his interview) but when shit hits the fan, he will be nowhere to be seen, as he will be basking in the sun and enjoying his millions stashed away in Australia. Remember ragone to register on as we will be pressuring the Australian Government to freeze his assets as well.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

FORMER interim sugar minister Mahendra Chaudhry says the interim regime should either fulfil the demands of the European Union or foot the bill of the sugar industry’s reform process.

Mr Chaudhry has also taken a swipe at the industry’s budget allocation, saying the $5million provided for assistance was grossly inadequate.

He made the comment as the Sugar Commission of Fiji revealed it intends to submit a proposal for more funding to assist with the reform process and cane development projects.

This comes following the announcement by the EU’s development committee to withhold the $350million grant for the reform process.

Mr Chaudhry said while the announcement by the EU development committee was not new, as the regime was informed of its stance to withhold the assistance package months ago, the lack of funding placed the sugar industry under threat.

Mr Chaudhry said with funding being withheld until there was clear progress to elections, the regime should provide or search for alternative funding of at least $15m to $20m for works under the reform process.

With the sugar industry dangerously at the brink of collapse, Mr Chaudhry said it was necessary that the Government took serious consideration of the situation.

“If funding is not provided and elections are delayed further, the sugar industry would definitely be under threat,” he said.

Sugar Commission of Fiji chairman John May echoed Mr Chaudhry’s sentiments, saying the withholding of funds was “very serious”.

Mr May said under the EU assistance scheme, the industry was to receive 60 million Euro ($141.4m) for the period 2008 to 2010.

The industry was expected to receive 8m Euro ($18.8m) for the 2008 season early next year.

Of the $18.8m, $10.1m (4.3m Euro) was allocated for cane development, $6.5m (2.8m Euro) was for services such as the provision of seed croppings for initiatives such as multiple cropping while the remainder was set aside for research as well as the coordinating and monitoring of the project.

The industry was destined to further receive an additional 24m Euro ($56.5m) for the 2009 season and 28m Euro ($66m) for 2010 season.

Mr May said they have called on stakeholders for proposals for a combined submission to the interim regime for funding to assist with work.


16 Responses to “Chaudhry pleads for funds – liu muri says SV!!!”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Veni, vidi, vici!

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    How can $5 million for the sugar industry be inadequate when $50 million extra is needed for the army. One has 4000 dependents and the other 400,000 dependents. That is Voreqonomics! Must keep 4000 well fed so that they can rape the other 796,000.

    MC is the Master of Ceremonies for any occasion.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Keeping in mind the funeral ceremony.

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    It was just a couple a weeks ago this same snake was justifying the blowing of military budget and next year’s huge increase in allocation. Now he is telling the military govt to have elections so that they could receive EU funding and that 2009 budget allocation for sugar cane is too small. If the farmer can’t see through this blatant action of chodo then they are blind. The Indian farmers should by now see that cranky franky is just using them as a pawn for his psychological warfare.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Sorry to be the ever lasting pain in the arse , but thinking ahead a little .
    Now that the sugar industry is not so sweet anymore (joke) and that farmers will have no income , does it then follow that Fijian landowners won’t be getting paid either ?
    If this happens and Fijians are driven further into poverty as a result , will they be able to borrow from the brave soldiers ( relatives ) who have propped up this disgusting regime and it’s sup[porters ?
    At what point , will the soldiers be held accountable for their inaction against Frank and Co. and at what point , will they turn on him ?
    It seems to me , that time is running out indeed for Francis and Co.

  6. Tim Says:

    Mark – my bet is that most of the brave soldiers will have spent all their “earnings” on the accoutrments that they hope will convince everyone just how brave and macho they are. Mini-me Voreqe for one and probably most of the rest of them.

  7. Tim Says:

    From Discombobulatedbubu et al:
    More brave Fijian Women telling it like it is

    Topical wisdom from brave Fijian women that I admire (Letters to the Editor Fiji Rimes 4th December, 2008).


    EVERYONE lies sometimes.

    Young children sometimes have problems differentiating between telling fantasy from reality.

    These children, however, do tend to have some psychological issues, which may range from lack of self-confidence or gregariousness.

    But when adults continually lie and totally believe in their lie, it becomes pathological.

    This is the problem with the regime and their military supporters.

    First, it was the clean-up campaign.

    Now, it’s about them getting paid for what they “sacrificed” for our country.

    Yes, we agree sacrifices have been made for our country but only the sacrifices made by true, courageous soldiers in past eras.

    They fought for God and country, and upheld the Constitution without question.

    The current crop should never, ever think we hold them too in the same high pedestal.

    Because what you did is you robbed us of our rights to hope, to be successful, to be prosperous, to be financially secure, by lying and using your guns to threaten unarmed citizens and take over our democratically elected government in the name of “national development”.

    Stop the lies. Give us back our country and our elected leaders.


    Couldn’t have put it better! The lying is pathological – and it extends from the juveniles leading the military, to the dysfunctional Shameens, Scutts and Bubbas still worrying about getting old and shrivelled (the former – why worry?), to a few already old and bitter closet queens hanging around the judiciary and imported from abroad in the hope of some future glory (Gates, Pryde et al). Good thing is they’re on the Road to Nowhere

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    Now that we are on the eve of the second anniversary of our stolen freedom it would be an opportune time to start doing something. I know we cannot face the might of the gun but we could use the might of the pen (keyboards) to carry out our mission of opposing and toppling this evil regime.

    Tim mentioned the involvement of expatriats who are propping up the regime even though they know it is illegal. Most of these scums are Kiwis and a couple or so are Ozzies. Seeing that their respective govts have allowed their citizens to participate in an illegal entity it is time to remind these govts to relook at their policies or where their ethics and principles lie in regards to these people. The best these govts can do is to repatriate their citizens who are helping this regime or else slap bans on these people as well for their illegal activities.

    I am still yet to hear something from the new NZ PM on his stand on the situation in Fiji. Hello is anyone there, wakey wakey we still have a big problem here with your citizens aiding and abetting the illegal regime. I am starting to wonder how he got elected since he is making no show at all.

    We request the NZ and Australian govts as act of assistance to the restoration of democracy in Fiji to recall their citizens who are involved in helping this regime maintain their grasp onto power.

    There was a mention somewhere, was it the commonwealth, that the time allowed for a return to democracy after a coup is two years whereby you would have proven your claims as the reason for staging the coup and setting the stage for an election. This has not happened and seems to remain that for some time since they are all afraid of the consequences and also would have to relinquish the govt purse in which they are pigging themselves silly at the moment.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    happy coup coup anniversary Fiji !

  10. ispy Says:

    What is even more amazing than Chaudhry’s 180 degree twists and turns in the policitcal arena is the fact considering that Chaudhry is probably singularly responsible for hammering the final nail in the coffin tthat is the sugar industry – the indian cane farmers still worship the ground he walks on.

    He just sentenced them to death and they continue to thank and praise him all the way to the electric chair.

    Also, the point raised by MM is an important one.

    No money for the sugar industry means the cane farmers suffer and can’t pay their leases which means landowners don’t get their rent money.

    So ultimately, it will be the grassroots indian cane farmers and the landowners in the cane-belt areas that will take the biggest hit for Bainimarama’s NO ELECTION stance.

    I wonder, will the interim government screw the Fijian landowners one more time by allowing the cane-farmers to stay on their respective plots of the native land rent free until the sugar industry is revived?

    Or will he reduce the education budget further to create funds for the sugar ailing sugar industry.

    And on that note, is is possible Bainimarama is cutting the education budget because he wants the youth of Fiji to grow up and become stupid like him?

  11. Kingrat Says:

    magaitinana o Chdo. fuck him, his family and all who support him.

  12. Adi Kaila Says:

    While the majority of Fiji could see the obvious fact the chodoci was ALWAYS & continually lying to the canefarmers it is still unbelievable in this day and age that they listened and followed his lead.

    I for one do not feel any sympathy for them, they voted for him & they can bloody well keep him.

    chodoci can go and ask that other junglee budhau to bail the canefarmers out of their misery, unless they all want to go to their beloved subcontinent and be nuked by the pakis – KALAS!

  13. Budhau Says:

    Adi Kaila – I know, it is difficult to comprehend – that the Chodo dude keeps on lying to the farmers and they still continue to support him.
    On the other hand the Ratus have continuously ripped off the Fijians for the last 38 years and they keep voting them in.

    I just can’t understand what they see in these guys.

    Hey Ipsy – keeping the Fijians uneducated won’t help Bainimarama – it might help the Ratus though, to keep their chiefly thingie alive for another generation or two.

  14. Nostradamus Says:

    Your problem Budhau is that you generalize and demonize the “ratu’s”. The Ratu’s are community leaders, many good and some bad. Their own people know how to deal with them. It does not take a federal case or national coup.
    Furthermore, you reveal your racial bias, and it sound an awful lot like the Indian myth. Ratu’s, kerikeri (Indian spelling), looters, thugs – you know the whole “merit” theory based on caste and outcaste. Chodo is one rotten egg. No need to generalize, but one must feel sorry for those who blindly follow him, or who rely on him for their hopes and dreams.

  15. Cava Says:

    Thanks SV for clearing up the above. In other words the blame for the EU money holdback was Chaudary’s faults. We really shouldn’t let the AG get away with it too, as he would have been the person responsible for signing the deal on behalf of the IG?

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    junglee keeps on about Ratus continually ripping off Fijians the last 38 years – hey fool how about providing the evidence right here of your extraordinary accusations.

    Go on, name them and exactly how they ripped off the Fijians and how they gained from it.

    Generalizing – you bet your sorry masala arse you do. But we don’t have to generalize about your wilful ignorance as you’ve provided that for all to read and laugh about out loud.

    Where you get your idiotic ravings and incorrect racist information, you could only have found in your grandfather bhikaris dried kora filled dhoti.


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