From the desk of Cassandra



At the very core of the increasing misery and despair that has descended upon our beautiful islands over the past two years is a remarkable parallel with a political process graphically narrated in a novel published 63 years ago.

I refer, of course, to George Orwell’s marvellous work, Animal Farm. beginning with a rebellion that saw a pig called Napoleon assume power, this classic tale documents the gradual evolution and eventual corruption of a ruling elite.

As you may recall, Orwell’s Napoleon used his military to intimidate everyone else and consolidate his power. Now, dear readers, does that not sound eerily familiar ?

In fact, you might go so far as to agree with you humble correspondent that with every step the dictator has taken to entrench his own position, parallels between Fiji under Bainimarama and Animal Farm under Napoleon become increasingly obvious.

So much so, in fact, that the recent 2009 budget has brought us into a situation where it could be said, quite truthfully, that life (as we understand the awful reality of today’s Fiji) is imitating art (as represented by the corrupt pigs in Orwell’s classic work of fiction).

Take our dictator’s cynical decision, as self-appointed interim finance minister, to increase his military budget by almost 20 per cent while reducing the allocation for education.

Now that is an act of which the pig, Napoleon, would have been most proud.

But the obvious Napoleon/ Bainimarama similarity is not the only astonishing parallel that springs to mind. What about interim attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and that singularly unpleasant Orwellian pig called Squealer?

Aiyaz, sorry, I mean Squealer, was Napoleon’s side-kick and an expert manipulator of the law. It was he who sneakily substituted Animal Farm’s seven laws with one over-arching law that proclaimed, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

(In all honesty I must confess to one tiny but significant flaw in the Cassandra theory of Fiji’s life imitating Orwell’s art. Unfortunately, nowhere in Animal Farm does Orwell write of Squealer’s illicit and manifestly opportunistic sexual liaison with one of Napoleon’s daughters. Now, isn’t that interesting!)

Your humble correspondent can only sadly observe that Bainimarama’s travesty of a budget is yet further proof that a small few in Fiji are seriously intent on making themselves a great deal more equal than others.

But, I hear you ask, how many others? Well, lets see if the 2009 budget doesn’t push our nation’s official poverty figure over the 50 per cent mark.

Not that Bainimarama would care. He and his rapidly dwindling band of supporters have convincingly demonstrated that they posses only one real aim in life, which is to look after number one.

Yes, dear readers, it is life imitating art, and profoundly so. Just remember that the next time you watch a new $100,000 RFMF Pajero speed past.

As Orwell wrote in the final chapters of Animal Farm, “Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals any richer – except, of course, the pigs.”



31 Responses to “From the desk of Cassandra”

  1. Budhau Says:

    “Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals any richer – except, of course, the pigs.”

    How very true – those Ratus and the Fijian elite – the pigs at the trough for 38 years – who is next – is it the Kubuna Ratus turn yet.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    Perhaps you can take the trouble to list a few “rich” ratu’s.
    I doubt you will find very many, and certainly not as many as “rich” from other races. But for those of you embroiled in the Indian myth, it irks you to have even one, because it upsets your apple cart. Untouchables and junglee are supposed to stay in their “place” in society. If they became rich, they must have been corrupt. There is no such thing as merit for those who are condemned to eternal servitude, and whose only solace is reincarnation as a “hard working person of merit” a code phrase for Indian. Like those ratu’s about to go to the QEB to pray to Voreqe and
    Sami that they can become Indian.

  3. Budhau Says:

    Feeding at the trough – You want some names, how about you go to the Registrar of Companies office and check out all the mortgage sales or look up the FDB records to figure out all those loans defaulted and written off – and you can back to the 70s. You will get the names all right.

    Look at what the Ratus did at FHL – How the board allowed limited liability companies formed by the Ratus to buy shares in FHL while the Provinces had no idea they could get in on this deal. The money they used to get in on this very lucrative deal was all borrowed money from FDB or NBF. If this is not feeding at the trough, then what is – when one whole province has $50K class A shares and some family owned private company has $200K worth of shares.

    If I was one of you – the question I would be asking was that since the FHL set up to benefit the Fijian people, how come these selected few cashed out – what happened to the Provinces, NLTB and the FAB as owners instead of the elite Fijians.

    The list goes on – the Ratus and the elite screwing over the iTaukei over and over right in front of their own eyes and they always seem to be willing to look the other way – because of the bogey man as the enemy. That is when idiots like you start the ethno-nationalism crap.
    You know what the next big thing was going to be for the Ratus – they would have cashing in on is that Vanua Development crap and the QoliQoli project, they were already at NLTB.

    This isn’t some racist crap as you guys have been pushing in here – remove Chaudary and the Indians from the equations – you still have a socio-economic development model that has been screwing the common Fijian and enriching the elite and heading straight into an all out intra-Fijian conflict and tribalism.

    What most of the Ratus don’t seem to realize is that they Fijian people have placed their faith in the Ratus and they have a fiduciary duty to work in the interest of the Fijian people and when there is a conflict between the interest of the people and their personal interest, the people interest come first. When there is an opportunity to make money – the people interest comes first.

    You have the Ratus, and now that have the church and the military all involved in politics – that is the future of the Fijians – and once they can not play the Fijians against the Indians, they will start playing the Fijians against the Fijians.

    Nostradamus – you know better – about that Indian myth – Indians had very little to do with NLTB, GCC, VDC, FHL, FAB.

    As for those Ratus about to go to QEB – I wonder why FB even bothers – I think it is time to cut out the middle men and go directly to the vanua.
    Hey dude – the enemy is within.

  4. ispy Says:

    Budhau… “go directly to the vanua” – are you kidding!!!!

    I invite you Budhau to come to MY vanua with your hero Bainimarama.

    Come preach about how our chiefs are corrupt and how some of the individuals in our vanua have enriched themselves at our expense.

    I promise you, you would both be very lucky to arrive back in Suva with your arseholes intact.

    You are racist mother fucker with a huge big chip on his shoulder about successful Fijians.

    Both you and I know that if you looked carefully into the business history of the successful Indian “elite” in Fiji, you would find countless occassions where the law has bent, stretched and broken to serve their own needs.

    However, by your standards if a member of another race becomes successful its called opportunity and ambition, if a Fijian makes it, it must be corruption.

    Plus the way you write on this blog is as if corruption is a failing limited only to the Fijian people.

    You say you are not a racist but your contempt for our race is unmistakeable.

    I have many Indian friends, but thankfully none who are as bitter and venomous as you NS.

    Have a nice day you wanker.

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Casssandra, I noted an article yesterday that mentioned a march tomorrow by the green goons to support the campaign against violence against women.

    What sheer blatant hypocrisy!

    Remember that these are the thugs responsible for the bashing, stripping and kicking of women on many occasions.

    I suppose the march will be lead by the failed diplomat, dimwiti, who lead the bashing and sexual assault on these women.

    I can not imagine one Fijian woman would take these pathetic specimen of manhood seriously.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, it is interesting to note a green goon writing above under several aliases.

    By the nonsense that it has written, one could assume that it is none other than the chief numskull, major disaster.

  7. ispy Says:

    Milli Vanilli, Yehdo, Kocokoco or whatever the fuck you’re calling yourself this hour.

    First, take your pills, your MPD is getting worse.

    Second, the issue here is cutting out the middle men (our chiefs). Are you a Fijian? Probably not. Otherwise, you would know that dismissing your chief is not as easy as turning your back on your Sardar.

    Third, “institutional slavery” are the exact words used by the interim military government as propaganda to justify the 2006 coup. So we all know were you’re coming from.

    Fourth, ExFT and people like him come to Fiji and spend money here help the economy. You and the people you idolise just spend money and offer nothing back to the country except corruption and misery.

    Its time you and your heros start taking this country back to elections instead of trying to push your fucking Charter down the throats of an unwilling Fijian population.

    And BTW the opinions of the disillusioned RFMF and the oppressed civil service do not constitute the majority of the people of Fiji – you can tell Filimoni Kau that.

  8. Budhau Says:

    Since independence, with successive Fijian administrations, corruption, fraud, nepotism and mismanagement have been a way of life. The Fijian chiefs who held power and those who had a personal relationship with those in power had access to jobs, government contracts and other opportunities to make big money. The Ratus in power saw this as a “legitimate” means of enriching both themselves and their friends.
    This is what I was attempting to point out – and it was relevant to the subject being discussed here – “pigs feeding at the trough”.

    There is nothing racist about it – people in power have a tendency to do this in most societies and ethnic groups. Usually in a democracy, these things are easily spotted and normally such a government is voted out. Where there is power, there is always a potential for abuse.
    The situation in Fiji is some what is different – first there is the Ratus who the Fijians traditionally look up to who are involved with this abuse and there is the Indian bogeyman that is perceived to a threat to the Fijians. Therefore, the common Fijian has been willing to tolerate corruption and look the way as long as the Indian threat is there.

    The NBF is another example of how the Ratus enrich themselves and screw the poor.
    To help the Fijians thru affirmative action, they decide to give “soft” loans to the Fijians.
    Those Fijians in the know formed all kinds of corporations with the help of accountants and lawyers and started getting loans that were handed out with little or no security. By the time the feeding frenzy was over they had siphoned more than $200 million from the bank, most of which would never be recovered. Did the government and the Cabinet know what was going on, did the minister for Finance know what was happening. Did the Board of the Bank know what was going on? It took the media about six years to find out what was going on.
    So how many of you believe that this money went to the disadvantaged indigenous folks who were supposed to be the beneficiary of these loans. You know who benefitted – the Ratus, those Ministers, the Fijian elite – lawyers, accountants, high level civil servants and businessmen (and yes some of the recipients were not even Fijians).
    ..and what did we do, did we fight this corruption…….hell no! Because the thieves had the power. And there was this cultural thingie – challenging the Ratus would mean cultural insensitivity – very anti-Fijian.
    This ain’t about race – this is about corruption. The money that is stolen was always earmarked for the common Fijians and they will keep on stealing from you until you have the will to stand up to the thieves and stop tolerating corruption. BTW what about the rule of law in the above case – did anyone ever get convicted.

    Now, go ahead call me a racistl, no good Dalit.

  9. ispy Says:

    How convenient that you failed to mention that Bajpai and several other prominent Indian families took out and failed to repay large loans from NBF during those years.

    But lets not go there, its easier just blame the Fijian chiefs.

    You are racist you fucking Dalit.

  10. Budhau Says:

    Yes I did mention that some of the loans went to folks other than the Fijians. That is exactly my point that while the poor Fijian was screwed the wealthy Businessmen who was connected to the Ratus got the loans.

    So some poor Fijian got a $3000 loan to build a boat, and the Ratu’s Indian buddy got $3 million loan.

    Of course there were a small group of Indian businessman who were in with the Chiefs cashing in – I am sure those bottles of Black Label kept coming – they were all Ratu Mara’s wife’s brothers.

    BTW – race has nothing to do with that also – if there were Chinese or Samoan businessmen doing business in Fiji – there would be some who would hook-up with those in power and I am sure some of those same businessman are now being friendly with FB.

    The point here is that the Fijian people have placed their faith and trust in the hands of the Ratus and the Ratus have a fiduciary duty to the Fijian people to look after their interests. The Gujju businessman or a businessman of any other race – the only duty he has is to himself and his family to maximize his profits – the same thing that the CEO of some Australian corporation would be doing.

    So now do you see why – you don’t steal from your own home or family – the Chiefs cashing in is not the same as some other businessman cashing in.
    A thieving Ratu is a lot worse than a shrewd businessman.

    Yours truely
    the Dalit fuckwit.

  11. ispy Says:

    So a chief by virtue of his position as chief is not allowed to be more successful than the collective over which he is responsible?

    I would say that is exactly the kind of thinking that keeps Fijians in the plantations leaving the Indians in cities making all the money.

    Fijians, whether chief or commoner, have the same rights as everyone else to try and excel in business.

    If the cheifs intentionally screw over their tikina, mataqali, yavusa or vanua in order to make more money… then thats another story.

    But you have shown me no evidence of this, just wild allegations.

    You can understand therefore why I conclude you are racist.

  12. ispy Says:

    Yehdo, I told you already to take your pills…

    …run along, kusa.

    Take two, to make up for yesterday!

    You’re not anti-coup, you promote the same arguments advanced by the coup makers, you cockass.

    Dont waste my time, I was having a decent conversation Budhau.

  13. ispy Says:

    The word IDIOT is what defines someone like you, a loser who comes up with no arguments of his/her own, constantly hangs on the coat tails of someone like Budhau, then criticises blog commentary through irrelevant one-liners – you don’t need that many brain cells to write what you write Yehdo… ergo you are an IDIOT.

    Whos pissing on who now JACKASS!

  14. ispy Says:

    Whats the matter… cat got your tongue????

  15. ispy Says:

    You keep writing, I’m going for lunch…. 😉

  16. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, please block the garbage from the green goon with the identity crisis.

    It really is pathetic.

  17. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Your analogy with ‘Animal Farm’ is spot on.

    You can also see bananasinpyjamas’ behaviour rampant in “Lord of the Flies’.

  18. Cama Says:



    Our sources say that senior military personnel will be going home richer this week when Frank pays them between $3,000 – $4,000 each. They said those who will receive this xmas pay-out will include Private officers right up to the Commander’s level.

    The order to pay was made by Frank before he left for Doha. Sources say the move has angered civil servants at the Finance Ministry who are party to this information. They have wasted no time in advising their civil servant friends, relatives and unions with the hope that Frank will stop giving his military people special treatment while the rest of the civil servants continue to suffer from pay-cuts and high inflation.

  19. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Thankyou SV and especially Cassandra for another entertaining and thoughtful

    We can always rely on Cassandra for an insightful perspective on the misery
    that is the reality Fiji is experiencing. In this latest article the parallels he/she
    draws between Animal Farm and Fiji under Frank are indeed striking.

    The possibility of up to half the population of Fiji slipping below the poverty
    line that Cassandra instances is disturbing evidence of the gross incompetence
    and self-centred self-important attitude of Bainimarama and his wannabe

    The Aiyaz parallel with the “Squealer” character is excellent. So, can we now
    assume that Aiyaz is doing to Frank’s daughter what Frank is doing to the
    entire country? Yes Cassandra, very interesting indeed!

    The accuracy of Cassandra’s comment about Aiyaz and the dictator’s daughter
    is proven by the fact that the green goons from media cell are trying to swamp
    the postings against Cassandra’s article.

    And in just the same way that we can rely on Casssandra to elevate the debate
    with a fine literary touch, so too can we rely on Budhau aka Shane of Australia
    etc. to drag it down to his level by playing the racist card.

    Budhau, what business does a nasty little bigot like you have outside his own
    gutter other than to play up racial tensions and promote the sort of discord
    and disunity that serves your master so well?

  20. solivakasama Says:

    yehdo, kocokoco and mili vanili have been deleted and blocked because they are trying to distract from the spot on analysis of Cassandra and by they way they are the same person blogging from the same IP address


  21. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Thanks SV; glad that you got rid of one of Orwell’s pigs.

  22. Corruption Fighter Says:


    FHL is old news. In case you haven’t noticed it has been taken over by the illegal regime. Apparently the company was set up so that the equity contributed by government allowed government control all along. So you’re a bit out of date.

    The news of the day is the RFMF budget (both 2007 and 2008) which has been stolen from schools, roads and hospitals. And who did all? One Mahendra Pal Chaudhry. Who were his accomplices? The Ratus of the Mara clan.

    Yes, it’s all about corruption, but the corruption going on right now, not the alleged corruption of the past, which doesn’t seem to have been proven despite two years of the illegal regime running everything from the cops to the courts.

    JUSt tell us about the money stolen by the RFMF Bud.

  23. Budhau Says:

    Yes Fiji Democracy Now – that literary touch – “The accuracy of Cassandra’s comment about Aiyaz and the dictator’s daughter is proven by the fact that the green goons from media cell are trying to swamp the postings against Cassandra’s article. ”

    Of course it is proven beyond any doubt – I think the goons were here because they were afraid that Cassandra may reveal who was making out with FB’s wife and then there is that affair that FB is having with that lady judge.

    Oh BTW – that half the population slipping below the poverty line – so what exactly is the acceptable level of poverty.

    ..and those thieving Ratus – that is not racism, that is reality..and that Animal Farm thingie – that has been going on in Fiji for the last 38 years.

  24. Budhau Says:

    Those monies “stolen from schools, roads and hospitals.” yes you tell me – why don’t the rural Fijians have roads going up to their villages, why don’t the Fijians in rural areas have better school, or health care, the infant mortality is high and all that – that $200 million siphoned from that bank would have gone a long way. Why doesn’t the Fijian kids in the rural areas get the same level of health care or education as I did living in an urban area.

    Those other millions of dollars written off by Qarase – if the Fijians had got that we won’t be complaining about the roads, hospitals and schools.
    What did the Ratus do with the Fijian folks yasana and Tikina money – you think that money would have come in handy to help with the village projects.

    Of course the new rulers are doing the same thing – but won’t you agree that replacing these guys by those Ratus who have been ripping us off for 38 years ain’t the answer.

    BTW – there were idiots in here who concluded that I was saying that Fijians can’t run a business and that the only successful Fijian was a thieving Fijians – wrong!
    I never said that – and that is the same line these guys have been using for the three decades – anytime you criticize them Ratus – you are anti-Fijian and that is why no one got convicted for the $200 million scam.

    So it doesn’t matter who is screwing the common Fijians – whether it is the previous regime or this one – they will always remain marginalized as long as they are not willing to stand up for themselves. Nope, instead of standing up for themselves, you buggers want them to fall for your racist crap – and it is very likely that many of them will as they have done that for years.

  25. Cama Says:

    I think the current regime will surpass that figure with their current spending and trough feeding.

    For the next 20 years.

    Some millions are going out this week

    $3000 -$4000 per personnel this week, $180,000 for 3 decades of unused leave etc….

    Commisions for securing deals with China stuff in their foreign banks.

  26. Cama Says:

    Has anyone heard todays news about Zimbabwe in regards to loyal soldiers receiving less from the banks and as a result, they loot and ransacked the towns and cities because of what they use to be receiving from Mugabe is no longer available to them.

    So we will see Fiji heading that way in the near future when there is nothing in the trough.

  27. Cama Says:

    No use crying over spilt milk now. we should prepare ourselves for the worse to come.

  28. Isalei Says:

    Buda, GTF out of your brand of brainwashing of indigenous minds on this blog site, whatever the limitations of those Fijian leaders and Ratus pre-cession, post-cession/colonial, pre-independence, post independence, we have to admit that the arrival of Indians became a thorn on side ever their arrival and will continue to be until they are well and firmly put in their rightful place.

    Its ok for Indians who accept that this is Fiji and its natives are Fijians who will always have a special place in their land of inheritance. But for those like you, John samy, shamimi, nair, IArse & co, will be the cause of your undoing, coming with your smart alecky views and condemning the way of life of indigenous Fijians.

    To all yor criticisms or insinuations, so what? Who cares what you say? Fijians will never listen to an Indian tell them how to run their lives. Just be prepared to see the slow but suuuureee wheel of revolution when the Fijians become fed up with your shit. Soon oh very soon!

  29. saibaba Says:

    so, which one of napoleo’ns daughters is kaiyum screwing. is is a daughter or a son?

  30. Damudamu Says:

    Saibaba: From his mannerism and speech, I could swear he was gay!!!

  31. MichaellaS Says:

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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