EU firm on stance for Fiji, funding on hold…memu sici says SV!

 Well bloggers the EU stands firm against the illegal junta. Chaudhary must be cursing them because he knows he was pissing in the wind, when he made wild claims to the sugar cane farmers that he was going to be their saviour. Now the piss has splattered back on him and the sugar cane farmers want answers because of the financial hardships they are facing. SV feels for these sugar cane farmers whom have become a pawn in the hands of the unscrupulous Chaudhary, but they too must accept some responsibility as well because they are not children and must be held accountable for their blind support. BTW, somebody’s boi riri – must be that dhalit kulina Chodo! The illegal junta gambled and failed big time. Where were these so called experts like John Samy, Francis Narayan, Pramesh Chand, Lewensky, Mohammad Aziz, Akuila Yabaki, Jone Dakuvula, etc, etc who should have been able to convince the EU that everything was normal in Fiji, the way the world should be. Maybe the EU didn’t hear Seru Serevi’s song paid for by the taxpayers of Fiji through the NCBBF? Maybe they just didn’t buy the bull shit period!!! Bogi nikua dua sara ga na dare yagona and you are all welcome, kua ga na sevusevu dredre…Lol! Blog on ragone & remember to register on!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Taken from / By: FBCL

The European Union has not changed it stand that it wants Fiji to return to parliamentary elections as quickly as possible, and to make that clear, EU funding for the sugar industry has been put on hold.
The EU delegation to Fiji left today after a fact finding mission to determine the exact political and socio-economic situation in Fiji.

The delegation said it is unlikely there will be elections next year which the interim government has already ruled out, adding this is a condition for the resumption of financial support from the European Union.

The delegation reiterated the EU insistence that parliamentary elections take place before the end of 2009 based on a political dialogue process involving all stakeholders and conducted without delay.

The statement goes on to say the delegation condemns any threats or restrictions targeting individuals or organisations seeking to exercise their right to freedom of expression.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation



14 Responses to “EU firm on stance for Fiji, funding on hold…memu sici says SV!”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Big time failure of tactics Ma’chaud!

    The big delegation to PoM for ACP/EU didn’t do you any favours either….quick you better tell your cronies to start planting cassava as sugar is down and OUT baby.

    But then again your nemesis Ah Koy will ensure that your folks don’t benefit either…how about you do us all a favour and do the Mariah Carey – i.e. MIGRATE to Mumbai?

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Democracy Believers – 10
    Illegals/Cowards/Usurpers – One big rotten EGG!!!! (again!!!)

    Go Democracy!!!!

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    Heard the interview on TV with the EU delegate who was disappointed with the pig breaking his words and said election can still be held in 2009. She also said there was a lot of activities going on but no progress towards elections shown. She reminded all, that the EU, Commonwealth and Pacific neighbours are still firm on holding the pig to his promise made in Tonga to hold elections in 2009. Together they will all apply pressure on the pig to keep to that promise. However, and this is a very pertinet point to all of us in Fiji who are opposed to this regime, she said “there must also be pressure from within” for the objective to be achievable. She is quite right there but I would like to know pressure in what form. A classic example when pressure was applied in a small way is the case of Vilise and what happened when anyone tries to demonstrate opposition to this regime. By the way whats become of our comrade in democracy. We must consider her comments on the issue of applying pressure and work out how are we to do just that to show we are keeping to our side of the bargain with the free world.

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:

    There you go!!! Have mentioned it here before, that 2009 should be the time for us to be visible PEACEFULLY!!!!!

    Some, have said culturally it cannot happen BUT Vilisi did it! PEACEFULLY!!!!

    We do not have to congregate BUT one person at a time doing it..see how terrorist coordinate attacks…that is how it can be in Suva, one in Ltka, one in nadi, one in Labasa, one in Sydney, one in San Fran..etc etc…stand-up and protest PEACEFULLY…banner to read..INTERIM REGIME FREE FIJI FROM DICTATORSHIP!!!!!…do not put Vore’s name on the banner cos that would give him some limelight. He has done enuf shit already.

    I have said it already too, there is only so much the international body can do. The SILENCE is deafening and it does make them wonder about how STRONG we are. Thais are doing it (but we don’t want violence, that I understand), the Burmese monks did it, Pakis did it, etc etc..even the LADIES IN WHITE of Communist Cuba do it..every Sunday after church they march with a white gladioli in their hands to protest the Communist govt of Cuba who are holding their democracy fighters in jail (esp. their men).

    So, again..pressure from within…we write, we blog now is time to be visible..on Sundays? hmmmmmm a thot…

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Folks, it is great that the EU has come to the only logical conclusion possible; an election is possible next year.

    Unfortunately, the end of this week sees an anniversary of a very dark chapter of Fijian history.

    May I suggest that at 11am on this day, every person, man woman and child, stop for a 2 minute silence to remember the rape of democracy, the bashing of innocents and the killing of many.

    Please, stand still at this hour for 2 minutes wherever you are; in the shop, on the street, in the office, at your house, in bananas illegal office, in injustice gates’ illegal court, etc.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this simple act can send a very powerful message around the world. It is certainly what the EU wants to see.

    SV, PLEASE get MR Q, The churches, Mick Beddoes, rev whiskey, etc to push this idea. Most of all, it is imperative that your Chiefs give this idea their approval.

    Just imagine, a whole nation standing still for 2 minutes to mourn their loss of freedom!

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    One step forward , three steps back !
    Well done sugar cane farmers of Fiji .

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    Now we just need to see the peace keepers sent home so the regime has no money left to pay it’s tin soldiers .

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    Chodo was on radio justifying the army’s overspending saying it was for capital expenditure. WTF is this conniving bastard talking about man. This snake must think we are all fools or not smart enough to understand what really is going. Without mentioning any specifics on what capital expendture he is like a shooting in the dark and hoping we will accept his reasoning BS at face value. The snake is sucking up to the army since they are his only hope of security from what is due for him for his role in the coup. Even so capital expenditure should be planned ahead and catered for in their budget proposal for the new fiscal period. So don’t give us that crap as it doesn’t stick at all. Lies lies lies and cover up – thats what they are all about.

  9. BudHau Says:

    Vinaka EU we appreciate your stand and please come and take my Big Brother and idiot Budhau and ship him to Mumbai, that is if you can pull his head off Bainimaras azzOle? Vinaka SV i think we are gaining fantastic support from our international brothers and Sisters and thanks for making this blogsite available to us!!!! Vina Du!!!

  10. Nostradamus Says:

    It is a pity that the UN does not take a message from the EU.
    The UN rides merrily along feeding Fiji soldiers and the Fiji military, while they blatantly abuse the democratic form of government that UN is supposed to support. This is hypocrisy at its worst. I cannot wait to see the CNN documentary on genocide tomorrow night and find out what the UN was doing while these things were taking place. Cowering in the corner? Looking for more lucrative consultancies for little basturds like John Samy?
    What good does it do to support peace keeping abroad when the remuneration is used to disturb the peace at home, upsetting the government and persecution of the People?

  11. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Nostradamus. Completely agree. The UN must take a stand against this regime (and the other stinkers in Burma, Zimbabwe, Occupied Palestine, Kashmir, etc) or else other little no account tinpot dictators around the world will keep quashing democracy willy nilly.

    No two democracies have ever gone to war against each other.

    Dictators out, Democracy In.

    God bless Fiji

  12. Global Voices Online » Fiji: How to change the government from within? Says:

    […] out in the blogosphere over how exactly to initiate political change in Fiji. A commenter named Peace Pipe to a post in […]

  13. Frida Says:

    Do you think pushing the big bucks country of the EU to raise the question at UN Rights meeting on efforts made so far in restoring democracy in Fiji? Gving them the figures about the number of Fijians in the world over the worlds total population would be a good start. This is very important and should be done now before it gets worse – when Fijians will be killing Fijians (remember the Tutsi’s and Hutus – same people only religion divided them).

    What is also of concern is how the British government is so quiet through all this especially when we were a colony of England?

  14. Glatombloli Says:


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