Elections Can Still Be Held Next Year-EU – vinaka says SV!

Yadra bloggers. This is from Fiji Village this morning. SV is pleased the EU can see through the bull shit the illegal junta was trying to spin. What they don’t realise is their ‘politics’ is so simplistic compared to what the EU have to deal with on a daily basis in Europe and the world. Felicity Heffernan has now realised just how ‘insignificant’ she is with egg being lumped on her head by the EU. They pulled out of scheduled talks with her on the 11th hour and sent her a message instead. She should seriously review her stance because ‘NZ nobodies’ like her, Christopher Pryde, John Samy & Francis Nair to name only a few are fast becoming an embarrassment to their own governments. With her background in wild life conservation, one can imagime what the EU delegates must be thinking, especially when she started mouthing the same mantra of the illegal junta, that elections cannot be held next year. Well Felicity, the EU says it can and there is no real reason for elections not to happen, except to protect the coup perpetrators! BTW ragone, please remember to register on the website www.solivakasama.org because we want to begin our ‘smart-strategies campaign’ beginning in January 2009! We aim to prepare regular e-Petitions and send out monthly Newsletters to all relevant Governments, UN, EU, Media, NGO’s and any other stakeholders updating them on what is really happening in Fiji with the view to bring this illegal junta down and the return of a duly elected government. So register ragone! 

Publish date/time: 02/12/2008 [07:41]

We see no reason why elections cannot be held in 2009.

These are the views of the development committee for the European Parliament after a three day visit to Fiji on concerns on the country’s economic development, the sugar industry development and the broken promise that elections be held next year.

Delegation head Gabriele Zimmer through interpreter Daniel Parshley said they have had meetings with a wide range of stakeholders and are of the view that there needs to be a swift return to democracy.

Zimmer said they are also of the view that the interim government is not working towards elections.

As part of the delegation’s mission to obtain a precise picture of the political and socio-economic situation of the country, they met stakeholders from the interim government and the political sector, judiciary and civil society as well as visited EU funded projects.


16 Responses to “Elections Can Still Be Held Next Year-EU – vinaka says SV!”

  1. Belijo Says:

    Sa yaga na masu! Bloggers continue blogging and praying for our beloved Fiji! May God Bless Fiji! Good work by EU and I thank God for them and their decision!

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It appears that the wildlife keeper has not done a single thing to organise an election in Fiji.

    Either she is incompetent or she has been told by the green goons to create distractions. It is obvious that the EU people quickly summed her up; a puppet with no thoughts of her own.

    By contrast, the electoral office in each Australian state would be ready for an election if and when the Premier called same. There is usually a 5 week period in which nominations are accepted, rolls are closed and printed and ballot papers printed.

    And yes, they always print double the number of ballot papers as voters because each booth must have sufficient to cater for those who turn up.

    Let’s hope that Australia withdraws the funding from this bludger; she is a waste of space.

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The following from ‘RawFijiNews’ sums up the zoo keeper so well.


    Felicity Heffernan sent a note to the delegation from the European Parliament attempting to dictate to them about what they could discuss with her. So they didn’t bother to meet her. No doubt her little note to them said all they needed to hear.

    Another nail in the coffin of our sugar industry.

    Thank you very much Felicity.”””

  4. Tim Says:

    @ EFT: I suspect – just like the Nazi, Scutt, Khaiyuum and others she holds some romantic notion of an ideology they follow along with an end justifies the means approach. I’ve noticed even the Nazi occasionally spouts some noble words – but it all becomes part of their mantra and its often bastardised to suit their agenda.
    The other day I saw something Nazi said – which was something akin to equal opportunity versus equal outcome. It sounded grand. I believe in equal opportunity AND also that an equal outcome is not going to be achievable but its something we should aspire to – however when its all used by the likes of this junta to forward their own agenda, and by people who’ve developed a holier than thou – we know best attitude, it all becomes a bit hollow.
    Its as bad as the “There is no alternative” bullshit we used to hear – till the whole world discovered there were/are a few.
    Criticise Judgements NOT the Judiciary crap! Well Judges SHOULD be publicly criticised when the judgements are consistently shallow or inconsistent.
    But as this junta will be learning…..the Fijians and the rest of the world world aren’t actually as stupid as they thought they were in all their arrogance.
    I note that RFN is suggesting disbarment of the likes of Bubba. Perhaps the NZ and Australian Law Societies should be giving the likes of Pryde and others the once over too.

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    maybe SV through their website will consider sending e-Petitions to their respective Law Societies concerning these parasites good for nothing. The timing would be good once the Fiji Law Society disbars the wannabe no experience Ayarse.

  6. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well bloggers, this is from the FBCL website. Vinaka EU.

    “No Election, No Funds” EU
    Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    Aid from the European Union will not be released unless our nation returns to elections.

    SDL party National Director Peceli Kinivuwai says this was highlighted by the EU delegation in their meeting yesterday.

    He says the EU remains staunch when comes to the sugar industry.

    “They have stuck to their original stand that they not going to provide any more funding for the sugar industry in Fiji until and unless we go back to democratic election and we fully support that and we’ve ask them to continue with measure they have taken.”

    Kinivuwai says the meeting went well.

    The EU delegation leaves the country today.

    Fiji Broadcasting Corporation LTD

  7. newsfiji Says:

    What about no brains imposter AG’s latest reaction?? Boy, oh boy, he thinks everyone in Fiji is a fool or what…brother you need Jesus! or otherwise i recommend a Fijian bible – a bloody big punch in your face!

  8. Cama Says:



    Our sources say that senior military personnel will be going home richer this week when Frank pays them between $3,000 – $4,000 each. They said those who will receive this xmas pay-out will include Private officers right up to the Commander’s level.

    The order to pay was made by Frank before he left for Doha. Sources say the move has angered civil servants at the Finance Ministry who are party to this information. They have wasted no time in advising their civil servant friends, relatives and unions with the hope that Frank will stop giving his military people special treatment while the rest of the civil servants continue to suffer from pay-cuts and high inflation.

  9. Keep The Faith Says:

    meanwhile back at the ranch…what the hell are these losers smoking?

    no means no, nahi, sega, leai, and fcuk off!

    Fiji interim regime struggles to get mass support for charter
    Posted at 03:17 on 02 December, 2008 UTC

    The Fiji interim Government has admitted it is having difficulty convincing people to back its draft People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.

    The Charter is the cornerstone of the interim regime’s plan to initiate changes, including on how future governments should be elected.

    The Government has given officials in the Western Division an additional week to achieve the targetted 80 percent of support.

    They say the overall figure for the region has support at 55 percent.

    Meanwhile, people in the Northern Division are also being urged to complete their response forms to the Charter.

    Backing for the Charter in the Northern is at 70 percent according to interim Government figures.

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    NF, I no longer look at or listen to Fiona anymore as he makes me sick to the friggen bone the b@#$%$#d. If it comes to it I would be the first to press the button to exterminate this pestering vermin.

    Becoming like him and the wankers in the ig is this plain ugly jane in the election office with no inkling of what to do in regards to preparing for elections but to do the bidding of the ig and is sounding very much like she is follow orders to the letter. She just exposed her idiocy when she made her reaction when the EU snubbed her and avoided meeting with her. Well who is to blame but herself since she made a addition to the agenda that “there will be no bullying into Mar 2009 elections”. Who the f@#k she thinks she is. To me she is just as brainless as the pig who is taking the nation to the shithouse to make such a stupid demand. And look at what it has created. Anger and frustration by the delegates. Oh yes birds of a feather flock together.

    In contrast to the stupidity of this naive woman we had a nice comment from one of the EU delegates who queried about all the many various forums, committees, meetings and processes which is leading us nowhere closer to elections and has to date nothing concrete to show except to further delay elections. These people are not easily fooled by the biggest fool himself who thinks he is running but is in fact ruining this nation of ours for his own self preservation

  11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    ‘Na boci ga na boci.’

  12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    F.I.R.M. – kalougata tiko o kemuni!!!!

  13. Nostradamus Says:

    The snake is still pushing for the un-Constitutional solution – change the electoral system and Constitution outside of Parliament. I guess he thinks the charter propaganda and fake signatures are a substitute for an election or referendum, and the “presidential dialogue” (gurgle, gurgle, hic, spew) is a substitute for parliament. Of couse if they can fake there way through this one they will try to change land ownership as well. These slithering snakes certainly are showing their colours. The regime knows very well that the electoral system cannot be changed without parliament. This is just a delay tactic for them to stay in power and continue to feed off the treasury.

    Reforms First, Election Dates After
    Publish date/time: 02/12/2008 [16:26]

    The Leader of the Fiji Labour Party Mahendra Chaudhry stresses that election dates can only be determined when the electoral reforms are decided upon by the political parties in the proposed Presidential Forum.

    Chaudhry who met with the visiting European Parliament delegation said a firm decision needs to be made on the electoral system that will be used in the next elections.

    The European Parliament Delegation Head Gabriele Zimmer said in a press conference last night that they see no reason why elections cannot be held in 2009.

    They said they have had meetings with a wide range of stakeholders and are of the view that there needs to be a swift return to democracy.

    Zimmer also said they are also of the view that the Interim Government is not working towards elections.

    However, Chaudhry said the issue of the electoral system needs to be tackled first before discussions can be held on the date for the next elections.

  14. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Nostradamus,

    Chaudhary won the 1999 General Elections on the current electoral system, so what’s his excuse?

    Just bull shit because he knows his arse is on the line and prison looms even closer.

  15. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Oilei electoral reforms for what??? dou yavu bavulu.

    The whole SIGNIFICANTS of the world have said, just like WE have said that elections can be held in 2009.

    If they want reforms, then do it after!!!! Leqa gona na via2 intelligent tiko qai sega.

    oilei! Maria

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    Voreqe does not care about reforms. He cares about the charter provision for permanent military control of Fiji. It is John Samy who wants electoral changes, name changes, and generally speaking, the obliteration of the Fijian race. The two of them are in bed together fondling each others ceke to get what they want. It is a case of you scratch mine and I scratch yours. The rest of the World does not matter.

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