Resident Claims Eviction Threat

Bloogers, well here you have sheer intimidation. It may not be condoned by Filimoni Kau, but those above and below him certainly do. These culprits should be charged and face the full brunt of the law, but who are we kidding? They will turn right back and say ‘me tekivu mada e Jerusalemi.’  So let’s continue going for Vore and his cronies because only they know the true identities of all those involved. Blog on ragone and do not forget to register on

Publish date/time: 01/12/2008 [17:06]

A resident from Jittu Estate has alleged that they have been threatened with eviction by the People’s Charter consultation team visiting the area today.

According to Gabriel Sanawa, they were told by a member of the team to sign the Charter form to show they support the document or they would be forced to move from their homes.

National Council for Building A Better Fiji’s Media Head Filimoni Kau said they request people with such complaints to come forward to give more details as they view such allegations very seriously.


8 Responses to “Resident Claims Eviction Threat”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Only in Fiji , Iraq , Palestine , Cambodia , Germany ( 1933 – 1945 ) etc.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Peeeeplez of Fidge , I ums yuse Prum Minsta and I luvse youse alls , I wantz Yas to nose that I wilz looks afta yas intrests regards the peeeeles charta . It iz withs grates prides dats Ies dos dis , me ans my teems wul take care of Fidgee and her peeples specily dis holday seeesonz . Take cars peeples , seezu next years , ur beloved Prum Minsta !

  3. Adi Kaila Says:

    well the charter deliverers were in full force 2 weeks ago up and down Cumming Street, Waimanu Road and Marks Street in and out of the shops bullying the shopkeepers and their staff then leaving their booklets of the draft and a sheet of paper for them to sign – but wait for it – before they left the shop they were very menacing in the way they said they would be back the next day to collect the signed sheet. Where will these shopkeepers find the time to read it then run around looking for someone to sign it.

    Lordy – the sheet has to be witnessed by a JP, Police, Lawyer, Minister of Religion, Pundit, Priest, Civil Servant, Doctor, Head Teacher, Academic, Accountant, Chief (I wonder if that means chief cook – because I thought the ig had no time for Chiefs after voreqe accused them of sitting under mango trees drinking homebrew all day).

    If chief cook be the one then the traders in the Waimanu Road, Cumming Street, Mark Street & Raojobhai Patel St can duck into the Curry House and ask Dhiru to sign the contemptous draft.

    Here’s the address –
    National Council for Building a Better Fiji
    PO Box 2645

    Write and bombard them with your dissatisfaction.

    The signatory and the witness have to write and sign their names, occupation, address and the date.

    Do they really think anyone will sign it and write the reason if they don’t support the charter, not with the bully boys around.

  4. Isalei Says:

    Well ..sometime back that an old man in one of those settlements was threatened by some old Tf soldiers posing as civil servants that his house would be burnt down if they don’t sign the form. The flawed process is not consistent with free choice or building a better Fiji bullshit they promoting.

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It’s great to note that the EU delegation have seen and heard this damning evidence first hand; also the UN.

  6. Belijo Says:

    I have always thought that Filimoni Kau was a humble and honest person by sight, though I don’t really know the person. But if I am right in my assumptions about him than I sincerely beg him to do something about the charter team members forcing the squatters to sign the charter because we are commanded by God to love the poor and He must NOT allow this happen. Or Else!! God’s day of reckoning will soon arrive! It has started slowly with the EU report and God’s wrath will continue to grow by the day! If you are a Christian Filimoni that it is your due to right the wrong that has been made and will continue to be made.

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    Oh my, is this process going to legitimise the charter. I surely hope not as it is illegal and non transparent. We must show our strongest opposition towards this cunning exercise. We’ll just wait and see what will become of the results of the farcical form signing exercise. Will htye use it to legitimise the charter. I certainly hope not as they never said anything like that when they began in fact weasel sami said it won’t be so. So lets just wait and see.

    Hey folks what about the Bose ni Turaga rejections going on. Good sign eh? Thes idiots in the ig must be constantly reminded that things have not changed for them. If anything it may have changed for the worse for them. We will continually oppose them till they get the hell outa here.

    Man these charter team are very unethical like their masters. One family member told me they even told her to sign the neighbor’s form because they were not there. Can you believe that – the extent they go to in order to achieve their target. Its like a KPI to achieve by whatever means.

  8. Frida Says:

    They came to my house and my children told them that we do not support the charter. The guy trie to explain something but my daughter kept tellimg him that we do not support the charter so they asked if there was anoyone wth her who is older. My niece cam out and said the same thing so they ust left.

    A week ago they came in to our office and would like to speak to local staff and I told my collegue I do not have time for the charter because it is not what I want. They just left – talk about desperado!!!

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