Criticise the judgment not the judge: Pathik

Yadra bloggers. Pathik is trying to cover his own ass by hiding behind this saying. Let us test this saying to see whether it has any merit. Pathik, Gates and Byrnes all were selected under dubious means and illegal to say the least. So from the very outset, they had made a pact with the ‘devil’ Nazhart and company and threw their support behind the illegal junta. This means that each time Pathik, Gates, Byrnes, Nazhart & their cronies deliver judgement on the illegal junta, it will always be in their favour! Therefore you cannot differentiate between Pathik and his ruling in favour of the illegal junta because their interests are the same and they both need each other to guarantee their very own survival.  SV tells Pathik to cut tha crap and bull shit because you are PATHETIC!

Monday, December 01, 2008


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Criticize the judgment not the judge says Fiji’s High Court judge Justice Devandra Pathik.
Speaking on the topic of Regulating the Legal Profession at the recent Attorney General’s conference Justice Pathik is again reminding lawyers and the public to leave the judges alone.

He is requesting lawyers to co-operate with judges for the effective administration of justice.

Justice Pathik says judges are in no way liable to respond to attacks made against them.

He says this is where the issue of judicial immunity which has not been upheld in Fiji comes up.

Justice Pathik says the independence of judges must be maintained at all times.

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11 Responses to “Criticise the judgment not the judge: Pathik”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    That’s all well and good under normal circumstances , but doesn’t apply when the appointment of the Judges were made by an illegal Regime .
    Like Frank’s leaky boat , their rulings just don’t hold water !

  2. ispy Says:

    Mr Pathik,

    The judgment did not write itself.

    It was written by three incompetent self-serving jackasses whose selection to hear this ill-fated case was based solely on the promise of an outcome shaped and influenced by their support for the illegal regime that appointed them.

    I say since you wrote the damned judgment, you should have the moral courage to accept the criticisms directed your way, whether they be aimed at the content of your ruling… or they be aimed at your face.

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well wannabe AG Aiyaz did not heed the call made by Pathick (Paa-thick!), which makes them both fools. here we have the no experience wannabe AG attacking some Judges and Magistrate’s for not upholding the superior courts ruling or reading between the lines: ‘Not towing the illegal junta’s line.’ I say to these Judges and Magistrate’s keep upholding the law and justice will prevail.

    One National News

    Interim AG comments on role of some members of Judiciary
    30 Nov 2008 01:55:06

    The interim Attorney General has questioned the role of some of our judges and magistrates in the Judiciary. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says it was becoming increasingly prevalent they were ignoring the rule of law.

    He was speaking at the closing ceremony of the Attorney General’s Conference yesterday. The interim AG didn’t mince his words when he launched the attack on our judges and magistrates.

    While careful not to point a finger at anyone in particular, he accused some judges and magistrates of being influnced by certain lawyers to ignore the rulings of superior courts. He didn’t spare the media either, accusing certain organisations of hindering economic development in the country.

    Sayed-Khaiyum said the Attorney General’s Chambers was now defending a number constitutional redress cases following the events of December 2006.

    He also accused legal professionals of providing unsound legal advice, adding these were an abuse of our judicial system The Interim AG also blamed the Fiji Law Society for taking a laid back approach in dealing with complaints against lawyers.

  4. Eremasi Says:

    How can there be a judgement if there is no judge?

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    Exactly.. who delivers the judgement ?

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    These illegal judges and magistrates should go back and read the EPG report where it clearly says that the new appointees COMPROMISE the independence and the integrity of the Fiji Judiciary as their appointments are all unconstitutional.

    And, here they all HARP about being constitutional and following the rule of law?

    I wonder though about the lawyers, in this conference…did anyone stand-up and said, NO! it is not us BUT YOU!!!!???


  7. blah blah Says:

    Truz up Enuf, i heard those guvment lawyers were lamu of soldiers in uniform and in civilian clothes all over the resort guarding the pro-iIG talk fest.

  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    pathetic pathik – does this tool know what he’s talking about?

    Who the hell else delivers the judgement but the judge himself – in his case a very self serving one at that & most unconstitutional!

    He can criticise the lawyers who do not want to follow the ig coupsters and their self serving lawyers and judges all he wants but the public are more than aware who the baddies are & will judge them as is their right.

    pathik, byrne (will someone please show him how to bena his hair properly or direct him to a qualified hairdresser), gates, shameem x2, pryde & khaiyum can go on stroking each other egos and wrinkly bits forever, it does not make any difference to the rest of the Nation – they are a bunch of lowdown cretins as far as we’re all concerned.

  9. Isalei Says:

    Yeah, ‘criticise the judgement not the judges’ has become the new buzzword behind which these incompetent judges try to hide!!! Sa ra luvawale ga mai! They have exposed themselves, as if judgements are conjured out of thin air. The thing to do now is to keep giving it back to them, for the way their behaviour and biases have shown thru their judgements, and hence people forming their perceptions about them. Sa oti, kalas, ciba!! The judges have put the nails into their own coffins so we must continue to call them by their evils deeds. ‘The evil that men do lives after them…’

  10. Isalei Says:

    And anyway, why should the wannabe Aiarze be above everyone else, that he thinks he has the right to criticize those that don’t agree with him but expect others to toe the line. Go to hell boy, your time is coming and what a time of reckoning that will be.

  11. george of sydney Says:

    I dont understand who this why this pathetic judge cant admit that there is no way an overthrow of an elected government can be justified. Any coup can never be legal because irrespective on how you will try to interpret the law to suit your cause. Government can only be changed by the people through a election.
    Why is the interim government so scared that it is trying make ammendment into the constitution illegaly by trying to find ways to convince the world that it has got majority support for the changes it wishes to implement.
    The IG didn’t abrogate the constitution but everything it does seems to be outside the ambit of this supreme legal document.
    If they are confident they have the support of the people, then call the election as early as possible and we will see who does have the trust and the confidence of the majority of the people.
    Sorry Bai, Chode, Aiyarse and gang definitely not any of you.
    Wake up please, the people are suffering.

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