Soldiers Have Not Received Any Pay Increments-Military

Yadra bloggers, well shit keeps rolling out of their mouths. Lewensky now claims soldiers have not had any pay increments since 2007. This maybe true for 90% of the foot soldiers, but what the senior officers, including those whom have been seconded to government positions like Vore, Teleni, Naivalurua, Kurusiga and many others including yours truly Lewensky himself? The answer is these bastards have been paying themselves very high wages, which they would not have been entitled to throughout their whole military careers. How about the back pays for Vore and 40 other senior officers? Akuila Yabaki now is lamenting the fact the military budget is 20% too large for a developing nation like Fiji. SV asks Yabaki, why have you been supporting them in the first place? SV says to Lewensky & Yabaki, sa rauta mada na lasulasu tiko.
Publish date/time: 27/11/2008 [08:04]

The military has clarified that the members of the RFMF have not received any pay increments since 2007 as claimed by some critics.RFMF spokesperson, Major Neumi Leweni said the soldiers also suffered the 5 percent paycut from March 2007 and they did not receive any special treatment.Major Leweni said there was nothing sinister when the RFMF bust its budget by 45 million dollars in the year 2007.

He has also hit out at the former Prime Minister and SDL Leader, Laisenia Qarase and National Federation Party General Secretary, Pramod Rae for criticising the budget bust, saying that they have nothing positive to say.

Meanwhile former Prime Minister and SDL Leader, Laisenia Qarase maintains that the 45 million over-expenditure is unjustified.

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19 Responses to “Soldiers Have Not Received Any Pay Increments-Military”

  1. Iceman Says:

    What you talking about Lewinsky?????. What do those goons at Nabua do to deserve any increase. Besides they are all responsbile for the chaos we faced as a nation..Leweni you are a parasite yourself….

  2. Striker Says:

    Problem is these fools have no sense of history. How could they? You argue with a fool and you become a fool! And what happens to a nation that entrusts its national treasury to fools? It gets thrown down on the swines – i. e the military swines. Wake up, stand up, time to reclaim Fiji!

  3. newsfiji Says:

    So where the fukc did the $45.5 million go??

    Let’s just try and put this in order:

    2007 Military allocation/budget over expenditure:

    4000 additional troops (excluding the present or full time 3600 soldiers) x 12 hours per day x 7 days a week x 4 weeks per month x 9 months = $12, 096,000

    Budget Rental Vehicles = @$100 per day x 7 days per week x 4 weeks per month x 9 months = $25,200 x 100 vehicles = $2,520,000

    Fuel for these 100 x vehicles = $80 (full tank) x 7days per week x 4 weeks per month x 9 months = $2,016,000

    Well, this calculation in itself totals = $16, 632,000

    As for the remaining balance of $28,868,000 only God knows where it went!

  4. lele Says:

    Hi guys. Lele’s back and by the way I’m not Captain Sireli Narawa who goes by the nickname Leli, as some exposed me to be.

    I deliberately kept quiet so that everyone would think that Captain Narawa was really Lele and that someone could punch him in the face. I was vey disappointed that nobody has done it. I’m a woman and cant do that, so please could one of you guys do it for me.

    On the busted military budget, ask our sources at Ministry of Finance about where the money was spent, I found out that $5 million was used to purchase ammunition that year in which some senior military officers went to the ministry to demand it as the Australian navy and blackhawk was postured off Kadavu. The ammunition has already arrived under secrecy. I also got news that they also bought some anti aircraft missile system of the manpad version to hit the Australian military aircrafts.

    And please dont associate me with that Captain Narawa again.

  5. F.I.R.M Says:

    Welcome back Lele now you can go and register to the solivakasama worldwide movement like the 25,000 of us.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    Does anyone have a comprehensive profile , mental , physical and work history etc. of all those involved in the coup ?
    It would be interesting to see why they behave the way they do , who they are related to , what their work history , school history and mental capacities are etc. !

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    If the budget has doubled for the Military , does that imply that they are half as competent ?
    In other words , you have to pay them twice as much to get the same result !
    And does this mean that the foot soldiers are too stupid to know that they have been fooled by Francis and Co. ?

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Does anyone know the Military ,and schooling records of all those involved in the coup ? Now that would be a very interesting read indeed !
    I heard somewhere that Frank never saw active Service and gets his advise from someone in the markets !

  9. moz Says:

    No – the soldiers didnt receive any “increment”! All they received were promotions within the force (check gazettees after 5/12), and promotions on secondments to the public service, board appointments, acting appointments many, many levels beyond their wildest dreams! Ask Lewensky – he should know!

  10. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Bloggers, this is what we posted on the Fiji Times today

    Finally, we discover the shocking truth. Our self-appointed dictator might dresss up in his immaculate white uniform, complete with medals and a self-awarded CF around his neck, but the reality is that the man who has Fiji’s destiny in his hands possesses the fiscal and moral rectitude of the proverbial drunken sailor.

    And the full immensity of this drunken sailor’s irresponsible mismanagement
    of our armed forces over the past five years is nothing short of a monumental
    scandal and a searing indictment of his incompetence, stupidity and downright dishonesty.

    Is there anyone left who still believes this meglomaniac, delusional man should be in charge of our beloved nation?

    According to the auditor-general, overspending by the military over five years amounts to an incredible $118 million! And this happened under the
    command of the man who wants us to believe that he is the one to “clean up” corruption, bring “good governance” to the nation and “move Fiji forward”!

    If ever we needed overwhelming and conclusive proof that Frank Bainimarama is the least qualified of anyone in our nation to achieve any of these things, this is it!

    Of course, in a properly run administration revelations of such an appalling wastage of public funds would spark an immediate rigorous and exhaustive investigation. But we know that transparency is total anethema to the likes of Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

    We, the people of Fiji, have a right to know what happened. After all, it’s OUR money!

    But until we return to democracy we’ll probably never learn what really
    happened and how much of the overspends was legitimate military
    expenditure and how much was siphoned into different pockets and private
    bank accounts.

  11. Cava Says:

    Hey anyone knows who was Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda? What happen to him after the Defeat of his BOSS? Leweni you azzOle keep this question in mind. Cause when this is all over we,re going to come for you!!!!

  12. Budhau Says:

    ..and Cava, who was Rabuka’s Minister of Propaganda – and when are you going to go after him.

    The Fiji Democracy dude wrote, “Of course, in a properly run administration revelations of such an appalling wastage of public funds would spark an immediate rigorous and exhaustive investigation.”

    Hey guy, that overspending – four of those five years they were talking about was under Qarase/SDL regime – so how come I never heard anything about the “immediate rigorous and exhaustive investigation.”

    Yes, we have the right to know what happened – “after all it is our money” – now you are talking, ,let go figure out what happened to all that money – I would say several billion over the last 38 years – plundered by successive Fijian administrations.

    So Fiji Democracy – you think if we return to democracy, that we will find out what happened to all that money – you sure about this – the Auditor General come up with a report about some of the thieving going on every year, sort of just the tip of the iceberg – what did our democratically elected governments did about that – and did we vote them out.

  13. at least Says:

    hey you know what Vore told his goons before the overthrow. We need to take over this government and claim whatever is rightly ours..and that is they are claiming for the money that UN normally sent for peacekeepers ..well only them knows what money and where it came from ..they have been harping about this since Mara’s time as PM and as Ganilau’s time as President. However it was always hanging their on their heads and I do not where they got their news from

    however Vore reminded them of these and they all agreed .So this coup was mainly for them to get more pay also..I think this solves the queries above on Budgets being bust by Vore. It was all about that ..Can you see how rude he managed to get it,??? this guy was supposed to be prosecuted long time before the Coup happens..EvidenceS were all there and politicians put a blind eye on it..He did everything at that time by force knowing he could not be prosecuted..

    To me he gave enough reasons to be taken to jail…imagine he sacked 2 high profile CEOS, sacked one Minister in trying to do all these…Qarase sud have done it earlier than later..I blame you Qrase for being a weak leader too..You sud have listened to others when it comes to crunch for the betterment of all..

    Well another case was when Vore punched a person in Nadi for touching the buttocks of her ugly daughter and verbally threatened that person to kill him in the presence of his body guards..What did the police do?? to me it gave him the courage that no one can take him to jail..Until now he still have that same mindset..Please can someone prosecute him, if no one on earth, I am praying, My Heavenly Father can and I have, for i know He Has Never Failed…God Bless Fiji..Moce mada.

  14. BudHau Says:

    Hey big bro Budhau, look Bro no need to go to this honourable blog site to cause problems. Remember,you have to clean your face and nose after you come out of Bainimara’s azzOle or your wife is gonna dump you?
    So Sorry, to tell you this, but our BIG DADA, he may be giving his NUNI to your wife nisha.
    Your wife she is so tired of your smell like shit, all the time,everytime after you return, from visiting your buddy Bainimarama.
    Good news is i’m taking care of your wife nisha and she seems to enjoy my BONU better then our neihbour Jimoci? To tell you the truth, if i was Nisha i’d also have dump you too? You really gotta work to clean up your shitty smell-man?

  15. anon Says:

    Lewena dua ga nai baci e gusumu……

  16. FijiGirl Says:

    By his actions Vore has guaranteed one thing for certain.

    The next democratically elected government will totally eradicate Fiji’s military forces, and replace them with a National Guard and a Coast Guard, just like Enuf Dictatorship endorsed all those months ago from the Costa Rica example.

    The soldiers – the good ones – will no have to worry about job losses. The corrupt officers will have to worry about the consequences of their past actions. The people will, at last, be free from military tyranny. The Police will regain their rightful place as the keepers of the peace, protectors and servants of the people.

    Well done Vore. Your true legacy will be the complete destruction of your beloved military.
    Free and fair elections. It’s not a case of if, but of when. Tick tock tick tock ….
    God bless Fiji

  17. Budhau Says:

    FijiGirl – there was this guy, when he came home from work everyday, he found his wife sitting on the sofa chatting to a male servant. He suspected that the wife was making out with the servant and to solve the problem, he got rid of the sofa.

    So I guess, getting rid of the army will solve the Fiji problem. And what would we do when the National Guard or the Coast Guards or some Ratu with his own private militia decides to pull a coup – will we support that coup if it was done to “protect the indigenous cause”.

    There are many other democracies who have a military force and who do not have a coup – the thing is that in those countries, the people have realized that accepting the results of an election, in the long run, is best for everyone.

    These simplistic solutions – they ain’t answers to the coups. We as a people have to decide that when we do have an election, we are willing to go along with the results, even if our party or candidate does not win. Messing with the process can backfire on us – just like it did this time.

    So would you be willing to accept Chaudary as your Prime Minister if he won the next “free and fair” general election. ( I know it it not very likely, it is still possible.) If you are not willing to accept that, I suggest you keep the military around to guarantee that that never happens and cut out the crap about democracy.

    …as for a professional police force – if they had the power, it is very likely that they will see to it that a democratically elected government serves out its term – and I think Mara realized that in the late seventies when he started giving more and more money to the military and cutting back on the police.

    BTW – I have nothing against getting rid of the military – but those folks in those colourful uniforms, the marching band and all that – you want to give that up also.

  18. anon Says:

    Na job # 1 nei lewenski na blow taki Pig, thats why the retard is getting all the top posts in goverment.

  19. Building Business or Corporate Credit? Says:

    […] Soldiers Have Not Received Any Pay Increments-Military « Soli Vakasama […]

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