$118m extra – army overspends in last five budgets – Fiji Times

THE military broke its budget allocation every year for five years, rounding up a total of $118.1million in overspending.This has been confirmed by the Auditor-General, Eroni Vatuloka, whose audit of government accounts now rest with the interim Prime Minister’s Office.

According to the Auditor-General’s figures, over the years from 2003 to 2007, the military spent $470.3million in taxpayer funds.

                                   2003  2004  2005  2006  2007
Revised Budget            57.7  70.2    67.1   76.5   80.7
Expenditure                 76.9  86.6   80.4   100.2 126.2
Overspending             (19.2) (16.4) (13.3) (23.7) (45.5)

Auditor General’s figures – military spending ($m)

Mr Vatuloka was responding to queries from The Fiji Times over whether his office was investigating claims that the military had broken its budget allocations.

He confirmed that the Auditor-General’s Office had completed its audit to the 2007 accounts.

“The reports are with the interim Prime Minister and Acting Minister for Finance,” he said in a written statement.

The reports were submitted to the Ministry of Finance on November 3 this year – two and a half weeks before the 2009 Budget announcement.

Mr Vatuloka added that the military over-expenditure over those years was approved by Cabinet.

“There were similar over-expenditures in the previous years (2003-2006), which were also approved by Cabinet,” he said.

Yesterday, acting interim Finance Minister Aiyaz Saiyed-Khaiyum said he was yet to see the Auditor-General’s reports. He said he would comment after he saw the documents.

Ousted prime minister Laisenia Qarase was unable to comment last night over what measures were taken deal with surcharging of the heads of departments that broke their annual budget allocations.

“Yes, there are provisions in the Finance Management Act but I don’t them now,” he said.

One year before the 2006 coup, High Court judge Justice Jiten Singh had ordered the Ministry of Finance to reimburse Commodore Bainimarama (as Commander of the Fiji Military Forces) over a surcharge that had been placed on him for busting the military budget in 2004.

Justice Singh had ruled that the Ministry of Finance used an incorrect section of the Finance Act to surcharge Commodore Bainimarama.

He also said in his ruling that: “The proper section to use would have been Regulation 59 of the Financial Regulations.”

Generally, the Auditor-General’s report is tabled in Parliament and scrutinised by the Public Accounts Committee.

But in the absence of parliamentary democracy, in February this year, the President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, appointed members of an interim Public Accounts Committee.

This was to be chaired by Manu Korovulavula, with members Adi Laufitu Malani, Mataiasi Kotobalavu, Kamlesh Arya, Taufa Vakatale and Jainend Kumar.

Yesterday, Ms Vakatale confirmed that the Ministry of Finance was yet to pass on to them the 2006 and 2007 reports of the Auditor-General’s Office.

The interim PAC – which will be in place until the next House of Representatives is appointed – is charged with independently scrutinising the Auditor-General’s reports and then reporting to the President on their findings.

According to a Department of Information statement, the President was to then forward the report to the interim Prime Minister for tabling in the interim Cabinet.

Yesterday, Mr Qarase said it was important that both the Auditor-General and FICAC be allowed to carry out a special investigation into the military’s massive over-expenditure.

“This task must be undertaken immediately … those responsible must account for their actions before the law,” he said in a Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party statement.

He also discredited an explanation by former interim finance minister Mahendra Chaudhry over why the military busted its budget in 2007.

“The explanation for the over-expenditure from the former minister of finance, Mr Mahendra Chaudhry, that the extra money was needed because of the threat of invasion by Australia and for internal security reasons is simply not acceptable,” the statement said.

“The fact is that there was no threat of invasion by Australia; there was no invitation issued by Mr Qarase and his Government for foreign military intervention; and there was no need to call up the territorial forces and mount a massive internal security operation in the absence of a popular uprising against the perpetrators of the 2006 military coup”.

The SDL said the $45million that the military overspent in 2007 could have been spent on more productive capital works.

“This sum could have funded the following, for example: Nine modern district hospitals; or four large secondary schools; or four large reservoirs for water reticulation; or 45 kilometres of tarsealed roads, and so on. Instead, the money has been used mainly on consumption expenditure with minimal contribution to the country’s economic growth,” the statement said.

Commodore Bainimarama left the country yesterday to attend the DOHA International Conference on Financing On Development in Qatar.

He was accompanied by Finance Ministry permanent secretary, Peceli Vocea.

And why did the Military bust its budget asked the Fiji Sun in its editorial today? Why? Why? Why?

Why bother to set budgets if they’re going to be ignored? Of course circumstances can change and we need to be able to react to those changes. Thus former interim finance minister Mahendra Chaudhry can claim a modicum of credence for his explanation that the Republic of Fiji Military Forces needed more money to mount its comprehensive road block, surveillance and patrol programme in the wake of the 2006 coup. But surely this should have been foreseen and reflected in the budget allocation. Also, in 2006 the military again blew its budget quite substantially which does not seem to have been taken up in the “Budget of Hope” the following year. As other commentators and political parties have noted the very disquieting aspect of all this is that here was public money disbursed without the required degree of accountability. What did the military buy with those extra millions? We do not know because it has not been publicly accounted for. It was not their money. It still isn’t. The public needs and deserves to know where its money went. Were public funds diverted from purposes approved by parliament for the RFMF’s Truth and Justice campaign in the run-up to the 2006 election? If so was that diversion of public money properly authorised? And it really doesn’t help when Mr Chaudhry says the very substantial overspending by the military in 2007 was properly and legally authorised by cabinet. That being so, why was it not announced at the time in a transparent manner? Instead the people whose money is being spent in mysterious ways have to wait for the small print of the revised estimates in the 2008 budget. The people of Fiji neither asked nor invited the RFMF to execute a coup, yet its hard earned cash has been used for just that purpose. Going back, nor did it ask the military to carry out its Truth and Justice campaign in 2006. From exactly what authority does the very large overspending stem? Which chief financial officer authorised the very many vehicles that were hired during and after the coup? It is just not good enough to say that Cabinet approved it when that cabinet was appointed by the very same military. How much was spent and where? The coup instigators and their band of now rapidly dwindling supporters made much of the need for good governance, transparency and accountability. What do they have to say now? And what exactly happened to all those government vehicles appropriated by the military immediately after the coup? There would, we were told, be an auction. It never happened. Where are those vehicles now and what condition are they in? Again the people who rightfully own them are not told. By its words and actions the RFMF at least gives the impression that it considers itself beyond public scrutiny while demanding transparency and accountability from everyone else. Again, where did the millions go? Where are the audits? The fact that there was a national emergency created by the military cannot give it the right to spend other people’s money without due scrutiny. There needs to be a searching inquiry into where the money went and who authorised the spending. Those responsible should be brought to account for their actions. But holding one’s breath while waiting for it to happen would be a serious health hazard.

SV appreciates the continued pursuit of the truth by the independent Print Media in Fiji, and it appears that Aiyarse is now the main confident of Voreqe as he is now acting finance minister………….ummmmm interesting and I wonder where does the tall falla fit’s into all these things………..there is indeed no honour among thieves in all of these!!!

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  1. free spirit Says:

    So if the Rottenfmf has been busting their budget for the last FIVE YEARS (5 years) and yet kept getting an increased budget every year, phew!! So WTF does that tell you about past Fijian administrations?

    Shall we remind our ‘morally and financially bankrupt selves’ of one of Winston Churchill’s pearls of wisdom :

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last”.

    Sorry bloggers but just gotta swear at all of them this one time : “Dou vei c… kecega”!! Cegu.

  2. Cava Says:

    I’ve explained this before in one of my post, the money is stocked away in India for a rainy day. Like when there’s more pressure for Voreqe or Chodo to step down or another idiots in the Military, makes another successful attempt, to oust Voreqe, they can all up and move to India for their retirement. Bunch of bastards!!!

  3. Budhau Says:

    Good one Free Spirit – So let me get this straight – the military has been busting its budget under the SDL government also – so what exactly is new – this seems to be part of the military tradition.
    Did anyone get pissed of before – I think they tried to go after FB for something, but that had more to do with Qarase being pissed off at FB, and little to do with the military busting the budget.

    Cava – about that money stashed away in India – wrong, no one wants to go to India, I think they have the money stashed away in Costa Rica.

    BTW real ggod math on that “Nine modern district hospitals; or four large secondary schools; or four large reservoirs for water reticulation; or 45 kilometres of tarsealed roads, and so on.”

    Now go figure out what you guys would have had if the previous administration did not rip of the Fijian people for the last 38 years – all those billions.

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    Sorry folks , I’m a bit slow today !
    I’ve just realised that the over expenditure each year since 2003 and the defence of that over-expenditure by Chaudhry , clearly defines when this plot to overthrow the Government was hatched . It must have been either in 2003 or slightly before that . Then you have all the cunning footwork being done behind the scenes in order to justify this and that . Such as Frank implying in December 2006 that Australia was going to invade Fiji .
    Each moment and tactic has been thought out in advance , right down to appointing the Judiciary and Chiefs etc.

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Vatuloka says the Audited Report is with the interim PM and Acting Minister for Finance. In other words the Report is with the Bainimarama who holds both portfolios.

    What a mess.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    Please re-read the following , it clearly states the intention of those behind this coup . I wrote a comment on the Fiji Times ( a few more than one actually ! ) and then some clown replied , blurting out their true intentions it appears !
    I don’t know the identity of these people of course , but i doubt it is a set up by the Military un-intelligence !
    My reference at the time i made this comment to the Asians , was meant for the Chinese and Indonesians , not Indian Fijians . It appears that the response may have come from and Indian Fijian though and it also appears that they have truly exposed their true intent regarding this coup . As you can see from their response to my comment , everything it states in September 2007 , has come to pass . I believe this comment coincides with Chaudhry’s justification of over expenditure within the military since 2003 . So therefore , and i know you don’t need me to point this out to you , Frank , Chaudhry and co. have been plotting this since at least 2003 and that’s why they needed the increase in expenditure , to help them achieve their goals of this treasonous act !
    Date: 12 September 2007 12:01:15 PM
    Subject: response to my comment today !

    Mark Manning of Sydney,Australia (38 minutes ago)
    It matters not what anyone thinks , this regime decided years ago just exactly what it had in mind and how it would achieve it’s goals . Anyone who believes otherwise , is deluding themselves ! The processes this regime have put into place , are merely a smokescreen to hide their real intent . And one can only assume that that is total dominance over all facets of fijian society . Hasn’t anyone in Fiji understood yet , that Fiji is being sold out to the asians from under your feet , by your own countrymen ?
    Indian of India (29 minutes ago)
    To Mar Manning of Sydney Australia-#34
    These silly Fijians do not know- ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! We are controlling their Military now. We will do it slowly until we destroy all the Fijian Institutions and the their land rights. The silly Fijians including the selfish Ganilau and Bai do not know and do not bother. GENOCIDE is the MISSION. It can achieved politically.
    Crash Stock Exchange of United States (14 minutes ago)
    To India and Manning
    hahahaha…yeah lets start with crashing the South Pacific Exchange dominated by India and the banks! Maybe the Fijians can start thinking about the 6 billion deal now…hehehehe Take your pick!
    Fijians are lousy merchants anyway because their eyes have always been to big for their stomach(traditionally) thus the need to have a corporate body(GCC new look) to curb the crooks that take advantage of the Natadola projects etc. I say Code of conduct is necessary because no chief should be above the law neither are accountants!

  7. EnufDictatorship Says:

    It’s a mess they cannot hide cos it’s out in the open.

    The qst now is: what tactic/excuse they are going to come up with now to explain all this farce?

    As for the millions, it was used to buy ammunition and extra arms.

  8. Colin Bishop Says:

    Off the topic but I have just been informed that the US is setting up a visa office in Tonga. At present Tongans require to come to Fiji to get a Visa. Is this because the US plans to move to Tonga if things deteriorate?

  9. Budhau Says:

    BTW – who created this moster – the evil military.

    Our military, since the late seventies, had been seen as the ultimate guarantee of indigenous control. If you people study your history, you will see why we spend so much money on the Military.
    In the 1970 budget, the police was allocated about three times as much money as the military. In 1977 the police got about twice as much money as the military.
    Guess what happened about then – the NFP almost became the government. That is when the Fijians first realized that the Ratus could be voted out – that is when this crap about the “paramountcy” of the Fijians idea got started, and the Fijian administration was to make sure that the military was there to guarantee indigenous control. The military’s 1978 budget was doubled from the 1977 numbers and the numbers have been increasing since.
    So in 1970, the police budget was about three times as big as the military’s budget, in 1988 the military budget was about three times as big as the Police budget.
    How come you guys don’t understand that the military always had a political agenda. When they appointed FB, some people thought that they were putting in place a “professional” soldier in-charge – but guess what, he soon figured out that it is in his interest to have a political agenda, just like the rest of them. He was brought in by Ganilau, wasn’t he?
    So this evil military that you guys are bitching about is your own creation – only this time the monster just turned around and bit you in the arse.

  10. free spirit Says:

    Too right Bud, whatever the reason for establishing a military force in the first place, their nightmare that it might proliferate is now staring at them in the face. We created this monster and only we, the people, can put it down.

  11. free spirit Says:

    Hi Mark – I know you mean well but I’m tired of reading your bogeyman post.

    Hi JeseW – you sound like an ex-military type (like MM), what do you think about Bud’s comment re Fiji military was established to guarantee indigenous control?

  12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Hey Budhau,

    you are dead wrong.

    The Fiji Military was not set up to guarantee indigenous control, but rather set up to protect those non Fijians who were influencing and using Fijian chiefs to do their bidding.

    The same applies today and is happening before our very eyes in Fiji with the imbecile Vore.

    Check your history Bu and you will see the formation of the Royal Army during the Cakobau Government, which was engineered by the whites under the command of Major Fitzgerald and the Ba & Wainimala Campaign in 1874.

    The Fijians were i n the Military, but were being played by others.

    So check you facts Bu!

  13. free spirit Says:

    Hmmm… thanks Jese.

    Bud please… short, sweet and above the belt.

  14. Tim Says:

    @ Colin: As many have said way before me, the longer this bugger’s muddle of a chirade led by the incompetent goes on, the “hub of the Pacific” will move East of the meridian. It isn’t just diplomats. It will be university campuses, business hubs, health, NGO’s, tourism et al. After all, who needs a belligerant military whose only cause is self preservation and sucking its taxpayers’ dry.
    It ain’t the era of TEAL flying boats and nor has it been for a long, long time. It’s the 21st Centtury.
    Check out what’s going on in India at the moment. There you have the ideology of the Shameen sisters and their apologists racked with all their white guilt propping them up.
    Pathetic is all I can say. It reminds me of all the characteristics of the worst P freak addicts I’ve ever encountered – self-obsessed, concerned with self preservation, hung up on power (of which they generally have very little other than through violent means), pathelogical liars, unreliable………
    Fucking hopless!
    Don’t try and save Fiji until its prepared to save itself

  15. Tim Says:

    Btw, don’t get me wrong either. The coupster apologists may well have thought they have good intentions at the start of things. Unfortunately many are ideologically driven and propelled by some sort of romantic notion of “the way the world should be”. Look at that silly bitch Shaista for example. A pistol shooting champion of human rights, and a total dysfunctional stoner in her spare time (which she has a lot of); an AG – “staunch as hell” iIAG (while he thinks he has a military backing him up); a Gates and a large proportion of senior boy loving clergy – shit scared and all with their own skeletons in each others closets licking the boots of the hierarchy theyve signed up to out of expediency and survival. Even a mainstream media who at times want a bob each way in between fits of bravery.
    Line any one of the apologists up – one-to-one with the average Fijian and they would shit themselves.
    Thankfully, the rest of the world can see through them. Unfortunately out of diplomacy, the rest of the world don’t always say what they know.
    Bubba knows he’s on a road to nowhere – which is why he spurns the IBA.
    Shaista knows she’s shat in her own nest. Both know their only option is to persevere Zimbabwe style.
    Meanwhile, potential investors and the rest of the world – all with their own shit to deal with – realise things are more attractive elsewhere, and the scenery is just as good too.
    Even the world’s trade union movement – still recovering from the effects of neo-liberalism don’t have the guts to stand on principle as far as Fiji and the likes of Chaudrey are concerned.
    I wait with baited breath (for example) to hear Laila Harre’s take on matters Fijian, trade union and democratic when next she imparts her wisdom.

  16. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Bu and Free Spirit…it’s not US, the people, who created the evil military…IT’S THE CERTAIN…UNDEREDUCATED, EVIL PEOPLE IN THE MILITARY THAT HAVE TURNED THIS MILITARY EVIL!!!!!

    So, bottom-line again..GET RID OF THE EVIL PEOPLE in the military and their supporters, SCALE DOWN or ABOLISH THE MILITARY ALTOGETHER, and only then we can at least have a guarantee of some real progress or faith in our country and its developments.

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    Free spirit
    then your free not to read them !

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    Or are you really free ?

  19. free spirit Says:

    Appreciate yr views Enuf.

    Oiyawe fakapo.

    Mark dearie, no I am not FREE in this godforsaken country, still, nothing can ever contain my spirit!

    Sorry Bud, didn’t mean to goad you on for my entertainment. Anyway, where are ya? Let’s not worry bout these cry-babies, can I invite you for a drink and talanoa if you’re here in Suva. Don’t worry I don’t care if you’re ugly and ancient, I’ll still cheer for u on this thread 🙂

  20. EnufDictatorship Says:

    hey guys, on the side…maybe the trip to DOHA is to coincide with DUBAI 7s?….man dua mada ga e pot-taka if he ever makes it to Dubai..I would if I was going…ia me kua ni qai yani in March 2009…cos really…ena one-sidetaki with an egg!!!!! se tackletaki…hehehehe…

    jiuuuuuu….NO MONEY!!! blerry THIEF!!!!!!

    Freebie…lai moce mada!!! vaka mo drau veikilai kei Vore na KANA LOTO!!!!

    At least we democracy bloggers CAN PAY FOR OUR WAY AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!

  21. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ok..checked on some dates and here they are…

    Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus

    Doha, Qatar, 29 November – 2 December 2008


    Wed – Nov 26 ’08
    Nov 26, 2008, 09:17

    INTERIM Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama will attend the Doha International Conference on Financing on Development in Qatar this week. He will be accompanied by Finance permanent secretary Peceli Vocea. The meeting from Saturday to December 2 is a follow-up to review the implementation of the 2002 Monterrey Consensus, which in March of that year was agreed to by more than 50 heads of states and governments and more than 200 foreign ministers. (FT)

    SEE!!!! DUBAI 7S FROM NOV 27-29..YA!!!! LUVENI TA-BOKA!!!!! Well, will check with friends going to check if the THIEF IS THERE…Na baci vunitaki koya wavoki beka me kua ni laurai…jiuuuuuuuuu!!!

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    @EnufDictatorship It was all about the money. See what money will do to people. The love or greed for it changes the humanity in a person to a rabid inhuman beast.

    Also ED its totally disgusing to think that we are paying for the pigs pleasure trips around the world since it is our tax money he is using or more like abusing for his pleasure. And he behaves like he is entitled to it. He bloody well stole the blooming thing.

    I think he saw it coming during LQ govt the reduction or tightening of the army budget which he used as a catalyst for his soldiers to follow his lead in the coup.

    My question here is where did the money come from when the army budget is busted by such a huge amount. What was the overexpenditure for? Was it appropriated in the proper channel or was it done with total disregard to the proper process. Now that the have the key to the safe goodness knows what they do the blerry useless deadwood of society.

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    @Colin Bishop – you crack me up. If the US Embassy wants to move to TBU let me. Fiji on its very worst day is still light years ahead of Tonga.

    When was the last time you were there? We sing and dance about institutionalised corruption here, there its enshrined in the legal rights of the Royal Family.

    Try drinking the water or getting any kind of service on Sunday. So let the Yanks move there, I’ll gladly move into their multi-million dollar compoud on Princes Road.

    Maybe the real reason they are moving to Tonga is their financial meltdown, all they can afford now is a couple of WW II jerry built shacks next to the Palace.

    Watch Al Jazeera on Mumbai. Its rich exploiter ex-colonial clones like you that attract the wrath of the manical terrorists, the quicker your gone the safer we will be. And dno’t let the door hit your butt on the way out!

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry for this digression folks, but after the budget the next big event for us is the proposed meeting of Chiefs at QEB.

    This is an event we can influence with just a little time and scarce resources.

    Take a kamunga or even just a sevusevu to your chief and plead with him/her not to attend this meeting. Do not allow your chief to be spoken to in a disrespectful manner. The following is from Fijilive.

    Stay away from meeting, chiefs told

    Chiefs from the Burebasaga confederacy – one of three political divisions of Fijian bureaucracy, have been instructed not to attend the chief’s meeting or Bose ni Turaga facilitated by the interim Government next month.

    Rewa paramount chief and head of the Burebasaga Confederacy, Ro Teimumu Kepa says she has instructed all provinces within her jurisdiction not to attend the Bose ni Turaga.

    The confederacy includes the provinces of Rewa, Kadavu, Nadroga, Serua, Namosi and parts of the Ba province.

    Ro Teimumu told Fijilive that all chiefs from these provinces have been told to “stay put”.

    “As the head of the confederacy I have informed them not to attend the meeting but it is their individual choice to attend.”

    Earlier on Ro Teimumu had said the interim Government’s suspension of the GCC was “humilitating” and the plan to have interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama dialogue with the tradition leaders next month is “hilarious”.

    Tui Namosi, Ratu Suliano Matanitobua has confirmed he is likely to attend after chiefs from the province met last week urging him to attend.

    Kadavu chief, Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo has also claimed that chiefs from the province have shown interest in attending the meeting next month.

    Interim Minister for Fijian Affairs, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has confirmed that a good response has been received from the invitation sent to chiefs.

    The meeting is scheduled for December 16 and 17 at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.


  25. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks Island Boy! Huh it seems the pig is sucking up to the GCC now! These are the people he said would be better drinking grog under the mango tree – something to that effect.

    Ro Teimumu please stand your ground as people like you are very much needed in our fight against these power hungry lunatics.

    Fiji has a budget deficit not to stimulate the economy but as a personal enrichment for the green goons at a time when the country should be concerned about the credit global crisis.

    In Australia the Rudd Govt is going to put the country into budget deficit as part of its fiscal stimulus, policy commitments and infrastructure agenda. This is the approach being adopted across the world and is acceptable.

    Fiji sega – millions given to the green goons to keep them happy so that they could use their credit cards to the max if they wish while others struggle to keep food on the table.

    All this money in the last 5 years to win army support and to continue to keep them happy for without the army there will be no power base for any Govt to coup or not to coup to gain power and hold on to it. A trend that have existed in Fiji since Rabuka’s coup.

    It was Qarase’s lost and the Pig’s gain!

    Fight on Folks even if it means registering in the Solivakasama website. You are playing your part in the fight for democracy and justice for all.

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    @Ablaze – That is excatly what I meant – Frank telling our Chiefs to go drink homebrew under the mango tree, na ka dau cakava o koya.

    E viavialevu ka veibeci na nona vosa, tawakilikili, vakaraitaki kina na levu ni nona vovodea kei na yalowai.

  27. at least Says:

    hey you know what Vore told his goons before the overthrow. We need to take over this government and claim whatever is rightly ours..and that is they are claiming for the money that UN normally sent for peacekeepers ..well only them knows what money and where it came from ..they have been harping about this since Mara’s time as PM and as Ganilau’s time as President. However it was always hanging their on their heads and I do not where they got their news from

    however Vore reminded them of these and they all agreed .So this coup was mainly for them to get more pay also..I think this solves the queries above on Budgets being bust by Vore. It was all about that ..Can you see how rude he managed to get it,??? this guy was supposed to be prosecuted long time before the Coup happens..EvidenceS were all there and politicians put a blind eye on it..He did everything at that time by force knowing he could not be prosecuted..

    To me he gave enough reasons to be taken to jail…imagine he sacked 2 high profile CEOS, sacked one Minister in trying to do all these…Qarase sud have done it earlier than later..I blame you Qrase for being a weak leader too..You sud have listened to others when it comes to crunch for the betterment of all..

    Well another case was when Vore punched a person in Nadi for touching the buttocks of her ugly daughter and verbally threatened that person to kill him in the presence of his body guards..What did the police do?? nothing..so to me it gave him the courage that no one can take him to jail..Until now he still have that same mindset..Please can someone prosecute him, if no one on earth, I am praying, My Heavenly Father can and I have, for i know He Has Never Failed…God Bless Fiji..Moce mada.

  28. Tim Says:

    A US Embassy in Tonga? That’s as funny as a fart but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. They might get a dose of reality. Even better though, it seems to me that Tonga might be a damn good place for Frank Bainimarama, Gates, the sisters Shameen, the Guru Bubba (lawyer extra-ordinaire, and now expert in matters financial), and a few others. At least if they all fucked off there, the international community would have an explanation as to why a State apparatus can become so dysfunctional. They could put it all down to some eccentric little ponce parked up in a London Taxi holding his own country to ransom.
    It’s be great to see the lot of them grovelling to some little nutter. But it’d also have some rewards for Frank and Co. Their egos’ could be stroked (provided they kept in lickety lick lick boot mode), they’d be dressed in the best uniforms, and they could all bullshit large about how expert they all were in their discipline without too many seeing trough them.
    They’d probably ban Al Jazeera too.

  29. Tim Says:

    BTW Colin – what sort of business are you in? Hopefully its not tourism.
    I enjoy your diaries but I sure as hell hope you aren’t one of those Chris Pryde like pillocks that deign to push their wisdom on the poor natives of Fiji cos you think you know better, and have shat in your own nest at home so a little jaunt into the primitive Pacific will make you look like a king. Cargo cults are alive and well.
    All those expat NZ tourism operators parked up in what they consider paradise slut me off big time!. I’ve heard a couple on Radio NZ condescedingly bleating about hard time with an attitude that they think makes them look like Fijians should be greatful. Fuck em!.
    Minimum wages, first to suffer adversity when the proverbial hits the fan, Ponsonby yuppies touching down well liquored – then by their own admission: ” If things get much harder – I’ll just have to return to NZ and go on the dole”. Well there’s committment for ya!. Personally I’d rather see your Fijian minimum wage workers transported to NZ where they might receive the dole you expect.
    What is the bizz you’re in?

  30. Tim Says:

    Actually Afganistan would be a better place for junta opportunists and supporters to reside. They could try exercising their high and mighty ideologies and principles there. Shaista: Afganistan needs you! Human Rights abuses abound. Bubba: Afganistan needs you! None of them are yet wise to he fact you’re the Emperor with no Clothes and there’s still a chance o keep em fooled!.
    And Gates, Nai et al: what a killing you could make!. Seems like the perfect spot! OR are you all hoping fot Afganistan to come to you. I’ll personally pay your friggen air fares

  31. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Well…we did say it here and now with this boycott appeal from Ro Temumu, it should start sending signs to this galavanting-no-money-of-his-own-thieving-idiot that PEOPLE POWER will eventually prevail!!!!!!!

    Hey! if they don’t move US emb to Tonga they may move it to Vanuatu!!! so…..we’ll be the losers!!!

  32. Colin Bishop Says:

    Tim>>>Not tourism thank the lord. I also employ several Fijians in NZ on NZ wages. If I sound colonial it is a reflection of my old age. I first visited Fiji in 1968, fell in love with the people and country. I believe my company has been a benefit to Fiji . I have made a deliberate policy not to employ expats but to upskill locals. My senior staff are all friends as I dont tolerate fools gladly but are loyal to those who have shown loyalty. I find myself amused by the racism shown by my senior staff but they know it will not be tolerated on a business basis. I dont bleat and hope my previous entries will be taken as intended. This was the changes and effects I found on my visit. About Tonga. I was told the US was opening a Visa Office there. I may lose my money in Fiji but if it all eventually crashed I would be more upset at the loss of jobs for my friends.

  33. Tim Says:

    @ Colin – good to know! I was just hoping you weren’t one of a couple of condescending fools that were on RNZ and TV here not long after Frank betrayed everyone. Their attitude was appalling – as though they thought they were doing everyone a favour and Frank knew what he was doing – clearly he doesn’t. By the way – I think we may be of similar age (old enough to have grandchildren anyway)

  34. Colin Bishop Says:

    8 grandkids and one greatgrandkid on the way.
    I believe that the Goverment has an inferiority complex like Kiwis had in the 60s where if it comes from overseas it must be better than local. There seems to be an absurd number of expats consultants sucking the country dry at the moment. I have never had any problem finding intelligent experts to assist me in Fiji so why does the Goverment have to import expertise to write a simple document like the Charter? Business 101 says never pay anymore for anything than it is worth. That document with the research to go with it is probably worth about $12,000 in the commercial world. Any more than this spent is a waste of overseas funds as you can be sure the money wont be held in Fiji.

  35. IslandBoy Says:

    @EnufDictatorship – Port Vila? I don’t think so.

    Dr Charles Kick, when Mr. Siwatibau was still heading the ESCAP-POC published a study comparing Suva, Apia and Port Vila as bases for regional and international multilateral donor organisations, NGOs etc.

    They all used this study’s findings to move to Suva. You think Fiji is funky. try the Government of Vanuatu. Where everything costs 4X what it does in Suva and if you think our civil servants are bad, try theirs.

    Every single day business closes down at 11:30 until 2:00pm. One day I was looking out the living room window and saw the lady looking after me place the garbage bags square in the middle of the driveway at 11:30.

    It was siesta time and those plastic bags did not move until 2:00pm. I could just as easily have taken them to the roadside myself, but wanted to see what she would do.

    Try dealing with that on a daily basis and you will end up slitting your own throat if you don’t have the island rhythm down pat.

    I am laughing myself silly imagining some gung-ho American cowboy trying to get the locals to giddiup and get a move on and deal with a whole bunch of mi no save.

    We are still the best regional option by far (maybe not for long) why do you think they call this place Fiji Fantastic!

  36. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @Island-Boy…there you go…and LOL to siesta and that garbage-dumping story!!!!!

    So, maybe we still do have some luck on our side. But that should not deter us from trying our best to get rid of our coup culture and coup-minded people, once and for all.

    Starting with what we know to be the root of all these coup evils…the military!

    It would be very interesting to see when the election campaigns start, who will have the GUTS to add to their party manifesto that they will start to DOWNSIZE the military!…oh..hmmm….worrying now cos Vore has included and cemented that part in BOLD in his charter-farter, right? I mean, the part in which the military will forever be the custodians of any elected govt.

    And, of cos…am always advertising that Fiji is Fantastic BUT not something I would be gladly advertise right now, as the picture is not so true at the mo!

  37. BudHau Says:

    Anyone seen my Big Bro Budhau anywhere? Well, if you see this azzeOle big bro Budhau tell him not to worry about his wife Nisha as she is looking happy all the time. I’m pretty sure she has gone all the way out and added suka and tui to her schedule Jimoci he’s telling me that Nisha is very time conscious she’d spent 30 minutes with him talking and says cheerio-gotta go!and Suka and Tui are saying the same thing to me? Nisha when she comes to me and i give her some PRIME TIME she’s always calling me the wrong name-like Tui,Suka or Jimoci-why? Look bro you have to get your stupid azzeOle head off Bai’s azzeOle and come and talk to Nisha and tell her not to mistaken me with our Fijian Landlords?

  38. far and wide Says:

    new topic now lets pick on the scab leweni

    ha …ha

    Army work not appreciated: Major Leweni

    all i can say is


  39. far and wide Says:


  40. Mark Manning Says:


  41. Mark Manning Says:

    Like looking into the mirror , from one terrorist to another !

  42. Mark Manning Says:

    and what’s to stop the Police from beating you up before you get to the interview room ?

  43. Budhau Says:

    Hey SV – where is that piece on Justice Andrew Bruce decision on that FLS appeal.

    You guys seem to be lagging in here.

  44. Adi Kaila Says:


    @ the wannabe political analyst vara head budhau – go find it & read for yourself you friggin’ idiot.

    As for colin bishop – piss off to Tonga you old shit. Why the hell would the US embassy move it’s operations to Tonga? If you live in Fiji you’d be more than aware that they bought prime land at Tamavua – on Princes Road to be exact and have almost completed their new embassy premises. Nice and close to the military hq @ Delainabua – one lovely missile from Tamavua & it would blow up the whole fucking military faggots. Too bad the doce military movers and shakers don’t live there. The ig cannot outwit USA, Australia, NZ or any other Nation for that matter – maybe Nauru….

    fyi budhau the interim government that voreqe bhai your hero of the moment ‘seems’ to be controlling is responsible for the downward spiral of the National economy and everything worthwhile in Fiji – while you smugly plug away from the USA & try to find fault with the people who comment on this site who actually know what they’re writing about – try – if it’s remotely possible to understand that it is the ig & noone else that has created the impossible situation that is the reality of life in Fiji since 5.12.2006. Everyone is feeling the pinch, ask any retailer, taxi driver, hotel staff or anyone in the service industry – they all hate the ig – Fijians, Indians, Chinese, Rotumans, Kaivalagis, Koreans – all of them hate the ig – the poor Indian lady with her sweets cart up Marks Street will be out of pocket now the school holidays have started. You have no idea at all as we all know but you also cannot comprehend the whole situation, noone gives a shit about your rants anyway.

    The ig consists of dickheads who presume they can govern – like bloody hell they can – it’s full of thieves, murderers, liars, cheats, has beens and wannabes like budhau – take his hero chodo for example who fits all the above categories – he keeps on to the poor cane farmers to sue the government – arhe – he’s the one who made false promises to them then turned around and took $2million donated for their plight for his own use, exactly as the ultimate Fool of Fiji voreqe bhai is doing. So don’t go blaming past governments for the ills visited on the hapless people of Fiji by the current military big wigs and their co conspirators – it’s all they own making and the 2 epelis have been plotting this since the last years of the 20th Century.

    epeli ganilau is so broke his pay is physically handed to him, everyone else in the military have their meagre pay paid to their nominated bank accounts – not the wannabe Tui Cakau – if his pay is paid into the bank the bank keeps it because he is in so much debt. Now he’s trying to fiddle his stepmothers largesse. The saddest for us Fijians is that the 2 epeli tavales and their wives really think they are the rightful rulers of Fiji, What they’ve created is a monster that’s not about to let go of his position whether they like it or not voreqe bhai is loving the feeling of power and all the lovely lucre – lot’s and lot’s of taxpayers money and donations to buy all his children their own homes, 4X4s and limitless platinum credit cards – beachside hideaway villa for his murderous tavale varanisese (sese dina) kean senavanua (kua so mada na viavia Kailoma) – mai yaso!

    With the second anniversary of the ig next week and Christmas in 3 weeks voreqe bhai will no doubt spend more taxpayers money after he watches Fiji play in Dubai – to celebrate his illegal power. His excuse that he is in Dubai for a Finance Fest is the biggest joke of the year after his 2009 budget – strange that there is noone to reply to the ludicrous budget except us bloggers – Finance Fest – in your dreams voreqe – the day voreqe bhai understands a balance sheet will indeed be a freakin’ miracle.

    Everyone is very adept at using the mute button or the up/down channel buttons whenever anyone from the ig is on TV – you can hear yells of ‘mute taka na ka qori’ ‘veisau veisau’ ‘oi lei change the bloody channel’

    Meanwhile back at the bure we will sit back and prepare for our Christmas lovo and wish each other and our neighbours good will. One thing we don’t do is envy anyone, we’ll go to work, pay our bills as usual and find fun ways to enjoy life like we always do.

    So there budhau and colin bishop – stick that where the sun don’t shine!

  45. Nostradamus Says:


    Not sure why you are blasting Colin and Buddha. Colin is suffering from the IG and would no doubt be happy to see them go. Buddha seems to be gradually seeing the light and that it is not coming from Voreqe. Perhaps a bit more education is required.

    Aside from that, you had a very good post and very informative. I have no doubt Ganilau is penniless. He was in the red about $700K when this started and I doubt he is considered valuable enough to get the kind of handouts Voreqe gives to himself. And his own family knows he was never in line for Tui Cakau, and his father said so many years ago when being temporarily appointed himself. This position was only given to Ganilau as a temporary measure because the previous holder was indisposed and his son was not old enough.

    I have no doubt that sensor technology is good enough that over at the new American embassy they can hear everything including the farting over at the kaisi QEB campground.

    If Ulukau has been allowed in Australia it is because he is getting ready to turn states evidence to preserve his and Koila’s skins.

  46. Mark Manning Says:

    they say when negotiating a new pay settlement , that the employer should never take away from the employee , something they already have , but rather exchange it for something different . If the employer takes something away , it has the result of turning the employee against the employer and then no one benefits .
    I think , rather than highlight the over expenditure made by the Military , we should be focusing on telling the public in Fiji , what they have lost because of this over expenditure , for example , a shortage of humidicribs for new born and premature babies , an under supply of medicine throughout Fiji , the poor conditions of the roads around the country , and the destruction of other infrastructure such as water and electricity supplies . It would be more effective if the public could be properly informed and educated on exactly what it is they have had taken away from them to date . And we all know , that it will get worse now that the economy , tourism and the sugar industry are collapsing in Fiji . Imagine how much worse it will get if the peace keeping is withdrawn !
    Also , can a comparison be done , to show where Fiji has been taken by this Regime to where it might have been taken , under the Qarase Government .
    It would be particularly interesting to see if Frank has stolen any of Qarase’s Policies etc.

  47. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka and welcome back Adi Kailia, missed you and back with guns blazing that is how we like it.

    Nostradamus sometimes some of us on this blog need to be reminded that the fight goes on regardless and please allow only those that are mentioned to reply on the negative side for themselves.

    Adi Kailia post was all positive and that is what we want.

    We must always keep in mind of the many that are suffering but have no choice to do anything about it because of their jobs and they have to live here. We speak for them!

    Can someone please confirm whether Eveli Nailatikau is in Sydney? If so can we have the Sydney people protest somewhere to allow the Aust Govt the fact that he is one of the main players in this crappy Govt and should be deported back. If he is there for a check up on humanitarian reasons, I disagree, the man doesn’t know anything about human rights – he is too selfish and self loving.

  48. Avoro Says:

    How many bloggers in here today loves Democracy?

    How many is willing to sacrifice their life for Democracy?

    Is Democracy all that is cut to be or is there a better alternative?

    Or was Qarase government another form of Democracy which allowed for the plundering of public funds for the use by Fijian elitists?

    We all know what occurred on Dec 2006 was wrong, does it gives us the right to personally attack the perpetrators?

    If the answer to former is yes, than are we any better than them?

    After answering the above questions how many of you are conformist and how many of you can lay claim to the latter.

    “Well I am certainly wiser than this man. It is only too likely that neither of us has any knowledge to boast of; but he thinks that he knows something which he does not know, whereas I am quite conscious of my ignorance. At any rate it seems that I am wiser than he is to this small extent, that I do not think that I know what I do not know”

    Once all of the above can be answered truthfully may be only than we are ready to take on any obstacle that stands in way of democracy.

  49. Ablaze Says:

    Avoro all very well with what you have to say but most of us fight for the democracy we have known all our lives and that is the freedom for us to elect the govt of our choice and vote them out when we want.

    Life will go on as we put up with the lies of these wankers and their supporters. As we wait we will keep speaking out as we don’t have any choice.

    Our day will come, sooner the better it will be for everyone!

  50. Budhau Says:

    Adi Kaila – that Colin Bishop dude is on our side – he ain’t the enemy – and most folks in here appreciate his posts in here – BTW it OK to disagree with folks and I also think that he was wrong on that move to Tonga – but that does not mean you bite his head off.
    I enjoy reading Bishop’s posts in here. You on the other hand, whats up with that foul language?

    BTW – did anyone figure why Mara doubled the military budget in 1978.

  51. Colin Bishop Says:

    ADI>>My comment was “The US is setting up a Visa office in Tonga. Why” Dont shoot the messenger. I am looking in from the outside and see a country going backwards. I can only look at it from an expat investors point of view. From this point of view the IG is a disaster.

  52. Colin Bishop Says:

    The person who informed me of the Visa from Tonga has pointed me to the following news release.


  53. Avoro Says:

    So Badhau which side you on?

  54. Colin Bishop Says:


  55. Willie Says:

    @budhau. Check your history. The RFMF budget was doubled in 1978 to pay for the Lebanon commitment. You will recall that in May 1978 Fiji sent a battalion to Lebanon as part of UNIFIL. That explains the figures.

  56. Peace Pipe Says:

    The story of the alleged trip of naiulukau to Oz for medical check up is interesting as it raises a lot of questions esp with the Oz govt’s policy on the participants in this illegal ig. There is no humanitarian issue on medical check up as it is easily available locally. Or are the facilities in Fiji so f’d up by them they know its well below standard. Humanitarian is accorded to serious life threatening situations.

    The other side of this issue could be the Oz govt is beginning to loosen up their opposition to the ig and is acquising to the situation. Sv can this be confirmed and if positive can we write a letter to the embassy expressing our disappointment with the Oz govt for the double standard.

    Saw in the TV news about the Doha international govts meeting where our self appointed nuthead leader attended. It said none of the developed countries attended except for France. Even the heads of IMF and World Bank did not attend. Guess who was in the meeting – Mugabe. The reporter should have also mentioned our beloved nincompoop’s presence.

  57. Jose Says:

    Birds of a feather flock together. They all working together for one common goal. World Unity. All roads lead to Rome.

  58. Adi Kaila Says:

    Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was in Lautoka yesterday – he would need wings and the ability to become invisible to fly into Australia – noone involved with the ig or is an immediate family member is allowed into Australia or NZ – the ban has not been lifted. Mauvu tu la okoya – nothing like a good bobo by the ‘love me longtime’ and a refreshing scotch to fix his ailment

    Vinaka Ablaze – We really do need to to remind the likes of budhau of the malai qulaqulas and the old fart colin bishop that their racism and nitpicking towards bloggers is not required here. Totolo va’ca nodrau sauma noqu vosataki rau, rau kawa ca ruarua. Foul language budhau? WTF – do you think this is your dadas website – piss off like a good boy.

    Yes we are here to discuss Democracy and the quick return to Democracy without the ig at the helm. This is what this site is about, and revealing the inconsistencies of those involved in the ig is what we should keep on doing as they are ILLEGAL and paying themselves ILLEGALLY with taxpayers hard earned money. For those of us who condemn the ig and all involved we understand it as STEALING – they are all guilty of not only robbing this Nation and its inhabitants of its Democratic rights but its monies as well. We can’t pussyfoot around this ig and allow them to deprive our Nation, deprive our people and continue on with this huge debacle. voreqe gets free rides to watch rugby overseas and calls it a meeting of heads of states – dickheads of states more likely. Then there’s the conitinual appearances on National TV and imbecilic quotes in the newspapers – kemudou! aren’t they ashamed of themselves, they can’t string a sentence together in English – vakamadua, and one can tell they don’t know what they’re talking about or trying to talk about. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

    I could go on and on about the incompetent people that the ig have put into positions of high authority that they do not deserve and their lack of progress of any sort – all non achievers who are wallowing around with no idea how to come up with the numbers, not an iota of how to resolve what they have fucked up in 2 non performance years – hah!

    You know what makes me annoyed is the fact that hard working graduates who were making a difference have been overlooked for these very imcompetent ig ignoramuses. It is so sad to see all the hard workers being stood aside for a bunch of fuckwits who are taking Fiji down the way of Nabukalou Creek – all out to sea. If you want an example just read what old yeller filipe bole craps on about all the time then there’s that idiot hasmukh patel from FEA – oi lei Maria – no wonder Joe Mar sacked him, the fool doesn’t have a friggin’ clue and keeps blaming the cost of diesel for all of FEAs ills instead of himself – duh – iye – dua mada na kedrau drega ni uto.

    Why fix what’s not broken – hence the complete mess the ig has created!

    Ultimately the ig will fail dismally as is being revealed to us daily – until its complete demise we must keep up the momentum of condemning the ig and all it stands for.

    Blog on Ragone!

  59. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I have just watched Major disaster mumbling on the TV news.

    The idiot couldn’t pronounce one word correctly. It was obvious that the fool didn’t have a clue what he was supposed to be reading.

    The look on the faces of the audience said it all; smug amazement at the lack of thinking power of the moronic military maladministration.

    But why major disaster?

    The village idiot can’t even put 2 sentences together without a piece of paper in front of him.

    Then I thought of females.

    Have you ever noticed how an attractive female will always go out with a couple of less than attractive friends. This way, the attention is always on her.

    This is apparently bananasinpyjamas’ way of thinking; if people listen to a fool then they will think that anything I say will sound brilliant.

    WRONG !!!!!

    Actually major disaster is more coherent than bananas,

    Who can remember 8 years ago when the Iraq dictator had his spokesman denying that the coalition were in Baghdad?

    Suddenly a marine tapped him on the shoulder.

    major disaster reminds me, physically and ability wise, of that pathetic fool.

  60. Nostradamus Says:

    Perhaps Voreqe has gone to apply for this job in Doha, now that he has experience as an expert in Finance:

    Job Description
    Apply Now
    Email to Friend
    More from This Company

    Date Posted: 2008-11-11 Ref. No. JB1111322

    Finance Manager/Accountant
    Our client a financial and business centre established by the government of Qatar to attract international financial services and multinational corporations to grow and develop the market for financial services in the region is looking for a Finance manager / Accountant.

    Job Purpose

    This position will have responsibility for management of the Finance function and management of the day to day oversight of the finance services.
    This will entail:
    o Reporting to the CFO on all finance issues
    o Day-to-day management of the finance function on behalf of the CFO
    o Managing relationships with finance on all finance and accounting matters and reporting to the CFO if the finance service level agreement is not met
    o Ensuring all finance activities are carried out and distributed between the finance team as appropriate
    o Ensuring finance employee queries are dealt with as required

    Key Accountabilities

    1. Liaising with Finance on finance support matters
    o Management of the day to day relationship with finance on all finance services, including:
    o Accounts payable
    o Financial accounting
    o Financial reporting
    o Management Accounting
    o Management Information
    o Management of Finance systems
    o Chart of Accounts
    o Managing the supply of necessary information as required for finance to produce the above outputs, including interaction of other employees in Parks Finance with Centre Finance
    o Interpretation, reporting and commentary on the above outputs as necessary for the parks its CFO

    2. Support CFO in strategic finance matters
    o Supporting the CFO in all strategic finance matters – including developing inputs and reporting to building the strategic direction for QIP finance
    o Supporting the CFO in developing and managing the Finance governance framework

    3. Cashflow / treasury management

    4. Forecasting and budgeting

    5. Pricing and billing

    6. Management of Business modeling

    7. Day-to-day management of Finance function

    Qualifications, Experience & Skills
    o Minimum Qualifications:
    – Degree level qualification or equivalent
    Recognised accountancy qualification

    o Minimum Experience:
    – At least 5 years experience as an accountant leading a finance function in a (re)insurance environment
    – Experience in proficiently managing finance systems in a (re)insurance environment
    – Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office software
    – Experience of managing or working with third-party finance vendors in an operational management role
    Experience of forecasting and interpreting trends in a financial environment

    o Job Specific Skills:
    – Ability to work with minimal supervision managing a strong team within a insurance finance function
    – Strong analytical and problem solving skills with ability to analyse, comment upon and explain variances in financial results
    – Confident self starter with demonstrable communication and interpersonal skills
    – Ability to work under pressure, multitask and meet concurrent multiple deadlines
    – Ability to deal confidently and effectively with colleagues at all levels
    – Excellent accuracy and attention to detail
    – Strong time management and organisational skills.

    Company Profile
    Manpower, Inc. was first established in Wisconsin in 1948 and has grown to become a world leader in the employment services industry; creating and delivering services that enable its clients to win in the changing world of work. Manpower has 4, 500 offices worldwide in 80 countries and territories and put over a million people into work every day. We offer clients a range of services for the entire employment and business cycle including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment and selection; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting.

    Additional Information
    Industry: Finance/Economics
    Job Role/Department: Finance
    Job Location: Doha, Qatar
    Number of Vacancies: 1
    Career Level: Mid Career

  61. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula EFT

    and the ig cannot comprehend why the Nation and the rest of the world is appalled at the amount of funds that Fiji cannot afford is being allocated to the military. Meanwhile EFT the ig coupsters are continuing to recruit and build up the army – whatever for? There was a graduation ceremony a couple of weeks ago – the yawn was audible across the islands.

    The money would be better off spent on infrastructure. One of the main reasons for so many car accidents is because of the numerous craters in the roads, not pot holes my dear, big bloody tamani barrawallah size craters that motor vehicles of all types have to avoid or they’re stuck fast. So as they swerve to avoid being stuck in the craters the vehicles are bound to hit anything that’s oncoming and also trying its best to avoid the crater on his side – coqa!

    Then there’s that Naqali bridge in Naitasiri – this is on the main road that takes all sorts of vehicles to and from the main towns where the majority of users have to transport their produce to be sold and take their shopping back home – one can’t bilibili down from Lomaivuna to Nausori or Suva to sell valuable dalo etc, it’s on those dodgy carriers made more ricketty and unsafe from the dreadful state of the roads. It really breaks my heart to see people struggling everyday – our farmers struggling on their plantations, then struggling to transport their hard work to market – it’s never ending – those that don’t live on the main routes where people drive from one large town to another are ones who are hit the hardest. At least people living close to the main roads between Suva and the western towns, Sigatoka, Nadi can get to the roadside to sell their produce or catch of the day, same as those on the Suva to Nausori corridor.

    Man – SDL were getting these projects in place to repair and keep up the maintenance of these *invaluable infrastructures, then along came frank, foolish foolish frank.

    OMG – the more paisa they the military pay themselves the more they think they’re just so gorgeous and can’t wait to be interviewed on TV – they all think they’re so big time – wannabe stars – fallen stars la – sakulevu lot.

    Like the majority of the Nation I’m getting on with life – we all keep our opinions to ourselves when we’re out in public but we’re all optimistic that the ig coupsters and all it’s ingrate opportunists have a tamani size samu (hammering)coming its way. Malua tu la Ragone. Winners are grinners.

    *I deliberately chose the adjective invaluable because human life is priceless, and there have been too many road fatalities. Yes drunkeness and speeding contribute to a lot of fatalities but I feel that if we didn’t have to avoid craters on our roads the road toll would diminish considerably.

  62. EnufDictatorship Says:


    Mugabe arrests soldiers

    * Harare
    * December 1, 2008

    PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has begun locking up members of his armed forces amid fears that anger over low pay could lead to an army revolt.

    Fourteen soldiers were arrested this week after scores went on the rampage in the capital Harare and the middle-class suburb of Braeside, attacking foreign currency dealers with batons.

    The soldiers had earlier swarmed into a city centre bank demanding more than the allocated maximum withdrawal but neither it nor any commercial banks, including Britain’s Standard Chartered and Barclays, have enough cash to placate the daily queues outside.

    Well-placed sources inside the army said most of Zimbabwe’s soldiers from captain and below were now “extremely dissatisfied, hungry and sick of Mugabe”.

    Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF Government has ensured that key figures in his security forces have escaped hardship.

    Despite their low salaries, until now they have been well fed to remain loyal to the regime.


  63. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh no! @Peace Pipe. They would go to any extent to avoid being medically examined locally now. Remember the Shavneet case? Months on, that has yet to be resolved to, at least, give some closure to the young lad’s family. A 5-year old admitted to Suva’s CWM Hospital for corrective surgery dies by human error – that’s medical expertise, Fiji style! And do we really expect these buggers to dare check themselves in for a mere check-up. I think not. They fear wrong diagnosis which is prevalent in our f’d medical system.

    Like all else.. did we see on CloseUp last night, that military bugler actually addressing the AG’s conference? OMG!

  64. Keep The Faith Says:

    Keep up the pressure bloggers – you are recognised as a valid perspective in the running (down) of the country by Frank & Co


    So eat that Alex Osbourne (or whatever this crappy columnists name is) of MAI LIFE. No one care about you think!

  65. george of sydney Says:

    There is a funny thing about Voreqe.
    When he wanted to throw out the elected govt for they were about to replace him and also investigate him, HE TOOK OVER THE PRESIDENCY AND TAKEOVER THE COUNTRY sacking the elected government.
    When Hughes was about to investigate him, HE SACK HUGHES AND APPOINT HIS NAVY MATE TELENI to replace him. So the Police force is being MILITARIALISED.
    When the chefs do not support his view, THEY WERE TOLD TO GO AND DRINK GROG UNDER A MANGO TREE AND WERE REMOVED.

  66. george of sydney Says:


    1)He appoints members of the GCC so that the people who are appointed endorses what he wants. That is why puppet Jo Nawalowalo was appointed to study and recommend changes to the selection of GCC members.
    2)He appoints a lot of former army officers into Provincial and Divisional Administrations so that he will continuously be informed of any threats to his illegal govt, by INCLUDING THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION as one of his portfolio.
    3) When people were attacking the chodo and demanded that his guardian angels wings be trimmed, maybe after a close heart to heart discussions, he would say. I am deeply sorry my chodo YOU HAVE TO GO. What a sad ending. Once the Chodo gone, he jump into the Finance wagon pretending to be the National Economic saviour (Mr Fix it). Him and Chodo as from what everybody sees, they are more of the MR FU-K IT UP as now everything is in a mess.

    He has recently attended a meeting overseas with his PS. From what I gathered from close sources, the trip was to watch the sevens rugby. He has been doing that as a formality.
    Guys we have to accept it anyway for he was not appointed after all.

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